braaap Testimonials Garry “GAZ” Wellman



braaap Testimonials Garry “GAZ” Wellman
braaap Testimonials
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Garry “GAZ” Wellman
Garry Wellman is a good old fashion Aussie bloke. He
loves his Torana, his ACDC and his shed! The thing that
sets Gazza apart from most other blokes like him is he is
proud to love his braaap mini bike! Gazza has always
loves his dirt bikes and raced state round for many years.
Like a lot of guys who race big bike’s he always had a pit
bike of some description to “play around on”. It wasn’t
until he rode the braaap maestro though that he found his
love for pit bikes racing. Gaz loves how light and flickable
the braaapster was how all his mates who didn’t have big
bikes and weren’t as confident as him, but could still all go
braaap riding together and have the best fun! He loved
how close the racing is and how everyone is in with a
chance, not like big bikes where the guy with the most
money and best gear usually wins! Gaz loved racing and
riding his braaap so much that he sold his 450 earlier this
year and with the money he is saving riding his braaap he
is saving up to come and race in Vegas 2010! Gaz is an
awesome example that you should try things before you
judge them, a lot of people think that because they race
big bikes they are “too cool” to ride a braaap and never
give it a go, they should try it, they would be pleasantly
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