“Designated Existing Chemicals” Subject to K



“Designated Existing Chemicals” Subject to K
April 2, 2015
Korea Opens Consultation on “Designated Existing Chemicals” Subject to K-REACH Registration
The Ministry of Environment on 25 March 2015 issued a request for public comments on the
draft of “designated existing chemicals” subject to registration under the K-REACH
Regulation. The draft list is identical to the “candidate list of designated existing chemicals”
which was published on 31 October 2014 and contains 518 chemical substances. Effective 1
January 2015, K-REACH requires substance registration for new chemicals regardless of
quantity imported or manufactured, and for so-called designated existing chemicals imported
or manufactured in quantities exceeding one ton per year. According to the relevant ministerial
decree, companies will have three years to register their affected existing chemicals starting
from the date of official publication of the list, which will be revised every three years. The
public comments on this draft list will be collected until 30 April 2015.
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