Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-17



Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-17
The Minster School
Key Stage 2 Parent/Carer Handbook
Supporting your child’s learning
2016 - 2017
General Information
 To create an atmosphere of caring and purpose
This handbook is part of our commitment to work
in close partnership with parents/carers. We hope
it will provide you with a quick and easy point of
reference, along with our website, for things you
may need to know
derived from commitment to moral and religious
 To engender a lifelong love of learning.
 To encourage each child to strive for his or her
best in intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.
 To help each child to develop relationships with
We want parents and carers to feel that there is an
ever-open opportunity for you to tell us what is
going well, to suggest what we might do differently
to improve things further and to feel involved in the
decisions we make in school.
others which are founded on mutual respect and
the pursuit of lasting happiness.
Elsewhere in this booklet you will find a section on
communication with the school. This details a range
of ways to get in touch and whom to contact.
 To encourage and develop leadership and active
Thank you for your on-going support in helping us
provide a high quality education for our students.
citizenship within the school and wider
community which fosters a sense of dignity,
vocation and purpose for every individual.
Mr M. J. Parris - Head Teacher
 To develop and maintain excellence in teaching
and learning.
Welcome to the Minster School Junior Department. The school’s aims and ethos stress the
importance of caring for our students and for each other within the context of a Christian
community. We strive to ensure that each and every student in school is well supported. Our
department comprises two junior classes; and although Junior Department children are an integral part
of the whole school community, we function as a small primary school under the care and direction of
the main body of the Minster School itself.
The department regularly comes together to celebrate achievement, worship collectively and enjoy
recreation. The children also have regular contact with staff and senior management within the school.
They are supervised at all times during the day, to ensure their well-being and safety. Our children
have the opportunity to work with and alongside other students in the main school through their
involvement in music, and this encourages their sense of belonging to the whole school. We value our
relationship with parents/carers and look forward to working with you to support your son or
daughter in school.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
General Information
The school aims and ethos stress the importance of
caring for each other within the context of a
Christian community. We strive to ensure that
each and every student in school is well supported.
The pastoral structure at The Minster School is
devised to ensure that all students have a sense of
belonging to the school as well as to their house
and to their tutor group. Tutor groups are split
between lower (years 7 - 9) and upper (years 10 11) bands. A tutor is the adult in school who knows
a student best and is able to support them in their
work and their wider life in school. The tutor is the
first point of contact for parents/carers.
The pastoral structure is arranged into three bands;
year 7, years 8 and 9, year 10 and 11. These are
overseen by Progress and Achievement Leaders,
who are responsible for the wellbeing and progress
of students in their year bands. Each Progress and
Achievement Leader is supported by a Pastoral
Support Assistant.
The school is divided into four houses, Clumber,
Rufford, Thoresby and Welbeck. This identity is
shown through the colour of a student's tie and is
the structure for charity work, celebration and
competition within school.
As a Church of England School, gospel values are
very important to us. The Christian message has
had a presence in our school for hundreds of years
and its essential message of love for neighbour
remains a guiding principle in our academic studies
and our relationships with one another. The
school’s heart-space is both the meeting point of
our academic endeavours, as the school’s subject
areas all give onto it and it is the main gathering
point for staff and students. The chapel, situated in
the hall and in which we meet for acts of worship,
provides the spiritual compass for all of our work
and play.
Students and staff meet twice weekly for an act of
worship in our modern, well-equipped hall. These
are presided over by members of the school’s
chaplaincy team, members of the senior leadership
group, progress and achievement leaders, teachers
and visitors who speak on a variety of issues. In
addition we have a yearly Foundation Service in the
summer term which celebrates the school’s origins
as a Christian school and its links with Southwell
Students can attend communion once every half
term and we have a strong and growing Christian
Union in the school, which meets weekly and plans
Acts of Worship and other events. We also have a
whole-school service at the conclusion of every
The Minster School was designated as a National
Teaching School in March 2013. This status,
awarded only to outstanding schools, means that
together with an alliance of strategic partners, the
Minster Teaching School has responsibility for
leading a ‘self-improving school system’ in the local
area and beyond.
In June 2014 the school became one of thirty four
National Maths Hubs, designated to transform and
improve the teaching of mathematics across the
country and to inform government thinking on the
teaching of Mathematics.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Supporting Student Learning
As a parent/carer there are a number of ways in
which you can support the learning of your child.
Research has shown that one of the most significant
contributors to students success at school is selfbelief. Parents/carers can support this by
encouraging their children to work hard and
celebrate where success follows.
Parents and carers can support student organisation
 Encouraging students to check that they have all
the equipment they need in their school bag for
each day. A list of school equipment can be found on
the school website.
 Ensuring students have the correct uniform and
quickly addressing any areas of need which arise.
 Checking
that students understand their
homework and approach it with due care and
effort. Encouraging students to contact their
teachers if they need any additional support with
home learning tasks or class work.
Successful students will need to work well outside
of school as well as inside. Helping students
establish good habits for work outside of school is
an important way parents/carers can support
learning. This may be by establishing a quiet work
area at home or identifying a time and place where
homework should be completed.
Students will sit a number of assessments during
their school life, it is important that they take all
assessments seriously and try their very best. This
will ensure that the result is an accurate picture of
their current attainment, and will identify if further
study or support is needed. Students should be
encouraged to:
 Use a range of revision techniques, such as: past
papers and mark schemes, designing mind maps
of key information, talking through difficult topics
with others, including parents/carers
 Take part in revision activities with others to
share information and ideas
 Reflect on the success of different revision
methods to help identify which suits them
Where students are actively thinking about and
investigating their future careers and studies there is
often a positive impact on their work in school.
Having some form of goal to work towards can be
highly beneficial to student motivation and effort.
Parents/carers can support this by discussing career
and study plans with students, arranging work
experience, researching job requirements and
helping students to take an active interest in this
The department pages on the school website
contains useful links to further information about
each subject area.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Student Code of Conduct
The student code of conduct sets out the way in
which we expect students to behave to support
their own learning and the learning of others. To
create a calm and purposeful school environment.
Engage with learning and allow others to
Be on time for all sessions and wait quietly for
the teacher
Enter the classroom calmly and be prepared
with the required equipment
Follow the teacher’s instructions; listen
carefully to the teacher and to other students
when they are talking
Keep personal electronic devices out of sight
in all learning sessions unless the teacher asks
you to use them for learning
Stay in the classroom throughout the lesson –
visits to the toilet or water fountain should
not normally be necessary
Talk about your learning rather than your
social life
Wait for instructions before packing away or
leaving the lesson
Show respect for others and our school:
Follow instructions from members of staff first
time every time
Tell the truth
Listen politely to what other people say and
show respect through good manners
Care for those around you. Bullying should be
addressed by everyone, don’t do it, don’t
allow it to go on, report it if you see it
Neither swearing nor violent behaviour is
ever acceptable
Wear the correct uniform smartly
Keep the school free from litter
Eat only at the right time and in the right place
Respect school property and report any
The school is committed to rewarding good
behaviour and achievement. Each student carries a
reward card on which they can store stickers given
to them to recognise positive behaviours such as
excellent effort, support of others and hard work.
When a student completes a card they should hand
it in to student services so the details can be
recorded on to our school system.
Students may also receive achievement logs on our
school information system (SIMS), phone calls,
postcards or letters. The school welcomes and
celebrates achievements of note outside of school
and we encourage students and parents to share
details of these achievements with us so they can be
recognised and celebrated.
Should students fall short of our expectations we
have a consequences system to help them correct
their behaviour.
Should a student misbehave in school they will
receive the following consequences:
 Consequence 1 (C1) - A first warning
 C2 - A final warning
 C3 - A detention
 C4 - On-call, a senior member of the school staff
is called
 C5 - Suspension from lesson into the schools
behaviour support room.
Should a student show patterns of poor behaviour,
behave particularly poorly or behave dangerously
they may be required to spend a fixed period of
time in our school behaviour support room.
For further details of our school sanctions and
rewards see the behaviour policy on our school
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
General Information
To be successful we must all work together. Our
home school agreement describes how each of us
contributes to the success of the young people in
our school community.
Support the school’s Code of Conduct and
the school’s rewards and sanctions
Ensure that homework set is completed and
support their child in any opportunities for
home learning
Tell the school of any concerns or problems
which may affect their child
Avoid taking students out of school in term
time, except under exceptional circumstances
Notify the school on the first day, of reasons
for absence
The School will:
Value and respect each student as an
Encourage high expectations and pride in
Provide a safe, caring environment with a
Christian ethos, recognising cultural and
religious differences
Keep parents informed about school activities.
Listen to parents’/carers’ reasonable views
and concerns
Help students develop relationships with
others based on mutual respect
Inform parents about any concerns or
problems which affect their child’s work or
Set, mark and monitor each student’s school
and homework
Provide parents/carers with an annual report
and arrange parents’ evenings where a
student’s progress can be discussed
The Parents/Carers will:
Support the school in its aims and values.
Ensure that their child attends school
regularly, is punctual, wears school uniform
and is properly equipped.
Attend parents’ evenings and take up other
opportunities to discuss progress.
Follow their child’s progress by looking
through work, checking the personal
organiser and reading reports.
Together we will:
Solve any differences with others through
Support all students’ learning and help them
achieve their best
Encourage all students to follow the Code of
The Student will:
Follow the school’s Code of Conduct
Follow instructions from members of staff
first time every time
Care for others and treat them with respect
Respect other people’s belongings
Attend school regularly, be ready to learn and
respect other students’ rights to learn
Be polite and behave sensibly at all times
Wear the school uniform and bring the
required equipment
Be punctual for school and lessons
Be truthful and honest
Do his/her best to complete all work set,
class work and homework
Look after the school, its equipment and its
Try his/her best and work hard
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
School Day
8.50 - Lesson 1
9.50 - Lesson 2
10.55 - Break
11.10 - Lesson 3
12.10 - Tutor Time/Lunch
12.35 - Lunch for all
1.00 - Tutor Time/Lunch
1.25 - Lesson 4
2.25 - Lesson 5
(except Wednesday *)
3.30 - End of School
Tutor time takes place before lunch and the next week, after lunch.
*On Wednesdays our school day finishes at the end of period 4 (2.30pm).
Late buses run on Tuesday and Thursday evening.
Please see our website for more details.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Key Personnel and Contacts
Our school reception can direct any enquiries:
School reception - 01636 814000
[email protected]
Chair of Governors: Mr N Turner
Head Teacher: Mr M J Parris
Deputy Head: Mr C Stevens
Director of Teaching School: Mrs M Atkinson
Head of Junior School: Mr R Burns
Head of Sixth Form: Mr J Samuels
School Business Manager: Mrs J Straw
Years 10 and 11 - Mr P Rowson ([email protected])
Years 8 and 9 - Mrs G Burles ([email protected])
Year 7 and transition - Mrs C Stanley ([email protected])
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Key Personnel and Contacts
History - Mrs R Foy ([email protected])
Geography - Mrs J Chappell ([email protected])
Computing & ICT - Mr S Lang ([email protected])
Technology - Mrs A Zannatou ([email protected])
Science - Mr J Theobald ([email protected])
Social Studies - Mr P Bowes ([email protected])
English - Mr M Oxley ([email protected])
Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs N Herreros ([email protected])
PE - Mrs S Gratton ([email protected])
Maths - Mrs H McGregor ([email protected])
RE - Mrs H Feehily ([email protected])
Art - Mrs J Sprawson ([email protected])
Music & Performing Arts - Mrs H Wallis ([email protected])
Drama - Mrs A Chapman ([email protected])
School absence line - 01636 817366 or [email protected]
Please complete.
You can reach your child’s tutor by telephone through our reception.
If you are unsure about your child’s tutor arrangements please contact the
head of house or our school reception.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Frequently Asked Questions
My child is unwell and will not be attending school, who do I contact?
If your child is unwell you should telephone the absence line on 01636 817366 or e-mail our attendance
officer ([email protected]). Please give as much detail as you are able to. Please ensure you
account for all days for which your child is absent.
I want to take my child out of school
If you wish to apply for a leave of absence then an application form can be obtained from Student Services. If
you plan to take a child out for a holiday please be aware that the law states that parents/carers do not have
the right to take a student out of school for holidays during term time. The negative impact of missing school
is clearly documented. Therefore holidays will not be authorised except in exceptional circumstances.
What information is sent home regarding my child’s progress?
Three times each year you will receive an assessment point (AP) report. This will outline how your child is
performing in each of the subject areas. Once during a school year you will receive a written report with
more detailed comments and targets for each individual subject area. There will also be a parents evening
during which you can meet individual subject teachers to discuss progress. Dates can be found on our school
website calendar.
Who should I contact if I have a concern?
Your first point of contact will usually be your child’s tutor, who will be the individual in school who knows
them best and has an overview their attendance, behaviour and achievement.
What do I do if my child has lost an item?
Lost property is located at student services. Please direct your son/daughter to student services and ask to
look for the missing item.
How do I find out about what is happening in school?
Please ensure that you register with SchoolComms through the school so we can keep in touch with you
about what is happening in school. You will be sent electronic newsletters to your registered e-mail
address detailing recent and up-coming activities in school. There is also an up-to-date calendar on our
school website listing school events.
How do I find out about unplanned closures such as for snow?
We will send out a message to you through SchoolComms using both text and e-mail. A notice will be
placed on our school website and an announcement will be made through local radio (BBC Radio
Nottingham). It is therefore particularly important that you have registered for SchoolComms and so can be
easily contacted in these circumstances.
How do I find a list of current uniform and stockists?
Detail regarding the school uniform can be found in the parent section of our school website.
How do I find out about school buses and/or late bus routes?
Details of all buses, including the late bus routes, are located on our school website.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
General Information
Schoolcomms is a reliable way of improving
communication to parents/carers, staff and students,
using text messaging and e-mail. It ensures the
quality and regularity of contact with parents/carers
for issues such as school events, student absence,
late bus information, details of school trips and the
sending out of important letters and newsletters.
Parents/carers need to be registered with the
Schoolcomms system, which is a straight forward
process. For more information on how to register
and how to get help if you are not receiving
information, please contact: Lorraine Bailey Tel:
[email protected]
 Community
ParentPay is our online payments system, creating a
cashless environment for the school. The system
allows parents/carers to pay online for school meals
and trips. A ParentPay link is available via the
school website or visit and
enter your username and password. Should you
require any more information about ParentPay
please contact the school reception.
The Minster Moodle is our virtual learning
environment (VLE) where students can access
lesson resources such as class notes, presentations,
home learning tasks and examination papers. Other
resources such as videos, self-assessment activities
for example quizzes and blogs can also be used to
enhance their learning experience.
The school website is the primary source of
information about the school. The school website
provides the Southwell community with information
 The School – message from the Head Teacher,
examination results, Ofsted report.
 School Events – the website links with the school
calendar to make the finding of important events
 The Curriculum – what students will be able to
study during Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.
 Post 16 and Junior Department education.
 Student Life – information about the respective
Houses and school activities.
links, for example the ‘Old
eLearning – provides access to students’ email
accounts, school files and the Moodle. Guidance
can also be found here to assist you with
technical difficulties and eSafety.
Parent Information — feedback on Parents’
Evenings, Parent Forums and electronic copies of
Minster School Parent Teachers Associationdates of meetings and updates on fundraising
Open Days and admissions policies.
The Minster Teaching School Alliance and the
East Midlands East Maths Hub.
The Moodle consists of sections for each subject
area as well as specific areas for the Sixth Form,
Wider Learning and the tutor programme.
We are developing the use of Moodle into a core
part of home learning system, with a move to all
homework organisation and setting to be done
through the Moodle system. This will give students a
clear understanding of what is required for a
homework, without the need to write down
detailed notes. In future we will provide parents
access through their own account so that they can
see the homework set
for their child, as well as
access other useful data.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
General Information
The school computer system provides internet and
e-mail access to students and staff. When a user
accesses our system they must agree to the this
responsible network and internet use statement
which clearly states what is acceptable and what is
not on our school system.
The Minster School has in place technologies that
will protect students from inappropriate material
that can be found when using the internet. social
networking websites, such as Facebook, are
blocked. E-mail is also monitored and e-mails
containing inappropriate language, for example, are
directed to the systems manager and Assistant Head
with responsibility for eLearning who then will take
appropriate action. Students cannot download
software from the internet or install software
brought into school using a memory stick.
eSafety guidance material is available on the school
website by following the eLearning link. Guidance
will also be available to parents/carers to help
protect their children from the dangers of the
Internet at home.
Advice on the use of social networks
As a school a challenge we sometimes face is that
raised by the negative implications of increased
social network use. We strongly advise parents to
engage with their children about the safe and
responsible use of social networks, particularly with
regard to issues surrounding posting negative
comments or messages through them.
It is
common for messages to be taken out of context
or to cause far greater harm than they were
intended. This can lead to significant upset and to
further problems within the school community.
Please take the time to discuss the safe use of social
media with your child and be particularly vigilant
about how they are interacting with devices that
have an internet connection e.g. smartphones,
laptops and computers. A key message to reinforce
is that the internet is a public space where nothing
can be guaranteed to remain private. Once
something is shared online it must be assumed that
it is available to others to see and share.
Taking of inappropriate pictures
A growing problem with the use of technology is
the taking of inappropriate images to be shared with
others - often a boyfriend or girlfriend. There are
two significant issues which this leads to, the first is
that images are sometimes then shared with others
causing significant embarrassment and upset.
Secondly, if the images are indecent in nature and
are of a student below the age of 16 then anyone in
possession of the image or found to have sent them
to others has committed a criminal offence.
More information
For additional information, which is regularly
updated, the school highly recommends the CEOP
centre ( This can also
be used for advice, help and to report dangers
found online.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
General Information
There is a wide range of sports available for
students through our PE department. Please see the
newsletter, website or direct students to the PE
office for full details of the clubs available for each
half term. Students will also be given further
information about these clubs through their tutors.
The school has a rich and varied music culture
which we encourage students to be a part of.
Information about the different groups, productions
and ensembles can be found on our school website
and by contacting the music department
([email protected]).
A number of other opportunities will arise during
the year. Students will be made aware of these
through our pastoral programme and they will be
promoted through SchoolComms and our
The Minster School has an active Parent Teacher
Association – the Minster School PTA (or MSPTA) run by an enthusiastic voluntary group of parents/
carers, elected as committee members. All parents/
carers of children at the school are automatically
members, as are teaching staff.
Day-to-day business is conducted by the PTA
Committee, who meet on a monthly basis. The
Committee plans and organises a programme of
social and fundraising activities throughout the year.
Meetings generally last about two hours, in a
friendly atmosphere. Parents/carers are welcome to
attend any of these monthly meetings and the
MSPTA is always pleased to hear fresh ideas or
An IT room is available for students to work in after
school. This room is open on all normal school days
from 15:30—16:30. Students can attend the room if
they wish to do school work. Playing games is not
Further information can be found on the Minster
School website.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
At Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) students study a range of subjects.
Allocation (hours per fortnight)
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Modern Foreign Languages
Religious Education
Part of Eng
Part of Eng
Part of Eng
Part of Eng
Physical Education
Information Technology
Students will receive homework regularly in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The amount set will vary depending on the
task. Homework can be made up of a variety of tasks. These include consolidation, preparation, research,
extension work, experiential learning and reflection. Homework activities may build up over time to form an
extended piece of written work or a project. Parents and carers are asked to look at homework, ask their
child about it and show support and encouragement. Students are each provided with a personal organiser in
which they are expected to record their homework. All homework will be acknowledged with a written or
verbal comment from the class teacher.
Assessment provides opportunities for students to demonstrate what they have learned in terms of
knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes over time. Written and verbal teacher feedback helps
recognise and celebrate positive achievements. It also informs students about how to improve work and
make further progress through an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. For school leaders
assessment also provides an opportunity to evaluate curriculum provision and plan future teaching and
learning to meet the needs of all students. Students will receive formative feedback in each subject typically
every three weeks.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Music Dates 2015 - 2016
16th September 2015
Recital Concert
29th September 2015
Musical Theatre Cabaret Evening
10th November 2015
Autumn Concert
11th November 2015
GCSE Music Ensemble performances
17th November 2015
Sixth Form Concert
24th November 2015 to
27th November 2015
School Production: Les Miserables
14th December 2015
Christmas Concert
17th December 2015
JD Moorfield Court Carol Singing
18th December 2015
Music Day and End of Term Services
20th January 2016
Recital Concert
1st February 2016
Music Tour information evening
10th February 2016
Singer-Songwriter Concert
7th March 2016
Rush Hour Music Concert
9th March 2016
Recital Concert
31th March 2016
Easter Concert
4th April 2016 to
6th April 2016
Music Tour - Malta
27th April 2016
Recital Concert
15th June 2016
Recital Concert
24th June 2016
Joint Schools Concert
30th June 2016
Y10 Concert
21th July 2016
End of Term Services
22nd July 2016
26th July 2016 to
29th July 2016
Music Summer School Years 5-9
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Key Dates
CONCERTS 2015/16
1. Some JD students are invited to take part in
main school lunchtime and after-school
ensembles such as Flute Choir, Intermediate
Orchestra, or Full Choir. Invitations are based
on ability.
2. Lessons with Mr Gregory are free for boy
choristers only, and will not necessarily cover
ABRSM Examinations. Any chorister wanting to
take grades will need to discuss this with Mr
Gregory and consider separate lessons with
another member of music staff.
4. All JD students receive one twenty minute
individual piano lesson a week free of charge.
This will be delivered through the Instrument
Music Tuition (IMT) or by a member of music
staff providing 34 lessons over the academic
5. All lesson cancellations need to be given to the
Finance Office (Mrs J. Straw) in writing
(preferably e mail – contact details are staff
initials, surname and the standard suffice e.g.
[email protected]).
6. Other music lessons are as follows:
 Wednesday 30th September
Y6 to Y7 Open Evening, 2.30-4.00pm
Wednesday 21st October
JD AP1 Home
JD Parents’ Evening 14.30-19.00
 Wednesday 10th February
JD Parents’ Evening, 14.30-19.00pm
Friday 12th February
JD AP2 Home
Monday 23rd-27th February
Junior Department Fiver Challenge
Week Commencing 11th May
Monday 6th July
JD Induction, New Y7 Induction
Friday 1st July
JD Reports and AP3 Home
Alternating Week 1/2 National Curriculum and
General Musicianship including Theory and
Aural – 1 hour (please bring instruments) on
Thursday afternoons.
JD Orchestra - 1 hour (bring instruments) on
Thursday afternoons.
JD Choir - 1 hour on Friday afternoons.
There is the option for parents/carers to make an
appointment with the class teacher to discuss the
report based on students’ SATS performance after
it is issued in July.
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Term Dates & Inset Days
INSET DAYS 2016-2017
Monday 5th September 2016 and Tuesday 6th September 2016 - (first day back for students 7th September)
Friday 18th November 2016
Monday 24th July 2017
Tuesday 25th July 2017
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
Minster School Parent/Carer Handbook 2016-2017
The Minster School
Nottingham Road, Southwell, Notts NG25 0LG
Tel: 01636 814000 Fax: 01636 817358
Email: [email protected]

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