February 2008 website.PUB



February 2008 website.PUB
A Monthly Publication of Phylway Construction LLC
Principal Office- 310 St. Philip St.
Headquarters - 1074A Hwy 1
February 2008
P.O. Box 1277
Thibodaux, LA 70302
Mission Statement
This is the time of year we all
experience some frustration at the cold
and rainy weather and our lack of progress on our sites. The good news is
that we have four (4) sizable projects
starting between February and March.
We will be very busy in the coming
months. We are very blessed at Phylway Construction. The rain will slack
off, the temperature will rise and we
will continue to work together with
quality construction every step of our
Phylway Construction, LLC is a highly
motivated team of individuals whose
purpose is to provide Quality
construction Every Step of the Way.
We are committed to excellence
through maintaining the balance of
our roles as a construction company,
an employer and a corporate citizen.
-Phyllis Adams
Phylway Employees tell us
why they use Direct
Thanks to Everyone who sent
in driver’s licenses and voter
registration cards to help us
with our HUB Zone
Application! HUB Zone
certification will allow us to bid
on jobs with certain set asides
that are only granted to HUB
Zone approved contractors.
This will open up a lot of new
work for us to bid on!
“I like direct deposit because I found
it to be an easy method to put money
into my savings account each week.
If I had to go to the bank I probably
would not put the money into my
savings account. It is very easy to
split your money into different
accounts. You can even pay your
bank notes through direct deposit.
Why would you waste gas going to
the bank?”
Tammy Ratley.
“I like Direct Deposit because it is
easy. I don’t have to worry about
going to the bank. My bank is in
Houma and it would be difficult to
get to the bank on Friday. Direct
Deposit is very convenient.”
Chad Landry.
Send Your Newsletter Suggestions to:
[email protected] Or call 446-9644 ext 101
February 2nd
Ground Hogs Day
February 3rd
Super Bowl XLII
February 5th
Mardi Gras
Offices will be
February 6th
Ash Wednesday
February 9th
Louisiana Primary
February 14th
Valentines Day
February 18th
President’s Day
February 29th
This is a Leap Year
We are interested in what you have to say about the newsletter and want to hear from you. If you have an announcement to make or have an important
job update to share, please give us a call. All suggestions will be taken into consideration.
Office Visits
Co-Pay - $25 (Physician)
Co-Pay - $50 (Specialist)
Michael Hotard
“Mike Hotard always shows up for
work early. If for some reason we have
to work late, and that does happen, he
never complains about working late.
He really is a team player, he never
complains about work and he does
anything that I ask him to do. He has a
great attitude towards his work and his
fellow workers. Today in this business
it is hard to find a quality operator like
Mike. Mike can operate anything I’ve
put him on.
He is an excellent
operator. When you are doing big pipe
work you need someone who is very
safe and gentle with the controls
because there is a lot riding on his
control of the excavator. Mike is a
quality operator and is an asset to
Phylway now and in the future. It’s a
pleasure to work with guys like Mike
who take pride in their work. I’m
looking forward to working with him
many more years.” - Kevin Legleu
When asked how he felt about being
chosen employee of the month Michael
said, “that is was wonderful.” This is
the first time in his 35 years of working
that he has been chosen as employee of
the month. Mike enjoys working at
Phylway. He has worked with several
different supervisors. He gets along
well with all of them. His experience at
Phylway has been a really good one.
Congratulations Mike and
Keep up the Good Work!
Out of Pocket $4,000
Out of Pocket $8,000 (families)
Accident subject to deductible
Out of Pocket
Accident subject to deductible
$10 Generic
$35 Brand
$60 Non Preferred Brand
$100 Deductible on Self-Injections
In Patient Deductible per Occurrence - $500
Out Patient Deductible per Occurrence - $300
1) Phylway will continue to pay 100% for employee coverage ($304.63 per
month), an increase of $27.46 per month from the previous year.
2) Family coverage will increase $10 per week for a total weekly deduction of
$110 per week effective checks dated February 15, 2008.
3) January is our open enrollment so anyone wishing to make any changes, time
is almost up! Contact us immediately!
4) New proof of insurance cards are ordered and will be on the way to you
Regarding your other benefits, please note the following:
Remains with Lincoln Financial and is being renewed without increases.
Remain with Mutual of Omaha. Phylway will continue to cover employees
100% on the Short Term Disability. The Long Term Disability will continue to
be paid by the employee and is based on $100 of payroll. Premiums have increased from $.60 to $.72. Let’s not forget that there was a tremendous de-
On Saturday, February 9th Louisiana voter’s will get a
chance to vote for the candidate that will represent
their party in the 2008 Presidential Election. The
following is a list of major candidates that will be on
the ballot.
Rudy Giuliani
Ron Paul
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
Duncan Hunter
John McCain
Alan Keyes
Hilary Clinton
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Louisiana’s Governor Elect,
Bobby Jindal was sworn in
as Governor on Monday,
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Employee Announcements
Gilberto Lopez
February 2nd
Gloria Thibodaux
February 3rd
Katie Connell
February 12th
Mark Thibodaux
February 13th
Kevin Legleu
February 15th
Jaime Reyna
February 19th
Daniel Rivette
February 21st
Lisa Connell
February 27th
Ronald McClelland
February 29th
Federico Tello
Javier Tello
1997 Chevrolet Silverado
Extended Cab
V-8 Engine
115,000 miles
Call Mark Normand
Congratulations to Allan and Kelly! They are officially engaged. Our Best Wishes to both of you!!!
Throw me
Something Mister!
Who are those good looking people? It is
Allan Millen and Kelly Danos at the Krewe of
Aphrodite Tableau held on January 5th.
Kelly is a member of the Krewe of
Aphrodite in Houma.
Look for Lisa and Kelly
in the following parades:
Lisa-Krewe of Ambrosia
January 27th 12:30 pm
Float #1 Top Deck, Driver Side,
First Rider
Kelly-Krewe of Aphrodite
February 1st 6:30 pm
Float #1 Top Deck, Driver Side,
Fourth Rider
Lisa Connell poses with her sister, Queen
Ambrosia XX11, Kelly St. Pierre. The
Krewe of Ambrosia held their tableau and
ball on January 12th.
James Heiser and Tommy Hymel
were in the Super Dome when
LSU won the BCS National
Championship game. They had a
great time!
Geaux Tigers!!!
Is a monthly publication of Phylway Construction, LLC whose intention of this publication is to keep you and your family up to date on topics that affect
company progress as well as the sharing of your personal announcements. This publication is distributed by our in-house staff who do their very best to capture and report accurate information. From time to time you may notice human error. We apologize in advance if our error offended or misquoted you.
Staff Writers: Lisa Connell, & Tammy Ratley
1074A Hwy 1, Thibodaux, LA 70301 (985) 446-9644 Fax (985) 446-8205 www.phylway.com