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wise words
“The world would be
a nicer place if everyone
had the ability to love as
unconditionally as a dog.”
— M.K. Clinton
Chicken Marbella
12 oz. pitted, bite-size
dried plums
3.5-oz. jar capers
1 (0.5-oz.) bottle dried oregano
6 bay leaves
1 garlic bulb, minced
(about 1 Tbsp.)
1 cup pimento-stuffed olives
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 Tbsp. coarse sea salt
2 tsp. pepper
8 lbs. chicken pieces*
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup dry white wine
1/4 cup fresh parsley,
*Note: Choose any cuts of chicken to equal eight pounds.
Winter Pet Safety Tips
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Combine first 10 ingredients. Coat chicken, cover, and chill
overnight, turning chicken occasionally. To bake, arrange chicken
in a single layer on a large pan. Pour marinade and brown sugar
over chicken, and pour the wine around the pieces. Bake at 350°F
for 50-60 minutes, basting frequently. Move chicken, plums,
olives, and capers to serving platter and drizzle with pan juices.
Sprinkle parsley over top.
Television host, reporter, and producer Matt Lauer was born on December 30, 1957 in New York City. He attended Ohio
University, but quit when he was four credits shy of graduation to pursue a journalism internship. He hosted and cohosted
several shows throughout the years, and obtained his college degree in 1997 by writing a paper on work experience and
delivering the commencement address. Lauer is currently the coanchor for NBC’s Today. Lauer and his wife, Annette Roque,
have three children together.
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We offer digital printing.
By printing only the quantity needed,
when it is needed, digital printing
significantly reduces waste due
to obsolescence.
In many regions, winter means bitter
cold and snowy wetness. Here are a
few tips to help keep your four-legged
family members warm and safe:
• Wash your pet’s paws, legs, and belly
after returning inside to prevent them
from licking sidewalk salt and other
chemicals from their feet and fur.
• Use nontoxic, pet-safe deicers on
your property to protect your pets and
other pets in your neighborhood.
• Beware of antifreeze, coolant, and
other poisonous chemical spills that
animals may ingest.
• Use plastic bowls outside. Your pet’s
tongue can stick and freeze to metal.
• Ensure your pet has a collar and/or
a microchip with updated contact
information. A blanket of snow can
make it difficult for pets to find their
way by scent. Consider a GPS tracker
on your pet’s collar so you can locate
him/her with your smartphone.
• Beware of tinsel, ribbons, and other
holiday decorations that can cut up
your pet’s digestive tract and cause
intestinal obstructions.
• Don’t leave pets outside in the cold.
Pets exposed to extreme cold or
dangerous windchill temps are at
risk of hypothermia and frostbite.
Their noses, ears, and paws can
quickly freeze and suffer damage.
• Always bang on your vehicle’s
hood to scare away any animals that
may have been attracted to a warm
engine before starting your vehicle.
• Never leave your pet alone in a car
during cold weather.
• Be extra cautious when using
space heaters. Pets could get burned
or accidentally knock them over and
start a fire.
• Do not give pets leftover meat
dishes that contain cooked bones. Pets
can suffer stomach perforation, fatal
organ damage, or painful constipation
after ingesting splintered bones.
• Beware of common holiday
poisons, such as holly, mistletoe,
poinsettias, chocolate, and candy.
• Be careful of the placement of
electrical cords. If chewed, live cords
can cause burns in and around a pet’s
mouth, as well as difficulty breathing,
seizures, and cardiac arrest.
Custom-printed placemats are an
inexpensive and convenient way to
increase your marketing and branding
efforts. Use them to showcase specials,
make announcements, promote
upcoming events, entertain children,
and much more. Order yours today!
The next time your customers jot
a note, they could be doing it on
a custom-printed notepad from
your company. With your logo
and contact information on every
page, notepads help your
company stay front-of-mind.
Owner NameCOBB
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If your business is looking for
a creative yet inexpensive way to
increase your marketing efforts,
we recommend custom-printed
placemats. While custom-printed
placemats are commonly seen in
the hospitality industry, they can
also be a great promotional tool
at any event, such as fundraisers,
corporate celebrations, meetings,
or weddings. They are a unique
way to keep your name and
message in front of your audience,
and they are available in an
endless variety of shapes, colors,
paper types, and finishes.
Much like its name implies, the Wave
of Coyote Buttes features an array of
brilliantly colored, exposed sandstone
which resembles waves.
The Wave is comprised of thousands
of layers of sand dunes which hardened
into Navajo sandstone. Wind and water
have sculpted and carved the sandstone
layers, creating
an awe-inspiring
wonderland of
flowing “waves”
in bright oranges,
reds, pinks, and
yellows. It is
one of the most
visually surreal,
and worldrenowned geologic
formations in the
southwestern United States.
Visitors should be aware that there is
no formal hiking trail to reach the Wave.
It requires a moderately difficult, rugged
hike, often in extreme temperatures, and
it is located in Vermilion Cliffs National
Monument, in Arizona.
However, simply getting the
opportunity to see the Wave can be
even more challenging than the hike
itself. Only 20 people are given permits
each day to see the Wave. Ten permits
are issued online in advance, and the
rest are awarded by lottery. The U.S.
Bureau of Land Management limits
access to protect the Wave’s delicate red
sandstone formation
and to prevent
overcrowding at
the designated
wilderness site.
While the Wave
is an amazing
destination, the
same exotic rock is
displayed in various
formations and
colors throughout
the hike to and from
the Wave. This
includes sandstone
buttes, huge mesas, jagged red rock
projecting out of the sand, and towering
hills of rosy stone, which make the hiking
scenery a stunning runner-up to the
destination itself.
❂ For more information on the Wave
or how to obtain a hiking permit, please
visit http://www.utah.com/playgrounds/
Pressure Points for Pain Relief
There are more than 400 acupressure points on the body that can promote relaxation and
relieve pain. Here are a few popular areas to apply pressure:
• Squeeze and massage the fleshy area between your thumb and pointer finger to relieve
headaches, toothaches, and neck and shoulder pain (avoid when pregnant).
• Press down on the area on the inner wrist between the tendons and below the palm to rid
nausea, upset stomach, chest pain, and carpal tunnel pain.
• Apply pressure and massage the knobby spot on the upper bridge of your nose between
your eyebrows to help improve memory, relieve eyestrain and stress, and calm your mind.
• Press firmly on your prominent neck muscles along your spine, below the base of your
skull to reduce stress, headache, neck pain, insomnia, and neck stiffness.
• Apply pressure to the backside of the kneecap to reduce knee, back, and sciatica pain.
• Bend your leg and apply pressure to the fleshy area about two inches below your
kneecap. You can press on both legs at the same time to help digestive disorders, fight
fatigue, and boost the immune system.
❂ Note: Please consult your doctor before using acupressure when pregnant.
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{terrific trivia}
1. What do numismatists study or collect?
2. What is an otter’s home called?
3. What is the top-selling spice in the world?
4. How many years are
in a millennium?
1. Currency (esp. coins)
2. A holt
3. Pepper
4. 1,000
The Wave of Coyote Buttes
{top 10 list}
Top 10 Largest Living Birds
1. Ostrich
2. Southern cassowary
3. Northern cassowary
4. Emu
5. Emperor penguin
6. Greater rhea
7. Dwarf cassowary
8. Lesser rhea
9. Great bustard
10. King penguin
104 kg
45 kg
44 kg
33 kg
31.5 kg
23 kg
19.7 kg
19.6 kg
14-19 kg
13.6 kg
{ben’s friends}
-- Expect nothing and you’ll never
be disappointed.
-- We become so focused on the finish
line that we fail to enjoy the journey.
-- Whatever you are, be a good one.
-- If something’s important to you,
you will find a way. If not, you’ll
find an excuse.
Place ’Em on the Table
Custom-printed placemats are a
low-cost, yet effective way to spread
your message at a variety of events
or locations. Here are a few ideas for
creating placemats that are read and
• Design your placemat as a newsletter
with interesting content and helpful tips
and tricks.
• Create a point-of-purchase placemat
that is available at your checkout counter.
Use it to highlight specials, upgrades, or
enticing offers.
• Promote a contest that offers readers an
“extra chance” at winning if they use a
code on your placemat.
• Offer readers amusement by including
a crossword puzzle, game, or even a
picture for children to color.
• If your placemats are designed for onetime use, consider providing tear-away
coupons (or a link to retrieve or request
coupon offers).
• Promote suggestive selling, such as
highlighting your dessert menu with
enticing photos and special pricing.
• Educate your audience about your
event or organization. Provide interesting
did-you-know type facts, showcase
photos throughout the years, or provide a
timeline of historical events.
• Consider a die-cut shape or creative
edge style (such as decorative scalloped
edges), or even double-sided messaging
to further customize the design of your
Give us a call if you’d like help
creating the perfect placemat design your
audience will enjoy using!
❂ Visit us at printncopy.com to see
the many ways we can help you.
Many Uses of Cinnamon
Cinnamon is not only a
comforting holiday fragrance, it
has a variety of other great uses:
• Use as a brain booster to enhance
memory and cognitive function.
• Use to repel ants and/or moths.
• Soak your feet in hot water and
cinnamon sticks to kill athlete’s foot.
• Add cinnamon oil to your favorite
lotion or sunscreen to make your
own insect repellent. • Cinnamon can soothe an upset
stomach, relieve nausea, and aid
digestion (avoid if pregnant).
• Add it to any recipe to help
prevent the spoiling of the food by
delaying bacterial growth.
• Cinnamon can help reduce
hunger and sugar cravings, which
may lead to weight loss.
• Cinnamon tea is a pain reliever.
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