9 – 2 April 2015 - Dalmain Primary School



9 – 2 April 2015 - Dalmain Primary School
Dalmain Primary School
64 Dalmain Street, Kingsley WA 6026 | Ph: (08) 9309 3711 | Fax: (08) 9309 5151 | [email protected]"on.wa.edu.au
2 April 2015
From the Principal’s Desk
Thursday, 2 April
Free Sporng Clinic
3.10pm - 4.00pm
Friday, 3 April
School Holidays
(Good Friday)
Tuesday 21 April
Term 2
Thursday, 23 April
Anzac Service
The assembly this morning proved to be a fabulous event with a number of former students
and staff aending. I know that for many it was a great opportunity to catch up and chat
about their past days spent at Dalmain Primary School. Mr Peter Sweetman, the founda"on
principal, spoke very fondly about the early Dalmain days outlining some of the special events
that occurred. One in par"cular concerns the ‘Dalmain’ tree which is located behind the early
childhood block up on the hill. This tree was the mee"ng place each morning for students and
staff as they boarded buses heading off to other local schools as Dalmain s"ll wasn’t quite
ready. This tree features as part of our school logo as a result. Slide shows provided a great
way for the audience to see just how much our school as changed and evolved since those
very early days. Former students Steven Archibald and Jessica Laden also addressed the
assembly providing a perspec"ve from a student’s point of view. Both were very grateful for
the experiences and wonderful "mes that they had at Dalmain Primary School. Students from
TA5 and TA6 gave us all something to think about with fashion from the nine"es and the
prices of various products including housing in 1990 and today. Fashion has most certainly
changed and so have prices! Once again our school choir, led by Ms Pinakis, sang beau"fully
adding to the occasion. At the conclusion of the assembly everyone was invited to the library
for some delicious morning tea and a chance to peruse the memorabilia put out on display. All
present then joined in to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dalmain Primary School as the 25th
Anniversary cake was cut by all four principals over this period of "me. This included Peter
Sweetman, Vic Richards, Jim Bray and me. A number of aendees also took up the
opportunity to visit classrooms and speak to students and staff. All in all it was a terrific
morning full of emo"on and nostalgia. A tremendous amount of work has been put in by a
number of people, including students, parents and staff, to ensure that today was a great
success. There are so many of you who contributed in so many different ways that it would be
almost impossible to list. So thank you to everyone who assisted and contributed towards our
anniversary celebra"on.
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It was pleasing to see the majority of parents taking up the opportunity of mee"ng with their child’s class teacher on
Tuesday. I certainly hope that parents were able to gain some further insight into how their child has started the 2015
school year and some ideas and strategies to further assist them in their learning journey. I would also like to thank all
classroom teachers for their prepara"on and professionalism. The process is a taxing one with so many interviews in
the one aKernoon. However all teachers see and value this process and the opportunity to update parents on their
child’s progress.
Thank you to all parents and community members who donated towards this raffle. Over forty prizes were drawn on
Tuesday aKernoon. Thank you for suppor"ng this P&C ini"a"ve.
ANZAC SERVICE (Thursday 23rd April)
I would like to draw parents and community members aen"on to the scheduling of our school ANZAC service at
9:00am Thursday 23 April in the school quadrangle area. Being the 100th Anniversary, this is an especially significant
occasion. As such it would be wonderful to have a large turnout of parents and community members join us. The
service will be followed by a cuppa and Anzac biscuit for parents and community members in the staffroom.
Students will commence term two on Tuesday 21 April. Staff will be involved in mee"ngs as part of our School
Development Day on Monday 20 April.
I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Easter and term break.
Have a great week,
Don Boyes
School Uniform Shop
Upcycled Gumboot Garden
The Uniform shop will be open:
Tuesday, 21 April 2015
Any dona"ons of children's old/outgrown gumboots/
wellington boots would be greatly appreciated. We will be
repurposing them as planters in our Urban Garden.
8.00am - 9.00am
Dona"ons can be sent to PP 2 - Thank you!
Tuesday, 5 May 2015
8.00am - 9.00am
Tuesday, 19 May 2015
2.00pm - 3.00pm
Order Forms, Product Photos,
Descrip"ons and Sizing Charts are now
available on the school website.
Uniform Coordinator:
Mel McBride - 0404 683 671
Where Are They Now?
Chanel Darcey
Chanel is a motivated broadcasting and journalism graduate with experience
in both radio and television. In 2013 she completed the Postgraduate Diploma
of Broadcasting at Edith Cowan University (formally known as WAAPA
Chanel is currently employed as a Traffic Reporter for the Australian Traffic
Network, providing afternoon reports for 92.9, Mix 94.5 and Seven News
Perth. She is also a casual cover for traffic on Sunrise and Today.
Her time at university and work experience has taught her skills such as
presentation, news reading, filming, editing for audio (Audacity/Protools), editing
for film (Final Cut Pro, Premier), production, organisational skills and script writing.
Prior to university, Chanel completed a certificate IV in Youth Work, Mental Health
and Alcohol and Other Drugs Addiction. She also worked and volunteered with
underprivileged and homeless youth for a year and a half. Community service and
mental health are still interests of hers.
In Chanel’s spare time, she enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures.
On Tuesday whilst teachers were conducting
parent interviews Dalmain Idol was once again a
popular event with students. Many talented children entered the list of potential performers with some changing or deleting their
name as the event grew closer. This was followed by a “master dance class” run by Humphreys Dance Studio.
Direct Deposit Payments
Dalmain Dockets
Account: 3408-18845
Child’s Surname / TA
Term 1, Week 9
Star of the Week
0409 885 439
Elissia Atkinson - TA 1
Parents are reminded
that they can advise
the school of their
child’s absence by SMS.
Please confirm payment by email, or
send your lodgement receipt to the
office with the reason for payment [email protected]"on.wa.edu.au
Junior Draw
Ben Fourie - TA 2
Failure to contact the
school will result in your
child/children being marked
as UNEXPLAINED on their
attendance record.
Senior Draw
Direct Deposit is not available for P&C
payments (eg - uniforms, fundraisers).
These items must be paid in CASH.
Theodin Oosen - TA 8
Canteen Roster - Term 2, 2015
My thanks to Julie Brown, Lorea Luo, Leana Kani, Mel Verna and
Barbie Connick for all their help this week. Thank you,
Nicole Hinwood
Week 1 & 2
8:30 - 11:00am
11:00 - 12:30pm
Mel Verna
Mel Verna
Paddle Pops
$2 each
24 April
Julie Brown
Sharon Peard
Sharon Peard
27 April
Term 2
The Canteen Menu can be
downloaded from the ‘Canteen’ page on the
school website:
Support-A-Reader Roster - Term 1 & Term 2, 2015
Group 1
G Cole
G Brown
M McBride
E Higginson
D Blaxill
Group 2
K Bartle
K Hobden
J Shelley
G Brown
K McLean
R Roki
Group 3
T Cur"s
D Murphy
B Clark
M McBride
Group 4
H Williams
E Hamilton
B Weston
N Haeusler C Fitzpatrick
Group 5
M McBride
H Williams
H Williams
The Support-A-Reader program is
urgently looking for tutors
next term for Tuesday and
Please let Mrs Winterton know
if you are able to assist.
Hilary Winterton: 0434 210 609 or
[email protected]"on.wa.edu.au
Thank you,
C Roper
We require donaons of old (but s"ll working)
Mother’s Day Fete Stall
Hello from the ladies (EA’s) holding the Mother’s Day
Stall at the Dalmain Fete.
We would like to send out a request for assistance
with dona"ons of items such as bolts, metal bole
caps, old unwanted metal forks and spoons, old metal
flan "ns, small spoke bike wheels and medium to
large sized pieces of fabric.
Please leave any dona"ons in the ‘Mother’s Day Stall’
box in the staffroom.
Thank you
Cheryl, Nola and Michele
Crayons, Pencils and Textas
for the Dalmain Fete Build-A-School display.
Any dona"ons will be gratefully accepted
in the school office - Thank you!
Fete Book Stall
Fill-A-Jar Fete Stall - TA 7
If anyone would like to donate
TA 7 would appreciate dona"ons for their “Fill-A-Jar” stall
to be held at Dalmain Primary’s school fete in May. Clean
jars from your pantry can be recycled and filled with any
new materials that would be considered very useful.
Books & DVDs
To the fete Book Stall, please contact
Kate on 0408 926 785 or leave your
dona"on at the school office.
Many thanks,
Examples include: marbles, mini toys, Lifesavers, hair
elas"cs, coons, jams, chutneys, chocolate, lollies, dry
cake mixes, etc. All dona"ons will be greatly appreciated
including any unwanted clean jars. Please forward to TA 7
whenever you can.
Many thanks,
Mrs Orchard &
Mrs Berry
Pot Plant Fete Stall - TA 8
Kindy ‘Pet Shop’ Fete Stall
TA 8 will be selling plants, gardening equipment and
painted terracoa pots at the school fete on May 2
2015. If you have anything you would like to donate,
please advise Mrs Winterton in TA8.
The Kindy classes will be seVng up a
‘Pet Shop’ stall at the school fete.
Any dona"ons of plush/soK stuffed toy
animals would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Hilary Winterton
Thank you!
Mega Toy Sale Stall - Pre-Primary
The Pre-Primarys are holding a Mega Toy Stall at the
2015 fete. Donaons of pre-loved toys in good order
would be greatly appreciated.
Please bring any dona"ons to Pre-Primary 2. We will be
accep"ng dona"ons un"l the fete.
Thank you for helping to make our stall a success!
Fiona Hammill
& Jane Ridley
Hand-Painted Glassware
Fete Stall - TA 9
WANTED - any spare or odd glasses (wine,
champagne, beer, water etc). TA 9 are hand
pain"ng theses glasses to sell at the fete in
May. Your help would be
greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
Mrs Kaluzynski
Again this year this now annual event proved to be
a huge success. Many thanks to all families for
your kind donation of various Easter items and
also for your enormous support purchasing tickets.
A total of $1,300.00 was raised and all monies will
go towards students much needed resources.
Katie Jones
Fundraising Committee
School Holiday Pony
Looking for regular exercise
to improve your wellbeing?
Try Yoga!
Wednesday,8 April 2015
9.30am to 12.30pm
What to expect during a session:
Breathing exercises, sun saluta"on,
twelve basic postures with simple
varia"ons, deep relaxa"on at
the end of the session. Guidance and
correc"ons by your teacher
What to expect long term:
Increase in flexibility, especially of the
spine as well as strength of muscles
and bones. S"mula"on of circulatory,
diges"ve, endocrine and immune
systems. Calming of the mind,
reduc"on of stress and many more
Sivananda Yoga sessions running
every Monday 7 - 8:30 PM
in the Dalmain school library
beginners and advanced
praconers welcome
$140 for 10 sessions, $20 casual,
concessions apply
For more informa"on or to
book in please contact
Antje on 0431 320 782
[email protected]
Cake Stalls, Book Stalls,
Sausage Sizzle & more
Riding for the Disabled Assoc
77 Monyash Road,
Ph: 9448 6376
Greenwood Dental
Therapy Centre
Before/After School
& Vacation Care
The Dental Therapy
Centre is situated at
Care for Kids provide care at
Dalmain Primary School in a fun and
s"mula"ng environment - with
qualified and experienced staff, the
service is Accredited by NCAC.
Childcare benefit and Government
rebates apply.
12 Merivale Way
Phone: 9203 5611
Parking from
Ranleigh Way.
[email protected]
Phone: 9309 2300
or call into the school undercover area.

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