Newsletter 23rd October 2014 3 Term 4
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Last Friday, St Monica’s GOT LOUD to raise awareness of children with hearing impairments. Loud Shirt Day was a great opportunity to educate students about hearing loss and
how children with hearing impairments can be integrated into the school community. We
supported this fantastic cause by making a gold coin donation to Hear and Say—a First
Voice Centre. Thank you for your participation!
Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Caregivers and Friends,
Does it do your head in when you have to do something one way with one child, and the same thing a completely different
way for another? As teachers, that’s what we call ‘differentiating the curriculum’. Each learner is an individual with different
learning strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, talents and challenges. While we aim for consistency of practice in what
we are teaching, including curriculum content and behavioural expectations, it would be unjust for us to go about this in the
same way for each child. A knowledge of children’s development is a step towards creating successful differentiation of teaching and learning experiences. Mrs Wilson and I were lucky enough to attend a seminar led by Dr Mike Nagel, a neuroscientist,
who explained about brain development, particularly the adolescent brain (haven’t we all wondered about that!). It may surprise you to know that boys are different from girls, and there are reasons that boys find it more difficult to sit still and concentrate in class. He also reiterated a point made by another neuroscientist, Dr John Meddina, that executive brain function is
greatly improved by 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week – or five bouts of thirty minutes activity per week. Here at
school we try to accommodate a couple of those opportunities during class time, and Active After School activities also help
out. How about at home?
Exemplifying that point, we have several students who are models of physical activity. Tomorrow three of our students are
participating in the annual Darling Downs Aquathlon trials in Dalby. This event involves running 1 kilometre, then swimming
200 metres, followed by another 1 kilometre run. Good luck to Will, Darby and Letoyia for tomorrow’s event. (I’m exhausted
just thinking about it!) Also, a big ‘Well done!’ to Daniel in Year 3 who played a demonstration game of Rugby at Suncorp last
weekend as a curtain raiser to the Bledisloe Cup. Playing in front of a crowd of thousands must have been amazing!
In closing, just a reminder about our Prep Parent information Evening being held next Wednesday evening from 7pm until
Over this week, try not to compare your life with others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
Teresa Woolacott
Acting Principal
Living the Gospel Message
An inspiring article on the front of “The Catholic Leader” last week tells the story of 2 young mates making a difference by washing clothes for homeless people in Brisbane. The boys believe that it is important to live by the golden rule, “To treat others the way you want to be treated.” They also believe the homeless have a right to feel
clean and to have fresh clean clothes. What a great message to teach our children, and wonderful to see people
doing something proactive that is connected to the fundamental teachings of Jesus.
Circle Solutions Social Emotional Program
On the pupil free day this week teachers were busy designing their new health units that will align with the new
HPE curriculum for 2015. The program being implemented is called Circle Solutions, which is a collection of activities and games that works to do many things, including:
Promote positive communication skills
Empathy and connectedness
Class cohesion and co-operation
Friendship skills
Ethical behaviour.
The program works to reduce bullying, develop pro-social behaviour, mental health and resilience. and promote
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acceptance and reduce prejudice. Teachers are very excited to begin Circle solutions
in their classrooms and have some engaging and educational activities and games
ready to go!
Best of Luck to Darby , William and Latoyia who are off to an aquathlon in Dalby tomorrow!
A Day of Inner Nourishment
Wednesday 19th of November there is a free reflection day for adults from 9.30 –
3.00pm at the Shrine on Ruthven Street. See Nicki for more details.
Miss Nicarla Prentice Acting APRE
Orders and money to be handed in to the school office by no later than Wednesday 29th October 2014. No late
orders will be accepted.
Cookbook Orders:
Please note that the bank account to make direct deposit payments for the cookbooks has
changed. All money paid to the previously advised account will be actioned. The new bank
account details are:
St Monica’s P&F Account at the ANZ Bank Oakey—
BSB: 014 675 Account No: 4977 28178 Ref: Your name.
Prep CT:
Wow, Week Three already! Where is this term going? Last week saw our first week of school swimming. The class has not
stopped talking about the fun they had in their swimming lessons at the pool. During Religion lessons this week we have been
looking at Old Testament Bible Stories. During Maths we have been working on the concept of sharing. We have been practising our sounding out and writing our consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words.
Have a great week.
God Bless,
Mrs Charmaine Tancred
Prep EJ:
In science this week, Preppies were exploring how they move such as climbing, rolling, and hopping. They took turns at observing how their partner moved in the playground and what body parts they used to do it. When they returned to the classroom they recorded their results and had their best go at writing what happened. They also met up with their Year 7 buddies
on Tuesday to make a felt smiley face for a school banner. It was a lot of hard work! This Friday Year 4 and 7 are holding a
bake sale to raise money for the Missions of Mercy. If your child wants to buy something, they will need to bring in 50c or
$1.00. We have been thinking of Gemma this week as she has had her tonsils out. We hope that she has been eating lots of
ice cream and jelly!
Miss Ellen Jacklin
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Year 1:
Next Wednesday, Year One will be making their way down to the Oakey Creek to explore natural features and observe how
well the area is cared for. As part of our Geography unit, the students will collect and record data, draw conclusions and present their findings to the class. A permission note will be going home today to be returned by Tuesday please!
The musical is approaching and we need to get our outfit organised! The students are monkeys in the play and will be wearing
black. They will require a black long sleeved shirt, black long pants/leggings and no shoes on stage. At school we will make a
monkey mask with ears attached and Mrs Cahill has kindly volunteered to make the students a monkey tail each. Thanks Mrs
Mrs Liliana Eckhardt
Year 2:
During this week we explored the importance of zero as a place value and became more confident in recognising three digit
numbers. In English, we focused on our research skills and how to categorise the different information we collected in preparation for our own animal report.
We once again had a busy day on Wednesday preparing for our school musical. Please don’t forget to start organising your
rat clothing and have a look around your house if you have any of the props needed.
Thank you for organising your child for swimming. I was very impressed with the student behaviour and attitude towards
swimming. We might have a few Olympic swimmers one day!
Enjoy your week.
Miss Lauren Devlin
Year 3:
Creative juices have been flowing freely in the Year Three classroom this week. In English the children have been studying
similes, metaphors and personification in poetry and then linking this to the visual image they have of God and what God is to
them. These tasks provide fascinating insights into how children perceive something/someone despite never having seen
that thing or person.
A note went home on Tuesday regarding the costume requirements for the musical and details of the School Family Mass on
Saturday 1st November at 6pm. Please let me know if you need any further details about these matters, or anything at all.
Thanks for your continued support
Mrs Annie Murphy
Year 4
Did you know that if we don’t recycle a plastic bottle, it can take up to 500 years to decompose? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and
Rethink has been the motto this week in our Geography lessons. We have started a recycling bin in the classroom as we rethink the way we handle our waste and the impact poor waste management can have on our environment. Science has had
us looking at how different variables can affect the results of a fair test and Religion has required us to dive into the parable of
the ‘Good Samaritan’ as we relate its lessons to the 21st century. Also a reminder that Year 7 and Year 4 will be running a bake
sale this Friday in order to raise money for the ‘Missions of Mercy’. It would be much appreciated if you could bring something along so that we can raise as much money as possible for this great cause. Finally as camp is fast approaching (how exciting!), I appreciate the quick return of the permission and medical forms. I will be sending home a ‘What to Bring’ list shortly.
Mr Dylan Philp
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Year 5
Week 3 and I can feel the term’ slipping away! This terms English is looking at the features of narratives and studying as a
class the novel “Boy Overboard” written by Morris Gleitzman. This is a story written as an insight into the lives of refugees
and boat people, a controversial topic of our time and as people from the very safe haven of the Darling Downs it really
makes us stop and think about the plight of the less fortunate. The possibilities for learning with a novel study are enormous
and as a class we are really enjoying getting our teeth stuck into it! After consultation with Ms Philp our Music teacher, we
have decided that the costumes for the musical will consist of plain coloured long sleeved shirts for boys (suspenders optional) and ¾ style pants (longs rolled up will do) and bare feet. For the girls either an old fashioned puffy sleeved long dress or
long skirt and blouse – the key is raggy and slightly dirty!! If you can stand it?!
Have a great week.
Mrs Clare Wilson
Year 6:
Last Friday the year 6 students attended Mass with the Parish members. I was so proud to see the level of involvement the
students demonstrated during this Mass. They were polite, answered questions and offered explanations. It was truly lovely
to see.
This week a few forms have been sent home. Please chase your child if you haven’t received anything yet. Finally, camp is
quickly coming upon us. Please start thinking about your packing lists and remember that next Friday is the final date to pay
for camp in full.
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Miss Terri-An Miller
Year 7:
A great week of learning and consolidating has taken place this week . The students have generated high degrees of exploratory dialogues as they investigate the parameters and expectations for each of their major assignments. To an extent
there has been and will be some time provided for working on these , however students are encouraged to learn to plan
and manage their time in order to complete the set work in preparation for high school expectations. I am available each
Tuesday and Friday lunch break in the classroom to support and scaffold, or supervise students who wishe to work on their
assignments, as I appreciate that many families have busy personal schedules at this time of year.
Transition visits to schools appear to be highly successful. I am available to discuss or answer any concerns you may have
regarding this.
Could I please remind parents to return Graduation and Camp forms if they are outstanding.
Till next week kind regards,
Ms Robyn Crisp
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Tomorrow Friday the 24th October a cake stall will be held for all children to
participate in. It will be held in the quadrangle at lunch time 1:10 – 1:30pm,
50c for 1 piece of slice or 1 cupcake. This is a fundraiser for the Parish
“Missions of Mercy.”
Australia’s Newest Post
Natal Workout for Mum’s
and Bubs!
For more info
[email protected]
Come and join in the fitness
Oakey Lutheran Church Hall,
York St
9.30am Tuesdays
First Class Free
Year 7 students and parents are invited to an Enrolment Evening for Year 8 in 2015
Wednesday 29 October 2014 at 6.00pm
Families will need to bring Birth Certificates and Naplan tests for their students to the Year 8 Enrolment Night on October 29.
Orientation Day for students entering High School in 2015
Wednesday 3rd December 2014
From 9:00am to 3:10pm
St Monica’s Parish
Melbourne Cup Party
Students of the Week
St Monica’s Hall
Week 2 Term 4
Campbell Street, Oakey
11am Tuesday 4th November 2014
Prizes for:
Ladies most Fashionable Hat/
Best dressed Lady and Man
Lady and
Man wearing the Winning
Jockey’s colours
Multi-draw raffle
Lucky Door Prizes
Fun, Food and Friendship
Enjoy a delicious Summer Luncheon
Admission $20
To book please phone
Marie: 46913423
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Weekend Masses
Thurs 23rd
Swimming Lessons
Active After School Program
Fri 24th
Cake Stall
Sun 26th
Jubilee Celebrations for Fr Costigan
Wed 29th
Prep Information Evening—7pm
Thurs 30th
Swimming Lessons
Active After School Program
Fri 31st
Day for Daniel—Child Safety Lessons
St Monica’s Parish
1st, 4th & 5th Sunday – Saturday Vigil 6.00pm
2nd Sunday – 8.00am
for Monday
3rd Sunday – 8.00am Celebration of the Word &
27th October
Our Lady of the Annunciation, Peranga
Felicity Lehman
P&F Disco 6pm
2nd Sunday – 10.00am
4th Sunday – 10.00am Celebration of the Word &
Sat 1st
All Souls Day Mass—6pm—Year 3
Tues 4th
Parish Melbourne Cup Luncheon
This weekend:
Thank you for your
Prep Transition Morning 9-11am
Thurs 6th
6pm Oakey
10am Peranga
Swimming Lessons
Active After School Program
Thurs 13th
Year 4 Camp—Koojarewon Youth
Students of the Week
Swimming Lessons
Week 3 Term 4
Active After School Program
Year 6 and 7 Camp—Christian Youth
Camp Burleigh Heads
Thurs 20th
Swimming Lessons
The students listed below will be presented their awards at
Assembly 2:30pm tomorrow afternoon
Prep CT
Mia-Marree and Eli
Prep EJ
Eva and William S
Year 1:
James C and Norma
Year 2
Luke and Brielle
Year 3:
Ethan and Erin
Year 4:
Connor and Angus
Tues 2nd
Swimming Carnival
Year 5:
Jordan and William
Wed 3rd
Oakey State High Orientation Day
Year 6:
Cody and Ava
Thurs 4th
Graduation Evening
Year 7:
Sean and Larissa
Fri 5th
Farewell Mass 11am
Active After School Program
Thurs 27th
School Musical
Sat 29th
Final Family Mass for 2014—6pm—
Prep CT and EJ
Last Day Term 4
End of Year
C&K Oakey Community Kindergarten is currently taking enrolments for 2015. If your
child is turning 3 or 4 prior to June 2015
please contact the director on 46911075 to
receive an invitation to our orientation day.
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