The Big $ilver $hoot! - Cascade Treasure Club



The Big $ilver $hoot! - Cascade Treasure Club
July 2016
Finds of the
The Big $ilver $hoot!
US Coin
It really is going to be big with
over 2000 tokens for silver
coins, over 12000 clad coins
and prizes including 2 Teknetic
T2 detectors a Minelab GoFind
20, Whites Coinmaster, Garret
1928 S Quarter
Phil Hoover
Pinpointer, a gold coin in each
hunt plus many other prizes.
14k Ring
Gary Clark
Rare Good for Token
Ron Aldridge
Orphan Annie Decoder
Mark Kulseth
We will be
raffling off an AT Pro Detector a slabbed
$5.00 gold coin a treasure chest full of
silver coins, plus too
many other items to list
here. We will provide
hamburgers and hotdogs
and lots of water
along with a potluck. Donuts
and coffee will be provided at
Three big hunts for only $150.00.
Registration opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday July
30 at the New Life Church
15711 152nd Ave SE in
Welcome new
Marci Mechler
Club Hunt
CTC Events!
Silver Shoot July 30.
Indian Flats Campout Sept 2-5
Surf and Sand September 17
Pacific Beach Campout Sept 30- Oct 2
Moonlight Hunt October 29th
August Hunt is Cancelled
Where are all the nickels?
Board Meeting
August 9, 7:00pm
Renton IHOP
610 Rainier Ave. S.
Club Meeting
August 21, 5:00pm
Highland Park
Improvement Club
Cookies provided by
Sharon Gentry and
Marsha Boyd
Subject of the
Members’ Finds Displays
Favorite Finds!
Send me a picture and a
story 150 words or less
about a favorite treasure
you have found and I will
publish it.
Club meetings now
held from 5:00 to 7:30
PM on the third Sunday of each month.
Chairs and tables must
be clean and stored at
the end of each club
Posted by plastered dragon Friendly Metal Detecting forum
1. To date I have recovered 4,744 coins. 384 have been nickels. I also
swing an AT Pro. I'm going with the person who said people don't use
that many nickels.
This can be demonstrated mathematically. Assume you are a cashier
and you have all the coins you need to make change.
First you are going to use quarters. Whatever the value in cents you
are trying to reach is (1 to 99), you'll start by dividing by 25 and set
aside the remainder. You will use at most 3 quarters.
2. Second you go to dimes, since you already used quarters the remaining amount of change you are trying to make is somewhere between
1 and 24 cents. So you divide by 10 and set aside the remainder. You
will use at most 2 dimes.
3. Now you have only 1 to 9 cents left, when you go to nickels and divide
by 5, the most nickels you will get is only 1.
4. Whatever left is 1 to 4 pennies.
So in 99 different optimal change making scenarios you will use 1-3 quarters, 1-2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 1-4 pennies. If you take ALL the scenarios
and add up the coin totals you get 150 quarters, 80 dimes, 40 nickels,
and 200 pennies, that's 32% quarters, 17% dimes, 9% nickels, and 43%
pennies. So that right there says that 9 out of every 10 coins you recover
will not be a nickel.
If you add to that what coins are the easiest to see on the ground (people
notice a coin, or they know they dropped change and look for it) you figure it goes by size and shininess, so you figure they'll pick up quarters
and nickels first. Dimes being so tiny can get lost in the grass pretty easy,
but are still probably easier to find than brown pennies. That tells me that
nickels are even harder to find simply because somebody else will probably have picked them up before they became hidden.
Total breakdown of my 4744 coins: 6 dollar coins, 3 half-dollars, 846
quarters, 949 dimes, 384 nickels, and 2554 pennies. That's 18% quarters, 20% dimes, 8% nickels, and 54% pennies. Given the above analysis
that's pretty much as expected, even though one time I found a buried roll
of nickels wrapped in electrical tape (10% of my total nickel find in one
Club Business
The Jug of Hope, worth $21 would have been won by Tom Evenson.
Joy’s and Concerns, Matt and Melinda Mechler married on July 9th. Congratulations.
The Silver Dollar raffle was won by Rick Razor.
The AOK: No one.
No-No award: Tom Evenson didn’t pay his dollar for the Jug of Hope.
Gold Coin Raffle: 1/10 oz gold eagle coin was won by Joe Sacco.
Club Hunt: Golden Gardens was attended by 11 members. No notable finds except for Gary
Clark’s toy pewter cup.
Scavenger Hunt: Is going the form is in the newsletter.
Club Plaque has been hidden.
1st Clue: The English built it. When
they returned it was gone.
2nd Clue: The Drifters sang about it.
3rd Clue: X marks the spot.
4th Clue: Walk up the garden path.
Correspondence from other clubs:
Fraser Valley 4th Annual Hunt is July 23rd, Chilliwack Heritage Park
PSTHC Lenny Phay hunt is August 13th, at the Orting Lion’s Club
Shelton Rock and Mineral Show August 20th in Shelton
Treasures in the Sand, Okanogan Treasure Hunters September 9-10 Penticton BC
OPTH Silvery Moon Hunt September 17 at the Kitsap Fair Grounds.
MDAW picnic and hint September 24th at Mason Lake
The Big Silver Shoot
CTC Silver shoot is July 30 at the New Life Church 15711 152nd Ave SE in Renton. All of the Silver coins have been purchased. Raffle prizes include an AT Pro, Minelab detector and a treasure
box filled with silver and other items. We need donations from retailers, restaurants, Etc.
Silver Shoot Planning: We’re working on a checklist of details. We have purchased 1,480 silver coins for
the event.
There is a donation box and a treasure chest at each meeting for anyone who wants to donate to the
Raffle tickets are available for sale. If you sell a ticket put your name on the back of the part that gets
turned in. If a ticket you sold is drawn, you’ll win a silver dollar.
If you receive a donation from a local business or friend, please let Mark Jenkins know what was donated and by who – we’ll make sure they are thanked in the newsletter.
Consider donating items for the silent auction – we’re looking for nice items – new or showing NO wear –
artwork, antiques, jewelry, collectables, etc.
Participants who prepay will get a chance to be selected to participate in a challenging competition
Mark it on your calendar!
Scavenger Hunt Contest: The current hunt list can be found at the back of this newsletter.
The hunt runs until the May club meeting.
Phil Hoover 31
Joe Sacco 24
Gary Clark 20
Mark Kulseth 19
Hunt totals:
Carol Collins 15
Rick Razor 15
Randy Ruotsala 15
Jason 6
Selling table: The table is available for members to bring items they wish to sell or trade.
No used appliances or cars are allowed. Members who bring items must remove them at the end
of the meeting.
Club hats and patches: Available at club meetings. Patches are $8, hats are $15.
Detecting on public land: Always check with city, county, state or other websites for current metal detecting regulations before you go. Washington State Parks Metal Detecting pamphlet and web site answers many questions about which state parks are open and where to hunt.
Check out their web site for more information: The new Parks liaison is Lisa
Lantz. She can be contacted at [email protected]
Reminder: Use a ground cloth when digging in grassy areas to avoid leaving a mess.
Activity fees for non-members: $15 for club activities, $12 for hunts only.
Food Bank donations: Donations are needed all year long to support local food banks. It
is suggested that each member bring at least one can of food to each meeting. Please ensure
the items are unopened and not past their pull dates.
Find of the month totals
Joe Sacco
Kevin Konen
Ron Aldridge
Jon Gentry
Ernest Simpson
Mark Jenkins
Bill Becker
Derek Ruotsala
Gary Clark
Carol Collins
Rick Razor
Tom Evenson
Mark Kulseth
Jack Davis
Randy Ruotsala
Matt Mechler
Have you found a military dog tag during your
hunts? Consider locating the service member
or their family to see if they would like to have
the tags returned to them. Contact Angelo’s
Angels at:
I WILL always check federal, state, county and local laws before
searching. It is my responsibility to “know the law“
I WILL respect private property and will not enter private
property without the owner’s permission. Where possible,
such permission will be in writing.
I WILL take care to refill all holes and try not to leave any
Mark Kulseth
Vice President:
Mark Jenkins
Marsha Boyd
Board Members:
Loraine Robbins
Garry Robbins
I WILL remove and dispose of any and all trash and litter that I
Jon Gentry
I WILL appreciate and protect our inheritance of natural resources, wildlife and private property.
Carol Collins
I WILL as an ambassador for the hobby, use thoughtfulness,
consideration and courtesy at all times.
Ron Aldridge
Phil Hoover
Sergeant at Arms:
John Shape
I WILL work to help bring unity to our hobby by working with any
organization of any geographic area that may have
problems that will limit their ability to peacefully pursue
the hobby.
Donna Shape
I WILL leave gates as found.
7109 Hazel Pl. S.E.
Auburn, WA 98092
I WILL build fires in designated or safe places only.
I WILL report to the proper authorities any individuals who enter
and or remove artifacts from federal parks or state preserves.
Mail dues to:
Newsletter: Joe Sacco
Email submissions to:
[email protected]
Web Site: Ernest Simpson
Submissions to:
[email protected]
Third Sunday of each month
5 PM at the Highland Park
Improvement club
116 S.W. Holden St.
Located in West Seattle.
Thanks: A special thanks to the business that supports and
provides donations to our hobby and events:
Bryan Geraghty, Northgate Coins, 206-364-0090
Special Thanks to These
Companies for Helping to Make the
Silver Shoot the Best.

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