Bulky Items Pickup Schedule



Bulky Items Pickup Schedule
During the week of July 6th through 12th, place all items on curb to be picked up beginning
July 13th. Bulky items, metal, & yard waste (limit of 5 items) will all be picked up during the
same week. Do not put anything on the street or sidewalk, in an alley, or next to the dumpster.
Keep items separated in piles of bulky waste, metal, or yard waste. Starting July 13th, Texas
Disposal Systems Crews will pick up all bulky trash & continue through the week. Do not place
additional items next to the curb after 7:00 am July 13th.
Acceptable Items include (limit of 5 items):
 Furniture
 Mattresses
 Appliances ---Refrigerators, freezers, & air conditioners will only be picked up if the
Freon has been removed by a licensed technician whose sticker is attached.
 Water heaters
 Scrap metal not to exceed 3’x8’
 Yard waste ---Put leaves, grass clippings, & other small trimmings in paper yard waste
bags. Cut brush & tree limbs into pieces no longer than 4 feet, & bundle them with
string or twine (no wire).
As always, you may bring non-thorny brush & tree limbs and large metal items to the City Yard
daily, Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am till noon.
For more information, please call 432.294.3183
Email [email protected], or visit our website at www.cityofalpine.com/alpinerecycles