Niagara Falls Evening Tour From Toronto - Feb 2019



Niagara Falls Evening Tour From Toronto - Feb 2019
Niagara Falls Evening Tour From Toronto
Watching waterfalls is an amazing experience, but if you plan to watch gigantic waterfalls
very near cruising in a boat, then without question Niagara Falls is the one to watch from
close quarters. Niagara Falls Evening Tour From Toronto is an awesome experience where
one begins the tour by road in a bus or any four-wheeler to the Falls area. The most
beautiful falls in the World, the Niagara Falls, is the hottest visitor spot. It is Canada’s
natural wonder. It is an hour and a half from Toronto to The Niagara Falls by road and viceversa.
Niagara Falls is by far the most famous waterfall in the world. Located on the US-Canadian
border, it is the most visited waterfall in North America. Niagara Falls is also the name of
two towns on either side of the border where the Falls is located.
Go For An Evening Tour To The Niagara Falls
There are a lot of exciting things to do in Niagara Falls, Ontario, at night. It has casinos, fun
activities in Clifton Hill and Lundy’s Lane, shopping, great restaurants, entertainment
shows, and of course, the Niagara Falls Evening Fireworks and Illumination. The timings
are subject to change as per the available light conditions. Please contact the tour operator
for more details about the show timings and availability.
Enjoy the sight of the majestic waterfall even at night when it is lit up in multiple colours by
LED lights located on the Canadian side. The Niagara Falls Illumination board has now
replaced the old Xenon lights with LED lights which give a brighter display and energy
If you plan your trip perfect, you can see fireworks over Niagara Falls at 10:00 p.m.
You can also experience Niagara Falls at night with the Hornblower Falls Illumination
Cruise or from Skylon Tower or Sheraton Fallsview Restaurant.
There are many hotels in the Niagara Falls area, which offer rooms with a view of the Falls.
With a “Fallsview” room, the beautiful Niagara Falls is outside your window.
Which Side of Niagara Falls Is Prettier?
One can get closer to the falls on the Canadian side. There's a saying that on the Canadian
side you see the falls, on the U.S. side you feel them. Walkways and viewing stations on both
sides let you get right up to the edge and feel plenty of sprays. But it is clear, the better
panoramic views capture the Canadian side. An evening tour to the Niagara Falls will be an
awesome experience. It leaves great memories in your mind.
If you are in Toronto and wish to see the Falls at night, you can book a Niagara Falls
Evening Tour from Toronto. As pickup time is later in the day, you are not harried. You can
be more relaxed, can attend to work in Toronto, and get up late in the morning. The most
important of all, you get to view the Falls in daylight and again at night when it is
After arriving in Niagara Falls, Ontario, you can view the Falls and explore the
neighbourhood till late afternoon.
Niagara Falls Bus Tours - A Hassle-Free Trip
There are many bus tour operators available in Canada to visit Niagara Falls. Travelling by
bus is always a wonderful choice when compared to the journey on smaller four-wheeled
vehicles. The bus journey is best equipped with many benefits like pickup from the nearest
point. It has got the best and experienced guides who entertain everyone throughout the
tour to and fro.
The tour guides are specialists in handling tourists and are very professional in their duty.
The tour guides are all licensed by the Niagara Parks Commission. They are always
punctual, knowledgeable, engaging and speak a variety of languages. They speak many
International languages apart from English. This is a great feature that makes the tourists
happy and satisfactory throughout the tour.
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