RFP – Employee Benefits Broker and Consulting Services



RFP – Employee Benefits Broker and Consulting Services
Employee Benefits Broker and Consulting Services
The Niagara Falls Water Board (NFWB) was created in 2003 as a “not-for profit” public benefit
corporation in NYS. The mission of the NFWB is to provide safe and reliable water and
wastewater management services to our community in an economical and efficient manner. As
a governmental organization specializing in the public utility business of water and wastewater
management services, the NFWB constantly strives to improve its product, customer service
and operations.
The NFWB serves the City of Niagara Falls, New York, as well as a portion of the Town of
Niagara, including their Wastewater Bulk Services. Previously the services of water and
wastewater treatment and management were part of the City of Niagara Falls operations.
Today, the NFWB is a wholly separate entity from the City of Niagara Falls dedicated to the
highest quality of public administration, customer service and ethical management operations.
Currently, the NFWB has 85 active employees, the majority of which receive health insurance
through their employment. All 85 employees are eligible to receive health insurance through
their service to the NFWB, but several employees “opt-out” of health insurance in exchange for
additional consideration as required under collective bargaining terms. The NFWB also has
approximately 70 retired employees, who receive health insurance benefits through their past
service to the NFWB.
The NFWB desires to solicit bids to serve as our employee health insurance broker, in addition
to receiving third party administrative services either through the broker, a separate entity or
under a subcontractor arrangement through the selected broker.
The NFWB seeks an active partner that will closely work with management to control costs,
explore alternative health insurance arrangements, meet with our unionized leadership to
answer questions and explore cost cutting initiatives, as well as providing better services more
efficiently and effectively. The NFWB seeks a proactive business partner that is willing to
approach NFWB management with new and exciting initiatives worth exploring in an effort to
constantly improve our management and program offerings. Further, the NFWB seeks a
partner willing to provide training, guidance and information to ensure proper management
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and compliance with applicable State and Federal requirements.
Examples of services to be received by the NFWB from the broker/3rd party administrator may
include, but are not limited to: health and prescription, dental and vision, HSA’s and FSA’s,
chiropractic, claims support, compliance support, wellness programs and benefit statements, in
addition to overall management and oversight.
The NFWB currently has a two-tiered employee benefit structure, as older employees receive
one set of health insurance coverage, while newer employees receive alternative health
insurance coverage.
All interested parties should submit six (6) printed copies of their proposal with costs clearly
displayed (and potential budget detail in line-item fashion) to the NFWB by the deadline to the
attention of:
Anthony M. Hahn, Director of Administrative Services
5815 Buffalo Avenue
Niagara Falls, New York 14304
All bid proposals should be limited to six (6) pages maximum.
Questions may be addressed to Anthony Hahn at [email protected] and should be sent by
May 4, 2015. Please try to limit all questions to one brief communication exchange.
The following offers a proposed timeframe for engagement (while the NFWB reserves the right
change timing without notice):
RFP receipt deadline: May 4, 2015
RFP proposal reviews: May 8 through May 15, 2015
RFP proposal interviews: May 18 through May 22, 2015
Broker/Consultant selection: To follow
Date of Engagement: Late June 2015
Period of Engagement: July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016
Please note: The NFWB reserves the right to extend the period of engagement for an
additional 12 month period under the same conditions and terms. Under such circumstances
the NFWB will work with the broker/consultant during the months leading up to the renewal
period in 2015 and provide no less than thirty (30) days notice of such an extension.
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GENERAL INFORMATION (limit to two pages)
Please describe the history of your firm; particularly your employee benefits division, as
well as applicable experience.
Please provide evidence of cost cutting initiatives your firm has helped implement with
other clients and how/why these experiences could be beneficial to the NFWB.
Who from your firm would be working directly with the NFWB on administrative issues,
implementation, questions and/or problem solving? Please provide the roles and
qualifications of each person.
Describe the form of professional liability or errors and omissions insurance carried by
your company and the amount of coverage.
Briefly describe any other information about your organization and your firm’s
experience that are relevant to this proposal which have not been previously described
and that you feel warrant consideration (if not covered in any other section of this RFP).
Provide three references (including contact information) of other similar entities your
firm currently provides these services for including length of time the relationship has
DATA ANALYSIS (limit to one page)
What resources do you use to analyze medical and pharmacy claims and do clients have
access to data for inquires and analysis?
How often will your firm provide wellness and preventive health analysis of our
employees and claims experience (and how often would your firm plan to meet to
discuss on-going business matters between our entities)?
What expertise does your staff have regarding medical insurance plan analysis?
How can you help us develop cost projections tied to our fiscal goals?
How will you help with the management of insurance including: monthly (or quarterly)
supervision, as well as analysis?
HR MANAGEMENT (limit to one page)
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Describe how you keep your clients abreast of employment laws.
What resources do you provide to help our organization remain compliant? Also,
describe how your firm would communicate informational materials to NFWB employees.
How will your firm notify the NFWB organization of changes in federal and/or local laws
that would affect us?
FEES AND COSTS (limit to one page)
Describe your proposed form of compensation (i.e., commission, annual retainer, and
fee-for-service). If you are proposing a fee, please include your fee schedule/hourly
If you charge fees for consulting and employee communication, please indicate the basis
of your charges (hourly, by project, etc.) and what typical charges might be.
In closing the NFWB looks forward to reviewing your proposal(s) to service our organization and
the opportunity to work closely with your team to enhance our benefit services to our
employees. The staff of the NFWB is dedicated to professionalism in managing and
administering its employee benefits program and thanks you for your interest in responding to
this RFP.

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