The Political Compass
Local Govt Use Demo
Nick Mastronardi
Co-founder / CEO
[email protected]
719 357 9452
1. Splash Page
2. Log In / Register Option Page
New Users Can Either Log In using Social Media Omni-Auth Tools or Click Register
Returning users can sign in using the social media omni auth or enter their credentials
3. Geocode
Geocode into a Congressional District one of a few ways
ip address district suggestion confirmation, partial address, or browse find select
This will associate them to a federal congressional district, state, county, muni
4. Now, Pick a Bill and Participate
5. Selecting a bill brings up the Bill’s Eballot
Users / Students can simply vote and comment from here if they are familiar with the bill
6. For more information on the bill, bring up the bill’s full page & forum by clicking the bill’s name
Links to whatever info we have on the proposal can be found here, it’s forum and results to date
Users can vote and comment here too
7. Users can keep track of their participation and results in Representation
See the full list of bills they’ve participated on, their vote, the constituency tally, their rep’s vote, and the
proposals’ results
8. We also have information on Districts & Reps in General, and can host info on states and
localities and their representatives.
Map Below is a Federal District Map, Scrolling over a district provides clickable info on district & rep
9. Each Federal District / Rep and local govt / Rep can have their own page for more information
For example, how that district’s voting history has aligned with his/her constituents
Also, the page has links to the Rep’s official pages, youtube page, twitter, contact info …
Using Technology to Foster Greater Participation and Mutual Education in Pursuit of better policies.

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