Welcome Back Students



Welcome Back Students
The Communicator—A newsletter about the
activities of Belpre City Schools
Belpre City School District
Welcomes New Teachers:
Margaret Orcutt - Visual Art
Kyle Scott - 5th Grade
Christine Hatcher - Intervention
Stacy Moore - Intervention Specialist
Nathan Watson - 3rd Grade
Quentin Collie - Language Arts
Lana Johnson - 1st Grade
Carol Caplinger-Lemons - Intervention Specialist
Brittney Dragan - Kindergarten
Kristina Smith - Kindergarten
The Pride of Belpre
Marching Band
The Pride of Belpre Marching Band just completed its band camp for the 2015-2016 school
year. Band camp was held from July 26th - July 31st. On Saturday, August 1st the marching
band participated in the Belpre Homecoming Parade. This year's halftime show theme will
be "A Night at the Movies", and song selections include Star Wars (Main Theme), And All
That Jazz (from Chicago), James Bond Theme, and Jaws/Superman.
In February of 2015, we started the Uniform Drive and received some donations and started
fundraising. To date we have raised about $9,000. Our fundraising goal is approximately
$36,000. We have become a 501(c) 3 public charity with the IRS. We are planning a number of fundraisers.
As part of our fundraising drive, we would like to challenge any former band members, parent of a former band member or any one that has ever enjoyed the Pride of Belpre
Marching Band to make a tax deductible $10.00 donation. Likewise, service clubs and organizations have been challenged by the Retired Employees of Belpre Schools to purchase a
uniform for $500. The REBS presented the BPAB with a $500 check at their last meeting.
Any donations or contributions can be sent to:
BPAB Uniform Drive
P.O. Box 746
Belrpe, OH 45714
Any questions can be sent
to: [email protected]
Welcome Back Students
Upcoming Events/Dates
School Year: 2015-2016
Technology Updates
This past summer we added another virtual desktop server
to the high school. This gave the district the ability to
convert two more labs to utilize virtual desktops which, in
turn, saves on maintenance to physical computers, allows
us to update the desktops faster, and saves on energy.
We also converted the elementary to use the same technology as the high school and we installed all-in-one thin
clients with the thin client devices built into the monitor.
Also, we have purchased two Chromebook carts for the
elementary. One of which was donated thanks to the
Aug. 11 &12 ...New Teacher Orientation
Aug. 11...4th Grade Orientation 4—6 pm @ BES
Aug. 12...7 & 8 Grade Orientation Lawton Gym 7 p.m.
Aug. 12...9-12 Grade Orientation High School Gym 7 p.m.
Aug. 13...Back To School Rally @ Belpre Elem. 6—8 p.m.
Aug. 17...All Staff Meeting
Aug. 18…Teacher Work Day
Aug. 19...First Day for Students
For a more complete list of details and events view our 2015-2016
School Calendar on our website www.belpre.k12.oh.us
High School News
7th Grade Students
As per the Ohio Department of
Health and Ohio Revised Code,
one booster dose of TDaP
(tetanus, diphtheria and acellular
pertussis) or ADacel vaccine is
required for all students PRIOR to
entry into the 7th grade. This
dose is intended to be administered as a booster dose for students
who have completed the required
doses of the initial series of DTaP/
DT/Td vaccine. This booster dose
would have been given within the
past 1-3 years. Immunizations are
available at the Belpre City Health
Department or from your own
family physician. As per the Ohio
Revised Code, students who have
not met immunization requirements are subject to exclusion
from school. Therefore, you
MUST provide the school with
documentation of your child having received this TDaP booster
Aug. 12...7 & 8 Grade Orientation Lawton Gym 7 p.m.
Aug. 12...9-12 Grade Orientation High School Gym 7 p.m.
Belpre High School
AM Drop Off & Dismissal
Students may arrive at BHS at 7:30 for
Drop off time 7:40 a.m.
Classes begin at 7:50 a.m.
Students will be dismissed at 2:47 p.m.
Student Bus Dismissal - 2:47 p.m.
Student Driver Dismissal - 2:44 p.m.
Parent Pick Up Dismissal - 2:50 p.m.
First Home Games of the Season
Looking for golfers! Tee Up!
Any Junior High students interested in
playing golf this fall, contact Coach Scott,
[email protected] Physicals
must be completed before any student can
Parking Passes are $5 for the year.
Complete the registration papers
located in the High School office to
receive your pass.
The Grab & Go breakfast cart will be
available again this year and will be
located in the hallway next to the
choir room and weight room.
Welcome Mr. James Vondenhuevel,
new Jr. High Athletic Director. Mr.
Vondenhuevel is currently a Social
Studies teacher in the high school. He
received a Masters of Education from
Wright State University and is certified to teach grades 7-12. He is also a
graduate of Ohio State University with
a Bachelors in History. He is from
Russia, Ohio and a veteran of the United States Navy. Mr. Vondenhuevel has
played several different sports and
promises to convey his hard work
ethics to the athletes.
Belpre Pride is School Wide
Get fired up! Come show your
school spirit at the bonfire on
Thursday, Aug. 20th, 6:00 p.m., at
the high school. We look forward
to showing our school spirit.
Varsity Football
Aug. 21 Jamboree
7:30 p.m.
Jr. Varsity Football
Aug. 31 Fort Frye
6:00 p.m.
Jr. High Football
Sept. 10 Federal-Hocking
6:00 p.m.
Varsity Soccer
Aug. 29 Southeastern
11:00 a.m.
Jr. High Soccer
Aug. 25 Wood Co. Chri
5:00 p.m.
Varsity Volleyball
Aug. 27 River Valley
6:00 p.m.
Jr. High Volleyball
Sept. 3 Trimble
6:00 p.m.
Varsity Golf
Aug. 7 Wash. Co. Chmpshp
Aug. 18 Home Quad
2:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.
Jr. High Golf
Aug. 25 Warren/VanDevender
4:00 p.m
Varsity Cross Country
See website for schedule
For a more detailed sporting event schedule
visit our website at www.belpre.k12.oh.us and
view high school/sports schedules
Juniors and Seniors will be permitted off campus for lunch this year.
Seniors will not start until after the
first three days of school. Juniors
will start at a later date. More details
to follow.
Ticket Prices for Athletic Events
Varsity & JV
Season Passes:
Family Season
Adult Season
Student, Sr. Citizen & Vet
$ 50
$ 25
7th & 8th Grade
Ticket Prices:
Student, Sr. Citizen & Vet
$ 4
$ 3
Single Ticket Prices:
Student, Sr. Citizen, & Vet
$ 5
$ 3
Cafeteria News
Breakfast is free to ALL students
Grab and Go Breakfast Available at the HS
HS Student Lunch including milk
Elementary Student Lunch including milk
Extra Milk
All Sides
$ .75
To see if you qualify for free or reduced lunches for your child, you may download an application from our
Food Service Tab on our website at www.belpre.k12.oh.us or stop in any of our school offices to pick up an
Belpre Elementary News
Save the Dates
Aug. 11...4th Grade Orientation 4—6 pm @ BES
Aug. 13...Back To School Rally @ Belpre Elem. 6—8 p.m.
Teachers Are Recognized for Their
Hard Work
School Day Times changing at
Belpre Elementary
Belpre Elementary School will begin 5 minutes earlier during the 2015-2016 school
year. The day will begin at 8:00 a.m., when the tardy bell will ring.
End of the day procedures will be as follows;
2:30pm – BUS RIDERS will load and leave the building. THIS IS 1/2 hour earlier
than last year. If you have a child that rides the bus, some will be dropped off approximately 20 to 30 minutes earlier at their location than they were last year, so please
plan accordingly.
Anita Winter received the Jan Dils
Golden Apple Award this past May
2015. Her love for children is what inspired her to become a teacher. After 21
years of dedicated service to the children at Belpre City Schools, she is retiring. Congratulations Mrs. Winter and
good luck in your plans for the future!
Pioneer Civitan Club awarded Eileen
Cieslewski with the Special Educator
of the Year award. The Pioneer Civitan is an all-volunteer service working
in community clubs to help those with
physical, neurological, and mental
health challenges. Civitan clubs serve
the local community, with emphasis on
helping the developmentally disabled,
youth leadership development and
good citizenship.
Congratulations Mrs. Cieslewski!
2:40pm – SIDE-DOOR pick-up students will be released to their families. *Please
note that the bus lane will be closed and buses will be dismissed before side-door
students are released. Families should park and walk to the side door to meet their
2:45pm – CARPOOL students will be loaded. The carpool line will still form on the
right-hand side of the school driveway. Families must have an assigned carpool number. Staff will begin loading students at 2:45.
The Franklin B. Walter Outstanding Educator Award is named in
honor of Dr. Franklin B. Walter,
former superintendent of Ohio’s
public instruction, who devoted over
50 years of service developing quality educational initiatives and programs, including the nation’s first
statewide plan for children with disabilities. Jen Wells was nominated
for this very special award and recognized for her nomination at a ceremony attended by fellow educators,
family, and friends. Round of applause for Ms. Wells!
Celebrate Teaching is a commitment of Battelle for Kids to celebrate, honor, and inspire great
teaching. The Celebrate Teaching
Distinguished Educator Award was
given to Nicole Rodgers, 1st grade
teacher. Mrs. Rodgers has been
teaching children for the past 14
years. This award is given each year
to a group of educators who have had
a powerful impact on students, colleagues, and their community. We
are happy to have you on our team
Mrs. Rodgers!
A message from Tony Dunn, Superintendent
Belpre community is dedicated to
the young people and families who live
here. It is evident in everything that
goes on in this city. At the heart of the
support system is Belpre City Schools.
As an organization, we are committed
to providing the best educational experience possible for all our students. It
is our goal to help raise kids who become responsible, contributing leaders
in our community and throughout the
world. As a public educational institution, we provide that backbone for our
community by teaching the democratic
process and values on which our country was founded. We take very seriously the charge to mold our youth into
thinking, voting, and participating
adults and we are very proud of the
people our graduates become.
We work hard every day to maintain
school buildings that were built in the
1960’s and before, and you will notice
some improvements on both our campuses. Our secure entrances are completed in all three of our buildings and
provide a safer environment for our
students and staff. We appreciate all
the support and patience we have gotten through that process. We have also
completed some major renovations on
our driveways and parking areas. New
blacktop has made quite a difference to
the appearance and safety around our
We are also working closely with the
State of Ohio to explore the feasibility
of a new K-12 school building sometime in the near future. While we are
still in the exploration phase, we will
ask for input from our community in the
near future for school design and support in funding. Our community and
our kids deserve state of the art facilities, and we hope to make that happen
in the near future.
Belpre High School will proudly offer
twelve (12) semester hours of dual credit this year, which means that high
school students have the opportunity of
earning twelve 12) college credits this
year without ever leaving our campus.
We have plans to offer more in the future, but this year’s twelve (12) hours is
three (3) hours more than last school
year, and we are working hard to make
more available in the near future.
It is our expectation that each of our
students and their families have a great
experience at Belpre Elementary and
Belpre High School. We welcome your
input on making this system of schools
and this community a better place to
live. We invite you to become an active
participant in our educational community and help us create the future.
Some changes have been
made to the bus schedule
this year to help alleviate
overcrowding. Please check
the website, the school office, and Facebook for your
copy of the bus schedule.
Call 740-423-9511 or 740423-3023 with any questions
you may have. The transportation department has
been working hard to get all
the busses ready and mechanically sound. Did you
know that we have one of
the oldest busses in operation in the county? It will be
put into retirement as soon
as her replacement comes
in. We have been able to
purchase 3 new busses with
the help of grants and financing over the next 5 years.
The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (A.H.E.R.A.), requires that all
district citizens be notified of the availability for review of the Belpre City Schools
A.H.E.R.A. Management Plan. The plan may be reviewed during regular
business hours at the following location:
Stone Administration Building/Early Learning Center
2014 Rockland Ave.
Belpre, Ohio