Issue 15 - The Boss Newspapers



Issue 15 - The Boss Newspapers
A Force In Business And Philanthropy
By: Eric Elezuo
here are different
kinds of men: those
who identify opportunities and those use
identified opportunities.
Obviously, only those
who make use of identified opportunities will
definitely hit the bull’s
Femi Otedola, was born
in 1962 in Ibadan, the
Oyo State capital to the
family of one time Governor of Lagos State between 1992 and 1993, Sir
Michael Otedola. He
towed the path of humility and started his career
fuel retail market, he secured the finance to set
up Zenon Petroleum and
Gas Ltd, a petroleum
products marketing and
distribution company.
Striving in that same zeal,
and as chairman of
Zenon, in 2004, he in-
he acquired a fleet of 100
DAF fuel-tanker trucks for
N1.4 billion. Gradually, he
was developing and
building an empire in the
oil and gas industry.
Otedola did not
limit himself to the
whims and caprices of
eye. It is therefore, no
wonder that the person
of Mr. Femi Otedola both
identified and made use
of opportunities.
The second Nigerian after Aliko Dangote to
be included on the
Forbes list of dollar-denominated billionaires,
at his father’s establishment, Impact Press.
Otedola is a businessman, entrepreneur and
knows that opportunities
are meant to be tapped
and utilized, and so in
2003, having identified
an opportunity in the
vested N15 billion in
downstream infrastructure development and
acquired storage depots
at Ibafon, Apapa as well
as four cargo vessels,
amounting to a combined total storage capacity of 147,000 metric
tonnes. The same year
the oil sector alone, he is
also the owner of a number of other businesses
across shipping, real estate and finance, such as
CentreForce Ltd, specialising in finance, investments and trading. He is
also the owner of Swift
Insurance. He has also re-
cently invested in power
generation as part of the
liberalisation of the sector in Nigeria.
The big man is not
one to be accused of the
proverbial ‘chop alone…’
as he made several donations to the Michael
Otedola University Scholarship Scheme, which
was established in 1985
of Christian worship – in
Abuja. In 2007 he was
among a group of donors
who gave N200 million to
the State Security Trust
Fund in a drive to reduce
crime in Lagos State.
Later that year he donated N100 million to the
Otedola College of Primary Education in Noforija, Epe. In 2008 he
Coca Cola, Nigerian
Unilever, Nestle and
In January 2006,
he was appointed as a
non-executive director of
Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc, a
multi-sectoral conglomerate established in 2004
by former President
mium motor spirit storage facility in Africa. Later
that year Zenon acquired
a 28.7 per cent stake in
African Petroleum, one
of Nigeria’s largest fuel
marketers. As well as
diesel, Zenon also became an important
player in the kerosene
A non-relenting and
to give underprivileged
students in Lagos State
access to higher education. In 2005 Zenon donated N200 million to the
scheme’s fund. Since its
inception the scheme has
benefited more than
1,000 students.
In 2005, Otedola
made a N300 million personal donation to the
completion of the National Ecumenical Centre
– Nigeria’s primary place
donated N80 million to
the Faculty of Agriculture
at the University of Port
A man of his caliber does not rest on
oars, and so by 2005, his
ingenuity had built Zenon
towards controlling a
major share of the Nigerian diesel market, supplying fuel to most of the
major manufacturers in
the country including
Dangote Group, Cadbury,
Obasanjo to respond to
market opportunities requiring heavy capital investment in Nigeria and
Africa. He held this post
until February 2011.
Subsequently, in
March 2007, it was announced that ten banks
had approved a syndicated loan of US$1.5 billion (N193.5 billion) to
Zenon as working capital
to build the largest pre-
shrewd businessman,
Femi Otedola was in
2007 appointed Chairman and Chief Executive
of Africa Petroleum
through the acquisition
of a controlling stake in
the business. In December that year, he personally acquired a further
29.3 per cent of the company for N40 billion. A
merger of this personal
holding with Zenon’s
brought Otedola’s total
stake to 55.3 per
His foresight following his entry into
African Petroleum’s
share price rose
sharply, increasing
the market capitalisation from N36 billion to N217 billion
in six months.
Femi Otedola
has made a number
of real estate investments, including a N2.3 billion
acquisition in February 2007 by
Zenon of Stallion
House in Victoria Island in Lagos, from
the Federal Government. He is the
owner of FO Properties Ltd. His business acumen had
drawn him closer
most leaders of the
nation including
Obasanjo and Dr.
Goodluck Jonathan.
He is also in tune
with humanity as in
2008, in response
to public concerns
over the availability
and pricing of
kerosene, African
P e t r o l e u m
launched an initiative to saturate the
market and sell the
fuel at N50 per litre
from more than
500 service stations
across Nigeria.
In October 2009,
shortly after he be-
came the second
Nigerian after Aliko
Dangote to appear
on the Forbes list of
dollar denominated
billionaires, with an
worth of $1.2 billion. Otedola announced a move to
upgrade African Petroleum’s liquefied
(LPG) storage terminals in Lagos, Kano
and Port Harcourt.
economic conditions caused by the
slump in world oil
prices and credit
squeeze of 2008–
09 leading to
African Petroleum’s
loss in 2009, the
company stood its
ground and sought
to rebrand.
came in December
2010 and African
Petroleum changed
its name to Forte
Otedola carried out
a restructuring of
the business, focusing on technology
and improved corporate governance.
Forte Oil returned
to profit in 2012.
Otedola had, and is
holding top management and diverse
within Nigeria and
elsewhere in the
world today. He
currently serves as
Chief Executive and
SeaForce Shipping
Company Ltd, and
was at one point
ship owner after extending
over the distribu-
tion Council (NIPC)
since 2004, and the
same year was appointed to a committee tasked with
developing commercial relations
with South Africa.
of corruption, so in
2012, when his
company, Zenon,
was listed among a
number of companies named in a report into an alleged
fuel subsidy scam,
he refused to give
tion of diesel products. One of his
ships, a flat bottomed bunker vessel with a storage
capacity of 16,000
metric tonnes, was
the first of its kind
in Africa.
served as a member of the Nigerian
Investment Promo-
Otedola was appointed by former
President Goodluck
Jonathan to Nigeria’s National Econ o m i c
would be known as
a man who would
not dent himself in
the murky waters
in to the pressure
of a legislator’s demand for gratification. According to
the report, the legislator who compiled the report,
Farouk Lawan, had
demanded a bribe
of $3m, supposedly
to remove Zenon
from the list. The
Otedola reportedly involved security agencies,
who organized a sting operation, and caught
Lawan red handed collecting $500,000 of a
supposed total sum of
$3m from Femi Otedola.
Lawan was charged with
corruption in February
In 2013, as part of the
Federal Government’s
push to liberalise Nigeria’s ailing power sector,
Femi Otedola financed
57% of Forte Oil subsidiary Amperion Ltd,
which acquired the 414
MW Geregu Power Plant
for $132 million.
Forte’s improved
financial position and di-
versification into power
generation resulted in a
1,321 per cent rise in its
share price during 2013.
The first half of 2014 saw
the company’s pre-tax
profit more than double
year-on-year to 4.19 billion naira ($25.7 million).
Revenue growth for the
whole year was 33 per
global commodity markets. The deal was
thought to have given
Femi Otedola an estimated $200 million.
Femi Otedola is an accomplished
whose entrepreneurial
endeavours had not prevented from carrying out
family mandates. He is
exemplified in the life of
his second daughter, Florence Otedola, aka DJ
Cuppy, who is an international DJ and music producer, as well as a
tourism ambassador for
Nigeria. Her younger sister, Temi, is a style blogger and aspiring designer.
He is the typical Epicurus
cent. In November 2014
Otedola returned to the
Forbes rich list having
dropped off it following
the fall in share price earlier in 2009.
2015, Forte Oil sold 17
per cent of its equity to
Swiss commodity trader
Mercuria Energy Group,
giving Forte access to
married to Nana Otedola
and has three beautiful
Oluwunmi, Florence Ifeoluwa and Elizabeth
Temi, and a son, Fewa.
His clout in the
business world has not
beclouded his sense of
identification. He is liberal and respects other
people’s opinion. This is
son, and really knows
how to live life. He owns
homes in Lagos, Abuja,
Dubai, London, and New
For your entrepreneurial discipline and
family co-ordination, sir,
you deserve to be the
Boss of the Week. Congratulations Sir!
As Battle Of Supremacy Rages,
Who Governs Abia: Ikpeazu Or Ogah
Eric Elezuo
hen gladiators face
one another in a
free for all, the followers will only watch with
body movements, gestures
and intermittent offer of tactics requisite for the combat.
Over the years, in fact
in the 17 years Nigeria has
borne the burden called uninterrupted democracy, it has
Amaechi instituted a court
case against him, saying he
was duly qualified to run for
the primaries, and therefore
ineligible. The Court heard
case, and sacked Omehia,
and instituted Amaechi, who
never contested the election,
and he rule for eight uninterrupted years.
Today, the scene is re-
Commission (INEC) in the run
up to the governorship election. The court, therefore,
ruled that Ikpeazu was not fit
to contest the 2015 governorship election on account of
his faulty tax returns.
Consequently, Ogar
was adjudged by the court as
the rightful candidate of the
PDP in the election, having
cial process challenging the
validity of his candidacy had
run its course.
Ikpeazu’s gamble paid
off, as an Abia State High
Court, presided over by C. H.
Ahuchaogu, issued an order
restraining Uche Ogah from
being sworn in as the state
governor. A copy of the order
read: “It is hereby ordered:
been rare for an election to
come and go without someone, somewhere crying foul
against what was either done
to him or what was not done
to him. Without mincing
words, this conflict of superiority dates back to the first
republic through to the Second Republic, and today, it
has become a routine, which
happens even when there is
no reason for it.
In 2007, a precedence
was set in Rivers State when
Celestine Omehia, having
supposedly scaled the hurdle
of the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP) Primaries, eventually went ahead to win the
Governorship Election. He
was only privileged to run affairs for a few months before
peating itself in Abia State,
prompting a constitutional
crisis as well as personality intrigues between two party
men; one, a serving governor,
Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, and the
other, a governor hopeful,
who did not make the primaries on December 8, 2014, Mr.
Uche Ogah.
Ogah had taken Ikpeazu to the Abuja Federal
High Court, claiming that the
governor submitted faulty tax
for the 2015 Governorship
Elections which he won. In his
ruling, the Court, presided
over by Justice Okon Abang,
declared Ikpeazu’s election as
the Governor of Abia State
null and void on the grounds
that he allegedly submitted
falsified tax returns to the Independent National Electoral
come second behind the
ousted governor. He consequently ordered the Chief
Judge of the state to swear in
Uche Ogah as the substantive
Governor of Abia State while
prevailing on INEC to issue
Certificate of Return to Ogah.
While the Chief Judge, Justice
Theresa Uzoukwu, delayed in
swearing in the emergency
governor, INEC was not hesitant in issuing Certificate of
Return to Ogah to compliment his judicial victory.
However, Ikpeazu, in
a desperate move to save his
position, immediately challenged the judgment of the
Federal High Court by proceeding to the Court of Appeal, thus leaving the
impression that he would remain in office until the judi-
That an order of injunction is
hereby made restraining the
second defendant from issuing a certificate of return to
the first defendant while the
claimant remains in office in
accordance with section 143
(1) and (2) of the Electoral
Act, 2010 (as amended) and
pending the determination of
the motion on notice.”
“It is further ordered:
That the third defendant or
any other judge of the court
or any judicial officer are
hereby restrained from
swearing in the first defendant while the claimant remains in office in accordance
with section 143 (1) and (2) of
the Electoral Act, 2010 (as
amended) and pending the
determination of the motion
on notice.”
Also, in a motion of ex-parte order,
the court restricted the
Independent National
Electoral Commission
(INEC) from issuing a
certificate of return to
Oga. The order reads:
“an order of injunction
restraining the 2nd defendant (INEC) from is-
practioner in Aba:
“This is a game of wits,
and each of the parties
is playing it close to his
heart. The winner will
be the person that has
more aces up his
sleeves. We should not
be cowed with the so
called holiday to honour Maduekwe. Even
set aside the ex-parte
order by a High Court
in Abia State that
stopped the Chief
Judge of the state from
swearing-in Ogah as
The judge said
he would also decide
on the merit of an oral
application by Ik-
suing a certificate of
return to the 1st defendant (Ogah) while the
claimant (Ikpeazu) remains in office in accordance with section
143 (1) & (2) of the
Electoral Act 2010 (as
amended) and pending
the determination of
the motion on notice.
Not satisfied
with injunctions and
counter injunctions, Ikpeazu followed up his
scheme with the declaration of a two days
public holiday, ostensibly to dissuade the
Chief Judge of Abia
State from swearing in
Ogar. Though the Governor said that the
public holiday was
given to honour the
departed former Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Ojo Maduekwe, political pundits agree that
was far from the truth.
According to
Ude Chilaka, a legal
knows the holidays are
not for him. The Governor is like someone
clutching unto a straw,
and he can do anything
to survive. With the
two days self imposed
public holiday, in addition to the Eid-el Fitr,
the Governor will have
enough time to plan
his strategy as well as
keep the judge away
from performing his
True to talk, the
extended public holidays stalled a scheduled hearing of an
application seeking to
stay execution of judgment of the Federal
High Court in Abuja
that sacked Governor
Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia
State from office. The
trial Justice, Okon
Abang had earlier,
slated Thursday to also
decide whether or not
he has the powers to
peazu’s lead counsel,
Olanipekun, SAN, to annul
the Certificate of Return the Independent
Commission, INEC, is-
of Section 143(1) of
the Electoral Act applied to the judgment
that was delivered
against Ikpeazu on
June 27.
Justice Abang
had at the last adjourned date, dismissed as lacking in
merit, an application
that sought to void the
enrolled order of the
said judgment. He
maintained that all the
orders contained in the
judgment would subsist until they are set
aside by the appellate
urged the court to take
judicial notice that
INEC issued Certificate
of Return to Ogah on
June 30, despite the
fact that it was served
with Ikpeazu’s notice
of appeal and application for stay of execution at exactly 12:50am
on June 28. He contended that INEC acted
wrongly by going
sued to Ogah. Besides,
the court was equally
billed to determine
whether the provisions
ahead to issue the Cer- sorting to “self help.”
tificate to Ogah, two
days after it was served Olanipekun said it was
appeal Ogah and INEC that
processes. Olanipekun
told the court that his
client has filed “a comprehensive and elaborate notice of appeal,”
and is “desirous of
speedy and expeditious determination of
the matter.”
The intrigue
continued as Ogah,
who was represented
by five SANs led by Dr.
Alex Iziyon, urged the
court to refuse Ikpeazu’s prayer for stay
of execution of the
judgment. Ogah told
the court that Ikpeazu
went and obtained a
restraining order from
another high court at
Osisioma in Abia State
that prevented him
from being sworn-in.
He stressed that Ikpeazu got the restraining order from the high
court in Abia when his
motion for stay of execution was already
pending before the
court in Abuja. Ogah
accused Ikpeazu of re-
“deliberately and calculatedly
resorted to self-help in order
to frustrate both the motion
for stay of execution and the
pending appeal.” He relied on
Order 4, Rule 1(2) of the
Judgment Enforcement Rules
to argue that there should
have been a timeline for enforcement of the June 27 verdict that removed his client.
Olanipekun insisted that INEC
Okezie Ikpeazu or Dr. Uche
Ogah, thereby setting a crisis
among Abia people.
One of such groups
comprising political stakeholders, traditional prime
ministers, titled chiefs, community leaders and village
heads of all autonomous
communities in Abia State,
urged Abia people to remain
calm as they expressed confi-
“illegally tampered with the
rest of the case” by issuing
Certificate of Return to Ogah
despite the pending appeal
against the judgment.
On its part, INEC
lawyer, Mr. Alhassan Umar
told the court that the commission had already issued
Certificate of Return to Ogah
as it was ordered to do, before it was served with Ikpeazu’s motion for stay. Umar
said though the Certificate
was signed on June 28, it was
however handed to Ogah two
days later. In his ruling, Justice Abang refused to set
aside the order containing
the judgment against Ikpeazu, even as he adjourned
hearing on the motion for
stay of execution.
Meantime, hundreds
of prominent persons from
across Abia State, having
been throwing their supports
either behind Governor
dence that Ogah would be
sworn-in as the Governor of
the State. They dismissed the
position of some stakeholders in the State who met in
Abuja, saying that the people
were not genuine Abia elders.
Leader of the group
and traditional prime minister of Ibeku Kingdom, Chief
Uche Akwukwaegbu in a
communiqué read at the end
of the traditional ruler’s
meeting in Umuahia backed
Ogah as governor of the
But the plethora of
court suits notwithstanding,
another arose from Chief Friday Nwosu, seeking to unseat
Ikpeazu for allegedly presenting forged tax certificate to
his party. Nwosu, who was a
governorship aspirant on the
platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) during the
December 8, 2014 party primary, had approached the
court requesting to be declared as governor on the
grounds that Ikpeazu was not
qualified to represent PDP
during 2015 election. The
court dismissed his suit.
Delivering judgment on the
suit instituted by Nwosu, Justice Allagoa said the plaintiff
through his counsel failed to
justify his claim that the tax
certificate submitted by Ikpeazu was forged. Justice Allagoa noted that aside
looking at documents in litigation, proving a forged matter
clarification and additional
proof by experts before a forgery claim can be established
by law.
On the claim that Ikpeazu was not properly taxed
in the year 2011, the court
noted that it was not the position of Ikpeazu, but that of
the tax officials to determine
how he should be taxed. The
court maintained that since
the issuing authority (Abia
State Board of Internal Revenue) was not joined in the
suit nor an expert engaged to
ascertain the authenticity of
the document it would be unlawful for the court to rule in
favour of the plaintiff. On the
third relief sought seeking to
dismiss the claim to the governorship position by Dr.
Uche Ogah, the court ruled in
favour of the plaintiff, noting
“Ogah is not eligible to enjoy
the outcome of the PDP primary because he rejected the
result of the primary judge.”
Justice Allagoa had earlier
favoured Nwosu on two
other grounds; that the originating summons filed was
properly filed and that the
Federal High Court has jurisdiction to hear the pre-election suit. Reacting to the
judgment which lasted more
than two hours, Dr Livy
Uzoukwu (SAN), Jude Nnodum and Theo Nkire, who
represented the Independent
National Electoral Commission (INEC), PDP and Ikpeazu
respectively, said the judgment was a landmark one.
Nkire specifically commended the judge for his industry in reviewing all issues
raised by parties and at the
end gave a sound judgment
that would be hard to fault
elsewhere. Mr. Francis Unyimadu, the plaintiff’s counsel
also thanked the court for the
judgment, and added that his
client would critically look at
the judgment and know what
next to do.
Supporters of Ikpeazu, who attended the
court in their party uniforms
went into jubilation after the
judgment. Meanwhile, Ikpeazu while responding to
the judgment yesterday, “described it as victory of light
over darkness, good over evil
and for judiciary and called
on his brothers in Abia North
and South to sheath their
sword and join him to develop the state.”
Ikpeazu also expressed joy that the judge
said he remains the governor
of the state having declared
that his tax papers were genuine and that he was qualified to contest in the 2015
election. He also said the attempt made against his mandate was against the law,
saying that the god of justice
had spoken for him.
Ikpeazu’s joy was
however shortlived as another Federal Hgh Court sitting in Owerri, ruled that
Ikpeazu’s ouster still stand,
meaning that the Chief Judge
of Abia State should go ahead
to swear in Mr. Uchechukwu
While Abia citizens
await the outcome of the battle of wits as well as intrigues,
only fate can tell who takes
the mantle of leadership control the affairs from the Government House, Umuahia.
Understanding Your Online Security Problems
By: Terso Achineku
y account’s been
Who wrote this on
my wall! What happened to
my password! This is the familiar cry from someone who
has been ‘patronized’ by the
widely used in the world, we
have started to hear more
and more about hacking.
Hackers are human like the
rest of us and are, therefore,
unique individuals, so an
exact profile is hard to out-
newest threat since Osama…
The world has suddenly transformed to a virtual
space in which almost everything is supervised by a computer. Mails, ATMs, Banking,
Airline Ticketting, Stock Marketting, e.t.c are controlled by
computers, hell, even your
cable is controlled by a system. In totality it can be said
that the world is becoming a
better computing place, driving movie jocks to believing
that the world is headed to
for a robotcalypse. As humans, it is in our trait to build
magnificently but unfortunately our creator added a
self destruct button (which
we seem to be engrossed in
these days).
The self destruct button this time doesn’t come in
form of a nuclear bomb or a
bunch of gun-toting Islamists,
instead it appears as a group
of bored couch potatoes but
trust me………these guys
aren’t your regular nerds.
Computer Hackers have been
around for so many years.
Since the Internet became
line. The best broad description of hackers is that all
hackers aren’t equal. Each
Hacker has motives, methods
and skills. But some general
characteristics can help you
understand them. Not all
Hackers are antisocial, pimple-faced teenagers. Regardless, hackers are curious
about knowing new things
(even if it is your ATM pin).
Hacker is a word that has two
meanings, traditionally; a
hacker is someone who likes
to play with software or electronic systems. Hackers enjoy
exploring and learning how
computer systems operate.
They love discovering new
ways to work electronically.
Recently, hacker has taken on
a new meaning which is
someone who maliciously
breaks into systems for personal gain. Technically, these
criminals are Crackers as in
Criminal Hackers. Crackers
break into systems with malicious intentions. They do it
for personal gain, fame, profit
and even revenge. They modify, delete and steal critical information, often making
who is interested in the working of any computer Operating system. Most often,
hackers are programmers.
Hackers constantly seek further knowledge, share what
they have discovered, and
they never have intentions
about damaging or stealing
A Cracker is a person
who breaks into other people
systems, with malicious intentions. Crackers gain unauthorized access, destroy
important data, stop services
provided by the server, or basically cause problems for
their targets. Crackers can
easily be identified because
their actions are malicious. So
in all , it can be said that the
real cause of your mail loss,
crackers, which attempt to bounced transactions and
correct public misconcep- other online disasters isn’t
tions about hacking. For caused by just any hacker,
many years, media has ap- you have been cracked. With
plied the word Hacker when this clarification, everyone
it really means Cracker. So the can now understand what
public now believe that a the real bane is. Although the
other people’s life miserable.
What Is the Difference Between a Hacker and a
Many articles have
been written about the difference between Hackers and
Hacker is someone who
breaks into computer systems and steal confidential
data. This is very untrue and
is an insult to some of our
most talented Hackers.
There are various
points to determine the difference between hackers and
crackers. A hacker is a person
Nigeria of today is just getting
into the online idea, we have
been terrorizing the world.
Yahoo Boys have been rocking the online scene for years
now and despite their vices,
they are not Crackers. Hopefully, our situation would not
elevate to that point.
IGP’s Appointment: Making
mess of Federal Character System
By: Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun
overnment of a multi
ethnic group’s nation
has to be fair and
honest in the sharing of its
economic, political, security
and social power among the
entire ethnic group in the
Federation, in order to bring
about ‘unity and peace’ in
such state.
Level of equality that
the Professor of English Law,
rians have lamented the unjust act of the country’s Federal
appointing the Inspector
General of Police as a slam on
the Western and Eastern region of the country and which
will reverse the political objectives of the Chapter 2,
Section 15 of the 1999 constitution.
According to a statis-
Federal High Court-North,
and many more, giving the
Western and Eastern regions
far chance of participating in
the affairs and governance of
their country, and inequality
to the northern region of the
country (Nigeria).
With all these in
place, the Federal Government followed it up with appointment of the new
Empire Consular Guard in
Lagos was established. This
institution included only 30
members, but in 1896, this
organization was transformed
into the Lagos Police with the
staff of 1,200 members.
In the early 1900s, the
northern and southern Nigerian Police appeared and all
this Institutions were united
into NPF in 1930. The head-
A.V Dicey, propounded in his
book “Fundamentals of Law”
in 1885 stated that, “every
man is equal before the law,
both the ruler and the ruled”.
This is in accordance to the
decision making of a country
with multi ethnic groups; by
which such government is
suppose to exclude total impartiality in its governance, so
as not to choose government
office holder from his ethnic
group alone, but based on
Over the years, Nige-
tic published sometime ago
by Nigerian Bloggers, which
revealed the political security
positions occupied by the
northerners in the country as
House Speaker-North, Head
of Service-North, INEC Chairman-North, PDP National
Chairman-North, Controller,
Nigeria Custom ServiceNorth, Controller Prison Service-North, National Security
Adviser-North, Chief of Defense staff-North, President
Inspector General of Police,
Ibrahim Kpotun Idris, who
also hails from the Northern
region of the country. The recent development has got
the citizens raising alarm on
how the Federal Government
is managing the Federal Character system of political right
and position.
In retrospect, the
Nigerian Police Force (NPF)
was formed in 1930 but it’s
history began much earlier,
when the territory of Nigeria
was under the reign of British
quarters of the newly created
organization was in Lagos.
The official history of Nigeria
Police Force had begun, but
this organization was controlled by the British Police
because at that time, Nigeria
was a colony. NPF was nationalized in the early 1960s,
when the first republic was
In 1974, the Nigerian
constitution gave the National Police Force exclusive
jurisdiction on all the territories in the country. This asso-
ciation is responsible for internal security and peacekeeping in the country. In the
1980s, there was a plan to expand Nigerian Police to 200,
000 members but such an
aim wasn’t achieved.
According to different
sources, this force includes
about 120, 000 members but
that the Igbo, as a group, canvassed the restructuring of
the country during the last
constitutional conference,
and that the unity of Nigeria
is negotiable.
“We (Ohanaeze Ndigbo) believe that Nigeria’s unity is negotiable. The principles and
structures on the co-exis-
continue to grow.”
Furthermore, a Lagos
based politician and analyst,
Mr. Adewale Olaoluwa,
stated that the deed of the
Federal Government in appointing mostly Northerners
to top offices of the country’s
security post is an act to Islamize Nigeria, and a way of
the clear and strict number is
unknown. Nigerian Police in a
year after the first republic
gets its first Nigerian Inspector General, Louis Edet, who
hails from Calabar and since
then, out of the 19 Inspector
General (Till Date) of NPF, 10
hails from Northern region, 5
hails from Eastern region and
4 from the Western region of
the country. Ibrahim Kpotun
Idris (acting) that preceeded
Solomon Arase is also from
the Northern region.
In his reaction, the
President of the Ohanaeze
Okechukwu Isiguzoro, has
stated that the current structure of Nigeria had not
favoured all parts of the
country, adding that Nigeria’s
unity should be subjected to
periodic review.
The OYC leader noted
tence of the various nationalities that make up the
country should be reviewed
periodically, Isiguzoro said.
“At the moment, the structure that is in place is not in
favour of everybody. Those
that it is favouring are the
ones who want the status
quo to be maintained, but
those it has not favoured, like
the Igbo, are open to a negotiation of the country’s unity.”
However, he added, “The
Igbo demanded restructuring
at the last constitutional conference and we are still holding on to that demand. We
believe Nigeria’s unity should
be subject to periodic review.
“We are not calling for secession, but a periodic review of
the terms of the country’s
unity is necessary for peaceful coexistence, otherwise agitations for separation would
giving superior power to the
North. “Thank God the East is
agitating for a sovereign
state, which when this is actualize, I would see maybe
the Western Region would
stay in the country (Nigeria)
with the northerners. Then,
the northerners will not be
superior over any other region,” he said.
He further stated that
the power allocation in Nigeria is a glorified shame to the
decades achieved democracy
of the country. The motto of
Nigeria which states “Unity
and Faith, Peace and
Progress” is not considered
during the decision making of
concerning affairs of Nigeria,
adding that this has erupted
several crises in Nigeria, for
example, for over four
decades, the Eastern Region
of Nigeria has not produce a
Civilian President for the
country, a situation capable
of channeling their mentality
towards crisis”, he buttressed.
In the wake of the appointment of the acting IGP,
Buhari removed the Group
Managing Director of the
Nigerian National Petroleum
Kachukwu, and replaced him
with another northerner,
Maikanti Baru.
The onus lies on the
Federal Government to ensure appropriate power sharing and decision making
among its ethnic nationalities, especially the three
ones; Igbo, Yoruba and
Hausa, to embrace more
peace among its heterogeneous citizen.
Indecent Dressing: Whose Business ?
“The idea of stripping
women naked in the
streets because you
feel she’s dressed the
wrong way is the most
cowardly hypocritical
stunt I have ever heard
of,” Vitoria Kimani,
Kenyan Women Rights
Story: Annabelle Atangakak
gin, and it is believed dressing to be the exthat no one woke one posure of essential
day and decided to parts of the body but
dress indecently.
in some climes, indeBut analysts, cent dressing is “dressespecially those in the ing in a way that is
religious cycle, has de- likely to shock or ofscribed indecent dress- fend people.
ing in relation to
Larry Badejo, a
indecency, saying it social analyst, says that
means a “morally or the issue of dressing,
Dressing indecently or sexually offensive qualrather indecent dress- ity”, invariably meaning as many have come ing that indecent
to term it, is a varied dressing is putting on
expression. This is be- clothes in a manner
cause what could be that is morally or sexutermed decent by one ally offensive, which in
may be seen as offen- other words means apsive or indecent to an- pearing in provocative
attire capable of reBut obviously, vealing essential parts
while it must be noted of body meant for prithat the solution to any vate places, or causing
given challenge is someone, especially
traced back to its ori- the opposite sex to
gin, unfortunately, in- have erotic ideas.
decent dressing does Traditionally, Africans
not have a specific ori- perceive
whether decent or indecent, is variable as it
dressers state of mind
and choice, stressing
that sometimes when
one has so covered his
entire body, people
runs away from him,
claiming that he is indecently dressed.
today has produced a
lexicon for private individuals, and every person now has a right to
decide what is good for
him. If you say that
covering your entire
body makes for decent
dressing, then some
Deeper Life Church or
even Moslems should
be categorized as the
decently dressed sect
of people, but the
model, fashion designers, TV presenters and
mally should be covered, which for the
girls would include the
breasts, thighs, buttocks and belle, and for
the guys, the loose
wearing of pants or
trousers that reveals
their inner wears or in
some cases buttocks,
adorning themselves
run way girls among
many others in showbiz will surely disagree.
So while those in the
religious circle see
those in the entertainment industry as indecently dressed, they on
the other hand see
them as same,” he
The next thing
that comes to mind is
“what is likely to offend
people”? Could it be
the exposure of sexually provocative parts
of the body that nor-
with ornaments meant
for the female folks
such as ear ring, ‘frying’ of hair and others.
In today’s society, several
abounds, especially
against the women folk
for supposedly dressing indecently.
Mokola, Ibadan, a
woman was stripped
to her panties by street
boys, who judged her
dressing as indecent.
Her offence: She wore
transparent leggings.
According to one of her assailants, “since she wants to
show off her panties to the
entire world, we were willing
to help her take off her cloth
so her panties could be more
visible to everyone, thereby
achieving her aim.”
In Aba, Onitsha, Owerri and
some major cities in the East,
sometime in the recent past
and even Lagos, people, more
especially ladies were made
fun of for wearing a particular
kind of cloth material, which
came to be called ‘Akwa
Oche’, material used for making upholstery chairs. Then,
not a few girls were molested
in public places.
Basically what is considered as indecent dressing
to most people may not be
considered as indecent dressing to others but fashion.
When the Boss spoke to Mrs.
Aduke Raymond, a Guardian
and Counseling expert, she
said that dressing or fashion
is a matter of self esteem,
adding that at some point,
what was in vogue for the
women was called low waist
trousers or jean, adding that
the nasty thing about this
trend is that it shows off their
panties if by chance they
bend or seat, especially on
The jean or trouser as it may
be is supposed to show off
their hot waist line but not
their “pants”. Taking a close
look at the situation, a high
percent of these women that
put on this trending low waist
jean or trouser are less conscious if their underwear is
visible or not, rather they parade about their streets trying to show off to their
friends or neighbours that
they are following the trend.
have been asked about the
way of dressing being anyone’s business but certainly
accurate answers have not
been derived yet but the
question is still being asked is,
is it anyone’s business about
the different ways people
have chosen to dress? Well
every individual has a right to
his opinion as the case may
Aduke said: “Practically, the way people go
about their dressing should
be no one’s business but
theirs because once they feel
comfortable in whatever they
are wearing what business
should their style of dressing
be to anyone?
“The choice or style of dressing of individuals is a display
of self-esteem, which is a
feeling of being happy with
your own character and abilities. This self-esteem can be
high or low and when it is
high, it means that the individual in question is very content with himself and his
abilities and also that the individual doesn’t do things just
because everyone is doing
them but because the individual is proud of who and
what they are without being
“Therefore, when a
person dresses “indecently”
as people may perceive it to
be, it may mean that the individual in such clothing is comfortable, happy and proud of
what he or she is wearing,
and vice versa.”
Pastor (Mrs.) Bolanle Peters,
who runs a youth and singles
ministry, told the Boss that
the bible specifies covering
the body and not adorning
oneself with costly ornaments as decent dressing.
She stated that one has no
reason to cause a brother of
his to sin through his dressing.
“You need to properly
cover your bodies to please
God, and refrain from adorning costly ornaments. This
does not preclude looking
tattered or unkempt. Wisdom
demands that one does not
do things to cause his brother
to sin. A woman who exposes
his private parts in the public
is actually telling the other
man to get ideas, and that explain the reason for incidents
of rape in the society, “ she
Hafiz Odunsi, a Muslim cleric at the Mebamu
area of the Lagos metropolis,
said that decent dressing
must be achieved if a woman,
and a man as well cover
themselves ‘totally’ without
“That is what Islam preaches;
that a woman must cover
herself very well, and reveal
her nakedness only to her
husband in their privacy,“ he
But Aduke said that
though it is right and moralistic to cover oneself, but the
coverings do not in any way
cover promiscuity as an immoral person cannot be covered by clothing.
“I am an exponent of
right dressing which includes
covering essential parts of
the body, but that that does
not in any way decide who is
moral or immoral. I have seen
‘very well covered’ girl who
stinks, and vice versa. So,
everything is about upbringing, and parents have a lot of
roles to play,” she said.
Consequently, while
the individual’s conscience
tells him how decently or indecently he is dressed, he
should try as much as possible not to offend the sensibilities of others, after all, it is
no one’s business how the
other is dressed.
Dr. Etubom Anthony Ani’s
80th Glorious Birthday
Story: Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun Photo: Abraham Falodun
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani & wife cutting the birthday cake
Cross section of children, celebrant and guests during church thanksgiving
t was a colourful traditional
atmosphere in Harbour
Point Victoria Island, Lagos
when an icon in the history of
ministry of finance and foreign
affairs of Nigeria, Institute of
Chartered Accountant of Nigeria (ICAN), Accountancy Body
of West Africa (ABWA), Nigerian Administrators, Calabar
Union of Great Britain and Ireland, Board of Governors of
African Development Banking
and Mbiabo Ikoneto (Ukpong
Atai) Traditional Council, Dr.
Etubom Anthony Asuquo Ani
celebrated the lord's sufficient
grace throughout the journey
of 8 decades of his life.
The 18th President of
ICAN (1977-78) was born July
6, 1936 into four royal families
of Efik Land, and in the fourth
generation of a family with formal British Education of Late
Chief Micheal Okon Nsa Ani, a
top Nigeria Administrator.
Dr. Etubom Ani, a
parishioner at the Holy Cross
Cathedral VI Lagos paid his
profound gratitude to God and
Humanity through a thanksgiving Mass Service to celebrate
his 80th Birthday Anniversary
today Wednesday, 6th July
2016 at the cathedral, this
draws several reverend fathers
and bishops from all over Nigeria (Calabar, Ijebu-Ode, Lagos,
Akwa-ibom etc) to celebrate
his service to God and journey
for over seventy years.
However, the colourful
traditional reception and mass
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani & wife with children at the cake stand
Tola Williams, Chief William Inyang & Chief Edmund Eyo Ani
service of the thanksgiving
service was honoured by number of dignitaries around the
world, Nigeria and its parastatals, of which includ the
State Man and Ex-interim President of Nigeria Chief Ernest
Shonekan, Oba Adedotun
Gbadebo (Alake of Egba Land),
Chief Akintola Williams, Chief
Femi Olopade, Chief Olufalomo, Chief Mr and Mrs
Aromeme Johnson, Head of
Civil Service, Old students of
St. Gregory's College, PDP Governorship candidate for Lagos
in 2015 Jimi Agbaje, President
of Methodist Church of Nigeria, Several Senior Advocates in
Nigeria, Several ICAN executive, and several others for his
church, school, organization by
which he had served before his
retirement honoured Dr.
Etubom Ani's 80th Birthday
Also, the renown and
leading comedian in the Nigeria entertainment industry,
Okechukwu Anthony Onyegbule (aka Okey Bakassi)
staged the reception to relieve attendants of stress with
subtle joke and pranks as the
Master of Ceremony (MC),
several cultural performance
of the calabars creates
amusement and excitement
to attendants, with solemn
music by the Lagos based
'Eboni Band' to ensure total
relaxation of the guests.
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani & Mrs. Angela Ani during thanksgiving service
Mr. Toyin Pinheiro SAN & Mr. Sholeye Hughes
Chief & Chief Mrs. Ernest Adegunle Oladeinde Shonekan
Ade Kofoworola, Mrs. Bunmi Owolabi & Deacon Titus Soetan (ICAN President)
Banji Adekanye & Eyo Ani
Most Rev. Dr. Alfred Adewale Martin presenting celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo
Ani a birthday gift
Mr. Mac Gregory Alfred Olufemi, Mr. Olujimi Agbaje & Mr. Kunle Damola
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani in warm handshake with Chief Akintola Williams
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani with officiating minister’s
Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani with officiating ministers’
Mr. & Mrs. Seyi Martins, Da-silva Adeyinka, Chief Edmund Ani & Mr. & Mrs. Isa Omagu
Barrister Gbolaga Ajayi & Prince Barrister Adedamola Aderemi
Mr. Dada Tayo, Nsa Ani, Tope Edun, Mrs. Lola Ani, Ededem Ani & Ladi Jackson
Most. Rev. Adewale Martins, Chief Mrs. Morin Ani & guests
Mrs. Winlfred Ekanem Oyo-ita, Otunba Adekunle Ojora & wife, Erelu Ojuolape Ojora
Rosaline Babs-Jonah, Sami Omai & Yetunde Akindire
Otunba (Dr.) Olawunmi Jasper & Olamide Gasper
Arrival of the Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani to the reception
Prince Barrister Adedamola Aderemi & Celebrant, Etubom (Dr.) Anthony Asuquo Ani
Barr. A. B. Tase, Chief & Chief (Mrs.) Wilfred Inah, Mr. Inyang Ani & Mariam Okoi
Elizade University Holds Second Foundation Lecture
Story: Ajibade Morakinyo Temilorun
VC Elizade University, Professor Adekunle Oloyede, HRM Oba Victor A.A Ademefun Kiladejo Jilo III, Dr.
Olusegun Mimiko, His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Chief Micheal Adeojo, Chief Mrs. Taiwo Adeojo,
His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi & registrar Elizade University Mr. Omololu Adegbenro
Photo: Abraham Falodun
Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, His Excellency Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Chief Micheal Adeojo, Chief Mrs. Taiwo
Adeojo & His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi
Cross section of the first class Obas’ during the event
Peter Makris, Kunle Adeojo, Bode Adedeji, Prince Damola Aderemi, Deola Sergo, Demola
Adeojo, Commissioner of Police Ondo State, Hilda Harrison & Chief Mrs. Taiwo Adeojo
Mrs. Deola Sergo, Demola Adeojo, Commissioner of Police Ondo State, Hilda Harrison &
Chief Mrs. Taiwo Adeojo
H.E Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN GCON Vice-President , Federal Republic of Nigeria delivering lecture
Founder/Chairman Elizade University, Chief Micheal Adeojo reading the welcome address
VC Elizade University, Professor Adekunle Oloyede delivering speech
Commissioner for Education Ondo State, Arch. Jide Adejuyigbe, Engr. Ade Odumakinde, Boye
Oyewunmi, Prince Bayo Aderinto
t was a wonderful day at the Elizade
University, Ilaro-Mokin, Ondo State
when the Second Foundation Lecture of the Institution was held recently, at the University Event Centre
with prominent members of the society
from across various sectors in attendance, including the Nation's number
two citizen, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.
Prof. Osinbajo, who delivered
a forty-minute lecture on the theme
“The Future Is Here, Earlier Than We
Thought” observed that, investing in
key technological innovations is critical
to the scientific growth and expansion
of Nigeria.
“Multi-skilling is required in
the future of today because, in the
nearest future, robots will take over the
jobs in the country. You have to be innovative in your thinking and ideas,”
the Vice President said.
He also stated that Nigeria as
a developing nation would firstly need
to address and solve the issue of
pipeline vandalism by the Niger Delta
Avengers to take full advantage of economic opportunities, as a to be useful
to the future of Nigerian youth.
The institution which was licensed in 2012, and commenced its full
academic activities in 2013 had the Ace
Mr. Omololu Adegbenro{Registrar, Elizade University} & Dr. Kola Ademuyiwa (Chief of
Staff Ondo State)
Erelu Bisi Fayemi & Dr. Olusegun Abraham
Broadcaster, Erudite Teacher and Former Ambassador of Nigeria to the UK,
Dr. Christopher Koladeits as its First
Foundation Lecturer in 2015.
The Founder of the Institution, Chief Micheal Adeojo, stated during his welcome address, that he
founded the university with the intention of making an academic difference
as well bridge the gap between home
and foreign groomed graduates.
“I therefore wished to found
an institution that close gap between
foreign-trained and home-trained graduates.
Among personalities that
graced the event areThe Vice Chancellor, Joseph Ayodele Babalola University
(JABU), Prof. Sola Fajana; Registrar, Redeemers University, Mrs. B.A Oloketunji; former Board Chairman, Chief
and Chief Mrs. Sanya Oyinsan; Registrar, Elizade University; Chief of Staff,
Ondo State, Dr. Kola Ademuyiwa; Ooni
of Ife, Oba Ogunusi Enitan; The Deji of
Akure, Oba Aladelusi Aladetoyinbo; Osemowe of Ondo, Oba Victor Kiladejo,
Governor of Ondo State, Olusegun
Mimiko, Commissioner for Education,
Ondo State, Arch. Jide Adejuyibe; Oba
Gilbret Ogunlowo Olakumle and many
Prof. Sola Fajana, VC Jabu, Mrs. Lade Oloyede-Elizabeth & Head of Service State of Osun,
Sunday Olayinka Owoleye, Representing the Governor of Osun
Bishop Micheal Upinmoye, Dr. Kola Ademuyiwa (Chief of Staff Ondo State) & Dr. Rotimi
Adelola SSG Ondo State
What is the Appropriate
Church Icon?
hen one
hears the
w o r d
“church”, there are a
set of images that
immediately come to
mind. This is of
course as a result of
building, an altar or
even a cross; the
churches today are
with a face. The dominant and more notorious churches In
Nigeria have become
what has been presented to many as
the face of what a
Church is over the
such as a sanctuary,
building, altar or a
holy place are some
of the images that
might pop up in one’s
mind. However, in
this day and age, the
images do not stop
The twenty
first century has seen
an influx of churches
that are no longer
identified with a
increasingly personality driven. From
Ministries to even
The Redeemed Christian Church of God,
no one pictures an
altar or a building at
the mention of these
names. Instead of
those conventional
Christian icons, we
picture the man on
the pulpit.
The churches
in Nigeria today are
no longer spiritual institutions characterized by doctrines and
the manner of wor-
Story by: Adeoluwa Atayero
ship of an assembly,
rather, they have become spiritual institutions characterized
by their leaders and
styles of leadership.
Upon this discovery,
human face?
The answers
to these questions
vary from circle to
circle. The truth is
that many people do
not have a problem
with this particular
the question that
should come to mind
now is: “Is this a
good thing?” Should
churches be run and
regarded as sole proprietorship or a one
Should churches be
given the same order
of human personality
assigned to record labels and other profit
driven corporations?
Should a body that is
supposedly celestial
or spiritual in nature
be identified by
something as tangible or fickle as a
trend. Given the astronomical number
of devoted members
that these mega
weekly globally, it is
obvious that the majority of the Christian
population is seemingly at peace with
churches. To many of
being the face of the
church is a way of securing the preacher’s
financial state and
preacher’s vision for
the ministry. This set
of Christians have
come to realize that
gone are the days
when a cross or a
dove alone was on
the church handbills
and billboards and
they are fine with
this. It should be
noted, however, that
not all Christians
share this sentiment.
When exploring this other set of
believers that want
to prefer seeing their
crosses and altars to
human faces, it
would be negligent
to not consider the
age variable. Many of
churches are relatively new and appeal to a youthful
demographic. Surely
it would be an error
to compare The
Catholic Church or
The Baptist Convention to relatively new
houses of worship
such as Daystar Ministries or Christ Embassy. Taken the rich
history of these older
churches and the
mind space of their
members into consideration, one can
understand their opposition to this trend
in perspective.
This other set
of Christians is reluctant to accepting this
here-to-stay trend
for a couple of rea-
sons. For many of them, it
is simply wrong to associate God’s work with a
human identity. It seems to
them that these modern
ministries are more of a
publicity campaign for the
individuals who run the
ministry, instead of an
evangelical outreach for
spreading the Gospel. Others have a problem with
the fact that many of these
ministers and their families
are feeding off the church’s
money; buying jets and
houses, with their congregation’s money. Many
would argue that such
houses of worship are simply unethical and not genuine. Who then is right?
Are we all to return
to the original faceless
churches : The Anglican
Church, The Methodist
Church, The Baptist Convention and The Catholic
Church, or are we to continue to embrace the new
manner of church management presented to us by
these new age churches:
Living Faith Church, The Redeemed Christian Church
of God, Christ Embassy and
so on? The answer, it
would seem, is also a question: “Does It Matter?”
Whether or not
they are faces are on pamphlets and billboards, the
leadership of a church is
the identity of the church.
They are the force responsible for the manner and
periods of worship .To this
effect, it would seem that it
is actually dangerous to not
be able to place a finger or
produce a name that is responsible for the spiritual
and physical nature of a
churches that don’t have a
designated face of leader-
ship are technically more
prone to hosting feuds
amongst ministers who
have political aspirations
within the church. It is also
easier for financial corruption to occur in such
churches, not that it does
not occur in these new age
churches, but definitely not
at the same degree. The
issue of vision is also one
that creates a problem in
these “faceless” churches.
However, at the end of the
day, the problem is not
with the style of leadership, it is with who is the
leadership. Whether identifiable or ominous, a bad
leader is a bad leader and a
good leader is a good
leader. Christians should
focus then on knowing
who their leader is and
how abiding the doctrines
he or she capitalizes on are
with The Scripture. The
image that they have In
their heads, be it a cross or
a man in a suit, is actually
the least of their concerns
because it is the most deceptive.
By: Anabelle Atangakak & Blessing Ehidiamen
cially her Ninuclubi viral
dance video.
Could you please introduce yourself
My name is oluwaseun,
but my stage name is
Saeon, which in full is
Boychick Saeon Moruda
with the 87swags. I am a
singer, rapper, song
writer and all round entertainer. I have been in
the industry professionally for four years, and
has been underground
since 2009.
I have a couple of singles
out but the most popular
ones are Buggy down featuring Wizkid, Diva featuring YC, and most recently,
Ninuclubi. I have also released a collection of work
and an EP called I am
Saeon, which came out in
I am presently pushing my
last single before my mixed
tape titled Ninuclubi comes
Tell us about your educational background
I am a graduate. I went to
Babcock University where I
read International Studies
and History, and to the University of Warrick in England
where I grabbed a Masters
Degree in International Relations.
How did your singing career
I started singing at a very
young age. I have always loved
music, singing and also had an
inclination that I would be
where I am today. So that belief strengthened my resolve
and led me to writing on my
own songs in as much as I
aeon is chic, classic and world of musical freedom The artist, song writer and endemure. She is also down where she dishes out tunes ac- tertainer, in this interview, reto earth and lives in a cording to her inner dictates. vealed her totality, and more
never had any lessons or voice cians
How would you explain the was
training. It was basically all about I have definitely had good collab- starting point of your musical ca- done by Mikmeel,
orations. A good example of one reer
At some point, I wanted to drop of them is the song titled Diva The starting point was pretty Drake. You will reout of school, but my mother featuring YC. It was the hit, and much as I was very little. I wanted call that it was the
advised me to just get done that was the song that made peo- to be an artist; I wanted to sing, song that actually
with my studies so that no one ple know more about me.
but rapping was never part of it, caused a beef bewould stop me from doing I also did a remix comprising six even as my passion centred on tween both of
what I wanted.
artists, which were YC, Pooh, hip hop and rap when I was grow- them, and the acWhich song is your major hit
Ozone, Tesh Carda, Eva Lodia, ing up. I could rap actually, but ceptance was actuThe first song that made me Deity and my humble self. It was only to other people’s songs. I ally beyond my
popular in the industry is hit to have shot the Cyphra video just didn’t see myself as a rapper; expectation.
Brymo’s R. I did a which is still playing on TV.
song is still getting air time
it wasn’t just in my mind set.
cover on Brymo’s R Basically, who would you like to I also tried Afro beat because too till today ever since its debut
and he liked it. He said collaborate with in future
many people were telling me to, last August. But personally, I
it was the best cover For me, the thing about collabo- but the sound and dress sense think it was because I am just
he has ever heard so ration is how you vibe with the did not appeal to me. It just doing things the way it suits
he premiered it on a other person. It’s not really all didn’t work, and soon, I began to me that makes me generally
radio station, and it about how popular you are and dislike music. Can you imagine, I accepted.
went viral.
the likes. I am more concerned hated the very thing I loved most, What do you do apart from
My own singles about the artistry and the music, and so I quit, and later found the music
were not as big as I so I am going to collaborate with courage to do it again. I also de- I like to cook. A lot of people
expected. Not even someone I think has a good cided that this time, I was going say I give inspiring talks so I
the song I did with sound first of all, and someone I to do it my way.
guess I like to motivate people,
wizkid made im- can vibe with.
Rapping has always been part of and I also love to travel and
pact; it was the Basically, I am up for collabora- me; I have done freestyles in the hang out with friends. But I recontroversy.
tions. In fact, there is one I just past though I never really ally like my personal space, so
What has been did with a couple of artist, and it pushed. Even the rapping thing most times, I am by myself.
your experience will be coming out very soon, I was not a fluke, but I took a What challenges have you faced
c o l l a b o r a ti n g would like to do a lot of intercon- chance on freestyle, and did a since you decided to do things
with other musi- tinental features as well as global. cover for the song Wriggle, which your own way
People have actually
told me not to do the
whole boy thing, but to
me, that’s just their
opinion. In times past,
I listened and changed,
but this time, I have an
identity and I know
what I am trying to
portray and what
brands I love. So I
haven’t really faced
any challenge. I see it
as an opinion; people
would always want to
talk, I don’t have to listen to them but it is
what it is; I am the Boychick Saeon Moruda
with the 87swags.
As a song writer, what
is the creative process
of your song writing
I know for a fact that I
have God given talent
and there is more
where that came from.
I never worry about
going to any artist bloc
to write my lyrics; I can
write in any circumstance. When I started
writing, I needed a
melody, and that was
because I didn’t have
producers; I didn’t
have access to one. I
started writing when I
was thirteen in secondary school. What I do is
master a melody, and
then I write about it,
but most times when I
write and it’s not coming through I just leave
it and get back to it
Recently, a snippet of
the Ninuclubi dance
video with the Awanjo
dancers was released
on Instagram @seaonmusic
How did you come
about your stage
name “Boychick Saeon
Moruda with the
Saeon has always been
the thing, but when I
did the song Buggy
Down, I mentioned
something like “sexy
mama Saeon Moruda”.
When a friend of mine
heard it, he was like
Moruda’? And I saw a
nice ring to it so I
copied it down, and
added it to my stage
name. But the Boychick with the 87swags
came about when I
was writing a song, and
I wanted to talk about
swags. I was like swag
is supposed to be singular, but I said hey, I
have more than one
swag, and I exclaimed
“the 87swags”. It was
then I realized I added
eighty seven because I
was born in 1987.
However, the name
was not totally because I was born in ’87,
besides much as I was
born in ‘87, I am very
much a 90’s baby; I am
twelve in my head.
The Boychick name
came about because I
am a tomboy and I like
to do things different.
But because I don’t like
tomboy, I chose Boychick, so there is “Boy
chick Saeon Moruda
with the 87swags”.
Is there any project
you are working on at
the moment
Am about to release a
viral dance video as
well as a music video
for Ninuclubi, Nino
clubby was produced
by TK and the music
video was shot by C
Dub of 8000 Films for
which would be coming out soon, and the
R.E.D by Tiwa Savage - Album Review
By: Adeoluwa Atayero
Hype is a scary thing,
especially when you
are famous and much
is expected from you
to begin with. This was
the case with Tiwa Savage's R.E.D album,
which stands for Romance, Expressions
and Dance. It was her
first body of work fresh
from becoming a
mother and after an
media campaign; the
album was on the
higher end of anticipation. The verdict? She
delivered. Like every
body of work, it had it
highs and lows, however, it rested heavy on
its high notes. Though
it was released December 2015, it was one of
the first major albums
to dominate the charts
of the then incoming
year. Let's examine one
of the best albums of
2016 so far, by taking a
critical look at the
major tracks on the
1. Adura - Don Jazzy's
need to watermark the
major tracks of his
label signees has never
been my cup of tea but
on this track it worked.
Being the album
opener, it was quite
odd to hear Don Jazzy's
voice on the first bar.
However, it works out
because Jazzy's vocal
serve more as a sample
on indigenous slightly
auto tuned track.
2. African Waist (featuring Don Jazzy) - Don
Jazzy makes yet another return on the
album. This time he
doesn't serve as a sample though but as a full
fledged guest artiste.
One of the lows of the
album, the track suffers from heavily confused production with
no brainer lyrics.
3. Standing Ovation
(featuring Olamide) One of the albums's
weakest songs is followed by one of its
strongest tracks. The
swagged out tune
should definitely have
opener for a plethora
of reasons. From sassy
lines like "Tell everybody say your boo is
back from her vacation" to the sleek pop
friendly Olamide feature, the track is a win
4. Rewind - Another
radio friendly track on
the album, Rewind is
reminiscent of the
Tiwa that we fell in
AGN Honours Bukky Ajayi with 2 Days mourning
he Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), observed
two days of mourning
to celebrate the life of legendary Nollywood actress,
BukkyAjayi who died on
Wednesday at the age of 82.
The mourning which involved
all actors, took place on
Thursday and Friday. The ac-
tress who featured in many
Nollywood films, reportedly
died after a battle with heartrelated disease. Her last public appearance was in March
at the 2016 Africa Magic
Viewers Choice Awards
(AMVCA) event, where she
received a Merit Award. At
the event, the actress said, “I
am very happy from the bottom of my heart. I wish I
could stand up but if I do I will
fall. But you all are standing
for me. I say thank you. Based
on the dictates of the Islamic
tradition, she had been
buried according to Islamic
rites at the Atan Cemetery,
Yaba Lagos.
love with a couple
years back.
5. If I Start To Talk (featuring Dr. Sid) - Arguably the best song
on the album, this
track is a perfect blend
of savvy songwriting
and effortless production. Though the track
may be considered
gimmicky because it is
linked to Tiwa's personal life, it stands out
for bringing an authentic feel to the album.
6. Say It -This track
right here could compete on the charts with
the best of the best
Western pop songs.
Tiwa's vocal delivery
rides on the universal
friendly production to
take the listener to a
sweet moment of musical empowerment.
7. My Darlin' - The lead
single of the album
which was released a
year before the album
finally dropped still
packs a full punch. It's
romantic, it's danceable, it's effortlessly,
it's produced by Don
Jazzy. It's Tiwa Savage.
I was paid a lot to shave hair in Shola
Arikusa, Says Actress Faithia Balogun
Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award
winner, Faithia Balogun,
shared bald photos of herself on
the set of new
Arikusa." She had
this to say about
the hair situation,
"I'm not exactly
allowed to say the
figure, but I was
paid, like money. I
was paid," she
said. "When they
brought the script,
I said 'wow, it has
been a while I actually scrapped
my hair.' I did that
in like 15 years
ago when I did my
movie "Makomi,"
was talk of town
then. I loved the
script and character, so I said 'let's
sit down and talk.'
So we did and off I
Ciara Confirms Intercourse with Russell Wilson through Snapchat Videos
30-year-old singer, Ciara,
took to Snapchat, hilariously revealing that she
and Russell Wilson have
been getting down -- A
LOT! -- since saying "I do"
at the Peckforton Castle in
Cheshire, England, one
day earlier. "So, baby, you
know what we're doing
tonight," Ciara shared in
one of the videos, while
smiling and playfully
twirling her hair.
Wilson chimed in, saying,
"From what we did last
night, I'm gonna do it mul-
tiple times."
lie," Ciara added.
Last July, the couple made headlines when
they revealed they were
going to abstain from sex
before marriage. In a sitdown with Pastor Miles
McPherson of The Rock
Church in San Diego, California, Wilson couldn't
stop gushing over his future wife and their mutual
decision to practice abstinence."I met this girl
named Ciara, who is the
Pop Singer, Beyonce, Observes Moment Silence For Victims of Police
uring her out. She then disshow, The played a tragically
Formation long list of victims’
World Tour, iconic names, including
pop Sterling, Castile,
singer, Beyonce, Sandra Bland, Eric
paused for a mo- Garner,
ment of silence to Grant, Tamir E.
honor the memo- Rice, and many
ries of those who more. Below the
have died from Po- names is “And
lice brutality, as Countless Others.”
The Fader points
most beautiful woman in
the world," he boasted.
"She's the kindest person,
the most engaging person."
"She was on tour,
she was traveling, and I
was looking at her in the
mirror," he continued.
"God spoke to me and
said, 'I need you to lead
her' and I was like, 'Really?
Right now?' He goes, 'No,
I want you and need you
to lead her.'"
BBA Winner, Dillish, Writes Stinker to Men
ig Brother Africa winner, Dillish Mathew,
has added her voice to
the issue of gender-based violence and child abuse. It is
not yet clear what prompted
her rather strong words, but
she is clearly not apologetic
about them. She wrote:
Dear: Men, some of
you are so disgusting, inhu-
man, sick and a disgrace to
mankind! Enough with the
gender based violence. We
are not your property.
Women are allowed to love
freely it's our choice.
If she falls out of love,
killing her is not an option.
Did you bring her on earth?!
Did she put a gun to your
head and say "spend money
Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg addresses Philando Castile shooting
acebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
has addressed the Philando Castile
shooting after Castile's girlfriend,
Diamond Reynolds, live streamed the
shooting to Facebook after he was shot
by police during a traffic stop. The Facebook boss called the images "graphic
and heartbreaking" but acknowledged
that they "shine a light" on the fears
many face.
Writing on the social media site,
the 32-year-old said: "My heart goes out
to the Castille family and all the other
families who have experienced this kind
of tragedy. "My thoughts are also with
all members of the Facebook community who are deeply troubled by these
on me? U men were supposed to protect us, cherish
us and make the world a better place. And not a fuckin"
hell house were a 4 year old
girl have to suffer sexual
abuse at the hands of men or
being stoned to death because love is gone. Stop being
fuckin' monsters and man up.
Unapologetic Dillish M.
Compilled by: Ajibade Morakinyo
Okocha, Kanu for Eto’o’s Testimonial Game
footballer, Samuel
Eto’o, has listed the
Nigeria Ex-Super Eagles
Captain Austin Jay Jay
Okocha and Nwankwo
Kanu to feature in his charity match at the Antalya
Arena stadium in Turkey.
The game will be played on
July 16, 2016 to mark the
10th anniversary of Eto’o
Eto’o’s team for the
march will include top players of the world including
Lionel Messi, Neymar, Luis
Suarez, Diego Maradona,
Eden Hazard, Andrés Iniesta, Drogba and Arda
Some of his former
team-mates at Chelsea like
Eden Hazard, Andrés Iniesta, Didier Drogba and
Arda Turan are also in-
cluded to face a Turkish allstar team.
Suarez, Maradona, Hazard,
Iniesta, Demba Ba, Drogba
and Arda Turan will be
some of the names in Eto’s
dream team," the Antalyaspor’s website statement
many by joining Antalyaspor last summer and had
20 goals as well as six assists in 32 league games for
the club, which finished
10th on the Turkish
LeaguelLog with 42 points.
Eto’o has won two Champions League titles, three La
Liga titles at Barcelona as
well as the treble including
the Champions League,
Serie A and Italian Cup at
Inter Milan.
Ahmed Musa Lands Jersey No 7 at Leicester
eicester City has finally handed the
Nigerian Super Eagle’s forward
Player, Ahmed Musa jersey’s number following the completion of his
move from CSKA Moscow to the club.
Musa unveiled by Leicester City
will darn jersey number 7 which is vacant at the club, and was last worn by
Dean Hammond who recently made his
loan move to Championship side
Sheffield United permanent.
The speedy ace is attached to
the number 7 as it is the shirt number of
his idol and role model, Cristiano
Ronaldo, in football.
However, the 23 year old Musa
since moving to Europe in 2012 from
Nigeria Professional League side, Kano
Pillars, has maintained his love for the
number 7 shirt which he wore at his first
club VV Venlo, but had to settle for 18 at
CSKA Moscow as Zoran Tosic already has
the number 7 shirt.
Therefore, he will join the rest of
his Leicester City teammates in their
pre-season camp in Austria for prepara-
tions ahead of the start of the season in
England where they will take on FA Cup
winners Manchester United in the Community shield that usually signals the
start of a new football season in England.
Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp sign new deal
iverpool Coach and
Manager since 2015, Jurgen Klopp, has signed a
new six-year deal, with the
club, thereby extending his
contract to 2022. Klopp
joined Liverpool in October
2015, with a £15m deal to
terminate in 2018, but has
now been extended to 2022.
However, the 49-year-old
German, Klopp, took Liverpool to the League Cup and
the Europa League finals last
term, and had previously
guided Borussia Dortmund to
two Bundesliga titles and the
2013 Champions League
Liverpool's principal
owner, John Henry, Chairman
Tom Werner, and Fenway
Sports Group and President
Mike Gordon, stated in a
statement that the ideas and
plans Klopp has for the football infrastructure excite
"We believe it benefits the organisation to have
Jurgen committed to Liverpool for a sustained period,
to make sure he is here to
oversee this development,”
they said.
"When you have an
individual of Jurgen's quality
in the building, it makes perfect sense to secure that person for the long term. To not
do so would be irresponsible."
Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers with Liverpool
10th in the Premier League
They finished eighth and
were beaten on penalties by
Manchester City in the
League Cup final before losing 3-1 to Sevilla in the Europa League final in Basel.
Klopp however said, "We are
very much at the beginning of
In addition, he concluded: "There is much to do
and much to achieve and we
look to do this by being the
most completely together
group anywhere in the
our journey; I am the first to world."
recognise that with this great
commitment comes a great
Religion: e opium of confusion
By: David Adeyemi
Dele Momodu
[email protected]
Mobolaji Momodu
Michael Effiong
[email protected]
[email protected]
Yacoba Stephanie Addy-Sackey
[email protected]
Adekoya Adegbite
Isaac Edoh-Philip
Adekoya Abiodun Afeez
Kwaku Yeboah Darteh
This is not a motivational talk, neither is it
a giveaway speech, but this is more like a
tackle to what our brothers and sisters
face all over the world which has become
a major bone of contention that must be
trashed out in no time, it is about religion.
Religion, when it gets to the extreme could
lead to war, as it is in Syria and the Boko
Haram insurgency in Northern Nigeria.
Judging from history, there are two prominent religions widely practiced by Nigerians: Christianity and Islam.
There have been so many controversial issues and topics on these two religions. I’m not trying to compare religions
here, but I’m here to emphasize the needlessness of us to be fanatics in the different
religions we practice. At least there were
reported instances in Egypt when Christians protected Muslims during the Arab
Spring. So what then do we want in life
other than peace and unity?
`We claim our religion is better,
saying we have Jesus Christ, we have
Prophet Mohammed, what exactly do we
know about these religions? Are we just
being fanatical for the sake of it? What
does it entail to practice Islam? What does
it entail to practice Christianity? Is bloodshed the way of showing the superiority of
our religions? Have we so neglected the
core aim of our service to God?
These two religions have similarities many of us seem to ignore. How many
of us know that the priests of old dressed
the same way the Muslim of nowadays
dress by wearing long robes to cover the
whole of their bodies? Do we know that
the same way the Muslims pray is the
same way the patriarchs of old prayed? By
bowing heads and lifting hands making the
forehead touch the ground in deference to
God, the Supreme Being, as it is in the
book of Isaiah? How much research have
we done on the reason why both Muslims
and Christians call God Almighty and there
are Holy books for both religions? Scientists say there is no God, both religions disagree in one accord, why?
We see most of our national leaders who relate in all manner of friendliness
like President Mohammadu Buhari, a Muslim and his vice, Professor Osinbajo, a
Christian, how can they work harmoniously together if they don’t agree with
one another like the book of Amos says,
“Can two work together except they
We say my religion does not permit this, my religion doesn’t permit that,
but then do we do right what our religion
permits? Most societies don’t deal with religious laws, are we adhering to the provisions of the constitution, the topic law of
the society? Are we doing what is morally
right? Do we obey the constitution to the
letter? At least both religions say we
should obey.
I’ll leave us with one of my favourite
quotes, “Forget religion and, and do what
is right by the society.”
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