Newsletter - Little Valley Animal Shelter



Newsletter - Little Valley Animal Shelter
Issue 38 Aug 2014
Steve—the unluckiest black cat? See inside
for our special Black Cats feature
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RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter, Black Hat Lane, Bakers Hill, Exeter EX2 9TA
Tel: 01392 439898 
RSPCA South, East & West Devon Branch
Black Hat Lane, Bakers Hill, Exeter, EX2 9TA
Registered Charity No: 205154
129 Reddenhill Rd, Babbacombe TQ1 3NT
Tel: 01803 323841
1 Market Street, Brixham TQ5 8EU
Tel: 01803 859695
46 High Street, Budleigh EX9 6LJ
Tel: 01395 442349
31 Cowick Street, Exeter EX4 1AL
Tel: 01392 213847
27 Paris Street, Exeter EX1 2JB
Tel: 01392 494759
91 South Street, Exeter EX1 1EN
Tel: 01392 494113
49 Courtenay St, Newton Abbot TQ12 2QN
Tel: 01626 330716
10 Torquay Road, Paignton TQ3 3AB
Tel: 01803 528118
Brutus Centre, Totnes TQ9 5RW
Tel: 01803 866597
Telephone: 01392 439898
Email: [email protected]
Just Giving:
Shelter Opening Times
Open 6 days a week (closed Wednesdays)
Last entry: 3.30pm
24 hour Cruelty and Advice Line:
0300 1234 999
Shelter News
By Jo Evans, Shelter Manager
Welcome to the August newsleer and what a busy me it has been since the last
one! The builders have moved off site but our Shelter Maintenance Team, Paul and
Graeme, sll have lots to do with a poultry enclosure and rabbit compounds sll to
complete for starters. The rebuild has created a lot of jobs for them and they are
always busy with something at the moment.
It has been a busy me all round with lots of animals in our care and sadly a lack of
staff. I would just like to say a big “thank you” to the all the team who have been
working very hard during 2014 – the Shelter wouldn’t be here without all their hard
work. It is because of all the above things going on that, very sadly, Shelter Day has
been cancelled this year. We are all as disappointed as you are but it is the right
way to go for the Shelter at this me. A date will be set in June early next year so
watch this space!
Finally, a big thank you to the very kind supporters who donated to
Millie’s appeal (pictured above). One person in parcular made a
very generous donaon so a big thank you once again (they know
who they are!). I can report that Millie has seled really well in her
new home and has made one lady very happy.
New Cattery
The new Miscellaneous building has been in use for some me, but now we have
just started to use the new caeries. Below are a few pictures. We could do with
some more cat toys and small cat scratching posts if anyone has any they can
donate to us. Our moggies would be most grateful.
The cat meeting room
Inside the new cattery
Staff Changes
Jodie Stephens has joined the Dog Team—welcome Jodie. Sadly, Ellie Hills has
moved on to another RSPCA Centre – good luck Ellie. Clare Pidgeon is sadly not
returning from maternity leave, but the good news is that Ashley Hetherington will
stay with the Cat Team. Hopefully by the me you are reading this our new Deputy
Manager, Rachel, will have started. And recruitment is taking place for two new
members of the Dog Team.
Volunteers Needed!
We are looking for regular volunteers to help us with the animals. We have the
following vacancies:
Cat Pen Cleaners—9-11am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
Rabbit/Rodent/Ferret Pen Cleaners—9-11am on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
Saturday and Sunday
We are looking for people who can offer regular commitment, reliability,
punctuality and a passion for animals. We don’t expect any one volunteer to cover
all of these shiLs, but to choose which one they can do.
To apply, please look on our website, email us on [email protected] or
write to us at the Shelter, telling us why you would like to volunteer and which
posion you are interested in.
Unlucky Black Cats?
Black cats seem to fall into the “love them or hate them” category for many people.
Superson and suspicion surrounds them and, depending on where in the world
you are from, they are either lucky or unlucky. Here in the UK, and also in Asia, a
black cat is considered lucky! But in Yorkshire, it may be lucky to own a black cat
but it is unlucky to have one cross your path, which is bizarre as in the UK as a
whole it is deemed good luck if a black cat crosses your path but bad luck if it’s a
white cat! Then again, if a black cat walks towards you it brings good fortune, but if
it walks away it takes the good luck with it. These black cats don’t seem to know if
they are coming or going! Of course, black cats have long been associated with
witches and were believed to be witches’ familiars or witches incarnate. And many
of these old supersons about black cats exist to this day. Could this be why black
cats oLen are leL in rescues for a long me? Or is it just that their dark colouring
means they don’t stand out in a caery full of more colourful felines? It is said that
to dream of a black cat is lucky. Our plethora of black cats here at Lile Valley are
hoping you will dream of them and give them a loving new home. These gorgeous,
glossy, lovable black felines hope they will be lucky very soon.
Pets At Home, Exmouth
A huge thanks to the staff at Pets at Home,
Exmouth, for all their hard work in raising
money for Lile Valley. Over the past year,
we have received cheques totalling over
£1000! A massive thank you from all of us
and the animals at Lile Valley. Pictured are
Exmouth Pets at Home staff presenng
cheques to Dave Phillips, from the Exmouth
Fundraising Team with his Lile Valley dog,
Lady, and Sheila Down from Cats Protecon.
Photo kindly used with permission of Simon
Horn, Exmouth Journal.
World Record Sky Dive!
Adam Harris, one of our Animal Care Assistants, took part
in a Guinness World Record Skydive on 21 June for Lile
Valley. The world record for tandem skydives in 24 hours
was previously held in Germany and stood at 251. They
smashed the record with 279 jumpers making the leap
from 15,000 feet! Well done Adam for being so brave and
managing to raise over £400 for Lile Valley!
A huge thank you to everyone who helped
us during RSPCA Week by collecng at local
branches of Tesco. We raised a staggering
total of £4,683.43. The breakdown is as
follows: Tesco Exe Vale, Exeter £626.49,
Tesco Kingsteignton £775.00, Tesco Honiton £1716.23 and Tesco Exmouth £1,565.71. A
fantasc result, thank you!
Tiny Puppy, Big Operation!
Yoda (pictured in the middle) came in from a home with his 3
brothers and sisters plus mum and dad, as there were too many
dogs in the home. Sadly, on seeing our vet, he was found to have
a heart problem and needed a £500 operaon so he could live a
normal, long life. The good news is that Yoda has now had his
operaon and has gone to a new home with a bounce in his step.
Good luck Yoda!
Happy Endings!
Keesha and
Maisy (was Gabby)
Jasper Sprout
Left, Roxanne (was
Roxy) winning best
rescue dog at Bovey
Tracey Carnival
Josie (was Tia)
Colin (right) passed away recently, just shy of his
20th birthday! He was adopted from Little Valley
at just a few weeks old by Steve and Theresa
Harcus. He will be sadly missed.
New Homes Required!
Great news on the rehoming front—Walter went to a lovely home, Jennifer and Del
Boy (previously Sheldon) were rehomed together and are now being spoilt roen,
Kiwi went to a nice aviary with other feathered friends, Chaz & Dave the mice were
rehomed to a lovely young family. Sadly, the pigs are sll here, as are Hey and
Mickey the dogs and Bendy and Steve the cats—who are featured on our Black Cats
page in this issue. All animals for adopon are on our website—
Pigwig, Oinkoink &
Canine Remedial Massage
A complementary therapy which uses the manipulation
of soft tissue to promote the physiological and psychological well-being of dogs — regardless of age, size or
breed. Veterinary consent is required prior to treatment.
For further information or to request a consent form, contact Linda Rogers ITEC Dip ICAT
Tel: 07732 688383. Email: [email protected]
Don’t forget our Amazon Wishlists—it’s a really simple
way to donate items that we specifically need for the
animals in our care without having to just donate cash.
We have three wishlists — one for dogs, one for cats
and the other for small animals. They list lots of items
that our animals really like, such as treats and toys. You will need an Amazon account to do this but it’s really easy to set up and it’s free. Go to Log into your Amazon account and type into the search box
“RSPCA Lile Valley Wishlist” and our wishlists will come up! It’s a great way to help
us out and all the animals in our care will be very grateful! And don’t forget to claim
for your purchases using Easyfundraising, as we can raise even more money that
Friends of Little Valley
By Jill Brush, Membership Secretary
A big thank you to all those Friends who have recently renewed and included such
generous donaons. They are very much appreciated.
I trust you have all been enjoying the fine weather. However, on Friday I decided
the garden was burning up and did a tradional rain dance—I hope you all appreciated the downpour on Saturday as a result!
Best wishes to you all and welcome to all new Friends.
Gift Aid It!
Our shops now have GiL Aid. So when you’re next in
donang items, please sign up to the GiL Aid scheme
so that we can claim even more back. Thank you!
There are many ways you can
help Little Valley—here are some.
And don’t forget you can send a
cheque direct to us or donate via
our website using Paypal.
If you shop online, please use
Easyfundraising to help us raise even
more money. Lots of well known
retailers are on there and it’s free to
register. Sign up at:
Giveacar raises money for UK chari<es
by scrapping and selling old cars. They
provide a na<onwide FREE service
- Arranges the collec<on of the vehicle
from your home;
- Depending on its age and condi<on,
recycles it at an authorised facility or
sends it to auc<on.
To arrange dona<on of a car visit or call 020 7736
4242, quo<ng “RSPCA Li%le Valley
Animal Shelter” as your chosen charity.
Please consider sponsoring a dog kennel, cat
pen or rabbit run for as li%le as £3 a month
through our Safe Haven scheme. An applica<on form can be found on our website.
Join the Pets at Home VIP Club to get great
discounts. Select your home store as Exeter,
Exmouth, Torquay or Newton Abbot and you
can opt for Li%le Valley as your chosen charity
so we can receive benefits as you shop!
Register at: h%p://
A legacy to us will provide crucial funds. We could
not carry on our work without such generous support. Please visit our website to find out more
about leaving a legacy to us.
Text LVAS13
£5 / £10 to
Established 1994
Annie Samuels (Hons.) − a holis<c approach to health care and diet
Deep ssue massage, sports injury therapy, Hopi ear candle
treatment, aromatherapy
1 hour to 3 hour treatments from £30 to £70
Available 7 days a week (9.30am to 5.30pm) by appointment
GiL vouchers available for cash or cheque only
7 Piazza Terracina (river basin), Haven Road, Exeter EX2 8GT
Tel: 01392 203182 (answerphone)
Email: [email protected]
Foot Health Professional
Exmouth-based foot health professional caring for your feet in the comfort of
your own home, residential home,
nursing home or hospital.
Call 01395 269300 or 07765 671941
Treasure Trove in Totnes
Shopping in Totnes has been undergoing a quiet revoluon. Yes, we know it’s a fun
place full of interesng shops, but our own charity shop there is second to none,
full of quirky items and bargains galore. We have just welcomed a new team to our
Totnes shop—Lisa as Manager and Claire as Deputy
Manager—who can offer you a warm welcome. If you are
looking for fashion or have a love of books, then this is
the shop for you with a wide range of both on display at
all mes. The shop even has a vinyl corner where you may
find that long lost LP you were always going to buy
yourself but never got around to! Stock is changing on a
daily basis, so a regular visit is always worthwhile. Would
you like to help by volunteering in our Totnes shop? If so,
just call in for an applicaon form
and an informal chat with Lisa
and you never know, you could
be volunteering with us to help
Lile Valley Animal Shelter. If you
would like to help us by donang
your unwanted items, then
please just bring them into the shop. When doing so, it
would be great if you could sign up to GiL Aid where we
will receive an extra 25p in every £1 from HMRC for any of
your donated goods that we sell. To find us, we are just off
the main High Street opposite the Co-Op supermarket in
The Brutus Centre. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Remarkable Reunion—Noddy’s Return!
The Cooper family recently wrote to us about their “wonky-headed black puss”
called Noddy, who they adopted from us 4
years ago. 2 years aLer Noddy went to live with
them, he disappeared. ALer 2 years, they’d
given up hope of him coming home but they
were suddenly reunited thanks to his microchip. Seems he had got on a moving van bound
for Dartmoor! They even got into the Express &
Echo newspaper. Welcome home Noddy!
9, and Nod
Lili Cooper,
Events 2014
Saturday 30 August – Exeter Green Fair
Time: 10am to 4pm
Venue: Cathedral Green, Exeter
Sunday 31 August – Shelter Day
Saturday 6 September – Flag Day, Budleigh Salterton
Details: Contact Dave Phillips on 01395 278604
Saturday 13 September – St Thomas Community Fes<val
Time: 12 noon to 6pm
Venue: St Thomas Pleasure Ground, Exeter
Sunday 5 October – Sponsored Beach Dog Walk, Exmouth
Time: 10am to 12 noon
Venue: Starng at Harbour View Café
Details: Contact Dave Phillips on 01395 278604
Saturday 15 November – Christmas Fayre, Exmouth
Time: 10am to 12 noon
Venue: All Saints Church Hall, 2 Church Road, Exmouth EX8 1RZ
Details: Contact Dave Phillips on 01395 278604
Saturday 22 November – Animal Aid Christmas Without Cruelty Fair
Time: 10am to 4.15pm
Venue: Exeter Corn Exchange, Market Street, Exeter EX1 1BW
Saturday 29 November – Christmas Fayre, Clyst St Mary
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Clyst St Mary Village Hall, Clyst St Mary, Exeter EX5 1BG
June 2015 – Shelter Day
Date to follow—please keep your diary free!
Please support our events, they raise vital funds for us. If you can
volunteer at any events, please let us know. We are always looking for
people to a%end events for us and run a stall, or to organise their own
event to fundraise for us—can you help? We look forward to seeing you at
an event soon.

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