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Detroit Audubon Society
24433 W. Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48033
Job Description: This is part-time (20 hour per week) professional position. The incumbent will
develop, conduct, and train volunteers to conduct environmental education programs for all age
groups, with particular emphasis on birds. The incumbent will also coordinate an annual
conservation conference, and coordinate exhibits at conservation-related shows and
conferences. Other duties include dissemination publicity about the organization and its events
through a variety of media and answering natural history questions over the phone. The
incumbent will also serve as the organization’s chief contact person/liaison with partner groups.
Some issue advocacy may also be required.
Skills and Qualifications: Two years of coursework in Environmental Education, Environmental
Interpretation, Environmental Science or equivalent (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree preferred).
Experience designing and conducting environmental education programs for K-12 groups and
adults required. Must have extensive knowledge of Michigan natural history. Birding experience
strongly preferred. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills, and must be
proficient with MS Office Suite, Internet, and Facebook. Experience in website development and
maintenance preferred. Must be a self-starter, organizer, and a networker.
Terms of employment: This is a permanent position that the organization hopes to upgrade to a
full-time positon as funds become available. Starting wage is $17/ hour. Preferred start date:
May 1, 2015. Position will remain open until a selection is made. The position work location is in
Southeast Michigan.
How to Apply: Interested parties should send a cover letter, resume, and three references to Dr.
James N. Bull, President of Detroit Audubon at [email protected]
This position is a half-time (20-hours per week) professional position with the Detroit Audubon.
The intention is for this position to become a permanent staff position of the organization, and
it is further hoped that within a year or two, as success grows, that this position will be
converted to full-time.
Skills and Qualifications:
Two years of coursework in Environmental Education, Environmental Interpretation,
Environmental Science or equivalent (Bachelor’s or even Master’s Degree preferred).
Experience designing and conducting education programs for K-12 groups and adults.
Knowledge of Michigan natural history (birding experience strongly preferred).
Excellent computer skills, including thorough familiarity with MS Office Suite, ,Internet,
and Facebook. Experience in website development and maintenance preferred.
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Experience in publicity and press relations a plus
Must be a self-starter, organized, and a networker.
Professional and service oriented
Supervisory Controls:
Hired by the board and directly responsible to the board of directors.
Duties and Expected Outcomes:
1. Conduct an average of at least two environmental education programs every month for
school groups, after school groups, or for youth organizations and/or adults. These can be
school classes, informal groups (e.g. scouts, enrichment afterschool programs), and may be
done in partnership with other organizations. (24 per year for a full year).
These will include:
8 Intro to birding education programs (one per week for 8 weeks) for summer
day camp at the Belle Isle Nature Zoo.
Possible partnerships with EMEAC Green Schools program and
Young Environmental Leaders Program, and EcoWorks.
4 birding programs per year at the Riverwalk Birding Spot
2-4 field trips per year to Elmwood Cemetery (weekend or weekday
for seniors).
2. The program coordinator will design the programs or adapt a program previously designed
for use with youth groups by Detroit Audubon or use/adapt other existing environmental
education curricula (e.g. FLYING WILD, V.I.NE., O.B.I.S).
3. Recruit and, where appropriate, train and organize volunteers to conduct or assist with
education programs and field trips and to staff committees (using returned member surveys as
a key resource).
4. Serve as liaison on Huron-Clinton Metroparks Stewardship Partnership. Recruit volunteers for
stewardship events and facilitate exchange of promotional materials between the two
5. Coordinate and arrange speakers and logistics for quarterly membership programs.
6. Recruit and organize volunteers for exhibits/shows and wildlife festivals.
7. Attend all board and education committee meetings.
8. Coordinate publicity using conventional media (newspapers, TV, radio) as well as social and
computer media outlets. Write and distribute press releases and other publicity for major
programs and to call attention to significant accomplishments of the organization. Maintain
media contact database.
9. Write and disseminate all program information to all those internally responsible for
publicizing the programs and events. The coordinator will write at least four articles per year for
the Flyway and/or the website. Publicize events on Detroit Audubon Facebook page, website,
and area birders listserv.
10. The coordinator will keep records, including statistics, of how many attended each program
and where appropriate their evaluations of the programs offered, volunteer hours, etc.
11. Answer phone calls when in the office, and especially regarding natural history questions.
Project a positive image of Detroit Audubon Society in all interactions with the public,
members, board members, associates, and vendors.
12. Coordinate Annual Conservation Conference/Symposium (currently in September).
13. Provide staff support for Memorial Day Weekend Nature Get-away including taking
registrations, maintaining registrant list, sending out confirmation packets.
14. Attend meetings and webinars on behalf of Detroit Audubon (e.g., MEC’s Annual Legislative
Breakfast in Lansing, NAS webinars, etc.) as appropriate.
15. Suggest books and other items to be sold in our bookstore.
16. General Office Support: Process and sort mail, answer letters requiring professional
expertise, and assist in preparing annual reports and other reports regarding programs as
Schedule: The program coordinator will generally work three days per week, with a preference
for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but can be negotiated. Weekend and evening work
PC should work in the office at any time he/she is not conducting a program or working offsite.
PC also needs to work out his or her schedule with the bookkeeper volunteer, so PC is in the
office at any time the bookkeeper or other volunteers are in.
Compensation: The starting salary for this 20-hour/week position is $17/hour.
Start Date: May 1, 2015.
How to Apply: Send a cover letter, resume and three letters of professional reference to Dr.
James N. Bull, President; Detroit Audubon Society, at [email protected]