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Holiday Homework (2015-16)_
Class VII
ENGLISH:- Write the Auto-Biography of SACHIN TENDULKER and paste the relevant pictures in
the file. Read English newspaper daily and paste the two important news in scrap book. Do
worksheet of elevate book with the help of dictionary. Work Sheet code -7E02C , 7E02D ,
7E03A. Discuss with your parents and write a speech on the topic “ We can accomplish anything
if we all work together.” Lang note-book. Write a recipe for one of your favourite desserts along
with its picture on chart-paper. [pg no. 103].
Hindi:- izfrfnu lekpkj i= i<+us dk
foKkiu rS;kj djsa ¼ist 119½A
vkids fo|ky; esa ,d tknwxj dk dk;Z dze gksus okyk gSA fo|kfFkZ;ksa dks bldh tkudkjh nsrs gq, ,d
lwpuk cius fo|ky; ds lwpuk iV~V ij yxkb, ¼ist 43½A
Math’s:- Chapter Decimals, Simple Equation all examples of these chapters. Activity:Multiplication of decimals pg no. 53, Solving linear equation in one variable pg no. 68.
Science:-Organize a trip to a carpet industry or silk production center and make a report on it.
Or make a list of different type of silk varieties collect samples and paste in scrap book. Make a
report on occupational hazards of wool and silk industry. Make a model of either clinical or
laboratory thermometer using waste material OR you can draw in chart.
Social studies:- Prepare a model of earthquake. Write about the factor and result of earthquake
held in NEPAL in year 2015. Read chap. 2 (History) and do the exercise in holiday homework
notebook. Find out the picture of the monuments, building, inscription, and paintings etc which
were used in medieval period and prepare a file regarding these sources. Read ch-2 (civics) also
and do the Q/A and exercises in holiday homework notebook.
Computer:- Read L- 4,5 and Do exercise in book. LOGO, VDU, CD-ROM, HTML, USB, HTTP, IBM,
WAN, WMA, JPEG, MPEG, BSNL, LCD, ASSII, URL, GUI, ARPA, VIRUS, (DO full form in computer
copy). Make a presentation on topic ‘control panel’ ‘A System folder’ apply formatting effects to
make it attractive. Draw icon of five social sites, and five mobile Apps with their 4 feature in file
fir` ds :i vH;kl iqfLrdk esa lqanj
ys[k }kjk fy[ksa rFkk ;kn djsaA
G.K.:- Do exercise page 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, make a chart with pictures (10) and name of
different creatures found in the ocean. Find out some homophones and Homonyms from your
English book. Look around your house and identify various metals used in daily goods.
LIFE-SKILL:- Write any funny incident that had happened to you recently. Popularity of Indian
writers in the west. Draw earth evolution diagram. Art Necklace and Earing made by Microni