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Kontak June 2016 - Global Jaya School
June, 24 2016
Vol 20
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Head of School
Dear GJS Families:
We are ending our school year this week; another incredibly impressive and memorable year for all
community members of Global Jaya School.
The month of June features a number of highlights from both Primary and Secondary sections of our
school. One of the articles, written by our Guidance Counselor, Ibu Regina gives helpful points with
regards to US universities opportunities from a recent of tour from the West to East coast of the United
Over the past few months, we have featured IB Learner Profile attributes and how our school,
programmes emphasis and puts into practice all 10 attributes. We believe many of our students
exhibit learner attributes in their daily lives at GJS. Global Jaya is an established and prestigious IB
World School in Indonesia. We celebrate and encourage the IB learner profile at school, at home and in
communities locally and globally. The IB learner attributes are developed by GJS students in their daily
interactions. Teachers and peers help each other be inquirers and effective communicators, while being
open-minded, caring, principled and balanced individuals. We believe GJS students are risk-takers and
knowledgeable thinkers who can be reflective in their studies and lives.
On the 8th of June, 2016 – GJS whole school participated in a practice drill for an earthquake and
building evacuation. Our year 4 students acted as observers and provided valuable feedback to
improve our systems to carry out safe and effective evacuations. The Year 4 team also provided
realistic obstacles for teachers and students to react to. Overall, the training drill was a valuable and
realistic opportunity to learn and improve our safety systems at GJS – Thank you Year 4 students for
helping us be safe!
There are teachers from both Primary and Secondary who will leave Global Jaya, and we wish them all
the best on their next journey. Many thanks to all for their dedication to GJS and our students - staff
departing: Maria Agustina, Colin Attwood, Nanang Kurniawan, Marc Koster, Ismail Sumantri, Catherine
Mclean, Grace Jo, Tracy Lasut, Sonia Kolesow, Andy Elisa, John Yates, Anna Ardiyani Musriyono and
Verra Haswitasari.
This academic year, Global Jaya turned twenty years-old. Our wonderful Parent Teacher Association
created opportunities for community members to celebrate at Family Fun Day. In addition, our
admissions team have created a book of memories from the past and present at GJS. We will release
the Memory Book in the near future, please stay tuned for more information.
We hope your holiday break gives you time to reflect on the school year, allows you to travel and spend
quality time with friends and family. In addition, we wish you a safe and restful break and look forward
to welcoming you back on Monday, 15th of August 2016.
Finally, we encourage all families to plan their yearly vacations carefully, keeping in mind the
importance of beginning school days on time and arriving a couple days early to allow preparation. GJS
calendar (2016-17) online: http://www.globaljaya.com/images/Files/gjscalendar2016-17.pdf
With sincere regards and best wishes,
David J. Hornby
Head of School
Global Jaya School
GJS News
Students Achievements
A few weeks ago, one of our students from Year 2, Aimee Maryam Dykalaksmi,
joined an international level ice skating competition in Bangkok called The Bangkok
Figure Skating Classic. She competed in 5 different categories for both individual
and team events and was awarded with 5 medals. Below are the categories she
competed in and the medals she received.
1. Surprise Gamma - gold medal.
2. Programme Gamma - silver medal.
3. Character Spotlight Gamma - silver medal.
4. Stroking Gamma - bronze medal.
5. Production Team - gold medal.
We are very proud of Aimee’s achievement.
Aimee has been learning to ice skate since
the age of 5. Since then, her hard work has resulted in 21 medals!
She has certainly been displaying the PYP learner profile attributes
of risk-taker, balanced and reflective. She always tries her best,
never giving up and uses her experiences as opportunities to learn
and become better and better.
She is now preparing to compete in a higher level event called SkateAsia which will be held in Kuala
Lumpur in August 2016.
Congratulations on your achievements, Aimee! We wish you all the best for the next competition. You are
an inspiration to us all!
'Story of My Life'
Goodbye Felicia is a band
composed of three of our
students: Stephanie Dougharty,
Ale Hoed and Abe Hoed. Their
performance of Bimbang is
on the soundtrack to the hit
movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta
2 (AADC2). You can hear them
performing as the closing credits
roll up the screen at the
end of the movie. They
have also released a music
video of the song. Will we
see more of them in the
future? Who knows, but we
do hope so!
Azka Corbuzier, has just
published his first book.
Global Jaya School
Primary News
By Ibu Diana
unny days, rainy days and windy days. We
know about different types of weather. For three
consecutive Fridays, we came to school dressed
for a certain type of weather. The first Friday, we wore
windy day clothes. We had a lot of fun! Some of us made
a windmill and brought it home. We also went to the big
soccer field to collect dry leaves that the wind blew down.
The second Friday, we wore sunny day clothes. We
brought sun glasses and hats. We also had a picnic that
day and played together. It was fantastic!
The third Friday, we came to school prepared for a rainy
day. We brought raincoats, rain boots, and other jackets.
We pretended it was raining outside of the classroom. We
loved the rainy
dress up day!
how the day and night
We are glad that
we have different
weather and that
the world works
the way it does.
We learned that
the Earth spins
on its axis and at
the same time it
moves around the
sun. That is why
we have different
seasons and
happen. Amazing!
Global Jaya School
By Ibu Hadiana
“Dare to express
yourself as if you
were a rainbow with
gold at both ends”
altered quote by
n Thursday, 26 May 2016;
Reception students had
an amazing adventure
exploring different kinds of
edutainment activities in Pinisi,
Jakarta. Pinisi is a name from a
traditional ship from Makasar,
South Sulawesi.A sign reads
"Pinisi sailing ship is renowned in
toughness in exploring the oceans
around the world."
This trip was related with to
final unit ‘How we express
ourselves’. The students expressed
themselves through: Singing,
Dancing, Angklung, Gamelan, and
Batik making. As an added bonus,
we investigated the new Pinisi
science area!
Students were so excited and
happily planned to ask their
parents to bring them back to
this wonderful place. It is so
entertaining and interactive!
Unfortunately, this was our last
field trip in Reception, but it was
a great one. See you next school
year, everybody!
Global Jaya School
Year 1
By Ibu Mita
Festival of Celebration
As the culmination activity under the Transdisciplinary Theme “How We Express Ourselves”,
Year 1 students were Event Organizers for some celebrations such as: Children’s Day,
Independence Day, New Year, Festival of Light and Birthday. They were cooperative and
independent when working on the research about the food, music, activities/traditions,
decorations and costumes. As the real EO, they had a client and had to fulfill the client’s
wishes for their celebration. They also shared some information about the celebrations in the
Year 1 assembly on Friday 27 May, where everyone excitedly danced together. That was a
Global Jaya School
Year 2
By Ibu Tessa
The Year Two students have been investigating about the different states of matter and how
they can be changed.
One of the fun activities has been learning how to make slime. Before we made the slime,
we learned that it was actually a very special state of matter called a non-Newtonian
liquid. We carefully followed the procedure to make our own slime from some easy to find
ingredients. It was interesting to see how it changed to become slime. It was really cool to
make and play with our own slime and lots of the students wanted to repeat the process
again at home.
Global Jaya School
Exploration Fair
Year 3
By Ibu Dini
Year 3 students were given
a chance to choose a topic
and also created their own
Central Idea based on their
interests. They created
their Central Idea using
Students used their
research skills to gather
information that was
related to their topic on
To show student’s
understanding about what
they have learned about
their exploration topic,
Year 3 students conducted
an Exploration Fair. They
were communicators and
showed confidence when
presenting their findings
about their exploration
topic to the visitors.
Field Trip to Godong Ijo
As a tuning in activity under the theme, 'How we express ourselves', Year 3 students went to
'Godong Ijo' and learned how imagination allow us to explore ideas of things.
Through four different activities, students expressed their ideas and feelings. They created
ceramics, batik and learned how to play angklung. The closure to the activity included
traditional games.
Global Jaya School
Year 4
By Ibu Yani
Natural Disaster
As we hear the word “disaster”, our mind might be
filled with trauma. Some natural disaster incidents
have happened in Indonesia over the past few years.
As we are learning the Unit of Inquiry, “How the
world works” focusing on human responses to natural
disasters, we had Ibu Yani share her experiences
from when she was volunteering in one of the nongovernmental organizations on how the humans
can respond to natural disasters. The students were
encouraged to have empathy towards the disaster
victims from what happened to people in Sumatra due
to a magnitude 7.8 earthquake back in 2009 and the
Mount Merapi eruption in 2010. Ibu Yani was sharing
about how she helped the medical team taking care
of the injured and how the children overcame their
fear after the disaster through play therapy. She was
also describing how the conditions during and post
disaster were tough, that Indonesian rescue workers had to search for trapped survivors and
increased their efforts to recover bodies. Helicopters were used to airdrop instant noodles,
blankets, milk, and dry food to remote areas and to bring the injured from these areas to
hospitals. Play therapy was used as one of the ways to relieve the trauma on children post
disaster since so many of them suffered from trauma after the massive earthquake. During
their stay in the refugees’ tent, the children were also having useful activities such as singing,
dancing, drawing, and coloring as one of the play therapy activities conducted by Ibu Yani
with her colleagues.
Earthquake Drill
On June 8th, the school organized an
earthquake drill in our school that involved
the Year 4 students as observers. They were
spread throughout the buildings around the
school. For preparation, the students in Year
4 had a practice in their own classes so they
know exactly what to do in case an earthquake
happens. Then, they were given a rubric to
learn and next to observe classes during the
earthquake drill. Some groups of students
were supervised by a teacher to put some
obstacles before the drill. The others assessed
how well Global Jaya staff and students
reacted to unplanned changes to the drill.
Overall, the Year 4 students assessed that the
overall performance of our community was
an improvement from last year, particularly
in Secondary. The Year 4 students are proud
to be able to help provide feedback to the
Leadership to help make Global Jaya a safer
Global Jaya School
Year 5
By Ibu Ninggar
Growth and Development Programme
On Thursday, 12 May, 2016, the Growth
and Development Programme was once
again held for the Global Jaya School
Year 5 students. This programme is held
every year for the Year 5 students to
prepare them for pubertal changes. The
programme covers three main areas: the
signs of puberty, reproductive health, and
personal boundaries. This year, Global
Jaya School collaborated with Jejak
Kaki Psychological Development Center
under the leadership of Laura Pelenkahu,
M.Psi who provided the facilitators for all
sessions. Unlike last year, this time the
programme was held over one day instead
of two. The students were divided into
three groups: one group of girls and two
groups of boys, each with 2 facilitators.
The girls group was facilitated by Uji Arum
Ismartini and Reina Ritma Wangsadjaja,
supervised by Ibu Ninggar, the Primary
Counselor. The activities involved a lot of
active learning, where the students did not just listen to the facilitators, but they also got the chance
to present their prior knowledge, share what they just learned in the sessions, participate in small
group discussions, learn how to use a puberty kit, learn facts about personal hygiene care, play
games with prizes, and of course join a Q&A. The female students were very enthusiastic and asked a
lot of questions throughout the session and shared a lot of new information with one another, and not
to forget, they had a lot of fun during the activities.
The boys were divided into two groups and were supervised by one of the Year 5 teachers, Pak Rizka.
The first group was facilitated by Sylvester Lourico and Juan Davin while the second group was
facilitated by Sugiya Oki and Egie. Like the girls, the boys were also very enthusiastic throughout the
programme. They asked many questions, and they seem to enjoy the session very much, especially
when it was time to try on shaving cream and hair gel.
The programme ran very smoothly and the students were very pleased. At the end of the programme,
a lot of smiles could be seen across the students’ and facilitators’ faces. The written feedback from the
students were also very positive; they expressed how much they loved the session and the facilitators
and how they wanted to do the session again. In summary, this year’s Growth & Development
Programme was another big success!
Global Jaya School
By Ibu Yulia
Year 5 Camp
Hi my name is Tesa and for camp this year (25-27 May) our destination was Pulau
Umang. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. On day one we spent most of our time
doing our beach inquiry activities. On day two we went to Pulau Oar to do the following
rotational activities: snorkeling, jukung and the local art and craft activities. After we
arrived back on Pulau Umang, we did team building activities. In the evening of day two
we had our talent show. On day three, our last day, we had three activities left: tree
planting, coral rejuvenation and beach cleaning. The Pulau Umang Resort was clean and
very cozy. The cabins were more than I expected. They were big, tidy, very comfortable
and they provided us with toiletries.
Investigasi Erosi Wilayah Pantai/Beach Inquiry
Halo, saya Nadinda, hari ini saya akan menceritakan apa yang kami lakukan di hari
pertama kami menginap di Pulau Umang. Sesaat setelah kami tiba kami melakukan
kegiatan bernama Beach Inquiry. Kami bekerja dalam kelompok untuk melakukan
investigasi keadaan Pulau Umang dan sekitarnya yang wilayahnya semakin berkurang
akibat erosi. Kami membangun istana-istana pasir, tujuannya adalah untuk membuat
istana pasir yang kokoh dan tahan selama 3 hari. Selama tiga hari kami harus
mengamati istana tersebut dan mempelajari akibat dari erosi terhadap Pulau Umang.
Kami membangun istana pasir tersebut menggunakan material yang berbeda. Strategi
yang kelompok saya gunakan adalah menggunakan batu – batu dan karang karang yang
ada di pantai sebagai penghalang arus pantai.
Kami membuat istana pasir pada siang hari tetapi saat keesokan paginya istana – istana
pasir tersebut sudah terbawa arus dan tidak ada yang tersisa. Kami mempelajari bahwa
arus pantai yang kuat dapat menimbulkan erosi yang menyebabkan wilayah pantai atau
pulau menyusut.
Team Building Activity
Hello my name is Hanif from 5B and today I am going to explain to you about the team
building activity that the Year 5 students did during our Year 5 Inquiry Camp. The purpose
of the activities was to help strengthen the communication and collaboration skills of the
students in the activity groups. Among the activities we did there were: pop the balloon,
fitting straws on a string, minefield, transferring water on top of our heads, transferring a
bucket as a group, and transferring a basketball on a glass.
Pop the Balloon is the activity that I will explain in detail. The objective of the game was
to pop a water balloon using a sharp bamboo stick with ropes tied to the side. One group
member had to be the leader and guide the others. The others had to hold the ends of
the ropes and try to follow the leader’s instructions to pop a hanging water balloon while
blindfolded. These activities were fun and exciting and, for me, they were definitely a
main highlight of the Year 5 Inquiry Camp.
Coral Planting
Hello we are Jenny and Dylan, during the Year 5 Inquiry Camp we did coral planting
for the preservation of coral. Corals are good for the beach and also provide food and a
shelter for the fish. Once the corals grow, they can prevent beach erosion from happening
by making the waves less strong and buffering shorelines against high tides, waves and
storms. We got a small dome and we tied fresh coral onto the dome. When we were done
we transported the dome of corals to the bay so the corals could grow. We only had 15
minutes to do the whole process or the corals would die without ocean water. The corals
will grow 10 centimeters each year. We Year 5 students felt a sense of accomplishment,
and we were happy because it was fun planting the corals and by planting coral we will
help the future of Umang Island so that it does not erode.
Kegiatan Membersihkan Pantai/Beach Clean Up Activity
Halo, kami Senna dan Dhira dari Kelas 5B. Pada hari terakhir Year 5 Inquiry Camp, kami
melakukan sesi membersihkan pantai di Pulau Umang sebelum pulang. Kami melakukannya
dalam kelompok-kelompok kecil. Kami mengelilingi pantai mengumpulkan sampah berupa
botol bekas, plastik, bekas rokok, dan lain-lain untuk membuat pantai lebih bersih.
Melakukan kegiatan membersihkan pantai sangat menyenangkan! Kami bisa menjelajahi
pulau untuk mengumpulkan sampah di sekitar pantai untuk mengurangi efek erosi. Kami
sangat senang menjelajahi pantai, namun juga sangat kecewa karena banyak sekali orang
tidak peduli dengan sampah mereka sendiri.
Global Jaya School
Year 6
By Pak Eka
Syukuran Day
Since the Year 6 graduation will be held during Ramadhan on June 21, we have decided to
have our graduation party on June 1. We called it, ‘Year 6 Syukuran Day’, which is where
teachers and parents show gratitude towards the Year 6 students for all the experiences in
Year 6. We also included a prayer and reflection for a bright future for the upcoming years
in secondary. Many activities and performances were shown during the syukuran. Some
students performed dances, yoyo tricks, songs, magic and speeches; even the teachers
performed a song! Finally, all ended by having lunch together in the theater foyer. Happiness
was the theme of the day!
Later that afternoon, Year 6 held an investors meeting in culmination of the unit, How We
Organize Ourselves. This meeting was aimed at reporting the results of the year 6 sales days.
Even though some companies are still finishing the deliveries of pre-orders, all students were
able to receive a profit. Furthermore, all profits will be donated to some institutions around
the community. This unit of entrepreneurship really improved the students’ entrepreneurial
Global Jaya School
By Ibu Regina
Nelson Mandela once said, “Education
is the most powerful weapon which you can
use to change the world.” This indicates the
importance of education, thus implying how the
process of selecting the best post-secondary
institution requires careful consideration.
The complexity of the selection process
includes first and foremost determining the
quality of education provided. Many have relied
on rankings to determine which institutions
(Colleges, Universities, Tech Schools) have
the best reputation. This might seem like the
most obvious way to narrow down the options;
however, it is apparent that this should not be
the only tool to make the decision. Rankings
most often are put together by different
institutions based on how much research has
been published by the professors from that
particular university. Hence, the institutions
that are on the top of the list most of the time
are those research universities which might not
always be the best fit for your child. Research
and realistic educational goals must be a factor
in using rankings as one of the criteria of
selecting the best institution.
University Visit
the United States with KIC UnivAssist in
March - April 2016, I learned more about
many institutions beyond the top names. If
we are willing to broaden our horizons and be
open-minded, there are liberal art universities
and colleges that are not as famous, yet
actually have some of the best undergraduate
programmes. Even better, they provide
scholarships for international students!
For example, in Bowling Green, Western
Kentucky, just one hour from Nashville,
Tennessee, there is a university which has
the best photo journalism department with
more than 20 Alumni that have won Pulitzer
Prize’s. It also has one of the best engineering
programmes that give opportunities to
even first-year students to be involved in
internships and other programmes with local
establishments, such as the Corvette museum.
In Greencastle, Indiana, there is a small liberal
arts college that at least once a year is visited
by world leaders who give lectures to the
students. These leaders include, Bill Clinton,
Tony Blair and Benazir Bhutto.
Talking specifically about Education in the
United States, there are over 4,000 universities
and colleges. To consider even the TOP 1% of
the universities and colleges means to consider
at least 40 universities and colleges.
Indoor Hockey and Ice Skating Rinks
in the University of Miamy in Ohio
It is bound
to happen
that we will
find some
names in
those TOP 40
and colleges.
Does it mean
they are not
as good as
the ones we
have heard
before? Not
my trip to
and colleges
Global Jaya School
DE PAUW University Invites World
Learder as Guest Speaker Every Year
Just one hour outside Boston, in Worcester,
there is one of the best polytechnic institutions
that focuses on engineering and robotics.
Worcester alumni have worked with NASA
and various multinational companies with an
average starting salary of USD 65,000 per
year. The best thing from all three institutions
is that they offer scholarships for international
students ranging from USD 20,000 to almost full
tuition! For IB Diploma students, the universities
recognize the IB subjects and give credits for
them. This can allow students to not take the
first year subjects and
save up to one-year
worth of studying time.
All of the above is
irrelevant if it does
not fit the individual
student! Finding
out what kind of
environment the child
can thrive in and a
specific programme
offered (research
focused, hands-on, coop) are among the most
important things also
to consider. Therefore,
it is imperative that
professor in Aeronatics Engineering in
the child needs to be
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
in the driver’s seat of
Robotics Programme in WPI
this process. Conducting
research as early as possible will be the best way to do
it. Visiting the Student Support Services (SSS) office and talking to the counselors will also help the
process of selecting the best tertiary institutions. Every year, hundreds of institutions, not only from
the United States, but from all over the world, come to Global Jaya. Attending university fairs and info
sessions are valuable both for students and parents.
Overall, we all want to find an institution that develops our child
to think intensively and to think critically. To be knowledgeable
and noble at the same time. As Martin Luther King, Jr. has
mentioned “intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true
education”. To find such an institution indeed is a challenging
process. So, buckle up and let’s start our journey together!
In every University, we were given
opportunity to do a presentation to
promote Global Jaya students
Several links to liberal art colleges and universities in the
United States:
• www.nacacnet.org
• www.depauw.edu
• www.miamioh.edu
• www.pace.edu
• www.stonybrook.edu
• www.wku.edu/intermational
• http://www.wpi.edu/admissions/index.html
An American University with
International Outreach
Global Jaya School
By Jasmira Husna 9C
was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity
to represent my country for National History
Day’s senior website category at the University
of Maryland, USA. After successfully going through
both the local and regional rounds, my partner and
I managed to become a part of the less than one
percent of the world that was good enough to make
it to the nationals round. Coming to the US, I was
more terrified than I was excited. Knowing that my
partner couldn’t be there with me and that I would
be alone in a new environment sounded like an
absolute nightmare to me. I was never particularly
gifted in making friends; although most of my friends
would disagree, I find myself to be an extreme
introvert, who is often very awkward and shy when
faced with things that I am not familiar with, so you
can understand why the idea of competing in NHD
was something I was dreading instead of looking
forward to.
But upon arriving and actually making my way
through the event, I found myself growing fond of the
competition and all the people I met along the way.
Although at first I had quite a hard time adapting to
their drastically different culture and norms, it ever
so slowly became a part of me and changed a little
bit of my personality for the better. This experience
made me realize that there is more to studying abroad
than the grades I get in my MYP and DP years. I was so preoccupied
in my studies and making sure that I maintain a set of good grades
that I was ignorant to the people and the environment surrounding
me. This trip was like a wake-up call, acting as a reminder for me to balance my studies with
developed interpersonal skills so that I can not only be successful as a learner, but also as a
global citizen.
It is certainly saddening that the South Asia group was not as united as the other states
participating in the competition and that NHD seemed to be more of a competition among us
instead of a way to unite with each other. Unlike the other states, we had no matching shirts,
flags or even a banner to represent our group; we didn’t even bother to learn each other’s
names. It was definitely tough for me - especially being the only one from my school – to
join the activities people from my country were participating in. NHD is a time of unity, where
people from all over the world come together to pay respect to the past and use our learning
for the future.
I could only wish that the next talented group of students advancing to the nationals from
South Asia can overcome their differences between one another, develop a friendly spirit of
competition and unite as one South Asia.
All in all, I believe that National History Day is a great thing to be a part of and I strongly
encourage everyone to not only participate, but to actually put a lot of effort into it. Coming
home, I brought with me a newly reformed self and a better understanding of how the world
around me works beyond the scope of my country, and although it wasn’t my luck to win
this time, I gained valuable experiences and made new friends from all over the world, and
for that I am very thankful. My best of luck to next year’s candidates seeking knowledge,
adventure and experience in National History Day. I hope that you savor all the moments,
seize every opportunity that heads your way and most importantly, have fun.
Global Jaya School
t is so refreshing
that after two
years of the Arts
Festival . the Arts
Department assembly
featuring groups of
MYP Classes from Year
8 to Year 10 students:
singers, traditional
student dancers and
musicians, models from
Fashion show class,
students film makers,
took place on Friday
afternoon,10th June
2016 in Theatre.
By Ibu Tria
HE assembly Featured
soloist, group
singing, dancing,
catwalk models, film
projects, all were wellintegrated on stage,
displaying the students
accomplishmentsover the
year and / or semester
projects in Arts classes.
t was a successful
culminating Arts event.
One thing for sure
needs to be highlighted:
this assembly brought
together many surprises
with many hidden talents
from undiscovered Arts
students. It shows that
the Arts assembly
allowed all students
to develop their
capacities on stage and
be risk takers in trying
new things, and most
importantly gaining new
confIdence that they
can take back into their
Global Jaya School
1.Year 10 Vocal Class: Shoko and Max duet “What is Love?” from “ Y. 10 Roro Jonggrang
Drama Production”. Lyrics written by Gaby (Year 10 Drama)
2.Year 9 Vocal Class: singing “Negeriku” and “Route 66”
3.Year 9 Vocal Class: Mira “Solo Piano”
4.Year 9 Instrumental Class: Big Band “Aint No Mountain High Enough”
5.Year 10 Fashion Class: “East meets West”
6.Year 8 Instrumental Class: Guitar Ensemble
7.Year 10 Combo music Class: “Pathwalkers Band” singing their own original song “Best
8.Year 10 Drama Class: “Topeng Dance” from “Roro Jonggrang Drama Production”
Global Jaya School
GJS Sports
Athletic Award Winners 2015 2016
Varsity Girls
Varsity Boys
Middle School Girls
Athlete of the
Zara Wellesley
Ihya Akbar
Risa Agnesiarda
Sportsperson of
the Year
Alicia Norman
Galang Khiyarul
Mayra Nicole Thomas
Best Teammate
Nadja Azzura
Roselia Vang
William Khaled Raida Syarifa Abdoellah Lenard William
Philip Phan
Cyrilla Permata Lowas Lenard William
Rookie of the
By Pak Kelly
Middle School
Wan Johan
Benard Pascal
Global Jaya School
2016-2017 Tuition Fee
Sumbangan Pembinaan Pendidikan (SPP)
Payment (pembayaran)
Per term (3 months )
Per 3 bulan
Yearly in advance (one month discount)
Setahun di muka (termasuk 1 bulan diskon)
• Kindergarten Rp. 9.750.000,-Rp. 35.750.000,• Reception
Rp. 14.400.000,-Rp. 52.800.000,-
• Year 1 – 6
Rp. 24.000.000,-Rp. 88.000.000,-
• Year 7 - 10 Rp. 27.600.000,-Rp. 101.200.000,-
• Year 11-12
Rp. 33.300.000,-Rp. 122.100.000,-
Yearly early bird discount will be end on June 30, 2016.
Diskon pembayaran SPP setahun dimuka akan berakhir 30 Juni 2016.
Sibling Discount: 1st child 0%, 2nd child 5%, 3rd child 10%, 4th child 12,5%, 5th
child 15%
For the school fees information, please contact Pak Imam or Ibu Indri by email
at : [email protected] or [email protected] or 6221-7457562,
fax 6221-7457561
Untuk informasi biaya sekolah dapat menghubungi Pak Imam atau Ibu Indri di
email: [email protected] atau [email protected] atau 62217457562, fax 6221-7457561
Global Jaya School