Local Command Evaluation Guide



Local Command Evaluation Guide
CVNPAC Evaluation
How To with pictures
I tried to be as specific as I could
in order to make it easy on you.
Hope it is helpful.
Step 1. Download NAVfit 98
Step 2. Open NAVfit
Step 3. Open Database
Step 4. Choose Folder, then file.
(work from a previously saved file and
change the info)
Step 5. Double Click on the name.
Step 6. Fill in Blocks.
Please see next slide for block explanations
Step 6 Cont’d
1. Last Name, First Name Middle Initial (if there is no middle name
type NMN for no middle name.
2. Rate
3. Desig. –Does the individual have a warfare designation? AW,
SW, or both AW/SW. If not leave blank.
4. SSN- Just type last for. I will get that info. SSNs can not be email
due to privacy concerns.
5. Click- INACT
6. UIC- 82839
7. Ship/Station- CVN PAC 0376
8. Promotion Status- REGULAR
9. Date Reported- This means the date on the person’s orders, not
the first weekend the individual drilled. If you don’t know we will find
the correct date later.
10. Click- Periodic
11. - 13. NA
Step 6. Cont’d
14. Year Month Day- the date on the last period eval if the person
has been with the command over one year (i.e. 08MAR16). Or the
date of check in after the date previously listed (i.e. Report date
15. Year Month Day of end of eval period. All PO2 evals should be
16. Not Observed (NOB)- is ONLY for those individuals who
reported AFTER January 15, 2009. By instruction NOB reports are
not authorized for personnel who have been assigned to a
command for over 90 days. (Date on orders, not first DWE). Note:
NOB evals can not be used for exam purposes.
17. Click- Regular for all personnel outside of 90 day period.
18. Ignore 19. NA
20. Physical Readiness- P/WS (pass within Standards, unless
ABH1 Tomimitsu says otherwise)
21. NA
Step 6. cont’d
• 22. Reporting Senior- Rossi, J M (no periods after the
• 23. Grade- CDR
• 24. Desig- 1315
• 25. Title- CO
• 26. UIC- 82839
• 27. SSN- Type 000-00-0000. If the eval won’t validate
with that SSN, change the last zero (0) to one (1).
• 28. Command employment- “Naval Air Reserve Carrier
Augment Unit. To provide fully trained and qualified
Selected Reserve Personnel to augment active duty
CVN Personnel.”
Step 6. cont’d
29. Primary/Collateral/Watchstanding duties- Type in the sailor’s
rate into the block. The full spelling won’t fit so put, for example,
instead of Aviation Boatswain’ Mate put: AV Boatswain. If the
Individual has a specific job such as “Assistant LPO” put ALPO, or
“Operations Coordinator”, “Training/ESAMS Coordinator”, “NMCI/IT
Liaison” and so on put it here.
29 (cont’d)- Spell out in full the person’s rate. Aviation Electronic’s
Technician- 12 (months or how many months has the person been
assigned if under a year.
– Command job. ESAMS Manager- 5. (How many months have he/she
done the job?) Brief description: Responsible for tracking and organizing
safety training for 75 command personnel. If the person does not have a
command job give a one line description of rate (i.e. “Responsible for
Aircraft equipment handling on board ship”.)
– Mobilization. MOB: Spell out the person’s rate again.
Step 6. cont’d
30. Date Counseled- Date of Midterm counseling. Put date of Nov
2008 DWE. If the person checked in after NOV put “Not Perf”.
31. Counselor- LPO’s name. Last Name, First Initial Middle Initial.
32. Leave Blank.
33 – 39. Make sure that the marks: #1 Justify the write up (block 43),
and #2 justify the rank (block 45 – EP, MP, P, ect.). For example,
you can not mark 4.0 straight down and rank the person a
Promotable. By the same token, you can not put 3.0s and mark EP.
– If you are not familiar with the individual or they are new and outside the
90 day period, it is permissible to mark them 3.0 straight down and still
give a MP. Please give them a descent write up, though.
– Block 35. As per AOCS Garcia will be a 3.0 for all personnel.
41. What assignments/schools/duties does the member wish to
have? If unknown type “assignment in rating”.
42. Signature of Rater- this would be the division chief. Last Name,
Initials, Rate (Warfare designation if any).
Step 6. cont’d
Step 6. cont’d
Step 6. cont’d
• 43. The Write up:
– #1. Opening Statement. “AT2 Sailor’s….(blah, blah,
blah)”. Set up the bullets to follow.
– #2. Bullet. Try to have at least three bullets. Each one
should have three parts: a) Descriptive phrase, b)
what he/she did, c) how it helped/improved/enhanced
the unit (whether it was CVNPAC or other command).
• Example: “ (a) Solid Leader. (b) Helped organize and direct
XXX number of CVNPAC sailors with training requirements
( c )which led to XXX% command readiness for mobilization
and annual training.”
Step 6. cont’d
• 43. Cont’d.
– If the person has a volunteer bullet. Approximate how many
hours for the year: Ask how many hours on average per week. Is
it weekly or once a month? If they say 3-4 hours a week, once a
week they handed out about 700 lbs of food to about 42 families.
It would be 16 hours times 12 months which is 192 hours a year
of volunteer work. Then identify the Organization, city, and State.
(How figure the #’s: 700 x 4 x 12 and 42 x 4 x 12 see below)
• Example: “Community Leader. Volunteered over 192 hours with the
LA County Food Bank which provided approx 34,000 lbs of food to
over 2,000 needy families. “ (always round up)
- #3. Closing statement.
- #4. AT/IDTT/ADT period. YYMMMDD to YYMMMDD. Place.
- #5.Civilian Employment. Title, Company Name, City, State.
Step 6. cont’d
• 44. Qualifications.
– PFA: (Pass/Fail)- “Spring/Fall 08 P/WS” (must be on
ALL evals).
– If applicable- EDUC: Computer Science Major at Cal
State Northridge. (only put GPA if above 3.0)
– Qual: What new Navy quals/requals did they earn?
i.e. “9MM pistol Sharpshooter”.
– NKO/ESAMS: What e-learning was completed? i.e.
“back injury prevention, Privacy Act 101”.
– If you don’t have enough room for all of the info. It can
be put into block #43. as (block 44. cont’d)….
Step 6. cont’d
• 45. Where do you rank this person? P, MP, EP;
remember, the write up needs to support it.
• 46. Summary- Put one (1). This part will be
completed once we have all of the E-5 evals.
• 47. Retention- Click recommended.
• 48. Reporting Senior Address- Just put the old
CO’s address. I will fix that part myself.
• 49. Senior Rater- Rossi, J M, CDR.
Step 7.
Save the eval
Step 8
Validate the Eval
Step 8 cont’d
Step 8 cont’d
Make note of errors, click done.
Step 8 cont’d
Correct errors.
Step 8 cont’d
Run Validation again
Step 9
Save eval again and either “close” eval or click
“save and new” to write another eval.
Step 9
New Eval
Step 10
Once you are done, after the eval is saved, click “close”.
Step 11
Exporting the report to email.
Click “Export report (s)”
Step 11
Exporting the report to email.
Name the Report
Step 11
Exporting the report to email.
Once the report is saved. Zip the file in order to email it.
Step 12.
Now that the file is zipped, it can be emailed as an
attachment without issue.
• You can write all the evals and export the
folder in one email instead of sending
each file separately
Step 1.
Once the last eval is completed, saved and validated, you
can either click “save and new” or “close”.
If you click “close” you see the last completed eval.
To open a new eval click “Create Eval”
New Eval
Once You finish with all of your evals you should
see something like below:
Example: 2008 E-4 eval database.
To export for emailing:
Click “Export Folder”
Save File
For your purposes please Name it Division # PO2
2009 (400 DIV PO2 2009)
Highlighted Exported database
saved. “E4 2008…”
Zip file
Email zipped file as an attachment.
LPO tips
Please follow up with your guys if there are any questions if the info
they provided is unclear.
The evaluation period is from Mar 2008 to Mar 2009. No repeat info.
i.e If YN2/AE2 earned their degree in Jun 2007, it can not be on two
evals. However, if someone repeated a training program or annual
training that is OK to repeat.
Please be specific with your info. Don’t say “ABH2 is a top
performer,” and not say how or what he/she did to earn this praise.
Khaki’s like numbers!!! Round up. Say “PO2 completed over….#”
Browse through the navy fitrep website for more tips.
Please call me if you have any questions. Michelle O’Briant 805484-2526 (h) 805-827-0268 (cell)
I hope that this helped.

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