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Document 6571551
Fonteine Open 2014
Chess tournament
18 October 2014
Enquiries Contact: Heleen Nel 0833638866
Tournament Information
5 Rounds Swiss Rated 61/61
Fonteine Primêre Skool, Vlaardingen Street, Sasolburg
GPS: 26°48.253'S 27°49.405'E
Programme: Next round in each section will start 15 min. after the last players from that section have finished
the previous round.
Finalizing of players’ lists.
All players seated for round 1.
1st Round
1. The first 3 players and best female player in each section will receive prizes, unless there are less than 20 entries, in
which case there will be no 3rd prize. The prize giving will be after the completion of the last round in each section;
2. Prizes will not be shared and nobody will receive more than one prize.
3. No prizes will be awarded to any player who plays in the wrong section, whatever the reason for this may be;
4. The following tiebreak system will be used to determine winners in case of equal points:
1) Tournament Performance; 2) Bucholz Median System; 3) Sonneborn-Berger; 4) Number of wins.
Tournament Arrangements
1. Players will be allowed to enter in higher sections;
2. Right of admission reserved;
3. No items may be sold or traded by any person other than those given permission by the tournament organizer in
4. By your entry into this tournament you agree unconditionally to abide by all the rules and regulations;
5. The organizers of the tournament are not responsible for the safety of players or their property;
6. Players have to provide their own chess pieces and if possible, clocks. The organisers will provide the chess boards.
Players who do not have clocks are also welcome to participate;
7. FIDE rules apply;
8. Tuck shop will be available. Chess equipment will be for sale.
Registration process
Complete one registration form per player or the school form if a group of players register;
It will be each player’s responsibility to ensure that he/she appears on the players list;
Entries close at 12h00 on Thursday 16 October.
Players’ list will be available on on Thursday, 16 October. If you are not on the
players’ list, contact Johan Veldsman (0828513988) before Friday at 20h00;
5. Late entries will participate from the second round only;
6. Late entries will be limited to the availability of tables;
7. Entry fees to be paid to: Primêre Skool Fonteine, ABSA SASOLBURG Cheque acc. no: 520670106,
Branch nr. 632005 or at venue before the start of the 2nd round;
8. Please use “Chess” and the player’s name as reference;
9. Fax entry forms and proof of payment to 0866368118 or e-mail to [email protected]
10. No telephonic or SMS entries will be accepted.
Entry Fees
Section A (Open)
Rating 1300 and higher
Any age
Section B
Rating below 1300
Any age. (Prizes will be
awarded only to players
born in or after 1996.)
Section C
Rating below 1000
Any age. (Prizes will be
awarded only to players
born in or after 2001.)
Section D
Rating below
800 and also
born in or after
Section E
Rating below
700 and also
born in or after
Personal information
Full name
Date of birth
Cellphone number
Email address

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