Activities Flyer



Activities Flyer
Listening. It’s the absolute
bedrock of quality healthcare.
Listening is a dying art. That’s why this October, the Right Care Alliance invites
you to join us for one week to collectively imagine a world in which listening
is given the reverence and time it deserves. One week during which listening
is treated like the foundation of safe, effective, affordable healthcare.
Join clinicians, patients and community members in your area and across the
nation and take action around what our healthcare system should look like.
HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE: Choose one of the actions below and lead this event in your
community. There are toolkits available to help you get started, and there will be people to guide
you along the way. Go to to sign up.
• “What worries you?”: Call one patient a day for a 5-minute conversation about what
worries them the most. Patients can start these conversations with friends, family, or
other members of their community. What you hear may surprise you!
Story slam: Host a storytelling event where people share their stories about good care,
bad care, and why they’re involved with the movement to transform health care.
Listening booth: Set up a booth in a public place, and ask passersby to talk about their
health care, and their broader thoughts about our health care system.
For support in planning and conducting an activity, and finding others to join you, get in touch with our RCAW team
of clinicians, students, activists, and community organizers by emailing [email protected]
21 Longwood Ave. | Brookline, MA 02446 | 617-992-9322 | [email protected]

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