Volume 13 / March 2012



Volume 13 / March 2012
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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Volume 13
Breda’s office market resilient;
Market occupies considerably more office space in 2011
In this issue: Page 1 Breda's office
market resilient • Time again for real a
conversation • Breda on "Bedrijf in beeld"
Page 2 Breda to become member of
XARXA • Woensdrecht to get development of drones Page 3 / 4 Breda’s
economy still achieves well in 2011,
2012 will be an exciting year Page 5
International school • Official start new
building Scania • Bussines land for sale
Page 6 Start new building Belgica de
Weerd BV and Veterinary Clinic Breda
B2B fair and networking event
Rat Verlegh stadium 17th and
18th of April 2012
Despite the credit crunch and its negative
effect on the property branch, Breda shows a
strikingly positive result over 2011. Last year
46,000m² of office space were occupied. In
previous years this was an average of
approximately 30,000m². Its favourable
geographic location, good accessibility and a
series of favourable conditions for setting up
business still make Breda an attractive city for
Beneluxans, among others
supply of offices and (zoning) plan capacity that is
not future-proof will be cancelled as much as
possible. This approach is stated in the Office
Vision Breda 2020, which was approved by Breda’s
city council late 2011.
Joint approach with stakeholders
Just as elsewhere in the Netherlands, Breda’s office
market shows bottlenecks, such as a decreasing
demand for new office space, an over-amount of
planning capacity and zoning plan space and a
In the next few years Breda will uphold an active
relatively high rate of vacancy of present offices.
aim to make the office market sounder. The key
By close monitoring with stakeholders and other
word here is quality. The city opts for collecting a partners, Breda wants to make the local and
current, sustainable and future-oriented office
regional office market sound again and continue
portfolio of present and new locations. Quality
to make the most of its opportunities. This spring
growth outranks quantity increase. Breda, too,
there will be a plan of action, which will show not
sets out to prevent and curb vacancy in its present only Breda’s apparent resilience but also strength
to combat its office vacancy.
Breda provides customized service
Breda will continue its practice of a customized
approach. After all, this is also one of Breda’s
factors for success. Lately, large companies such as
Scania, Kärcher and Fortis have (again) opted for
Breda. Apart from the hard facts of business,
service proved an important aspect in the
deliberations. Breda also supports small-scale
initiatives. Wherever possible, the city stimulates
Business Point Breda is to go through its
third edition at the NAC stadium on 17th
and 18th of April from 14.00 till 21.00 hours.
What’s in store for you at the B2B spring event
for the region of Breda? A spectacular opening,
various tongue-loosening workshops, many
surprising stalls, beautiful scenery in a fantastic
ambience! The theme for Business Point Breda is
“Manage to weather 2012”
Information about fair and stalls:
Breda on “Bedrijf in Beeld”
(Companies on Show) RTL7
Breda will be one of the highlights of
the RTL7 programme “Bedrijf in
Watch this programme on
20th May 2012 at 12.20 pm
on RTL7.
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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Breda’s office market resilient; continue >
the realisation of multi-company buildings
so that new concepts are given a maximum
chance to develop. Offices on business sites,
however, remain vacant for a longer period.
Here, park management is further
professionalized in close cooperation with
business associations so that these objects
will also gain in their appeal on the market.
Exploit position
In a comparison with Amsterdam and
Rotterdam, for example, Breda keeps
standing out favourably. Recent publications
including Cushman & Wakefield’s show a
stagnant market in these cities. Antwerp,
however, shows a rising trend. As a result of
location, accessibility – Fyra/Highspeed
trains - , presence of over-average highly
educated labour force, Burgundy style and
international networking activities, Breda,
as it were, shows the best of two business
worlds: the one above and the one below
the rivers. One of the city’s best trumps is
the development of Via Breda, which
connects European business centres via the
grid of European high-speed trains. The
prognosis is that 40% of market demand in
Breda focuses on offices in the centre and
at the railway station with another 40%
focusing on offices along entrance roads
and motorways (A16 and A27). Some 20%
of demand focuses on offices in residential
areas and on business sites.
So Breda offers excellent prospects for the
major part of the demand. Breda will
present this favourable position even more
emphatically to the outside world. Breda
stresses the importance of marketing and
acquisition. Monitored by N.V. BrIM Breda,
the cooperation with external parties like
REWIN, BOM and the Netherlands Foreign
Investment Agency (NFIA) will be given
further strength. The joint focus is mainly
on Via Breda. At the same time, projects
like Dinalog, Triple O, and the progress in
restructuring will be advertised with
partners more jointly. Breda offers space to
entrepreneurs, literally and figuratively!
Measurable succes
It goes without saying that the business
approach comes with monitoring targets.
Breda’s Property Market Monitor is the
perfect tool. Time-linked prognoses,
knowledge of the market, and sufficient
flexibility to anticipate and interfere in time
contribute to keeping up Breda’s resilience.
This spring, Breda will again publish a
property market monitor.
Breda to become
member of Xarxa!
XARXA FP is a network of European cities with
the purpose of achieving a stable relationship
between the local administrations, companies
and training centres in order to develop
professional training in close cooperation with
the productive fabric of the city.
Breda is the first Dutch city to join this network of
23 cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Turin, Rome,
Lyon, Toulouse, Munich, Berlin, Istanbul and
coordinator will be an employee of the ROC WestBrabant International Office working in close
cooperation with the NHTV and Avans International
The cooperation has also been realized by the
dedicated efforts of Mr Vic van de Broek of External
Affairs and European Subsidies and Mr Marcel de
Heer of the department of Economics, Culture and
In a global world such as ours, XARXA stimulates
students of middle and higher vocational training to
gain foreign experience at an early age. Together
with its mobility coordinators in the various cities,
XARXA enables students from elsewhere in Europe
to find a traineeship in Breda and students from
Breda to have a similar experience in one of the
other European cities. For Breda, the mobility
Companies that are interested, have any questions or
can offer a traineeship to foreign students, please apply
to the mobility coordinator by contacting the ROC
West-Brabant International Office at 076 504 8000.
More information about XARXA is available at
Woensdrecht to get development of drones
At Aviolanda Maintenance & Business Park a
knowledge centre is being set up to further
develop unmanned aircraft. It is about the
so-called drones, American-made aircraft,
which are often deployed at military missions
such as in Aghanistan.
Civil applications of drones are offering increasing
perspective. The unmanned planes can be equipped
with sensors and cameras and used for the inspection
of dykes, pipelines, high voltage cables, surveillance at
large-scale events and by the fire brigade to keep an
eye on forest fires.
The knowledge centre will be part of Aviolanda
Maintenance & Business Park, the project for aircraft
maintenance in the South-West of the Netherlands
Office Vision Breda 2020 (Dutch):
with Woensdrecht airbase at its heart. The project
is intended to make the unmanned planes more
reliable so that the demand for them will increase.
The knowledge centre receives financial support
with authority subsidies from the provinces of NoordBrabant and Zeeland and is one of the latest projects
in the “Pieken in de Delta” subsidy programme.
A large number of companies has agreed to
participate in the project. The project will be
managed by the Dutch Institute World Class
Maintenance in Breda
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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Breda’s economy still
achieves well in 2011,
2012 will be an
exciting year
In apparent contrast with all the negative economic news, Breda’s economy
has achieved well in various respects. Unemployment is low, employment
has shown a slight increase and there is a high level of income. The
dynamics of the economy are vibrant, Breda’s population is showing an
increasingly entrepreneurial spirit and despite vacancy in Breda, more and
more offices and business spaces have become occupied in 2011.
2012 promises to be an exciting year for Breda’s economy. There is a
growing unrest among Breda’s consumers and producers alike. The slump in
the national economy is expected to have its effect on Breda’s economy,
which probably means a decreasing number of jobs and increasing
unemployment. The positive aspects of Breda remain its attractive business
climate and well-trained supply of labour. All in all, the Economic Barometer
Breda stands at a careful 6 on a scale of 10.
Slight growth of Breda´s employment
In the course of the years 2010 and 2011 Breda’s employment has gone up
by 150 jobs, or 0.1%. This means a total employment of 101,990 jobs.
The previous year still showed a decrease of the number of jobs but this has
come to a stop in 2011.
The growth of employment is caused mainly by the rising number of jobs at
job agencies. Also the West-Brabant region showed a minimal growth of
employment by 0.2 %.
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Bron: O&I, Vestigingenregister 2011
Still an increasing number of new companies
In the course of the years 2010 and 2011 the number of new companies
has risen by 396 (3%). This brings the total number of businesses in 2011 to
13,388. The number of new companies has been rising since 2000. In the
past 11 years the number of businesses has increased by 55%.
Mr Cees Meeuwis, alderman for Work and Enterprise: “I can see nice
opportunities for Breda and the region, including the economic top sectors
like Maintenance, Logistics and Biobased Economy. Opportunities which
demand vision and courage to make sustainable choices, which contribute
to the economic value of our city and the region. A sustainable strategy is
indispensible for stronger business. It saves costs for entrepreneurs and
creates goodwill among critical consumers and citizens.”
Many one-man companies active in the creative industry
In Breda almost 3,000 people are active in the creative industry. They are
evenly divided over the 3 categories of media and entertainment (e.g.
performing arts and publishers), art and cultural heritage (writing and other
creative arts and museums and art galleries) and creative commercial services
(advertising agencies and architects). The largest part of the number of
companies within the creative industry are one-man companies, which
represent almost 40% of employment. Most one-man companies are active
in the advertising branch.
% one-man companies
Number of Number of people
Media & Entertainment
Art and Cultural heritage
Creative commercial services
Bron: O&I, Vestigingenregister 2011
Still a growth in the Hospitality sector
The hospitality sector is a collective name for retail, catering, health, sports
and leisure and other services. In 2011, Breda has more than 31,000 jobs in
the hospitality sector and employment in this sector has risen by 24% in the
course of the years 2010 and 2011. It is expected that with an aging
population, employment in this sector will increase even more strongly in
the next few years.
Trade and logistics important sector for Breda and the region
Dinalog is the knowledge centre for the logistics sector and therefore a
boost for development and innovation in this sector. With the arrival of
Dinalog, the logistics sector is put on the map even more firmly. In Breda,
12% (11,282) of employees work in trade and logistics, which can be
divided into wholesale (63%), transport by road, water and air (23%) and
transport services (14%). There has been decreasing employment in
wholesale since 2009 whereas the other two categories have shown a slight
increase. In the West-Brabant region 13% of employment works in the
logistics sector.
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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Labour Market Breda
Index numbers labour market Breda
Labour force
unemployment -%
Bron: CBS, CPB, UWV werkbedrijf, bewerking O&I Gemeente Breda
Employment still going down in 2011, but going up in 2012
Late 2011 the number of unemployed people is at 5,013. In 2011, Breda’s
unemployment falls by 800 in 2011, with the exception of youth
unemployment, which has been rising since July 2011. Late 2011 Breda’s
unemployment is 14% lower than late 2010.
Labour market is less tense and remains large
A healthy relation between supply and demand on the regional labour market
has a positive effect on regional business. In the years 2006 – 2008 the labour
market was tense. In Breda the shortage on the labour market had increased up
to and including 2007. Starting mid-2008 there was a contrary development. On
the one hand the unemployment rate rose and on the other hand there was a
sizable decrease of the number of job vacancies (-67%) The labour market has
become larger since 2009. Last year the labour market was again large, despite
a limited increase of the number of job vacancies and a slight decrease of
unemployment. Also in 2012 Breda’s labour market will remain large. In 2012,
the number of job vacancies will hardly rise while unemployment will increase by
23%. Yet there will be frictions in the labour market in a limited number of
specific sub-segments, e.g. in the technical professions
A sizable increase of the labour force is expected until
the middle of 2020.
It is especially the higher labour participation rate of women that causes an
increase of the labour force. The number of women in Breda’s labour force
rises by 11% until 2020. Regionally, the labour force hardly increases
anymore and will shrink from 2020.
regio West-Brabant
Bron: CBS, CPB, ABF Research, bewerking O&I Gemeente Breda
Rise of people educated at medium and higher levels
The next few years Breda´s labour force increases especially with regard to
people educated at medium and higher levels (12%). There will a slight
decrease among people educated at lower level (-6%). Mid 2020 the
number of highly educated people will have risen by 18%. The number of
people at middle vocational level increases by 7%. This will raise the number
of highly trained people to a level higher than that of people at middle
vocational level in 2020 for the first time.
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
ontstane vacatures
werklozen (NWW)
Bron: CBS, CPB, UWV werkbedrijf, bewerking O&I Gemeente Breda
Sustainability Breda
Sustainability has gradually come to be interpreted more widely than its original,
purely ecological meaning. Apart from us taking good care of our environment,
sustainability implies the conservation of wealth and social cohesion and safety.
These social, economic and ecological dimensions are indicated as Triple P:
People, Planet and Profit (Rabobank, 2010)
Profit: Breda has favourable conditions for economic
Economic sustainability is all about qualities such as level of education, level of
income and an attractive business climate ensuring a maintenance of wealth.
Compared with other cities, Breda has a high level of education of its labour force.
The level of income of Breda’s inhabitants is among the highest of cities of
reference. This has positive effects on Breda as a residential city and its retail trade.
Entrepreneurs award a high ranking to Breda for its business climate. This
also finds expression in the number of large supra-regional location decisions
of companies in the Netherlands. After (the region of) Amsterdam, Breda
and West-Brabant have the strongest appeal.
For the complete version (Dutch):
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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new building Scania
HQ Benelux in
Breda, 7 march 2012
Newsletter for international
business accounts
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Start new building Belgica
de Weerd BV and Veterinary
Clinic Breda
Since January Belgica de Weerd has started the
building of their new premises on the Van de
Reijtstraat, near Ikea. This site is to be their new
In 1972 Dr. Henk de Weerd started his veterinary clinic
Breda, the first clinic for small pets in the region. Since
then he has specialised in the medical requirements and
complete guidance of racing pigeons, besides that he
acted as an consultant for “BELGICA“, founded in
1960 by his father Piet de Weerd.
Piet de Weerd achieved worldwide acknowledge-ment
in the international pigeon world. Belgica was involved
in scientific guidance of racing pigeons and the
production of pigeon medicine and branded products.
All Belgica de Weerd products are developed by the
company, doing its own research. Today the products of
Belgica de Weerd are used with enormous success in
more than 25 countries. Belgica de Weerd is known as
a leading and international market leader in the
medical guidance of racing pigeons.
Nowadays there is a team of 26 employees working for
Belgica de Weerd and Veterinary Clinic Breda. For the
clinics in Peking,Taipei, Colchester near London and
Knurow Poland and future clinics in Dublin, Casablanca,
Istanbul and Johannesburg pigeon vets are educated.
There is no decent education for these vets in the
whole world.
The building of a new clinic had to be done, because
the offices, clinic and warehouses are now spread over
4 locations. This brings a lot of logistic problems.
Moreover it was time to move to a better accessible
location for the international clients.
The mayor of Breda, Mr. Peter van der Velden officially
opened the start of the construction activities. Besides
the minting of the first pole, pigeons have been
released as a symbol for the start of the new building!
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