Shelby County Republican Women`s Club



Shelby County Republican Women`s Club
Shelby County Republican Women’s Club
54 Years
January 2014
Joyce Avery
1st V.P.
Nancy Boatright
2nd V.P.
Barbara Breuer
3rd V.P.
Marti Miller
Recording Secretary
Pat Allmond
Corresponding Secretary
Lyn Windsor
Louise Taylor
Assistant Treasurer
Donna Howard
Advisor, Past President
Barbara Breuer
Jean Britt
Shirley Henderson
Nancy Boatright
Roberta Kustoff
SCRP Liaison
Dee Nollner
Meeting Arrangements
Artie Brown
Newsletter Editor/Roster
Cindy O’Neal
Linda Casebier
Special Events
Jean Drumwright
Voter Registration
Dee Nollner
Telephone Chairman
Janet Wicks
TUESDAY January 14, 2014 11:00 am
Germantown Country Club
1780 Kimbrough Rd Germantown, TN
For Lunch Reservations, please call Artie Brown (901)754-6209
**Reservation Deadline is Wednesday January 8, 2014**
Our January Speaker
Amy P. Weirich
District Attorney General
Amy Weirich became District Attorney in January of 2011. She was
appointed by Governor Bill Haslam and then elected on August 3,
2012, to continue serving as Shelby County’s first female District
General Weirich is a veteran prosecutor who started serving in the
Shelby County D.A.’s office in 1991. Over the past 20 years, she has
served in many leadership roles in the office, including Deputy
District Attorney, Chief Prosecutor of the Gang and Narcotics Prosecution Unit and Division
Leader for the Special Prosecution Unit in criminal court.
General Weirich has received many honors for her skills in the courtroom, including the
Board of Directors’ Trial Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Capital Cases from the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation. She has been a frequent lecturer at training seminars for the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference and the National District Attorneys Association. She is a recipient of the Bobby Dunavant Public Servant Award
for non-elected officials from the Rotary Club of Memphis East as well as the Association for
Women Attorneys Marion Griffin-Frances Loring Award.
She serves on various boards including the Memphis-Shelby Crime Commission, the Western
District of Tennessee Multi-Agency Gang Unit, The Family Safety Center, the Memphis Child
Advocacy Center and the YMCA.
A graduate of Germantown High School, General Weirich earned a bachelor’s degree from
the University of Tennessee at Martin and a law degree from the Cecil C. Humphreys School
of Law at the University of Memphis.
General Weirich and her husband, Chuck, have four children. She is an active member of St.
Louis Catholic Church.
SCRWC Members Honored for Public Service
Several members of our Club who are serving or have served recently in elective office were honored for their
public service at the Christmas Tea. Barbara Breuer, outgoing president, presented certificates of appreciation to:
Joyce Avery (retired County Commissioner and Interim Shelby County Mayor)
Jayne Creson (retired County Clerk)
Sharon Goldsworthy (current mayor of the City of Germantown)
Heidi Shafer (current County Commissioner)
Debbie Stamson (retired County Clerk)
Joy Touliatos (current Juvenile Court Clerk)
Amy Weirich (current 30th District Attorney General).
We are truly grateful for these women for their willingness to make the sacrifices of time, effort, talents, and patience required
to help make our wide-spread community better for so many.
Barbara also presented to those honored small gifts of beaded bracelets made by women in a cottage industry in Nepal in an
effort to improve their impoverished circumstances. She equated the efforts of both groups of women as endeavors to elevate
the lives of all who come into their areas of influence or authority.
Christmas Tea
Jean Drumwright did it again! The Christmas Tea at Windyke Country Club was well
organized, the decorations were great, the food was delicious, our elected officials were so
supportive - and her gift to all was: there was no cost to members and we didn't have to take
food! There was a huge pile of toys for children at the Memphis Family Shelter and jars of peanut butter were stacked up for the Mid South Food Bank. Our thanks to Jean and to all who
contributed items for the Caring for America projects - and everyone who attended. Other
articles in this newsletter describe other events that took place. If you missed it, we missed
West Tennessee Veterans Home
Members have donated a total of $680 to the WTVH project. This means that a donation of $320 will be made by SCRWC to
reach the $1000 goal set by board members. The checks will be presented to Holly Swogger, President of WTVH, Inc., at
the January 14 general meeting.
Kathy Russo collected an additional $245 for the WTVH and a large number of petition signatures. Let's give her a big, gold star!
Anyone who wishes may still write a tax deductible gift check payable to WTVH and bring it to the meeting or mail it to:
WTVH, Inc., 2670 Union Extended, 5th Floor, Memphis, TN 38112.
Jean Oldham 1/8
Jean Britt 1/9
Linda Brannon 1/11
Hon. Heidi Shafer 1/11
Pat Scroggs 1/12
Libba Beasley 1/14
Roberta Kustoff 1/24
Cindy Grennan 1/14
Hon. Terry Roland 1/23
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President’s Corner
Happy New Year everyone! I would like to thank Barbara Breuer and her board for their leadership in 2013.
I am looking forward to stepping up as president and going into a new year. This coming year we will be
setting goals to increase membership and to get all of our elected Republicans re-elected and new
Republican candidates elected. To meet those goals, it will take each and every one of us working
together as a team.
As you know, there are a few positions that are still needed on the 2014 Board. The committees are: Bylaws,
Candidate Hours/Volunteer Hours, and Caring for America. If you would like to chair any of these
committees, let me know. I will look forward to working with you. We will have a great year with each of us
working together.
Let us rejoice in the fact we do live in a free country where we can work for our candidates and stand for our
beliefs. May God Bless YOU this coming year!
Sympathies To
Tom Leatherwood Family for the passing of his father
Nona Miller’s Family for the passing of her mother
2014 Membership Drive
It’s time to renew your SCRWC membership for 2014!
With this newsletter you will find a nice fresh membership form. Please fill in your information and return it with
your dues in the enclosed envelope or at our next meeting.
And… feel free to make copies for new members!
Regular Membership: $30
Associate Membership: $20
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2014 Officers Installed at Christmas Tea
Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy performed the installation ceremony for the incoming officers of Shelby County Republican
Women's Club, reminding them of their duties and obligations in their respective offices. Those who will take office
on January 1, 2014, are:
Joyce Avery, President
Nancy Boatright, First Vice President (Awards)
Barbara Breuer, Second Vice President (Programs)
Marti Miller, Third Vice President (Fundraising)
Pat Allmond, Recording Secretary
Lyn Windsor, Corresponding Secretary
Louise Taylor, Treasurer (Operating Account)
Donna Howard, Assistant Treasurer (Project Account)
Thursday January 2— Shelby County GOP Steering Committee
Wednesday January 8— Lunch Reservations Due for January General Meeting
Tuesday January 14—SCRWC General Meeting
Monday January 27—SCRWC Board Meeting
Newsletter News
You can help SCRWC save money on newsletter production and mailing costs,
if you opt to receive your newsletter via email instead of postal mailing.
Please be sure to note this on your 2014 membership renewal form,
or you can let us know via email at [email protected]
Please let us know if you would be interested in sponsoring a newsletter for $100.
Many thanks to Dee Cole and his staff at
Imec, 5120 Elmore Road in Bartlett, TN for printing our newsletters!
Be sure to check us out on Facebook at:
Visit our website at
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Email us at [email protected]

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