2015 - Las Lomas Athletics Boosters



2015 - Las Lomas Athletics Boosters
Las Lomas Boosters
Dinner & Auction
February 21, 2015
Shadelands Arts Center
Help Us Light Up the Knights!
With a New Digital Scoreboard for the George DeKlotz Stadium
Support this vision, our athletes & our school
by making a Fund-A-Need contribution
at the end of tonight’s live auction!
Preliminary Concept / For Illustrative Purposes Only
Interested in helping with this project? Contact [email protected]
Thanks to the Class of 2014 Alumni for their donation of $5,000 to the
scoreboard project from their Legacy Project funds!
2015 Las Lomas Boosters Auction & Dinner
Saturday, February 21, 2015
5:30 pm
Silent Auction Begins
Beer, Wine & Appetizers
6:45 - 7:00 pm
Silent Auction Tables Begin to Close
7:15 pm
Dinner Seating
8:00 pm
Dessert Auction Begins
8:30 pm
Live Auction Begins
Welcome and Thank You!
The Las Lomas Boosters Club extends a warm welcome to all, and thanks you for coming! We would also like to
express our greatest appreciation to the many businesses, Las Lomas families, athletic teams, coaches, team
parents, and faculty of Las Lomas who help make our auction a success through their generous donations.
Please give our generous business supporters the opportunity to serve you in the future. When you visit
their establishments, thank them again for supporting the Las Lomas Boosters Club Annual Dinner and Auction.
Thank You for Your Generous Support!
Welcome to the Las Lomas Athletic Boosters Club’s Annual Dinner and Auction!
We greatly appreciate you being here and know you will have lots of fun and laughs while you are generously
supporting our athletic programs. Sports are a huge part of the high school experience for many of our
kids, and us parents too! Roughly 70% of our students participate in at least one sport while at Las Lomas. The
Athletic Boosters Club supports ALL Las Lomas sports teams in a variety of ways, but most importantly
through our fundraising, and our Annual Dinner and Auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year.
Our goal is to provide the teams with the supplies and equipment they need to be competitive and to fund some
of the projects that the district and/or the teams can't afford to do. Our annual budget this year exceeds
$120,000 which covers a wide range of items -- from the big ticket items like this year’s Fund-A-Need
scoreboard, to basic supplies such as balls… a whole lot of balls. In fact, we spend over $8,000/year, every year,
in new balls alone. Your participation and generosity tonight will help us meet these goals. Therefore, a
great big THANK YOU!
We would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to our Auction Co-Chairs, Dave McCandless and
Catherine Gardner, and their committee. Their tremendous energy, organizational skills, and countless hours
have made this event a complete success. And to all the parent volunteers, student helpers and all our
generous donors, we would like to extend our sincerest thanks.
Enjoy the night and remember ~ Bid High and Bid Often!
Go Knights!
Sherri and Paul Gendron, Co-Presidents, Las Lomas Athletic Boosters Club
2014-15 Las Lomas Athletic Boosters Club Board Members
Paul and Sherri Gendron
Co - Presidents
Sarah Howell
Lisa Angus
Sherri McGoff
VP Membership
Dave McCandless and Catherine Gardner
Co - VP Auction
Jan and Bill Wikander
Co - VP Merchandise
Susan Heitmann
VP Communications
Matt Cox
VP Team Liaisons
Tim Kruger
Athletic Director
Your Student Waiters
LL Boosters is honored to have our student athletes as waiters tonight! At the
conclusion of the meal, a bucket will be brought to the table to collect much-appreciated tips.
Please do not tip the students individually as all tips will be divided equally at the end of the night.
The students truly appreciate all of our support which gives them the
opportunity to excel in their sporting endeavors!
Thank You for Attending the
2014 Las Lomas Athletic Boosters Dinner and Auction!
A little information about tonight…
At check-in you will receive your bid number and table assignment. Your bid number is located
on the back of your program and is to be used in both the Silent and Live Auctions.
New this year! Drink Wristbands!
Get to the bar Wiki Wiki with our new & easy “Lei'd back” wristband system!
Purchase your wristband at the door and don't worry about tickets at the bar.
Gold Knights Wristbands -- Just $20!
Good for all bar beverages including wine, beer, water, and sodas
Maroon Knights Wristbands – Only $5
Good for just water and soda
After-dinner coffee, courtesy of the Welty Family, will also be served at each table.
Fine Wines to Complement Your Meal
Our Fine Wine Team will also be offering a special selection of fine wines (not included
with wristband)for purchase and delivery to your table to enjoy with your dinner.
Thank you to the many Las Lomas families (listed on the next page) for their wine donations.
Please note that our liquor license and rental agreement of the venue do not allow for outside
alcoholic beverages or coolers of any kind. Thank you.
Once the Silent Auction closes, the doors to the dining room will open and dinner will be served, with
the Live Auction to follow. The bar will move into the dining room and will continue to accept
wristbands, tickets and cash for payment. After the Live Auction ends, the use of bid numbers will
discontinue, checkout will open and the bar will accept wristbands and cash only .
With Your Help...
With the support of our Las Lomas families, local businesses and other donors, the Las Lomas Boosters Club is
able to provide our student athletes and their teams with the supplies and equipment they need to be safe,
be competitive and pursue healthy activities. Plus, we’re able to fund some of the projects that the school
and district don’t fun, and/or the teams can't afford to do on their own.
Since we all like to know how our money is being spent, here is a quick break down of our major budget items
from school years 2010-2014.
Sample of Annual Items Funded:
Trainer (partial) and Trainer supplies
Gate fees
Concussion Assessment System
Team Balls and Nets
Team Stipends
Weight Room Supplies, Coach and Supervision
Cheerleader Clinician
Lodging - State Meet Championship
Senior Athletic Awards
All important Port-A-Potties
$ 1,200
$ 9,000
$ 8,500
$ 2,500
$ 1,800
$ 3,800
$ 1,500
Non Reoccurring Capital Expenditures last few years:
*2014-2015 - New Stadium Scoreboard
Pole Vault Mat
Small Gym upgrade
Trainer Utility Cart
Transportation - Buses 2013
Scoreboards: Baseball, Softball, Swimming & Water Polo
Wrestling Mat
Privacy Pool Screen
Pitching Machine - Softball
Shade Tents Cross Country
Storage Sheds
Gym Sound System for Basketball & Volleyball
$ 8,500
$ 5,000
$ 2,400
$ 2,100
$ 2,400
$ 2,500
Thank You!
This special event is the culmination of a true team effort.
The Las Lomas Boosters Dinner and Auction would not have been possible without the
extraordinary efforts of the following people.
Auction Committee
Special Thanks to
Auction Co-Chairs
Dave McCandless
Catherine Gardner
Our fabulous auctioneer Mark Morelli, our entertaining Emcee for
the evening, Chris Gardner, and our amazing Event Producer
Diana Ewin.
Susan Heitman
Tony Gravino & Bay Area Beverage for the beer tonight
Event Production
Kathy August
Andrea Baldacci
Diana Ewin
Chris Gardner
Jenn Johansen
Maria McCandless
Shauna McGlynn
Lisa Royere
Food & Beverage
Dayna Bain
Helen Koliavis
Maria McCandless
Kelly McCormick
Lisa Royere
Lisa Angus
Michelle Hodge
Sarah Howell
Lorraine Souder
Matt Cox
Chris Gardner
Jenn Johansen
Ami Loventhal
Kathy Plant
Lisa Royere
Monique Costanza and Tim Kruger for creating the
presentation for the Live Auction
Andrea Baldacci for the creation and donation of the beautiful
The Welty Family for after-dinner coffee service
Student Dominic Ewin for creation of the Hawaiian Knights logo
Jessica Freels for photography used on the program cover and
in tonight’s presentations
Rob Stankus of Robert Anthony for the auction program design
and production, and scoreboard rendering
Greg Ernst of AlphaGraphics for auction program printing
Peter Schadek of Crab Dudes for the delicious food you are
enjoying this evening
Pat Fuller for leading the scoreboard drive
Lorraine Souder for her data managing magic and invaluable
And thank you to ALL the athletic teams and programs
who generously collected and created the wonderful gift
baskets for our Silent Auction!
The Fine Wine Team Would Like to Thank the
Following Families for Their Generous Wine Donations
Mark & Angela Borchardt
Ned & Shari Borglin
Ron & Irene Bossert
Dave & Lynn Brown
John & Jill Buschini
Ryan & Vera Caulfield
Tony & Cindy Cerdan
Dominic & Amy Ciotola
Matt and Monica Cox
Gary & Cindy Darling
Brian & Molly Delaporta
Mike & Susan Farrell
Sean Flannery
Jen Fulks
Richard & Hillary Glass
Tony & Rita Gravino
Glenn & Linda Gregersen
Randy & Cheryl Gregson
Don & Roxanne Holm
Dave & Jenevieve Holman
Perrin & Sarah Howell
Grant & Maggie Hughs
Craig & Jolene Jarvis
Tom Pruitt & Patrice Jensen
Tom & Jenn Johansen
Jeff & Erinn Johnson
LuAnn Kane
Rob & Heidi Killoran
Jeff & Suzy Kisylia
Matt & Tiffany Lipelt
Stacey & Mary Louie
Betsy Maddox
Sarah Mackle
Steve & Elyse McIntire
Eric Wiscavage & Susan Mesec
Laura Milano
Arthur & Kirtsen Miller
Jill Osur
Frank & Michelle Pappas
Vic & Randy Polich
Neil & Kathy Rapmund
Jeff & Cheryl Randolph
Harold & Nancy Rhee
Paul & Lisa Royere
Rob & Karen Stankus
Sheldon & Denise Stenberg
Sal & Sandy Vargas
Joe & Dina Walsh
Benjie & Shelly Wells
Scott & Whitney Wilson
Sam & Marci Winer
Alf & Amy Wise
Steve & Diane Wolfe
Please visit the Fine Wine Table tonight to purchase a bottle
of fabulous wine to accompany your dinner.
Las Lomas Boosters
The Las Lomas Boosters Club would like to thank the families listed below for their generous support of
Las Lomas Sports and Student Athletes.
Greg & Stephanie Ernst
Knights of the Round Table
Chris & Catherine Gardner
Jeff & Ami Loventhal
Steven & Sally Wood
Sword & Shield
Ted & Lisa Angus
Bret & Kelly Annoni
John & Kim Asher
Ron & Irene Bossert
Tim & Sheryl Cochrane
Thomas & Lynn Donoghue
Bill & Jamese Duffy
Sean & Carolyn Flannery
Craig & Sue Frost
Paul & Sherri Gendron
Richard & Susan Heitmann
Darrel & Michele Hodge
Don & Roxanne Holm
Perrin & Sarah Howell
Richard Lewis
Sean & Shauna McGlynn
Craig & Dana McLeod
Arthur & Kirsten Miller
Don & Carolyn Moeller
Harry & Nancy Robey
Paul & Lisa Royere
Dan & Erin Sicotte
Tom & Pamela Whitman
Thank you to the following corporations for their matching gifts:
Dell, Genworth Foundation, JP Morgan
And thank you to all our Boosters families for supporting athletics at Las Lomas!
Auction Procedures
1. All items must be paid for by the end of the evening. PAYMENT IN FULL IS MANDATORY AT
AUCTION CONCLUSION. Your on-file credit card will be charged (or blank check filled in) for items
purchased. A receipt will be sent to you - you do not need come to the check-out table unless you wish to
take the receipt home with you at the end of the evening.
2. Payment may be made by cash, check (made out to Las Lomas Boosters), VISA,
MasterCard or Discover Card.
3. All items must be removed from premises at end of auction. Please do not remove any
items from display tables. The Auction Committee will retrieve items for you.
4. Please check all items for an expiration date. Unless otherwise indicated, all auction
items and services must be used within one year.
5. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Auction items have been donated by LLHS Boosters and its
supporters and may not be exchanged or refunded, except where specified.
6. All items are sold “AS IS” and LLHS Boosters makes no representation or warranty of
any kind with respect to these items or services. Any values quoted are estimates and are not warranted by
LLHS Boosters for tax purposes or for general value.
Silent Auction
1. Bidder is to write their bid number and amount of bid on bid sheet.
2. Each new bid must be written on first available line on bid sheet.
3. Please bid only in the increments specified on each bid sheet. Certain items require a
minimum bid, as noted on the bid sheet. Whole dollar amounts must be used for all bids.
4. Silent Auction tables begin to close at 6:45-7:00 pm. The highest bid at closing time
constitutes the winning bid. Your bid number constitutes a legal contract to buy.
5. Auction chairpersons have final discretion to determine winning bid.
6. Check out will not begin until all Silent auction bid sheets are filed; approximately 9:30 pm.
Live Auction
1. Live Auction will begin at 8:00 pm with the popular Dessert Auction and continue after a short break with
Live Auction items until all items have been auctioned.
2. Your bid number is written on the back page of your auction program. To enter a bid, raise your
number, directing the signal to the auctioneer.
3. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the event of a dispute, the
Auctioneer shall have final discretion.
4. If the Auctioneer determines that any winning bid is not commensurate with the value of the article
offered, he may reject said offer and withdraw the article from sale.
1. Fund-A-Need will take place during the Live Auction.
2. The Auctioneer will ask for bids of specific dollar amounts. Your bid number is written on the back page
or your auction program. To enter a bid, raise your number, directing the signal to the Auctioneer.
3. Please continue to hold your bid number up until an Auction Runner captures your big number and
4. This bid constitutes the amount you have agreed to donate to Fund-A-Need and will be reflected on your
invoice as such.
Silent "Food & Beverage"
Best Way to Camp Chair and 4 cases of Pyramid Ale
The best way to camp or sit with your honey is in this double chair with an umbrella. Includes a carrying
bag. If you don’t want to sit with your honey, sit with the 4 cases of Pyramid Ale!!
Value: $360.00
Donated by: Pyramid Alehouse, Tony Gravino
Black Stallion Winery Private Tour and Tasting for 4
Located on the grounds of a historic equestrian center, Black Stallion Winery is the latest addition to the
distinguished collection of wineries in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail. Each
of the varietals produced is handcrafted and carefully blended from small vineyard lots. Each lot is
fermented and aged separately in our cellar until just prior to bottling when we carefully blend these lots
together to achieve wines of balance with layers of complex flavors.
Value: $160.00
Donated by: Black Stallion Winery
Castello di Amorosa Tour & Premium Wine Tasting for 4
The dream of owner Dario Sattui, Castello di Amorosa is an authentically-styled 13th century Tuscan
castle and winery located in the heart of the world-famous Napa Valley. A guided tour of the Castello
offers guest the opportunity to explore the extensive grounds of the 121,000 square foot structure, ranging
from the sweeping vineyard vistas from atop the truncated tower, to a look at the roughly 900 feet of
caves that wind underneath the adjacent hillsides, and even a peek inside the torture chamber.
Value: $140.00
Donated by: Castello di Amorosa
Chicken Pot Pies & Turkey Rye
These mouth-watering Chicken Pot Pies are sure to satisfy both the hearty appetite and the picky eater
too. Prepared for delivery to bake for supper or can be frozen individually for your convenience and
enjoyed at your leisure.
And a bottle your favorite Wild Turkey!
Your choice of 3 large or 12 smaller individual size pies
Contact Kelly Lemon to arrange delivery
[email protected]
Value: $120.00
Donated by: Kelly Lemon, Tricia and Angus Murray
Silent "Food & Beverage"
Ed's Mudville Grill / Moresi's Chophouse Gift Basket
Basket features lunch or dinner for two at Ed’s Mudville Grill, including two drinks and two glasses of
wine and an appetizer at Moresi’s Chophouse.
Package also includes customized Ed’s Mudville Grill t-shirt & hat, golf balls, golf tees and sticky notes.
Value: $125.00
Donated by: Ed's Mudville Grill
Farallon Restaurant $200 Gift Certificate
Located on Post Street in San Francisco
Upscale seafood eatery with a raw bar, long wine list & undersea-themed decor like jellyfish lamps. “
Fancy, fun, elegant spot designed to feel like you are underwater, located near Union Square. Little know
tip: the happy hour at their Jelly bar starts at 3pm. The food presentation is a WOW, everything we at was
truly amazing. This is a very special place for a special date night or occasion. Uniquely San
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Catherine Gardner
Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve Whiskey & Cinzano
Signed and dated by John K. Hall himself.
Forty Creek Confederation Oak is the colour of old gold and is a very full bodied whisky. To the nose it is
a big whisky with constantly evolving aromas and flavours. Beginning with a maple-raisin-vanilla-fig,
layers of praline, banana, butter cream, honeyed nuts, marzipan, spice and orange blossoms. As it lingers,
dark dried fruits and anise evolve. On the palate it has a very rich entry; soft, round and dry. Full bodied
with vanilla, butter cream and pepper spice which is nicely framed with oak, walnut and smoke. An
exceptional finish that has great depth. A long lingering finish with fading spice and white pepper.
Excellent balance and vibrant flavour. A whisky to sip and cherish.
Value: $130.00
Donated by: Tricia and Angus Murray
Silent "Food & Beverage"
GlenGrant Scotch meets Yamazaki Whiskey Basket
GlenGrant Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Aged 16 Years
Thicker and fruitier than the entry level 10 year old, with greater mouth-feel and a drier finish. Orchard
fruit (especially pear), kiwi, lime, and creamy vanilla, with a suggestions of toasted coconut, hay and
marshmallow. Dry, gently spicy finish. A bit more involved than the 10 yr old, but still with the same
DNA. Very pleasant.
The Yamazaki Single Malt Japanese Whisky Aged 12 Years
Medium bodied, with aromas of dried fruit, coconut, anise, spice and honey, Yamazaki 12 Year has a
delicate, mellow taste with a lingering and dry finish. The palate is rich with flavors of peach, fig,
caramel, toast, honey, and cracked pepper.
Made in honor of the Major, one of the first distillers at Glen Grant, this whisky earned the Gold Medal at
the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2013.
Value: $196.00
Donated by: Tricia and Angus Murray
Gulf Coast Dinner for Four People
This unique Coast Dinner for four will start with delectable Crab Cakes complemented with a homemade
bourbon cocktail sauce followed by Etouffee with Andouille Sausage (your choice of crawfish or shrimp)
served with rice or the new favorite quinoa. Y’all be sure to save room for dessert, because the warm
Southern Pecan Pie is a scrumptious finish for this feast.
This experience will be delivered by Kelly Lemon.
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Kelly Lemon
Rocco's Gift Basket
Enjoy this great gift basket from Roccos filled with Italian goodies
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Rocco's
Rock Wall Wine Company VIP Rock Star Tasting for 4
Private wine tasting and tour for 4, including private lounge seating and flight of 5 award-winning wines.
Located at Alameda Point, your experience starts with a guided tour of our state-of-the-art winemaking
facilities. Taste a wine flight, hand picked weekly by our award-wining winemaker, Shauna Rosenblum.
Value: $100.00
Donated by: Rock Wall Winery
Silent "Food & Beverage"
Tequila Rum Gin Basket
Oropeza is always looking to take his tequila to new heights, whether it’s playing music as his tequila is
fermenting, or experimenting with unusual techniques that go against the norm. Espolòn Añejo came to
life through finishing the aged tequila in whiskey bourbon barrels, resulting in a truly unexpected and
complex finish, with a medium to full-bodied taste. This Añejo has a bright, reddish-gold hue, with a
balance of roasted agave and wood, and hints of dried fruits and butterscotch. Subtle notes of caramel,
vanilla, dried fruits and chocolate make it perfect for sipping or on the rocks. Espolòn Añejo can also be
enjoyed in distinctive cocktails.
Value: $85.00
Donated by: Tricia and Angus Murray
Well Red Before Dinner - Red Liquor Basket
Campari®, the legendary one-of-a-kind red spirit, today announced the U.S. launch of Limited Edition art
labels for 2014, modern interpretations of works originally created for Campari by legendary Italian
Futurism artist Fortunato Depero in the 1920’s.
Value: $113.00
Donated by: Tricia and Angus Murray
Shadowbrook Winery 1.5 Liter Magnum Centennial blend
Shadowbrook Winery 1.5 liter Magnum Centennial Blend. Red wine blend created in celebration of
Walnut Creek’s 100 years. Only 600 bottles will be produced
Value: $100.00
Donated by: Shadowbrook Winery
Yao Ming Wines 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Appearance exhibits dark purple and ruby color. Firm and dense with ultra rich depth. Intense black
current, wild berry and mocha with gravel and rose petal floral scents. The mouth is seamless and chewy
with silkiness in the finish. Vanilla, cedar and spice notes build in the length. This wine will age and
develop over many years.
98 Points: 2010 YAO MING Family Reserve – Wine Enthusiast, April 2014
Value: $120.00
Donated by: Bill Duffy
Behind the Scenes Tiramisu Lesson and other Tasty Goodies
Experience behind the scenes at Rick + Anns Restaurant learning to make the famous tiramisu with their
pastry chef, and enjoy 4 dozen cookies, a cake, and homemade pizza dough delivered to your home at a
later date of your choice. Located in Berkeley.
Value: $300.00
Donated by: Rick + Anns Restaurant
Silent "Just for You"
Alamo Plaza Pet Care - Dog Health Package
Certificate includes a dog health checkup and grooming, plus all vaccines and a bag of dog food for your
special 4-legged friend at the Alamo Plaza Pet Care by a licensed Vet.
Value: $350.00
Donated by: Alamo Plaza Pet Care
Arthur Murray Dance Lessons
Are you ready to Rumba? Or tempted to Tango? Whatever your fancy, here’s your chance to dance like
the stars! Includes 4 private lessons for 1 or 2, 2 group classes for 1 or 2 and 2 practice dance parties.
Value: $560.00
Donated by: Arthur Murray
Bass Lake, 3 Day, 4 People Getaway
Sneak away for a refreshing 3 day stay for 4 people at Bass Lake CA in Madera County. Emerald Green
Waters, Majestic Pines and Mother Nature…come see the beauty that is Bass Lake! Bass Lake is located
1 hour north of Fresno and just 17 miles from the Southern Gate to Yosemite National Park!
Bass Lake is considered a “warm water” lake with water temperatures reaching near 80 degrees during
the summer months which make it ideal for swimming, boating and fishing. For details contact Patrice
Jensen at [email protected]
Value: $450.00
Donated by: Tom Pruitt & Patrice Jensen
Body Time - 3 Month Shopping Spree
Body Time is a locally-owned and family run skin care company catering to skin care needs since 1970.
One lucky top bidder can shop with the Body Time owner for 3 months (1 time per month) for $100
worth of products each occurrence. Includes facial products, lotions and custom perfume blends.
Value: $300.00
Donated by: Body Time
CAbi Limited Edition Scarf
One of a kind limited edition CAbi scarf donated from Jill Dresser. Black and navy with gold design
throughout. Includes Spring/Summer 2015 catalogs and contact info for Jill.
Value: $50.00
Donated by: Ms. Jill Dresser
Complete Auto Detail Walnut Creek Honda
Pamper your favorite with this bumper to bumper detail from Walnut Creek Honda.
Value: $285.00
Donated by: Walnut Creek Honda
Silent "Just for You"
Condo at Silverado Country Club - 2 nights
Two bedroom/ two bath condo at Silverado Country Club for 2 Nights. Located in beautiful Napa Valley.
Dates to be mutually agreeable.
Value: $600.00
Donated by: Bowles & Verna, LLP
Corn Hole Game Custom Painted LLHS Colors
Show your Knights pride while having some good old fashioned fun with this Corn Hole game, hand
painted and designed by LLHS family, the Donoghue’s.
Value: $100.00
Donated by: Thomas & Lynn Donoghue
Encore Medspa - Microdermabrasion Facial
A combination of Encore’s Signature Facial (detoxifying, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin) with
Microdermabrasion for the ultimate experience in skin care rejuvenation.
Value: $179.00
Donated by: Encore Medspa
Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek One Weekend Night Stay
Enjoy a one weekend night stay (Friday or Saturday) with valet parking.
Once at Renaissance ClubSport, you and your guest will have complimentary access to the 85,000 square
foot fitness facility, including an outdoor heated aquatics center, racquetball, squash and basketball courts
as well as state of the art fitness equipment.
Stay must be redeemed by August 31, 2015.
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Renaissance ClubSport
Sweetheart / Bubbly Basket of Romance
You’ll see the world through rose-colored glasses as you share this bottle of delightful Domaine Carneros
Brut Rose sparkling wine with a loved one in the two champagne flute glasses included. A delightful box
of decadent Godiva chocolates and an enchanting scented candle will make for a most romantic evening.
Domaine Carneros Brut Rose Sparking wine
2 champagne flute glasses
Box of Godiva Chocolates
Value: $100.00
Donated by: The Thebeau Family
Silent "Just for You"
Birthday Starter Kit
Birthday Starter Kit for your little sweetheart donated by Sweet Celebrations in Alamo. Perfect items to
get your party started from plates, napkins, decorations, a beautiful cupcake glass display and even
birthday candles. Also included is a $25 gift card, so don’t forget your balloons.
Value: $75.00
Donated by: Sweet Celebrations in Alamo
Sephora Hair Care & Flare Basket
Your tresses will shine with this assortment of Sephora hair care products. The hot pink hair dryer is the
perfect size for travel but durable enough for every day. Included are five different high quality hair clips
to complement any style and help you try out new ones. If your hair is feeling lifeless, try the celebrated
Wen shampoo to revitalize your locks. Also included is a bonus jar of luxurious Lancôme anti-aging face
Sephora Travel Hair Dryer ($40)
5 Stylish Hair Clips ($5 each)
Wen Shampoo ($20)
Bonus: Lancôme Face Cream ($45)
Total Value: $130
Value: $130.00
Donated by: Womens Basketball
Sephora Perfect 10 Nail Basket
Make your hands and toes a perfect ten with this fun and festive set of treats for your nails. A color for
every mood and event, includes the latest in nail technology, together with special adornments and jewels.
You’ll feel polished and pampered!
Sephora Nail Polish set ($30); 3 OPI Nail Polishes ($15); Ciate Nail Polish set ($35)
Bliss Makeup Bag ($10); Bonus: Formula X Press Pods in 2 colors ($5)
Value: $80.00
Donated by: Womens Basketball
Silent "Just for You"
Sephora’s Best of Skin Care Basket
Take time to treat your skin to some of the newest and best names in skin care. From cleansing to
moisturizing, with a look toward anti-aging, your skin will feel supple and refreshed. With some of
dermatology’s biggest names and Sephora’s best sellers, you’ll put your best face forward.
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfection SPF25 ($45); Peter Thomas Roth Body Lotion ($45)
Peter Thomas Roth Laser Free Resurfacer Cream ($95)
Fresh Face Cleanser ($20); Lancôme Face Cream ($45)
Sephora Rose Mask ($10); Bonus: Marc Jacobs Daisy 1.7 oz Fragrance ($65)
Value: $325.00
Donated by: Womens Basketball
Sephora’s You’ve Got it Made Make Up Basket
Everything you need to update your look can be found in this selection of some of Sephora’s biggest
brands and top sellers. From glamorous night-time shimmer to everyday wear, you’ll find old favorites
and new must-haves in this basket. Sephora, the biggest name in make up, has just what you need.
Josie Maran Foundation Powder ($45); Powder FX ($30)
Cover FX Loose Powder ($40); 5 Kat Von. D Travel Mascara ($10 each)
Tarte Cheek Stain ($15); OCC Long Wearing Lip Color ($20)
Buxom Blush ($35); Josie Maran Cheek Gel ($15)
Tokyomilk Mini Lotion and Fragrance ($25); Get Me Wet Bronzer ($35)
Sephora Mini Train Case ($40)
Value: $350.00
Donated by: Womens Basketball
Bumble in Bumble and a Blow Out at 1688 Hair Salon
Since 1999 Sixteen Eighty Eight Hair Studio’s skilled stylists have cut, colored, and styled their way into
the lives of many satisfied clients in Walnut Creek, CA. Our salon provides personalized service to each
customer we serve, and we make it our mission to improve our client’s self image in an intimate,
welcoming atmosphere.
Basket includes:
Blowout with Kristen
Bumble in Bumble Shampoo, Conditioner and Finishing Spray
Value: $113.00
Donated by: 1688 Hair Salon and Lisa Skinner, LL Grad and LL Mom
Silent "Sports & Fitness"
Women's Cross Country Basket: “Run girl, Run!”
Everything you need (and more) to be a healthy, happy, and successful runner! This basket contains
multiple gifts cards, including $100 to Athletic Outpost and Changes Salon & Spa, and $25 to Title Nine.
Whether you prefer sporty running attire, healthy snacks, or you just want to relax those aching muscles,
this basket has something for you!
Basket includes: – $100 Athletic Outpost gift card – $100 Changes gift card – $25 Title Nine gift card –
Runner’s World subscription – contact [email protected] to activate – Foot Log foot massager –
“Marshmallow” muscle roller – Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Racerback – Adidas backpack – Nalgene
water bottle – Package of GU energy gels – Carton of Clif Builder’s protein bars – Assorted Clif Energy
Shot Bloks – Body Glide anti-chafe stick – Sun Bum face sunscreen – Feeture and Zellarunning socks –
Dri-fit hat – Manzella – Newman’s dark chocolate bar – 2 $10 Jamba Juice gifts cards
Value: $500.00
Donated by: Women’s Cross Country Team
Men's Cross Country Basket: “Eat...Run...Relax!”
From a $100 gift certificate to Sports Basement, to a therapeutic massage and more, this basket provides
everything you need to prepare for a successful running season! And to top it off, included is the Trusalus
Race Recovery Package containing 2 adult registrations for the 2015 Walnut Creek Turkey Trot! So
whether you like to eat, run, or relax, this basket has it all!
Basket includes: – Trusalus Race Recovery Package – 2 adult registrations for the 2015 Turkey Trot in
Walnut Creek – 1 Neuromuscular Treatment at Trusalus – 1 canister of Pure Plant Protein by Nutragen –
Therapeutic massage provided by Vickie Shield CMT – Las Lomas men’s warm-up jacket – $100 Sports
Basement gift card – Running gloves – Adidas backpack – SKLZ muscle roller – Nalgene water bottle –
Assorted GU energy gels & chews – Carton of Clif Builder’s protein bars – Tritan water bottle – Sun
Bum face sunscreen – Reflective dots for late night runs – Large Vita Coco coconut water
– 2 $10 Jamba Juice gifts cards
Value: $600.00
Donated by: Men’s Cross Country Team
Fred Biletnikoff Oakland Raider Signed Portrait
A must have addition to any Raiders Fan Collection. Frederick S. Biletnikoff … Florida State AllAmerican … No. 2 draft pick, 1965 … Career record: 589 receptions, 8,974 yards, 76 TDs … Had 40 or
more catches 10 straight years … Durable with fluid moves, deceptive speed, great hands … AllAFL/AFC four times … 1971 NFL receiving champion … Played in two AFL All-Star games, four AFCNFC Pro Bowls, eight AFL/AFC title games, two Super Bowls … MVP in Super Bowl XI … Born
February 23, 1943, in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Value: $250.00
Framed SF Giants Poster
Value: $100.00
Donated by: Fast Frame
Silent "Sports & Fitness"
Lacrosse Men’s Gloves
Men’s Gloves for Lacrosse $130 value
Value: $130.00
Donated by: Slingit! Lacrosse
Giants Tickets (4) Section 118 - you pick the date! #1
You pick the date. Pick early. Opening day and Ring Ceremony not available.
28 rows behind home-plate. Great seats, about 8 rows in front of the Giants’ wives.
Value: $300.00
49er Club Level Tickets Sect 116 Exhibition Game + Parking
4 Club Level Tickets on the 45 yard line. 49er EXHIBITION GAME Sec 116, row 25. Aisle Seats. Face
$174 plus green lot parking pass. Green lot allows tailgating. The stadium holds 9,000 club seats and
more than 160,000 square feet of space dedicated to climate-controlled club and premium areas. The two
private BNY Mellon Clubs, on the field level behind both sidelines provide exclusive access to players
during 49ers games. These are on the visitor side which allows access to the 49ers.
Value: $766.00
Donated by: Catherine Gardner
Diablo Country Club - Golf for 4
The course at Diablo Country Club is one of the best in Northern California with small demanding
greens, tough par 3’s and challenging bunkers. Included within the layout are five holes recognized as the
best string of holes in the Bay Area. The course features views of the surrounding countryside, including
spectacular vistas of Mt. Diablo.
Value: $500.00
Donated by: Diablo Country Club
Golf for 4 at Sequoyan Country Club
A gift certificate for a golf foursome with cart at beautiful Sequoyan Country Club in Oakland: Available
Tuesday through Thursday
Value: $560.00
Donated by: Doug Tarter and the JV/Varsity Girls Tennis Team
SF Giants Tickets for 4 and Tailgate Extravaganza
LET’S GO GIANTS! Everything you need for an unforgettable tailgate experience at the ballpark! 4
premium seats with 1 parking pass.Please select three games in order of priority. Opening Day and Ring
Ceremony are not available. Instructions are included in the basket. Contact Larry & Julie Kirsch.
A portable charcoal X-Grill with the SF Giants logo, SF Giants Metro Picnic Basket, SF Giants Grilling
Spatula, SF Giant’s hat, t-shirt and sunglasses, John Miller bottle stopper, fun vintage Duane Kuiper
Bobble Head, chips and salsa, peanuts, Anchor Steam 2 – 1 pints beer, Red Vines and Cracker Jacks, a
pack of I Love Baseball playing cards
Value: $580.00
Donated by: Larry and Julie Kirsch
Silent "Sports & Fitness"
49er 4 Tickets plus Parking Sec 101 Endzone
4 Tickets to a mutually agreed upon 49er game. You pick the game. Seattle Seahawks maybe? These
seats are on the lower level section 101 in the end zone. Includes parking. Levi’s Stadium is home to the
San Francisco 49ers, and also serves as one of the world’s best outdoor sports and entertainment venues.
The $1.2 billion venue has 1.85 million square feet, seats approximately 68,500 and features 165 luxury
suites and 8,500 club seats.
Value: $894.00
Donated by: Catherine Gardner
Warriors Klay Thompson Jersey - AUTOGRAPHED
Klay Alexander Thompson (born February 8, 1990) is an American professional basketball player who
currently plays for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association. Listed at 6’7”, he
plays mostly at shooting guard. He is the son of former NBA player Mychal Thompson. Thompson
played college basketball for 3 seasons at Washington State University before being selected by Golden
State with the 11th pick of the 2011 NBA draft. In 2014, he and teammate Stephen Curry set an NBA
record with 484 combined three-pointers in a season as the pair were given the nickname the “Splash
Brothers”. Thompson was named an NBA All-Star in 2015. Here is his AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY.
Value: $250.00
Donated by: Bill and Jamese Duffy
Warriors Tickets (FOUR) March 20, 2015 + 2 Parking Sec 108
Warriors home game versus the New Orleans Pelicans. Sec 108, Row 3. 4 Tickets in the Lower Level
with TWO Parking passes
Value: $600.00
Donated by: Tony Gravino
Warriors Tickets - 2 Courtside + Valet March 4, 2015
Two courtside tickets including VALET parking for the March 4 game against the MILWAUKEE
BUCKS 7:30 game. Section 19, Row A3.
Value: $900.00
Donated by: Bill and Jamese Duffy
A's v Twins 3 Tickets July 17th
Football has donated 3 tickets to the A’s versus the Twins on July 17th. You sit in Regular Seats in the
Right Field Bleachers. Go figure.
And a A’s logoed briefcase to carry all your important stuff!!
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Football - GO KNIGHTS
Silent "Class & Team Swag"
$2500 Oral Surgery – Men’s Lacrosse Team Basket
Lacrosse Men’s Donation
Dr. Runyon and Dr. Rainero are both Board Certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial
Surgery and is a fellow of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons with affiliations
with John Muir Hospital.
Value: $2,500.00
Donated by: Dr. David Rainero & Dr. Carl Runyon
A Knight Around Town
The Women’s Soccer Team wants you to treat yourself to a relaxing and enjoyable evening around
downtown Walnut Creek. Everything from dining to movies to massages! The Lady Knights Soccer
thanks you for your support!
Value: $375.00
Donated by: Women's Soccer Team
Changes Salon - Beauty Gift Basket
This beauty boosting basket includes Bumble & Bumble hair care products and a $50 spa voucher (valid
Monday – Thursdays, expires 8/30/15). Choose from a variety of massage and spa body therapies to leave
all your tension behind!
Value: $81.00
Donated by: Changes Salon & Day Spa
Las Lomas Swim Team Brewmaker's Basket
Tap into your crafty side-your craft beer side! Be your own Brewmaster and turn your home into your
favorite microbrewery with this bundle of beer-themed items. Start with the Brew Your Own Beer Kit
and create a classic India Pale Ale. Included inside the large silver party tub is an assortment of items to
wet your appetite and preparations for many parties to come. Use the Growler jug to store your creation
and serve up some frosty home brew in the glass pint mugs. Also includes napkins, coasters, drink
markers and an assortment of snacks. And in case you need something to drink while you are waiting for
your homemade brew to ferment, enjoy the bottle of Ommegang Dubbel Ale. Everything you need to
create a custom draught for beer-y fun is included.
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Swim Team
Silent "Class & Team Swag"
Men's "Volleyball Experience"
This item includes a high quality Park & Sun volleyball net set, with carrying case, for using at the park,
at the beach, up camping, wherever you have an open area to set it up, it will provide many hours of
volleyball enjoyment.
Also included is a Wilson AVP Glow in the Dark Illuminator volleyball for those sunset and dusk games.
All this can be yours if you are the highest bidder.
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Men's Varsity Volleyball Team
Men's Tennis Wine Country Picnic Basket
Relax with an instant wine country picnic. Enjoy the crisp yet buttery Chardonnay followed by a ripe and
jammy Zinfandel. The wines are accompanied by an assortment of locally-sourced delicacies including
chocolates, jam, crackers, and many other savory bites. Sip and savor the best of wine country in your
favorite local spot.
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Men's Tennis
Men's Varsity Soccer
The Las Lomas Men’s Varsity Soccer Team is donating Las Lomas spirit wear: T-shirt, hoodie
sweatshirt, sackpack, beanie, cap, 2 stadium chairs, lava seat, and travel mug.
Value: $250.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Men's Varsity Soccer Team
Men's Water Polo Team Basket - Pizza Making Kit
All the trimmings for your next DIY pizza party!
Value: $150.00
Donated by: Wheaton, Tognolin and Didion Families
Silent "Class & Team Swag"
Women's Golf Fore! & More Basket
You’ll be ready to tee off with this basket. Included is a gift card for a foursome at Walnut Creek’s own
Boundary Oak Golf Course with cart, a case of Titleist Pro V1x balls for long distance drives, and two
soft golf towels with the LLHS Women’s Golf emblem so you can show your Knights pride on the
Restrictions: Not valid on weekends, course declared holidays or tournaments. Please call in advance to
Contents List:
Gift Card for Foursome with cart at Boundary Oak Golf Course
1 case Titleist Pro V1x balls
2 LLHS Girls Golf Towels
Value: $315.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Women's Golf
Women's Lacrosse Basket
All you’ll need to start the season off right! Included in this basket are:
2 pairs of workout shorts, 1 sports bra, 1 lacrosse t-shirt, 1 mouth-guard, 1 eye-guard, 5 pairs of lacrosse
socks, 4 Nike ponytail holders, 3 lacrosse balls and 1 water-bottle.
All items are “official” lacrosse gear and the shorts, bra and t-shirt are size M. (These may be exchanged
for different sizes at Sling It Lacrosse in Alamo with the enclosed gift receipt taped to the back of the
mouth-guard box).
Keep Calm and LAX on!
Value: $300.00
Donated by: Women's Lacrosse Team
Women's Volleyball Pampering Spa Basket
Pamper yourself again and again with this gift basket. Includes a gift certificate for one European facial
courtesy of Facials by Christy along with skin care products and one mini facial courtesy of Rodan &
Fields consultant Susan Fitterer. Also included is $100 in Spa Finders gift cards, redeemable at 100’s of
spas including Changes and Jeunesse Skin Care in Walnut Creek as well as the Claremont Resort in
Berkeley. Also included is a spa towel and a set of spa slippers so you can continue to pamper yourself at
Value: $300.00
Donated by: Women's Volleyball Team
Silent "Class & Team Swag"
Womens Water Polo Team Basket - Adirondack Chair & Goodies
Take a break from your daily routine and relax in this wooden Adirondack chair with a hand knitted Las
Lomas blanket, books, coffee, wine and extra goodies.
Value: $400.00
Donated by: Wheaton, Tognolin and Didion Families
Women's Lacrosse
This women’s lacrosse basket includes: Headbands; a water bottle; shampoo and conditioner; socks; and
lacrosse balls. Gift cards to Jamba Juice, Nothing Bundt Cakes and Bella Salon.
Value: $150.00
Donated by: Women's Lacrosse Team
Women’s Softball Take Me Out to the Ballgame Basket
Get ready to root, root, root for all your favorite home teams with this basket of sports paraphernalia. Use
the included 4 tickets and pick an A’s game of your choosing. Be a real fan and celebrate their pitcher
Sonny Gray with the autographed ball. You’ll be warm or cool in the included assortment of 2 new
varsity softball sweatshirts and 2 throwback sweatshirts or in the 2 white sports t-shirts and 2 black tshirts (all apparel includes 1 medium and 1 large of each) when you cheer on your hometown favorite
4 Oakland A’s Field Level Tickets
Sonny Gray—Oakland A’s Pitcher—Signed Baseball
2 Varsity Knights Softball Sweatshirts (1 medium, 1 large)
2 Throwback Softball Sweatshirts (1 medium, 1 large)
2 White Softball Dry Fit T Shirts (1 medium, 1 large)
2 Black T Shirts (1 medium, 1 large)
Restrictions: Tickets valid for 2015 regular season, excludes 4/6, 5/16, 5/25, 5/28-31, 6/20-21, 7/3, 7/31,
8/18, 8/22, 9/5, 9/25-27
Value: $400.00
Donated by: LL Women’s Softball
Wrestling's Ultimate Barbecue Basket
Get your grill on in style! Everything you need for sizzling hot barbecuing is included.
Get inspired with the “500 Barbecue Dishes” cookbook, and try smoking your meat on the grilling plank
or with the smoking chips. Slather on one of the included world famous Kinders barbecue sauces with the
basting brushes or sprinkle with one of the assorted Kinders seasonings and rubs. Try going kebob-style
with the stainless steel skewers. Upgrade your tools with the barbecue-sized metal spatula and grilling
fork. This basket even includes an apron and grill cleaner to keep your barbecue ready for the next
backyard adventure.
Contents: 2 Kinders barbeque sauces; Smoking chips; 4 Kinders Seasonings; Apron; Stainless Steel
Skewers; Grill Cleaner; Large Metal Spatula; Basting brushes; “500 Barbeque Dishes” Cookbook;
Grilling Plank; Grill Fork
Value: $125.00
Donated by: LL Men’s Wrestling
Junior Prom Basket Moonlight Masquerade March 21
Junior Prom Basket
Moonlight Masquerade – being held at Diablo Country Club
March 21, 2015
Two Prom Tickets
Facial and Eyebrow Shaping – Facials by Christy
Spray Tan- Apres Soleil
Corsage and Boutonniere- Flowers by Tracy
Manicure and Pedicure – Platinum Nails
Value: $320.00
Donated by: The JUNIOR CLASS - CLASS of 2016
La Merika Wines- 4 Different Varietals /Beautiful Wooden Box
La Merica Wine Gift Box includes:
2012 Pinot Noir
2013 Chardonnay
2012 Cab
2013 Pinot Grigio
Value: $100.00
Donated by: Anonymous
LL Boosters Wine Glasses - 4 to a package
Price: $20.00
Donated by: LLHS Boosters
Lulee Babes Luxuriously Las Lomas Inspired Blanket
Lulee Babes & LB Home. Inspired by cuddles and the little people in our lives. Live Playfully. Live
Value: $200.00
Donated by: Luleebabes
WC Soccer Club Gift Registration & Warm Up Jacket
Walnut Creek Soccer Club $200 registration gift certificate, good for either House or Comp, with Adidas
warm up jacket
Value: $265.00
Donated by: Walnut Creek Soccer Club
Lemon Tree Donated by Ace Hardware
Who doesn’t LOVE a lemon tree??
Value: $43.00
Donated by: Walnut Creek Ace Hardware
Kumquat Tree
Walnut Creek donates a beautiful Kunquat Tree.Kumquats are a group of small fruit-bearing trees in the
flowering plant family Rutaceae, either forming the genus Fortunella, or placed within Citrus sensu lato.
The edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange, but it is much smaller, being approximately the size
and shape of a large olive. Kumquat is a fairly cold hardy citrus.
Value: $43.00
Donated by: Walnut Creek Ace Hardware
$75 Gift Card to Vic Stewart's
Value: $75.00
Donated by: Vic Stewarts
Las Lomas Baseball Team Gift Card Extravaganda
Entertainment and fun on the go. Treat yourself and your family to countless shopping and entertainment
opportunities in and around Walnut Creek. This collection of gift cards range from the Giants for your
sports star to Macys for your fashionista, and many in between, all packaged in a Las Lomas themed
duffle bag so you can have your fun on the run. See item for list of gift cards.
Value: $360.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Baseball Team and their Families
2 Giants VS Rockies June 27 Sec 119
2 Tickets to THE GIANTS VS Rockies
Saturday, June 27, 2015 1:05
Sec 119 Row K Seat 7 and 8
Promotional Day- Giants world championship socks to the first 20,000.
Gotta love socks and we all love the Giants!!!
Value: $150.00
Donated by: Irene & Ron Bossert
Four Tickets OAKLAND A's vs Royals June 27 SEC 122
Four Tickets OAKLAND A’s vs Royals June 27 SEC 122 1:05 start time
Sec 122 Row 21 Seat 8,9,10,11 These are infield tickets
Promotional Day- Charlie O Throwback T-shirt day. Charlie-O appeared at two Oakland Athletics games
in 2010, first in Oakland for a Turn Back the Clock game on June 26 and again in Kansas City for the
Kansas City Royals’ Turn Back the Clock game against the Athletics on July 17th. I now know who
Charlie O is. Do you?
Value: $188.00
Donated by: Irene & Ron Bossert
Silent "Fine Wine"
2012 Naveran
Brut Rose Cava
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Matt & Tiffany Lipelt
Mumm Napa Brut Prestige
Sparkling Wine
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Paul and Lisa Royere
J Cuvve 20
Sparkling Wine
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Paul and Lisa Royere
2007 Domaine Carneros
Brut Rose
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Kathy and Neil Rapmund
2012 J. Lohr Carol Vineyards
Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Jeff and Sheryl Randolph
2013 Casey Flat Ranch Capay Valley
Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
2013 Sebastian Sonoma County
Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
Silent "Fine Wine"
2013 Duckhorn #1
Sauvignon Blanc
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Tom & Jennifer Johansen
2012 Macon-Fuisse Domaine Barraud
White Burgundy Wine
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Alf and Amy Wise
2013 Treana Central Coast
White Wine
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
2012 La Crema
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Sarah Mackle
2012 Clos Du Val Chardonnay
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Shari Borglin
2013 Decoy
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Cheryl and Randy Gregson
2013 ZD Wines 45th Anniversary
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Brian and Molly Delaprota
Silent "Fine Wine"
2012 Trefethen Oak Knoll District
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
2012 Clos Du Val
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Vera and Ryan Caulfield
2013 Sonoma-Cutrer
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Denise and Sheldon Stenberg
2013 Rombauer Carneros
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Kirsten and Arthur Miller
2012 Cuvaison Kite Tail
Price: $45.00
Donated by: Nancy Rhee
2012 Chalk Hill
Price: $60.00
Donated by: Vera and Ryan Caulfield
2011 Robert Mondavi Winery
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Elyse and Steve McIntire
Silent "Fine Wine"
2012 Franciscan Estate Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Unknown
2012 Decoy
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Mary and Stacey Louie
2011 Clos Du Val Cab # 1
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Glenn & Linda Gregersen
2011 Clos Du Val Cab # 2
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Dave & Jenevieve Holman
2012 Maroon NV Heritage Collection
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
2011 Clos Du Val Cab #3
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
2011 Sequoia Grove Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Brian and Molly Delaporta
Silent "Fine Wine"
2003 Signorello
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Grant and Maggie Hughs
2010 Rutherford Hill
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Betsy Maddox
2011 Hall
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Betsy Maddox
2010 Heitz Cellar
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Susan Mesec and Eric Wiscavage
2009 Silverado Estate Grown
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $45.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Football Team
2011 Steven Kent
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $50.00
Donated by: Sarah and Perrin Howell
2009 Trefethen
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $55.00
Donated by: Patrice Jensen and Tom Pruitt
Silent "Fine Wine"
2012 Stags Leap
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $55.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
2011 Vellum Napa Valley
Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $65.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
Cantina Zaccagnini Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Dry
Dry Red Italian
Price: $45.00
Donated by: Jen Fulks
2012 Catena Zapata Family Vineyards
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Frank & Michelle Pappas
2012 Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Alf and Amy Wise
2011 Gundlach Bundschu
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
2013 Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Cindy and Tony Cerdan
Silent "Fine Wine"
2011 Duckhorn
Price: $50.00
Donated by: Tom & Jennifer Johansen
2012 Castoro Cellars
Petit Verdot
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Whitney and Scott Wilson
2011 J. Rickards Winery
Petite Sirah
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Shelly Wells
2009 Miner Napa Valley
Petite Sirah
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Matt & Tiffany Lipelt
2013 Meiomi
Pinot Noir
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Jeff and Suzy Kisylia
2012 Reata Three County
Pinot Noir
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Football Team
2010 Rued Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Cindy and Gary Darling
Silent "Fine Wine"
2010 Judson Hale Winery
Pinot Noir
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
2013 Schug
Pinot Noir
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Laura Milano
2008 Corotto
Pinot Noir
Price: $45.00
Donated by: Richard and Hilary Glass
2012 Gary Farrell
Pinot Noir
Price: $60.00
Donated by: Vic and Randy Polich
Troublemaker #1
Red Wine Blend
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
Veterans Spirit "Gallant Few"
Proprietary Red
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Jill Osur
Troublemaker #2
Red Wine Blend
Price: $20.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
Silent "Fine Wine"
2011 Kunde Family Estate Red Dirt Red
Red Wine Blend
Price: $35.00
Donated by: Mark Borchardt
Shadowbrook 1.5 liter Magnum Centennial Blend
Red Wine Blend
Price: $75.00
Donated by: Rob and Karen Stankus
2009 Castoro Cellars
Ventotto Anni (Red Wine Blend)
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Whitney and Scott Wilson
2009 Bella Lily Hill Estate #1
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Tony and Rita Gravino
2009 Bella Lily Hill Estate #2
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Don and Roxanne Holm
2012 Rombauer Vineyards
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Alf and Amy Wise
2009 Manzanita Creek Addor
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Cindy and Gary Darling
Silent "Fine Wine"
2012 Rock Wall Jesse's Vineyard
Price: $25.00
Donated by: Dave & Lynn Brown
2012 Saldo
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Sean Flannery
2011 Dashe
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Steve and Diane Wolfe
2009 Marcucci Farms Fava Brothers
Price: $30.00
Donated by: Matt and Monica Cox
2012 Peachy Canyon
Price: $40.00
Donated by: Whitney and Scott Wilson
2008 Mazanita Creek Old Vine
Price: $45.00
Donated by: Cindy and Gary Darling
2012 Robert Biale Napa Valley Black Chicken
Price: $50.00
Donated by: Sam and Marci Winer
Live "Desserts"
"Sweet" Hawaiian Knight
Nothing says paradise like chocolate and the hint of tropical flair. Purchase this sweet treat for you and
your table. What a tasty way to wrap up the Knight and support our athletes.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Whole Foods Lafayette
Coconut Layer Cake
Layers of moist, tender cake perfumed with cream of coconut, iced with silky frosting, and covered with
sweet, toasted coconut. This cake will ruin all other coconut cakes for you forever.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Eleanor Lyon
Island Girl
Tantalize your taste buds with this perfect cake blended with flavors from your local bakery and the
sunny beaches of Hawaii. No plane ticket necessary!!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Whole Foods Lafayette
Lemon BlueBerry Layer Cake
Sunshine-sweet lemon layer cake dotted with juicy blueberries and topped with lush cream cheese
frosting. Take a bite and taste the bursts of bright flavors!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Holly Ogden
Chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon Cake
The perfect pairing! This fluffy, rich chocolate creation, dusted with confectioner’s sugar and adorned
with fresh berries is both elegant and delicious!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Denise Stenberg
Swedish Princess Cake from Le Gateau Elegant
Rich vanilla cake with velvety custard and red raspberry filling, frosted with whipped cream and wrapped
in marzipan.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Linda Gregersen
Live "Desserts"
Triple Chocolate Fantasy Cake
Rich homemade chocolate cake covered in smooth chocolate ganache, topped with toasted pecans and
drizzled with white chocolate. Served on a ceramic platter for you to keep.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Dayna Bain
Tropical Island Delight
Take your taste buds on a Hawaiian holiday. Complete with tiki torches, palm trees and an island sunset,
this Triple Chocolate Kahlua cake will delight your senses and transport you and your friends to paradise.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Misti Glass
White Chocolate Cheesecake
This White Chocolate Cheesecake made by Teresa Wenzel is the height of decadent elegance. Your
mouth will be watering before you even take a bite of this rich, creamy-smooth delight with a chocolate
wafer crust. Crowned with white chocolate leaves and fresh raspberries, this truly is a show stopping
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Teresa Wenzel
Raffle - Eat like a Howell Not like Gilligan
This LL VIP dining experience gives you a chance to upgrade your dinner from crab to LOBSTER! $10
gets you one ticket, or better yet $20 gets you an “arms length” of tickets! Included with the dinner
upgrade is champagne, wine, dessert and VIP check out. Winner hulas over with their entire group to the
King Kamehameha Table for the upgraded luau!
Ticket Price: $10.00
Donated by: Las Lomas Boosters
Raffle - 52 CARD PICK UP times 2 - Choose Live Auction Item
104 Card Pick Up- $25 each or 5 for $100 buys you a spot in this exciting game. Choose your lucky card
from our oversized decks and watch as the auctioneer picks the Big Kahuna who will get their choice of
one of three predetermined LIVE Auction items: Enjoy a week stay in sunny Puerto Vallarta, a week stay
in Lake Tahoe’s NorthStar, or a $150 gift card for dinner at Allegro Romano with a two night stay in San
Francisco and before you ride a wave out of town, four tickets to watch the World Champion San
Francisco Giants. Hurry and get your card, only 104 will be sold and the keiki’s will appreciate it!
Ticket Price: $25.00
Donated by: LLHS Boosters
Live Auction
Portrait Session with Jim Fidelibus
Enjoy a fabulous, on location family portrait session with Jim. Your session will include: a design and
clothing consultation, an on location (East Bay) portrait session and a portrait viewing projections so you
can choose your favorite image. A custom 8×10 print will be created for you. This is a $340 value
available to multiple bidders for just $100.
Price: $100.00
Donated by: James Brian Studios
Hail Caesar Vacation Package
Enjoy sun and snow, two trips for the price of one! Enjoy two nights at Caesar Entertainment’s Flamingo
in Las Vegas AND two nights at their Harvey’s or Harrah’s property in South Lake Tahoe with a $100
food and beverage credit. Also included are tickets—$210 in a Southwest voucher to get you there and 2
lift tickets to Tahoe’s Squaw Valley/Alpine. Stay warm with an assortment of ski accessories and
warmers, or stay warmer with the assortment of wine, liquors, mini’s, flasks, and cigars. Practice your
game with cards and dice or keep it family friendly with the Trivia Game. Forgot something? Get
outfitted with the included $50 gift card to Sports Basement.
Certificate for 2 night’s Room Accommodations at Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (expires
Certificate for Accommodations for two night’s mid week stay at Harrah’s or Harvey’s Lake Tahoe
(expires 12/6/16) with $100 food and beverage credit
$210 Southwest gift card
2 adult lift tickets to Squaw Valley/Alpine
plus much more!!!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Las Lomas Football
Giant Night Out in the City
Enjoy a 2 night getaway in San Francisco at the fabulous JW Marriott Union Square, along with a $150
gift certificate for a scrumptious meal at award-winning Ala Romana restaurant. Root on the hometown
heroes and three time world champions with 4 premium lower box Giants tickets (Sec 118 Row 28 Aisle).
You pick the dates that work for you! Enjoy our breathtaking City by the Bay and all it has to offer in this
luxurious package. Even the torture will feel sweet. Humm Baby!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: JW Marriott San Francisco, Ala Romana, Friends of Boosters
Live Auction
Pacific Grove Penthouse
Enjoy a 3 night stay in Pacific Grove, California at the Thompson Family Penthouse atop a gorgeous
historical building in the heart of downtown Pacific Grove. Located on Lighthouse Avenue, the building
is close to shopping, theater and fun. The penthouse is 4000 square foot and is newly remodeled. One side
has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, family room and a beautiful view of the Monterey Bay
Coastline. The other side has one bedroom with two queen beds, two bathrooms, a full kitchen (table for
12), family room with two pull out sleepers. The penthouses share an outdoor patio with barbeques and
patio seating and have a 180 degree view of the Pacific Ocean. It is a two block walk to the beach, 2
minute walk to the cinema, 3 minute drive to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Wharf and Cannery Row. Just
15 minutes to Carmel and downtown Monterey. No pets, restrictions on holiday and special weekends
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Bob and Maria Thompson
Northstar Vacation House from Men's Soccer Team
Welcome to NorthStar at Tahoe, Truckee!
One week stay; mutually agreeable dates; check in Wednesday, check out Tuesday.
House Amenities:
•3 bedrooms and platform sleeping loft, sleeping bags.
•3 1/2 Bathrooms.
•Fully equipped kitchen and small appliances.
•Washer and dryer.
•Kitchen linens, bedroom and bathroom linens, beach towels.
•Cable TV, DVD, CD internet service
•Gas and charcoal BBQ.
•Use of Recreation Center, pool, tennis, game room. An entrance fee of $2.00 a day per person with guest
card(s). A maximum of 10 guests per house per day.
Plus much much more! Including bottle of Ahnfeldt 2011 Cabernet Suvignon and $170 to cover cleaning
fee. Also a 18-hole golf course within Northstar, fees not included.
• Free Bus service will pick up at top of driveway and take to and from Recreation Center and/or
NorthStar Village.
•Parking also available at the Recreation Center: (Use the Member Guest Card to access)
No smoking
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Men's Soccer Team
Custom Made T-Shirt Quilt
Memorialize your memories in a snuggly quilt. Have your student’s t-shirts made into a treasured quilt by
LLHS mom Kathy August. Remember the tournaments, the seasons, and the times you spent cheering.
Wrap those high school years in snuggly softness to be beloved for years to come. Gather your t-shirts
and a priceless quilt will be returned in time for your child to take to college or to be treasured at home.
Large enough to fit an XL twin bed.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Kathy August
Live Auction
LLHS Parking Space - 2015-2016 School Year
Do you have a student who drives to school every day? Have you heard how hard it is to park? Not in a
carpool? Not a problem. Your student can have THE coveted space to park! This parking space is located
in the main parking lot in front of the school and tennis courts. Fully marked and yours for the entire
2015-2016 school year!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Las Lomas High School Principal, Matt Campbell
Baldacci Estate Wine Weekend for 6
Located in scenic Napa on Silverado Trail. Donated by Baldacci Family Vineyards. .Baldacci Family
Vineyards is located in the beautiful Stags Leap District of the Napa Valley. Come enjoy a weekend
getaway for two nights at our mountain top Vineyard Estate for 6 people. After you get settled in, an
Estate Tasting and Tour for up to six people in one of our private locations awaits you. This experience
allows you to taste our small production wines as well as our family favorites. Wander through our wine
caves while sipping on a glass of one of our award winning wines. After you can relax at our private
estate overlooking the Napa Valley, or explore some of the other beautiful wineries along the Silverado
Trail. This two night/three day stay in the world famous Napa Valley is sure to be a memorable one. Also
includes 2011 Elizabeth, Pinot Noir and 2011 Black Label, Cabernet .
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Baldacci, Andrea L & Lou Baldacci
Create Memories in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Raintree's Vacation Club - Club Regina Puerto Vallarta wraps elegance and tradition around relaxing
ocean and marina views. Guests have access to all amenities that Club Regina Puerto Vallarta has to
offer including an on-site restaurant and bar, beautiful accommodations and revitalizing swimming pools
with a swim up bar. This resort is located between the Sierra Madre Mountains and Banderas Bay. It is
within walking distance of the marina. Its beaches draw tourists from around the globe and on the
mountain side, you can experience adventures like zip-lining and ATV tours.
Your stay includes the Grand Suite, a 2 bedroom suite with a fold out couch. The Grand Suite sleeps up
to 6 people maximum. Available June 20-27, 2015 only - dates are not changeable.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Sherri & Paul Gendron
Private Chef’s Dinner for Ten from Men's Basketball Team
Enjoy an unquestionably memorable dinner for 10 in the privacy of your home. Dinner includes a four
course hand-picked menu by Chef Bruce Barasch and you. This gourmet meal will include course by
course wine pairings by Zeal Wine Group and your personal wine steward for the evening Jill Osur.
Private wait staff and safe rides home for your guests by members of the Varsity Boys Basketball Team.
Date to be mutually agreed upon by winner and Chef Barasch. Truly Priceless!
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Men's Basketball Team
Live Auction
Christmas Condo @ Kona Coast from Men's Cross Country Team
Aloha and welcome to paradise! Kona Coast Resort is just minutes from all of the wonderful Big Island
attractions including boating, fishing, scuba, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, and much more! 10
minutes from Kona Village offering a variety of restaurants, shops and Hawaiian arts and crafts. 20
minutes from the Keahole-Kona Airport.
Celebrate the holidays during Hawaii’s most sought after vacation season, perfect for a family over during
the Las Lomas holiday break.
This 2 bedroom condo sleeps 6 and is available Sunday, December 27, 2015 to Sunday, January 3, 2016.
Kona Coast Resort
78-6842 Alii Drive
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Value: $2,500.00
Donated by: Men's Cross Country
Dinner Party - Taste Through Tuscany - 10 couples
Italy, the name invokes visions of vine-covered hills, azure seas, terra-cotta tiles, art and magnificent
food. Please join us as we recreate a classic and contemporary feast of simple, fresh Italian food and wine.
Be prepared to make ravioli and grilled pizza while sampling delicious Italian wines. Then sit back and
relax as the feast unfolds before you under the starry harvest evening.
This is for 10 couples, the date is Saturday October 3 2015, 5-10pm. Invitation and more information will
be mailed early August.
Value: Priceless
Donated by: Wheaton, Tognolin and Didion Families
Fund-a-need - Scoreboard
Are you ready for a new sports watching experience?
Our Boosters Club is in the process of raising funds to purchase
and install a new scoreboard for George DeKlotz Stadium.
Our focus: raise awareness and encourage donations through our
2015 Boosters Auction TONIGHT. With your contributions,
our Fund-a-Need will make this vision a reality.
If you have ideas on our New Scoreboard project and would like
to help out, please contact us at
[email protected]
Value: Priceless
Preliminary concept/for illustrative purposes only
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