mission in motion



mission in motion
YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
2013 Annual Report
The mission of the YMCA of Metro Chicago
is to develop strong children, families and
communities across Metropolitan Chicago
through academic readiness, character
development, violence prevention,
fitness and healthy living.
In 2013, the YMCA of Metro Chicago changed our mission to reflect the far-reaching impact of our programs
and services in building stronger and healthier communities. We envisioned more vibrant and compassionate
neighborhoods where the Y is seen as an essential leader in making our city a world-class place to live and
raise a family.
Sage YMCA leaders and donors pitched the first shovels of soil for the groundbreaking of the new expansion. Pictured from left to right are:
Brian Goode, president of Rita Corporation; Aaron Shepley, mayor of Crystal Lake; Richard Malone, president and CEO of YMCA of Metro
Chicago; Sage benefactors Pat and Vince Foglia with son Vinnie; Robyn Ostrem, executive director of Sage YMCA; Lisa Waggoner, Sage
YMCA benefactor and steering committee member; and Mary Beaubien, Sage YMCA benefactor.
To achieve this, we adopted a bold Strategic Plan that positioned our 23 centers, five camps and hundreds
of extension sites to meet the changing needs of the more than 200,000 members we serve every year. We
also reshaped the focus of our programs and services and established a Learning & Evaluation department to
advance four key mission anchors: academic readiness, character development, violence prevention and
fitness and healthy living.
In this report, we share stories of our mission in motion and introduce you to just a few individuals whose lives
you helped transform:
• Ellie, who is living with spina bifida, gains independence at summer camp
• Adrienne, a former member turned staff, reaches her goals through Y MaxTraining
and becomes a Y personal trainer and fitness consultant to motivate others
• Anderson, a participant in the Youth Safety and Violence Prevention’s art-mentoring
program, learns how to resolve conflict peacefully with art
Your partnership makes all this and so much more possible. We hope you enjoy reading about the difference
your support is making in the lives of children, individuals and families in the community. When you join the Y,
you become part of something big.
Thank you for making 2013 an amazing year.
Richard H. Malone
President and CEO
Peter B. McNitt
Chairman of the Board
Mission in Motion
• And, more and more Chicago Public School students are learning the lifesaving skill
of swimming through new Y programs
Since 2010, YMCA Camp Independence has provided children
like Ellie Fontanetta the opportunity to gain confidence and
develop friendships to last a lifetime.
Character development focuses on developing youth’s
interpersonal skills, such as forming positive relationships,
and developing healthy self-concept. “Character” refers
to soft skills, which involve executive functioning like
self-regulation, goal setting, organization, grit and
perseverance, as well as social skills like leading and
collaborating, navigating a variety of social spaces
and enlisting support from others. Positive character
development is a strong predictor of and foundation
for a child’s future success in school and life.
Camp Independence participants (above) come together to share experiences and inspire one another to reach for more.
YMCA camp experience helps children with spina bifida grow and gain independence.
It’s July, the height of summer in upstate Illinois, and 10-year-old Ellie Fontanetta and her mom, Nikki, turn down the
long drive with their windows down, soaking up the familiar air and buzzing with excitement for another unforgettable
week at Camp Independence, one of many weeks dedicated to medical camps at YMCA Camp Duncan.
Ellie has spina bifida, a condition requiring crutches, leg braces and a daily regimen of medications and bathroom
routines. Spina bifida occurs when a baby is in the womb and the spinal column does not close all of the way. At Camp
Independence, a state-of-the-art facility built expressly for kids with spina bifida, Ellie experiences confidence building
activities, such as kayaking and swimming, and as she does so forges unbreakable friendships with children who
experience life in ways similar to her.
Created by Chicago neurosurgeon David McClone, MD, to teach independent living skills to young people with spina
This team understands that for children with spina bifida, summer camp is about more than just the activities offered
or the quality of the facilities. It is about the promise of helping campers grow and gain independence in a safe and fun
environment. Many of these campers have never spent a single night away from their parents, let alone a week.
Boating, adaptive
cycling and sports,
and zip-lining are
offered each year.
Character Development
bifida, Camp Independence is staffed with a medical health care team and highly skilled counselors and employees.
“At Camp Independence, each of our campers has their
The best part about Camp Independence is that it gives
own counselor,” Dr. McClone says. “This is how we can
kids like Ellie the full YMCA camp experience, from
guarantee that they’re safe in this environment.” All
flag-raising in the morning to s’mores around the
counselors are certified in first-aid, CPR and basic water
campfire at night.
safety and receive extensive onsite training in camper
care and supervision.
For Ellie’s first two summers, her counselor was Jess
from Australia. “Jess was the perfect fit for Ellie,” says
Nikki. “She needed someone who was like a coach, the
“They get an opportunity to camp just
like other kids, while still being well
taken care of,” says Nikki. “Ellie loves
every minute of it.”
right mix of compassion and challenge. ‘Can you push
a little farther? Can you try a little harder? You can
do this!’”
Learn more about Ellie and Camp Independence at
1.) Ellie visits Camp Independence with her mother Nikki, father, Mark and sister, Mia. 2.) Camp Independence offers campers the opportunity
to experience the sense of weightlessness and freedom through supervised zip-lining activities. 3.) For many Camp Independence
participants, entering the water is a daunting task and learning how to canoe is a major milestone. Here camper
Krista Miller takes a trip with staff member Caity Lee.
different YMCA specialty
camps for children
with physical or mental
disabilities are offered at
Camp Duncan.
Adrienne Parsons, personal trainer and fitness consultant
at the Fry Family YMCA, found her calling and herself
through a transformative experience at the Y.
Fitness and healthy living is an integrated concept
of wellness that ties regular physical activity
and nutritious eating to a strong mind and body.
A healthy lifestyle can help people gain selfconfidence and reduce depression, reach or
maintain a healthy weight, improve sleep quality,
build bone density, strengthen the immune system
and stave off chronic disease and early death.
Y MaxTraining inspires Adrienne to help others transform
their lives.
After decades of trying every diet in the book, Adrienne Parsons was still desperately
overweight. Her second child, Samuel, came four weeks early because of preeclampsia,
which was triggered by high blood pressure and poor nutrition.
While recovering in the hospital with her child in the neonatal intensive care unit, Adrienne
made a vow, “If I caused this, then I have to fix it.” Adrienne took action and joined the
Fry Family YMCA, which was her first gym membership.
She was surprised when Audrey Jones, health and wellness director at the Fry Family
YMCA, recommended Y MaxTraining. “I thought personal training was something only
wealthy people could afford.”
Y MaxTraining was developed 10 years
ago by Max Savar, a veteran personal
trainer and member retention specialist
at the Y. He wanted to create a holistic
personal training system. “We focus
exclusively on measurable results that
match the member’s personal goals,”
he says.
Adrienne and
her husband, Jon, lost
a collective
The Parsons family pictured before they exercised
healthy living at the Fry Family YMCA (above) and
after (left).
Healthy Living
pounds through
Y MaxTraining.
“I love
to help
and show
that if I
did it, they
can, too.”
After Audrey explained the benefits of Y MaxTraining, Adrienne knew it
offered the motivation and consistency she needed. She and Jon met with a
trainer every Wednesday for a year, which became their "date night" at the Y.
Adrienne would also workout with
A year later, Adrienne and her
“It’s so rewarding,” Adrienne says.
her Y MaxTraining notebook every
husband lost a collective 115
“I love to help people and show
other morning, which outlined a
pounds. She feels like a new
them that if I did it, they can, too.”
regimen that was effective and
person and is more comfortable in
attainable. Research shows that
her own skin. “My 3-year-old looks
it takes at least six months to
at old pictures of me and asks,
form the habits of healthy eating
‘Who’s that?’” she laughs.
and exercise that result in a true
lifestyle transformation.
Adrienne was so impressed
Y MaxTraining was developed at
the Fry Family YMCA, piloted at the
Kroehler Family and Indian Boundary
YMCAs and is being rolled out
across the YMCA of Metro Chicago
Association in 2014.
with the compassion of her
“Audrey was amazing,” says
Adrienne. “If we were having
a bad week, she’d say, ‘It’s
all right. The important
thing is to focus on the
end game and keep going.’”
personal trainer and the sense of
community at the Y, she decided
to become a Y MaxTraining
instructor and work alongside
Audrey, the woman who inspired
her to transform her life.
Learn more about
Adrienne's journey at
Every day children across the YMCA of Metro
Chicago Association are introduced to new skills,
positive reinforcement and the resources needed
to help them be successful and thrive.
Academic readiness focuses on a learning mindset and the
resources for ultimately succeeding from early childhood
through adulthood. Academic readiness isn’t just about
improving students’ grades. It means preparing them with
the skills, attitudes and resources necessary to lead and
succeed in the next step of education in their lives, from
kindergarten through college and career.
Science guides Y programming and practice.
Imagine a group of girls aged 3-5
when they feel safe. As the mini-
The Y has used research to guide
preparing for their first “Tiny Toes”
ballerinas plié to the music, they
its programming and practice.
ballet lesson at the Lake View YMCA
count to eight and then point to
Learning & Evaluation takes this
in Chicago. Today, they will learn
the letter “B” for ballet.
commitment to evidence-based
first and second position, but that’s
practice even further to ensure that
not all. Their instructor is trained
What if every program across
every employee, from Head Start
in early childhood development
YMCA of Metro Chicago was
teachers to camp counselors and
and knows that the girls’ brains
designed to encourage the
after-school mentors, has access
are forming 700 new neural
development of the whole child
to the most effective methods to
connections every second, eagerly
using best practices informed
serve all Chicagoland children and
soaking up new words, numbers
by scientific research? That’s
and symbols. The instructor is
exactly what the Y is working
careful to foster a supportive
to accomplish through a new
classroom environment because
Learning & Evaluation department.
she knows children learn best
Students begin their "Tiny Toes" ballet lesson at the YMCA (right).
YMCA of Metro
Chicago offers over
dedicated sites for
youth development.
This is where learning happens and
also where Y programs interact.
Academic Readiness
YMCA of Metro
Chicago serves over
children every day.
Fry Family YMCA instructor Deepa Naatran introduces her preschool class to the Spanish language (above).
“With a resource like Learning & Evaluation,
the Y can confidently say, ‘Here’s what science
is telling us works for children and families,
and here’s how we’re implementing those
practices across the organization,’”
says Bela Moté, senior vice president of
Learning & Evaluation.
Assesments were developed based on proven
research models to measure where our youth stand
before and after participating in Y programs. Many
more assessment initiatives are rolling out in 2014.
Back in ballet class, the ballerinas are learning letters
and numbers while balancing on their toes. With
Learning & Evaluation, Y programs and services will be
poised to support their holistic development all the way
For example, research shows that the academic
through high school.
achievement gap can start as early as 9 months of age.
That’s why even the youngest children in our school and
“Quality services and quality programs matter, especially
sports programs can benefit from academic enrichment.
to the most at-risk populations. We've made it a priority
to continuously improve through focus, rigor and
For the Y, it’s not enough to promise that we’re making
transparency," says Richard Malone, president and CEO,
a difference. We need to measure our impact.
YMCA of Metro Chicago.
Learning & Evaluation has partnered with social
science researchers at the University of Chicago to
track the effects of Y after-school programming on
school attendance and academic performance.
of the 2,651 Y Community
Schools children received
swim lessons in 2013.
New Community Schools Initiative programs bring swimming to more children.
Thanks to a partnership between the YMCA of Metro Chicago and Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the Y was able to give
swim lessons to more than 500 students across 10 community school sites during the summer of 2013. A majority of
these students were first-time or novice swimmers. The lessons are part of the YMCA's Community Schools Initiative,
a school improvement strategy run by Y staff at 15 CPS schools.
“Our mission is to expand the horizons
of the kids we work with and offer them
opportunities they may not get during the
course of the normal school day,” says Eric
Werge, executive director of the Community
Schools Initiative.
Christopher Elementary on the South Side is the only
When YMCA of Metro Chicago President and CEO
“I’m so proud of my staff,” says Christine,
whose young instructors jumped at the
chance to teach at Christopher Elementary,
even with the hour-long commute. “That
speaks to the kind of people that we hire
and train. They realized that they were lucky
enough to have exposure to aquatics when
they were kids and wanted to pass that on.”
Community Schools, he asked the kids what kind of
special experience they wanted from the Y. He was
excited to hear their answer—swimming.
Because swimming is not only valuable for safety and
fitness, but also a great way to learn perseverance
and goal setting, YMCA leadership and CPS worked
together to find a way to start bringing Community
Schools students to Y membership centers for swim
of bringing students to the Y, the Y decided to bring its
swim instructors to Christopher to serve students from
Christopher and Nightingale schools. Eric found willing
volunteers at his own High Ridge Y with the help of
Aquatics Director Christine Aguirre.
Academic Readiness
Richard Malone visited two of the first YMCA
Community School with its own pool. Last year, instead
The Y's core values
of Caring, Honesty,
Respect and
Responsibility are
integrated into every
swim lesson.
With first-time swimmers, it’s all about patience and
now swim the length of the pool using multiple strokes.
games. For kids afraid to get their face wet, instructors
They’ve also developed a sense of mutual respect for
may drop plastic fish to the bottom of the pool and
one another.
pretend it is a big aquarium. As confidence grows, kids
practice “sleeping” on their backs or “scuba diving”
for rings on the bottom. All the while, new swimmers
acquire important safety tips and the fundamentals of
real swim strokes.
"I learned lots of things during the summer,”
says fourth-grader Adamari, “But going to
the bottom of the deep end was the most
“It’s intimidating to dive in a pool for the
first time, but they all encourage each other,”
Amanda says. It’s one thing for your teacher
to say, ‘You can do it!’ But when all of your
classmates and peers are cheering you on,
it’s even better.”
The summer swim program was such a success that
the Y continued to offer after-school swim lessons at
Christopher Elementary during the 2013-14 school
year. Amanda Alvarez, aquatics lead at the West
Communities Y, proudly reports that all 20 kids who
participated, some of whom have special needs, can
YMCA Aquatics instructors (left) teach Christopher Elementary students the important life skill of
learning how to swim.
Youth Safety and Violence Prevention participants
learn how to resolve conflicts and heal wounds
through peace circles.
Preventing youth violence is an important part of promoting
the health and safety of youth and communities. Chronic
exposure to violence can place youth at risk of anxiety,
depression, low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, somatization
and becoming violent. The Y aims to stop violence before
it starts or, in some cases, interrupt it early in the cycle
to prevent the effects from spreading. We are moving
towards this vision by working to reduce adverse childhood
experiences, building community protective factors and
strengthening human resiliency.
YSVP helps at-risk youth navigate through challenges.
At age 15, Anderson was on the brink of becoming
Eddie Bocanegra, co-executive director of YSVP, says
another statistic. He witnessed his first homicide when
that it’s easy to label youth like Anderson as “thugs.”
he was 6 years old, soon after his father left, and
When Eddie looks at Anderson, though, he doesn’t see
his brothers served time for gang-related violence.
a “bad kid.” He sees an open wound.
Rival gangs targeted him, and Anderson’s school was
threatening to expel him.
That’s when the Y stepped in. Outreach workers
with the YMCA of Metro Chicago’s Youth Safety and
Violence Prevention (YSVP) initiative knew Anderson
from the streets of Little Village. They were aware of
his problems, but they could also see his potential.
Ultimately, they convinced the school principal to give
him another chance.
“If someone was bleeding, you would rush
to help them,” Eddie says. “But there are
wounds that go unnoticed—psychological
and emotional wounds. A lot of these kids
are silently suffering, and all we do is write
them off as a ‘lost cause.’”
Violence Prevention
Last summer,
15 youth expressed themselves
by creating a floor-to-ceiling
mural in the YSVP program space.
Volunteers from University of
Chicago, Northeastern University
and Adler School of Professional
Psychology worked side-by-side
with the youth as mentors. The
mural lives on as a testament
to the power of creating peace
through mentorship and community
Art-Based Mentoring
Last June, Anderson was inside the
protective factors of positive social
A year after nearly being expelled,
YSVP headquarters in Chicago’s South
connections, support from a caring
Anderson has fully re-engaged with
Side with a paintbrush in his hand
adult and conflict resolution skills.
school. Some of his paintings were
and a smile on his face. He was part
The mural project is a great example
featured in the National Museum of
of a team of youth from Little Village
of that.”
Mexican Art, and his success as an
painting a wall-length mural about
artist gives him the confidence to
the power of Chicago youth, with DJs,
At the start and finish of each painting
dancers and artists infusing the city
session, Anderson and a half-dozen
with color and culture.
other teens sit down with YSVP staff
start thinking about college.
and volunteers for a “check in,” where
“We’re not in the business of creating
they can open up about difficult
Picassos,” Eddie says of the mural.
topics like domestic abuse and gang
“We want to find ways to help these
kids navigate through some very
challenging times in their lives.”
“All these kids need is an opportunity
to do something positive, and to be
“We call them protective factors,”
set up to succeed,” Eddie says. “When
explains Ryan Lugalia-Hollon,
you validate and reward them for their
co-executive director at YSVP. “If you
work, you’re letting them know that
think of gangs, drugs and violence as
their emotions and life have meaning.”
risk factors, we’re trying to build
YSVP outreach
workers engaged
225 youth
in supportive mentoring
relationships in 2013.
Research shows that youth who are traumatized by
In 2013, the YMCA of Metro Chicago took the
violence are far more likely to become perpetrators
important step of adding violence prevention to our
of violence themselves. To break the cycle, kids like
mission statement. Thanks to a generous grant by
Anderson need caring adults who can teach them
Allstate Insurance, the YSVP initiative is on the front
how to resolve conflicts peacefully and how to find
lines in Chicago’s most at-risk communities.
value in themselves and hope for the future.
In addition to peace and healing circles, YSVP youth also participate in regular one-on-one meetings, sports and arts activities (above).
From community breakfasts, to 5k races and
triathlons, to center groundbreakings and ribbon
cuttings, the YMCA of Metro Chicago's impact
was felt across the Chicagoland area in 2013.
John Whistler Elementary students celebrate their 2013 Scholastic Spectacular victory (left). The
Scholastic Spectacular competition brings Chicago Public School students participating in the
Y's Community Schools Initiative together each year to exercise their intellectual might.
Fry Family YMCA Prayer
Breakfast, December
2013. Over 450 members of
the Naperville YMCAs and the
extended community came
together to celebrate the
importance of giving back.
Jarrett Payton (center), son
of former NFL legend Walter
Payton, served as guest
Sage YMCA Groundbreaking,
August, 2013. The Sage YMCA
broke ground for a 42,000square-foot expansion,
which will feature enhanced
childcare facilities, a family
locker room, expanded fitness
and aquatics facilities and
community gathering spaces to
encourage family and community
Greater LaGrange YMCA 5k Reindeer
Run, December 2013. YMCA and
community members participated in the
Greater LaGrange YMCA 5k Reindeer Run
at the Brookfield Zoo. Proceeds from the
event supported the YMCA Annual Fund for
member and program financial assistance.
Fry Family YMCA Early Education and Family
Wing Ribbon Cutting, February 2013. Naperville
Mayor George Arthur Pradel (center) cut the ribbon
on the Fry Family YMCA's 6,000-square-foot
addition, which was designed to better serve and
support the community.
Black and Latino Achievers
Banquet, June 2013.
Graduates of the Black and
Latino Achievers program
were recognized for their
stellar accomplishments.
Leaning Tower YMCA Tower
Triathlon, May 2013. Youth
and adults from the Leaning
Tower Y community participated
in the annual triathlon, which
raised funds for the Leaning
Tower Annual Campaign.
2013 Highlights
Healthy Kids Day®, April 2013.
All 23 YMCA of Metro Chicago centers
celebrated Healthy Kids Day®, where
children and families come together at
the Y to learn about and celebrate staying
active and learning all summer long.
Association Golf
Outings. Seven YMCA
of Metro Chicago centers
hosted community golf
outings to support the
Y's financial assistance
programs for low-income
FY2013 Statement of Activities (in thousands)
Contributions, United Way, local chests
Government funded programs
Membership dues
Program fees
Investment income designated for operations
Other revenue
Net assets released from restrictions
Program services
Supporting services
Total expenses
Total revenue
Change in net assets before non-operating ($4,454)
Non-operating income (expenses)
Excess of revenue over expenses
FY2013 Balance Sheet (in thousands)
Commitment to Cause
Program and membership financial assistance
Other assets
Full-time staff
Part-time staff 2,658
Benefit interest in charitable trust
Land, buildings and equipment
Accrued liabilities
Deferred revenue and advances
Net Assets:
Temporarily and permanently restricted
YMCA of Metro Chicago Statistics
Board and policy volunteers Program and service volunteers Program registrants (non-members)
Liabilities & Net Assets
Members 403
Community Support
Cash and cash equivalents
children in
13 early education
& care sites
children at
15 community schools
50,934 under ag
individuals program
in 5 human services programs
Impact by the Numbers
ge 18 5,880
Membership Centers
Community Schools
Resident Camps
Human Service Centers
Child Care Centers
Housing Centers
Membership Centers
Community Schools
Resident Camps
Human Service Centers
Child Care Centers
Housing Centers
The YMCA of Metro Chicago has local presence and regional reach. Since we
first opened our doors to Chicago in 1867, the YMCA has always been defined
by the power to improve, strengthen and transform lives.
Beginning in 2013, the YMCA of Metro Chicago served the city, suburbs and
collar areas impacting communities for the greater good with:
23 Centers | 5 Resident Camps | 13 Early Education and Care Programs
15 Community Schools | 4 Regional Housing Centers | 6 Senior Housing Centers
Visit ymcachicago.org/locations for a complete listing and map of all of our
2013 was another stellar
year of giving. Each gift and
donation you give supports
critical programs and services
that positively impact and
inspire the lives of others.
MILLENNIUM BENEFACTOR ($1,000,000.00 + )
The Foglia Family Foundation
Vince and Pat Foglia •
Paul F. and Barbara J. Hills
The Robert R. McCormick Foundation
($100,000.00 + )
Allstate Insurance Company
Mary Beaubien
BMO Harris Bank
Key: • Board Member  Employee  Deceased
Thank You
($250,000.00 + )
G. Hudson Wirth Declaration of Trust
The Northern Trust Charitable Trust
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
UWMC Impact Fund,
a McCormick Foundation Fund
YMCA of the USA
Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chandler•
Paul and Suzanne Hanifl
Humana, Inc.
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Richard and Debra Naponelli
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J. R. Albert Foundation
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Polk Bros. Foundation
Rita Corporation
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Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital
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Golf Invite
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Lichtenheld Family Trust
Russell and Karen Lutz
Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Co. LLC
Marquette Companies
Mayer Brown LLP
Mrs. Walter L. McCombs
McHenry County Community Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. David G. McLone, M.D. •
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. McNitt •
Meijer Inc
Milhouse Engineering and Construction, Inc.
Exchange Club of Naperville
Naperville Bank and Trust
Naperville Mayor's Golf Outing
Naperville Noon Lions
No Kid Hungry Illinois
Bridget O'Neill •
Jane R. Patterson
Peapod Inc.
Peoples Gas
Karen Pfaff
The Private Bank and Trust Company
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Provan•
Public Safety Action Committee
Robert and Debra Radway •
Earl and Jill Rahman
RightPoint Consulting, LLC
David and Dana Roeser
John and Kathleen Roeser
Rotary Club of Naperville
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Saas •
Dr. Scholl Foundation
Scot Forge
The Sidley Austin Foundation
Sidley Austin LLP
The Siragusa Foundation
Tom and Janis Sleeter •
Sarah Spencer Foundation
State Bank of India
Donna and Fred Stephens
Mr. Joseph E. Tilson •
George Trees
Mr. and Mrs. M. Jay Trees
Wahlert Foundation
Mr. Charles Weigel, Jr.
Ms. Katharine A. Wolanyk •
Woodlawn Community Development Corporation
Charles and Kimberly Young
($2,500.00 + )
Caryn and Jon Africk•
Air Comfort Corporation
Joseph and Robin Allegretti
American Endowment Foundation
American Heritage Protective Services, Inc.
David Andalcio •
Anonymous (10)
Joel R. Riechers
Barbara Archbold
ATCO Commercial Real Estate Advisors Inc.
Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Holly and Norman Bates •
Gary and Gloria Baumgartner
Kathryn and Michael Birkett •
Sean and Melissa Black
David and Luann Blowers
BNY Mellon
Roseanne and Melvin Boldt •
Mr. Gregory A. Boltz •
Kathy and Michael Bosco 
James Bresnahan
Michael and Julie Burke 
David and Sarah Butler
The Cabanban Family •
Campbell & Company
Joe Castillo
Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago
Art and Terri Catrambone •
Liz and David Chandler
Christy Webber Landscapes
Kenneth Cohen 
Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham
CVS Caremark
Daley Advisor Group Ltd
Thomas and Ursula Daley •
D'Escoto, Inc.
Jack and Renee Devedjian 
Denise Diaz
Paul and Janelle DiVittorio •
John Dunn •
Kenneth and Lori Engel •
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Richard and Yvonne Fawell
Fox Valley United Way
Laura Freveletti
Gale Street Inn
Terry and Renee Graber •
Donald J. Gralen •
The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association
Angel Gutierrez •
Hands & Hooves Riding, Rescue & Rehabilitation
Joan and Jack Heggen McMahon
Ms. Carrie Hewitt and Mr. Adam Shils
Hitachi Consulting
The Hitachi Foundation
Sarai Hoffman and Stephen Pratt •
Holly and Tom Carr
IBM Corporation
Illinois Masonry Corporation
Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
Indian Boundary Y's Men's and Women's Service
Jacqueline B. Jollie Trust
John and Alice Lloyd Foundation
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas
The Joyce Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kachadurian•
Mrs. R. Patricia Kelly•
Kiwanis Club of LaGrange
Norman Kwak
Ms. Denise Lam 
Brian and Carla Lampsa
Christie and Bret Lane
Father Robert Lombardo, C.F.R. •
Ryan and Michelle Lugalia-Hollon 
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
M & R Capital Management Inc.
Manfredini Hardware, LLC
Mary Beth and Lou Manfredini•
Vikkii Marshall
McCahill Painting Company
Mr. Timothy J. McCahill
Medical Risk Services, Inc.
Meridian Health Plan
Merit Advisors LLC
Microsoft Giving Employee Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Mitchell
Richard Munch
The National Christian Foundation
Network for Good
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Neuman •
Gregory A. Nickele •
Northwestern Memorial Foundation
Robert and Bobbie Novak
Oak Brook Smiles, P.C.
Oliver Wyman, Inc.
John and Christel Owens
Deepak and Vandana Padgaonkar
Prairie Trails Federation
Precor, Inc.
Timothy and Susan Rapinchuk
John Roeser III
John C. Roeser Youth Development Foundation
Michael Ross 
Rotary Club of Downers Grove
Rush-Copley Medical Center
Allan and Anne Ryan•
Saint Anthony Hospital
Schiff Gorman LLC
Mark and Karen Schultz •
David W Selby •
Gregory and Martha Silich
Martha and Scott Smith
Steven and Geri Sorenson •
Howard and Kathryn Sullivan •
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Takash •
Texas Roadhouse Holdings, LLC
The Rotary Club of Naperville Sunrise
John and Sharon Tolomei •
Jay and Pam Turner •
Thomas Ujiiye
United Health Group
United States Handball Association
UPS Foundation
USA Swimming Foundation
V3IT Consulting, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Village of Oswego
VOA Associates, Inc.
Warady & Davis LLP
Nancy and Jeff Weisling •
Robert and Julie Wettermann •
Anthony Wilkins and Dorothy Tucker
Willis North America Inc.
Wynndalco Enterprises, Inc.
($1,000.00 + )
1st Advantage Mortgage, LLC
(Draper and Kramer Mortgage)
41 North Contractors LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Johan Abadie •
Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign
ABC 7 Chicago
R.J. Achille Consulting
Patricia and Bob Achille •
ACJ Group, Inc.
Mark and Alene Ackerman
Ms. Cathleen C. Adams
Adams Street Partners
Mrs. Margaret A. Adreani
Advanced Cleaning Technologies, Inc.
Advanced Data Technologies
Advent Systems, Inc.
Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital
Adventist Midwest Management Service
Advocate Health Care
Affrunti Design Management
Tord Alden
Raymond and Sally Allen
Allstate Giving Campaign
Jason and Amy Altenbern
American Chartered Bank
Ann & Robert H. Lurie
Children's Hospital of Chicago
Aqua Sprites of Illinois Swimming Booster Club
Richard and Katia Arenz 
Jonathan and Lori Arnold •
Arrow Gear Company
Delbert and Barbara Arsenault
AT&T Employee Giving/United Way Campaign
Athletico Ltd.
B and B Maintenance
B K Controls, Inc.
Gregg and Susie Bach •
Katie E. Baker and Justin Karubas •
Mr. John S. Balourdos
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Barrington Bank & Trust Company
R.J. and Jennifer Bartels Family
Mr. Rick Baylis
Steven and Erin Beal
Bear Mechanical Inc.
Tim Belgio •
Ms. Fran Bell 
Mike and Erin Bender •
Richard and Gail Benedetto
Erik Bengston 
Bruce and Cathleen Berglund
Robert W. Bernsee
Ms. Yvonne Besyk •
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bialk •
John and Sandy Bickley •
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Birringer
Gregory and Meaghan Bishop
Greg Bloden •
Blum-Kovler Foundation
BMW Constructors, Inc.
Gwendolyn Bohannon
James and Sandra Bollenbacher •
Scott and Charlotte Bouma 
Laura Bradford
William and Laurel Bresnahan •
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Briner
Billy and Kimberly Brooks
Buchar Family Chiropractic
Keith and Amy Cable•
The Cagan Family •
Pearl Callaghan
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Callahan
Timothy Canning
Carey Electric Contracting, Inc.
Joan and Anthony Carey •
Michael and Maria Carlson
William and Karin Carney •
CBIG Consulting
Roger and Ruby Chawla •
George Chianakas
Chicago Children's Wellness Foundation
Chicago Title Insurance Co.
Chicago Tube & Iron
Chicago's Real Estate Agency
Cintas Corporation
Citywide Title Corporation
Allen and Elaine Cizner •
Tom and Anne Claussen Family•
Matt and Chanda Codak
Julie Cole 
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
Eric Conley •
Continental Electrical Construction Company
David and Nancy Crouch
Tom Crowley
Maureen Culhane
Phil and Marta Cullen •
CVG Architects, Inc.
D & K Real Estate Service Corporation
Mike Dahlen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dahlin
Steve Dahlin
Gussie and Brian Daniels 
Davies Family
Gregory and Wendy Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Dean •
Linda Dean 
Dechert LLP
William Deeds
J. Wayne and Judith Denazarie
Michael and Amy Derick
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Diamond •
Dave Dick
John and Julie Doherty •
Thomas Donnelly
Dorle Realty Corporation
Dream Interiors, Inc.
The DuPage Community Foundation
DuPage Medical Group
Daniel and Wendy Duquette
Dykema Gossett PLLC
Mr. Steven E. Ealick and Ms. Judy Virgilio
Jeffrey and Mary Eckdahl
Ed Uihlein Family Foundation
Edison International Employee
Contributions Campaign
Robert and Lisa Egan •
John and Loranne Ehlenbach
Kurt and Judy Ellertson 
Elmhurst Rotary Charitable Trust Fund
Richard and Diane Emich
English Rows Dental
Brian and Gail Ensberg
Stephen D. Erf
Donald and Maria Felton •
First Midwest Bancorp, Inc.
FIS Global
Ted and Sharon Flint •
Follett Corporation
Teri Ford and Quintin Kevin
Samuel Fox •
Ralph Frankiewicz
Mark Franzen
Robert E. Friedrich 
Matthew Friscia
Jeff and Bonnie Fritz
Full Circle Family Foundation
Margaret Fuller
Robert Gallo
Abel Galvan •
Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust
Ms. Neha Gandhi and Mr. John Hennelly •
Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner •
Joe and Julie Giacchino
Laura Giampino and Colleen Halloran •
Kelly and Virginia Giese 
Give With Liberty Employee Donations
Richard and Rita Glass •
Golub & Company
Good Samaritan Hospital
Scott Goodwin
Grace United Methodist Church
Anna Graham 
Gloria and Bill Gray
Grayhill Inc.
Great Lakes Lifting Solutions, LLC
Brian Greenblatt
Tim and Jodi Greene
James and Ardith Grover •
Mr. and Mrs. David Hachmeister
Corwith Hamill
Hamill Family Foundation
Ms. Betsy Hanisch •
David and Lisa Hanneman •
Umar and Siraj Haque •
Hart Davis Hart Wine Company
Creighton Hartanov
Harwood Chiropractic Center
Havas Impact, LLC
HDR Pictures Inc.
Health Care Service Corporation
Daniel and Pamela Hennebry •
Grayson Holmbeck
Terrance and Virginia Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hostetler
Daniel Hungerman and Laura Batt
Carole Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Jackson •
JC Turner, Inc.
Thomas S. Jefferson •
Christine M. and Charles E. Joern •
John Greene Enterprises, Inc.
JohnsByrne Company
Adam and Kelly Johnson •
Emile Johnson
Timothy Johnson
JT Investments Inc.
Arnie and Pat Karr •
David and Dawn Kelsch
Morton and Louise Kier
Maureen Kilgallon
James and Barbara Kordick •
Peter Korotkiy
Tim Kramer •
Christina Krasov 
Monte and Susan Krol •
Brian and Kara Krueger Sichi
Christin Kruse •
La Grange Business Association, Inc.
Dr. Lance and Martha Lambert •
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Lannan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lannan
Law Office of Kent Dean Ltd.
Ron and Caroline LeBan
Cassandra Lems •
William G. Lerch
Mr. Gregg A. LeRoy •
Edmund Lester
Lillig & Thorsness, LTD
Logan Square Neighborhood Association
The Lydon Family
MacLean - Fogg Company
Ken H. MacLeod
Roderick MacLeod
Ray and Diane Maida
Bob and Anna Bush •
Anthony Martin
Kevin and Judith Martin
Dorothy Mathews
Patrick Maynard
Dan and Barb Mazur •
Joe and Sandi McBride 
Maureen McCarthy and Heath Newland 
John and Jane McCarty •
Mr. and Mrs. William McClayton •
McDermott Will & Emery, LLP
Dede McKnight
Donald McNeeley
EmbroidMe of Crystal Lake
Eric Mehmen 
Freda and Kurt Meyer
The Miers Family •
Mrs. Mary J. Miller
Dr. Andrea M. Miller-Finch, D.D.S. •
Dr. James W. Milne D.D.S.
and Mrs. Marlene Meyer
Bill and Alyce Moloney
Monterrey Security Consultants, Inc.
Scott and Shelley Morgan •
Morton Grove Foundation
Bela Moté 
Dennis Motyka •
Ed and Michele Murphy
Joan Naughton
Joseph and Julianne Nery •
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Nesburg
Deborah Newman Roe •
NFL Play 60
Bernie Niersbach
Bruce and Lori Nixon
Geoffrey and Kay Nixon
Northstar Lottery Group
Israel Nosnik
Oak Street Trading, Inc
James and Kathleen O'Connell •
Ken and Brenda Odom
The Olive Tap Downers Grove
James and Lynn Olivi•
OM Securities
Bryan and Jennifer Orton
John and Rosario Pagliari
Park Vending
Pam Parrish
Per Se Group
Tom and Linda Perlstein •
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Peske •
Peter Troost Monument Company
Kirby and Gail Petersen 
Frank and Judith Pielsticker •
Anthony Pitts
Laura Pleasants 
Popular Community Bank
Anthony and Rose Mary Powers •
Presence Health
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Joe and Paula Proctor •
Professional Insurance Producers, Incorporated
Mark and Annette Purcell
James and Cassaundra Quick
Donald Quinlan 
John Raitt
Bruce and Karren Ray •
Raymond James & Associates Inc.
Ms. Mary Theresa Reed •
Todd and Yvette Riggin
Riverside Kachina Tribe Adventure Guide Program
Kimberly and James Roach •
Walter and Nancy Roach
Dr. Nancy and Mr. John Robb •
Steve Roberts
The Rodriguez Family 
Robert and Susan Rogers •
The Ron Buonauro Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Jerry and Terry Rosenthal •
Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare
Rotary Club of Oswego
Runge Paper Company, Inc.
Dr. Kevin P. Ryan, D.D.S.
Steven and Sheri Ryan •
Ryder Carpet Inc.
Mr. Dawan A. Sadrud-Din
Sahara Enterprises, Inc.
Rebecca Sampson
Rene Sanchez 
William Sanchez
Patrick Sawica
Scandaglia & Ryan
Michael Schmidtberger
Brett and Tracy Schwab
Securus Investment Management, LLC
Andrew and Kathryn Shuman
Jill and Stephen Smart
Alicia Smith
Andrew and Maria Smith
Gregory and Anne Smith •
SomerCor 504
Gregory Soroka
South Side Help Center, Inc.
SS. Peter and Paul Church
Ms. Susan Rogers and Dr. Richard Stephenson
Marc Stiehr 
Stocco Inc.
Dr. Ashley and Chad Stoecker •
Carole Streicher
Verlyn Suderman
Superior Chimney Services Corp.
Mrs. Jean C. Sussman and Mr. Edward Lyons •
Margaret and Richard Sykes
Barbara Taylor
Mr. Gene L. Temkin •
Termax Corporation
The Ayco Company, LP
The Center for Student Missions
The Donnelley Foundation
Ticketmaster, LLC
Brid and Cathal Tierney
Mr. Richard P. Toft
Liz Toledo-Cruz 
The Tombros Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Toohey •
Traverso Foods, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Tremmel 
Peter Troost Monument Company
Henry Underwood
United Way Suncoast
UNUM Group
USA Triathlon
Vet Services, LLC.
Victory Consulting Inc
Robert and Mary Vihon
Vince Neri Power Rodding
& Sewer Repair Construction
Vulcan Materials Company
Waubonsee Community College
Ken and Valerie Weigand •
Rani and Darren Wesley •
Kurt Wheeler
Mr. Dennis A. White •
White Sox Community Fund, a fund of the
McCormick Foundation
Ryan Williamson •
Jennifer Wiskus and Patrick A. Nester
Dave and Judy Wolf
James and Renee Wood
Robert Woods •
Jacqueline Wooten 
Amanda and Joel Yeast
YourCause, LLC
Zalewski for State Representative
William Ziemek
($500.00 + )
3 Floyds Brewing, Co.
AbbVie Inc. Employee Giving Campaign
Adobe Systems, Inc.
Ahead, LLC.
Neal E. Alexander and Charon J. Van Tellingen •
All American Exterior Solutions, Inc.
Allied Cleaning Services
Anchor Mechanical, Inc.
Stanley Anton
Anonymous (6)
David Anyadike
Aon Corporation
Ed Atkins
Mr. Joakim Backstrom •
Autumn Bailey
Stephen W. and Susan M. Baird Foundation
Stephen and Susan Baird
Charles and Teresa Hall Bartels
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Batt
Charles F. and Lorraine L. Beck Foundation
Paul and Leah Beckwith
Thomas and Jamee Beggs
Andrea Beirne
Best Quality Cleaning, Inc.
Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, LLC
Judith Bianchi
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Biegert
H. M. Bitner Charitable Trust
Gary and Diane Blocker
BMO Harris Bank of Hinsdale
BNY Mellon
W. Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky
Michael Booden 
Ms. Annette C. Bostic
David and Louise Brearton
Rick and Elizabeth Breseman
Daniel and Jill Bridges
Kingsley and Karen Brown
Brueswitz Plumbing Inc.
The Buffalo Tribe Adventure Guide Program
The Bui Family
Bob Burton 
John and Judy Byrnes •
Jose and Maria Castillo
Catholic Bishop of Chicago
Guiovana Cazares
Central Grocers, Inc.
James Chambliss 
Chawla & Associates
Chicago Bulls
Chippewa Guides
Citizens for Joe Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clarke •
Codilis & Associates, P.C.
Michael and Deb Cogan
Larry and Sharon Cohen
Timothy Cohen
John Coliton
Community Foundation of the
Fox River Valley Region
Christopher and Julie Conger
Jennifer and John Conroyd
Mark Contey
Continental Enterprises
Dan Costello
Michael Cowan
Crain Communications Inc.
Timothy Dahlin 
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dahlin
Kimberly Daniel 
Daspin & Aument, LLP
Jeff and Heidi Deininger 
John and Nancy Diekelmann
DiGiovine Hnilo Jordan + Johnson Financial
Advisors Ltd.
Ms. Karen Dilligard •
David Dillon
Duane and Jennifer Dodson 
Ray and Jill Doerner 
Downers Grove Noon Lions Club
Ken and Stacy Drost 
Erin and Ian Drury
Brent and Laura Duelm •
Dugan & Lopatka, CPAs
Melissa Dunn
Les and Victoria Durov
Richard and Karen Dziagwa
Darlene Ebel
Kathy and Ken Eichwald •
Elder Hanson & Company, Ltd.
Elite Heavy Equipment Service
Elmhurst Garden Club
Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Company
Erik Enger & Kelly James-Enger
Betzaida and Richard Erdelyi
Exelon Generation Company, LLC.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Fair Oaks Ford
Jonathan and Shelley Feld •
Jerome Finkelstein
Louise Finkenbinder
John and Karen Finnerty
First Community Bank
First Financial Credit Union
First National Bank of LaGrange
Fitch Ratings
Michael and Kelly Fitzgerald •
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis FitzMaurice •
Bill and Angie Flesch
Matt Flesch
Benno and Tippi Friedrich •
Friends of Luis Arroyo
Mark and Cindy Fuller
The Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
The Gambs Family
Cynthia Garcia 
Rajeev Garg
Gavlin Family Foundation
Dale Georgandas
Mr. Michael D. George
Gerald Subaru
Denice Gierach
The Giere Family
Norbert Glod 
Leonard C. Goodman
John and Pat Grady
Susan Gram
Greater Illinois Title Company
Gail and Robert Green
Allison Greenman 
Tristan and Rosie Grover
Ed and Mary Kay Haben
Mrs. Charles C. Haffner, III
Julia Hall
David Harris
Hawthorne Race Course
HBK Engineering, LLC
Headway Marketing, LLC
Mrs. Mary Louise Hendrickson
Weldy-Lamont Group
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kevin Hennessy
Carl and Esther Hildner
The Hildner Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hill
Margaret and Richard Hoff
Gerald and Lisa Holm
Home Run Inn Pizza
The Horton Group
Houghtaling Insurance Agency Inc.
Illinois American Water Company
Illinois Handball Association
Vittoria Incandela •
Antijuan Ingram
J.C. Anderson, Inc.
Joe Jackson
Randall Jackson
Myrlene Jean-Pierre•
Jim and Karen Jennings
Joe Rizza Ford Orland Park
Emile Johnson
Ron and Sally Johnson
William and Kerry Johnson
Mark Johnston
David and Elisabeth Kacena
Mr. Kent Kalwitz
Karmin Family Charitable Foundation
Lita and Craig Keller 
Keller Williams Realty Infinity
Thomas Kennedy
Roger and Susan Key 
Stephanie Kimmel & Mike Conroy 
Kim J. Kiser 
Frederic Klein
Marian and Michael Kneafsey
Janet Kopp 
Victor Kovachevich
Elizabeth Kropp
Thomas and Linda Lakars
Ms. Brianna K. Latko•
Matt and Rose Lemke
The Lemon Tree
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Leopardo
Andrea and Bridgette Letizia
Liberty Bank for Savings
Stephen and Andrea Lichtenheld
Life Fitness
Daniel Lipinski
Dan Lipinski for Congress
Michael Litwin
Joseph Logan
Joseph Luminiello •
Dennis and Bev Lynde
M & M Orthopaedics
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Maassel
Mark Mach
Dennis and Rosemary Macko Wisnosky •
Tony and Christine Mandarino
Mr. Thomas R. March 
Margatie Transportation Inc.
Lola and Ray Markus
Martin and Colette Martin-Wilde •
Sue Ontiveros and Vincent Marzullo
John and Charla Mattern
Brian and Julie Mayer
Michael McCracken
Bruce and Lisa McNair
Thomas and Cheryl McRoberts
Juan and Sherrie Medina 
The Miami Tribe
Michael Kautz Carpets & Design
Mondelez International
Scott Montpas
Joseph and Barbara Moore
Mr. Thomas F. Moran
Mark Motuelle
Kim and Kim Moyers
Multimetal Products Corp
Dennis and Joy Murphy
Jenne Myers
N.R.E.C. Power Systems, Inc.
Naperville Community Unit School District #203
Naperville Kiwanis Evening
National Chimney Supply, Inc.
Thomas Neal
Julie Nelligan 
Sean Nelson and Robin Hulshizer
Charles F. O'Connell
Jerry O'Connor
Beatrice O'Donnell 
Oldcastle Architectural
Ms. Colleen Olsberg
Michael O'Malley
Othman Orthodontics
Dave Otto
Ottosen Britz Kelly Copper Gilbert & Dinolfo, Ltd
Oxford Bank and Trust
Jan Pauli
Pawnee Tribe
Ms. Karen S. Pedersen •
Pepsico Foundation
Jose and Joan Perez
Terri and Bill Perlstein
Stacy Peterson 
Andrea Pipitone Beirne
Joseph and Maria Plata
Wilhelmina Pomrehn
Mr. and Ms. Julian G. Posada •
Pukall Lumber Foundation, Inc.
Matthew Quigley 
Radermacher Family
Mark Reckling
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Scott and Polly Rhodes 
Tom and Fran Riek
Michael and Linda Riordan
Rona Roffey 
Roscoe Village Neighbors
Ms. Emily Rosenberg•
Rotating Equipment Specialists
Thomas Rovtar
Thomas Rowland
Tom Roytek
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Ruddy
S & C Electric Company
David Sawyier
Kathy Scharko 
Marc Schmidt
Alison Scholly
Lisa and Len Servedio
Single Room Housing Assistance Corp.
Donald A. Smith
Addie Smits 
Judith Sol-Dyess 
John and Sally Soltys •
Claudette Soto and Rene Barraza •
Scott and Anne Springer
St. Stephens Grant Account
Joseph and Mary Starshak •
Christopher and Wendy Stippich
Jane and Clark Stone
Raymond and Grace Stone
Steve Stone
Gregg Straumann
William and Nancy Sturgeon
Jude Sullivan
Andrés Susarret 
Craig Taylor
Franklin Taylor 
Bradley Temkin
Charles Tilson
Jack and Lois Tilton
Suzanne and Rick Tucker •
Erin Tun 
TWG Holdings, Inc
Ujamaa Construction, Inc.
Christopher Urry 
Graham and Amy Van Swearingen
Walter and Judy Vanbenthuysen
Richard and Lauren Vanderzee
Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz
Arthur and Joanne Velasquez
Bev Vergere-Miller 
Elizabeth Vernick •
Don Veverka •
Nicholas and Lois Vick
Stephen Vick 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Viner •
Visual Image Photography, Inc.
William and Susan Walker •
The Warranty Group
Mary Wasz
Craig Weber •
Robert C. Weisheit, Jr.
Jeffrey Wells
Sandra and Kenneth Wiaranowski 
Jim and Susan Wiemeyer
Mr. and Ms. Milton Williams 
DaWana Williamson 
Robert Winkel
John and Erika Wood 
Woodbridge Rotary Club
Jim and Laurie Woodrum
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Yingling
Edward and Emily Zabrocki
Michael and Barbara Zahorik •
Melissa Zankowski
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zerfoss
David and Valerie Zielinski 
Roxanne Zivanovic Getz
($100.00 + )
A-Alert Lock & Alarm
Jonathan Abolins
Ace Hardware Woodruff
Ace Metal Crafts Company
Eric Acevedo 
John and Concepcion Acevedo
Richard Ach
Thomas Adamczyk 
Kevin and Laura Adams
Meredith Agee 
AGL Resources
Cathy Aguirre
Christine Aguirre 
Dorthie and Richard Ahbe •
Ahlgrim Funeral Home, Ltd.
Anthony Aiello
Felicia Akman
Leslie Alappattu
Mary Rose Alexander
Silas Alexander
Todd and Marilyn Allen
Allied Services
Jorge Alonso 
Rafael Alvarado
Ralph and MariLou Alvarez 
America's Charities
Ameriprise Financial
Gregory Anderson 
Mrs. Katerina Anderson 
Mitchell Anderson
Peter and Gina Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Anderson
Warren Anderson
Peggy Andrews 
Patricia Andrews-Keenan •
Anonymous (26)
Robert and Vicki Apatoff
Los Arboles Management, LLC
Douglas and Karen Arenberg
Jason and Patricia Arends •
Elle Arguelles 
Andrew Armens
Jeffrey Armstrong
Scott and Nancy Armstrong
Artrageous Custom Engraving, LLC
Catherine Ashdown and Neal Lofchy
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Aspan, Jr.
Pamela Asplund
Assurant Health Foundation
Richard Astle
Gwyneth Aubrey 
Kelley Audrain
Joseluis Avalos
Adam Avrushin
Dr. Gerry Aylward and Linda Szempruch Aylward
Jennifer Baader
Bud and Claire Bach
The Bachleda Family
Mary Bahna-Nolan
Bill Bainter
Dwight Baird •
Baird For Sheriff
Aaron Baker
Jess Baker
Kristin Baker 
Richard Baker
Sharon Baker
Baker's Square
Steve Balinski
Christian and Erin Ballman
Michael Banghart
Siohara Barboza
Larry Barden
Wendy Barker
Deborah Barnes 
David and Rachel Baron
Brandon Barr
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barretto
Barrington Village Association
Dr. and Mrs. Alex J. Bart
Lois Barta 
Michael and Maria Bauer
Michael Bauer
Richard Baumgarten
Barbara Bay
Lance and Beverly Bayne
Beaman Public Relations
Robert Bearsley
Maxmillian Bechina
Jenifer Becker
Rick and Debbie Bedell •
Michael and Elayne Bednar
Tom and Penny Beerntsen
Belgio's Catering
Bruce C. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Bell
Richard and Carol Bennett
Alan and Carol Benz
Joellen Beranek 
Eric and Jennifer Bereta
Craig Berg
Mr. Brian F. Bergheger and Ms. Carol Doyle
Michael and Emily Berlin
Brian and Jessica Bertoglio
Judy Bianco 
Bickus Plumbing Inc.
James Biery
Bill Seaman Construction
Dan and Natalie Bishop
Shaun Black
Leonard Blackman
Kevin Blatchford
Blistex, Inc.
Robert Bloch
Susan Marie Bloomquist
The Bobb Family
Susan Bocchieri
Debbie Bode 
Mark and Leslie Boeckel
Patrick Boehmer
John Boehms
Brad and Jennifer Boelkens
Lawrence and Peggy Boik
Jack and Jo Bolger 
Jim Bolman
The Bon Ton Stores, Inc.
Mark and Sue Bonucchi
Jon Books
Laura and Kent Born
Patricia Borowski
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Borta
Mr. Robert J. Borta
Ryan Bostic
Mike and Jane Bowers 
Jane Boyce
O'Dell Boyd 
Kathleen Boyle
BP Fabric of America Fund
Phyllis Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Brady
Michael Brady •
Jerry and Donna Brand
Luke and Patti Brandonisio
Carrie Brasser 
Mark Braun
Theodore Breck
Brenczewski Enterprises Inc
Michael Brenczewski
Catherine Brennan
Mr. Michael P. Brennan
Patrick and Patricia Bresnahan
Linda Bressler
Matthew Brett
Chris Breuckman
Benjamin Breuer 
Bob Breving
Patricia Bridgman
Ms. Laural L. Briggs and Mr. Timothy J. Scale
Richard Brod
Phil Brodie
Patrick and Christine Broenneke
Elizabeth Brombach
Patricia Brossett
Kyle Brott •
Alex and Jen Brown
Brown County United Way
Freddie Ann Brown 
Shermon and Katrina Brown 
Montgomery and Mary Brown
Patricia Brown
Bill and Jill Brown
Madison Bruce
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bruce
John Bryant
Julie Bryant
John and Nancy Buchanan
Buchar Family Chiropractic
Buck Bros., Inc.
Timothy and Donna Buckley
Audrey R. Bueche
Buffalo Wild Wings
Stephen Buhe
David and Elizabeth Burghard
John Burjek
Edward and Anne Burke
Bill Burke
Burlington Lumber Company
Jennifer Burns
Kevin Burnson
Gerald and Carol Buseman Roper
Thomas Bush
Stacy Butindaro
Karen and John Butterfield
Buttrey Rental Service Inc.
Roy and Elaine Bynum
C Saw Marketing Group, Inc.
CA Technologies
Patrick Cahill
Valerie Cahill 
Victory Realty, Ltd. 
Mr. William J. Calderone
Martrice Caldwell 
Dennis and Eva Callahan
Sue and Steve Callahan •
Darcie Callison
Mark Camp
Nancy Campana
Ms. Jeannette M. Campbell •
Candee Productions, Inc.
Mr. and Ms. Brian A. Capps
Paul and Barb Capps
David Carlson
Nora Carlson
Lucia Carnet
Phyllis Carroll
Brian and Sandy Carson
Martin Carway
Steve and Linda Casey
John Casillas
Teresa Castellanos
Cavanagh Law Group
John and Roberta Cencig
Centene Management Company, LLC.
Pedro Cervantes
David and Kathy Chameli
Sefok Chan
Soukie Chanhdara 
Susan Chansey 
Chicago Area Rehabilitation Experts, Inc.
Chinook Indian Guides
Ebe Chinweze
Chippewa Princesses
Chiricahua Tribe
Chiro One Wellness Centers, LLC
Todd and Tamara Christopher
Shih-Lung and Wang Po Chu
Michael and Ardis Cicchella
Laura Cison 
Citizens for Roger C. Claar
City Markets, Inc.
Patricia Clam
Waverly Clanton
Mr. Michael A. Clark
Ross and Becky Clark
William Clark
James and Maryirene Clarke
Mr. Richard A. Clegg
Alexander Clemmons
Ray and Melissa Cliff
James and Diana Clinton
Mark and Natalie Cluts 
CMK Home Health
Peter and Anne Coburn 
John and Patricia Coffey
Georgia Cohen
Tony and Carole Colantoni
Frank and Dorothy Cole-Gary 
Mr. Terence P. Coleman
Michael Colliander
Rey Colón
Columbia Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Commercial Group R.E., Inc.
Community Nurse Health Association
Concept Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center
William Conlon
Judith A. Connolly
Steve Connolly
Scott and Karen Connolly-Larson
Nora Connors
The Conrad Family
The Conrath Family
Michael Conroy
Michael and Martha Conway
Gregory and Diane Cook
Robert Cook
Judith Corbeille
Matthew and Susan Cordek
Lisa Cornelius 
Gregory and Lynn Cornwell
Anthony and Gloria Cossa •
Lucy Cowles-Costigan
Anne Crawford
Eric Crawford 
Richard and Carolyn Cremieux
Jennifer Crew
Randy and Yvonne Crow
William and Sharon Cullen
Culver's of Oswego
Erskine Cunningham
Michael Cunningham 
Dominick and Erica Cupuro
Ellen Curlee
Raymond H. Curry and Kristi Kirschner
Robert and Jacqueline Cybulski
Thomas and Kathy Cynor
John and Kate Dadan
James and Anne Dahlin
Joseph and Katie Dahlin
Dairy Queen
James Dalbec 
David and Deborah Dato
Dawn Davis 
Brian and Dominica Davis
Lavergne and Jim Davis
Mark R. Davis and Mary Sue Kranstover
Tim and Chris Davis
Laura and Larry Dawson
Anthony De Michael
Michael De Vito
De Vries Grocery & Market
CJ Dean
Neil and Tina DeBrass
Yolanda M. Deen
Scott Deichmann
Dell Employee Giving Program
Ruth DeMuro
Michael and Sandra Denman
Frank Dent
Michael Derrig
Bob and Mary DeSalvo
Mr. Richard J. Devery
Frank Di Maria
Linda Dibenardo
David and Marie Dickson
Beth Dickstein
Laura Dilallo 
Evelyn Dillard
Denise DiMatteo 
Ruth and Gary Dispensa
Joyce and David Dlugie
Spencer and Siobhain Dobrovolny
Deborah Doherty 
Thomas and Patricia Dohr
Cassaundra Dolan 
Diane and Micheal Dolesh
Dommermuth, Cobine, West, Gensler, Philipchuck, Corrigan and Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donnelly
Dorman Trading L.L.C.
Colin and Erin Dowdall
Stephen Down
Downers Grove Choral Society
Downers Grove Economic Development Corp.
Downers Grove Orthodontics
Molly and Richard Drennan
Rick and Liz Drogosz
Thomas and Joanna Drzich
Edward and Sandra DuBrock
Michael Dudek 
Steven and Kari Dueball 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Duenser
Tom Duffy
Bryan and Karen Duncan
Wilda Duncan
Kenneth Dunkin •
DuPage Children's Museum
Mark and Mary Duquette
Naomi Dweck
Bill Eagan
Eco Development Inc.
Jill Edelblute 
Anne and William Edwards-Cotter
Igor Egorov
Mr. Irwin Ehrlich, C.P.A.
Rosalie M. Eiler
Gerald and Eileen Eisenstein
Eldon Hatch & Company
James and Jacueline Elenz
Cristi Elizarraraz 
Elk Grove Graphics, Inc.
Elmhurst College
EM Solutions, Inc.
Rita Emge
Frederick and Marcia Emmett
Jennifer Enciso 
Donald and Kelly Enger 
Steven and Norma Ericson
ERJ Dining IV, LLC
Ernst & Young LLP
Erwin Steinhebel & Sons, Inc
Karen Essig
Donald and Beth Eugenio
Sara Eugling
Patrick Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Percy H. Evans
Thomas and Amy Ewert
Exchange Club of Grayslake
Ms. Carol A. Ezell 
F & R Decorating
F&R Decorating
Pamela Fabian
Margaret Fairhead
Robert and Janet Fairhead
Thomas and Lynn Fairhead
Mark and Diane Falanga
Kevin Farmar 
Leslie Farmer
Farns, Inc.
James Farsalas
Liam Faustino
Mr. and Mrs. Don Feeley
Jim and Sheila Feldman
Judy Ferraro
The Ferry Family
Mary Fincken
Alan and Kathy Fink
Patrick and Cindy Finlon
Russ and Pam Fitton
Sharon Fitzpatrick
Five Below, Inc.
Kevin and Lisa Flanagan
Michael and Mary Beth Flanders 
Roberta Flanders 
Louise Flood
Jack Flowers
Mike and Janet Flynn
Robert and Agnes Flynn
Leland Foecking
Aric Smith and Laura Fogle
Foglia Aquaducks Swim Team
Ed and Judy Fojtik
Michael and Dawn Foran
David and Paige Force
Kathleen Forde 
James and Deborah Forkins
Doug and Yvonne Foss
Ms. Janice R. Fountain 
Nancy Fox
Fox Valley Fire & Safety
Francesca's Amici
Maria Franco 
Linda Frauendorfer
Joseph Frazier 
Todd and Christine Frech
Freedomroads, LLC
Robert and Jennifer Frentzel
Kathleen Friddle 
Lisa Friedland
Andrea Friedman
Michael Friedman and Marcia Katz
Friends of Kenneth Dunkin
Friends of Walter Burnett, Jr.
Laura Fries
Patrick and Mona Frisbie
Timothy and Tracy Fritz
Fund Inc.
Janet A. Furman and Thom Rosen
Susan Furukawa
G.A. Blocker Grading Contractor Inc
Andrew and Andrea Gairani
Mr. Robert T. Gale
Natalie Galindo 
Ronald Galowich
Raymond and Anne Ganey
Mr. Robert E. Ganja
Hannah Ganschow 
Daniel and Nancy Gapinski
Jose Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardner
Judith Gaston
Christine Gates
Bill and Tania Gaul
David Gay
Elizabeth Gay
GE United Way Campaign
Genentech, Inc.
General Mills Foundation
Jonathan and Sheila Genson
Natalia Gerbec
Nicholas Giampietro
Joseph and Carol Giampino
Mia Giannetti 
John Gidlund
Adam Giering 
Robert Gilhooley
Daniel and Susan Gillespie
Craig Gilmore
Peter Ginn
Patrick and Debra Giordano
Wade Giorno
Robert F. Girgis D.D.S.
Dirk and Eileen Glass
Esther Glecier
Susan and Michael Gleeson 
Tom and Tracy Glenn •
Leo and Jean Golda
Michael Goldman
Jean Goldsmith
Matthew and Kathy Golland
Rita Golub
Jesse Gomez
Gerarda Gomez Martinez
Michelle Gomez
Roberto and Lana Gonzales
Jack Goodall 
Goode Foods, Inc
Scott Goodwin
Mary Lynn and Alan Gordon
John and Nikki Gorski
Kara Goss 
Jamie and Rick Gotlund 
Jim Gove
William Grabowski 
Howard and Peggy Graening
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Adam Grais
Grant Community High Activity Fund
Angelic Graves 
Anthony and Chasity Graves 
Annette Graves-Denenberg
Richard Gray
William and Janice Grear
Green Cafe La Grange LLC DBA Prasino
Andy Greene
Tim Greene
Darleshia Griffth
K. C. Grillaert
Jan Grillos and Chuck Scharenberg
Mark and Amy Grippando
Douglas Brian Groncki
Dave Grooters
Gisela Grosse
James and Cle Grosskopf
Judith Grossman
John and Elise Grosspietsch
Ian and Tina Grover
Tyson and Aimee Grover
Thomas and Edna Groves
Mabél Guzmán
H & R Investment Properties, Inc.
H.E.R.O. Fitness
H.M. Manufacturing, Incorporated
Grant Haeussler
Thomas and Alison Hafner
Philip and Kathleen Hajduk
Mr. Sharda Thapa and Ms. Wendy S. Hall
Halogen Supply Company, Inc.
Marj Halperin
Richard and Jane Hamer
Robert and Lorie Angela Hamilton
The Hammar Family
Mr. Robert Hanisch
Timothy and Laura Hannan
David and Kathleen Hansen
Douglas Hanslip
Jo Ann Harano
Robert Harbour
Jennifer Harding
Patti Hardy, Union House, Northwestern
Memorial Hospital
Harold Krinsky, D.D.S., LTD.
Joseph and Gail Harowski
Geraldine Harris 
Daniel and Sherry Anne Harter
Robert and Ronnie Hartfield
Marilyn Hartmann
Ann and Tom Hartnett
Eldon Hatch
David and Rosanne Haut
Ms. Jacqueline C. Hayes
Hayes Mechanical
Kiesha Haynes 
Elizabeth Heavener
Chris and Laura Heavrin-Talko
Catherine Hebel
David Heffernan 
Abbe Heller 
Mary Beth Hepp
Here's Wings Round Lake Beach LLC
Here's Wings, LLC
Bradley Hergott
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Herndon
Andy Carter and Diane L. Herrmann
Sara Hert
Maureen Hickey
Elizabeth Hicks 
Mr. and Ms. Andrew J. Hill
Jennifer and Mark Hill
Amy Hillgamyer 
Rebecca Hillgamyer
Andrea Hillsamer 
Mark and Jean Hineman 
Hinsdale Bank & Trust Company
Torrence Hinton
Hi-Tech Manufacturing, LLC
Martin Hock
Charles and Shirley Hodge
Teresa Hoffman Liston
Kevin and Christa Hogan
Margaret Hogan
Peter Holt
Carolyn Holzer
Veronica Horist 
Nancy Hotchkiss
Bradley Howard
Melvin Howard
Kathleen Howeth 
Margaret Hoyt •
Aileen Huang
Stacey and Sara Huels Family
Cathy Huffman
Cathy Huffman 
David and Kristen Huffman-Gottschling
Timothy Hurley
Elizabeth Hutchison
Roger and Sara Hutchison
Nathan Huveldt
John Iberl
Kevin and Judith Illingworth 
Illini Tribe Adventure Guide Progam
Ms. Claire Immonen •
David and Patricia Immonen
David Immonen
Impact Dance Studio, Inc.
Edmund Impens
Indian Princess Walla Walla Tribe
Ingleside Citgo Service, Inc.
Inland Bank and Trust
IOMT Castaways, LTD
Cynthia Iovinelli
Irving Park Iguana Swim Team
Island City Dray, Inc. Trucking and Excavating
J.B. Alberto's
Richard Jablonski
Ms. Kristen R. Jackson
Peter and Judith Jackson
Charles and Laura Jacques
Michael and Gina Jadron
Tara Jalal
Max and Maureen Janairo
Dean and Cindy Janke
Michael and Jennifer Jannusch •
Klaudia Janowicz
Lynda Janz 
Steven and Jennifer Jasinski
Derek and Kaitlyn Jeanneret
The Jel Sert Company
Emily Jelinek
Jeffrey and Sandra Jelm
Jersey Mike's Subs
Charles and Virginia Jesse
Yeni Jimenez
Joel Kirstein, Inc.
Brian Johnson
Jennifer Johnson
Melissa Johnson 
Ms. Phylis Johnson
Susan Johnson
Tiffany Johnson •
Cynthia Jones
John Jones
Norman Dean Jones
Rachel Jones 
Don Joseph
Patricia Joseph
Dhananjay Joshi
JP&J Staffing Associates
Scott and Susan Juister
July Business Services
William and Judy Jung
Dan and Nicole Jurjovec •
Alan Kaddatz
Tedi Kahn
Amy Kanzler 
Gary Karafiat
Russ and Laura Karlins
John and Cathy Karnuth 
Ms. Susan B. Kaszynski
Jeffrey Katz
Dr. Bruce A. Kaufman •
Sharon Kayser
Kimberly Kedziora 
John and Terese Keenan
Joseph and Selena Keesecker
Thomas P. Kelleher and Karen Krider
David Keller
Alice Kellogg
Caryn Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kelly
Craig Kemnitz and Gail Dobeski
Karen Kennard 
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Kennedy
William Kerr
Ketter's LLC
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kielczynski •
Gregory Kieso
Steve and Carol Kimmel
Julie Kimmel and Philip Schluter
King Car Wash
Nick King
Ms. Pam E. King •
Benjamin and Christine Kirchhoff
Lynn and Russ Kirchhoff
Kevin and Jane Kirkley
Bradley and Mary Kiscaden
The Lakes Kiwanis Club Lindenhurst
Kiwanis Club of Park Forest
Robert Klatt
Thomas and Anne Klein
Gale Klein
Florence and David Kleine
Dean and Kimberly Kleronomos •
Mrs. Lois D. Kline
Jeffrey and Mary Ann Klongland
Molly and Larry Klowden
Dale and Sheri Kluga
Mark and Elizabeth Kluge
Dr. Donald J. Klusendorf •
Harvey and Linda Knapp
Christopher Knicker
Steven and Julie Knipstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Knutson
Jennifer Koczwara 
Helen Kodani
James and Pamela Koenig
Stephanie Koh
Linda and Michael Kohut
Deborah and John Kolb
Daniel and Bridget Konieczka
Anna Koperski 
David and Mary Jo Koppenhofer
Ken and Sue Koranda
Terri Kostal
Ms. Susan B. Kovac
David and Beverly Kozlowski
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kraig 
Joanne Krasnozon
Ellie Krause
Theodore and Susan Krause
Dennis and Darlene Kress
Sherrin and Bryce Kristo
Andreas Kronfeld
Catherine Kropp
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krouwer
James and Courtney Krueger
Mr. Charles A. Krugel •
Richard and Mira Krull
Dr. Marianne Krumdick D.V.M.
Robert Kubas 
Kevin Kuhlmann
Jane and Robert Kuntz
Stephen and Amy Kusmierz 
Mark Kuzich
L. W. Reedy Realty
Lac du Flambeau Chamber of Commerce
LaGrange Celtics Sports Foundation
Ronald Laird
Lake Area United Way
Lakewest Custom Homes
John and Kimberly Lamb
Daniel and Darcie Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lambert
Kristi Landorf
Ed and Mary Langbein
Claudia Langoni 
Ms. Deborah N. Larsen 
Matt Larsen
Sue Larsen
Jack and Cathy Lauer
Laundry Services Company, Inc.
Lauterbach Family 
Dominic LaVia 
Law Offices David C. Thomas and Associates
Lawest, Inc. dba McDonalds
Laystrom Manufacturing Company
Robert Laystrom
Michael Lazenby
Leak No More
Bryan Lederhouse 
Vicki Lee
Bill Lee
Young Lee
Legacy Guild
Edilfonso Legis 
Reverend Kenneth Lehman
Kelly Leibolt 
John and Margie Leitch
Monica Leiva
Frank Lenardi 
Jack Lenehan
Michael Lenehan and Mary Margaret Williams
Leo Burnett USA
Jodi and David Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Lerner
Les Mills Midwest, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Lescher
Paul Levin
Mark and Pat Levine
Stan Lewis 
Liberty Partners Management
Fred and Carolyn
LifeTouch National School Studios
Lighten-Gale Group
Lindo Michoacan, Inc.
Roger and Sharon Lindsay
Graham Little
Bill and Ling Liu
Eileen Liu
Lively LLC
Christopher Lokken
William and Mary Lomas
Gary and Ruth Longman
Charles Jr. and Kris Lopez
Jim Arendt and Laura Lopez •
Robert and Lori Lorenz
Clifford and Dona Lothery
Peter Loughman
Percy and Sheila Lovett
Dee Lowe
Latrice Lowery
Shane Loy 
Lyons Township Hockey Club
Paul and Anne Luering
Richard and Erin Lugowski
Mr. Dave R. Lulis 
Laura Lundy
Daniel Michael Lynn
Maas & Sons
Rose Mabwa
Kelly Machaj
Mr. David O. MacKenzie
Kenneth Maddox 
Beverly and James Maguire
Margaret Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Maki
Tomasz and Agnieszka Makowski
Melissa Malm 
Ginny Malter
Donald and Esther Manchester
Eric and Kathy Manges
The Manning Family
Bruce and Cathy Mantia
Mr. John W. Marcione
Marco Consulting Group
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Marcucci
James Mark
Michael and Roberta Marken
Greg Marone •
Mr. and Mrs. Alun B. Marsden
Laura Marshall
John Craig and Linda Martens
Joshua Martin 
Susanna Martin
Ms. Sam Martinez •
Judy Martinez-Faye
Bradley Martinson
Mary Ackerly Communications, LLC
Giuseppe Masotti •
Tony Massaro
David Massura
Efrain Mata and Connie Moreno
Darryl and Rebecca Mataya
Skip Mather
Mather Tree Service, Inc.
Dan and Annie Mathews
Dale and Sandra Mathews-Benham
Margaret Matthei
Viviana Matthews
Louis Mazzuca
Gerald and Marjorie Mc Intosh
Tracy McAfee 
Will McCarthy
Mark McCloy
George and Mary McCormick 
Joseph and Barbara McCoy
McCrone Associates, Inc.
Matthew and Shellee McCullum 
Kevin and Jennifer McDevitt
Mike McDonald
McDonald's Corporation
Kevin and Meg McEvilly
Marijane and W. Stuart McEwan
Kevin McFall
McGarel Air, Inc.
Jeff McGinnis
Kelly McGinnity
Brian and Laura McGoldrick
Terry McGuire
The McGury Family
McHenry Lions
Kathleen McKee
Marcia McKenna 
Wendy McKinney 
Garrett McLinn
Stephen and Margaret McNulty
Erma Medgyesy
Roberto Medina 
Yahaira Medina 
Michael Medrano
Swati Mehta
Hilary Meiring 
Marie Meisenbach Graul and Leland E. Graul
Dave and Sue Melton 
Jessica Memmel 
Kevin and Toni Memmel
Gary and Patricia Menconi
Joseph Mengel
Fritz and Elizabeth Merizon
Derek and Carol Metcalf
Paul and Natalja Meyer 
Joel and Lois Michaels
Michelin Soccer Program
The Michels Family
John and Jane Mihelich 
Ken and Lisa Miles 
Jay Miller
Kenn and Janice Miller
Michael Miller
Michael Miller
Patrick Miller
Vickie Miller
Laura Mills
Marjorie Milton
Mrs. Jan B. Minoff 
Marcy Minshall
Elizabeth Miro 
Armaline Mirretti 
Mission of Our Lady of the Angels
Joanna Mitchell 
Bill and Nancy Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mix 
Caden Moe
Charlotte Mogensen
Mohican Guides
Paul and Joy Monson
Marcus Montanye
Steve and Johanna Monteith
Bertha Montelongo
Norma Jean Moody
Rodney Moody
Dan Moore
James and Carlene Moore
Troy Mooyoung
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Moran
Alejandro Moreno
Robert and Gina Moreno
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Morley
Peggy Maglaris - Green Cafe LaGrange dba
Morse Fresh Market
Jon, Ann & Katherine Moss
Gail Moss
"Bike Bald" The Mossburg's
Shannon Mough
Shannon Mrksich
Paul and Tracy Mroch
John and Gayle Mrock
MU Alternative Spring Break
Jim Mulbrandon •
Claire and Ryan Mulbrandon-Schaul
John and Sandra Mulholland
Reinhold and Sheri Mussar 
David and Lynn Musselman
Forest and Janet Musselman
Kirk and Cynthia Musselman •
Mark and Margaret Musselman
Jason Naegele
Karen and Philip Nagel
Brien and Carolyn Nagle
Nania Energy, Inc.
John Nania
Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 42
Brendan and Sandra Naulty
Isaac Navarro
Neal Gallo State Farm Agency
Pierre Nealon 
Near North Health Service Corp.
Ingeburg Neckermann
Jim and Linda Neidlinger
Dominic and Kimberly Neisen
Laurence Nelligan
Ms. Mary K. Nellis
Benjamin Nelson
Diane Nelson
Lisa Nelson
Michael and Suzanne Nelson
Vince Neri
Janelle Ness
Elizabeth Neupert
Marlys Newcome
R. Jeffrey and Leslie Newcorn
John and Alexandra Newell
Newman Architecture
Chuck and Jeanne Newman
The Niccolai Family
Alan Nicgorski
Ms. La Verne A. Nichols
Jane and Tom Nickele
Rita and Walter Niefanger 
Mary Niehaus
Jeffrey and Pamela Nielsen
Wayne and Colleen Nigliaccio
Niles Industrial Services, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Nimocks, Sr. •
Michael and Janet Nissenbaum
Stuart Nissenbaum 
Nobert Plating Company
Rosa Nodal 
John Norbut
Bill and Sue Norris •
North Shore Community Bank & Trust
LaDawn Norwood 
Richard Nunez
Gary Nussel and Mimi Banks
Colleen Oakes 
Amy O'Brien
Raymond O'Brien
Kara O'Connell
Debbie O'Conner
Steve Oelschlager
Andrea Ohlson
Sean and Becca O'Leary
Alla Oleksiyenko 
Gail and David Oliphant
Kristen Oliszewicz
David Olsen
Andrew Olson
Christopher and Mary Olson
Richard and Kathleen Olson
O'Malley & Madden, P.C.
O'Management LLC
Stephen Ondra
Amy O'Neill
Dorothy O'Neill
Mr. Robert O'Neill
Mrs. Amy L. Ooms 
Open Kitchens, Inc.
Annie Oravec 
Izzie and Tanya Ordinario
David Osborn
Mariana Osoria
Thomas O'Sullivan
Joanna Otis 
Matthew and Beverly Ottaviano •
The Owl Bar
Susan Owsiany 
P.M. Services, Inc.
P.S. Travel, Inc.
Lara Pacelt 
Packard Business Consulting, LLC.
Louise Packard and Scott Brillhart 
Frances Pagan
Ray and Melissa Page
Kevin and Kathryn Palarz
Eric Palmblad 
Danielle Palomares 
Karen Paluzzi Steele
Nicholas Panagakos
Anthony Papa
Stacey and Brock Paradis
Brianne Pardo 
Lindsay Parrott
Partners Advisors, LTD.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pasternock •
John and Andrea Patrinos
PATS Services, Inc.
James and Marcia Patula
Paul Young Fine Jewelers
Tomas and Heidi Paulius 
Saul and Mary Paulius
Jon and Anita Pavlik
Shannon Payton 
John Pearson
Charles and Jessica Pecaro
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph P. Pechanio
Patricia Pegoraro 
Gabriella Pehanich 
Jennifer and Steven Peldiak 
Thad Pellino
Scott and Jacquelyn Penters
Charles and Diane Perkins
Steve and Wendy Perlin
Jane Perlstein
Susan and John Perlstein
Michael and Annie Peshut
Christy and David Peterson
Doug and Cindy Peterson
Glenn and Mary Peterson
Jeff and Debbie Peterson
Julie A. Peterson and Gregory G. Vacala
Kenneth and Marianne Peterson
James and Barb Petru
Paris Petty
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Kenneth and Nancy Pfohl
Kevin and Anne Phelan
Roger and Colleen Phillips 
Marcy Piekos
Edward and Janice Piesens
Diane Pignato 
Ralph and Laura Pike
William Piper •
Pircher, Nichols & Meeks
Jerry and Leigh Pitts
The Piumbroeck Family
Mr. George Plackmann
Sandra Plaszewski
Daniel and Mary Anne Plauda
Nataly Pluta
Robert Poggensee
Donald and Bonnie Pollard
William and Maria Pollock
Power Construction Company, LLC
Robert and Susan Powers 
Herb and Linda Pozdro
Precision Decorating
Jane Preston
Kelly Price
Sara Price
Stephane Probst
Chuck and Susan Kirchner 
Thomas and Jocelyn Purtell
Jeffrey Putnam
Dan and Maureen Pyne
Quigley's Irish Pub
Quincy Street Ltd.
Jonathan Quinn
R.F. Mau Co.
Terri Radcliff
Tim and Marsha Raffen
Rebecca Raftery
Kelly Rainey
Rainforest Films, Inc.
Donald and Geraldine Rajski & Family
Anand Ramakrishnan and Deepa Kartha
Margaretmary Ramirez 
Fernando and Nilsa Ramirez
Gregory Ramsey
Randall Rapp
Mr. Aaron Rappaport and Ms. Darcy J. DeWolfe
Paul Rathman •
Gary Ravitz
Kathleen Ravotti 
Ellen and Ty Ray
Jeffrey and Jeanette Ray
Melissa Reardon Henry
Dave and Janey Reed 
Dennis and Anne Reed
Katherine Reed-Elinoff
Leo Reedy
Karyn and Kenneth Reeve
Shannon Reeves
Regina Dominican High School
Richard and Jennifer Reichert
Ann McDavid Reif
Kevin Reilly
Michael and Lynda Reilly
Reineman's, Inc.
Reliable Home Improvement and Supply, Inc.
Joseph and Carole Remko
Paula Render
Jeffrey Reuter 
Barbara J. Rewey
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MacRae
Edwin Reyes
Kevin Reynolds
DaVida Rice
Thomas and Penelope Anne Rieck
Pearl and Steven Rieger
Donald Rieser
Gloria Riley 
James and Susan Rink
Tyler Ritter
Mirna Rivera
Michael and Louise Rizzo
Jan Roberts
Richard Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Jose J. Rodriguez 
Peter and Lori Roeser
Ruth and Dick Rogers
Dave and Teri Ellen Rogers
Kristine Roherty 
Julie Roin
Victoria Rojas
Romanek & Romanek
Richard and Karen Rondelli
Claudette Roper •
Ralph Rosa
Julieta Rosado
Rosanova & Whitaker, Ltd.
Rosalita Rosario 
Mary Ann Rose
Timothy and Alice Rose
Millie Rosenbloom
Richard Rosenow 
The Ross Family
Kathleen Ross 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rossi
Donald and Barbara Rot
Rotary Club of Wauconda
Janet Rotner
Harriet and Jeffrey Rotter 
Karen Rowan
Danny Rubio 
Neil and Anne Rudd
Runge Auto and Tire Limited
Gary Paul Rush
Christine and Sean Ryan
Nicholas and Teresa Ryan
Peggy Ryan
James and Carla Rydberg
Gregory and Kathryn Rydz
Gary and Stephanie Salter
Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation
David Michael Samuels
Nick Sand
Fredrick and Loretta Sander 
Celia Santiago-Stennett 
Jean Sapp
Anthony and Jacquelyn Sartoris
Max Savar 
Debra Sawalski
Daniel Sayre
John and Jo Ellen Scambler
Gregory Scandaglia •
Kevin Scanlan 
Tom and Sally Scanlan
Donald and Nancy Schaaf
Jane Schaafsma
Mr. and Ms. Gary Schaefer
Peter Schaff
Schain Burney Banks & Kenny Ltd.
Schaper Insurance & Financial Services
William and Joanne Schaper
Mr. and Mrs. Mario J. Schembari
Mike and Kathy Schiller
John and Mary Schippel
Derek Schlager 
Walter and Heather Schmidt
Jacob Schmidt
Joseph Schmidt
Susan Schmidt
Steven Schmitt
Carol Schneider
B. Schneider Electric, Incorporated
Paul and Holly Schneider
Ms. Kimberly C. Schnoor
Christopher Schoenfeldt 
Stephen and Nina Schroeder
Elizabeth Schubert
Ali and Karolyn Schultz
Kathleen Schultz 
Evy Schum
Raymond Schumacher
Vicki Schutz
John and Darlene Schwandke
Debra D. Schwartz and Michael S. Brosilow
Helen and Jack Schwartz
Joseph and Maria Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Scotpress Printing
Scott Abbott Manufacturing Co.
Alec Scott Brown
SCW Water in Motion Inc.
Mr. Robert A. Seaborg
Bill and Linda Seaman •
Allen and Nancy Seidel
Ms. Gail L. Seidel
Thomas and Stacey Seidl 
Nathan and Lauren Sels
Dave Sendre 
Seneca Guides
Seneca Indian Princesses
Monte Seyer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shamblin
Leila Shamsuddin 
Sheikh and Melanie Shamsuddin 
Jack and Cynthia Shanahan
Tim and Meg Shanley
Neil Shapiro
Sharlen Electric Company
Dr. Mary Margaret Sharp-Pucci 
Stephanie Shea-Joyce
Patricia Sheehan
Leslie Sherman
Dorothy Shively
Grace Shoot 
Shoshone Princess Tribe
Adventure Guide Program
Sarah Sidell 
Christina Sidiropoulos 
Sigma Gamma RHO Sorority Inc.
Janece Simmons •
Ms. Caryn B. Simons
Junie Sinson
Six Corners Association
Mike and Mary Ann Skarr
Patricia and Samuel Sklar
Duncan and Lea Ann Skogsberg
Paula Skryja
Skyline Motel
Kevin and Carol Slattery
Thomas and Rae Slaughter •
Daniel and Mary Sloan •
Frank and Kay Slocumb
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Slupianek
The Smith Family
Jace Smith 
James Smith
Jim and Beth Smith
Kevin and Cheryl Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith
Thomas Smith
Seth and Tess Snyder
Bryon and Maria Sobczak
Ashley Solano 
Robert Somers 
Lukas Sonricker
Phil and Laura Soosloff
Martin and Linda Sorensen
Peter and Nancy Sorensen
Maria Sotelo
George and Sarah Sotos
Tim and Kim Souers
Jennifer Spear
Nancy Spencer
Ken and Paula Spengler
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Spiegel •
Daniel Spies
Lin and Frank Spillone 
Harlan Spiroff
Sandy Spitzer
Kimberly Spraggins 
St. Francis de Sales Church
Noreen St. Lawrence
St. Matthias Episcopal Church
St. Patrick Church
James and Jennifer Stadler
Robert and Janet Stan 
Mark and Judith Standefer
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.
Jenna Stanonik 
Howard and Laverna Stapleton
Raquel Starace
Ms. Camilla Stefl
Michael and Jennifer Stein
Stellar Home Health Care, Inc.
Nicholas Stellato
Ms. Jill Stemmerman
Alexandra Stevenson
Carol and Reuben Stibbe
Dick and Marjorie Stolz
Gary Stone
Robert and Catherine Strabel
Marie Straube 
Brian Strock
Elizabeth and Michael Strohmayer
Ms. Patty A. Strub and Mr. Curtis Nunnery
Debbie Strus 
Cathy Subber
Suburban Bank & Trust
Kenneth and Susan Suchomel
Kimberly Suk
Advani Suresh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Surrusco •
Ian Sutherland 
Dag and Jennifer Svarc
Kimberly Swaekauski 
Elizabeth Swanson
Robert Swanson 
James and Claudia Swarthout
William and Susan Swedler
Elizabeth and Everett Sykes
Diane and Patrick Smith •
T.O.P.S. In Dog Training, Corp.
Justin Tagarao 
Take 2 Media
Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
Rebecca Tannahill 
Kenneth Tarasiewicz
Annette Tarchala 
Paul Tashima
Richard M. Tatara
Daniel and Amy Tausk
Vincere Taylor 
Mr. Richard Teresi •
Bob and Mary Tessiatore
Thermosystems Inc
Barbara Theulen
Nicholas Thiakos
Jean Thigpen 
Irvine Thom
Thomas Bus Service, Incorporated
Dana Thomas 
David and Lurene Thomas
Donna Thomas 
Shundrawn Thomas
Sandra P. Thompson and James L. Anderson
Michael and Elizabeth Thornton 
Mrs. Janice M. Tischler 
Linda Tobin 
Ms. Dorothy Todd
Leslie Toepfer
Audrey Tokarz
John Tomusiak •
Curtis Topps
Total Care Landscaping
Total Covering, Inc.
Debbie Townsley
Ms. Ada Trbojevic
Chuck and Christina K. Tremmel
Jamie Trentz 
Linda Triplett
Lynne Triplett
Michael and Mary Beth Tufano
Daniel and Deborah Tun
Denise Turner 
Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
Donna Twoomey
UBS Donor Advised Fund
Linda Udziela 
Ronald and Carol Uher
Ultimate Home Health Care of Illinois
John and Betty Underwood
Ungaretti & Harris
United Way of Central Indiana, Inc.
United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern
New Jersey
United Way of Tri-County, Inc.
United Way, Inc-Los Angeles
William and Carole Urry
US Financial Services
Ms. Kathryn Van Der Molen
Robert and Janet Van Iten
Johanna Van Swearingen
Dorothy J. Vance
Joan Vanderlinde
Haley Vandermeer 
Molly Vanderveld
Rob and Kim Vane
Preston Vanhook 
Ted and Krista Venegas
Arthur and Barbara Vernon
Chris and Sharon Vessell
Charlene B. and Randall G. Vickery
Barry Virshbo
Visser Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
The Vitamin Shoppe
Sophia Vittallo 
Toni Vlna
The Volunteer Center Helps
Thomas and Michelle Vondrasek
Bakul and Dilip Vyas
Scott Vyduna
LuAnn Wachsmuth 
Jane Wakitsch
Ed and Heidi Walchak
Tammy Walczyk
Donald and Lorraine Wallace
James and Diane Walsh
Peter Walsh
Susan Walsh 
Corey and Beth Walther
Chris and Courtney Waltz
Karyn Wanaski
James and Cornelia Warren
John and Colleen Washburn
Paul Waterhouse and Mary Solomon
Meg Watson
Cyndy and Charlie Webb
Sarah and Daniel Weber •
Michael Weidner
Rachel Weidner 
Ms. D. Kathryn Weintraub
Robert C. Weisheit Company
Steven and Lorrayne Weiss
Vicki and David Weiss 
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Thomas Welter
Clint and Suzanne Wendt
Wendy's International, Inc.
Gregory and IdaLynn Wenhold
Lisa Wenzel
Eric and Renee Werge 
John and Donna Werle
John Wesley
West Suburban Humane Society
Wester Du Page Special Recreation Association
Lawrence and Carol Whalley
Wheaton College
Paul Wheaton
The Wheel Thing
Keith and Joan White
Michael Whited
Eric Wick
Ms. Dawn Wicker
Russ and Mary Wicker
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Widener
John Wiemhoff
Dan and Ann Wiesbrock
Gregg and Cindy Wikierak
Donald and Donna Wilbur
Kevin and Joy Wilbur
Glenna Wilcox and Brian Lee
Williams Associates Architects, LTD.
Felisa Williams 
Jana Williams
Charley and Karen Williams
Robert Williams
Ryan Williams
Sylvia Williams 
Tracy Williams
Adam Wilson
Kevin and Peggy Wilson
Wind River Princesses
Ms. Ivy F. Winter
Brian and Susan Wirtas
Rosemary Macko Wisnosky
Nancy Witt 
Mr. Victor Wojtowicz
Robert and Candace Wolf
Robert Wolf
Greg and Suzanne Wolf 
Gary Wolfe
Anna Wolfson
Timothy and Jill Wolter
Gary and Leslie Wood
David Wortsman 
Courtney Wright
Xcellero Leadership, Inc.
Brad Yanecek
Leslie Yendro
YGIP Cree Tribe
Eric Young
Rhonda Young 
Richard Young
Todd Young
Anna Yuan
Robert and May Yurgaitis
Michael Zak
David Zampa
Patricia Zampa
Eugene and Fran Peters
Donald Zelenak 
Robert Zeller
Jay Zimbler
Rebecca Zoltoski
Kevin and Caryn Zubor
Greater Chicago Food Depository
Infinity Signs and Graphics
Media Direct Productions
Steve Palmer
The Waggoner Law Firm, P.C.
Aurora School District 131
Chicago Public Schools
City of Aurora
City of Chicago Board of Education
City of Chicago Department of Family
and Support Services
City of Naperville
Communities in Schools of Aurora, Inc.
Cook County Juvenile Justice Commission
Cook County Justice Advisory Council
Corporation for National and Community Service
DuPage County Department of Public Health
Housing and Urban Development
Illinois Action for Children
Illinois Community College Board
Illinois Department on Aging
Illinois Department of Commerce
and Economic Opportunity
Illinois Department of Human Services
Illinois Department of Insurance
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