! Getting started with Google Devices



! Getting started with Google Devices
Getting started with
Google Devices
I'm interested in using Chromebooks/Android tablets for the
classroom. Before purchasing devices, our school needs to set up
a Google Apps for Education account. Signing up is free and will
require access to our web domain. When you're ready to get
devices, Google's Sales team can work with you to plan and
purchase these. Here's where you would go to get started:
Below are some major benefits. Specifically for you:
• Starting at $259, devices include management and support
• Set up in minutes not hours
• Centrally manage 10 or 10,000 devices across a classroom,
school or district
• 24/7 support
• One year hardware warranty
• Automatic updates
• Multiple layers of security
Here are more details about product specs and the
management console:
Contact a Google Expert for more information about signing
your school up for devices:
For more details about Google Apps for Education visit:
You'll also find case studies of other schools deploying and
using devices at their school here:

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