Ray Liu
Fluevog Shoes has its root going back
as far as 1970, when John Fluevog and
Peter Fox started their first shoe store
in Gastown, Vancouver. Today, the
brand icon is known internationally
for its unconventional, bold and
quality designs.
The target audience are existing and
prospect fans of Fluevog Shoes.
They are above age 30 with annual
income above $40k and have stayed
in Lower Mainland and Seattle area
for at least 20 years. These people
were influenced by fashion trends in
the 70s to the 80s and are generally
adventurous and outgoing. They
believe in challenging the norm and
they dress to stand out in the crowd.
Student Number
Project Name
Fox, Fluevog and Friends
Museum of Vancouver
On its 40th anniversary, the Museum
of Vancouver is hosting an exhibit for
the shoe brand which will feature the
stories and paths Fluevog and Fox
have treaded and many ideas that
flourished from the partnership.
The challenge is to inform and attract
local residents in Lower Mainland to
attend the exhibit.
The objectives are:
• Achieve 30,000 ticket sales
• Increase shoe sales by 3000
within 5 months
envelope front
envelope back
Other targets are past Fluevog Shoes
customers who have registered their
mailing information with the Vancouver
stores in the last 3 years and have
made repeat purchases within a year.
The promotional material is designed
in the form of mail inserts.
The booklet contains a series of
images and captions which combine
to form strong visual messages. These
messages are arranged in order so
they form a storyline when read in
I designed the booklet in the shape
of an irregular rectangle to make best
use of the available space inside the
envelope. I realize this unconventional
shape makes it difficult to layout my
objects using traditional grid designs,
so I decided to use a triangular grid
To excite readers when they first
receive the envelope, it is designed
in the shape and texture of The Jack,
one of Fluevog’s iconic shoes. The
pull tabs on the envelope enhance
the experience by sense of touch by
simulating the action of unbuckling
the shoe.
Within the envelope is an 8-page
booklet outlining the many reasons
to visit the exhibit. The envelopes will
be sent one week before the ticket
pre-order date.
It’s about the walk.
It’s about the story.
It’s about the tradition.
It’s about the language.
It’s about the men
behind it all.
The storyline speaks many qualities
about the exhibit that set it apart
from others, in terms the target
audience understand and value. It is
hoped these messages will be
sufficient to attract them to attend
the event.
pull tabs
booklet cover
booklet pages
The text blocks on each page are
shaped as upside-down triangles to
achieve consistency with Fluevog
Shoes’ logo shape. It also helps to
bring out invisible triangles in the
negative space. This was a challenge
too and I had to compensate for long
words at the tip of the triangle by
graying out part of their characters
to retain the shape. I find this approach
works best for the form factor I chose.

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