April 2015 - Bethesda Mission



April 2015 - Bethesda Mission
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Children’s Mission
“God’s Expanding Vision”
by Scott Dunwoody, Vice President of Business Development
Up on the hill, literally, at the top of Herr Street, headed
east from Cameron Street, is a small center created
from an old closed-down fire station.
1990 marked the opening of Bethesda Mission’s
Youth Center – a direct response to the growing
needs of inner city children and youth. With the help
of an incredible team of staff and volunteers, the old
firehouse (built in early 1900’s) has been the setting
to reach the Herr Street community for the past 25
years, by becoming a lighthouse to hundreds of inner
city kids and their families.
Each day these impressionable young lives come,
facing enormous challenges - fractured families,
no families in some instances, challenges to learn,
crying out for someone to love them, to encourage
them, to share with them the love of God. Inside,
virtually every weekday, year round, in a safe,
nurturing environment, they find a place to learn,
grow, and discover purpose and their God-given
These kids are being fireproofed
to cope with and absorb the
challenges they face, and to find
hope and success, all from a
foundation of experiencing the
love of God expressed through
the mentoring of dedicated, gifted
adults. This community has been
greatly impacted by our mission
to children and youth, and we’re
excited about what lies ahead for
the next 25 years.
Need 8 Feet – How
about half an acre?
While our staff has done a
wonderful job in reaching
the children and community,
our facilities are woefully
Scott Dunwoody
significant restrictions on
Vice President
of Business Development
what can be accomplished,
and the number of kids we
can reach. This 1908 vintage former fire station is
structurally sound, but is in need of major systems
and functional overhaul and upgrades. A feasibility
study targeted $400,000 of essential improvements
to the existing Youth Center.
Intending to make improvements to the existing
facility, we approached the adjacent property owner
to request expanding 8 feet toward his building,
allowable under the code if the owner approves.
When meeting with him, he said, not only could we
have the 8 feet, but divulged his
intent to sell the entire property,
consisting of .55 acres and a
10,000 s.f. building.
The Mission has been praying for
several years about how beneficial
it would be if the adjacent property
were ever available, that we
could reach two to three times
the number of children. God
has opened that opportunity.
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
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The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Children’s Mission
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Bethesda’s Board of Directors executed a Settlement Agreement to purchase
this adjacent property, conditioned upon raising the funds and receiving
City zoning and land use approvals. Local foundations have financed the
acquisition and the City approvals have been requested and are expected
to be approved.
Chuck Wingate
Kenneth A. Ross
The overall vision for the Youth Center site along Herr Street is renovation
of the existing converted fire station, improved entryway, indoor activity
facility, outdoor play area and parking. A breakdown of the costs includes:
Acquisition of Adjacent Site
$ 275,000
Renovate Existing Youth Center $ 450,000
Improved Entryway
$ 100,000
Activity Center, Outdoor Play Area/Parking
Total Cost
$ 1,100,000
The Bethesda Mission is a member of
the Evangelical Council for Financial
Accountability. Membership in the ECFA
is your assurance that we adhere to the
highest standards of financial integrity.
(.55 acres / 10,000 SF bldg.)
Sheila M. Anderson
Georgeanne Burkholder
Warren L. Dutka
Mark A. Everest
Joseph L. Green
Andrew H. Groop
Dr. Gordon Kauffman
Kevin Lutz
Don Schin
Sassafras Street
North 1
James G. Tatnall CHAIRMAN
David E. Dyson TREASURER
$ 275,000
Herr Street
In the upcoming months our architect, Maule & Associates, and Pyramid
Construction will be meeting with our Children’s Mission staff, developing
details for the vision of how these improvements will be designed. A funding
campaign will then be launched appealing to foundations, businesses, churches,
and individuals to complete this visionary project.
Tell Someone about God’s Amazing Work at Bethesda!
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Sheila Is Leaving Hopelessness Behind
And Seeking To Inspire Hope In Others!
by Shelley Brooks, Women’s Mission Director
a child, would always give
Yesterday, “I guess I
me sound advice . . . loving
would have said that I lived
advice, just as a Mother
as a person of unbelief.
But the drugs – oh
However, I realize now that
the drugs - seemed like they
I have been a person who
me to stop believing.
has always been searching.
It came to a point where I
God brought me to this point
just didn’t know how to get
in my life. God brought
back. My life was being
me to Bethesda Mission’s
I was destroying
Women’s Mission because
the lives and relationships
of the destruction that I was
the very people I loved
experiencing in my own life.
the most.”
In July 2013, I walked into
the Mission and on August
Today, “I am living
24, 2013, I accepted Jesus
that Jesus can change
as my Lord and Savior
your life. I’d lived at the
and was saved! Now I’m
Women’s Mission for over
living proof that Jesus can
a year and now am blessed
change your life!”
to live in my own apartment.
I began attending HACC
“Family and relationships
last fall, starting over as
have always been important
Like the flowers blooming on a bright,
a new student for the first
to me. I always believed in
summer day, Sheila has allowed Christ’s love time in over twenty years. I
relationships, but I found
to bloom in her life, inspiring hope to others remember the advice that
that I was drawn into
who are just beginning their journey!
my mother used to tell me
relationships that were
and I’m thankful for the good mother that I had. I’m
one-sided. There wasn’t the spirit of sharing, or
also much more open to listening to good advice.”
being equally one, and they became work and full of
“The year at the Women’s Mission wasn’t all fun
bondage. I even joined a religion at one point, which
and games. I had to learn the hard lessons of surrender
was very controlling, just in order to be in a relationship.
and loss.
Important relationships were taken
And, if you add the addiction to drugs to all of this,
My mother
you can see that I
passed, a supportive
was a worldly person
with no hope.”
and I experienced a
divorce. I learned to
“My mother, who
let go and let God
took me to church as
“God brought me to Bethesda
Mission’s Women’s Mission because
of the destruction that I was
experiencing in my own life.”
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PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Seeking To Inspire Hope In Others!
continued from page 3
become my strength. You
can’t keep on doing the same
things the way you thought
you could. You have to allow
the Lord to take care of you
and direct your path. But He
will, when you allow Him to do
just that. You learn that Jesus
is real and He is here at the
Women’s Mission changing
lives. It isn’t anything to play
with. You learn YOU, and
you learn God. And then
you watch and experience
how He gives back the most
important relationships.
have my siblings and my
children - all are very proud of
me, and routing for my best.
I have self-respect because
I know that there is hope for
Forevermore, “With
all the love that I received at
the Mission from staff, from
volunteers, from other guests
… there were no conditions
… it was all unconditional.
People loved because they
love. They have taught me to
grow up. I am thankful and
Sheila says she no longer has to hide, but my prayer is that from what
is praising Jesus for the transformation
I have learned that I too, can
that has taken place in her life through
inspire someone else along
His unconditional love!
their life’s journey!”
“You have to allow the Lord to take care of you and direct your
path. But He will, when you allow Him to do just that.”
The 25th Annual Mission
Golf Tournament Sponsorship Opportunities
Corporate Platinum Sponsor Entry of 12
golfers, 12 lunches, Tee/Green Sponsor, full page
ad in the program, and hanging of a company
supplied banner at the dinner...................$5,000
Gold Sponsor Entry of 4 golfers, 4 lunches,
Tee/Green Sponsor and full page ad in the
Trophy Sponsor Includes Trophy Sponsorship
page listing in the program and a sign at the tee
or green..................................................$1,000
Silver Sponsor Entry of 2 golfers, 2 lunches,
Tee/Green Sponsor and a half page ad in the
Individual Player Entry of 1 golfer and 1 lunch.
Tee/Green Sponsor Includes a sign at the tee
or green and a full page ad in the program booklet
Program Sponsor Full page ad in program
Half page ad in program (5.5”x4.25”)...........$100
Dinner Patron Table of 8 and full page ad in the
One dinner ticket...........................................$40
Patron Listing Name in the program...........$50
For more information or to preregister, visit www.bethesdamission.org
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
• Youth Center
• Volunteers to
build/purchase a
storage shed ­—
8’ x 8’ x 19.5’ at
the Men’s Shelter
Contact Debbie
King, Volunteer
Coordinator at
ext. 222.
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Bridging The Gap In Families
by Serina Brown, Director of Youth Ministry
Jamie has been a part of the
Bethesda Mission Youth Center
for about 4 years. She has been
ostracized by her family and
indulges in alcohol to numb her
from the painful memories of
feeling like a failure. When you
encounter her, the beauty that
she shows is almost child-like
behind her sense of humor.
Unfortunately, her pain forever remains evident.
Then there is Melissa, who appears to be very
distant from the reality of things happening around
her. She struggles with feeling disconnected, lost,
and hopeless. Her son struggles with a learning
disability, while her daughter struggles with mental
health issues. Her children are in need of assistance,
but in her desperation for help she pushes away
because of the fears in her heart. Both individuals
are in fear of repeating the past. Jamie and Melissa
are two of many Youth Center parents that we have an
opportunity to minister to on a consistent basis. We
can reach the children, but without a holistic reach
out to the families, the changes are at best temporary.
Psalm 51:12 says, “Restore to me the joy of your
salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.” At
the Youth Center there is a deep desire for not only
the youth but also their families
to know the joy of the Lord’s
The Youth Center
ministers to individuals, such as
single moms struggling to make
ends meet and dads which are
few, struggling with alcohol and
drug abuse. There are also
grandparents who are inflicted
with pain in their body and heart.
These are situations that cannot
be ignored when families are
crying out for restoration in their
heart, mind, and spirit. There are various activities
the Center does to try to combat
this area within the family unit.
One thing we do is have family
dinners once a month to stay connected with families.
These dinners allow the staff to sit down with families,
share a meal, and highlight relevant issues that affect
them and the youth as a whole. Another activity we
attempt to do is engage in individual parent/guardian
outreach where we provide meals and talk to them
about who they are as individuals. This is usually a
specific time set aside to minister to them as parents.
We also have been going into their homes to discuss
issues with their child that they may also be seeing at
home. The purpose of the home meeting is to meet
the parent/guardian in a safe environment. It is also
to reassure that we are able to connect to discuss
specific situations. There are times issues arise and
it is a daunting task to connect with parents.
As we continue to bridge the gap between
generations, please pray for more opportunities to
reach parents and guardians. Pray that their hearts
will become softened to the
message of salvation. It can be
challenging at times to share this
message with the adults blinded by
the pain of this world. Also pray for
how you can partner in assisting to
bridge the gaps in families. Inspire
HOPE in others today!
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
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The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
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Your gift will be used to provide hope, healing, and
sustenance to people in need in the Harrisburg area.
Honor someone with a gift
that provides hope, healing
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them of what you did for
Bethesda in their name.
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org
The quarterly publication of the Bethesda Mission
Apr. 2015 • Vol. 2
Since 1914, Bethesda Mission has been a missionary arm of the local church,
reaching out to men, women, and children of all races, nationalities and creeds,
providing the poor and homeless with shelter, food, clothing, sharing the good
news of Jesus Christ and discipling them in the Christian life.
Cornerstone Value:
Core Values:
Mission Needs
Men’s Mission
Long underwear (Size L – XXXL)
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Shop towels for the kitchen
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Jesus Christ Is Our Foundation
Relentless Pursuit of Excellence in All Things
Faithfulness in Transforming Lives
Integrity Without Compromise
Please drop off all donations anytime at
611 Reily Street, Harrisburg, PA … Thank You!
• Postage stamps
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• GladWare
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• Baby wipes
• Crib sheets
• Gas cards for
the van
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• Dishcloths
• Heavy duty trash
bags (39 gallon &
• Alka-Seltzer cold
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• Hydrocortisone cream
• Foot powder
• Anti fungal cream
• Multi-vitamins
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all sizes
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various stores
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A flat screen TV
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• 30 gallon trash bags
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sausage, bacon,
• #10 cans of fruits &
• Pam, cooking,
vegetable & olive oil
• Fresh vegetables &
instant potatoes
• Gravy, ketchup &
salad dressings
• Spaghetti & tomato
• Cheese, Butter &
• Pancake mix & syrup
Spices & Pepper
Potato Chips
Coffee & Juices
Lysol & all-purpose
Oven mitts & aprons
Napkins, plastic
ware & alum. foil
Laundry cart
Counter top
40-quart mixer with
dough hook
Pizza deck oven for
4 pizzas
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Saturday, May 16, 2015
Harrisburg Area Community College
Harrisburg, PA
We are one of 46 organizations participating in the 2015
Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community.
Highmark Blue Shield underwrites 100 percent of the cost
of the event and funds raised directly benefits the participating
Mark your calendar, find those walking shoes, and register
today at http://hcf.convio.net/bethesdamission.
PO Box 3041 • Harrisburg, PA 17105 • 717-257-4442 • bethesdamission.org

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