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May 2015
Hey Students and Families!
May is here already, and you know what that means! Summer is just around the corner, school will be out, and life will be sweet! I thought last month went pretty well, don't
you? We had some fun get-togethers, and even an Air Soft trip! And with Easter, and our
combined service, we got to enjoy a little break from the “regularly scheduled programming.” But hopefully, this month, we'll get back into the swing of things as we revamp Sunday Night Youth Group (which will hopefully have a cool, new name soon), and jump back
into our “Fresh look at Familiar Bible Stories” on Sunday morning. As our Small Groups
wind down at the end of this month, it will free us up for some more service projects and fun
stuff over the summer. I'm open to ideas, and will have a “Suggestion Box” in the Youth
Something that I'd like to emphasize this month is Worship. This is a time of year
where everything just seems more beautiful, and the Bible tells us that God's Creation is
beautiful because—well, it was created by a Beautiful God! God gives us eyes and ears and
hearts and minds to appreciate beauty so that we will turn that appreciation into thankfulness,
and that thankfulness into praise! I want to challenge you and your family to worship together at least once a week. Turn off the TV, pull up your favorite praise songs on the computer or your phone, open your Bible together and praise God for who He is, and what He's
done! Then, when you come to church on Sunday and Wednesday, you will be ready for the
BIG family worship because you've been practicing and preparing all week!
In Christ's Love,
P.S.- As you probably noticed, Amy didn't like the 'stache as much as the rest of us did. Ergo,
it is no longer with us. . . :-( Maybe, I'll just get a tattoo instead!
Sunday AM
5/3 - “Pharaoh and the Plagues”
Sunday PM
Wednesday PM
5/3 - “How does Christ Act as
our Priest?”
5/6 - Small Groups
5/10 - “The Passover”
5/10 - “How does Christ Act as
our King?”
5/13 - Small Groups
5/17 - Combined Worship
No Sunday School
5/17 - Going Hiking!!!!!
5/20 - Small Groups
(Ex. 5-11)
5/24 - “The Exodus (to Sinai)”
5/24 - “What do we mean by
(Ex. 12:33-50; ch. 14-18)
Christ's humiliation?”
5/31 - “Mt. Sinai”
(Ex. 19-20)
5/31 - Youth Group Cancelled
5/27 - Small Groups

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