Here`s what you will find



Here`s what you will find
Our totally redesigned web site serves a global community of
RF, Microwave and Power Conversion engineers. Our technical
product management team has worked closely with the leading suppliers
to provide design resources to help you improve time to market, find alternative
solutions, save development costs, reduce risk and improve design performance.
Here’s what you will find:
What’s Hot links to the latest products
and supplier information for today’s
important applications. See what’s hot on by category or release date.
Online Shopping improvements which
make it easy to log in, buy available
items, request quotes, check status of all
orders, and save items for later purchase.
• Featured Products from the
industry’s leading suppliers.
Design Resource Center provides tools and
technical library materials which offer practical,
real-time design assistance, including application design assistance worksheets, block diagrams,
design kits, evaluation boards, white papers,
calculators, converters, and much more.
View Suppliers links to listings of all Richardson RFPD Suppliers. Explore supplier storefronts
alphabetically or by product category to investigate
their latest products, selector guides, and more.
Advanced Search: Our powerful advanced search
functionality allows you to choose a variety of specific
characteristics to locate parts, documents and
information on Enter partial or
complete part numbers, parameters, descriptions,
and/or supplier names.
Part # or Keyword(s)
Search: The fastest way to find products on our site
is to use the basic search box located at the top
of every page. Simply enter part numbers, product
names, or other keywords and click the magnifying
glass icon or press the enter button to get a list of
all the parts matching your entry.
Documents & Parametric Search: You can also
search our site for documents related to products,
as well as perform detailed parametric searches
on parts within a given product category.
(See page 4 for details.)
Filtering Options: You can filter your results
to see any or all of the following:
• New Items
• Featured Items
• RoHS Compliant Items
Find the information you need the way that makes the most sense to you.
Whether you like to start at a high level and work your way down or dive right into the
details, our unique Engineer-Focused Navigation™ system offers four interrelated
paths to find parts and information based on your particular interest.
Products—Find the latest new products from the
leading RF/Wireless and Power Conversion suppliers. Drill down through product categories and perform
parametric comparisons to identify the best product for
your requirements. (See pages 4-5 for details.)
Applications—Access block diagrams, application
notes, and design tools to help select the products
related to your applications. View related products,
suppliers and industries for each application.
Industries—Navigate to parts directly related to the
products and applications for your industry. Download documents and see upcoming industry-related
Events and Seminars. View related products, suppliers and applications for each Industry.
Services—Discover the services and capabilities of
Richardson RFPD to build, customize or enhance
products to your exact specifications.
Four Interrelated Sections: These four areas interrelate
throughout the web site to make it easier and quicker for you to
navigate to the best product for your need. Each page offers
suggestions or links to items in the other areas.
View Related Products
View Related Applications
View Related Services
View Related Industries
In addition to the online resources available on, our extensive team of engineers function
as an extension of your design team. We provide
application design assistance and a variety of services
to speed your time to market, including Asembly,
Design & Engineering, Testing, Manufacturing and
Supply Chain.
Compare and select products for RF/Microwave
& Power Conversion Technologies
To help you compare and select the right part for your
requirements, each product category allows you to
narrow down your choices using parametric searching
and sorting. Add filters to your search, compare
parameters by sorting or match “must have” attributes
(e.g., package size, frequency, power, supply voltage).
Parametric Search: Each Product
Category offers specific
parametric attributes to filter your
search. Choose the Parameter (i.e.,
Maximum Frequency), select the
desired Operator (i.e., =, <, >), enter
a Value for the parameter and add
the filter to your search.
Multiple Filters: Add as
many filters as necessary to
get the search results you need
to select the right parts for
your design.
Part Numbers (#): Parts listed
with both the Richardson RFPD
and Manufacturer’s part numbers
135MHz 175 MHz 8 W:13 dB @ 175 MHz 8 W:1-Tone:70%: 7.5VDC
Key Parameters Mouse Over: Place your cursor on the Part Name
to see a pop-up window containing a list of the key parameters for
that Part #.
Sort on Key Specifications: Click on
column headings to sort parts by Part #,
Supplier, Part Name, or parametric
attributes (i.e., Minimum Frequency,
Maximum Frequency, etc.)
Up-to-Date Datasheets: Open and save (or print) the most recent
supplier datasheet for parts that meet your requirements or are of
potential interest.
The destination of any product search is the Part Detail page. It offers
in-depth product specifications, relevant documents and downloadable
information, as well as particulars on pricing and availability.
Product Specification: Read a
detailed technical overview of the
product, along with its Key Part
Attributes and Values.
Documents and Downloads:
Easy access to material related
to the product: datasheets,
application notes, white papers,
drawings, etc.
How to Buy: Get details about the
online shopping process on
and instructions for using the features
of the Shopping Cart.
Product Photo(s): Enlarge photos
to get a better view or page through
multiple photos of the product.
Supplier Information: Learn about the
product’s supplier and visit their online
storefront. Supplier storefronts offer a
variety of information: New and Featured
Products, all products available from
the supplier, documents and downloads
related to the supplier and its products,
a list of the countries and regions their
products are franchised, and a link to the
supplier’s web site.
Related Applications, Industries and
Services: See the applications and
industries in which the product is used
and explore services offered by
Richardson RFPD to enhance or
customize the product in your design.
Highlighted Product Features:
Colorful icons indicate if the
product is New, Featured or
Pricing & Availability: Check the
number of items currently in stock,
quantity price breaks, unit pricing
and the countries or regions where
the product can be purchased.
Parametric Data: Key attributes for
this part number. (For example:
Frequency range, modulation
technique, power dissipation, etc.)
Online shopping at is the fastest, easiest way to get the parts you need.
Find parts and add them to your Shopping Cart from any Product Category or Part
Detail Page using our Engineer-Focused Navigation™ or the convenient search tools.
Shopping Cart Quickview:
When you have added parts to
buy or quote, a summary of the
items currently in your cart
appears in the left column on
every page.
Cart Items: Once an item is in your Shopping Cart, you can change quantity, save it
for later, delete it, or begin purchasing immediately with a credit card or link to your
Corporate E-Account (if you have one) to take advantage of your company’s
contract pricing and payment options.
Add to Order: Places an item into your active
Shopping Cart for Immediate Purchase. You have
the option of saving the item for later if you decide
not to purchase at this time.
Add to Quote: Places an item into your active
Shopping Cart to request a quote on pricing and/or
quantity. You also have the option of saving the
item for later.
Log In: Two links on every page make it
convenient to Log into your account to submit
online orders and quote requests, track orders,
save items in your Shopping Cart, manage your
billing and shipping information, and access your
corporate pricing and payment terms.
Check Order Status: Check the status of any
current order you have placed with Richardson
RFPD, whether it was ordered online or by
another method.
Save for Later: Moves an item to the
“Cart Items Saved for Later” section of
your Shopping Cart. You can save any or
all items in your current Shopping Cart for
purchasing or quoting at a later time.
Quote Notes: Allows you
to provide details or
questions before
submitting your request.
Let Richardson RFPD help you build your next design.
Our Design Resource Center offers a variety of helpful
Design Tools and Technical Documents intended to provide
you with practical, real-time design assistance.
The goals of our Design Resource Center are to:
• Accelerate time-to-market for new designs
• Suggest alternative design solutions
• Save development cost by reducing design risk
• Improve design performance
• Provide follow up directly with customers through
our worldwide field engineering team.
Application Design Assistance
Worksheets: If you can’t find the exact
part you need on or you
need help with a design, these interactive
forms provide our design team with
information that defines your requirements.
Our engineers will review your
specifications and email you a product
recommendation or suggestions for building
a custom solution to meet your needs.
Block Diagrams: Reference these
illustrations of the components contained
in a number of typical circuit designs while
designing products or selecting
components on
Richardson RFPD is a worldwide organization serving customers from a
network of local sales offices and stocking locations throughout the world’s
major economic regions: Americas – Asia Pacific & Australia – Europe – Middle East.
Worldwide Office Locations: Find contact information for
every Richardson RFPD office throughout the world
in the About Us section.
Links to Country Pages: The countries in which we have a
local sales office are represented with their own home page
of information about their local design support, key markets,
and operations.
Access to Local Sales Support: Locate the Richardson
RFPD sales representative nearest you with our
interactive Sales Support map in the Contact Us
section. Choose your country or region on the map
or from the list to see the contact information for your
market segment .
Other Contact Options
• Customer Support
• Product Technical Support
• Website Support
• Investor Relations
• Human Resources
• Media Contacts
• Corporate Headquarters
©2011 Richardson RFPD All rights reserved. All brands and trademarks are
property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without
notice. MK100028 2/FEB. 2011

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