ANNUAL - Chemung County SPCA



ANNUAL - Chemung County SPCA
Hours of Operation
Monday-Saturday 11:00-4:30
Fridays open until 7:00
To enhance the quality of life for
companion animals in Chemung
County and surrounding areas by
promoting better futures for pets
and their people
Board of Directors
Laura Bennett, President
Kim Nagle, Vice President
Martha Boland, Treasurer
Stephanie Gibbons, Secretary
Amy Litwiler, Immediate Past
Robert Bennett
Marci Cartwright
Donna Chiaramonte
Debra Cloos
Marci Daniels
Roger Laughlin
Glenn Miller
Jim Mullen
Nancy Parks-Crowley
Liz Reed
Amanda Ruth
Thomas Geroy, Executive Director
[email protected]
125 Years of Hope, Help and Happiness
As you may know, we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of
the Chemung County SPCA this year - a significant
accomplishment for our humble organization. As I reflect on
this milestone, I can’t help but be grateful that we are part of
a community that has valued the wellbeing of its pets for so
long. Though we have experienced a great deal of change over
that time, our mission is the same as it’s been for those 125
years – sustaining the bond between people and their pets, and finding loving homes
for the homeless pets that come through our doors every day.
As a non-profit shelter, we know we don’t do what we do alone. Hundreds of people
are a part of this organization as adopt-ers, donors, and volunteers, and each of those
friends plays an important role in helping the displaced and homeless pets welcomed
into our shelter every year. It takes people to help pets.
For 2016, we will continue working hard on expanding our portfolio of programs and
services aimed at helping pets and their people, and on being the shelter that our
community and its pets needs us to be. As community needs change, so will our
approach. And as we identify new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of
pets in need, we’ll rise up to meet that challenge.
Because of the generosity and compassion of supporters like you, we’ve been serving
the community since 1891. And I’m confident that together, as a team, we will
continue to do so far into the future!
With warm regards,
Thomas Geroy, Executive Director
Chemung County Humane
Society & SPCA, Inc.
2435 State Route 352
Elmira, NY 14903
Gabby Bennett
Arynn Brucie
Sharon Burdick
Tina Canali
Megan Collins
Tom Geroy
Matt Guagliardo
Jon Jacobus
Autumn Johnston
Audrianna Jones
Kelly Keefer
Amie Keller
Joe Longwell
Mike Slater
Renee Staffeld
Investing in Futures
Investing in Safety Net Programs
The transition from being an animal control agency to an animal welfare agency has
given the Chemung County SPCA the opportunity to focus more on prevention when
it comes to keeping animals in their homes. This proactive approach extends to all of
its programs. With this in mind, the SPCA continued
 a long-term partnership with Shelter Outreach Services, Spay-Neuter Assistance
Program of the Southern Tier and Paradise Garden Animal Haven to provide low
cost spay/neuter programs to the residents of Chemung and Steuben Counties,
helping reduce the population of unwanted animals in our community.
 a partnership with Meals on Wheels of Chemung County to bring cat and dog
food to the area’s homebound and disabled pet owners.
 to offer consultations for those faced with challenging pet behaviors.
Identifying other areas in which it could provide support to keep animals and their
families together, the SPCA invested time and resources to
 introduce the Safe Haven for Pets Program, offering assistance to those who are
temporarily displaced from or lost their homes, incarcerated or hospitalized,
victims of domestic abuse, etc.
 extend its collaboration with regional shelters who experience overcrowding by
transferring in animals to give them the best chance for rehoming.
 start a new partnership with the Food Bank of the Southern Tier to provide
temporary cat and dog food pantry services to those families needing assistance
from time to time.
In 2016, the Chemung County SPCA will be looking for other ways to expand and
enhance its programs while continuing to give the best possible care to the animals
who find themselves in the shelter and the best possible chances for adoption.
Financial Picture*
Regardless of age or physical condition,
the staff at the Chemung County SPCA
believes strongly in second chances. And
thanks to donors who support the Animal
Rescue Fund (ARF), 32 such animals
received second chances in 2015.
This fund allowed cats
like Bagheera, who came
into the shelter with
frostbite on his tail and
ears and an injury from
an animal attack, to get the medical
attention he so desperately needed
before being adopted. Now, with a
partially amputated tail, Bagheera lives
with his new family in warmth and love.
Or dogs like Nikki, a 9
year old Pekingese
with severely matted
hair, skin and eye
infections and a
severe hematoma on her ear, to be
treated and groomed and given the
opportunity to live out the rest of her
life in better health with a new family
and dog sibling.
Impact Made
Cat Intakes: 582
Dog Intakes: 292
Cat Adoptions: 468 Dog Adoptions: 199
Animals fostered: 163
Animals helped by Animal Rescue Fund: 32
Animals spayed/neutered at the facility: 2,912
Households helped by Pet Food Pantry: 381
o 10,047 lbs cat food distributed, 636 cats fed
o 15,403 lbs dog food distributed, 479 dogs fed
Individuals helped by Animeals Program: 83
Individuals helped by Safe Haven for Pets Program: 13
Pet of the Week TV/radio appearances: 110
Children attending Humane Education programs: 949
Volunteer hours: 3,840
Interested in sharing your time and talents with
the shelter? Come to a Volunteer Orientation
session. Call 732-1827 to reserve your place!
*based on unaudited financial statements Dec. 31, 2015

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