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January 2014 - the International School of Stavanger
Published by ISS as a Community Newsletter
29 January 2014 - Volume XXXVI - No 4 2013/14
The Informer
We just had lunch with the Director!
From the Director:
For many people when the New Year starts off, it
is a time for resolutions and bringing new order to
one’s life. If cleaning up and clearing out your house
is amongst your New Year’s Resolutions, here are a
couple of ideas that may be of interest to you where
the local government is helping you to help yourself.
First, heard about Byttebua? Need free stuff? Want to
get rid of stuff?
The Duevel Family had not heard about Byttebua
before we read the article about it recently in Stavanger
Aftenblad. We tried it out some weeks back and I
think it may be of interest to others so will pass on the
Yes! - we enjoyed it!
Basically, it is another step in community recycling.
Those who have stuff to get rid of can deliver it, for a
low price, and those who want stuff, can take it away
We took a carload of odds and ends that were leftovers
from our two kids selling their apartments—some
furniture, a couple of coffee makers, dishes, etc.—
all useable, but taking up space at home. We drove
to IVAR in Forus, (Forusbeen 200), where we paid
NOK 100—that is the price per cubic meter. (We
probably had more than that, but that’s all they asked
for.) We then drove to the “Byttebua,” which is a
warehouse on the big “IVAR campus.” (IVAR stands
for Interkommunalt Vann, Avløp og Rennovasjon—
they are the arm of the government that provides the
county’s drinking water and neighborhood garbage
So we unloaded our stuff—well tried to. . . some of it
never made it out of the boxes—as I was trying to put
some out on the shelves, people who were there to take
stuff literally took it out of my hands and just thanked
us and took our “treasures” away.
They were happy—and we were happy!
After unloading, we wandered around for a look—
there was a fair amount of furniture that looked
quite good—and it was all free for the taking! Beds,
chairs, dining room tables, desks, sofas, closets, lamps,
televisions, books, toys, skates, skiis and lots more.
(No free clothes at Byttebua—but there is a Fretex
container you can put clothes in if you have some to
dispose of.) The notice on the IVAR website makes
it clear that the amount and quality will vary from
day to day and they have no responsibility on whether
something works or not.
No - we don’t want to go back to class, yet...
29 J anuary 2014
There is a sign there in Norwegian, English, Polish
and German that says, “You are only allowed to stay
in the area for up to 20 minutes each day.” Another
tip for those going to “shop” for free stuff—because
the Byttebua is very near the IVAR campus exit, there
is a small parking lot just outside the fence where you
could park and just walk in—that would save you
waiting in the line of cars that we were in because
we had things to deliver and needed to pay our NOK
And if your junk is “real junk” that you just want to
get rid of without giving it away for someone else to
use, after you pay but before you get to Byttebua, there
is a long line of containers for disposing of stuff that
doesn’t merit passing on.
Happy de-cluttering or adding to your housing
inventory at Byttebua—it’s another great recycling
idea in a country that takes its environment seriously.
Cultivated conversation
And for those living in Stavanger Kommune,
from January 13th, you won’t even have to make a
pilgrimage to Byttebua with your things. All you
have to do is send in a request online to Stavanger
Kommune and they will come and pick up your
unwanted treasures directly from your house and
then deliver the re-usable things directly to Byttebua
and save you the trip. Just go to www.hentavfall.no or
call the Servicetorget at Stavanger Kommune and put
in your request. They will suggest to you three dates
for pick-up. You choose the one that fits your family
best and leave the items outside, for example in your
driveway, and they will come and pick them up. For
What a great recycling service!
How about the adorable cover photo on this issue of
the Informer! The two girls, Elli Chow and Katherine
McCormick are good friends in 2nd Grade and
were my official guests recently for “Lunch with the
Director.” Elli “won me” at the Parent Association
International Festival. It is always a pleasure to put
out the nice china and enjoy a special lunch with the
annual winner and a friend of her choice. Since my
own children are now grown and pursuing their own
careers as international teachers, (our daughter at the
International School of Amsterdam and our son is at
the American-British Academy of Muscat, Oman), I
am always delighted to “borrow” children when I have
the chance. Hopefully Elli and Katharine enjoyed
our lunch together as much as I did!
Take us with our teacher!
Finally, in this issue of the Informer, I would like to
“expose myself” as the President of the Dawn Elsborg
Fan Club. Dawn is an amazing human being, as just as
anyone who knows her can acknowledge. Everything
she touches here at ISS has a positive outcome,
whether it is helping Gareth Jones and I create the
big “Learning, Well-being, Community” wall poster
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 3
in the lobby, being an active member of our school
swim team and swim lessons, acting as a treasured
substitute teacher, being a PA High School liaison,
cleaning out and organizing our school storage areas
and. . . . (drum roll). . . doing an absolutely brilliant
job coordinating our PA International Festival!
When she agreed to take on this mammoth
coordinating job last spring, I breathed a sigh of
relief as I knew she would put heart and soul into
the Festival. At the same time, I also drew a breath
of delighted anticipation, because I knew “Creative
Dawn” would come up with some great new and
fun ideas. Throughout the summer, she would stop
by school to share some of these ideas and it was my
pleasure to keep saying, “yes, Yes, YES!” Everything
from the “Walking Globe People” to the phenomenal
PA International Festival Cookbook flowed from her
creative mind. The school purchased extra copies
of the cookbook and I sent them to the Mayors of
Stavanger, Sola, Randaberg, Sandnes and the County
Governor as well as other local politicians who take
great pride in our international community here at
Another amazing facet of this incredible woman is
that she has an excellent business mind. This year,
the PA International Festival proceeds totaled NOK
126,288 minus the miniscule figure of NOK 399 in
actual expenses.
Now, if I asked Dawn to proofread this article, she
would immediately say that she was only one of
many, many members of our school community who
participated in making the International Festival such
a success. And she would be absolutely correct and
I am grateful to EVERYONE who was involved. I
love attending the International Festival each year and
it is an excellent example of tremendous participation
from many, many members of our school community.
But, I also believe in extending credit where credit is
due. Dawn Elsborg helps make the school a better
place for us all. Her hearty laugh is infectious and we
are lucky to have her and lucky that her husband and
children are willing to share her with us.
Thanks, Dawn—you are a STAR!
Dr. Linda Duevel
Dawn Elsborg Fan Club
Stavanger, Norway Branch
[email protected]
29 J anuary 2014
International Festival smiles
Have some real Russian Borshch!!!
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 5
29 J anuary 2014
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Extended Essay news
As our 12th graders celebrate the end of the mock
examinations, and the final completion of many
aspects of their IB Diploma Programme including
the Extended Essay, I have more good news to share
about our graduating class of 2013 and their success in
the ‘Unge forskere’ (Young Researchers) competition.
Three of our graduates have reported on their travels
as part of their ‘Unge forskere’ prizes, and I would
like to quote some extracts from their accounts which
can be found in the ‘news archive’ of the Proscientia
Maria Zakharova wrote of “Surprises in Prague”
at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists
(EUCYS) contest, where she represented Norway:
“I was definitely not expecting to be followed by camera
people once we joined the rest of the EUCYS group at
the airport. The reporters with cameras followed us
throughout the trip, which made me think how special
our EUCYS group was…. We were warmly welcomed
in Prague. The food there was delicious! There was not a
time when I wished anything better than that. …
Prague itself is a very beautiful city, with old and new
architecture combined. One evening I walked across the
Charles bridge and enjoyed a nice and cozy walk through
the old part of the city. On the day of the prize award
ceremony, I did not expect any miracles. Therefore it was
a pleasant surprise to win a week-long trip to Hamburg
to visit the European X-ray free electron laser facility. It
was a nice award for my project in physics!”
So not only did Maria win a fantastic prize in the
Norwegian national contest, but she won a further
prize in the European Union contest! Wow!!
Lisa Koninx described her “Incredible trip to China”
to participate in the China Adolescent Science
and Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC)
conference writing:
“… it is difficult to capture the intensity and the
atmosphere of the trip into a few paragraphs, because
China has such a different culture and different way
of life to anything that I have ever experienced. That
meant that each new moment or event had so much
more “amazing-ness” to it because I was experiencing
it for the first time! On our trip we were lucky enough
to fly into Beijing and stay there for three days before
moving on to Nanjing where the CASTIC conference
29 J anuary 2014
was being held. … The first three days in Beijing were
filled with activities. For me the definite highlights were
the Forbidden City, our visit to the Great Wall of China
and the food market in the Wangfujing District. …
Our time in Nanjing passed much too quickly! It was
an excellent combination of work and play. Most days,
the morning would be spent at the exhibition centre
explaining our posters and then in the afternoon we
would have some sort of cultural activity.”
Rachel Eden won the chance to participate in the
24th International Wildlife Research Week in
Switzerland and wrote of her trip:
“On Sunday we travelled to the area where we would be
doing our research and hiked around as the guides gave
us an overview and suggested possible areas of research.
It was a great introduction to the natural beauty of the
alps and all the wonderful creatures which inhabit it,
such as the marmots and the stereotypical Swiss cows
with their cowbells. Then that evening, depending on
what we wanted to research, we divided into groups,
formed a research question and came up with a plan
to collect data. I ended up in a group with two people
from Switzerland looking at the effect of landscape on
water quality, which we monitored using bioindicator
species. ….
The final two days were a frenzy of activity as within
our groups we analysed our data, wrote it up in a report
and prepared for the final presentation. It wasn’t all
work and no play though. We managed to squeeze in
a crazy football match and a visit to a UNESCO listed
monastery in the area.”
You can read a full account of all their adventures on
the Proscientia website.
I am encouraging all our 12th graders to consider
entering their Extended Essay for the ‘Unge forskere’
competition 2014 (the deadline for entry is 1st
February – so time is running out!).
I would also encourage our current 11th graders who
are just starting their Extended Essay research to
consider just where their efforts can take them!!
Lynn Park,
IBDP Coordinator
[email protected]
The Counselors’ Corner
[email protected]
[email protected]
A Happy New Year to you all and congratulations
to those students who have completed all their
applications, some of whom are already receiving
conditional offers of admission.
Grade 12 News
22 students have submitted applications to the UK of
whom 15 have already received conditional offers of
places. 8 students have applied to the USA and two of
them have already been offered a place. 1 student has
applied to the Netherlands, 1 to Germany and 6 are
in the process of applying to Canada. Deadlines are
fast approaching for Norway and we urge all Grade
12 students to check their deadlines and complete
all application procedures as soon as possible. Our
congratulations to those who have already received
USA applications
While the first stage of the US application process
is complete in that students have submitted their
applications and initial materials (transcript, teacher
recommendations and school report) have been sent
to the colleges, there is still work to be done and it is
important for you to know the following:
1. The very selective US universities receive
thousands of applications for each place. The
average application is 20 pages, including
transcript recommendations, SAT scores, TOEFL
scores, school report, school profile, essays etc. It
takes a long time for the college to collate and
check all this information. It is common for
them to misplace something and tell a student
it is missing. This can be very worrying for
students and parents. If something is missing
the college will normally notify the student;
often they will notify the counselor as well.
Please do not worry immediately if a college tells
you something is missing. Merely check with this
office. We can very easily send duplicates of school
forms electronically. All students should check
their status regularly to make sure that they
have notification from the college that their
file is complete. If by February 10th they have
not received this confirmation they should
email the admissions department to check.
2. Admissions decisions begin to come through
in late February and March and students are
required to choose one university and make
a tuition deposit by May 1st. Please be aware
that all decisions in the US are conditional on
a student finishing school in good standing and
the student is required to send a final transcript
to the university of his/her choice. It is becoming
more common for highly selective universities
to penalize students who fail to do well in final
examinations, or whose final term grades are very
UK Applications
Notifications of university decisions are normally
received from both UCAS and the university itself.
Once all the decisions are made students are allowed
to keep two of the maximum of five offers – one
‘Firm’ and one ‘Insurance’. One should be their first
choice and the other should be their safety choice with
a points offer that the student and his/her teachers
are sure can be achieved in the final IB examinations.
We strongly advise that students do not make this
decision without consulting their counselor. Students
can track their decisions in UCAS.
Some students who applied through UCAS as EU
citizens may be asked to complete extra paperwork to
verify their fee status. This should be done as quickly
as possible to avoid delays in decisions.
Norwegian Universities
If you are planning to attend a Norwegian university
degree program in the fall of 2014 you must apply
DIRECTLY via the samordnaopptak website by
March 1st, 2014. Applications open February 1st.
Applicants for the one-year Norwegian Language
and Culture program at the University of Stavanger
should apply directly on the UiS website as soon as
possible. The deadline is March 1st 2014. http://www.
Canadian Universities
Applications to Canadian universities take place
between December and March. Canadian Universities
usually make their decisions based on class grades in
Grade 11 and the first half of Grade 12 plus IB predicted
grades. For all students who have officially notified us
that they are applying to Canadian universities will
send the Midyear grades and IB predicted grades to
their chosen universities as soon as they become
available. Decisions are made usually in March and
April and are usually conditional on achieving a good
result in the IB Diploma examinations.
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 9
The Counselors’ Corner
[email protected]
[email protected]
All other university destinations
Students should talk to their counselor as soon as
possible about school paperwork and references for
applications to any other destinations.
Having survived the college application rush, college
interviews, and mock exams, I can imagine the relief
you must be experiencing by now. However several
very important months remain before graduation. Be
aware that as the weather becomes brighter and the
workload appears to lighten up, Senioritis may begin
to take over. Many universities will be contacting us
for mid-year reports or call to check on your progress.
To avoid having a college acceptance rescinded, stay
on course and forge ahead towards a strong senior
For students planning a gap year, have you considered
a volunteer or service project? Review http://www.
unitedplanet.org or http://www.volunteerabroad.
com for further ideas. Also be sure to check with
the Counseling Office to see that your current teacher
references have been submitted so you may use them
in the first semester of 2014 when you plan to apply
to university.
Junior SOAR has begun! This is a change to the
way in which College planning and important IBDP
tasks will be organized and will take place every
Friday Block 4. Generally the time will be divided
between university planning and IB, but we hope that
once important goals are reached you will have extra
time for study. The time to actively research and plan
for your future is NOW so that in senior year you can
concentrate on applications and studies.
Standardized college admissions tests
Extended Essay draft
Personal Statement/Essay
University Short list
To register online for the SAT that will be offered here at
ISS on May 3rd, 2014 go to www.collegeboard.com. The
registration deadline is April 4th, 2014.
To register online for the ACT that will be given here
at ISS on April 12, 2014 go to www.actstudent.org
The registration deadline is March 7, 2014.
PLEASE NOTE: Spaces for these exams fill up
quickly. It is recommended that you sign up as soon
as possible to ensure that you will be able to take the
is scheduled for Thursday 6th March at 7.00pm
in the ISS Theater. We will be discussing general
information regarding the “university short list,”
country-specific criteria, and application timelines.
Universities and colleges are eager to visit ISS! Since
our return from Christmas break we have had visits
January 14, 2014
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
January 15, 2014
University of Bournemouth
Please check the Daily Report for other university
visits and updates.
During SOAR time you will work on the HIGH-5
items that we have already discussed as well as explore
university and career options through group and
individual meetings.
Even if you are considering a gap year after your
graduate, we will require that you go through the
university planning process with your peers and we
strongly advise that you apply to university and ask
for a year’s deferral, while you are still an ISS student,
surrounded by a plethora of support.
Please check the college bulletin board or ask in the
Counseling Office for more information.
29 J anuary 2014
We have received a wide variety of brochures and
information from summer study programs in China,
the U.K, France, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.S.A.
The Counselors’ Corner
[email protected]
[email protected]
Pre-IB and Mid-IB summer programs are available,
as well as pre-exam revision courses in the spring.
University tours for both the UK and US are also
available this summer. For more information go to
www.osc-ib.com and www.college-visits.com
All students and parents are encouraged to attend the
IB Information Night on Thursday 6th February
at 6.00pm. At this event, we will be discussing
IB program requirements in depth and setting up
individual appointments to review course choices for
next year.
Congratulations! You have completed 1/8 of
your high school career! As you reflect on last
semester, how would you assess your experience and
performance? Are your grades something you can be
proud of? Were you actively involved in sports, clubs,
or the school play?
These experiences are tremendous benchmarks that
can be educationally enriching, but they can also be
extremely stressful and trying. In high school your
support in setting limits, establishing good study
habits and personal values is crucial.
With you we are their support system, looking out for
their well being, watching their eating and sleeping
habits, and helping them achieve some semblance of
It is this culture of community that we have established
here at ISS, which makes it a continued honor to work
with you as your child’s counselors.
Warmest regards,
Mrs. Brown
Ms. Jetabut
High School Counselor
High School Counselor
[email protected] [email protected]
If you feel that you could have had a stronger start
to 9th grade, it is not too late to have a strong finish.
Remember that 9th grade counts! Your grades,
courses, and credits will be recorded on your overall
high school transcript.
What is a transcript? See Ms. J or Ms. Brown to find
Last but not least, to our ISS PARENTS:
Time flies by and we are already halfway through the
academic year. Although there is still much work to be
done, we have already accomplished a great deal due to
the persistent effort and unwavering commitment of
our remarkable high school students. It is important
to acknowledge the good work that we have seen thus
far but it is equally important to continue to support
them through until the end. As such, we must be
cognizant of the fact that they are still teenagers going
through 9th grade transition for the first time, making
critical IB choices as a 10th grader, beginning a 4000
word Extended Essay assignment in 11th grade, or
preparing for final IB examinations and the transition
to university as a 12th grader.
High School is somewhat exhausting at times
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 11
High School NEWS
Grade 12 Extended Essay Exhibition
• What effects does major and minor tonality of
classical music have on the heart rate and blood
pressure of teenage females?
• How far did the trial after the My Lai capture the
reality of the event?
• How much more energy can be harvested from a
passive tracking system than from a simple solar
• How are female stereotypes and representations
represented in the construction of weight loss and
diet food advertisements in The United States of
These are just four of the 51 Extended Essay titles our
IB students worked over the last year – challenging
and engaging, but also incredibly varied depending
on the subject and language they were written in.
On Thursday evening January 23rd, the combined
efforts of 17 students were exhibited in the library
during the inaugural Extended Exhibition Walk.
Parents, students and teachers joined the Grade twelve
cohort and a group of EE supervisors to celebrate the
completion of these advanced academic essays.
There can be no doubt that the chosen titles took our
29 J anuary 2014
IB students out of their comfort zone and provided an
insight into the academic work at university they will
encounter. Whether hours were spent in the library
writing about literature or setting up experiments in
the Sciences, the experience of conducting independent
work of such depth and writing academically will set
many of our students apart during their university
application process as well as help make the first year
at university much less daunting.
I would like to extend appreciation and thanks to
Ms Jetabut and Ms Park for organizing the event,
the Parent Association, Mrs Elsborg and Mrs Astill
for providing wonderful refreshments, the Extended
Essay supervisors for their work in guiding and
supporting students, all who came on the evening to
support our Grade twelve students, and of course, the
17 Grade twelve students who took the time to share
their research and essays.
A superb achievement – and one we are all incredibly
proud of!
Dr. Liam Browne
High School Principal
[email protected]
High School NEWS
Ok - so I’m not in High School yet, but I do hang out with the boys!
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 13
Middle School News and Events
The ‘Winter Wonderland’ Middle School Dance
Here is the latest update from the always busy Middle
6th grade Mesopotamian Market
Congratulations to the 6th Grade on their very
successful Mesopotamian Market which took place
last Friday, 24th. It was wonderful to see so many
parents attending. The students were very keen to
share their amazing knowledge and to bring that
time period alive. It is also a fantastic example of how
practical activities greatly help the learning process. I
had a great visit! This is a fantastic collaborative and
cross-curricular event. Well done to all students and
to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Moore.
ISA Results
The International Schools’ Assessment (ISA) tests
were completed by MS students last September and
the results have arrived.
We will send home the individual student results (by
mail/post) on Monday, 27th January. Please contact
the MS office if they have not arrived by the middle of
the following week.
Middle School Recognition Ceremony – Q2.
Thank you to all parents who attended the ceremony
on Monday, January 27th. This ceremony gives us the
opportunity to reflect on the quarter that has now
finished and celebrate the events and activities that
has taken place inside and outside of the classroom.
We also watched a slide show of pictures from Q2 to
remind us of all the wonderful events that happen
in the Middle School both inside and outside of the
Special thanks and congratulations to the following
• Ashling Devins (8th Grade) on her beautiful
violin performance.
• Balder Award Winners – 6th Grade Zach
Matthews, 7th Grade, Helen White and 8th
Grade, Folke Hermansen
• Troll Attendance Award – Uddenberg
Homeroom – 6th Grade
• Q2 House Winners – Snickers House –
Uddenberg, De Bleser and Gilbert Homerooms
• Computer Coding Games – thank you to Zach
29 J anuary 2014
Middle School News and Events
So, let’s dance!
Matthews (6th), Kaushik Dhamodaran (7th)
and Ben Cullen (7th) for showing us their working
on computer coding during Q2 Exploratory.
MS Homeroom
Our Homeroom theme for January is ‘Conflict
Resolution’ Students will be discussing these
important topics during their advisory time in
The theme for February is ‘Decision-Making Skills’.
At inkle, we believe it takes
great writers to tell great stories.
That’s why we’ve created inklewriter to help writers
tell interactive tales with the minimum of fuss.
inklewriter keeps your branching story organised,
so you can concentrate on what’s important – the
writing. It’s perfect for mixing computer skills and
creative writing!
Read an example:
Bus Safety
Could you please talk to your children about the
importance of wearing the seat belt provided on the
school bus? Students should wear the seat belt for the
ENTIRE journey (not just when they leave school).
Students should not be freely wandering around the
bus, but sitting securely in their seats.
Thank you for your help.
Lunch Cards
Thank you all very much for your attention to the lunch
card issue. This has GREATLY improved in the Middle
School recently. Please check regularly – thank you.
• All students who purchase lunch in the cafeteria
should always have their lunch card with them.
Please make sure that there is enough money
in the account. This can be done online or with
direct payment to Anne Brit Winters at the main
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 15
Middle School News and Events
Some reminders/recommendations for our
Middle School students:
• Students must drink WATER during the day (not
soda, coffee, tea, and energy drinks or juices). That
is the reason why MS students are not permitted
to purchase soda at the kiosk.
• PLEASE send your son/daughter to school with
a water bottle.
• Students should bring this to school every day
and to every class.
• Adolescents MUST get at least 9 hours of sleep
per night for optimum learning.
the light from the devices (laptops, iPads, phones,
TV) wakes up the brain and prevents good quality
sleep (as well as the temptation of actually using
the device during the night!!). I have mentioned
this fact in several of my newsletters this year.
General Organisation – Locks and Lockers
• PLEASE help us out and make sure that your
son/daughter has a padlock for their locker.
Many students do have one and are then
not locking their locker during the school
day OR at night OR over the weekend.
• iPads are to remain locked in their lockers
during the school day at recess and lunch.
• iPads are always to be inside
the case provided.
MS Basketball – Aberdeen
30th January-February 2nd
Good luck to the eight, 8th Grade boys travelling to
Aberdeen this week to participate in a tournament
hosted by the International School of Aberdeen:
Michael Løvoy
Alexandre Dorne
Samuel Parchao
Jules Bertin
Daniel Scicchitano
Wilma’s potion
Her choices are
Yves Junior Mbiguis
newt, fly, beetle, snake, and snail. How many differAlexis
ent combinations
of 3 of
these 5 choices are there?
A) 6
B) 8
C) 10
Ryan Strutin
A) 10
B) 15
C) 20
D) 40
Two cousins visited Jane today. One cousin visits every 42 days.
The other visits
429 days. They will next visit on the same
A) 31
B) 6006
B) 32011
Middle School M athematics Club
Please read on for information from Ms. Uber and
High School Maths teacher Mr. Dinakaran:
• The Middle School Math Club meet in Ms
Uber’s room (255) on Thursdays after school. The
purpose of the club is to build student interest
and confidence in Mathematics through problem
solving activities in a challenging environment.
We will primarily use resources from the Math
League and Mathcounts competition in the
US which has questions from different areas of
17, Tenafly,
Math League Press, P.O. Box
Sample 7th Grade Contest
Tuesday, February 26 (alternate date: February 19), 2013
day in _?_ days.
C) 9009
D) 18 018
29 J anuary 2014
C) 2 × 32012
note that this is not a club for help with math
■ Time Do not open this booklet until told by your teacher to begin. You
might be ***
unable to finish all 35 questions in the 30 minutes allowed.
Scores Remember that this is a contest, not a test—there is no “passing”
or “failing” score. Few students score 28 points
(80% correct). Students
with 14 points, should be commended! High-scoring students may be
invited to our “Math Camp,” held last August at Stanford University.
Results Posted Online Scores of high-scoring schools, both regional
D) 61006
31. The measure of the smaller angle formed by the hour and minute
hands of a circular clock at 2:46 is
Q3 Extra-Curricular Activities
D) 60
C) 92also D) 98
A) 4296
Name Barbara Valle
Nolan Anthony
Matteo Carazza
Naomi Bertha
Maiya Williamson
Maya Ostrowska
Auriol Morgan
Anvitha Shastry
Synniva Geus
Ashling Devins
Kaia Kjos
Freya Williamson
Line Petersen
Silja Knudsen
28. 288 minutesto
= _?_%
of 1 day
International Schools’ Theatre Association
This drama festival takes place in Cornwall in the
UK and the students participate in a series of drama
workshops over the weekend. Students will travel on
Wednesday, 5th February and be back in school on
Tuesday, 11th. Thanks also to chaperones Ms. O’Brien
and Mrs. Gilbert.
27. The sum of six consecutive integers could be
A) 81
Middle School News and Events
Work Space
• Continues on Monday and Wednesday
after school from 3:30 until 5:00 and
is an opportunity for students to get their
homework completed and ask for help
from teachers before going home.
• Practice continues for both boys and girls and
takes place on Tuesday and Thursday from
15:30 until 17:00
• Practices will take place on Tuesday and
Thursday from 15:30 until 17:30. Please contact
Rianne Hettema if you have any questions.
MS Musical R ehearsals
• The after-school rehearsals continue on Monday
and Wednesday from 15:30 until 17:30 and on
Sundays from 13:00-16:00.
That is all for this time!
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
questions or concerns – my door is always open!
Carol Wallace
Middle School Prinicpal
[email protected]
Middle School Activity Day - on the ice rink
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 17
Ready for Music!
Primary School News
By the time you read this, reports for Quarter Two
and results of the International Schools’ Assessment
should be in your hands. I hope the teacher comments
on your child’s strengths and progress as well as next
steps and challenges in learning are helpful in making
your child’s education more effective. These reports
help you know what your child has been learning, the
achievements made and the next steps in learning.
If you have any questions about the reports, please
contact the teachers directly so you can get more
detail or clarification of your child’s progress.
You will receive an invitation to a meeting with your
child’s homeroom teacher. If you would like to meet
with a child’s specialist area teacher, please contact
them directly via email and suggest a time that works
well for you.
On 21 February, for the end of Quarter 3, you will be
invited to a parent-teacher conference. This is meant
as a way to gather information and share ideas on
your child’s progress. Quarter 3 reports, like those of
Quarter 1, will have an overview and level of meeting
expectations, but no individual comments, so the
parent-teacher conference time is set for discussion
about individual progress.
The yearly Roundtable will be from 9:00-10:30 on
13 February. We will start with everyone present
discussing internationalism and international
education, and then we will break into division
sections to talk with the principals. The Roundtable
discussions are a way to bring ideas about school
and talk about how school is going in general, not to
address specific issues of a student or teacher.
29 J anuary 2014
Later in the year, each grade level will have studentled conferences during an afternoon to celebrate
and describe progress from a student perspective.
Homeroom teachers will give you more information
about the time and date for these.
How does our digestive system work ..?
Congratulations to student in Grades 3-5 for a
wonderful production of the musical Time Lord.
Children in Grades 3, 4 and 5 have been practiced for
months to provide three special performances for the
Grade 5 students will be at outdoor education
week at Gullingen Leirskule, 24-28 March. This
is a fantastic trip when students learn about Norway
and its cultures and traditions as well as learning
how to take responsibility. They also learn how to
cross-country ski and build skills both in working
independently and as a team.
is a
Primary School News
Len Duevel, PhD
Primary School Principal
[email protected]
Hands-on Science in 5th Grade!
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 19
Welcome back all Early Childhood students!
We have had several new students join us in EC. All
seem to be settling well and meeting new friends.
Thank you parents for helping to get your children
back into routine after the holidays. I hope that you
all had a joyful time with family and friends. It is
wonderful to have everyone back to school. The
children are what make the school come alive!
Thank you parents for attending the Preschool 4
Assembly held on Friday, January 21. I know that you
will agree that the children were fabulous on stage!
The story told was a delight for all to hear. We are all
counting down the days to our 100th day in schoolFebruary 3. Be on the lookout for details of special
activities to celebrate this day.
Winter and snow is the big theme going on in Early
Childhood. Preschool 3 and Preschool 4 have been
exploring the wonders of snow. This includes playing
in snow. Making snow angels and sliding down a
snowy hill. The children have experimented with
painting in snow. They have been looking for signs
of winter, finding animal tracks, and observing the
changes taking place in trees.
Kindergarten have launched into a new theme that
deals with all things winter. They are reading and
learning all about winter weather, winter activities,
animals and what they do during the winter, and so
much more. When we had snow the Kindergarten
students were able to bring some inside and make
miniature snowmen. They measured them, made
predictions about how long it would be until they
melted, and spent lots of time just watching them
Grade 1 has been learning all about animals in winter
including hibernation. The children have enjoyed
playing in snow every chance they get. In addition to
snow and winter, the students in Grade 1 are learning
about changes in matter. They have completed a series
of hands-on experiments where they learned and
applied the scientific method.
We know that “play” is an important part of early
childhood. You may be more familiar with “direct
instruction” teaching methods based on teaching
discrete skills isolated from children’s interests and
activities. But research shows that the exploratory
and creative activity that young children initiate
themselves (play) is the primary way they develop
concepts and understanding about the world.
29 J anuary 2014
A play-based early childhood curriculum is not a
laissez-faire approach. It’s not the same as giving
children ”free play” separate from ”teaching.” Rather,
teachers use the power of children’s developing ideas,
interests, and competencies to promote learning—
through play, circle-time, and small-group activities.
This power is most evident in children’s play, as play
is the central force in the development of young
• Children have many opportunities to apply
mental representations of the world to new objects,
people, and situations—the key ability for future
academic learning.
• Children integrate all types of learning—physical,
social, emotional, intellectual, and language
• Children are engaged in things they’re interested
in—so they have a natural motivation to learn.
• Children develop concepts and skills together as
they are integrated in the context of meaningful
and playful experiences.
• Children are more likely to retain skills and
concepts they have learned in meaningful
• Concepts are developed through activities that
occur naturally during play, such as counting,
sorting, sequencing, predicting, hypothesizing,
and evaluating.
• Through dramatic play with objects, people, and
imagined situations, children develop their oral
language skills and capacity for narrative, or
“thinking in stories.
• When children are engaged in activities they have
chosen, learning is enjoyable because it is based
on their own curiosity and connected to a sense
of mastery.
• Through play with blocks, clay, sand, water, and
other materials, children develop skills in logic.
They begin to learn scientific concepts such as
cause and effect and mathematical concepts
such as quantity, classification, and ordering.
They practice inventing strategies for solving
• As children interact with each other, negotiating
the sharing of materials or planning imaginative
play, they learn concepts and skills in cooperating,
advocating one’s own ideas and listening to
others, handling frustration, and empathizing
with others.
Jill Raven
Early Childhood Principal
[email protected]
Can I eat these ....?
A snow angel!
Stage 1 of a snowman
I see right through it!
Wow! I’m fast!!
Can’t you see for yourself what it is ....?
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 21
All School News
29 J anuary 2014
All School News
Candle light dinner
31 January 2014
Welcome drink & Parmesan sticks
Crab salad with mango and drizzled sesame dressing
Farm Chicken breast with ricotta and spinach and cannelloni
Jus sauce and braised root winter vegetables
Pear Tatin tart served with home made pecan ice parfait
All dishes are available in a vegetarian version or nut free
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 23
All School News
Registration for host-­‐families is open for all ISS families. This could be a great experience for your family! The International School of Stavanger is proud to host the 2013-­‐14 AMIS European Middle School Honor Girls’ Choir! Every year, AMIS (the Association for Music in International Schools) sponsors a variety of music festivals designed to benefit students in international schools around the world. In April 2014, 90 middle school girls selected from 13 other international schools will head to Stavanger and spend several days rehearsing as part of an honor choir and perform a concert on Sat., April 5. Mark your calendar and spread the word! ISS students have attended these festivals annually – meeting other student musicians, making beautiful music and exploring new cities. They’ve been fortunate that at each festival a host family has warmly opened their home for overnight stays. We’re looking for ISS families to host students from Wed., April 2 until Sun., April 6. If you’re interested, the music department would like to hear from you! Please complete this form and place it in the box in the main lobby or send an email to [email protected] Contact Betthilde Keij at [email protected] for information about hosting and Tony Mudra at [email protected] with general inquiries. Thanks. Name: ______________________ Child’s Name: ________________ E-­‐mail: ____________________________ Phone: ________________ Number of Students Willing to Host: ___________________________ 24 · THE INFORMER
29 J anuary 2014
Parent Association News
2014-15 PA Board Vacancies
Are you looking for a way to help ISS AND use your
talents? There is a place for you with the Parents
Association (PA)!
We need volunteers to fill the following positions:
 President/Co-Presidents
 Faculty Appreciation
 Social Event Coordinator(s)
 Kiosk Merchandise
 Festival Coordinator(s)
 Middle School Liaison
 Early Childhood Liaison
 Photographer
 Primary School Liaison
 Welcome and Hospitality
 High School Liaison
 Reading Incentive Program
 Publicity
Without the ISS PA, many of your child’s favorite activities
and events—like field trips, book orders, dances—would
not happen or would cost much more. To make these
things keep happening, we need you!
Many of these positions can be filled with friends working
together or even a committee. Contact the ISS PA to find
out more! Email [email protected] today!
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 25
Parent Association News
Volunteers Needed to Work Kiosk Shifts!
Tuesdays, 14.30-15.30
Thursdays, 8.15-10.45
If you would like to join the kiosk team, please email Nicole DuBois, kiosk volunteer
coordinator, at [email protected]
29 J anuary 2014
Parent Association News
still re dow
to t
- lo
la st
te d
k io
rr y
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 27
SPRING COURSES in SOLA! We are running Pilates & Mom/Baby Pilates on Thursdays and Yoga on Tuesday mornings in March! Spring YOGA courses: March 11th & May 20th Spring PILATES courses: March 13th & May 15th We also have dance classes at BISS on Tuesdays after school & at ISS on Wednesdays after school. Check out: www.studiovanessa.no to register now! To CONTACT Vanessa, send an email to: [email protected] Women’s Ministry
Do you want to become
a BETTER skier?
www.studiovanessa.no / mob. 473 39 376 / Røde Kors Huset på Sola Here’s your chance:
Weekend Retreat
Fellowship, Fun, Laughter
Bible Studies
Service Projects
Mission Trip
Come check us out!
Go to ski school!!!!
29 J anuary 2014
We are requesting shoes and clothing of all sizes,
both children and adult. We will be sending a
shipment to Uganda to some very needy
people there as quickly as we can gather and package
Your help is so very appreciated.
You can call us at: 905 73 312 or 918 78 376 and
we will be happy to pick up anything you have.
We trust everyone has had a very Merry Christmas
and the beginning of a wonderful New Year!!
Samuel and Betty Speer
Experienced British Piano Teacher
is looking for new pupils in the Stavanger area.
Home visits possible.
For more details, please contact: Gethin Jones
B.Mus.,A.R.C.O.,P.G.Dip. R.N.C.M.,
D.O.K.S. (Denmark)
Tel.: 925 06 334 Email: [email protected]
W e l l b e i n g
Live your potential!
Choose where your life is headed - find what
helps you thrive, what gives meaning and depth
to your life and from that perspective, choose
what comes next and increase your contentment.
Or use counselling/coaching to support yourself
through difficulties like; stress, depression,
bereavement, moves, career change, relationships,
negative behaviours, etc. Discover what they mean
and how to respond positively.
John Gibbs is a UK-registered Psychotherapist,
works with adults, couples, and children and runs
courses and seminars for groups.
Call 51 89 33 37 or 954 17 443
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.welbeing.org
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 29
Chef: Jean-Pierre Duc
Lunch Menu
In addition to the daily HOT MEAL and the soup of the day, the cafeteria also offers a vegetarian option for lunch
NB! The symbols Veg and GF means vegetarian and gluten free, respectively.
Every day we serve either a vegetarian option or a vegetarian soup.
The soup variety is announced on the on-line menu daily
January 2014
W 29.01 Smoked pork chops w/chickpea stew in tomato sauce GF
T30.01Kjøttkaker (= Norwegian meatballs) w/carrots stew
& potatoes
F 31.01 Cajun-style salmon and fried noodles
February 2014
M 03.02 Pizza and salad
T 04.02 Pasta with chicken spinach and parmesan
W 05.02 Karbonader Burger with potatoes gravy and carrots
T 06.02 Tacos with beef , salsa and cheese (GF)
F 07.02 Polock filet with butter sauce and broccoli (GF)
M 10.02
T 11.02
W 12.02
T 13.02
F 14 .02
Phad Thai Noodles with chicken
Shepherd´s pie with beef (GF)
Couscous and ratatouille with cumin (Veg)
Irish Lamb stew with potatoes
Salmon filet with mushroom cream sauce and rice (GF)
Fried rice cantonese with chicken and prawns (GF)
Lasagna Bolognese with salad
Hot dogs and mashed potatoes served with gravy
Chili con Carne served with nacho chips (GF)
Breaded cod served with hollandaise sauce and broccoli
24.02. - 28.02 Winter Week
M arch 2014
M 03.03 Pizza and salad
T 04.03 Pasta w/chicken and spinach
W 05.03 Sweet & sour pork w/rice (GF)
T06.03Kjøttkaker (= Norwegian meatballs) w/carrots stew
& potatoes
F 07.03 Salmon Teriyaki with rice
M 10.03 Indian Rice Biriyani w/cocnut and chicken
T 11.03 Pasta Carbonara w/bacon and Parmesan cheese sauce
W 12.03 Beef Burritos w/ salsa and salad
T14.03Lammefrikassée (= Lamb stew w/ root vegetables
& potatoes)
F 15.03 Fiskegratin (= Norwegian cod soufflée w/maccaroni)
M 17.03 Hot dogs and mashed potatoes served with gravy
T 18.03 Pasta Bolognese
W19.03 Chicken Chop Suey (= Chinese stew w/soy sauce)
T20.03Karbonder w/ fried onion, gravy and potatoes
F 21.03 Breaded cod with butter sauce and potatoes and broccoli
Cajun fried rice w/beans and chorizo sausage (
Mediterranean pasta w/tomatoes, feta and chicken
Stir-fry w/meat, potatoes and vegetables
Nachos and beef wsalad and salsa
Salmon Tandoori w/rice
The menu of the Valhall Cafeteria is regularly updated on the
Issues of the Informer in the school year 2013-2014 are due: 05.09, 30.10. and 11.12. 2013.
In 2014: 29.01, 12.03. and 28.05. Deadline is one week before.
To have CLASSIFIED ADS published in The Informer, please e-mail: [email protected]
The editor reserves the right to edit ads to fit the space requested by you.
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NOK 200,-
NOK 100,-
NOK 50,-
Private persons
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Students and
their parents3*
If you do not wish to receive the Informer any more or if you have changes to your e-mail address,
please notify Liv N. Høie at 51 55 43 22
or e-mail: [email protected]
The Informer is issued on the ISS web-page: www.isstavanger.no
Go to “News” and then to “Informer” and current issue.
Editor: Liv Nærland Høie
Phone: +47 51 55 43 22 E-mail: [email protected]
If you run a business/company/activity that makes your living, you are a “company” price-wise.
If you have a small activity, a non-profit foundation, organise a charity, advertise your belongings for
sale, insert small personal ads, etc., you are charged a “private person” price.
*These prices are valid from January 2010
29 J anuary 2014
Calendar of Events School year 2013-2014
High School event
The Informer is published by
International School of Stavanger
Treskeveien 3
Tel: +47 51 55 43 00
Fax: +47 51 55 43 01
E-mail: [email protected]
High School Office: +47 51 55 43 43
Middle School Office: +47 51 55 43 11
Primary School Office: +47 51 55 43 23
Director: Dr. Linda Duevel
Deputy Director: Mr. Gareth Jones
High School Principal: Dr. Liam Browne
Middle School Pricipal: Ms. Carol Wallace
Primary School Principal: Dr. Len Duevel
Early Childhood Principal: Ms. Jill Raven
Business Manager: Ms. Linn Åsheim
IB Coordinator: Ms. Lynn Park
High School Counselors: Ms. Monchaya (June) Jetabut
and Ms. Cheryl Brown
Middle School Counselor: Mr. Matt Armstrong
Primary School Counselor: Dr. Jack Raven
School Nurse: Ms. Heather Melhus
The ISS Vision Statement
Inspire a community of responsible, globallyengaged, empowered learners.
The ISS Mission Statement
ISS provides an internationally-accredited, engaging and challenging English-language education
in a supportive, multi-cultural environment where
students have the opportunity to fulfill their
Our Values
Learning, Well-being, Community.
The International School of Stavanger (ISS), founded
in 1966, is an independent, non-profit Norwegian
foundation accredited by the New England Association
of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools. The school enrolls students from ages
3 through 18. ISS offers an international university
preparatory curriculum that combines the best features
of many national educational systems. Both the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme and the
International General Certificate of Secondary Education external examinations are available to students.
In 2013, the school has an enrollment of nearly 800
students who represent over 50 nationalities, including
students from six of the earth’s seven continents.
Middle School event
Primary School event
All School event
January 2014
MUN Conference, The Hague
Middle School Recognition Ceremony for Q2, 13:50
30.01-02.02Junior Varsity basketball tournament
Cameroon Service Project Candlelit Dinner
31.01-01.02Middle School basketball to Aberdeen
10th Day of School
Grade 5 Assembly, 10:30
Middle School ISTA, Cornwall, UK
Transition and IGCSE Information for Grade 9
Morning Connections, 09:00-09:30
Middle School Round Table, 09:30 - 10:00
IB Information Evening, 18:00
Middle School Dance, 18:30-21:00
8th to 9th Grade Transition Meeting, 18:00-20:00
Primary School Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences
Winter Week Holiday
M arch
Grade 4 Asembly, 10:30
College Information Night, 19:00
High School Lock-In
Middle School Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences
Middle School Musical: ’Beauty and the Beast’
NECIS Boys’ & Girls’ basketball in Antwerp
8th Grade Leirskole, Trysil
High School Parent-Teacher Conferences
Outdoor Education Week for Grade 5, Gullingen
International Award trip
First day of practice for EC/PS Track & Field
27-30 NECIS Swimming in Luxembourg
29.03 - 04.04 CIS/NECIS visiting Team at ISS
High School ISTA
A pril
Middle School AMIS Honour Choir Festival hosted by ISS
Middle School Recognition Ceremony for Q3, 08:45-10:15
All-School DEAR Day
Easter Break
StuCo Spring Elections
SWEC Spring Fling, (evening)
6th Grade trip to Oslo
IGCSE exams
M ay
1 - 2
National and school holiday
5th to 6th Grade Transition Evening
Grade 5/Middle School/High Sschool Band Concert
Constitution Day (with ISS in the parade at 10:00)
Primary School musical
National and school holiday
Early Childhood Field Day, 09:00-10:00
Primary School Field Day, 10:00-11:30
THE INFORMER 29 J anuary 2014 · 31
Your guide to the Iternational Festival

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