JUL 2012 - Lake Wildwood Association



JUL 2012 - Lake Wildwood Association
Varna, Illinois 61375-9323
1000 Lake Wildwood Drive
2012 Volume 42 No. 8
Drive Safe & Smart
Carp Warning
Recycling & Garbage Disposal
Photo Contest
Please be mindful of workers alongside the road! Drive safe and abide by all
of the posted speed limits to ensure the safety of our members and employees.
Lake Wildwood offers bins (located next to the Office) for recycling and for
garbage disposal. Recycling is free (be sure to flatten any boxes), but disposal of garbage bags require a garbage sticker and can be picked up at the
Guardhouse or Office for a charge of $3.00/sticker.
Association Officer Positions Open
Seeking a recording secretary and a vice president for the Board of Directors.
Please send a letter of interest with your background information to the Lake
Wildwood Office.
Load Limits Lifted
Load limits have been lifted.
Around the Lake 8-11
Bulletin Board 19
Important information regarding Asian Carp and our Lakes located on page
8. Please read!
The photo contest is back! See the top of page 18 for more information about
the contest and how to enter.
Sunbeam Committee Position
The Sunbeam committee is looking to add one or two more members to the
team. Please contact the Lake Wildwood Office if interested in the position.
Environmental Control Committee Position
The E.C.C. is looking to add one more individuals to the committee. Please
contact the Lake Wildwood Office if interested in the position.
Classified Ads 14-18
Committee Corner 5
Letters to the Editor 12
Contact Information
When sending an email, please put ‘Lake Wildwood’ in the
subject area as some will not open emails if they do not know
the sender or recognize the subject matter.
General Manager
Joan Boyer - (309) 463-2047, Ext. 1
[email protected]
JUNE 09, 2012
Board of Directors Agenda
Regular Meeting June 9, 2012
9:00 A.M.
Lake Wildwood Lodge
Vice President
Position Currently Open
Position Currently Open
Joseph Rutgens - (815) 663-5450
[email protected]
James Durham
[email protected]
Tammie Durham - (309) 463-2660
[email protected]
Sue McGrath - (309) 463-2270
[email protected]
Dorcas McMillan - (309) 463-2290
[email protected]
Keith Williams - (847) 669-4811
[email protected]
Campground Chairperson
Dave Gilgenberg - (708) 598-0117
[email protected]
Common Properties & Amenities Chairperson
Verlin Egly - (309) 463-2716
[email protected]
Community Relations Chairperson
Joe Donnelly
[email protected]
Environmental Control Chairperson
Ed Andrews - (309) 463-2186
[email protected]
Finance & Administration Chairperson
Tom Kossler - (309) 463-2898
[email protected]
Lakes & Dams Chairperson
Brad Lindstrom - (815) 257-1234
[email protected]
Natural Resources Chairperson
Trinidad Garza
[email protected]
Recreation Chairperson
Opal Kempf - (309) 463-2338
Sunbeam Chairperson
Jackie Zohfeld - (815) 993-5445
[email protected]
Welcome Chairperson
Gwen Wassilak - (309) 463-2645
Sunbeam Advertising & Design
Justin Pattelli - Lake Wildwood Office
[email protected]
USPS 986-200
Periodical postage paid at Varna, IL & additional mailing offices. $2.00/year for members. $30.00/year for non-members.
The Lake Wildwood Sunbeam shall serve as the official source
of information and communication; to all its members including notice of meetings, rules, by-law changes, Board and Committee actions and any other pertinent subject matter related to
functions and responsibilities of Lake Wildwood Association.
Postmaster send changes of address forms to:
Lake Wildwood Association, Inc.
1000 Lake Wildwood Drive
Varna, Illinois 61375-9323
Written communication for board consideration
must be submitted to the Association office no later than the 1st of the month to be included in the
board packet for the current months board meeting.
Board of Directors
Bob Hamilton - (309) 463-2490
[email protected]
Sunbeam Publication
Board Notice
I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Roll Call
III. Communications from the Floor
A. Art Catrambone to address Board regarding
new swimming pool and adding other amenities
IV. Approval of the Agenda
V. Approval of Minutes
A. Minutes of May 5, 2012 Regular Board Meeting
B. Minutes of May 22, 2012 Special Board
VI. Financial Reports
A. May 2012
1. Expenditures over $100
2. Budget vs. Actual - Operations
3. Budget vs. Actual - Capital Improvement
4. Budget vs. Actual - Replacement Reserve
5. Balance Sheet - Cash Basis
6. Balance Sheet - Accrual Basis
7. Profit & Loss By Class
B. Past Due Collection Report-End of April
C. Delinquent Account Write-Off Policy: Comptroller’s request to consider adoption
D. Tom Kossler, Finance Chairperson, Discuss
budget guidance with the Board
VII. Communications
A. Lot #830 - Request from Owner to quick
claim lot
B. Lot #22 - Request for refund on lodge rental
C. Lot #249
VIII. General Manager’s Report
A. Road Reconstruction Contract Award Consideration
B. Lake Wildwood Road Reconstruction at Inlet
C. Refuse Contract Extension Consideration—
LaRose Disposal
D. Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program
Opt Out Consideration
E. Goose Round-Up
IX. Requests for Officer and/or Committee Appointments/ Resignations
X. Committee Reports
A. Lake & Dams Committee Minutes - April
1. Committee request - Ian McMillan
B. Recreation Committee Minutes - May
C. Finance Committee - May
D. Sunbeam Committee - May
E. Common Property & Amenities Committee May 17
F. Environmental Control Committee - May
XI. Unfinished Business
A. Car Decal Fees
XII. New Business
A. Lot mowing date to begin
B. Sunbeam Request
XIII. Other Reports
A. Security Report
1. April
2. May
B. Lot Activity Report
C. Maintenance Report
1. April
2. May
XIV. Board Members Items
XV. Communications from the Floor
XVI. Executive Session
XVII. Return to Open Session
July Board Meeting
Saturday, July 14th
9:00a.m. in the Lodge
II. Roll Call
Director President Rutgens, Director Durham, Director McMillan, Director McGrath. Also present:
General Manager Joan Boyer and Board Liaison
Bob Hamilton. Director Williams was absent due
to a family vacation.
Members present: John Coles, lot 510; Marcie Myers, lot 249; Verlin Egly, lot 2; Wayne Parise, lot
1372; Pam Cimei, lot 297; Rick and Sharon Houk,
lot 1407; Art Catrambone, lot 97; Scott and Nancy
Bucalo, lot 945; Ted Bostrom, lot 1101-2; Ian McMillan, lot 1418; James Robertson, lot 798; Debbie Catrambone, lot 1079, Dave E. Gilgenberg, lot
III. Communication from the floor
Art Catrambone lot 97 presented information about
cost or construction of a new swimming pool that
could be outdoors or enclosed.
Rick Houk lot 1407 questioned the dredging procedure as for it making a difference or an act in
Ian McMillan lot 1418 gave an explanation about
silt removal.
Dorcas McMillan lot 1418 asked the manager for
an explanation of “what turning over the lake” really means.
Sharon Houk lot 1407 asked three questions: 1.
why not have an open gate for a garage sale. 2.
saw a boat being pulled by a truck with an amenity
pass. 3. guest fees.
James Robertson lot 798 said he was against the
car decal fee and the Association office should be
opened on Saturdays year round.
IV. Approval of the agenda
Director McGrath moved to approve the agenda as
adjusted. Seconded by Director Durham - Motion
passed by unanimous consent without objection.
V. Approval of Minutes
Director McGrath moved to approve the minutes
of May 5, 2012 with a correction being made of
the spelling of Gilgenberg. Seconded by Director
McMillan. Roll call vote: Director Durham, yes;
Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes.
Motion passed.
Director McMillan moved to approve the minutes
of the May 22, 2012 Special Board Meeting after
the “a” is removed between “Bob Hamilton” and
“Board Liaison”. Director Durham seconded the
motion. Motion passed by a voice vote.
VI. Financial Reports
A. Director McMillan moved to approve the financial report as presented. Seconded by Director Durham. Roll call vote: Director Durham, yes;
Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes;
Director Rutgens, yes. Motion passed.
C. Delinquent Account Write-Off Policy
Director McMillan moved that we approve the
delinquent account write-off policy as presented
except the statement “Note: Any write off of $200
less only requires LWA General Manager approval” be stricken. After Director McGrath withdrew
her second: Director McMillan tabled the motion
so the Finance Committee could discuss the policy
and ask it be placed on the July meeting agenda.
Minutes of the June 9, 2012 Board Meeting
VII. Communications
A. Director Durham moved to accept lot 830 in lieu
of dues owed with the owner providing title insurance and warranty deed to the Association. Director McMillan seconded the motion. Roll call vote:
Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens, yes. Motion passed.
B. Director Durham moved to refund $75 to lot
22 for the difference of the lodge rental of 2011 to
2012. Seconded by Director McMillan. Roll call
vote: Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan,
yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens, yes.
Motion passed.
VIII. General Manager’s Report
A. Road Construction Contract
Director McGrath moved to hire Pavement Maintenance company to complete the road reconstruction of Tanglewood Drive at A Basin and Lake
Wildwood Drive corner before the inlet. Then use
the rest of the road budget money to fix the South
inlet that was destroyed by the flooding. Seconded by Director McMillan. Roll call vote: Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens, yes. Motion
B. Lake Wildwood Road Reconstruction at the Inlet
Director Durham moved to approve emergency
repair of the inlet road by River City Septic and
Excavating with assistance of our maintenance
department not to exceed $20,000. Roll call vote:
Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan, yes; Director Rutgens, yes; Director McGrath, no. Motion
C. Refuse Contract Extension-LaRose Disposal
Director McMillan moved to accept the LaRose
Disposal bid for refuse contract as presented. Director Durham seconded the motion. Roll call vote:
Director Durham, yes, Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens, yes. Motion passed.
D. Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program
Director McMillan moved that Lake Wildwood
Association Opt-Out of the Municipal Electricity
Aggregation Program. Seconded by Director Durham. Roll call vote: Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens, yes. Motion passed.
X. Committee Reports
Director Durham moved to accept the Committee
reports for information. Director McGrath seconded the motion. Motion passed by unanimous consent without objection.
The Lakes and Dams Committee requested that
any inlet road repair not compromise the committee’s plans related to the Shaw Creek silt removal
XI. Unfinished Business
A. Car Decal Fee
Director McMillan moved that amenity passes are
to be for 3 days only and if desired longer a renewal must be made at the gate. Director Durham
seconded the motion. Roll call vote for the Board
Policy: Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan,
yes; Director McGrath, no; Director Rutgens, yes.
Motion passed.
XII. New Business
A. Lot Mowing date to begin
Director McMillan moved to start mowing member’s lots and Association Common property starting June 15th and after. Director McGrath seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Director Durham,
no; Director McMillan, yes; Director McGrath,
yes; Director Rutgens, yes. Motion passed.
B. Sunbeam Request
Director Durham moved to allocate $500 of the
Sunbeam budget to fund a Photo Contest for 2012.
Director McMillan seconded the motion: Roll call
vote: Director Durham, yes; Director McMillan,
yes; Director McGrath, yes; Director Rutgens,
yes. Motion passed.
XIII. Security, Lot Activity and Maintenance
Director McMillan moved to accept the security,
maintenance and lot activity reports as information.
Director Durham seconded the motion. Motion accepted by unanimous consent without objection.
XV. Communication from the floor
Dave Gilgenberg lot 353: suggested the Board give
the members the knowledge of why money is needed and for what. He asked about the rumor of the
under pass.
Marcie Myers lot 249: Questioned why money was
shifted around within the Sunbeam budget in order
to allow the Photo Contest.
Scott Bucalo lot 945: Suggested fees for all activities be charged.
Motion by Director McGrath to adjourn to executive session to discuss personnel. Seconded by Director McMillan. 12:16 PM
At 2:15 p.m. the Board returned to open session.
There being no further action Director Durham
moved to adjourn the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Sue McGrath - Secretary
Special Meeting Agenda
MAY 22, 2012
Board of Director Agenda
Special Meeting
May 22, 2012 - 4:00 P.M.
Lake Wildwood Office
I. Call to order
II. Executive Session
a. Meet with the Association Attorney to Discuss
Legal Matters
b. Personnel
III. Return to Open Session
a. Compliance with the Community Association
Act - Board Composition
IV. Adjourn
I. Call to order:
Present: Chairman Joe Rutgens, Director Dorcas
McMillan, Director Keith Williams, Director Tammie Durham, Director Sue McGrath, President
Bob Hamilton, Attorney Kerry Bartell, Attorney
Ian McMillan and General Manager Joan Boyer.
II. Executive Session:
Director McGrath moved to meet in executive session with Association attorneys to discuss legal
matters and personnel. Seconded by Director Williams. Roll call vote: Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, Rutgens and McGrath all voted yes.
III. Return to Open Session:
At 5:40 p.m. Director Durham moved to return to
open session to take action on matters discussed
in executive session and to discuss the topic of
compliance with the Common Interest Community
Association Act. Seconded by Director McMillan.
Roll call vote: Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, Rutgens and McGrath all voted yes.
Director Williams moved to dismiss Ed Andrews
from the ECC committee. Seconded by Director
Durham. Roll call vote: Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, Rutgens all voted yes. Director
McGrath voted no. Motion passed.
Director Durham moved to direct the ECC to
follow and uphold only the Covenants and Restrictions contained in the Declaration of the Restrictive
Covenants and By-Laws of Lake Wildwood as the
basis of the approval or denial of building permits.
Seconded by Director McMillan. Roll call vote:
Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, McGrath
and Rutgens all voted yes.
Director McMillan moved to discontinue the services of Rolland Clevenger as building observer
and send a letter of appreciation for his past services. Seconded by Director Williams. Roll call vote:
Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, McGrath
and Rutgens all voted yes.
Director Williams moved to appoint Joan Boyer
as a temporary member of the ECC. Seconded by
Director Durham. Roll call vote: Director Durham, McMillan, Williams, McGrath and Rutgens
all voted yes.
Director Williams moved to appoint Director Joe
Rutgens, president, Director Dorcas McMillan,
treasurer, and Director Sue McGrath, secretary in
response to the mandate of the CICA Act. Seconded by Director Durham. Roll call vote: Directors
Durham, McMillan, Williams, McGrath and Rutgens all voted yes.
Director Williams moved to appoint Mike Durham
as Association Comptroller. Seconded by Director
Durham. Roll call vote: Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams, McGrath and Rutgens all voted
Director McMillan moved to hire a recording secretary to take minutes at the Association Board
Meetings. Seconded by Director Williams. Roll
call vote: Directors Durham, McMillan, Williams,
McGrath and Rutgens all voted yes.
Director McMillan moved that Bob Hamilton be
appointed as a Board Liaison. Seconded by Director Durham. Roll call vote: Directors Durham,
McMillan, Williams, McGrath, and Rutgens all
voted yes.
IV. Adjourn:
Director Williams moved to adjourn the Board
meeting at 6:45 p.m. Hearing no objection, the
meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted
Secretary, Sue McGrath
General Manager’s Report
JUNE 09, 2012
Bill Shafer provided me with a memo and a set of
drawings and calculations that he had done in 1985
following a similar event. At that time, he provided three options. He proposed a bridge, low water
crossing or rip-rap along both sides of the road. We
discussed each of these options.
1. Low Water Crossing: Because of the amount of
traffic on this road, the blind corner and the hill, this
option would present an extreme safety hazard during a high fast moving water event. Twelve inches
of water crossing over a road surface is enough to
carry a vehicle. In addition, the low water crossing would constantly collect silt and require high
2. Rip-Rap: The road that is currently in place is
well beyond this design option.
3. Bridge: This option is a viable solution. It would
allow for debris to pass under the bridge without
obstruction. It would require the roadway to be
significantly raised for approximately 100-125’
on either side of the inlet. This design will greatly
limit access to the inlet park. Bill estimated the
cost of this project in 1985 money to be $120,000.
In 2012 money, the cost would exceed $300,000
and is therefore probably cost prohibitive.
Cliff Perry, Chris and I met to discuss reconstructing the roadway as it is now designed. If Lake Wildwood partnered with River City on this project, we
are estimated the cost to be approximately $17,000.
The current culverts would remain in place. Interlocking rock would be compacted around the culverts and approximately 3-4” of hot asphalt would
be used for the surface. The roadway would be
much as it was prior to the event. The small road
into the Inlet Park would also be replaced. Lakes
and Dams discussed reconstruction of the roadway
relative to additional work on Shaw Creek. The
Committee is in agreement that major redesign of
the roadway should wait until final design on silt
removal projects for Shaw Creek are complete so
that the designs cooperative to remove silt.
GARBAGE CONTRACT: The current contract
with LaRose Disposal will be up at the end of September. He is asking for a $.25 raise in 2013 and
another $.25 in 2014 for residential pickup only.
I would recommend that the Board approve extending this contract with the requested increase.
This is a very competitive rate for small rural haulers and comparable to rates in LaSalle and Peru.
Larger solid waste haulers use much larger trucks.
Lake Wildwood roads are not constructed to carry
the weight of the large trucks or to handle the dual
dropdown axles that slide around the corners. He
has been cooperative and dependable. I have only
received one complaint of missed garbage during
the past 15 months.
JERSEY BARRIERS: I purchased the seven barriers and had the crew place them at the inlet for
safety reasons prior to the Memorial Day Weekend.
If someone had gone off the road into one of the
holes, the liability to the Association would have
been tremendous since we were aware of the hazard. The cost was approximately $425.
CONCESSION STAND UPDATE: I am receiving many compliments on the food and employees
at the concession stand. People are very pleased
that they are open consistently and in the early
morning for people fishing. The gross income for
the concession stand Friday through Monday was
approximately $2,900.
to replace the electronic key component for the
pumps 3 times over the weekend. Apparently, people are not reading the paper or the big sign on the
pump with an old key taped to it that says not to
use the old key. They are jamming their old keys
in the slot and ruining the electronics. The cost of
a replacement electronic component is $283 each
time it is replaced.
Maintenance Report
MAY 2012
• Several days spent cleaning up from the flood.
• Painted the shallow end of the pool.
• Installed chlorinator at the pool & filled the pool.
• Cleared weeds & DR spots at the dam.
• DR & cleared weeds at the lodge.
• Replaced starter on the squad car.
• Put up large, 'No Wake' sign after the flood.
• Installed a new mailbox post at the Office.
• Repaired Beach II women's toilet.
• Cleaned the drain boxes at the Pavilion.
• Ordered and installed new valve at mens campground showers.
• Installed shade tops on stands at the campground.
• Changed oil in the hopper.
• Put swim ropes and buoys in.
• Mowed road sides for holiday.
• Straightened hydrant at the campground.
• Made up concrete weights.
• Replaced hose valve at the pool.
• Replaced two posts and signs in the storage lot.
• Put up volleyball nets.
• Hooked up Beach I fountain and shower.
• Cleaned deck at the marina.
• Put one section of risers on silt pond.
• Installed 'one-way' signs at Beach II road.
• Hauled sand to beaches and leveled it (big thanks
to Cliff Perry/River City).
• Checked gas pump at Marina to ensure it was
• Replaced gas key reader at the Marina pump.
• Mowed Tanglewood dam.
• Swept Marina walkway.
• New tires installed on the squad car.
• Cut tree limbs on Fairhaven.
• Cut brush around street signs.
• Put up flags at the gate & removed after holiday.
• Had sewer line at fish cleaning station repaired.
• Seeded area at fish station.
• Cleaned all grills and fire pits.
• Cut up the downed tree limbs on Sunflower Drive.
• Washed trucks inside and out & washed hopper.
• Cut branches from tree on corner of LWW drive
and Westover.
• Put the snowplows away.
• Cleaned Beach I and Beach II.
• Planted bushes on curve at the inlet.
• Moved pool furniture out to the patio.
• Repaired shower room walls at the pool.
• Repaired cleat on rental slips.
Security Report
MAY 2012
Guest Amenity Pass/Cards Authorized
Amenity Pass Phone-Ins
Amenity Passes for Special Events
Guests on Group Lists
Total Amenity Authorizations
Total Guests Headcount
Extended Home Passes in System
Extended Home Passes Used
Call-In Home Passes
Total Home Pass Authorizations
Security Assisted by Outside Agency
Association Property Damage
Personal Property Damage
Formal Member Complaints
Citations Issued
Past Citations Appealed
Past Citations Upheld
Incident Reports Pending
Security Call Outs for Incidents
Real Estate Passes
Expenditures over $100
MAY 2012
Sharon Harmison
Bullis & Sundberg, LLC
Corn Belt Energy Corporation
Elizabeth A. Beck - Attorney at Law
Hare Excavating, LLC
Heusuk, Rudolf
Hotsy Equipment
HSBC Business Solutions
John Deere Financial
Kohn's Electrical Service
Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit, P.C.
Lake Wildwood Utilities Co.
Lime Lite Fire Safety
Lisa Griggs - Kid's Fishing Derby
Marshall County Collector
Midwest Material Company
Pitney Bowes
Read Bros.
Rivery City Septic
Sopher, Chris
Stevens Publishing
Sunrise Supply
Toedter Oil Co.
Weide, Chris
Wilcoxson & Associates, LTD
Ramar Supply Corp.
Blonski, Kay - Marina
Blonski, Kay - Marina
Schweppe, Inc.
Blonski, Kay - Marina
Houk, Adrienne
Boyer, Joan
Central Pool Supply Inc.
Centre State International Trucks, Inc.
Coventry Health Care Insurance of IL
Dave Dollinger
Dearborn Life Insurance
Elizabeth A. Beck - Attorney at Law
Hennepin Marine Inc.
LaRose Disposal Service
Lime Life Fire Safety
McGrath Seafood
McMaster - Carr
Midwest Engineering
Sunrise Supply
The Mapping Network
The Yard Butler
Tillman, Violet
Weide, Chris
Credit Card Expense Service Charge
Original Amount
Paid Amount
Finance & Administration
MAY 19, 2012
Sunbeam Committee
MAY 14, 2012
Call to Order: 8:00a.m.
Approved Minutes
Members Present: Chairperson Tom Kossler, Bob
Hamilton, Dick Pollack, Marcie Myers, Joanne Girard, Mike Durham arrive at 8:25a.m.
CALL TO ORDER: 1:12 p.m.
Also Present: General Manager Joan Boyer, Dorcas McMillan Board Liaison.
Approval of agenda by unanimous consent.
Minutes for the April 21, 2012 meeting approved
without objection.
Update from Dorcas McMillan, Board Liaison Association will run the concession stand this year.
It will be the usual fast food/sandwiches, ice cream
and breakfast for the fisherman. Plan for hours is
6a.m - 9p.m., closed Mondays. They will also sell
The Board has formed an Ad-Hoc Committee to
review Board Policy, Standards and Procedures for
all committees.
Covenants may also be reviewed to conform to
new CICA regulations but all non-required changes must go before the owners.
Repair on Association truck should stabilize at
about $18,500.00.
Shaw Creek inlet road needs repair because of
flooding. There are 3 proposals but no decision has
been made on how to repair or cost.
Reviewed April 2012 Financial Reports. Reviewed
Delinquent Collection Report. Need blanket approval from the Board of Directors to add a new
collection policy on larger delinquent amounts.
Our collections have made great progress due to
the efforts of Mike Durham and the policy he developed.
Discussed write-off policy as requested by our accountant. Tom presented a draft for such policy.
Any write-offs will be presented to the Board for
approval and copied to Finance for information.
This Committee Chair will work with the General
Manager to prepare a schedule of variances for the
Board projecting any net increase in the budgeted
loss for the fiscal year.
Next meeting is June 16, 2012 - 4 hour budget to
present a comprehensive plan.
Adjourn by unanimous consent at 9:50a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Joanna Girard
Finance Meeting Schedule
Special Assignment (if any)
April 21st
May 19th
June 16th
July 21st
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th
November 3rd
December 15th
4 hour FY2013 Budget
Annual Meeting
Lot Activity Report
MAY 2012
Deed in Trust - Capron, Mary
Bridge, Jeff & Kathy
Oldenburg, Robert & Cindy
Balicki Jr., Donald
Guthrie, Valorie
ROLL CALL: Chair Jackie Zohfeld, Phyllis Dunagan, Sharon Friedman, Donna Sarna and Terry
Kaveney. Liaison Tammy Durham was also present. Justin Pattelli was absent.
Sharon moved approval of the minutes of April
16th as emailed. Donna seconded. Motion carried.
The May issue was very satisfactory, with no
known errors.
Jackie updated progress on restoring the Photo
Contest. It can be budgeted at total cost of $500.00
with economies we have discussed.
As Justin was unavailable, we went through contents of the Sunbeam folder. Minutes from several
committees are in. There were no letters to the Editor as yet.
Justin prepared four possible cover designs, and we
chose a daisy with dragonfly.
Tammie displayed photos taken of the damaging
recent flood. We chose eight photos that particularly displayed the erosion, machinery needed and
too much water everywhere.
Committee Corner
JULY 2012
Lakes & Dams
Natural Resource
Tuesday, July 10th
Saturday, July 7th
Saturday, July 7th
Monday, July 2nd
Monday, July 16th
Saturday, July 21st
Saturday, July 28th
Saturday, July 28th
Please see the calendar located on the back of this
issue for more information about committee meeting times and locations.
JUNE 05, 2012
Call to Order: 1:05p.m.
Members Present: Chairperson Verlin Egly, John
Coles, Marcie Myers, Joanne Girard.
Also Present: Board Liaison Sue McGrath and
General Manager Joan Boyer.
Minutes of the May 3rd, 2012 meeting approved
without objection.
Discussed seating/tables for inlet (2012 budget
item). Will order two tables with seats and one
bench with hardware and use it at the marina until
inlet is repaired and completed.
The Manager's request for our Budget for 2013
needs further guidance on figures we should use.
Discussed the campground bathroom remodel/
repair requests for the new budget. Total equals
$10,200 as adjusted.
Jackie introduced the subject of a reader survey,
and questions that can be answered Yes and/or No
were chosen. She will write an introduction to the
survey to be in the June paper.
Discussed marina fish cleaning station. The counter needs repair/replacing (total $1,000). Four 6'
picnic tables to replace two 12' tables (total $1,000).
Terry asked consent to adjourn at 1:55 p.m. Donna
seconded. Motion carried.
Discussed bid on siding and options - pavilion and
pump house. $4,000 pump house (includes inside
Monday, June 11, Sunbeam Meeting at 1:00 P.M.
Deadline June 15, 2012.
Monday, July 16, Sunbeam Meeting at 1:00 P.M.
Deadline July 16, 2012.
Monday, August 13, Sunbeam Meeting at 1:00
P.M. Deadline August 15, 2012.
Respectfully submitted, Phyllis Dunagan
MAY 17, 2012
Call to order: 4:20p.m.
Discussed siding - office building - need 12 squares.
$4,200 estimated cost for vinyl.
Discussed pavilion - $6,400 includes security door.
Discussed parking lot expansion - $3,000. Budget
is completed and turned over to General Manager
for submission to the finance committee.
Discussed visiting pools now in operation to get
ideas and costs. Need to have a Committee of the
Whole to submit ideas to members as to pros and
cons and whether or not to proceed with the project.
Members Present: Chairperson Verlin Egly, John
Coles, Marcie Myers. Joanne Girard arrived at
Motion to adjourn at 3:35p.m. without objection.
Also Present: General Manager Joan Boyer.
Respectfully submitted,
Joanne Girard
Next meeting is July 12th at 1:00p.m.
Prioritized 2013 budget list - discussed each item.
Need quote for expanding parking lot (100' x 40')
and what portions can be done by our equipment.
Discussed 6 water shut-offs at campground. Decided it should be in the campground budget.
Next meeting June 7th, 2012 at 1:00p.m. (new
Motion to adjourn by Marcie, 2nd John - all in favor.
Respectfully submitted,
Joanne Girard
Recreation Committee
JUNE 04, 2012
Call to order: 4:30p.m.
Members Present: Opal Kempf (Chairperson), Ken
and Rosemary Wagner, Rochelle Vodilko, Betty
Clevenger, Tammie Durham (Board Liaison).
Members Absent: Adrienne Houk.
Quorum Established.
Motion to approve the minutes from May 7th, 2012
by Ken and 2nd by Rochelle.
policy was deferred until the next meeting.
Review of Spring Dance, rescheduled for July.
The next meeting will be May 19, 2012 at 9:00 AM
at the Lodge.
Fishing Derby (Lisa Griggs host), Fish Fry (Opal
Kempf host), July Parade (Kay Blonski host), July
Dance after the fireworks until 12:30a.m. (Lisa
Griggs host), Pool Party (Lisa Griggs host) and
Garage Sale (Ronette Piazza host).
No Corn Boil this year as of now, host needed for
this event.
Discussed, 'Play Days' if a member wishes to host
this event.
Next meeting is July 9th, 4:30p.m. at the office.
Motion to adjourn at 5:30p.m. by Rochelle, 2nd by
Respectfully submitted,
Rosemary Wagner for Adrienne Houk
Lakes & Dams Committee
APRIL 28, 2012
Meeting date and time: April 28, 2012 at 9:00 AM
Committee members present:
Brad Lindstrom, Chairman
David Dunagan, D.D.S.
Board liaison: none
Grant Goolsby
Chris Martel
Other persons present:
Ian McMillan, J.D.
President Bob Hamilton
General Manager Joan Boyer
Ron Webster
Chairman Brad Lindstrom began the meeting at
9:08 AM with a roll call of the Committee members present. The minutes of the March 31, 2012
meeting were reviewed and amended at the behest
of Mr. Webster who asked that the words “filled
with stone and” be inserted in the first paragraph on
page 2. On his motion, seconded by Dr. Dunagan,
the minutes were accepted as amended.
The Committee engaged in a discussion regarding a potential new member in the event of Mr.
Goolsby’s resignation from the Committee. Peter
H. Mesha, an engineer, has submitted a letter of interest in serving on the Lakes & Dams Committee;
however, Mr. Goolsby announced his intention to
remain on the Committee until a person other than
Mr. Mesha who has indicated an interest in serving
finalizes his intention.
The Committee discussed the sediment map provided by Mapping Network and the best way to
utilize the information on it.
General Manager Boyer provided an update on the
status of the 319 Grant.
Following an extended discussion regarding the
Shaw Creek Project and how it should be approached by the Committee, Mr. Goolsby moved
that Dr. Dunagan should draft a plan for discussion
of the issues and options to enable the Committee
to focus on them. His motion was seconded by Mr.
Martel and passed unanimously. Mr. Goolsby then
moved to reallocate $2,500.00 from the money allocated for dredging to be used, instead, to revise
the 319 Grant application. The motion was seconded by Mr. Webster and passed unanimously.
Ms. Boyer reported that the dam inspectors commented that the inspection was the best inspection
Lake Wildwood dam has had. The inspectors recommended that the catch basin at Lake Tanglewood be drained to determine if any repairs or corrections are required.
The matter of the request from the Board of Directors that the Committee review the lake draw down
Motion to adjourn by Dr. Dunagan, seconded by
Mr. Webster, passed unanimously and the meeting
adjourned at 11:28 AM.
Dated May 15, 2012
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Ian McMillan
Ian McMillan
Campground Committee
MAY 26, 2012
CALL TO ORDER: 10:05 am
PRESENT: Chairperson David Gilgenberg, Nancy
Bucalo, Pat Minner, Linda Ramlot, Ken Herout,
and Kristene Hiepler-Hartwig.
ABSENT: Ray Pijanowski.
ALSO PRESENT: Scott Bucalo, Chuck & Cindy
Hesser, Jim Hiepler-Hartwig, Ted Bostrom, Jim
Hiepler-Hartwig, Bill & Peggy Keyser, and Marty
Pat Minner motioned to approve the April 14th
meeting minutes as printed. Ken Herout seconded
and all were in favor.
Reminded everyone that fires need to be burned in
fire rings and to leave the rings in the spot they are
placed. More fire rings should be coming. Grass
needs to be kept less than 6 inches or tickets will
be issued. Camper decals need to be placed on the
driver’s side of the camper.
Discussed and finalized campground budget for
2013 since it was due in to the office by June 10 to
be submitted to the finance committee by their June
16th meeting. We put in a request for 1 bag of blue
rubber mulch for playground to replace what gets
kicked out. Money was added to our maintenance
budget to cover the cost for six spigots. In addition,
we put in to replace the counter tops and sinks in
both the men’s and women’s side of the bathhouse
not including the two winter rooms.
NEXT MEETING: Sat. June 16th at 10 am.
ADJOURNMENT: Motioned to adjourn at 12:20
a.m. by Kristene Hiepler-Hartwig, seconded by
Linda Ramlot – motion carried.
Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Bucalo
Community Relations Committee
NOVEMBER 5, 2011
The Community Relations Committee met Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. in the Arrowhead Lodge of Lake Wildwood. Those present
were: Joe Donnelly, chair; members Opal Kempf,
Bridget Baker and Sherin Bayler; board liason Joe
Consideration of Rule passed by the Board of Directors on July 21, 2011 - Board policy H.3. "No
campsite may be set up after 10:00 p.m. quiet hour
beginning September 1, 20ll." It is the consensus
of the CRC that the rule under I.1.(i). which reads
"Quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. and end at 8:00
a.m." be used to enforce uninterrupted quiet hours
at the campground. The fines for breaking quiet
hours were changed from: First Offense - Class I;
Second Offense - Class II to: First Offense - Class
II; Second Offense - Class III; Third Offense - Removal from campground amenities. Motion amenSUNBEAM | JULY 2012
ded to read "Removal from campground amenities
for up to one full year." Motion by Sherin Bayler,
second by Opal Kempf. All in favor. Motion carried.
Discussion of grass cutting at the campground
ended with consensus that campground police their
own lots and arrange for mowing with charge to
be borne by campsite occupier. Mr. Rutgens is to
speak to campground committee and to manager to
work out the details.
Also discussed was the need to charge a fee for
primitive camping. This could be discussed by the
campground committee, the finance committee and
any other interested parties.
The Committee had been directed by the Board
of Directors of Lake Wildwood to "examine the
rules and make recommendations for tightening
the fee structure in general as well as adapting the
fine on individual rules where the penalty is not
appropriate for the transgression." Discussion of
fee structure revision ensued. Class I has been a
warning with a $10 fine for repeat infraction. This
was changed to: Class I with a $20 fine for repeat
infraction. Class II has been a minimum fine of
$20 with fine doubled for repeat infraction. This
was changed to: Class II minimum of $30 with fine
doubled for repeat infraction. Class III has been a
fine of $50 with fine doubled for repeat infraction.
This was changed to: Class III $100 doubled for
repeat infraction and possible restriction of privileges. Motion by Bridget Baker, second by Opal
Kempf. Motion carried.
Rule B. 1. (a) {Misuse of backgate key card} First
Offense - Class III; Second Offense - loss of key
card for 1 year plus $50 fine. Change was made to:
Second Offense - Class III and loss of key card for
1 year. Motion by Opal Kempf, second by Sherin
Bayler. Motion carried.
Rule B. 1. (g) {Host member on premises on weekends and holidays when guests using amenities.}
Statement only. Change was made to: Class II and
guest removal from amenities. Motion by Sherin
Bayler, second by Bridget Baker. Motion carried.
Discussion held on B. 6. {Solicitation}. No action
Rule C. 6. (a) {vehicles operated on Association
property by licensed drivers only}. Statement only.
Changed to Class III. Motion by Bridget Baker,
second by Sherin Bayler. Motion carried.
Rule C. 6. (e) {license plates and lot numbers}
Statement only. Changed to Class I, Class II. Motion by Opal Kempf, second by Bridget Baker. Motion carried.
Rule C. 6. (g) {Number of persons on vehicles}"No
more than one person is permitted on a vehicle unless the vehicle manufacturer provides a second set
of foot pegs." Changed to Number of occupants
shall not exceed vehicle's manufacturer's recommendation. Motion by Sherin Bayler, seconded by
Bridget Baker. Motion carried.
Rule C. 7. (c) {Snowbile stickers} "Each Snowmobile... shall be given a Lake Wildwood registration sticker. The sticker shall be placed... Class I."
Changed to: "must display"...Class II." Motion by
Sherin Bayler, second by Opal Kempf. Motion carried.
Rule D. 3. (e) {Notify office of party of 25 or more
on Beaches Class I} Changed to: second offense
Class II. Motion by Bridget Baker, second by Opal
Kempf. Motion carried.
Rule D. 3. (g) {Dogs in designated areas only and
tethered at all times Class I} Changed to: Class II.
Motion of Opal Kempf, second by Bridget Baker.
Motion carried.
Rule D. 3. {Beach Areas} Addition of (h). No
grills permitted on sandy area of either Association
Beach. Class II. Motion by Bridget Baker, second
by Sherin Bayler. Motion carried.
Rule E. 2. (c) "shall be given" changed to "shall
display". Motion by Sherin Bayler, second by Opal
Kempf. Motion carried.
Rule I. 1. (g){decibels} Add: Second offense Class
II. Motion by Bridget Baker, second by Sherin
Bayler. Motion carried.
Question was raised concerning Rule I. 1. (p) {No
wooden decks}. Explanation given that the wooden structures at the campground are not considered
decks, but are actually platforms which are moveable and needed because of standing water and
mud in the areas.
Rule I. 3. (g) and (h) {Member present} {three
units}. It is recommended that the Campground
committee review these two rules and regulations
and inform this committee if additional action is
Rule J. 4.{items outside stored unit} Class I.
Changed to: Class I, Second Offense Class II. Motion by Sherin Bayler, second Bridget Baker. Motion carried.
Rule K. 1. (a) {littering} Changed to: Littering is
strictly prohibited with the development. Class II,
second Offense Class III. Polluting removed from
K.1. (a) to form K. 1. (f) Polluting is strictly prohibited within the development. Class III, Second
Offense $500. Motion by Bridget Baker, second by
Opal Kempf. Motion carried.
Rule K. 1. (e) {disposal of refuse in association
owned receptacles} Added "unless fee paid at office or guardhouse."
Discussion was held concerning associate members.
Annual meeting was to commence at Arrowhead
Lodge at 1:00. Community Relations Committee
adjourned at 12:20 p.m. by general agreement.
Respectfully submitted,
Sherin Bayler
Community Relations Committee
JUNE 09, 2012
The Community Relations Committee met in the
office meeting room at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday June
9, 2012. Those present were: Chairperson, Joe
Donnelly; members: Bridget Baker, Sherin Bayler
and Opal Kempf. Laison board member, Joe Rutgens arrived following Board of Directors' meeting
held at the Arrowhead Clubhouse.
The Committee discussed items before them and
decided to resubmit the minutes from their November 5, 2011 meeting which had not been published
or acted upon. Our consensus was that the work
done that day should be acknowledged and implemented before further action could be required.
On motion by Opal, second by Bridget, all in favor,
said meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Sherin Bayler
Lake Wildwood Lots for Sale
Lake Wildwood is accepting bids on the following
64 Lake Wildwood Drive
1171 Deer Valley Drive
1018 Hidden Valley Drive
Community Relations Committee
The Community Relations Committee, at the request of the Board of Directors, is suggesting the following
Redbook rules changes which will be discussed and possibly voted on at the August, 2012 Board meeting.
The first portion of that meeting will be reserved for input from the members concerning these suggested
changes. Please contact your Board members via email, letter or phone if you have questions or comments,
and plan to attend the hearing portion of the meeting.
Proposed Amendment: 1. (a) paragraph 2 Only members who have paid the required fee and have been issued a key card from the LWS Office may use the Southwest Gate providing they follow Southwest Access
application rules and their vehicle displays a valid decal or previous authorization to exit/enter has been
granted by Security personnel under special circumstances or special permission by the Board of Directors.
First offense – Class III and loss of key card for 1 year.
Proposed Amendment: 1(g) - To avoid overcrowding of the Association amenities, guest use of amenities
on weekends and holidays is permitted only if the host member is on the premises of LWA. Class II offense
and guest removed from amenities.
Proposed Amendment: 6. (a) These vehicles shall be operated by licensed drivers only – Class III.
Proposed Amendment: 6 (e) All vehicles in this category not bearing State license plates must display on
both sides of the vehicle the owner’s lot numbers in at least 3” high digits. First offense – Class I; Second
offense – Class II.
Proposed Amendment: 6. (g) Number of occupants shall not exceed vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendation. First offense – Class I; Second offense – Class II.
Proposed Amendment: 7. (c) Each snowmobile registered with the Association Office shall be given a Lake
Wildwood registration sticker. The sticker must be displayed on the cowling. Class I.
Proposed Amendment: 3. (e) If a member(s) wishes to use any LWA beach for a party of 25 or more, the
members(s) must notify the Office in advance. First offense - Class I; Second offense – Class II.
Proposed Amendment: Dogs are permitted in designated areas only and shall be tethered at all times. Class
Add: 3. (h) No grills permitted on sandy area of either Association Beach. Class II.
Proposed Amendment: Each watercraft registered with the Association Office in accordance with Section
E.2 (b) shall display a Lake Wildwood Recreational Vehicle Decal and shall be assigned a Lake Wildwood
registration number. The LWA RV decal … Class II.
Proposed Amendment: The use of electronic sound devices, portable generators, or any creation of disturbances (above 70 db. within 35’ of adjacent campsite) is prohibited. First offense - Class I; Second offense
– Class II.
Proposed Amendment: Incorporated into and enforced through Rules and Regulations I.1. (i) “Quiet hours
begin at 10:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 a.m. First offense – Class I; Second offense – Class II.” As amended:
Quiet hours begin at 10:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 a.m. First Offense – Class II; Second Offense – Class III;
Third Offense – Removal from campground amenities for up to one full year.
Proposed Amendment: When unit is in storage, items may not be stored outside a unit. First offense – Class
I; Second offense – Class II.
Proposed Amendment: Littering is strictly prohibited within the Development. First offense – Class II;
Second offense – Class III.
Proposed Add: 1. (f) Polluting is strictly prohibited within the development. First offense – Class III; Second offense - $500.
Proposed Amendment: No owner of any numbered lot in the Development (nor guest/contractor) shall be
permitted to deposit garbage, trash or other like household refuse in any Association owned or sponsored
receptacle unless fee paid at office or guardhouse. First offense – Class II; Second offense – Class III
Proposed Amendment: 3. Citations will be issued according to the following schedule:
Class I:
A warning will be issued. If the violation is corrected immediately, no further action will be taken. If a
citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month period, a $20 fine will be issued for each occurrence or 24-hour period the violation exists.
Class II:
A Minimum fine of $30 will be issued. If a citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month
period, the fine will be doubled from the prior amount issued.
Class III:
A fine of $100 will be issued and possible restriction of privileges. If a citation is issued for the same violation within a twelve-month period, the fine will be doubled from the prior amount issued.
Unless otherwise specified herein, violations will be treated as follows for purposes of citations: First offense – Class I; Second offense – Class II, Third offense – Class III.
The Lake Wildwood Dredge
What is the most expensive piece of machinery owned by Lake Wildwood Association? It cost $272,000 when purchased in 2002 and costs $400 a day to
run. If you answered, "the dredge" you are correct!
It was a bright and sunny morning with a soft breeze from the southeast as I
boarded the Lake Wildwood work barge with operator Tommy Nerad. I was
going to spend a few hours with him on the dredge working at the south end of
the lake.
As we approached the barge Tommy first inspected the lines where there had
been a problem the day before, leading up to the 52 acre site in the eastern edge
of Lake WIldwood property. The line is 3000 feet in length. Everything was in
order and then we boarded the dredge and Tommy inspected the fluid levels and
greased the fittings before starting the dredge's motor. The motor was humming
smoothly while Tommy raised the boom at the front of the dredge. At the end of
the boom there is a cutter basket which is the business end of the dredge. This
is where the silt is sucked into the pipe where it will be pumped into the holding area at the 52 acre site. Everything looked good and the boom was lowered
back into the water and the dredging began.
For the first 20 minutes water only is pumped to make sure there are no obstructions in the pipe. The dredge has three pylons on it which look like smoke stacks.
These pylons are raised and lowered by cables driven by hydrolytic pressure.
The hydrolytic oil incidentally is a special biocompatible oil used for lakes,
however, it comes at a cost of $80 a gallon. The pylon's purpose is to anchor the
dredge while dredging and for steering. To turn the dredge 180 degrees one of
the two front pylons is anchored to the lake bottom and the dredge then pivots
around that pylon. It takes five such maneuvers to complete a 180 degree turn.
The dashboard in the dredge's cabin has a screen monitor and several gauges.
The monitor gives the status of the machinery at all times of operation. There
are three main gauges. The larger gauge shows the pressure pushing the silt
through the lines. The other gauges show the status of the boom and the composition of the silt moving through the basket.
Tommy sits in a seat with finger controls which operate the dredge's boom and
movement of the dredge.
With a wind from the SE pushing the dredge adjustments had to be made occasionally to stay on course. I asked Tommy what he used for course direction.
He pointed to a birdhouse on a pole in the distant shore ahead of us. I asked him
about the new GPS equipment that will soon be installed. He said it would be
a big improvement with the GPS making dredging more efficient at its task and
that will mean money in the bank for the Association.
One last thing, as you dip your toe into the lake this summer and shiver at the
cold water, remember our maintenance crew who have to enter the frigid water
in late March and April to set up the lines for the dredge. They deserve our appreciation and thanks for keeping our lake beautiful.
Submitted by Dave Dunagan.
Above: Images of the dredge, controls and operator Tommy.
A Bit About the Fish
Bighead, silver, and grass carp are known to be well-established in the Mississippi River basin (including tributaries) of the United States, where they at
times reach extremely high abundances, especially in the case of the bighead
and silver carp. Bighead, silver, and grass carp have been captured in that watershed from Louisiana to South Dakota, Minnesota, and Ohio. Grass carp are also
established in at least one other watershed, in Texas, and may be established
These fish are thought to be highly detrimental to the environment in parts
of the United States. Because of these concerns, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service convened stakeholders to develop a national plan for the management
and control of invasive Asian carp (referring to bighead, silver, black and grass
carp). The plan was accepted by the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Task
Force in the fall of 2007.
Information from: Asian Carp Working Group, Aquatic Nuisance Species Task
Force (April 2006).
Any and all carp caught should be exterminated!
It is vital these fish remain OUT of our lakes.
Please remember it is a violation of state statute to take fish from one body of
water and place it in a different body of water. For more information, visit:
Olé, what a wonderful time at the Spring Fiesta! We had some obstacles this
year as graduation and other events created a lower attendance, but we hope this
was a one time occurrence. All who attended reported having a wonderful time
and are looking forward to the next dance. We had both brand new and returning members attend this year. Thank you all for coming and supporting this
Lake Wildwood activity. The work and the time spent to ensure a fun evening
make it all worth it when members come out and support an event. We look
forward to seeing you all next year.
The taco bar, chips and salsa and nachos and cheese were a big hit. Everyone
stated that they loved the food which was donated by our dance committee.
One guest noted that they would like to do the same at their house to, "change
things up."
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the dance committee for their
relentless effort, time and gas in collecting over $1,000.00 in donations for the
raffle and door prizes. These ladies truly went the extra mile to assure all had
fun and went home with something. It is efforts such as these that truly complete the event.
The committee would also like to extend their appreciation to all of those businesses who made donations to the dance. As you can see from the picture,
there were many businesses from around the area that helped make this happen.
Please make sure to stop by and visit some of them!
Winners of the T.V. and the $100.00 lottery piñata was lot 1505. Winner of the
zero gravity lounge chair was lot 189 and all who attended went home with
Congratulations to all!
I would like to thank the dance committee, Kay Blonski, Sandy Matthies, Donna Sarna, Joanne Slepicka, and Jackie Zohfeld for all of their time and efforts to
assure all had a wonderful evening. They are the best and looking forward to
next year with new ideas and fun planned.
Looking to next year, watch for details in the Spring.
Adrienne Houk - Host
Creel Limits (2012)
Beach & Pool Hours
Type of Fish
Beach Hours
Monday - Friday
11:00a.m. to 7:00p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
10:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.
Minimum Size Daily Limit
Largemouth Bass
Smallmouth Bass
White Bass
Channel Catfish
Hybrid Stripped Bass
Northern Pike
General guidelines for our membership to preserve, protect and enhance our fisheries.
• Bait - only use minnows which have been purchased from a reputable bait shop.
• Bait - never put any unused minnows back into
the lake.
• Bait - never use any minnows which have been
netted from any body of water on the LWW lakes
as you could be introducing unwanted and dangerous species of fish into the lake.
• Power wash the underside of your boat and motor
anytime you have used it on an outside body of water before returning to the lake to be sure that you
are not introducing any unwanted fish or vegetation
into the lake.
• Do not introduce any vegetation or fish from any
body of water into either of our lakes. Both lakes
are balanced ecosystems and you can cause great
harm to the lakes. Do not take fish from either Tanglewood or Wildwood and put them in the other
lakes as well.
• Become familiar with the creel limits as well as
how to identify each species of fish. The creel limits are listed above.
• Remove any carp caught on either lake no matter
what size. They can produce more than one million
eggs and can cause severe problems on our lakes.
Bass Tournament Schedule
All tournaments will be held on Saturday. Please
be at the Marina 30 minutes before the start time.
July 28th
Aug. 18th
Sept. 29th
Oct. 13th
Oct. 20th
5:00 a.m.
5:20 a.m.
6:00 a.m.
Start Time
5:30 a.m.
5:50 a.m.
6:30 a.m.
End Time
12:30 p.m.
12:50 p.m.
1:30 p.m.
Entry fees will be $50 per boat. If interested in
fishing, please contact Jim LaBee at 630-632-8053
or email at [email protected]ail.com.
The April bass tournament had a great turn out, 9
teams showed up to fish and what a beautiful morning it was. Here are the results:
1st Place: Trinidad Garza and Tom Dravicski 15.08
pounds. A very nice bag guys.
2nd place: Chip and Matt Webster 10.97 pounds
3rd place: Kirk and Mark Melody 10.67 pounds
Big Bass
Smallmouth: Trinidad Garza and Tom Dravicski 4.20
LargeMouth: Tom and John Philips, 6.60 pounds.
Awesome fish Tom and John.
Congratulations all. It was a great Tournament.
The May tournament had 8 Teams participate, the
weather was great for fishing and it showed with the
fish caught.
1st place: Chip and Matt Webster, 14.52 pounds
2nd Place: Jim and Tyler LaBee, 11.01 pounds. Tyler
finished the tournament by himself and did an incredible job, excellent job Son.
3rd place: Trinidad Garza and Tom Dravicski, 10.01
Big Bass
Smallmouth: Nathan Long and A.J. Klein, 3.33
Largemouth: Chip and Matt Webster, 4.73 pounds.
What a great day. Everybody caught fish and did very
well. Excellent job guys.
Swimming Pool Hours
Monday - Friday
12:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
11:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.
Beach Regulations
1. The beach water is not suitable for drinking.
2. Admission to the beach may be refused to all
persons having any contagious disease, infectious
conditions such as colds, fever, ringworm, foot infections, skin lesions, carbuncles, boils, diarrhea,
vomiting, inflamed eyes, ear discharges or any
other condition which has the appearance of being
infectious. Persons with excessive sunburn, abrasions which have not healed, corn plasters, bunion
pads, adhesive tape, rubber bandages or other bandages of any kind may also be refused admittance.
A person under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior shall not be permitted in the
beach area.
3. Littering is prohibited. In addition, no food,
drink, gum or tobacco is allowed in the water.
Glass containers are prohibited throughout the
beach area.
4. All infants must wear tight fitting rubber or plastic pants.
5. Do not enter water or swim alone.
6. Persons under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a responsible person 17 years of age or
older unless a lifeguard is present.
7. Personal conduct within the beach must be such
that safety is not jeopardized.
8. Diving in shallow water is not permitted.
9. All persons using the beach are under direct authority of the lifeguard.
10. NO unnecessary conversations with lifeguard.
11. Do not swim outside the roped area.
12. Do not hold onto floated roped boundaries.
13. NO swimming after lightning has been sighted.
14. NO watercraft inside roped boundaries.
15. NO pets or fires in beach area.
16. NO water entry or swimming permitted after
17. Beach and water area opens at sunrise, closes
at sunset.
18. Keys must be signed out at the Guardhouse to
unlock the emergency equipment cabinet and rest
room facility if the beach is used during posted
hours of operation and lifeguard is not present.
19. Swim at your own risk.
Lake Wildwood Garage Sale
Election Year
From the covenants and by-laws for Lake Wildwood: "…any member in good standing may file
as a candidate for the Board of Directors with
the Secretary of the Association a petition signed
by fifty voting members in good standing of said
The election schedule is as follows:
Friday, July 1st
Petitions available at the Office.
August 1st - 15th
Candidates file Board petitions.
Saturday, August 18th
Election Committee meeting at the Lodge at
1:00p.m (Consists of candidate and their representative and the Board of Directors).
More dates will be made available at a later
time. Please see the August Sunbeam for more
Positions Available:
3 Director Positions
More Information about the Process:
For more information, please visit your Lake
Wildwood Blue Book (starting on page 22).
Road Construction
Construction will be taking place around Lake
Wildwood this summer, so please be mindful of the
workers on the roads. Maintain the posted speed
Tennis Court Rules
No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or skates.
No black-soled street shoes or black-soled tennis
shoes. Lights off after 10:00p.m. Play - 1 hour limit.
Key sign-out is available at the Guardhouse Monday through Friday.
Courts open Saturday & Sunday from 7:00am until
10:00pm. Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
Stone Mason
(Tr ained in Italy)
Saturday, July 21st
8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.
Out of your own garage.
If you are interested in participating in the garage sale, please call Ronette at 312-735-3444
or email [email protected]
Those who contact Ronette by July 1st will be
put on the “Garage Sale Sellers” map!
“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!”
Hello, my name is Kastriot and I am an immigrant
from Kosovo. I learned my stone mason trade in Italy,
specializing in Florentine stone work, restoration of
antique stone work, chimney repair, tuck pointing
and architectural walkways (as shown in the image).
I would be delighted in handling all of your masonry
work. (The walkway shown in last month's paper is
finished and we are very happy with the outcome Rudy Heusuk, Lot 705).
Kastriot Maloku
Hampton Way 33 Email: [email protected]
Morton, IL 61550 Phone: 309-339-4518
Marina Gas Keys
Please stop by the office to pick up your new gas
keys for fuel. The system has been updated to digital and the pumps require new keys.
The new keys are dark grey with the word, ‘ChipKey’ on the side. Make sure you have the correct
key before heading down to get your fuel!
5 Wednesdays starting July 18th - August 15th
6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
Varna United Methodist Church
Corner of Walnut & Adams
1 block NE of Casey's
Ages 5yr - 4th grade, please call to sign up or
for more info.
Linda Hannah - 463-2617
Kelley Larimer - 399-7611
Standring Roofing
& Construction
Fully Licensed & Insured
Cedar Decks | Room Additions
New Construction | Roofing & Garages
- FREE ESTIMATES 309-463-2169 | Cell 630-726-6466
162 Beachview Ct., Varna, IL 61375
email: [email protected]
Lake Wildwood Homeowner
Now A Local
Hertz Agency
We Can Help With All
Your Rental Needs.
Located at Lacon’s East Edge
1218 Ninth Street
(Just off Route 17)
Concession Stand
Monday: Closed (except on Holidays).
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.
Friday, Saturday: 6:00a.m. - 9:00p.m.
PHONE: 309-463-2066
Early Bird 6:00a.m. - 9:00a.m. ONLY
Breakfast Sandwich (sausage, egg & cheese muffin) — $1.75
Hash Brown Cake — $1.00
Assorted Sweet Rolls — $1.00
Orange Juice — $1.50
Coffee (regular & decaf)
Small — $1.00
Large — $1.25
Refills — $0.50
appetizers & sides
• Fi
the L
• Su
• Su
10 h
it co
Assorted Snack Chips — $1.00
French Fries — $2.25
Cheese Fries — $2.50
Chili Cheese Fries — $2.75
Nachos — $3.00
Coffee (regular & decaf)
Small — $1.25
Large — $1.50
Soda — $1.00
Cup of Chili — $2.00
Lemonade — $1.00
Iced Tea — $1.00
Water — $0.75
(Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, A&W Root Beer,
(add jalapenos for $0.25)
Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Orange Crush)
(add cheese and/or onions for $0.25)
Mozzarella Sticks — $3.00
Cheddar Puffs — $3.00
Cauliflower — $3.00
Mushrooms — $3.00
Onion Rings — $3.00
Mixed Basket — $7.00
sandwiches & baskets
Italian Beef w/ Sweet Peppers — $4.50
(add gard. peppers or cheese for $0.25)
Hamburger (ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion (raw or grilled), pickle) — $3.50
Cheeseburger (ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion (raw or grilled), pickle)
(mozzarella, cheddar or american cheese) — $3.75
Hot Dog (mustard, relish, onion, tomato, pickle, sport peppers) — $2.25
Chili Dog — $2.50
Cheese Dog — $2.50
Chili Cheese Dog — $2.75
Corn Dog — $1.50
Polish Sausage (mustard, grilled onion) — $3.00
(add kraut for $0.25)
Chicken Strips Basket w/ Fries — $4.00
Chicken Tender Basket w/ Fries — $4.75
Soft serve ice cream
Cone — $1.50, Cup - $1.75 (add sprinkles for $0.10)
Sundae — $2.75
Ice (7-pound bag) — $2.00
(chocolate, strawberry, caramel, butterscotch, pineapple,
hot fudge, whipped cream, cherry, nuts)
Auntie Kay’s Special Dessert
— $3.25
(brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup,
whipped cream, cherry) (vanilla ice cream optional)
Milkshakes — $2.50
Call us for all your pest needs. Wood roaches, ants,
mice, termites, etc. We also do MOSQUITOES and
have LEAF GUARD for gutters to keep material out.
Call 1-877-866-0002 for prices. Ask for Bill.
Coming soon!
(chocolate, vanilla or strawberry)
Ice Cream Bars — $1.00
Ice Cream Sandwiches — $1.00
Popsicle — $0.75
"Keep an eye out for
our weekend specials!"
We agree with Dianna Loerger, lot 451, 100% with charging guests using amenity
passes for our facilities (May 2012). When guests are here using our facilities,
beaches, pool, etc. we have: increased electric fees, increased security on weekends
and holidays, increased water usages, increased garbage and clean-up, increased
pool chemicals, increased waste on beaches, increased soap and toilet paper, etc.
We, as members, pay for this! Who will pay when we need a new pool, new playground equipment, a new dredge, new maintenance equipment, vehicles, road repairs, tennis court repairs, inlet, etc.? The members will! Not the guests using our
facilities for free!
It's time to change and start having guests using our amenities pay a fee to help with
all the costs! After all, they use it too! We have had guests here and they couldn't
believe how beautiful it is here and they couldn't believe there isn't a charge to
come here. They said, "they wouldn't have a problem paying a fee, we have to pay
to use our pool in our own town." We, as members of Lake Wildwood, agree to
pay all fees passed by the Board. We shouldn't look for ways to get around paying.
We can't pick and choose what we want to pay for! Yet, there is a member on the
Finance Committee who refuses to pay the $10.00 fee for a car sticker which adds
to the shortages of revenue Lake Wildwood already has. If we charged for amenity
pass usage, maybe we wouldn't have to pay a $10.00 sticker fee!
Loves Lake Wildwood,
Rick & Sharon Houk, Lot 1407
Recently we received a nice donation for the Koinonia Food Pantry from the Lake
Wildwood weekend coffee group. What a nice surprise!
Koinonia Food Pantry (means "fellowship") serves families from Hopewell, Camp
Grove, Lacon, Sparland, Varna, Toluca and parts of Wenona and Washburn. During
April, Koinonia served 109 families, and during May, the pantry served 93 families.
The recipients are very grateful for their food each month. A record is kept of all
donations. Thank you Lake Wildwood weekend coffee group for your donation
-- that was very special!
Gwen Wassilak
We wish to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy and support in
the loss of our son, brother, husband, son-in-law, brother-in-law, father, uncle and
friend, Jeff Kafer.
We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
Vicki, Taryn, Trevin and Tori Kafer
Jim and Karyl Kafer and Family
Ted and Sherin Bayler and Family
We would like to thank all who assisted us with our daughter Aimee's emergency
situation on Sunday, May 28th. We can't express enough our appreciation to all
those who assisted, from security to the lifeguards, EMT's and concerned people
that helped in any way. Thank you to all, we are very grateful.
Joe & Donna Rutgens and Family
I have been thinking about the changes here at LWA. Why do we have to have
change every two years or so because one or two Directors want it that way? I think
the proper thing to do is allow endangered bird species to have proper time allowances for hatching and fledging their offspring. As for the grass being the cause of
deer ticks that can cause Lyme Disease, that is silly. That is like saying gravel roads
cause flat tires. What happened to logic and common sense, oh yes, I forgot that
grass also causes coyotes to jump out and get people walking by. The grass is just
a vehicle that they want to ride to the result that they don't like tall grass. I happen
to like the look; ok I am a country boy who loves the natural things.
The individual lot owners have the right to mow or not to mow, the question I have
is: Why does LWA have to mow the common property that the birds use for their
nests? Is it for deer control? Ask maintenance how many fawns are killed by their
mowers. I bet it is far more than you know. I question if it is legal to destroy natural
habitat for endangered birds; I plan to contact the Audubon Society to find out the
rules. is it like the alteration of water flow that cannot be altered without a State
permit? I think this whole thing is just a plan to appease only a very few people by
using a scare tactic that isn't true. What about deer ticks living in your neighbors
lot that he doesn't mow; are you going to mow it anyway? You don't want to forget
trimming the trees as lots of ticks live there so they can drop onto you as you walk
by. This whole thing gets silly. If you have a problem with nature, why do you
want to be here?
What an abuse of power! This board has reneged on a previous policy presented
by members who had done a lot of research, presented a petition with numerous
signatures and offered a solution for the grass mowing which was environmentally sound. This just goes to show us that the membership does not count with
this board. We know that this isn't about grass, but about people working against
people. This board has continuously presented personal agenda with little regard to
the wishes of the people that elected them or maybe it was not a true election since
over 90 ballots had been throw out for various reasons.
As an example for what one person can do, a few years ago the U of I Extension
Service put in a lot of free hours to present a plan of native plantings & wildflowers at the back gate area, thus protecting the wildlife and saving gas from mowing.
On board with the project was Pheasants Forever, Master Gardeners and several
interested members. This project would have been a gradual endeavor with seed
and additional help donated to create a lasting habitat with very little expenditure.
Instead, one person presented this project at a cost of $20,000 and, of course, it was
dismissed as being way over budget. This is what we do here, one step forward and
two back, keeping us from ever getting anything done. We talk projects to death
without proper research or consideration of the membership opinions which, by the
way, obviously means nothing.
The statement, "words do not make it so" really applies in the above policy. This
policy was presented because someone may die of lyme disease. The ticks that
carry this disease are deer ticks that can live in tall grass, short grass, in the woods
or in your yard. This statement is a lot of nonsense and scare tactics in order to
get one person's way and the rest follow like sheep. Do your own research people!
Start paying attention to who is running for your board and making your decisions.
Another election is coming up. Make sure they are quality people that have your
interests and associations interest at heart and not some personal plot plan.
Lillian Saxton, 1128-1218
I think every July I refer to this month as the dog days of summer, I pondered what
else describes July in Lacon and quite honestly I can’t think of a better term. So…here
goes…Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer. So what is going on in Lacon this month?
Well, first off, Loy’s Antiques, it appears is back from their hiatus. They have posted
hours of being open every Friday and Saturday with a pretty decent sale on items if you
spend $10.00 or more! It’s a great hunt and peck kind of antiques store, with loads of
stuff! You should plan on spending at least an hour to see everything. Be sure to look
high and low for your next amazing find. I am not exactly sure what is going on with
Old Rusty Hinge, the store appears empty but I have heard that they may be reopening
as well. Paul’s Mall is still here and running kind of hit or miss hours… but if you have
to come into town it’s definitely worth the hit or miss. Just as an FYI, the marina in
Lacon has a free boat launch for anyone to use. There are boat slips you can rent for the
summer if you are interested, call city hall for details at 309-246-6111.
On Saturday July 21st, the Marshall County St. Jude Runners leave Lacon and head to
Peoria via their own 2 feet. There are nearly 40 runners this year, including me, that are
taking part in the 50 plus mile run. The run is set up as a relay with the runners taking
turns for various distances throughout the day. The run ends up at the Peoria Civic Center for the telethon. Last year this group raised nearly $40,000 for St. Jude with a goal of
$100,000 set for this year. Donations are being taken at the store if you are interested in
donating to this cause. The runners are meeting very early on Saturday morning to start
the day and anyone who wants is encouraged to come into town and cheer them on as
they start their journey. There are at least 2 geocaching sites in Lacon right now to promote the Illinois River Road Scenic Byway. There are handbooks available at the store
that has all the info about geocaching along the River Road Scenic Byway. Aside from
the gas to travel from site to site this is free family friendly event. You do, of course,
need a GPS or you might be able to even use your smart phone.
Be sure to check out the Lacon Home Journal Newspaper for up-to-date happenings in
town. Each week, a new issue is available for only fifty cents at the Shell Station and
at Jim’s IGA. Save the dates next month, for the Old Settlers Festival that runs August
23rd, 24th and 25th, Illinois’ longest Running festival happens right here in Lacon.
Check out Team Fudge as they compete in a cake decorating contest! More details to
follow next month! Until next month, see you at the corner!
“Service is our business”
$100.00 Free ... How?
Joe Saxton - Lots 1128/1218
I would like to thank the Fishing Derby Committee for such a great job they did on
Saturday, June 9th. There were many children who participated, looking forward to
catching the biggest fish. Everyone got a trophy and the lucky ones got a ribbon and
a prize. Also, the snacks and juice boxes after the derby were a big hit and much
appreciated! All went home a winner and looking forward to next year.
• Just give us a call at Hicksgas and refer a new customer.
• After the tank is set, your account will be credited $100
to be used for any product or service we have available.
• Prospect must be approved for a new tank set of either a
500 or 1000 gallon tank.
Donna Sarna, Lot 492
Please call Hicksgas
Isn't it interesting that a board member's cat trespassed onto a neighbors lot that
hand't been mowed, brought home a tick and caused a change in association policy?
The Fish Fry was amply attended; some down from past years. Members attending brought their usual scrumptious side dishes and desserts to accompany
the delicious fish.
We, the Recreation Committee, thank everyone for coming out in the heat of
the evening to participate. Thanks to Pam Cimei (fryer), Ron and Susie Stopka,
Rolland Clevenger (prayer) plus workers Marcie Myers, Ken and Rosemary
Wagner, Betty Clevenger and Rochelle Vodilka.
Submitted by Chairperson Opal Kempf.
Date: Saturday, July 7th
Rain Date: Sunday, July 8th
Parade line-up begins at 9:30a.m. at the Pool and we will begin the parade
promptly at 10:00a.m. (No registration required to enter the parade)
The following vehicles are eligible to participate:
• Golf Carts
• ATV’s
• Bicycles
• Vintage Vehicles (including cars & tractors)
Please note that all vehicles must be decorated. Advertising is allowed.
Date: Saturday, July 7th
Rain Date: Saturday, July 14th
When? At Dusk.
Where? The Dam.
Date: Saturday, July 7th
The dance will take place after the fireworks at the Pavilion until 12:30am.
Two 1st & 2nd place prizes for decoration. Awarded in two categories Patriotic/Americana & Fun/Frivolous. Two honorable mention prizes &
Bicycle prizes awarded as well.
Music By: County Road
Parade Route: Begin at the Pool, proceed down Elk Drive to Sunnyslope
Drive then to Clubhouse Drive and ending at the Pavilion (line up in the
grassy baseball area for judging).
Sam Leman - EUREKA
E: [email protected]
W: www.alslandscapeco.net
Facebook: A.L.S. Landscape
1040 W. Center - U.S. Rte 24 West - Eureka, IL
-Paver, Patios, Drives & Walks
-Timber, Block & Boulder Walls
-Concrete Removal/Concrete Edgers
-Decorative Rock & Plantings
-Junk & Debris Removal
-Wood Decks & Fences
-Seeding & Sod
-Flagstone Walks & Patios
-Fire-pits & Outdoor Fireplaces
-Landscape Renovation
-Engraved Paver Projects
-Skid Steer Service
-Gravel Shed Pads
-Landscape Equipment Rental
-Bulk Material Sales & Delivery
Jim Maloof / Realtor
#1 Acreage Leader in Marshall County
108 Fifth St., Lacon, IL
P: (309) 246-5020 E: [email protected]
Member of Landwatch.com, Realtor.com, and recently added Lakehomes.com.
My advertising brings results to the table. (Peoria and Chicago advertising).
Lake Wildwood (Varna): 1094 Hickory
Cell: (309) 361-2095
Top producing real estate agent in Marshall County | Multi-million dollar producer!
Ahh…the lake, the lake. What better way to embrace the outdoors and all
nature has to offer in this gorgeous private and secluded lakefront property! Nestled on a very secluded deep cove with two full lots and a 3 1/2
car garage there is plenty of room to stretch out. This home offers a second
kitchen in the basement family room fully equipped with appliances that
remain. a lovely second bathroom in basement for entertaining and guests.
Boasting(Grohe) faucets in kitchen, (Robern) bath vanity,2800 sq. ft. of
cedar deck with 3 tiers down to lift station and boat dock for fishing, boating, etc.
$349,900. Call Scarlett.
Lacon: 865 E. County Road
Picturesque countryside dream home and farm. 2 ponds on site fully
stocked with fish! Recreational paradise and tillable acres for cash flow.
Strategically located in a very seclude area for adequate privacy. Home
has been improved and upgraded recently. Too many upgrades to mention.
Apple trees on site and rolling meadows. An equestrian dream. Perfect
suitability for livestock or horses. Numerous grain bins and machine shed.
House has been lovingly cared for and warm woodwork from the floors to
the trim to cabinetry flows throughout the home. Bringing the outdoors
inside to you!
40 Acres - $475,000. Call Scarlett.
Lake Wildwood (Varna): 534 Leeward
Secluded chalet at the end of a private cul-de-sac, boasting 2 decks and a
dock on gated Lake Wildwood. Observe birds and wildlife from panoramic
views of great room and screened porch. Furnished in great northwest
motif of bears and moose with the warmth of woodwork through feels like
a rustic lodge. 3 bedroom sets including chiseled pine master set. 5 hunter
fans, trash compactor, laundry chute, optional main floor laundry. Hickory
glass pained kitchen contains 2 sets of dished. Nantucket basement decor
with jacuzzi bath and 3rd bedroom in walkout basement. Fish, boat from
new dock. Seconds from the beach!
$370,000. Call Scarlett.
Get $5 off your
purchase at Julie’s
Corner Store when
you join our new
Text Club!
Rys Tree Service
Tree Trimming and Removal
Lot and Land Clearing
Stump Grinding
Just show us this
text on your phone
when you come in!
Fully Insured
Free Estimates
24 Hour Service
For A Job Well Done Call:
Julie’s Corner Store
Downtown Lacon
OPEN 7 Days a week
Daniel Rys
[email protected]
Toliver and Sons
Rich Toliver
Journeyman Electrician
Washburn, IL
Cell: 309-238-7102
Phone: 309-248-7101
Fax: 309-248-7101
Email: [email protected]
Quality Work at the Best Prices
Fully Insured
Senior Discount
New construction service, service upgrades, new installations, rewire, repair, phone line and CATV jack
installation, emergency service, generator repairs
and installation, farm repair and grain bin work.
Double R
Steel Shorewalls & Boathouses
Ryan Rauch
New service provider to Lake Wildwood.
Please call if you have any questions!
Cell: 217-454-5656
Email: [email protected]
Location: RR1 Box 684 Herrick, IL 62431
We are now on the
Lake and able to help
you out with your next
We use a unique infrared system to repair damaged cracks and holes in
asphalt which will last much longer than conventional patching and is less
expensive than remove & replace patches.
Give us a call today!
We can also overlay or pave new surfaces.
Let us give you an estimate to pave your gravel driveway!
We al
Seal Coating
Remove & Replace
Infrared Patching
Crack Filling
Permitting Process
We’re able to help you
with the permitting
process (once a month
due to the lengthy process). Please call us
for more information!
306 W. Minnesota | Spring Valley, IL
Call for your free
estimate today!
Grasser’s services include:
Plumbing • Heating • Air Conditioning
Appliances • Fireplaces • Generators
Water Softeners • Geo-Thermal
For all of your New Construction & Remodeling needs.
We also service & install everything we sell!
404 W. Main St. • McNabb, IL
$eth Braun Automotive
Automotive Repair and more!
Collision repair, road calls, towing
I buy vehicles in any condition
1555 Key Court
Varna, IL 61375
Mobile: 815-878-KOHN (5646)
Home: 309-463-2331
Seth Braun
517 North Main
Lacon, IL 61540
(309) 397-6276
[email protected]
Residential and Commercial Electric
15 years experience
Free Estimates
Odd Job
Tile Work
Handyman Service
Now serving Lake Wildwood!
Clean Up
Put Up/Take Down
Call Dave today and your problems go away!
847-204-2074 (cell)
10% off labor for first time customer!
Ulrich Motors...
Serving the area
for 60 years!
General Contractors
New Construction & Remodeling
Ken Baum
Todd Baum
For 60 years, Ulrich Motor has provided quality service and customer
satisfaction. At Ulrich Motors we
treat you like family. Ulrich Motors,
where our customers make the deal.
GM Certified Used Vehicles come
with a 2-year/30,000 mile Standard
Certified Pre-Owned Maintenance
Plan. Get the details at Ulrich Motors.
Bill Baum
309-248-7527 WASHBURN, IL
Email: [email protected]
TOLL-FREE 1-800-851-7603
Website: www.ulrichmotor.com
Open to all Lake Wildwood amateur photographers and
their family. (Contest not open to Sunbeam Committee
members or liaison).
Cash prizes awarded to 1st and 2nd in each category.
Ribbons award to 3rd place in each category, to honorable mentions and for 'peoples choice' selections.
Photos will be displayed and judged on Friday, August
31st at a Wine & Cheese Reception for all members. All
winning photographs will be published in the October
Photos become the property of the Sunbeam Committee.
Photos are subject to return at the end of the contest at
the discretion of the Sunbeam Committee. Photos can
be retrieved at the office after September 15th.
Entry Form
Categories & Rules:
Lake Wildwood Nature, Wildlife & Landscape
People & Activities
Black & White (any subject)
Juniors (14 years and under) - Any Category
Visit our four ATM locations
» Henry State Bank
» Caseys in Henry
» Route 17 & 29, Sparland
» Henry Fast Stop
Only one photo in each category may be submitted.
Photos may be from any type of camera.
Photo size must be: 8" x 10".
All photos must be submitted with a mat.
PHONE (309) 364-2302
PO Box 207
Henry, IL 61537
Friday, August 27th 2012
Due to the Office no later than 2:00p.m.
Select Category:
Lake Wildwood Nature, Wildlife & Landscape
People & Activities
Black & White (any subject)
Juniors (14 years and under) - Any Category
A separate form is required for each photo submitted. Additional
forms may be picked up at the Office.
Address or Lot:
I understand that photos become the property of the Sunbeam Committee. Photos are subject to return at the end of
the contest at the discretion of the Sunbeam Committee.
McNabb Motorsports
211 Railroad St. McNabb, IL 61335-0114
Sales & Service on all Makes and Models
Custom Services Available
• Drywall - Painting
• Texturing
• Plaster Repair
• All Types Remodeling
19 Aztec Circle
Putnam, IL 61560
[email protected]
430 Edward Street
Henry, Illinois 61537
Phone: 309-364-2186
Don Schoof - Owner
Call Today
For A Free
24 Hour
Local #134 IBEW
Gold & Silver • Coins • Currency • Jewelry & Firearms
[email protected]
Classic Floor Covering
• Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Plumbing
• Electrical
• Indoor Air Quality
Wood Cleaning & Preserving
1229 Tower Drive, Ottawa IL 61350
Jim Rodeghier
Escape 22
Varna’s 1st & Only Boat & Mini Storage
Pontoon Boat owners we can store your 24’ Pontoon inside if your overall dimension from prop to hitch is under
29’ long, our doors are 10’ wide and 10’ high. Rent the
space year-round to store your trailer plus lots of other
stuff and we’ll give you a heck of a discount. Act now the
spaces are filling fast!
Lower Your
Utility Costs
Lic 055-019970
224 N. Main
Toluca, IL 61369
A Vintage Venue
Antiques & More
126 S. LaSalle Ave.
P.O. Box 86
Ladd, IL 61329
(815) 894-8038
Call for details 309-256-5103
River City Septic
& Excavating
We Extend A Cordial Invitation to All Lake
Wildwood Sunbeam Readers To Visit Us For
Complete Banking Services
The Most Complete Septic Contractors
Marshall County
State Bank
Aqua Safe Aerobics with Industry Leading 5 yr. Warranty
Septic Tank Pumping & Cleaning
• Lots Cleared
• Complete Septic & Sewer Repair & Liscensed Septic
• Sand filter & Seepage Bed Installation & Repair
• Camera & Tank Locating
• Basements Dug/All Type Excavating
Varna, Illinois 61375
Hours: Mon-Thurs 9:00am - 3:00pm
Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm
Lobby Hours on Saturday 8:30am - 11:30am
(309) 463-2037
Toll Free 1-888-711-6376
Email: [email protected]
309-463-2772 or 309-251-2020
Get The Service
Locally owned & operated
You Deserve! Licensed & Insured - Lic 049019425
[email protected]
Lake Wildwood
Lake Wildwood
Pool Party
Lake Wildwood
Garage Sale
Saturday, July 7th
Saturday, July 7th
Saturday, July 21st
Starting at 10:00a.m.
Starting at dusk located
at the Lake Wildwood Dam.
Friday, July 20th at the
Lake Wildwood Pool
Summer Weekend
Help Wanted!
August Corn Boil
Weekends at the Pavilion
Host needed for the August Corn Boil; event will
be canceled if there is no
Saturday & Sunday
8:00a.m. - 10:00a.m.
7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.
Ages thru 14 y/o.
8a.m. to 4p.m. out of your
own garage.
Water Aerobics
Lake Wildwood Pool
Position Open
Come join us for water
aerobics at the pool!
Monday thru Friday
11:00a.m. - Noon
463-2047 ext. 1
Contractor List
We are continuing a Contractor List in our paper for contractors who wish to advertise.
The listing does not imply workmanship.
General Contractor
Baum Construction — (815) 257-3700
Hart Construction — (309) 463-2773
Standring Roofing & Construction — (309) 463-2169
Winkler Construction — (309) 248-7597
Cement or Concrete
B&M Concrete — (815) 488-7210 or (815) 488-7212
Hart Construction — (309) 463-2773
Kuypers Brothers, Inc — (708) 516-6320 or (708) 479-0500
Construction - Marine (dock/lift/shorewall)
Double R (Steel Shorewalls & Boathouses) — (217) 454-5656
G&H Marine, Inc. — (217) 423-6684
ESCO-Energy Specialists — (815) 452-2332
Kohn’s Electrical Service — (309) 463-2331
TNT Electric — (815) 866-8557
Toliver & Sons — (309) 248-7101
CS Construction — (309) 246-3979 or (309) 303-4860
Edward D. Hartwig — (309) 364-3672
Hart Construction — (309) 463-2773
James Maupin Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-0364 or (309) 364-2472
John Maubach Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-8785 or (309) 364-2956
R & B Construction (Excavating) — (618) 428-5432 or (217) 972-8880
River City & Dunlap Septic & Excavating — (309) 463-2772
ESCO-Energy Specialists — (815) 452-2332
Grassers Plumbing — (815) 882-2111
Kroeschen Plumbing & Heating — (815) 452-2312
Landscaping/Lawn Care
Chris McFadden The Yard Butler — (309) 463-2514 or (815) 481-9273
Danchris Nursery — (815) 672-8135
JMB Lawn Care — (309) 432-3200
Rick Jesse — (309) 463-2728
Ulrich Lawn Care — (309) 248-7450
Lot Mowing
Lake Wildwood Association — (309) 463-2047
Rick Jesse — (309) 463-2728
Miscellaneous Building
Custom Canvas Company (Awning & Boat Cover) — (815) 869-3606
Sunburst Garage Doors & Construction — (309) 696-7409
Lake Wildwood Lot 132For sale by owner. Facing the Lake & Clubhouse. Call 425-788-9327 or email
[email protected] for more information. $38,500.00.
Lot for sale or trade - wooded lake front, call 847-823-0808.
AKC registered chocolate lab will soon be having a litter of puppies. Litter is
due to arrive around June 10th & puppies will be ready to go to their new homes
aprox. 6-8wks later (late July). Prices: males are $400 with a $200 deposit.
Females are $450 with a $225 deposit. Both parents scored excellent on OFA
certification (hips excellent, elbows normal). Contact: Bob Hamilton (309)
463-2490; Please leave a message if I do not answer. Email: [email protected]
gmail.com. Thanks!
Lake Lot 496 (for sale by owner).
Must see, very buildable with minimal stairs, 75’ frontage, over 300’ deep, private beach area, $147,900. Call 708-479-5737 or 708-805-8085.
Lot 126 Clubhouse Drive for sale by owner.
Beautiful lot with lake view located near lodge, beach, pool, etc. $21,500 OBO.
Call 573-898-5857.
2002 E-Z-GO Golf Cart for sale. Contact Joe Rutgens at (815) 252-3555.
• Landscape Design
• Installation
• Retaining Walls
• Tree Trimming & Removal
• Certified Arborist
Matt C. Stickel - (309) 261-7042
Tree Climber
Fully Insured - Free Estimates
Free Estimates
Fully Insured
Reasonable Rates
Skid Steer - Mini-Excavator - Bulldozer
Hydro-Seeder - Dump Truck
Edward D. Hartwig — (309) 364-3672
James Maupin Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-0364 or (309) 364-2472
John Maubach Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-8785 or (309) 364-2956
River City & Dunlap Septic & Excavating — (309) 463-2772
White Rock - Black Dirt - Gravel
Lot Clearing - Site-Prep. - Trenching - Concrete Removal
New Yards - Snow Removal
Roto-Tilling - Yard Rolling - Seeding
Illinois Valley Surveying & Consultants, Inc — (815) 925-7511
McClure Engineering Associates, Inc — (815) 433-2080
Water Softeners, Filtration and Bottled Water Delivery
Kanive Soft Water Supply - John Bayler — (309) 246-7015
The E.C.C. is looking to
add one more individual
to the committee. Please
contact the Lake Wildwood
Office if interested in the
Lake Wildwood Classified Ads
Baldwin Painting & Finish Contr. — (815) 257-2823 or (815) 452-2677
Shawn's Painting Service — (309) 238-2667
Sand & Gravel
James Maupin Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-0364 or (309) 364-2472
John Maubach Trucking & Excavating — (309) 238-8785 or (309) 364-2956
River City & Dunlap Septic & Excavating — (309) 463-2772
Wildwood & Tanglewood
309-712-5154 Cell
Wednesday Thursday
Independence Day
Marshall Putnam Fair
Marshall Putnam Fair
Marshall Putnam Fair
Pool Party
Marshall Putnam Fair
Time & Location
1:00pm in the Office
9:00am in the Office
10:00am at Campground
4:30pm in the Office
Next meeting in August
Board of Directors
9:00am in the Lodge
1:00pm in the Office
8:00am in the Office
6:00pm at the Lodge
Bunco & Cards
Lakes & Dams
6:30pm in the Lodge
10:30am in the Office
9:00am in the Office
Hostess: Annabelle Giles
Garage Sale
Bunco & Cards
Board of
Marshall Putnam Fair
Notes & Reminders
Marshall - Putnam Fair- Wednesday, July
11th to Sunday, July 15th.
Lakes & Dams
For more info., visit: http://www.marshallputnamfair.org/
Pool Party- Friday, July 20th starting at
Garage Sale- Saturday, July 21st starting at
Wednesday Thursday
Photo Contest
Time & Location
1:00pm in the Office
9:00am in the Office
10:00am at Campground
4:30pm in the Office
9:30am at the Lodge
Board of Directors
9:00am in the Lodge
1:00pm in the Office
8:00am in the Office
6:00pm at the Lodge
Bunco & Cards
Lakes & Dams
6:30pm in the Lodge
10:30am in the Office
9:00am in the Office
Notes & Reminders
Photo Contest- August 27th is the deadline
for the Sunbeam Photo Contest.
Lakes & Dams
Bunco & Cards
Board of
Association Office
Hours - 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday - Friday
8:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. on Saturday
Telephone - (309) 463-2047
Extensions - 1 Office, 2 Guardhouse
3 Maintenance, 4 Marina
Fax - (309) 463-2085
Website - http://www.lake-wildwood.com
New to Lake Wildwood?
If you are a new homeowner living in Lake Wildwood, please call one of the ladies on the Welcome
Committee. We would like to give you a bag of
“goodies” and information about the Lakes and
surrounding community. We hope you have many
happy memories here as your journey in life continues. Contact Betty Pollack at 463-2606 or Gwen
Wassilak at 463-2645.
Advertise Online
Annual billing of $60.00 for the 2012 year. For
more information, please call the Lake Wildwood
Office at (309) 463-2047, extension 1.
Don’t Move Firewood
Our forests are threatened by nonnative insects that
can kill large numbers of trees. Three recently introduced insects -- emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle and sirex woodwasp -- are woodinfesting species that can be transported long
distances in firewood. Once transported into new
areas, these insects can become established and kill
local trees. How you can help:
• Leave firewood at home.
• Use firewood from local sources.
• If you have moved firewood, burn all of it before
leaving your campsite.
Key Issuance Policy
Keys may be signed out to members for access to
the following facilities:
West Beach Restrooms and Emergency Equipment
Cabinet, East Beach Restrooms and Emergency
Equipment Cabinet, Tennis Courts, Lodge, Fish
Cleaning Disposal and Campground Equipment
Members signing out keys are responsible for use
and re-securing the area. Keys must be returned
the same day as sign out.
Address & Telephone Numbers
If you have a change of address or telephone number, please forward that information to the Lake
Wildwood Office.