Desa Kartika



Desa Kartika
ndonesia is known to many as
“The Island of Spices”. The most important aspect of
Indonesian Cuisine, whether traditional or modern, is
the use of an assortment of exotic herbs and spices.
In Desa Kartika, we present a traditional approach
to Indonesian cuisine using the same ingredients,
same authentic approach but with the added touch
of the Kartika flavour. The food is as appetising to
behold as it is to savour.
Here, we also offer a modern and relaxing environment
complemented by the warmest of services.
With the plethora of delectable dishes to indulge in,
we would like to wish all our patrons and diners
“Selamat Makan”.
Gado Gado
Rujak Petis
Gado Gado
Tahu Goreng
Mixed vegetable salad topped
with spicy peanut dressing
Deep fried beancurd topped
with shaved cucumber and
peanut sauce
Satay Kartika
( 6 pieces )
Marinated pieces of beef or chicken, skewered,
grilled and served with a traditional Indonesian
peanut sauce and rice cakes
Indonesian Rujak Petis
A tantalising mix of fruits and vegetables topped
with special sweet sauce and ground peanuts
Diners Recommendation
Tahu Goreng
Satay Kartika
Sop Buntut
Sop Sayur
An Indonesian classic, Sop Buntut is a
rich, clear soup infused with the flavours of
tender slow-cooked oxtail, sweet vegetables
and a subtle blend of exotic herbs
Brimming with healthy veggies
complemented by mild spices and aromatic
herbs, Sop Sayor is the ultimate soup for
vegetable lovers
sop sayur asem
sop buntut
Diners Recommendation
Sop Sayur Asem
Sop Bakso Sapi
A tamarind-based vegetable soup, Sop Sayur
Asem will whet your appetite with its unique
blend of spiciness and tanginess
An Indonesian “must-have”, Sop Bakso Sapi
is a clear broth filled with beef balls, potatoes
and carrots
sop betawi
Soto Kudus
Sop Betawi
A traditional Indonesian
chicken soup, Soto Kudus
is perfect for those with
a craving for traditional
comfort food.
An extremely rich broth
made up of beef, spices and
exotic herbs, Sop Betawi is
one dish that would leave
you craving for more
sop sayur
Kangkung Belacan
Sayur Terong Bumbu Bali
Terong Belado Daging
Water spinach sautéed with shrimp paste and garlic,
Kangkung Belacan is a perfect complement to other dishes
Brinjal sauteed in a spicy, authentic Balinese sauce
Brinjal and grind beef stir-fried with the special spicy
Kartika sauce
singkong lemak
Sayur Lodeh
Sambal Goreng Kartika
Taugeh Ikan Asin
Sayur Lodeh is a coconut milk-based dish packed with
mixed vegetables such as cabbage, long beans and tofu
Unique to Desa Kartika, Sambal Goreng Kartika is a
special combination of mixed vegetables, beef and prawns
sautéed to create a deliciously distinctive taste
Bean sprouts sautéed with salted fish and garlic
Diners Recommendation
Opor Nangka
Singkong Lemak
chap Chye
A hot and spicy dish, Opor Nanka is made up of
young jackfruit simmered in coconut milk and spices
Singkang Lemak is a simple yet delicious dish of
tapioca leaves cooked in coconut milk, spices and herbs
Fried mixed vegetables with seafood
chap chye
opor nangka
sayur lodeh
Ayam Goreng
Istimewa Kartika
Ayam Belado
Ayam Lemak Kartika
Chicken marinated in a delicious special sauce and deep
fried to golden perfection
Fried chicken simmering in fresh, spicy chilli-based sauce
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich gravy of
coconut milk and chilli
Ayam Rendang
Chicken cooked in coconut milk flavoured
with spices and herbs and wrapped in a
beautiful caramelised sheen
Ayam Panggang
( Padang or Bali )
Chicken marinated in a traditional
Padang sauce or a unique sweet Bali
sauce and grilled to perfection
ayam goreng
istimewa kartika
( sapi )
Diners Recommendation
ayam rendang
ayam panggang
( bali )
(Sapi or Kambing)
Beef of mutton braised slowly in a
flavourful coconut milk-based gravy
Kari Sapi
Tender pieces of beef simmering in
coconut milk flavoured with spices
and herbs
ayam belado
Udang Petai Belado
Udang Tepong
Udang Asem Manis
Pan-fried prawns and cluster beans topped
with spicy chilli sauce
Prawns dipped in an aromatic marinate and
deep-fried to lock in the rich flavours
A hot and sour prawn dish that will appeal
to those who enjoy a spicy experience
Diners Recommendation
Udang Gala Bakar
(5 pieces)
Succulent prawns marinated in
Kartika’s special sauce and grilled
to delicious perfection
Sotong Masak Hitam
Tasty squid simmering in rich squid
ink flavoured with spices and herbs
Sotong Goreng Tepong $13.95
Squid dipped in a tasty marinade and
deep fried to a delectable golden colour
Sotong Selatan
Sotong Bakar
Squid sautéed with fresh chilli and garlic
An exquisite dish of squid marinated
in Kartika’s secret sauce and grilled to
yummy perfection
Ikan Asem Manis
A non-spicy dish of eep-fried fish fillet topped
with a sweet and sour sauce
Kepala Ikan Asem Pedas
Kari Kepala Ikan
A highly-popular dish featuring fish fillet
simmering in a spicy and sour broth
Fish head simmering in coconut milk flavoured
with curry and herbs. A traditional curry recipe
cooked with a Kartika twist
Kepala Ikan
Asem Pedas
Diners Recommendation
Ikan Desa Istimewa
Siakap Goreng Kicap
Ikan Rica-Rica
A signature dish of whole seabass grilled or
deep fried and topped with a special sweet,
sour and spicy sauce.
Whole seabass deep fried to golden perfection
and topped with a sweet black sauce
Grilled whole seabass topped with an
authentic Sundanese sauce
Ikan Bakar Kartika
Whole seabass marinated in a special
sweet sauce and grilled to perfection
Platter Combinasi Kartika $30.00
A mixed platter consisting of Pergedil, Udang
Tepong, Sotong Goreng and Ayam Goreng
ikan asin
Tahu Telur
Bean curd marinated and deep fried with
egg, topped with shredded cucumber and a
special sweet sauce. A must-try dish
Ikan Asin Istimewa
Salted fish deep fried to crispy goodness
Sambal Tempe Yogjakarta $6.50
Fermented beans sautéed with a special
Kartika sauce
Pergedil Kartika
Mashed potatoes mixed with fresh herbs and
fried to golden perfection
Diners Recommendation
Tahu Bumbu Kicap
Telur Sambal Kartika
Telur Dadar
Bean curd dipped in a special marinade, deep fried
and topped with a unique sweet and spicy black sauce
Hard boiled eggs deep fried and topped with an
aromatic and spicy chilli gravy
Fried omelette with finely chopped onions and chilli
Nasi Putih
White steamed rice
( per person )
Nasi Kuning*
( per serving )
Indonesian yellow rice flavoured with coconut milk
*Available only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Nasi Goreng Istimewa
Fried rice flavoured with special Kartika spices
and served with chicken and prawn satay
rice and noodle
Mee Goreng Kartika
Mee Sop Jawa
Mee Bakso
Fried yellow noodles fried with fresh seafood
and a special Kartika sauce
Yellow noodles cooked in a clear chicken broth
with fresh seafood and vegetables
An Indonesian staple of yellow noodles cooked
in a clear beef broth with delicious beef balls
and succulent vegetables
Lontong Kartika
Rice cakes cooked in fragrant coconut
milk flavoured with spices and filled
with vegetables
Es Chendol
Es Delima
A traditional Indonesian dessert made
up of rice flour, and shaved ice, topped
with sweet coconut milk and palm sugar
Boiled chestnut in a special red syrup,
served with shaved ice and topped with
sweet coconut milk
desserts and
Es Avocado
Goreng Pisang Kartika
An all-time favourite featuring fresh
Australian avocadoes topped with
chocolate sauce and palm sugar
Deep fried bananas served with vanilla
ice cream topped with palm sugar
Freshly-brewed Coffee
Teh Tarik
Green Tea
Home-made Ice Lemon Tea $3.00
Ice Bandung
Teh Botol Sosro
Fruit Juice
Lime Orange Fruit Punch
Mango Orange
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