The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog every morning



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog every morning
Friday 25th July 2014
Dear Parents and Caregivers, welcome back to Semester Two!
As those of you who have visited the College recently will know that our building project is progressing well and you can see
our new Sports Centre is taking shape and very close to the roof going on. The Arts/Technology building on the site of the
old tennis courts has also started to take shape with the framework erected this week.
We are still operating our office from two locations in the College with the main reception located in Lab 3. We are hoping
to move into our new Administration area in the next two weeks. I thank you all for your patience over the last few weeks
- and the coming few weeks - and I particularly thank our office staff and members of the College Leadership Team who
have all had to relocate and continue to work under difficult temporary conditions. We continue to remind ourselves that we
will have great new facilities when it is all completed.
Catholic Education Week will be celebrated across Queensland from 27 July - 2 August this year.
This annual event is held to promote the special ethos of Catholic schools and to highlight the great things
that take place in Catholic schools every day. The theme for this year’s celebrations is: Come, live life in
all its fullness. This inspirational call is based on the Gospel of John (10:10), challenging those who
answer it to “live fully”.
Reflecting this Gospel call, our school, like all Catholic schools, strives to provide a learning experience through which every
young person has the opportunity to reach their full human potential - spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially,
culturally and physically - and know what it means to engage in all that life has to offer.
During Catholic Education Week 2014, Catholic education communities across Queensland are invited to celebrate and share
how their communities are encouraging and providing opportunities for their members to “Come, live life in all its
There are 296 Catholic schools in Queensland that educate around 143,000 students and employ almost 17,000 teachers
and staff, and most will celebrate Catholic Education Week in some way.
I thank you for your ongoing support as we journey together in the education of your daughter.
On the last Friday night of term our Year Twelve girls attended their College Formal. Congratulations to the girls on the way
they and their partners presented themselves and on their conduct over the evening. They all looked beautiful and very
‘grown up’. The way the girls conduct themselves on occasions such as this always makes it a pleasure to be with them.
Well done girls!
In the first week of the holidays a group of our Year Twelve girls and Julie McCoy, Mr David Hooper and I spent the week
skiing at Mt Hutt in New Zealand. While the snow was a little slow arriving, it did eventually arrive and the girls really
enjoyed the experience. The girls from our school are well known on the mountain for the way they conduct themselves
and we receive very positive feedback about the interactions they have with the people who work with them.
Thank you to those parents who attended Parent/Teacher interviews last week. Strong networks between home and school
will achieve the best outcomes for your daughters.
This term we welcome Ms Megan Ramsay who is replacing Ms Tamara Stephen in the HPE/Business area. As you would be
aware Tamara has a serious knee injury and we keep her in our prayers over the coming weeks as she undergoes surgery
and an extensive rehabilitation program. We look forward to seeing her smiling face back with her when she is given the ‘all
clear’ and is fully mobile again. As I mentioned in our last newsletter Ms Laura Chapman is acting Year Nine/Ten Pastoral
Care Coordinator over this semester replacing Mrs Kirsty Kingston whilst on maternity leave and we are pleased to announce
that Kirsty and her family welcomed the safe arrival of their baby girl, Ava Louise yesterday morning, weighing a healthy
3.8kg. Both mother and daughter are well and we congratulate them and send them our best wishes at this exciting time.
Take Care,
Maree Messer
Upcoming Diary Dates
Sunday 27 July
Monday 28 July – Friday 1 August
Tuesday 29 July
Wednesday 30 July
Wednesday 30 July – Friday 1 August
Monday 4 August
Tuesday 5 – Thursday 7 August
Wednesday 6 August
Einbunpin Festival Sandgate
Yr 10 into 11 Subject Selection Evening – 7pm
Bracken Ridge / Zillmere Library Homework Initiative – 3:30pm
Music Tour
P&F Meeting – 7pm
Yr 10 SET Plan Interveiws
Bracken Ridge / Zillmere Library Homework Initiative – 3:30pm
Einbunpin Festival: We will be hosting a stall at the Einbunpin Festival at Sandgate on Sunday. Our stall will be in the
Brighton Road precinct approximately between 3 rd and 4th Avenues. Quite a number of girls have volunteered to face
paint at our stall so we look forward to seeing them there. Students need to be in formal uniform, sports uniform or
tracksuit. Thank you to staff and students for your support of this.
Student Learning Plans and Assessment Calendars: These will be published to all students within the next week.
Students will need to use their assessment calendar to start planning their assessment and work load. Student Learning
Plans are published for each subject and indicate the work being completed each week as well as the assessment for
each subject. Both of these are organisational tools that when used correctly, support student learning.
Subject Information evening for Year 10 students going into 11 will be held on Tuesday next week 29 July at
7pm. This is an opportunity for parents to consult with key staff and gather some information about subjects for Year 11
2015. Your daughters have already had information sessions at school as part of Careers Week and all students should
have brought home a Senior Studies Handbook 2015 which gives details of the subjects on offer next year. As we go
through this process in the lead up to SET Plan interviews, students need to be consulting their teachers and Academic
Coordinators to learn more about subject offerings. Subject selections for Year 11 2015 will be finalised at the SET Plan
interviews on 5-7 August.
Academic Coordinators and the Senior subjects under their responsibility are as follows. As well as your daughter’s
subject teachers, these people will be able to offer advice regarding subjects.
Gary Conwell
(Religious Education)
Study of Religion (Authority)
Religion and Ethics (Authority Registered)
Rikki Chandler
English (Authority)
English Communication (Authority Registered)
Lyn Hedemann
Mathematics A (Authority)
Mathematics B (Authority)
Mathematics C (Authority)
Prevocational Mathematics (Authority Registered)
Melissa Keenan
(Business Technology)
Accounting (Authority)
Business Management (Authority)
David Hooper
Biology (Authority)
Chemistry (Authority)
Physics (Authority)
Megan Pidskalny
(Social Science/ VisualArts)
Modern History (Authority)
Legal Studies (Authority)
Visual Arts (Authority)
Creative Arts (Authority Registered)
Suellen Geran
Drama (Authority)
Michele Tillack
(HPE, Home Ec and Hospitality)
Hospitality (Authority Registered)
Home Economics (Authority)
Physical Education (Authority)
Sarah Meder
(Vocational Education)
Cert II in Workplace Practices (VET)
Certificate II in Business (VET)
Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology (VET)
SET Plan Interviews: Year 10 students who have not completed their SET Plan or booked into their SET Plan
interviews will not be enrolled into Year 11 2015 until that occurs. It is essential that students have completed their SET
Plan Booklet before the interview as this is essential information to be used during the interview. It can be very
frustrating for parents and teachers when the interview cannot proceed because the SET Plan is not complete. Please
contact Sarah Meder if you have not yet received information regarding your daughter’s SET Plan interview.
OP 1-5 Assembly:
Last week, we had the great privilege of welcoming back some of our Seniors 2013 who received an OP 1-5.
Alexandra Boughey
Bachelor of Physiotherapy at UQ
Melissa Herburg
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) at QUT
Morgan Kelly
Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Justice at QUT
Vanessa Chua
Double degree of Business and Creative Industries majoring in marketing and fashion
Shelby Coyer
Double degree in Forensic Science / Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at
Griffith University
Anthea Major
Bachelor of Business (majoring in Marketing) at QUT
Amber Okamura
Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Laws at QUT
Kathyrine Usabal
Bachelor of Journalism
Alexandra Boughey addressed the students and shared with the girls her ideas about the habits that lead to academic
excellence. Alexandra also spoke about the need to take risks and have a go and spoke of her risk-taking experiences at
University this year. Then, we held a question and answer session in which all of our former students had the
opportunity to speak about the differences between university life and school and how they may prepare themselves for
tertiary studies in the future. Afterwards, we hosted a lunch in the Plantation Room and many students came along to
wish these girls well and learn more about their experiences – even many Year Eights who did not even know these
young women last year. We thank them so much for continuing to make a contribution to our Community. Even though
they have now moved on to a new phase of their life, they are still providing excellent leadership and inspiration to the
young women who follow in their footsteps.
Regards and blessings, Sharee Lane
Term Three has begun well for staff and students with students settling into their studies and negotiating their way
around the building works that are continuing. All students recently received their Semester One report which will have
given them an opportunity to reflect on their progress throughout Semester One, to take on board the respective
teacher’s comments, and to then set themselves some realistic goals for second semester. Third term is a very busy term
as planning for the following year begins. This week we held the Yr 7/8 Parent Information Evening and in the coming
weeks we will run the Yr 10 into 11 Subject Selection evening, Year Ten SET Plans and practice QCS tests for the Year
Twelve girls.
Einbunpin Festival
Next Sunday is the annual Einbunpin Festival at Sandgate. After the success
of our stall last year, a number of staff will be running the stall throughout
the day again this year. We will also have a number of talented students
doing face painting. We encourage you all to come along and have a great
day out.
Our Interhouse Athletics carnival was held today. The track was a sea of
colour, and a hive of activity as students turned out in their House colours to
gain all important points for their respective Houses. Again, it was very
encouraging to observe so many students keen and willing to be involved in
the various events - participation is the key to success on such days. Thank
you to the tuckshop staff and volunteers who helped with the food for the
day and to our groundsmen for their help with marquees and setting up.
Congratulations to Ms Natalie Parks for organising a great day.
School Photos – Friday 15 August
Silver Rose Photography will be at the school on Friday 15 August to
photograph our students. You will soon receive an envelope will be used to
place your order. Please note that this envelope must be handed to the
photographer on the day and must contain payment for individual portrait
orders. Sport and Special Group photos are ordered via their website after
photo day.
Blessings, Carol Hoareau
Zillmere Library Homework Initiative and Peer Tutoring
The first visit to Zillmere library happened this week thanks to the efforts of Ms Kerry Peacey and a host of very
enlightened and enthusiastic students. It is interesting to note that there have been quite a number of studies confirming
the effectiveness of tutoring or in educational speak “peer tutoring”; that is, tutoring that is conducted by either same
age or cross-age tutors. In the case of the Bracken Ridge and Zillmere Library Initiatives, all tutoring conducted is crossage tutoring. Some of the social and academic benefits documented through analysis of hundreds of quantitative studies
Peer tutoring is an effective supplement to teaching by teachers
Cross age tutors are more effective than both same age tutors or adult (non-teacher) tutors but all have very
positive effects on student learning
Peer tutoring positively effects both the tutor and the student receiving the tutoring
Peer interventions have stronger effects when regulated by peers rather than primarily by teachers, provided
there are clear success criteria used as targets
John Hattie (2009, p187) draws the conclusion from the studies of peer tutoring, “when students become teachers of
others, they learn as much as those they are teaching. When they have some control or autonomy over this teaching, the
effects are higher”. Many teachers at the College employ peer tutoring as a regular strategy in their lessons, thus the
homework initiative is an extension of classroom practice with the added benefit of the cross-age factor. One of the most
interesting observations I have made is that the students from our College have to strategize approaches to primary
school homework for the students they tutor. This effectively means they have to employ metacognitive strategies to do
this, such as setting younger students reward targets, using writing outlines, helping students arrange notes,
encouraging question asking and proposing, advising about time management and self monitoring processes to name a
few. The opportunity also requires our student tutors to enter into the process of collaboration with younger students,
which studies have shown has a very positive effect on student learning outcomes (Hattie, 2009).
Bibliography - Hattie, J. (2009). Visible Learning: A synthesis of over 800 meta-analyses relating to achievement. London: Routledge.
Blessing, Gary Conwell
Welcome back, and welcome to a term jam-packed with Senior events both academic and co-curricular. I am glad to see
a lot of refreshed and revitalised seniors back ready to give their all in Semester Two – the final semester in the
secondary schooling life for some, and the making of a successful schooling life ahead for others.
A wonderful day was had by staff and students at the Athletics Carnival today. As Dr Seuss so aptly said, “Fun is good”
and his words were represented beautifully today. Students actively engaged in this year’s theme: Safari, and competed
wonderfully. Also, the seniors hosted the inaugural ‘best dressed competition’ which really brought the SJFC spirit out in
the girls and fostered a wonderfully inclusive attitude. Students are to be congratulated for their participation and the
Seniors are equally deserved in felicitations for their wonderful leadership throughout the day.
It is really an important term in so many ways. The Year Twelves focus on their academics and gear up for QCS and the
final round of assessment prior to verification to prepare them for their OP, while the Year Elevens really look to establish
their place in the College as they prepare for leadership roles in 2015.
With August will come the Year Elevens Dinner Dance. Year 11 students will focus heavily on this event. While this night
is important for students, please support us in keeping your daughters grounded; this is merely one moment in the SJFC
calendar and administration the teachers are endeavouring to prevent the hype of Dinner Dance from affecting students’
attention to their studies and educational outcomes in Term Three and a friendly reminder that payment for Dinner
Dance needs to be finalised by 1 August. Dinner Dance will be lots of fun, but it will not be all that Term Three is about
for Year 11 students.
Year 11 students will volunteer their time to provide breakfast for the Year Twelves on the mornings of their QCS exams
this term. This is a wonderful custom at the College and allows the girls to really exercise their sense of service and
represent the collective spirit that St John Fisher College fosters amongst its students. As Henry Ford stated, “A business
absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” The analogy of a
business can be applied to the development of our students’ character as they exercise their collective focus on the
service of others during the QCS Breakfast – their character will profit immensely! Also, I encourage students who are
expressing an interest in leadership for next year to actively involve themselves in this initiative. Students will need to
consider leadership nomination this term in preparation for Leadership Camp and voting in early Term Four.
The order for the senior Jerseys will by placed with Canterbury this term. Again, a friendly reminder that students wishing
to purchase senior jerseys will need to have payment finalised by 9 August.
It is a busy term for Year 11 both in and out of the classroom. I would like to thank parents and carers in advance for
supporting the girls in striking the right balance between their studies and their busy co-curricular calendar.
“The mode by which the inevitable comes to pass is effort.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935); Associate
Justice, U.S. Supreme Court
The Formal is over and the girls have made it half way through the final year of their secondary schooling, and as we hit
this second half many will start to replace anticipation of the end with anxiety about what’s next. Please support us in
supporting the girls to stay focussed on their short-term goal: academic excellence in Term 3. By ‘excellence’ I mean their
best possible effort under the circumstances and a positive attitude to their studies, while working co-operatively and
collaboratively with their peers to raise the bar for the whole cohort. Research shows that this is the secret to successful
This term is probably the most important academically for our Year Twelves as it includes the QCS Test and finalises the
girls’ ranking for their Overall Position (OP), taking into consideration their school-based assessment. Therefore, I have
been speaking to the girls about the importance of small sacrifices in the short term for greater reward in the long run,
that is, forgoing that party on the weekend or knocking back the extra shift at work to earn more money now. Thank you
in advance for supporting the College in pushing this message consistently with our Year Twelves.
However it is not all work and no play! The Year Twelves final Social is this term on the 22 August and I’m sure the girls
will have a ball with the theme of ‘Wild West’.
Enjoy sharing this final leg in the secondary journey of your daughters!
Kind regards, Ryan Slavin
Welcome back to all Year 9 and 10 students for the beginning of Term Three. I hope that you all had a nice relaxing
break and looking forward to the exciting semester ahead.
My name is Laura Chapman and I have the privilege of taking on the role of Year 9/10 Pastoral Care Coordinator while
Mrs Kirsty Kingston is on maternity leave. To begin the term, I spoke to the Year 9 and 10 students about my
expectations, including the correct wearing of the school uniform, their behaviour in class and their attitude towards their
school work. One of the things I talked about with the students is persistence, not giving up when things get a little
difficult. I set a challenge for all of the Year 9 and 10 students to choose three areas in which they could show more
persistence. Throughout the semester I will be focusing on the importance of giving 100% effort in all areas of College
life. Being persistent does not mean being the best but rather giving the best of yourself. I look forward to hearing some
great success stories throughout the semester!
A reminder that Year 10 students have their Year 10 into Year 11 Subject Selection Evening at 7pm on Tuesday the 29th
of July. I would encourage your attendance as the night provides important information on the senior subjects and will
provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have concerning subject selection for next year.
Furthermore, the Year 10 SET Plan interviews will take place the following week. Interview times are already being
booked so please return the forms as soon as possible. On a different note, the Year 10 students have their Adventure
Day this term where they complete a high ropes course. The students have received a permission letter, which provides
you with further detail on what the day entails.
I look forward to working with you and your daughters throughout this semester. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me.
Kind regards, Laura Chapman
Welcome back to Semester Two! It was wonderful to see all of the girls return to school looking rested, rejuvenated and
excited about a new Semester. They sure have come a long way since their first day of secondary school!
As the Year Eights continue to gain independence and take more responsibility for their organisation and time
management, I ask that you still assist your daughter so that she can achieve to her potential. Your daughter will benefit
from your guidance and support in helping her to stay on track and manage her time so that she doesn’t just meet
deadlines but produces the best work she can in the time available. You could help her at the start of the Semester by –
Checking that her timetables are in place. She has one in her locker at school and should have one in her planner
and one at home.
Making a copy of her Student Learning Plans. Student learning plans outline the weekly focus for each subject for
the whole semester. Your daughter will receive one for each subject she does. They are effective in keeping up
to date with what your daughter is studying in class, particularly if she is away sick. Student learning plans are
due to go out in classes throughout week three.
Looking out for the assessment planner. This outlines all of the due dates for your daughters’ assessment for the
whole semester. Students should receive their assessment planner within the next few weeks.
Adding due dates for assessment (found on the Assessment Planner) to a calendar at home so assessment dates
can be tracked by you and your daughter.
Regularly checking and signing her planner tracking homework and assessment commitments.
Helping her to manage her time and prioritise homework and assignments. Your daughter needs set time to
regularly work on assignments. It is essential that you teach her how to do this to ensure success.
Important dates for this Term are:
Year 8 Reflection Day - Thursday 14th August
Interschool Athletics Carnival – Tuesday19th August
GR8 RACE – Thursday 4th September
Spring Liturgy- Friday 5th September
This week the nomination process begins to elect new Class Captains and Service Leasers for the Pastoral Care classes. I
would once again like to thank the current Captains and Service Leaders for the fabulous work they did throughout
Semester One, and I look forward to seeing new students step up and represent their classes this semester.
Kind Regards, Nicole Garske
Welcome back from what I hope was a nice and relaxing two weeks holiday. Term Three has begun at full speed with
Parent Teacher Interviews, Geebung Special School and excursions with our Athletics Carnival being the next thing to
approach us. To think this is only Week Two!!! House spirit is one of the most important things to remember about
Athletics Carnival as without it, the day would be dull and boring. Spirit can be demonstrated in many different ways.
Cheering as loud as you can for the war cry battle or for your fellow team mate is one way spirit is laced within the roots
of Athletics Carnival. Participation is essential for spirit to be present as without it, spirit does not exist. Taking photos,
competing in events, running errands for teachers, dressing up; they are all ways to show spirit. The more spirit you put
in, the better the day will be, so it is important ensure that you show your spirit in the best way you can because spirit is
This spirit however, would not exist without the teacher’s efforts. Without the teachers input, the Athletics Carnival would
not be the fun filled day that it is. Hours upon hours of organisation go into these events and it is crucial that we take the
time to recognise their efforts. In particular, Ms Parks, who has taken on the duty of organising the carnival in Ms
Stephen’s absence. Thank you to all that have assisted in any way to make the day run so smoothly.
I look forward to seeing the immense spirit shown throughout the day. Bre 
Welcome back to what is sure to be a busy and exhilarating Semester Two! This term has already kicked off to an
impressive start with enthusiasm and spirit filling the entire College. I have felt extremely proud to return to a jam
packed week of Communications with the Second Edition of the Student Magazine, Fisher Frenzy, being published. I
would like to thank and congratulate the girls involved in the project for the exceptional effort that went into their article
and I hope you all enjoyed this issue. It is not too late to contribute to this magazine, so if you would like to be a part of
it, please see me.
This week the first Student Council meeting for this semester was held and I am very blessed to work with such a
wonderful group of girls. We discussed feedback from last term including house assemblies and further goals we could
set within the college, as well as deciding on a theme for the College Social to be held on the 22 August 2014. Look out
for more information regarding this in the upcoming weeks.
As the term progresses I would like to touch
base with this year’s College theme: “From
These Roots We Grow”. With so much going on
in our chaotic and demanding lives, it can be
easy to forget our roots and appreciate the
smaller things in life. A friend of mine sent me
an email of spectacular trees around the world
and it reminded me of the sheer beauty and
selflessness of nature. Trees are our life source
and provide us with so much with no
expectations of receiving. I challenge you to
take this mentality into the term ahead. Be
fabulous and give the gift of your full self and
sheer beauty in everything you do.
Just a reminder that the Annual Magazine
Cover Competition is shortly coming to a close,
so start creating your designs and bring them
in in the upcoming weeks.
Live every moment, laugh every day and love every second. Have an absolutely fabulous week! Isabella.
Welcome to Semester Two. This semester sees a number of exciting Cultural activities taking place including “Illuminaré”
(our arts evening), Shake and Stir’s Shakespeare Festival and our Music Tour. The bus for music tour will leave next
Wednesday, headed for Ballina, with thirty six students, one ex-student and four adults on board. Throughout the three
days the students will perform for a variety of aged care facilities and primary schools. This year students from the Band,
String Ensemble and Vocal Ensemble are participating along with two piano students from our Instrumental Music
Program. We thank Mr Browne, Ms Mager and Julie McCoy for accompanying the students on the tour. We wish all
involved a safe and fun filled tour!
Due to medical reasons we sadly won’t have the services of Anthony Kinmonth (our guitar teacher) this term.
Fortunately, however, Anthony was able to recommend a colleague, Nathan Leonard, to fill in during his absence.
Nathan brings with him a wealth of experience having studied at the Qld Conservatorium of Music and working as a
professional musician for a number of years. We welcome Nathan to the College and hope he enjoys his time with us.
If your daughter would like to become involved in the Instrumental Music program this year it is not too late. We have
teachers offering tuition in piano, guitar, vocal, strings, wind, brass and percussion. Elissa Adamson (piano teacher) is
also able to offer music theory tuition. We would also love to see more students involved in the school Choir that
rehearses during Tuesday lunchtimes. Should you wish to find out more about Instrumental tuition please do not
hesitate to contact me, or alternatively, ask your daughter to see me at the Cultural Coordinator’s office.
Kind Regards, Suellen Geran
Welcome back to yet another semester. This semester is going to be the biggest yet with Illuminaré fast approaching.
There is so much to do in so little time so we need all the help we can get in preparing for this cultural evening. If your
daughter is interested in being involved in some aspect of College life, in particular Culture, then tell her to come along
and contribute her wonderful and creative ideas and thoughts to Cultural Committee. This has now moved to every
Wednesday at Morning Tea outside the Drama Rooms. Meeting times are advertised through the morning notices.
Last week Vocal Ensemble auditions were held in the Plantation Room in the Library. Thank you to all those students who
turned up to audition. We know that for many of the students it was quite daunting and it took a lot of courage for them
to participate in the process. Whether your daughter was successful in making the Vocal Ensemble this year or not, she
is still very much welcome and most definitely invited to continue attending Choir every Tuesday lunchtime. If your
daughter was selected to join the lovely Song Birds than it is a requirement for her to commit to Monday afternoon
rehearsals in the Chapel from 3:15pm – 4:00pm and choir rehearsals during Tuesday lunch. If your daughter is unable to
attend rehearsal for an appropriate reason she needs to let Julie know. Congratulations to all the girls who made it into
the Vocal Ensemble for 2014 we look forward to the talent that you bring to the stage and to seeing the lovely
performance you have put together for the Einbunpin Festival at Sandgate this weekend.
If your daughter has nominated themselves for the “QLD Youth Shake Fest”, then she is required
have part of her entry ready for intra school judging on August 1. Entries selected to represent our
College will be judged at the regional final to be held at the Powerhouse Theatre (New Farm) on
Saturday 13 September.
If any students have any questions or are just looking for a chat please do not hesitate to come
and see myself or Ms Geran. Georgia
Welcome back to Semester Two!
This term still sees the continuation of many Social Justice Activities. Homework Initiative, in which the girls help children
at Bracken Ridge Library, will also expand to the Zillmere Library. This will still continue to happen every Wednesday until
5pm and I would love to see many more girls getting involved in this rewarding service to our community.
Last week the Senior Social Justice girls visited the beautiful children at Geebung Special School. It was our third visit to
the school and the children were all very excited for us to be there. In pairs, we visited a class for the third time, and the
girls had by now built up a good relationship with these children and we all had a ball. Thankyou to those girls that have
made this commitment, your empathy and compassion have really made a difference to the small community at Geebung
Special School.
This term the Vinnie’s Sleepout will be happening again. This will involve the girls leaving the comforts of their bed for
one night to sleep ‘rough’, in order to raise money and awareness for homelessness in our community. A date is yet to be
decided, so keep an eye out for more information.
As we approach this second Semester may we continue to encompass the values of our school community. We are so
blessed to have the opportunities we have been given with our education so may we use it to make an uplifting to the
world we live in. Go forth and be just. Sarah
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela
Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Writing and Illustrating Workshops
In just a few weeks, on Thursday 21 August, almost a quarter of the College will
compete in the Write-a-Book-in-a-Day Competition. The competition is a wonderful,
fun, team building experience in which teams of students plan, write, illustrate
and publish a 4000 word book in just twelve hours. We have ten teams and over 90
students from Years Eight to Twelve participating in the day and raising money
for the Royal Brisbane Children’s Hospital.
On Monday of this week these girls participated in
writing and illustrating workshops with author Prue
Mason and illustrator Katherine Battersby. Katherine is
a children’s writer and illustrator whose first picture
book, Squish Rabbit, is published in Australia, the US,
China and beyond. Prue Mason lived for many years in
the Middle East and draws on her own many exciting life
experiences to write her children’s adventure novels.
She has also written many articles and short stories
Writing Workshop
On Monday July 21st in periods six and
seven the girls who are participating in
split into two groups: illustrators and
writers. I was part of the writers group
and we participated in a workshop with
author, Prue Mason. During the workshop we
worked through activities to help us
create a character out of a hat and an
object. My group came up with a boy called
Charlie; he was a thief, had a stray dog
named Blu and he was on a quest to find
his father. After we came up with the
the group members had to put on the hat and
answer questions. Half of the group had to choose
positive attributes while the other half chose
negative attributes for the character they had
created. When we reached the end of the workshop
two of the members from each group got up and
told everyone about the character they had
created. The workshop was fun and we learnt many
new ways of how to develop characters.
Madeline Kingsley – Year 9
Illustrating Workshop
In this session Katherine shared her experiences in illustrating a scene from a
story. Using examples of well-known stories as well as her own short stories,
Katherine demonstrated how she works to capture a story vividly on the page. The
students learnt all about choosing the right scene for an image, point of view,
perspective, colour choices, character emotion and capturing movement. We were
even lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the draft for her next book which is yet
to be published! The Write-a-Book-in-a-Day competitors were joined by the Year 11
English Communication class for this workshop. These girls will spend the next
couple of weeks writing and illustrating their own picture books and gained
plenty of useful tips and advice from Katherine to help them with their task.
Thank you to the following staff for their help and involvement on the day: Miss
Shari Dows, Mrs Suellen Geran, Mrs Elizabeth Pashen and Ms Kerry Peacey and Mrs
Tracey Smith.
Rikki Stanton-Cook and Frances Zabarauskas
Shake and Stir return to SJFC!
The Shake and Stir Theatre Company have become regulars (and firm favourites)
here at St John Fisher College and this year they will visit the College twice.
On Thursday 24 July, Shake and Stir performed Lady Macbeth for the Year Eleven
and Twelve students. As always, the show was supremely entertaining and provided
great insight into the characters of the play. It will be something that the Year
Twelves can draw on as they begin to write their own monologues during their
study of Macbeth.
Interested in seeing more of Shake and Stir on stage? Why not check out their
upcoming adaptation of Emily Bronte’s gothic masterpiece, Wuthering Heights.
‘When Heathcliff, a mysterious boy is rescued from the street and brought to
Wuthering Heights, he develops a passionate bond with Cathy Earnshaw and a
repulsive distrust of her brother Hindley. As time passes, Heathcliff and Cathy’s
relationship deepens to the point of dangerous obsession, until one day, Cathy
marries another man. Overcome with jealousy, Heathcliff flees the Heights only to
return, years later, ready to exact revenge on those he believed ruined his one
chance at happiness.’
When: 1 – 18 October 2014
Where: Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, Brisbane
For more information head to
Regards, Rikki Stanton-Cook
Welcome back for a crazy term ahead of us! This term we head straight into Athletics Carnival that ran throughout today.
What a busy day! But with all students participating in all events, it made out to be a fantastic day. We have also carried
on the tradition for the second year running of the theme. This year the senior leaders put their heads together to create
a theme that was different and lots of fun. The theme this year was safari! With all the Year Twelves dressed alike as
safari rangers and the rest of the school dressed as the animals of a safari, it truly looked like the great African Plains.
From the Interhouse Athletics Carnival a selection of girls will be chosen to partake in the College Athletics Team. This
team will travel to QSAC at Nathan on the 19th August to participate in the Pelligrini Cup against a numerous of other
schools. The entire College will also head to QSAC on this day to help cheer on our College Athletics Team. Further
information about this day will be told in future newsletters.
Also, Interschool Sports resumed this week with all Netball and Soccer Teams playing extremely well. As Trimester Two
sports soon coming to an end with two more rounds, Ms Parks will be conducting trials for Trimester Three sports. These
sports are Touch Football and Basketball with more information about these sports on the sports notice board in the
Killoran Centre.
This year the College has decided to enter an All Schools Touch Competition with the under 15s competing. The
competition runs over four days starting on the Thursday 9th October and finishing on the Sunday 12th October. With the
team starting to undergo intense training each week, we are hopeful to perform with excellence at this competition.
Lastly, another reminder that Boot Camp has resumed this term on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6:45 to 7:45.
These sessions are a great way to keep fit and have fun.
Have a good weekend, Riley
Squash Success in Rockhampton
During the recent June holidays Mackenzie Sleep from 8Q
travelled to Rockhampton to compete in the Qld Junior Squash
Championships as part of the Brisbane Vipers team.
participated in both the Individual and Team event where she
triumphantly picked up three awards over the seven day event.
Mackenzie showed dominance in the court taking out 3rd place
in the individual tournament for her age division. Her strong
performance in the Under 13’s mixed Brisbane team produced a
celebrated 1st place win. Overall, this victory contributed
to a very successful campaign by the Brisbane Vipers Team who
eventually outplayed the other Qld regions, taking home 1st
place and the inaugural Championship trophy.
Tuckshop Roster
Term 3
Mon 28 N Jukes
Mon 4 K Nolan
Mon 11 P White
Tue 29 J Modini
Tue 5 J Kidd
Tue 12 L Dallas
Wed 30 D Best-Semple M Doig
Wed 5 K Brose
Thu 31 P Bolton
Thu 7 K Cassidy
Thu 14 L Robinson
Fri 1 AUGUST S Bone K Dutton
Fri 8 V Smith
Fri 15 A Wardley N Blake
 3869 1740 
Changed contact details?
If you have had
or will soon have a change of details, please email or
phone the school to ensure that your daughter’s details
are always up to date, especially in the case of
emergency home numbers and mobiles.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Today was our Interhouse Athletics Carnival and what a day it was. Bridgeman girls, you were on fire! Everywhere I
looked I could see girls running, jumping, throwing, cheering and having fun, I could not be more proud. Due to your
participation and willingness to be involved I thought I would write a recipe on how to create the wonderful Bridgy
girls you are. The instructions are as follows; Add a cup of enthusiasm, a drop of positivity and a tablespoon of
commitment and then mix well with a dash of pride, a splash of care, a pinch of respect and a sprinkle of
sportsmanship. Then bring on the heat and watch us rise. I want to congratulate you for being such fine examples
of St John Fisher girls and thankyou for such an amazing day.
I am sure many of you are already knee deep in assessment and it is only the second week but don’t freak out just
yet. We have many exciting events to look forward to. In the meantime aim to stay organised and on top of your
work so you do not leave anything to the last minute. Hopefully we can continue these great attitudes as we delve
further into Term Three. Good luck with all your assessment girls! Have a wonderful weekend. Ellie 
“Good things do not come to those who wait.
Good things come to those who work their hardest and never give up. “
Welcome back to another busy yet exciting term. Only two weeks into Term Three and already many girls have
received assessment items. Now is the time for us all to develop some new goals and start pushing ourselves to
meet them. It is better to fail knowing you tried your hardest, than to fail and regret that you did not do your best.
With that in mind it is time to start working your hardest and never give up in order to reach your own personal
goals. As the assessment pieces start accumulating make sure to prioritise in order to get the best possible
Whilst this term brings a lot of hard work and stress there are many exciting activities along the way. Today St John
Fisher College got to enjoy the excitement that is the Athletics Carnival. It was fantastic to see all the McAuley
ladies getting into the day’s theme of “safari” by dressing up as their favourite yellow animal. This year also saw the
first ever costume competition and I knew, just by seeing McAuley’s best dressed ladies, that this competition would be fierce. I would like
to thank all the girls who participated as much as they could within all the events, whether they were athletic or were just having some fun,
as it made the day so much more enjoyable.
As we are half way through this year let’s make sure we keep up the great atmosphere and remember that “the smile on my face doesn’t
mean my life is perfect. It means I appreciate what I have and what I have been blessed with.” Jess 
Welcome back from holidays girls! I hope all of you lovely Quinn ladies had an awesome and relaxing break and are
prepared for all of the fun and exciting challenges Term Three and Semester Two has for you; starting with the
annual Athletics Carnival. This year’s Jungle/Safari theme is certainly going to bring out the inner animal in all of
you as you have the opportunity to race around the track in spots and stripes, fly over the high jump bar in feathers
and sound a collective roar as we chant our house war cries. I am so excited to see all of you displaying the great
John Fisher spirit as well as all of the creative and inventive costumes you come up with. Of course the Best
Dressed Competition is one way to show off your Quinn spirit, especially if you are not the greatest when it comes
to launching yourself through the air to land in a pit of sand or in sending a javelin hurtling through the air. The Best
Dressed Competition is an added level of excitement as this year is the first time it has ever happened; and not to
mention the all-important house points which are awarded to the overall winner! During the day, Twelve Quinn will
be keeping a keen eye on you all as they pick a Junior and Senior Best Dressed to represent Quinn in the overall
House Competition.
I think it is safe to say that the Athletics Carnival will be a fantastic day filled with laughter, happiness and friendly competition. Getting in
and giving it your best shot is the most important thing to remember. Just having a go and gaining a few extra participation points is all you
need to do to ensure that the Carnival is a successful day full of enjoyment, with the hope that Quinn will defend their winning streak for
another year.
Until next time lovelies!!!! Bre 
Term Three is here and with it brings many exciting challenges and events! This year has flown by as we are now
over the half way mark! Whilst the end of the year is near it is important to remember that we still have a while to go
This term is a busy term with the Year Twelves sitting the QCS Test, ‘Write a Book in a Day’ coming up, Interschool
Athletics Carnival and much more! But today was one of the best days that Term Three brings: Interhouse Athletics
Today St John Fisher turned wild! From safari rangers, cheetahs, rhinoceros’, hippos, lions and giraffes, your
creativity with your costumes blew me away! It was so great to see so many girls getting involved in dressing up in
the theme of ‘Safari’.
Our performance as a House today was outstanding with our House spirit on show for everyone to see and hear! I
know that we did all we would to earn points on the day and only the final results will tell how we did!
Last Friday we had our first House Assembly for the term and whilst we ran out of time at the end it was great to spend time together. As
we all know, Bridgeman has the dragon, McAuley has the lion, Quinn has a phoenix and Rochester has, well we have nothing! So let’s
change that! This term we will be running a competition to come up with a house mascot. So stay tuned and keep your eye on your PC
boxes for more information.
Congratulations on an amazing day and for showing so much house spirit today! Have a great weekend! Erica 
 In our Community 
Redsox Softball
Brighton Roosters Softball
Sustainable Health Seminar
Waterpolo QLD