Aromatherapy Formulas



Aromatherapy Formulas
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Formula 1 - Vitalizing
Formula 2 - Head Clear
Formula 3 - Bliss Blend
Formula 9 – Sattvic Blend
Formula 5 - Sleep Well
Formula 1 - Vitalizing
Bergamot – Top, Parts 2
Sweet Fennel – Middle, Parts 7
Sandalwood – Base, Parts 1
VK- P+ in excess
uplifting, antidepressant, balancing
Top Note, VK-P+, Heating,
Aroma: Fresh, citrusy, slightly
floral initial odor followed by a
still more characteristic oily
herbaceous and somewhat
balsamic body and dry out.
Usage: Antidepressant, calms
Source: Skin of a citrus fruit
from the southern tip of Italy
Citrus bergamia
Sweet Fennel
Top/Middle Note, VPK=, slightly
cooling, moisturizing.
Aroma: Sweet, somewhat
spicy, licorice-like (Anise) .
Emotional benefits: cleansing,
clearing, revitalizing
Physical benefits: aids
digestion, body/skin cleanser
and tonic
Uplifting- balancing to the mind,
stimulating physiological.
Foeniculum vulgare
Base Note, VP-Ko
Cooling, moisturizing
Aroma: extremely soft, sweetwoody, almost animal-balsamic
Emotional benefits: calming,
balancing, sensual
Physical benefits: softens
dehydrated skin, laryngitis,
Best general aroma for the
mind and vÀta
Endangered: consider Amyris,
Ho Wood, Cypress
Santalum album
Formula 2 - Head Clear
Camphor – Top, Parts 3
Cinnamon – Middle, Parts 4
Clove – Base, Parts 3
VK- P+
expectorant, decongestant, analgesic
White Camphor
Top Note, V-P+e K-,
Heating, moisturizing
Aroma: clean, fresh, spicy
and herbal
Emotional benefits:
Antidepressant, stimulant
Physical benefits:
decongestant, analgesic
Joint and muscle pain
Cinnamomum camphora
Middle/ Base Note, VK-P+,
Heating, neutral moisture
Aroma: powerful, diffusive,
warm-spicy, sweet and
tenacious .
Emotional benefits:
aphrodisiac, stimulant,
empowers will
Physical benefits:
expectorant, analgesic,
improves digestion and
Increases circulation, may
irritate skin
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Clove Bud
Base Note, VK-P+, Heating.
Aroma: Spicy, warming yet
slightly bitter, woody,
reminiscent of true clove buds,
but richer.
Emotional benefits: uplifting,
stimulating, sensual
Physical benefits: warming,
expectorant, analgesic and
mildly aphrodisiac.
It awakens the senses and has
a decongestant action. It
makes us more joyful and
Eugenia caryophyllata
Formula 3 - Bliss Blend
Tangerine – Top, Parts 2
Rose – Middle, Parts 7
Jasmine – Base, Parts 1
PK- V+e
reviving, anti-depression, balancing
Top Note, VP-Ko, cooling
Aroma: fresh, sweet odor,
reminiscent of bitter orange;
lacking dryness, perfumery
notes and amine “fishy” note
characteristic of mandarin.
Emotional benefits:
soothing, uplifting
Physical benefits:
skin tonic, speeds out toxins
Source: Skin of a tangerine fruit
Citrus madurensis
Rose Attar
Base Note, VPK=
Cooling, moisturizing
Aroma: strongly floral, sweet
Emotional benefits:
comforting, supports relaxation,
Physical benefits:
skin care all types
Attar: In a base of sandalwood
Best single oil for Pitta
Rosa damascena
Jasmine Attar
Base Note, PK-V+,
Cooling, Moisturizing
Aroma: Warm, sweet, floral,
Emotional benefits:
balancing, soothing, sensual
Physical benefits:
supports cardiovascular and
urinary function
Attar: In a base of sandalwood
Jasminum officinalis
Formula 4 – Sleep Well
Clary Sage – Top, Parts 1
Lavender – Middle, Parts 7
Jatamansi– Base, Parts 2
relaxing, supports restful sleep, grounding
Clary Sage
Top/ Middle Note, VPKwarming / neutral moisture
Aroma: Bright, earthy,
herbaceous, with a subtle
fruity note
Emotional benefits: relaxing,
soothing, warming
“No female should be
without Clary Sage.”
– Light Miller ND
Physical benefits: relieves
sore muscles, PMS
Salvia sclarea
Top/Middle Note, PK-Vo
slightly cooling to neutral
Aroma: Fresh, sweet, floral,
herbaceous, slightly fruity
Emotional benefits: relaxing,
balancing, healing
Physical benefits: skin care,
restorative, supports restful
Reduces fear and anxiety,
tonifies the reproductive
system, increases
Lavendula officinalis
Jatamansi (Spikenard)
Base Note, VK-P+
warming, moisturizing
Aroma: Earthy, woody,
harsh, musty
Emotional benefits:
Sedative, sleep aid, calms
nerves, grounding
Physical benefits:
Menopause, digestion,
hormonal stimulant for men
Relative of Valerian
Excessive use can dull the
Nardostachys jatamansi
Formula 5 – Lover’s Blend
Palmarosa– Top, Parts 2
Ylang Ylang – Middle, Parts 7
Nutmeg – Base, Parts 1
euphoric, sensual, aphrodisiac, grounding
Palmarosa (Rose Geranium)
Top/ Middle Note, VPK=
Cooling, moisturizing
Aroma: Fresh, floral, rosy,
grassy, sweet .
Emotional benefits:
clarifying, calming,
uplifting, relieves stress,
Physical benefits:
purifying, detoxifying,
moisturizes skin
Cymbopogon martini
Ylang Ylang
Base/ Middle Note, VP-K+
Cooling, moisturizing
Aroma: Fresh, floral, sweet,
slightly fruity, fragrant yet
Emotional benefits:
euphoric, sensual, calming
Physical benefits: skin,
hormone balancing
Brings out warmth, self
confidence, feminine side
and sensitivity
Cananga odorata
Middle/Base Note, VK-P+
Aroma: Rich, spicy, sweet,
Emotional benefits:
Grounding, insomnia,
nervous disorders,
impotence, poor
circulation, low energy
Physical benefits:
Poor absorption,
menstrual irregularity,
Myristica fragrans
Formula 9 – Sattvic Blend
Tulsi – Top, Parts 4
Amber – Middle, Parts 3
Frankincense – Base, Parts 4
Open heart, preserve spiritual energy, calm
balance and protect
Tulsi (Holy Basil)
Top Note, VK-P+e
Heating, neutral moisture
Aroma: Sweet,
herbaceous, licorice-like,
slightly campherous
Opens the heart and
brings harmony to the
Best general aroma for
Sacred plant of India,
second only to the lotus
Ocimum sanctum
Middle Note, VPKSteam distilled from a
fossilized resin
Aroma: smoky, tar-like,
resinous, like tanned
Energizing to the chakras,
especially the heart.
Calming, energy
Protects the wearer from
negative influences
Pinus succinifera
Frankincense (Olibanum)
Middle / Base Note, V-P+Kheating, drying
Aroma: Fresh, woody,
balsamic, slightly spicy and
Preserves spiritual energy, an
enhancement for meditation,
clears the mind
6th chakra, assists in altering
perception of the truth and
promoting clairvoyance.
Purifies the soul, anointing the
dead and dying, for assisting in
transition and keeping the soul
connected to its divine essence
Boswellia carterii
Ayurveda: The Art of Living
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Om Sri Dhanvantari Namaha

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