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920707 - Phoenix Source Distributors
JULY 7,1992
VOLUME 19, #12
Sobering Thoughts On
The Fourth Of Julv
7/4/92 # 1
(Editor's note: Between this rundown of "frontpage* news and
the little matter of a few secret
underground bases w e outlay
starting on page 2, it might be a
good idea for u s all to stop and
think a bit on just what it is we
are celebrating anymore on the
4th of July.)
Moreover, this day you are held
total hostage to "eventsn of
technology powerful enough to
destroy your nation in fifteen
minuteswithout firing a single
"bullet". Blackmail is being
used against you from every
direction-fromyour President
to foreign nations with more
"power technologically" than
have you!
A s we sit to pen this day I am Well, a better observation would
appalled a t the requests for a be: "Red" rocket's glare!
dissertation on "America" and America and other parts of the
her freedom and independence. world, but especially America,
for you are efforting to counter
How can I comment on that the moves, are under total siege
which is NOT? You have NO and CONTROL through what
INDEPENDENCWOUARE,IN EVENTS": earthquakes, UNFACT, BACK UNDER TOTAL SEASONABLE storms with torRULE OF THE BANKERS-OF nados, volcanic eruptions, etc.
All a r e unable 'to be unBulk Rate
U.S. Postage Pai$
Tehachapi, CA
Permit No. 0020
Or Current Occupant
derstoocf by geologists and
meteorologists. I guess notTHEY ARE MANMADE.
Moreover, all the rocket launches
from your nation this week are
in an attempt to stop what is
going on. Interestingly enough,
the original plan was to bring
the West into subservience with
earth upheavals via the "grid"
system established by your Elite
and prana wave pulses. But,
you got "had" and now, one
blast to the trigger "button" on
the San Andreas fault system of
California will bring the coast
into rubble. This can be done in
only mere moments by none
other than the Russians.
How can I surmise such a
How so for they are totally bankrupt? Easy-blackmail.
them in or your planet will simply be a pile of rubble! So, COY
as kittens, Bush pushes for G8 (to help the Russians get on
their feet and recognized). The
Russians, meanwhile, insist on
full permanent status-AND, to
repudiate their DEBTfor aminimum of TWO YEARS (by the G7 nations). Believe me, it WILL
What will happen today, the
Fourth of July? Watch the "big
boys". It is said that Bush will
North Carolina. Indeed he will
in spite of complaints of his
visit-by Black leaders. Then
he "heads for Germany and the
World Economic Summit (G7(8).He is going South to find
"safety" and to get his marchHOW CAN YOU CALL IT
ing orders. I suggest you study,
carefully, documentation of the
"Bush" involvement in Florida,
Simply by seeing what is afoot: Zapata and Bushlets who are
The Russians are demanding placed in those strategic locaand getting included in the con- tions to attend the Bush interference of the major seven (G-7) ests.
financial"greats' ofyour planet.
P W E see 4th OFJCEK page 36
"THE PHOENH LIBERATOR 1s Not Published By And Has No filiation With
America West Airlines, 1nc."
Page 2
Secret Underground Facilities:
Your Tax Dollars At Work
(Editor's note: The following which will be compared by evpresentation is an assemblage ery "crazy nut" to that which is
of writings that were scattered already being filtered down into
over several past issues of THE your consciousness by the misLBERATOR and concern super information and disinformation
secret undergroundfacilities and bearers. You are now such a
some of the astonishing things controlled society of people that
that go on therein. The total the differences will elude the
picture is one of outrageous de- multitudes and you shall be
ceit, of technology gone crazy, given into the perceptions of
and of the use of that technol- insanity from time to t h e . I
o g y a g a i n s t we-the-people must write in TRUTH so that as
whose tax dollars pay for these things unfold in the confusion
of the Planners' timing you will
The recent "unnaturaln not be either surprised nor ims t o m and earthquakes across pacted by the blatantsize of the
the ,y.S.A. whisper that the Elite lies. Always realize that somem y be gearing up to unleash- where in the middle of the exvery s o o n no-something
tremes of projections will be
biggerupon an u-spedfound the truth of the tales
ingpublic to help bdng about the which are now going to be loosed
N e w World Order.
upon you. We will speak in
One of the most important of specifics in some instances but
those engineered catastrophes 1 will use generalities in exhas to do with what goes on at planation to Cover rmch UPsome ofthe secret underground front which will later be spoken
facilities. And forthat reason we of r1101-e leisurely.
have collected this information
What I have to tell You is
together for your reading "plea- already breaking forth from
the more "wild" of the UFO
sure "1,, community of deceivers but,
1 / 1 / 9 2 # 1 HATONN
you see, the only thing wrong
with their conclusions lies in
the assumptions of "alien"
beings instead of manufacHatonn present in the Holy tured earth-bound beings.
Service of God in and of Light. This is THE MOST IMPORLet u s collect our fragments and TANT facet in the wrong constill the currents of confusion. clusions but, nonetheless, it
You will please keep ever present is time to speak of these "inin your minds the impacts of credible" circumstances bethese new year moments. This fore the news hits the headis to be a year of most unex- lines.
pected changeswhichwill boggle
The point of actions from
the minds if you allow it. The here on in will be to panic and
adversary plans great changes paralyze you citizens with the
to come about in these months sheer magnitude of the technola t hand.
o w present upon your place.
The adversary has been workTRUTH STRANGER THAN
ing toward his goal of world
domination by year 2000 for
It is time to write of things thousands upon thousands of
years and you are now within
the final decade of the entrapment so you are going to be
shocked and terrified by that
which will come into your knowledge.
I have gained a reputation of
doom and gloom-fear mongering and even being Satanic. No,
none of those things but what I
will outlay to you "ordinary"
unknowing people will be mindboggling and beyond science fiction of any kind shown to you
prior to now.
The ultimate punch-line to
the adversary's plan is to
align the masses into unity
through assumption of an
outer-space alien threat to
the planet No, I repeat-you
have no enemies in space-they
are all land-locked and the plan
so well laid and orchestrated
that the presentations unto you
will cause you to believe that
which they will tell you. I must
tell you the truth prior to the
"pranks" because only in that
advance warning will you be
prepared. ALWAYS as things
unfold-look unto the PHYSICAL ASPECT. GOD is a SPIRITUAL influence and condition
and thus, that which is manufactured and manifest in the
physical and breaks ANY BIT
SERVES THE ADVERSARYand you are in for some real
doozies right away now.
You will continually harken
back to the writing of yesterday
aswewrite duringthese coming
days because you MUST know
of the separation and sorting
andifyou are stillplayinggames
with God, I suggest it is now
time to stop it. GOD is not a
groveling wimp who will allow
you to go into infinity with such
stupid ideas and actions as you
PLACES! That means that it
will be only through honorable
service and intent that you will
make that journey WITH God.
You may get interim placement
but you had best look most
carefully a t intent because the
days shorten into a very precious few. Each day will be agift
of gifts.
The intent was to pull off a
planetary testing of the massive
Woodpecker/Wormwood pulse
system now fully connected. If
those tests go wrong you will
have a n ignited radioactive belt
about the planet. The assumption is that at worst it will keep
the Hosts from entering your
space. I t will NOT do so. However, your Elite controllers
now have finished and
interconnected underground
survival centers worldwide
and connected by channels
with such advanced technology that hundreds of years
can be spent comfortably in
shelter while the surface
recovers-if necessary. This
will be utilized above or below
sea level. It is only you-thepeople that have no shelters
and will not survive. You still
have time for action because a
few things are not complete and
final function of the "systemn
will be more perfected if the
"Plann is more fully complete
than on this day. However, as of
day one of January, 1992 the
system is linked and the Elite
not mean America, chelas.
What you DO have this day
is a breakdown, however, of the
Soviet breakaways and the Zionist elements. The break-away
nations and the fundamental
elements of the Russian coalition will not tolerate either
Yeltsin or the Zionists, even if a
full-scale nuclear war must be
h a d immediately.
Shevardnadze says you should
be worried mightily about those
nuclear weapons in the "wrong"
speaks much too
are poised and
ready to fire. But that is not the
subject of this evening's writing.
It is time I confirm and explain the presence of massive
underground systems throughout your globewhich are very
"human" oriented and occupied.
You will be told that these
' installations are headed and run
;as a hostage situation-by
aliens. Reptilians and Little
Grays. BS! Are there Reptilians
and Little Grays present? Indeed1 There are massive num' bers of them-all
cloned, replicated and terrifflng. You will
further be told that they hold
your government hostage. More
and deeper heaps of lies-they
are produced by the good-will
dedication and greedy money
grubbing governments a t the
control of the Elite Committee
of 300 who operate out of Switzerlandand headed by the Royal
Crown of England. These are
the Satanic British Zionists
originally known as the Serpent
People. This is exactly why the
Reptilians will be presented to
you as the ones in control. The
Serpent is the symbol of Satan
and these ones have never even
bothered to lie to you about
their label.
Sit quietly for a minute and
consider numbers with me, for
as these underground facilities
'Page 3
catacomb the mountain at all
levels as deep as several miles.
There is only one tunnel open
for public eyes and it is impressive enough to stun the eyes
and minds of hardened engineers.
In the Palmdale area beneath
a "hanger" type building, which
actually is movable on tracks, is
a multilayer technology center
over eight levels in depth and
the size of a massive city. The
workers are mostly manufactured robotoids and synthetics
made for labor with computer
intelligence. Human participants are of the "Ultra top-secret clearance" personnel.
At Edwards launch area in a
bluff (butte) called Haystack,
there is a n even larger installation underground
with incredible beam pulse systems, aircraft launchers, stealth equipment in coalition with the Soviet Cosmosphere program with
total capability of destroying the
planet in some 15 minutes.
Locked into that installation
is a massive underground facility near Tehachapi called The
Anthill (Northrup). There are
open silos wherein light laser
systems are tested and cosmosLOCAL SECRET PLACES
drones sent out like marching
armies to probe electronically.
We will start in the local area They are like little basketballs
of Southern California in the of light running usually to blue
Edwards Air Force Base area and sometimes golden/orange.
extending in a large triangular
These particular installashape which includes all the tions are carved out with digway to Pasadena, Long Beach, ging equipment which melts the
Lancaster, mind as to possibilities as nothTehachapi, Mojave, Edwards ing stops them-not rock nor
and China Lake-just for start- metal. They are drills tipped
with diamond bits and carve a
We have spoken often al- 40 ft. tunnel in mere hours.
ready about the areas of "51", Interconnecting these installa"72",Dulce, etc., in Nevada, tions are high-speed transit rails
New Mexico and Arizona so we with "trainsnwhich "fly" on a n
will leave it to suffice that dupli- electromagnetic system off the
cation is present in those places ground a t incredible speed,
as well. Ones who have had the There has been a lot of "blast"privilege" of tourist rides into ing", also, but covered by the
Yucca Mountain to check out s t o r i e s of aircraft moving
the tunnels for planned nuclear through the sound barrier and
waste sites will not be as after a while it simply became
shocked as the rest of you un- that no-one paid any attention.
suspecting ones.
Mountain alone there are over
35 major tunnels which
At yucca
THE MEANS -Matthew Prior
are coming to finished status
there are a lot of suddenly available unemployed. You are showing increased numbers of unemployed NEW sign-ups of half
a million a week. You are talking now of millions out ofworkfrom where? Yes, from all over,
but WHY?
How many people, say, in
the areaof -caster/
California, might you personally know who work in the aerospace industry wherein groups
work on items which are isolated and secret with penalty of
death as reward for tattling?
Almost all is done on "need to
know" basis and ones are going
to realize they have been working on projects which were so
unworldly as to shock Spielberg.
Worse than what appears on
the surface, they are-subjected
to mandatory testings, physicals, etc., where they are totally
programmed "to forget" what
they have seen and heard.
I am going to name some
names and places (locations)so
that you can check them out as
to authenticity and then you
will find it easier to accept truth
as it is unfolded to you.
I don't even like to speak
much of the Reptilians because
they are dramatically for fear
effect. Some are simply beings
with leathered type of covering
for protection purposes and are
no more than humans in costume. The Little Grays fit into a
different type of category and if
not selectively handled get cDmpletely out of control. These are
both comprised of manufactured (soul-less)beings without
compassion or feelings of any
type. They are very "strong"
physically and the "Grays" can
literally infiltrate into the substance around them, i.e., they
can "float" or disperse through
a wall or door, etc.
There is a third type of replicated being made in the form of
that which is presented to you
on television as an "Orange".
These are computer-bright but
basically clone laborers. These
are very human in appearance
but too synthetic to fit in with
your citizenry.
I am going to remind youTHESE ARE NOT SPACE
I hope you are beginning to
get the picture, chelas. These
are the adversaries OF GOD
and of we, the Hosts. They
neither have the technology to
traverse the cosmos norare they
even allowed into the space beyond the Earth orbiting system
at best.
These ones are led and controlled by the entities who would
Rule the Earth and they are the
reflection of hybrid, emotionless beings who serve the World
Order "Elite". They are basically Satanic tools and act on
direct orders of the controllers.
We don't speak of "Gods" as
such, but the idea fits. It is the
time of sorting and separation
of the participants (players) on
the physical orb called Sh;
(Earth). It is the time of retrieva
Page 4
of God's children who are experiencingon the place for all sorts
of varying reasons in soulgrowth progression. Evil intends to rule the globe and all
things thereon. But, he has
already destroyed the bountiful
wonders of the globe and it cannot continue as is. Therefore,
the plan is to take control
through whatever means available-preferably leaving a remnant of Godly slave laborers and
annihilation of other souled
beings. This will be accomplished in two ways.
1. He will simply convince
the souled beirig that God is not
who and what He claims to be.
Those unthinking masses will
simply be led down the 'primrose" paths through the mire of
lies and disbeliefs of truth.
These, for the most part, will be
called Christians (by any other
label). These ones will be sidetracked into a belief system
which revolves around the human physical being of, say, a
J e s u s Christ or Buddha, as
adequate examples. 'They will
set their intent upon denying
and "proving"the non-presence
of God, Hosts, Goodly Aliens,
etc.--anything of the Spiritual
realms of Light. Their whole
intent will claim infinite experience but will be entrapped in
total physical and materialmatter.
2. He will simply enslave
physically those who stand
against him and as ones are no
longer useful, they will be slain
and/or used for testing, etc.
Disease will wipe out multitudes
and then wars will annihilate
millions, famine and exposure
will get more and in the interim,
all dissenterswill be internedin
compounds if they are thought
to be dangerous to "the cause".
Ones who go about their
business without great confrontation will be basically left alone
if they are in areas wherein they
are no bother.
be tween the higher "commands". Our people are not to
be harmed. This does not mean
that ALL know this even though
ones who attempt bodily harm
are usually taken out a. s.a.p.
by their own group. The adversarywillnot risk encounterwith
my Command. God's people
are "off limits". I suggest you
be making very, very sure as to
whether or not you are one of
God's people. Don't ask ME! If
you don't know then you better
get awfully worried.
Does this mean that God's
people will not be caught in
anything nasty or negative? No,
many of you will perish and no
place, as such, is safer than any
other. I can assure you that you
will have colds and flu, get cold
and get hot, hungry and tired
just like everyone and anyone
else. You WILL be allowed to
fulfill your mission whatever it
might entail and you WILL BE
There is time left for action in
almost unlimited manner ifyou
utilize that time well. Things
are not in order to the point of
desirability on the part of the
Planners so you will simply work
within that circumstance in
which you find self. There are
still some methods of assisting
selves with security in ability to
barter, etc., if you use intelligence. Violence will simply get
all of our workers killed and it
will not be tolerated-if I have to
tell you that point then you are
going to harm more than serve
good. You will be sly as the
serpent and gentle as the dovedead martyrs serve no one. Your
job is not to fight the waryours is to bring Truth, put it to
press, assist wherein you can
by example without force or
undue nagging for each will have
to know for self. We must have
a "remnant" and that means
that you of my command will
not act in foolishness oryou will
be put to the side lest you enINTERFERE
danger the entire lift-off program. You will be given to know
There is full understanding your taskwhen appropriate and
he who acts in greed will be put is recalled and known at the
to last. Know that we can beam time and again remembered a t
you up into safety from M a r s if some time later:
need be. I can get you aboard
the Phoenix, for instance, which AM I
is far outside your orbiting place.
There are massive bases in
Canada but some of the more
important strategic centers are,
of course, around (under) Atlanta and Arkansas. In some of
those areas there were already
a n underground "alien" race
and massive tunnelingcomplex.
There are also ancient tunnels
under Tehachapi, for instance.
The military has now tunneled
right to the side of the crystal in
Tehachapi and we have now
blocked their entry into that
portion of their system. Only a
tiny portion of the crystal in
point is allowed the use of
Other bad news includes a
slow and deliberate addition of
herbicides into the water systems of your cities. Most is by
accidental seepage from growing fields at very low levels of
toxicity but now covering massive areas. A s water supplies
dwindle in the areas stricken by
drought there will be more and
more actual toxic response to
that pollution. There will also
be virus infection via water systemswherebywholevillagesand
sections of cities will become ill
within hours-simultaneously.
The cover-up is massive and
"leakers" or "speakers" are
dealt with instantly by either
absolute negation of "law" or
injection or by death-mostly
the latter depending on the importance of the "squealer". You
have ones in the local group
who are targets who managed
to survive all three types of assault. I will tell you now, it is
very difficult to kill one of my
people. Usually the journey to
this side is vaguely remembered
and almost always the trip itself
No indeed. I am simply telling you that you must be ready
for that next assault on your
beings as we have described it
in the past. Remember, I told
you that before you are through,
the enemy will blame all things
on aliens to prevent any of you
being reclaimed by God-THE
will see through the facade of
the physical illusion and into
the co-creatorship which produced that illusion? When you
understand God then you will
algo understand that it only requires YOUR decision. It is u p
to YOU to choose the gold or the
gold-covered lead! Both appear
the same and often the lead
covered in gold appears the more
shinyand desirable to the fleshly
experience. The lead actually
has more value in the higher
A guide to "clues" is also
available to you who will mentally take a look. The protocols
and instructions are in place.
Bridges, passes and area dams
are now bombed (mined) and
tracking stations already in
place-to keep ones in the area
wherein you ARE when the curtain falls. This means a shutdown of all international travel,
and interstate travel as well, as
time passes. The point is to
actually lock you into a small
areaoflocation and one in which
you can be easily controlled and
accounted for. Note the closure
of one airline after another and
note how many of those airline
planes are a t Mojave! A s surface travel is shut down those
parts will be utilized for other
types of vehicles and weapons.
The plan, of course, is to
allow things to appear natural
JULY 7, 1992
Page 5
in their occurrence-i.e.,
markets will fall and you will be
in a depression but always with
the prattling that "it is getting
better"-"just a fluctuation".
You will be like the Russiansinto disaster without realizing it
happened to you. In your confusion you will get deeper and
deeper into the pit until the trap
isclosed. Then thegovernment
will simply pull out all resources
(welfare)and it will appear most
spontaneous because, after all,
a government without money
cannot maintain anything. The
ignorant will remain ignorant
and in denial until it is over and
some will never know differently,
much less admit that what we
gave forth was right and correct.
Will you go down without
revolution? Probably not, but
the bigger gun usually wins,
especially if he has trained himself to be more clever. You, dear
ones, have been uneducated and
many ofyour so-called educated
adults can neither read nor
duction at such time as viable
life forms can be reintroduced.
You of the remnant of God's
people are for the purpose of
making sure all of God's people
are aboard and into security
when departure time is at hand.
Yes indeed, I am talking
about the total departure and
separation of God from the
planet leaving the evil manufactured entities to their destructive and depleting cycles.
Some who are left and made
poor choices on the wrong assumptions will be allowed
growth a t separation from the
physical as soul separates from
physical life-form but this will
only last through a couple of
generationcyclesat most. However, the truth will be made
obvious and there will be opportunity to again stand in the
place of God. It will, however,
be only briefly and then, finally,
the planet will be left to cleanse
and recover as life forms are
simply cycled away as living
conditions become too hostile
for all life forms.
COULD - -"!
Indeed I did and you can
expect eruption in the Middle
East momentarily because the
Zionist impact is into the areas
of the break-away Republicsand
the military Soviet machine is
efforting right now to squelch
any anti-military control. The
militaqmachine is on the march
and it will prevail. It has been
carefully orchestrated to get
nuclear capability into the
hands of all the little antagonistic nations to specifically allow
for war. Oh indeed, if there
remains aworld of nations, there
remind you-the plans are finished, for all practical purposes,
to totally leave the surface ofthe
planet to destruction while Satan and his henchmen move
into those worm-holes underneath to "ride out" the storms.
In all of the installations are
men, women and children synthesized and ready for repro-
Yes I did and do! But will
you? You don't even have many
who even believe what I just
wrote to you. "Oh," you will
say, "...that is just stupid but
unreal science fiction." Yes,
that is what they assume you
will say and how you will react
to Truth. How comfortable are
you this moment? How stable
is the economy? How stable are
the jobs? How healthy is your
society physically, emotionally
and spiritually? HOW do you
believe it can RECOVER? Where
have all your industries gone?
Well, brothers, most of them
have literally gone underground-where they don't need
YOU any longer. The Plan is to
bring the population of this
planet down again to 500 million people and no more-that
means some 6 billion people
will be killed--one way or another. That also means that a
lot of God's REAL children, with
proper intent of Godness, will
be watching from a nice safe
distance in order to begin and
establish a working system
within Radiance.
A s I remind Dharrna of the
experience of total treasure
when the very hand of God
brought you out of the void of
mist-so shall that hand lift you
into eternal radiance--IF YOU
3/5/92 #1
Since speaking about the
underground facilities around
this California area, I am, as
expected, deluged with inquiries regarding other placements.
I will make a point of going
through the various states and
giving you some idea where the
major installations are and
where there are missiles. I don't
have time to be totally specific
nor give maps with specific tunnel runs, etc. Please don't expect more for it is dangerous for
these writers here to present
such a thing but I will share
some information so that you
can be alert and you who do
have contacts might get the areas more specifically defined
and updated. Revealing the
secrets is the only defense you
Most places are covered with
rumorsandthingslike," ...well,
I'm working on 'need to know'
basis and I said I wouldn't tell."
This means that number One:
they are working on something
they actually know very little
about. Two: they are working
underground on installations
but have no idea of the broad
picture. Three: They are threatened on the basis of "national
security" and threat of punishment for treason and Four: They
(with family) have been promised the reward of safe placement IF they keep silent about
the truth of the installations.
Already the "big boys", as
industryis shut down, are moving into the safe shelters-you
are that close to probable danger.
You will now find that you
will get no help from your government in the building of shelters so you are on your "own",
so to speak. You should continue to ask for public funding
but do not expect it and do not
base your security on the possibility.
In areas of these massive
underground installations and
nearby "bedroom" areas, such
asTehachapi, you have a situation of "vacant censusw-which
means that you have many
houses which are now partially
(occasionally) occupied but
Page 6
which will empty very soon now
that the facilitiesare operational
and the major "building" and
construction a r e finished.
Places such as Tehachapi will
likely end up pretty much a
ghost town but will be quite
ideal for young industry in foodgrowing, dairy farming, etc. This
is because the full underground
cities will not become effective
yet, for the Elite. Ones who are
not invited within will have to
move on to find work so much
movement will need be back
into the cities.
3/5/92 #2
A s I sit to write this portion
regarding missile sites and.
underground facilities-please
understand, I simply cannot
take time to do a run-down of
the world. There are other Commanders in other parts of the
globe and I, for time reasons,
will only handle the United
States. Keep in mind that what
I am going to indicate does not
have to do with simple military
installations, etc. I am only
going to deal with underground
missiles and military installations underground. I will miss
some for much is being enlarged
daily-but now that most of the
major construction is finished
it will suffice for impact to
allow you to recognize how
truly uninformed you are as a
nation. You in the other parts
of the globe can consider that
you are in equal or worse
shape-especially any "colony"
of Great Britain.
The logical inquiry regarding
these massive underground
installations is "how could they
do that without having huge
mountains of dirt to move and it
would show!" No it would notthey have equipment now that
will tunnel and melt the earth
material into substance which
,an be utilized for the walling
and shoring. This condenses
the quantity of material into a
small percentage of that with
which the project begins. This
a diameter much larger than
the average sized home so you
can see how advanced is the
I ask you not to write me
about specifics nor locations-I
any of you wish to share for
either my private confirmation
or for sharing but please do not
expect me to give specifics s r
long dissertations on various
locations for I shall not do soI hesitate to even give this much
information for I will have to
increase the shielding for my
own crew because of it. I am
most pleased to handle any private correspondence but it will
be one-way for a period of time,
perhaps. Some of these areas
will only represent having underground missiles.
I will effort to give nearby
sitesas reference, i.e.: Alabama:
Maxwell A.F.B. north of Montgomery, south of Rattville.
Anniston Army Depot south
into the Tallegeda National Forest under Cheah Mtn., drawing
water from the Coosu River.
Maxwell A.F.B, north of
Montgomery , s o u t h
Rattville-drawing water from
the Alabama River.
Fort Rucker: MAJOR SITE-very large area. North to Brundidge, east incl. Ariton, southeast to Ozark, south almost to
Hartford and west, almost to
Elba. Drawing water from the
Pea River Res., predominantly.
Small installation between
Mesquite and Glendale.
Large installations between
Searchlight and Boulder City.
Border of Nev./Ca. directly
north of Needles, Ca. in line
south from above installation.
East of Kingman some 35
miles east, past junction of 40
and 93. Right under and around
1-40 directly in-line south of
Peach Springs. Desolate territory with few landmarks.
Area under 1-40 between
(approx midway) Winona and
West of Phoenix under I- 10,
approx. midway between Wintersburg and Quartzsite.
Between Yuma and Casa
Grande on (under)1-8, approximately midway be tween
Mohawk and Sentinel.
North of Yuma on H-95 approximately midway from intersection of H-95 and 1-8 and
Fort Huachuca near border
with Mexico in general area of
Huachuca City.
In Arkansas there is a different situation wherein you have
a lot of useful natural formations which allow for utilization. Most of the facility activity
has been focused on the Ft.
Smith area taking in the entire
Ft. Chaffee military res.
California h a s so many
installations that it is all but
impossible to point to them all.
Massive water tunnels and The ones along the coast are set
underground facilities and mis- up so as to be open for massive
sile sites in an area running underground moving of equipfrom Kotzebue to Ruby to and ment in event of quake or coastal
including all of Norton Bay.
devastation. Underground tunIn the Fairbanks area in- nels are structured in order to
cluding all of the Harding Lake move nuclear submarines from
the Long Beach area to inland
Rec. Area.
Stoney Creek area, in the to tunnels to move ground
vicinityoftheRedoubtVolcano. equipment by surface to inland.
[H: You should pick up a great We will not focus on any one
area to great extent for as we list
"clue" right here!]
the area, say, of Lancaster, it
Arizona is so sprinkled with will generally take in Lancaster,
installations housing missiles Palmdale, Mojave, Edwardsand
that it is hard to separate them u p to Tehachapi a r e a s of
from Nevada so I will include Northrop, Lockheed, etc. Rethe southeast corner of Nevada member that in this particular
listing I am giving you "general
Starting at the north end of
the state: a very large area
including all of the Round Valley Indian Res.
Area all around Ball Mountain Intersecting area of Red
Bluff and including Red Blrrff.
Massive area including just
south of Alturas, including
Likely and Madeline and east
almost to Eagleville. Includes
the entire origin of the South
Fork which eventually makes
its way to the Pit River.
Yuba City and overlapping:
Nevada City, overlapping
south to
Grass Valley (massive area).
Lake Tahoe-Tahoma-Emerald Bay
Placerville area from Coloma
to El Dorado to Kyburz
There is a NOTICEABLE absence of major facilities around
San Francisco, but a MAJOR
dual installation directly east in
Nevada a t Hawthorne and including (under) southern portion of Walker Lake.
Coastal missile facility including Pacific Grove Monterey
to Salinas-including Ft. Ord.
West of King City, including
all of Hunter Liggett Mil. Res.
south including Nacimiento
Reservoir east to overlap facility
which takes in a large area includingcamp Robertsand Paso
Major crucial sites at area of
Camp Nelson northeast of
Porterville and entire area of
Tule River Indian Res. and on
south almost to Woody-in the
Sequoia Natl Forest.
China Lake-massive.
China Lake Naval Weapons
Fort Irwin-massive. On H54 southwest of China Lake,
northeast Tehachapi, approx.
50 mi. northeast Mojave-large
Lancasterl Palmdale a n d
points east: MASSIVE, taking
in areas from northwest of
Barstow to east of Barstow to
some 30 or so miles east of
Barstow on I- 15 (desolate area).
Page 7
Southeast of Boise on H-84
This area is in conjunction is actually a place known as
with the mammoth area of the Peterson A.F.B. This is amajor just northwest of Mountain
Homeperhaps 10-15 miles.
Nellis bombing and gunnery and important location.
CONNECTICUT, MASAll of Mountain Home milirange and the entire Las Vegas
SACHUSETTS, RHODE IS- tary facility.
Large installation on H-84 at
In the Palmdale/Lancaster LAND:
area must be included Edwards
There is another facility just
A.F.B., a facility on H-395 at
Woodstock (largefacility both
across the border in Montana
Adalanto and a facility on I- 15 Mass./Conn.)
New London
about midway between Coeur
between Victorville and Barstow
(about mid-way). These sites
Worchester (Quinugamond) D'Alene and Missoula on H-10
and one south into Nevada on
located on major interstates and
Fitchburg (Ft. Devans)
well traveled roads are to allow
All the Military Reservation H-193 south of Contact.
for checking stations as you and Natl Guard Facility east of
ILLINOIS: There are only a couple of
move further into the controlled Buzzard Bay.
important bases in'Illinois beenvironment. These are located
in areas wherein theretare maFlorida is a strange place in cause it is expected that with
jor connections with interstate that major underground facili- great earth changes there will
facilities-some three to fivejust ties are lacking but missile bases be no Illinois. There is an instalabound in clusters. This is be- _lation and missile sites at Chibetween L.A. and L.V.
The entireTwentynine Palms cause of the high water table cago arfd facilities of both kinds
Marine Corps Base and area a n d expectation t h a t with at
Chanute A. F.B. south of
between and including Ludlow planned earth activities the
to 'hentynine Palms.
major part of Florida will be Rantoul.
Ft. Massac at the Ky. border
Facility on 1-40 about mid- submerged. This requires that
way between Ludlow a n d the underground bgses be along north of Paducah.
the shoreline and house subINIBIANA:
Atterbury Reserve Forces
Long Beach is a massive marine-capable facilities.
Mafor installation including Training Ground including
underwater facility with water
tunnels which connect all the Foley, Ala. and the entire of Brown County State Park.
Crane Naval Weapons Supway inland past San Bernar- Pensacola Naval Station and
dino with connecting travel tun- eastward all the way and in- port Center
nels to both Lancaster area and cludingFreeport and De Funiak
Jefferson Proving Grounds
the Marine Base.
Springs and around north to
Vaconiaand entire areaconSouth to the Salton Sea- Crestview.
nected to include Fort Knox and
the entire area including ChocoPanama City: all of Tyndal Federal Depository.
late Mtn. Gunnery Range.
A.F.B. (underwaterand offshore)
Large area on west coast at
Iowacan sleep well but don't
Theentire areajust east (into
Ariz) of the Colorado River In- ~almetta.
expect to have an unexpected
dian Res.
Interlockingpods all the way place to run for shelter. You
Starting at Capistrano and on east coast from Miami to the have some scattered missile
south through all of Camp tip including Homestead A.F.B. sites but no major underground
Pendelton, includingOceanside.
facilities or major missile pods.
Moving on south to southMajor dual installation at At3/6/92#1 HATONN
east: Capitan Ind. Res., then on lanta in an area taking in De1-8, the Manzanita Ind. Res., catur to Jonesboro.
east to Brawley to include the
Augusta: Total area includREPTOIDS
Parachute Test Range and Na- ing Fort Gordon and east to the
val Air Facility near El Centro Gov't area (massive) including
To "Robert" in AZ. Thank
and on east-to the entire Yuma the Savannah River Plant. This you for information and sugIndian Res.
is a huge area.
gestion regarding Reptoids. I
South to Savannah and in- would have to, unfortunately,
Moving west to east on 1-70: cluding all of the Fort Stewart remind you that the reptilian
Parachute; Vail (large political area.
appearing humanoids a r e
facility);site of Eisenhower Mem.
Ft. Benning at Columbus. mostly fabrications of gene and
DNA splicing right on your
On 1-25 south from Denver,
MAJOR INSTALLATIONS AT planet by very "human" hands
all of the Air Force Academy, THE U.S. ATOMIC ENERGY and test-tubes with approprisouth to the area southeast of COMM. RES. north-west of ate hosts. These are unstable,
Colorado Springs (Ft. Carson). Idaho Falls. This is a most fragile and are "manufactured".
All of the area east of 1-25 at important facility and an ex- These beings are created beFountain north of Pueblo; this tremely dangerous area.
cause of the Elite hiearchy who
represented thernse1vesas"Serpent people" and are most
adversarial in intent. They are
now proliferated to scare the
daylights out of humanity because the human is now trained
to hate and fear the snake. This
is most unfortunate indeed.
These beings who create this
"species" of controlled entity
are very much isolated to the
area of Earth. If you are set-up
by the adversary and move with
adversarial (physical)intent you
may very well be concerned. If
you are within God's c i r c l e
you have nothing to fear and
certainly not from "space".
I am working as fast as the
scribe's hands will go to get that
very information out to you-.
involving many of the projections. We must, however, take
the most urgent in proper sequence. If you have no society
left-then it matters little about
those things. We must give you.
information first which can allow you ability to CHANGE.
A s to those who claim that
the government and workers are
hostage to these aliens and little
"grays", I have but this to say
about it: if this be true why do
those very ones keep the underground for their own use and
ARE??? If the government and
military were not the perpetrators and developers wouldn't
they just turn them loose on
YOU? These pale salamander
people might well exist but it
certainly seems that the gwernment keeps them all to
selves. For that matter what
causes you to think that we
tunnels for you-the-people?
You know why you can tell
who is doing what to whom-by
the level of "euilnin every form
of activitiy! God hides nothing
in the secret places and HIS
security is open as the Light of
which it IS.
We are shaped and fashioned by
what we love.
-Johann von Goethe
Page 8
3/6/92 #2
H: Good morning, Dharma.
Thank you for attending my
needs this day. I would prefer
that we put these military bases
with installations on them and
sites of missiles and underground facilities onto a tape. It
is too time consuming the way
we were working with it yesterday. All we need are general
locations but I find that everyone is gettingvery tedious about
it, wanting extremely large
amounts of information and I'm
not going to go into that. So I
feel that the best approach to
this is for you just to sit here
and you're going to have to learn
to deal with this situation of
looking. I will effort at giving
you the locations and I believe
that spellingthese proper names
will be your biggest problem so,
please bear with me if I forget.
All you've got to do is go and
look upon a road map of some
kind but I will endeavor to spell
things as we go along and then
whether Dharrna or someone
else takes it off of the tape to list
it, it will save u s a great deal of
We have made it to Kentucky
and as our treasure maps are
laid forth, Kentucky and Tennessee are adjacent and also on
the same pages. Again, 1 am
stressing that I am utilizing installations big enough that they
were started in construction
many years past and have been
continually in development.
There will be one or two that we
will list, as in California in the
area of facilities, as with Angeles Crest National Forest, where
those missile sites were put in
and since removed, as far as
you know. However, those silos
have been utilized and the tearing down of those bases and the
vandalism which ensued was
all very purposeful and other
facilities have been built on top
of those areas which you would
recognize as something elseeither ayouth camp, some surface governmental installation
or private incarceration facility-so that you are not curious
about it. I can tell you now that
every vacated missile silo is attached to something underground. I cannot possibly list
all of those places.
You in local areas put out
your grapevine. Youll find out.
It's like our friend, Mr. Quade,
said, "Well, that's not a conspiracy and that can't be a conspiracy because everyone
knows." No, everyone doesn't
know and a conspiracy is two,
three or more working together
to secretly plan an illegal actas a result, these are conspiracies. It's very hard to keep total
silence but you will note in the
area of Tehachapi most of the
ones who work and live in the
areawork in those underground
facilities, or have in the past as
they are ending their construction phase, so you will find
almost avacated city. There are
reasons why ones remain quiet.
For one thing, they don't know
what they're doing, they just
simply work a t one of those
facilities but that's neither here
nor there. Let us move on now.
I believe we're ready to begin.
We're going to start with Kentucky.
There is an extremely large
base and facility that runs north
of Hopkinsville, down south inclusive to the we:t of Fort
Campbell Military Reservation.
This one will receive water from
the great resexvoir there, the
lake to the east, Lake Barkley
and it will also pull from the
Cumberland River. This is an
extremely large installation with
silos with a lot of stuff going on
underground. This is the major
Tennessee installation. It's difficult to leave out the installations which cross borders, so
well move over to Kentucky and
to the north at Madison, Indiana. Just across the border
close to Carrolton, you will find
the Jefferson Proving Ground.
There is a very large experimental installation in that area,
mostly on the side of Indiana.
Moving downward to Louisville and on west, you will find
Fort Knox. We've spoken of that
before. I won't go into it. It's a
military reservation with
Moving eastward to Danville
inclusive of Perryville, there is a
large installation.
Those are the major points of
importance as far as defense or
research in both Kentucky and
it does not divide them into
states and we have a little problem for your understanding and
there's going to be overlapping
of states so if I mention them
twice, please, understand.
Moving to the east along I10,you will come to Biloxi, passing Gulfport, to the Beauvoir
Jefferson Davis Home which is
a park setting. Again, pay attention to where they have these
parks. That is Keesler Air Force
Installation. That is a very, very
We will go to the east of the important area with a massive
state to Manhattan Military Base underwater installation.
with installation at Fort Riley
the very upper part of the
Military Reservation that includes Ogden and it runs under state, at Caribou, just to the
north of it including a place
Interstate 70.
Then eastward to Leaven- called Limestone, is a rather
worth. There is a Fort Leaven- large inland facility.
Moving all the way to the
worth, this is an extremely, extremely important installation south of the state to the area of
with large facilities under- Brunswick, you will find the
ground. There isafederal prison entire area under Popham
and there is a massive installa- Beach is a water facility with
submarine capability and untion beneath that prison.
Anywhere where you have derwater missiles. By the way,
major prison facilities such as some of the missiles are Rusyou do in Tehachapi, Califor- sian or Soviet missiles and have
nia, you're going to have instal- been in the area for a long time
lations beneath that prison and and this is part of the reason for
they use prison labor and espe- the installation as a defense
cially ones who are put into mechanism against those Soisolation for any period of time viet missiles out there offshore.
and ones that you would recogMichigan is clean. That is
nize as being on death row, they
are utilized for labor for these not good news. That is because
there is full expectation when
underground installations.
the New Madrid Fault goes, it is
Move southward from expected to take Michigan with
Shreveport to Leesville and you it or a t least the northern part of
will fmd Fort Polk Military Reser- the state of Michigan.
vation. That is a reservation
Minnesotais clean. You have
andan installation. That is the
only important site in LOUISI- a lot of area above the ground
ANAeven though there are many but no major, major sites where
great research is going on. There
other bases.
You will have to understand are some missile sites in and
that areas along the Mississippi around Minnesota but no inRiver are not utilized for un- stallations of research.
derground facilities, there are
The only one of notable worth
other plans for that river and it
doesn't protect those under- is the one at Biloxi.
ground facilities.
You have two major exWhile we are here, however,
facilities with misI feel that we should mention
Mississippi because in con- siles.
Whiteman Air Force Base a t
junction with LOUISIANA, you
see, the federal government di- Knob Noster. It will take in the
vides your nation into districts, entire area between Knob Nos-
JULY 7,1992
Page 9
down to Beatty, including
ter and south to Windsor. This massive underground facilities. portant missile sites.
will encircle to the east of
J u s t south of Omaha at OfSouth near the western bor- Lathrop Wells, Indian Springs,
futt Air Force Base is a major, d e r with California n e a r circling back up in a wide circle
Hawthorne is amassive Depart- to Alamo, you will find in that
Southeast to Waynesville, critical, crucial installation.
ment of Defense Depot. It actu- area a large underground misyou will find Leonardwood MiliNevada district will take ally is a disposal site. This is a sile base. It's hard to identify.
tary Reservation. This is a very
large installation.
some doing, so bear with me. massive, very, very important Its HQ is on Hwy 93, just south
There are some extremely impor- installation and from this area of Alamo.
Moving up through Hiko and
A large areaaround Kalispell, tant major, major facilities. They comes a lot of the contarninasouth and including Marion and are so important that I hesitate tion that is surfacing in the then making a swinging eastit takes in all of the Bitterroot to even... I should just take Mono Lake area in California. erlycircle back to Warm Springs,
There is massive activity of that includes all of the Nellis Air
Lake Recreation area.
Nevada as an entire state and
every kind in the Toiyabe Na- Force Range. It includes Papas
Moving south to Missoula, call it dangerous.
encircling a n a r e a from
Beginning a t the north al- tional Forest.
Lake which is dry and at that
J u s t north of Gabbs on 36 1 point you find the Nevada Test
Frenchtown to Milltown includ- most mid-section of HWY 95 a t
ing Potomac and including all of a place close to, well it would be is a n underground missile pod. Site. You are going to refer to it
the area under the Forest Ser- identified as Granite Peak on These missile pods or sites are as Yucca Flats, I believe, and
vice Fire Department buildings mapping, just north of Orovada, big enough for underground of- within that you're going to find
Yucca Mountain and you're goand that part of the forest. It's is a major missile underground fices and living facilities.
East of Lida, under the in- ing to find it interesting to reda National Forest. It is the Lolo site.
National Forest. A lot of the
Moving down HWY 95, just tersection of 266 and 95 is a n ize that it is not even attached to
work is performed through the south of Imlay, is a n under- underground missile complex. Nellis Air Force Base except by
University of Montana. Much ground missile site very close to
Under 95 at the intersection tunnel.
Moving southward to Las
genetic development, DNA rep- .Ryepatch Reservoir. The im- of 374 a t a place just northeast
of Beatty is a large installation Vegas, you will, of course, find
lication studies have been per- portant landmark is Star Pk.
formed in that area.
Moving back u p HWY 95 to of underground missiles. This Nellis Air Force Base just barely
Great Falls and to the west of where it changes into Interstate is directly connected to the Cali- to the NE of the city.
You will find a major missile
the city taking in the area of a 80, southeast of Golconda, on I- fornia installation which includes
midway between the juncplace, not necessarily a military 80 is an underground missile
facility under road 395 attached tion of 168, 3 17 and I- 15 near
reservation, but a place called site.
Fort Shaw.
Move on across 1-80, when to the U.S. Naval OrdinanceTest Mesquite.
Two underground missile
South of Dillon just north of you get to HWY 93, go north and Station and, of course, is ata little place called Dell on I- 15, just north of Wilkins is a small tached to the China Lake Mili- sites, one on I- 15 near the borunder it, there is a n installation installation right under that tary Reservation. This is a n der of Calif. just a little west of
and there are underground mis- HWY.
extremely important, critical Jean and then, moving s o u t to
Moving on to the east on 1-80 facility.
Searchlight on Hwy 95, another
Please note that in many of about midway between Oasis
In California to the south- just north of the intersection of
these descriptions I'm giving and Wendover with a landmark east you'll find the China Lake 163.
NEW HAMPSHIREIVERyou, they actually are on or of Pilot Peak. By the way, Pilot Naval Weapons Center and Fort
under major transportation Peak is quite a way from that Irwin Military Reservation and MONT
These are only separated by
road but that is the siting land- then between Yermo, on I- 15,
Now north and east find mark. There is a pretty good and Baker is a major under- the river. These have to be
Glasgow. This is Fort Peck sized underground missile in- ground missile facility.
extremely general. They are
Recreational Area. This is a stallation and it probably is reAt the California/ Nevada military installations but they
very large area. It is just north ferred to in the circles as Silver border is another underground are unmarked and for all pracof Fort Peck Lake and uses a lot Zone Pass.
missile facility, quite small, but tical purposes would never be
of water from that lake.
Go back to the western part these ones on these highways known.
of the state. North of Reno and are set for surfacing and the
In the northwest upper corOne of the most important of Sparks on a road 445, you will installation will be brought ner of New Hampshire, under
installations, Norad, is located find the Reno Naval Air Station. above ground and these will be the area of the Jay Peak Ski
very near and north of Omaha. That's a n extremely important your ways of stopping interstate Area, then to the Cochran Ski
This r u n s approximately to one.
travel. Most especially, it will be Area, including the Bolton ValBlair, west almost to Winslow
Traveling along 1-80, west of important to stop travel from ley Ski Area and south includand the Elkhorn River runs di- Lovelock, you will find two land- California, for many reasons, ing the Mad River Glen Ski Area,
rectly through it.
marks. These are catacombed into Nevada.
near Woodstock is the Killington
Moving southward to avery, with missiles. One is the
In Nevada, of course, and Ski Area, then the Magic Mounvery important place where alot Humboldt Sink and the other surrounding the entire area of tain Ski Area and the Mt. Snow
of the monkeys meet and it Carson Sink. These are both the Nellis Air Force Range, all Ski Area.
would seem a totally unreason- areas which are closed to the the way from Warm Springs,
Now to Vermont: to the east
able place for them to meet until public. One extends under I- west to Tonopah, circling down of Franconia are large underyou consider Norad and then 80. You will find practically no to the facility and Lida, through ground installations with misyou have to realize there are reference to these two most im- and including Scottys Jct., on siles at Cannon Mountain, cir-
Page 10
JULY 7; 1992
Page 11
Page 12
cling down into the area called
Old M a n of the Mountains.
West of Conway is Waterville
Valley Ski Area.
Then Sanbornville Moose
Mountain Ski Area and then, of
course, you get to Portsmouth,
all of the area under Rye Harbor. These are rather sophisticated living facilities included
along with the missile and defensive installations. A lot of
research takes place in these
areas but, as much as anything, this is a facility for Elite
housing with a protection of
these sophisticated missile systems.
New Jersey is basically aforfeit state with most installations being quite public. There
is a large installation with missiles in place at Fort Dix Military Reservation. That is near
South to Browns Mills and
just south along a little road of
539, almost including Whiting,
is a large Air Force missile installation and facility.
On HWY 11 from just south
of Watertown to just north of
Pulaski, a very long distance
that includes underneath the
town of Adams, is a large missile installation and facility.
Northeast of that area on
HWY 11, under HWY 11 a t the
intersection which would enter
Fort Drum Military Reservation,
there is a missile installation
under that road a t that intersection attached to Fort Drum. A
very large military reservation
with missile and facility.
West Point is a very critical underground facility.
I have very little to say about
Long Island Sound, it is forfeit.
New York is forfeit, by that I
mean New York City.
ThisisSide2 regardingmilitary installations with underground and major security facilities and missiles and also missile sites with small facilities.
lnderground facilities but, of
zourse, they are absolutely,
incredibly huge.
The entire area of White
Sands Missile Range around
Alamogordo, all the way south
into Texas a t El Paso, crossing
the river and taking in a little bit
of borderland of Mexico, underground. You've got massive facilities above the ground. You
have incredible, incredible
multi-level underground facilities. Beneath the ground, you
have alien alternates; that will
be where your shuttles have
been stored-this is the biggest
lie on your planet.
Now, as you consider New
Mexico, you will find every major freeway and roadway has
multiple, multiple missile and
facility sites for blocking all incoming traffic from every direction. These will rarely be at
cities or towns. They will always be out in the open between places so I can only give
you the general mid-location.
Well start with the one to
farthest west on 1-40, that is
also Route 66.
There is one very near the
border east of Lupton, midway
to Gallup.
There is one at a little place
called Blue Water, almost in the
little town running under the
little town.
A s you get to Albuquerque,
of course, you have a large military installation with facilities
at Kirtland Air Force Base.
On 1-40 between Clines Corners and Santa Rosa.
North on 1-25 there is a n
installation with missiles a t
approximately Pecos.
Further north on 25 is a
regular size installation with
missiles a t Fort Union National
Monument , approximately.
That i s midway between
Watrous and Wagon Mound.
Up 1-25 is a small one midway between Maxwell a n d
Then outside Raton a t the
border a t Raton Pass is another
very large one, missiles with
In Colorado, n o r t h of
Trinidad, also on 1-25 is another.
Let u s move now on down
through the state.
At Clovis, you have a large
facility with missiles under Cannon Air Force Base and there is
an oasis there that isjust northwest of Portales.
Back to 1-25, a missile base
and large facility to the west of
White Sands, under 1-25.
On 1-10 midway between
Lordsburg and Demingisalarge
missile underground facility.
Along the border and overlapping into Texas, I think you
would call it almost a four corners, east of Malaga, is just a
large facility and there is very
little in that area. It is well
hidden. It is almost unknown.
It is alarge facility underground,
Fort Bragg Military Reservation.
In the area of Jacksonville,
unlisted, b u t is a military
At the ocean where the New
River empties, you will find
Camp LeJune a n d around
Cherry Point is another military
installation with missiles.
Of course, you have the entire area around the Savannah
River Plant, which we've already
spoken about, with lap-over or
underground connections to
Fort Gordon in Georgia.
Now realize that is the Savannah River Plant I just spoke
of because there are other major installations at Fort Stewart
at the city of Savannah.
A unique state with very little secret underground activity.
Note that none of these installations are for public utilization
under any circumstances. They
are for Elite survival only or
they are major defense and/or
Elite research facilities, very
advanced research facilities.
There are four major military installations.
One a t Enid, at Vance Air
Then toward the south, Fort
Sill Military Reservation a t
West to Altus. At Altus, you
have also Altus Air Force Base.
Then to the south on 1-44
you will come to Sheppard Air
Force Base and that is a t the
border or close to the border of
Texas near Wichita Falls.
Large installation across the
border into Washington a t
Richland and Kennewick,in that
area, not well defined.
South into Oregon on 1-84
between Boardman and Echo is
a missile facility. This will be a
major disposal station for travellers.
There are so many and so
much going on in the area from,
approximately, Le Grande, all
the way to Ontario, a t the border of Idaho, east into Idaho and
west to almost HWY 395 that I
cannot isolate them for you.
That entire area is catacombed.
On HWY 84 at Biggs is a
missile installation, military
controlled, of course.
The coastal important one to
note, and this would include
great underground water capability tunneling is around Coos
Bay. There is a naval air station
and this, ofcourse, is controlled
by Naval Intelligence.
East across the state to
Burns, in that general area,
mostlyin the forest areaorwhat
you would call the Ochoco National Forest, there's a large
conglomerate type of installation.
At the intersection of 78 and
95 there are two, one being at
that intersection more critical
than the other and then a regular missile silo facility. But at
that intersection is a major, irnportant missile station.
Now let u s move back to the
west and there are some military underground installations
in these general areas: Jacksonville, Applegate, around
Medford all the way to Butte
Falls and then south of Klamath Falls at Keno, on and under road 66.
Around the general area of
Lakeview there are some winter
sports areas and some geysers.
JULY 7,1992
There would be some thermal derneath 1-70. There was a
Area of Tacoma, including
activity utilized by that particu- missile site at Green River; that Olympia, are large underwater
lar installation.
was a diversion. It was a testing experimental facilities.
Between Grand Mound and
missile launch site; everybody
At Erie, great underwater knew about it but the important Lacey is a missile installation
on 1-5.
one was this area in point.
On 1-79 south of Meadville,
To the east, all of the U.S.
East of Green River near the
midway to the intersection of I- Colorado border is another ma- Military Reserve at Yakima. It's
80, missile installation.
jor missile installation under I- called the Yakima U.S,Military
On 1-80 a t regular intervals, 70, including a portion of the Reserve.
midway between intersection 1- Colorado River as it r u n s
Further east, of course, most
53 and Moshannon, and mid- through that area. In this par- important is Hanford, north of
way between intersection of 880 ticular part of Utah are mas- Richland, and it takes in quite a
and intersection of 15, missile sive, massive research, technol- bit of the Columbia River.
Set up to guard that place is
ogy and UFO bases. Some are
legitimate UFO bases. These a n installation on 1-82.
Down theColumbiaRiver on
Major underground facility are not necessarily your friends.
in the area of Buffalo.
I don't want to get into aliens a t 1-84, just over into the Oregon
Missile facility under HWY this time. I'm just telling you side, betweenapproximatelythe
28 1, south of Aberdeen.
where these facilities are and junction of HWY 74 and the
To the east of Rapid City, thesearemilitary, United States intersection of 730, under the
almost a t New Underwood on I- of America Military, so don't Columbia River and 1-84 is a
90, missile facility.
confuse it with aliens. In this missile facility.
Reminding you that these particularareaenoughresearch
When I get to the area of
are on heavily traveled thor- has been going on that it has discussions of specific cities, I11
oughfares for traffic control. been monitored continually by be a little more specific.
They would also be targeted by "alien" craft-many,
any enemy for destruction of sightings,legitimatesightings-The only one I see of any
interstate travel facility or ca- in that area because we've re- importance really is the one at
pability .
ally had our eye on what has New Glarus.
been going on there. In this
I need two or three hours on given area, all around in this
Southern border in WyoUtah but I'm not going to be able area, it's divided off into dis- ming. I will only give you the
to have it, obviously. Let's just tricts and in some of those cliffs, major locations of the missile
start in the upper northwest. buttes, mountainous areas, you sites.
The entire area of Hill Air have a lot of things going on
On 1-90, southeast of the
Force Base and Hill Air Force includingcattlemutilations,etc. intersection with 1-95, midway
Range. These are near the Great I'm not going to get into all of to Gilette is a missile installaSalt Lake and include all of things and ramifications of that tion underground.
Ogden and Brigham City.
statement here, either. Utah is
South on 1-25, midway beThe Wendover Range, Desert a hotbed of advanced tech- tween Buffalo and Casper, just
north of HWY 378 intersection
Test Center, and Dugway Prov- nology.
ing Grounds. No (unauthorized)
is an underground missile inbody is allowed into these areas
Texas is another area that I'll stallation.
under any circumstances.
have t o by-pass. I will mention
1-80 is pock-marked with
Then the Desert Range Ex- as we go through in some of the these things all the way across
perirnental Station down west cities. There are so many in your nation.
of Milford on 122.
Midway between Fort Bridger
Texas that I cannot, by any
On I- 15, north of Beaver, is a means, begin to label them all. and Little America is a large
VIRGINIA/WESTVIRGINIA underground missile facility.
missile guard installation.
On HWY 89, between Kanab
The same is true of Virginia
At the Continental Divide is
and Glen Canyon, is a small and West Virginia but I would alargeunderground facilitywith
missile installation.
tell you to keep your eye on the missiles.
Now let u s move back up to area of the U.S. Marine Corp.
East of Walcott, then past
1-70. I don't know how to ex- Reserve in the area of Triangle McFadden, northwest of
plain this area to you. There is and a t Port Royal, Camp A. P. Laramie.
at least 180 miles of area in that Hill.
barren desert including what is
I have to tell you about Alcalled th? San RafaeISwell. This
Large facility at Winthrop. berta, Canada. There is a masis to the west of Green River.
Another a t SnoqualmieSum- sive underground installation,
There is an extremely large, mit Area on 1-90. It's a winter extremely important in the area
important missile facility un- sports area.
of ihe Primrose Lake Air Weap* .'
Page 13
onsRange. Thisisanincredibly
importantjoint venture with the
United States and 1 might add,
a little Soviet and, of course,
Great Britain.
In Puerto Rico, all around
the San Juan Naval Air Station.
To the northwest, in the area
of Smyrna, you will find an Air
Force Base.
To the east, in the area of
North Decatur, you'll find a
Veterans Hospital. A lot of research takes place in that Veterans Hospital and in some
underground laboratories located there.
In Atlanta, Fort McPherson
and, of course, the Federal
Prison. Then south to William
Hartsfield International Airport.
There are facilities there, military controlled.
You have the NavyYards that
are presumed closed. They are
very much open and operable
with much underwater activity.
Very important area at the International Airport called General Edward Lawrence Logan
International Airport.
The U.S. Military Reservation at the very opening of Boston Harbor.
In the area of the city, South
Locust Point Marine Terminal.
Moving around the lake,
Dundalk Marine Terminal.
At Curtis Bay a t a point on a
north projection, Maryland Port
Then, of course, you have
the ~ a l t i m o r ewashington
International Airport area, a
very, very large facility.
East to the GSA Depot across
the water to the U.S. Coast
Guard Depot.
Very important one at the
Birmingham Municipal Airport.
Many military controlled in-
~ a g k14
One at C a p Livingston and area.
Kansas City Downtown AirOne at the Niwafa Falls In- then the Cincinnati Municipal
Theveterans Memorial Cen- port.
terrrationd Airpod,
Airport Lunken Field,
ter south of Dallas and then
Kansas City StocbmdsFairly large one a t Greater
right in the heart of Dallas near that" very interesting.
Buffalo International ~ i r p o r ~ A11 along the lake shore; the IheArntrakTeminalunderthat
Heart Airport.
One a t a little place called ~ g a sguard
station, Burke
federal building,
Buffalo Air Park.
Front Airport, Cleveland
G r a d Prairie Airport, Lucas
One at BeWitt Spain Airport
Another little one c$lei Or- "nicipal Boat Docks. Airport and Dallas Naval Air and then the Memphis Internac h d P s k Airpr;trt.
To the south: the Naval Train- Station.
tional Airport is a lmge instalThere is a Militw controlled ing Station, Halloran Park and
facility a t Fost Erie.
Broqk Park a t Cleveland
In Detroit: Mettetd Airport
Wopkins International Airport. and Willow Run Airport.
s with them, All surChicago is riddled, even
In East Clevelmd: Nela Park
There is a large facility at face ones are almost in alignt h u g h it is not expected to sur- which is a GeneraZ Electric In- Detroit Metropolitan Wayne ment, inland from the coast. I
vive a shif? because of other stituteEXTREMEW IMPOR- County Airport.
say surface because these me
problems in ~ d around
the TANT.
There a r e large, large going to house missiles in the
Chicago area and the Lake- -Cuyahoga County Airport. amounts ofresearch and under- guise of other things, but you
Michigan area. You will find
ground facilities at the Ford have to understand that you're
m m y smdl facilities, m i l i t q
Ohis State University Air- Motor Company a t the Univer- working at the Atlantic Ocean
facilities that do not show pub- port.
sity of Michigan at Bearborne, seacoast a d a lot of these will
licly as pilitsu"y installations.
Court Columbus Interna- including Greenfield Vilag:e and d s o be tunnelled to that coastThis m e m s that rnost of the tional Airport overlapping into attached to theveterans Hospi- line, ;ag;ain f remind you that
instdlatims involved will be the Devince Construction Sup- tal.
most of Florida is expected to be
underground, m m y of them ply area.
The Ford Motor Compmy lost.
housing missiles. "
Avery small airport.at Norton River Rouge Plmt, the Cadillac
Palm Beach CounQ Pwk
G h i c w ~ l m dAirport ..+
b a d and Alkire Junction, (un- Plmt and the entire area under Airport.
Fort Wayne Military Museum.
Pompano Beach Air P a k ,
Glenview Naval Air Station.
Then there is the small South
Pozt Lauderdde-Hollywood
The Great Lakes Steel CorBig problems a t Chicagoe Columbus Airport.
poration and taking in the Ca- International Airport.
0"Ware International Airport.
nadian Steel Corporation in
Then the North Perry Airport, Opa-Locka Airport, the
Inland south, Lewis Lock- * Major installation to the Windsor.
port Arrport.
Also in Windsor: the Ford M i a m i lntefnational Airport.
northeast called the Rocky
Argonne National taboratory Mountain Arsenal. Watch these Motor Company a n d t h e
LOS M G S L m , CALIFORis extremely; extremely im- arsenals. They are extremely Chrysler Corporation as well as NIA
the Windsor Airport. Surprisw he& are so many that I
Rocky Glen and signal Hill,
In the same.area :Stapleton ing to find that your motor com- don't even know how to name
all of that p e a ,
Airport, panies all house m i l i t q facili- them. 1% just start a t the top,
To the south of that,""Forinier Fitzsimmo~s
Amy MdicdCen- ties,
work across as in writing from
- -. ter &d Lowry Ai_rForce Base.
west to east and back wainInstitute.
strkght across to the CrestBuckleylnternational Guard
Northwest: Collier Airport.
San Fernando Airport.
wood Powell ~ i r p o knear Trin- Base. In almost all of that area
Whiteman A i r p o ~ .
South of Collier: Andrau Airity Ch~istian~ o f i e w .
Carnp Sterling,
t h e are shown as separate fa- port,
Willimp. HobbyAirportmd
Wild Wo
TAPE 2 SIDEA: M I S E ~ E ecilities. They are all inter-conSITES CONTINUED
. nected.
thkn,of course, Ellington Field,
This is tape - #2 of - uhderIn midtown west of the State that's the U.S. Air Force field.
ground missiles, locatio~swith Capital is 3 U.3. Mint-IMPORValley Forge Lodge.
Pearland Airport at Pearland.
faccities and m l t a e confrolled TANT FACILITY. A lot of tunIn Clear Lake City there's a
Mt. Wilson Observatory.
installations undergrpnnd with nelling, a lot of underground branch of the University of
Sturtevants Camp and Fern
missiles. This is a conenuation cbnmtions s?3that money, etc., ~ o u k t o n
and the Lyndon John- hdge.
of the areaof dhi'cago
can be moved under ground.
son Space Center which is, of
Webber C m p .
The Denver Medic4 -center.' course, NASA.
- V& Nuys ~ l v o r t .
The Chicqo Midway Airport,
Hollyood-Burbartk Airpost.
Soldier Field on Lakeshwe
Saginaw ~ i r g o r t
The U,S. Quartermasters
La.-Vfna. Sanatorium
D r i v e a l l that area. There are
Meachm Municipal Airport. Depot.
swdrth Pqk.
planetariums, m u s e u m s ,
Carswell Air Force" Base.
The V.A. Medical denter and
San Dimas Camp and Wolfaquariums, etc., including a T h e e -is a *large facility at a American Printing House For skill,
place located a t Douglas Tomb suburb called Richardson, the The Blind-very interesting.
El Monte ~ i r ~ o h .
State Monument.
University of Texas at Dallas is
Bowma Field.*
Brackett Field.
at that location.
Stmdiford Field Airport and
Cable Airporkat the Botanic
Instdlation at Blue Ash Field
Dallas, Fort Worth Airport- West U.S.Ordinance Plant,
iwhich is the Cincinnati Mu- large; large area, 2
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI * OntaKo International Air~licipal
-Dallas Love Field-large.
Fairfax Municipal Airport, port,
.JULY 7, 1992
Page 15
L.A. International Airport. that interesting?
The point called Fort Totten tion. It was inactive-it has
Hawthorne Municipal AirU.S. Veteran's Hospital at which is supposedly closed.
now been reactivated for these
Riverside Park.
Ellis Island Pass.
massive underground research
Compton Airport.
Benjamin Harrison HomeFort Jay.
An area overlappingthat into
Fullerton Municipal Airport. which is a landmark.
the U.S. Forest Service HeliThen there is an area at the
The American Legion Na- Bayonne.
San Bernadine County Line.
tional Headquarters World W a r
Fort Hamilton.
port. That goes almost to the
Southeast of Diamond Bar Memorial.
Fort Wadsworth and the area of Westminister College.
The Salt Lake Municipal AirU.S. Naval Avionics Center- Veteran's Administration Hosis an areacalled Battle of Chino.
It is a large military controlled EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.
port Number 2 and Alta Airunderground facility with misIndianapolis International
The Coast Guard Heliport park.
Airport and including, once and the U.S.N. Reserve at JaSAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA
All along the coast many tunmaica Bay.
The Chino Airport.
again, stockyards.
PHILADELPHIA, PENN- nels, many water facilities, many
Corona Laboratories Naval
The Indianapolis stockincarceration facilities where
see, a very good SYLVANIA
you are going to have military
The Melrose Academy.
South Corona MunicipalAir- place to get supplies.
MINThe North Philadelphia Air- personnel doing some pretty
good labor jobs.
Prado Dam.
The Navy Aviation Supply
Of course the Miramar Naval
Coast Botanic Gardens.
Crystal Airport.
entire area, a huge
The Long Beach Naval ShipSt. Paul Downtown Airport
U.S. Mint area including an area.
yards-a biggy, biggy, and you
Montgomery Field.
area called Independence Nawill find that those tunnels with which is Holman Field.
Gillespie Field at Santee.
Fort Snelling Military Re- tional Historic Park and Olymwater, submarine capable, will
pass under the Veterans Ad- serve.
The Naval Radio Station that
Vista L a Mesa.
ministration Hospitalwhich will
Minneapolis/ St. Paul Interhave a facility underground national Airport-it's called
Philadelphia International
U.S. Marine Corp Base.
Lindbergh Field Airport.
through Los Alamitos Naval Air Wold Chamberlain Field.
Kennedy Stadium, PhiladelThe Fort Rosecrans Military
Fort Snelling National CemReservation-all of this area is
One branch will go north etery-it overlaps into the Met- phia Naval Shipyard.
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYL- inter-locked. It's h a d for me to
under the Fullerton Airport ropolitan Stadium at the southVANIA
separate it.
heading inland toward San ern border.
Bernadino a n d branching
South St. Paul Municipal
Large one at Greater PittsThe entire peninsula that has
northward to Edwards AirForce Airport which is the Richard E. burgh International Airport.
the U.S. Naval Reserve.
The North Island Naval Air
Fleming Field.
V.A. Medical Center and V.A.
In the Seal Beach area you
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISI- Veteran's Hospital-these are Station.
have the U.S. Naval Weapons ANA
pretty self-explanatory.You will
The Coronado Naval AmStation and the Golden West
New Orleans has a couple or find many of these in very, very phibious Base.
College Meadowlark Airport.
The San Diego Naval Stathree very interesting ones lo- well-secured secret facilities at
A whole complex near Santa cated (these are military instal- placeswhere the Elite can travel tion.
The Imperial Beach Naval
Ana: the U.S. N. Helicopter lations underground) at:
by air to these facilities.
Radio Station.
Field-a lot of helicopter activThe V.A. Hospital at the Louiity from the Navy and the Santa siana Superdome.
The Phoenix Military ReInland to Brown Airport is a
Ana Marine Corp. Air Base (El
The U.S. Federal Court build- serve.
linking underground facility.
Toro) near Tustin off 1-5.
SAN FRANCISCO AM) OAKPhoenix Sky Harbor InterThe Customs House.
national Airport.
The Lawrence J. Tirnmerman
Fort Riley U.S. Military ReNew Orleans Lake Front Air-'
- Fort Vancouver National His- serve.
The Lowell Darnon State HisU.S. Naval Station.
toric Site.
The Veterans Medical Centoric Site a t Hoyt Park.
U.S. Coast Guard ReservaPearson Airport.
Portland Air Base at the PortThe Presidio Military and
Installation at National Sol- tion.
dier's Home.
NEW YORK CITY, NEW land International Airport. The National Cemetery-huge area
To Lake Michigan Coast: at YORK
facility is under the Portland Air underground.
The French Hospital.
Secret military facilities: Base.
the Milwaukee W a r Memorial
Teaneck Armory.
and Art Museum.
The U.S. Mint-they have
The U.S. Veterans Hospital
U.S. Navy Reserve Armory.
Teterboro Airport.
facilities under all of the U.S.
at Sam Jackson Park.
General Mitchell Field.
Hall State Historic Site.
The Air Training Center.
LaGuardia Airport.
Down by San Bruno: the
The Salt Lake City InternaThose are overlapping,very large
Flushing Airport.
tional Airport.
Golden Gate National Cemetery
The U.S. Merchant Marine
The newly active (approxi- area taking in the entire 12th
mately 1986)University of Utah U.S. Naval District HeadquarFort Benjamin Hanison and
The S.U.N.Y. Maritime Col- area and north. It's all in the ters.
the Army Finance Center-isn 't lege.
Treasure Island Naval Air
Fort Douglas Military Reserva-
Page 16
Station, all of Treasure Island.
- The Oakland Army Base.
9 The U.S. Naval supply Depot md the Almeda Naval Air
interconnecting, by the way):
Sari Antonio International
South West Research Institute.
Lackland Air Force Base.
Kelly Air Force Base.
Stinson Field.
Brooks Aero Medical Center.
North to Fort s- Houston
and Joe Freeman
has a little bit
different type
connecting network because of
the massive militaq location
that San Antonio represents.
Sand Point Naval Support
Activity area.
Boeing Field International,
King County Airport.
Renton Municipal Airport.
Seattle-Tacoma In ternational Airport.
The entire area of basically
Bellefontaine Neighbors.
Bear St. Louis International.
This is a continuation to Side
A-Underground facilities with
missile capability in the cities
within the United States.
We are continuing with St.
Granite City Engineering
Depot-U.S. Army.
Weiss Airport.
Absolutely all of Washington, D.C. in the downtown area
is one gigantic facility. All
around that area every airport
from little ones like Bower Airport to Andrews Air Force Base
which, of course, is a large facility, to the Goddard Space Flight
Center which is NASA-all of
these areas have facilities underneath. They are rather large
facilities, as a matter of fact,
and everything under Washington, D.C. is catacombed with
tunnels and, of course, there is
missile capability. There are
defensive missile silos that will
open up and the surface of the
area of Washington, D.C. will
not be worth even experiencing.
It is, of course, made for interim
facilities for workers in and
around the Capital who have
their free tickets to security.
That will only be ones attached
to the Elite guard and the political hierarchy who are left in
Washington, D.C. for unexpected raids. The major luxurious facilities for the high Elite,
depending on the state of war
that is occurring, will be shifting to Australiaand other places
forlonger-term survival depending on the type of encounter
that you ham. If it is nuclear,
the moment that it is realized
that it will be nuclear, ones will
be taken out of the Northern
Hemisphere. There will be even
a more select group removed at
that time, but there are facilities under Washington, D.C.for
your honorable Congressmensome of them. There are not
facilities enough for all to survive for a very long period of
time. There will be the facilities
where you can get, for instance,
underground to places like
Andrews Air Force Base for your
royal family, the Bushes.
I believe that concludes sufficiently a breakdown of where
these underground facilitiesare
that were started some years
ago against this day and are
now in full operation and basically finished in construction.
I'm sorry that it has taken so
long. I hope you can brief it up.
1 think everybody needs the
information or wants the information. If you don't already
have your ticket, 1 can assure
you that you are not included.
You are not going to be welcome
into any of these facilities. These
are not general facilities. Some
families of workers and scientists who have been guaranteed security will be allowed in,
but they will only allow these
people in with credentials. I
don't suggest that you stop
shelter. Salu.
The world is moving so fast these
days that the man who says it can't
be done isgenerallyinterrupted by
someone doing it.
- E. G. Hubbard
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JULY 7,1992
Page 17
Sari Luis Obispo Connection
To The Global Conspiracy
(Editor's note: This is a continuing series linking Bush,
Reagan, the IVazis and other assorted New WorZd Orderpuppets through a common activity
base in the small, south central
California coastal t ~ w nof Sun
~ u i ~s b i s p o . The series began
on page 7 of last week's LIBERATOR. We are here including
Commander Hatonn's introduction from last week before continuing with the story.)
61 18/92 $1
The following series of
informative reprints are from
a well- known personage
among groups who have investigated and researched for
truth and who has published
much information. He has
published information which
has jeopardized his life on
many occasions which indicates that ALL OF YOU NEED
sent a packet of information
which needs to be brought to
your attention-AGAIN.
outlay is a bit different in
both ~r-entation and in some
details. I honor this person
and respect his research.
He has given permission that
we may utilize any and all of
the documents in any way we
find fit and suitable. I thank
him for his gracious willingness to share. I do not yet,
however, have permission to
call attention to this person
by name so will only refer to
him at this time as R.R. I,
forther, use the term "himn
as generic reference.
I offer the reprinted information a s given-without
more than cursory input. I
have no wish nor intent to
slash and cut another's work
so-as is our p r a c t i c d o r mation is given as nearly in
full as possible and with NO
MUCH. Therefore, I requite
that YOU be in the balancing
of the information with that
which You already have and
then I suggest you get your
hands on "backn JOURNALS
DARK CHARADE and in ad&tion, allof the TANGLED W E B
SERIES. If you don't have the
information, backup and confurnation-you aren't going
to know what hit you, beloved
You must understand, further that there is massive confrontation among and between
factions of this "New Global
Conspiracy" which only vies
for top position-the GOALS
are the same.
ernor of the State. He appointed
William Clark of Shandon to be
Superior Court Judge in SLO
Circa 1970
Robed Nimmo appointed by
Ronald Reagan to be Director,
United S t a t e s Veterans
Administration. Nimmo came
home in disgrace after four
months. Returned to selling
Real Estate.
~ e n Diefenderfer
elected to
the SLO CO.~ o a r dof Supervisors. He spent $47,000 on his
first campaign for a job that
paid $25,000 per year. The Los
Angeles Realty PAC donated to
his campaign.
A PSA Flight Magazine
named Sari Luis Obispo County
the next ~ o t - s p o tin
7 the state
for real estate development.
(HOW did they know that? We
have lost the copy, but believe it
was the May edition.)
William Clark appointed
Deputy Secretary of State by
Ronald Reagan.
John Scripps Publishing
purchased The Cambrian, thus
6 / 2 9 / 9 2 #2 HATONN
giving Scripps ownership of the
three coastal papers, also inAGAIN QUOTING:
cluding The Morro-Bau Sun Bulletinand the county's only daily,
he San Luis Obispo TeleqramTribune. Scripps is based in L a
Jolla, Calif., and is interested
Atascadero was the center primarily in selling newspapers
for Nazi Bund activity in Cali- for advertising purposes rather
fornia. It is still the center for than the news. In fact, the
right-wing activity in the county. papers, by their own projection,
do not do investigative reportColonel Diefenderfer, sta- ing. [H:Please note that you
tioned at Camp San Luis Obispo, will find E d d n Meese is from
married a member of the King La Job.]
(Reyes) family from the Carizzo
Richard Nock, part-owner of
Phelan Land and Cattle, pushed
Robert Nimmo, Atascadero, for sale of 5,000 acre ranch for
was Colonel Diefenderfer's aide. $5,000,000. Ranch sold to CaRichard Nock was Robert nadian based development corNimmo's aide.
poration and is now- known as
Circa 1960
Carnbria Ranch. The 'moneyRonald Reagan elected GOV- man' behind the corporation is
Eng Ti, Shanghai.
~ r i ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ d , c
Assemblyman from this area,
was Vice-President in charge of
the sale of Cambria Ranch.
George Deukmejian elected
Governor of the State of California. He promised to do away
with the CaliforniaCoastal Commission.
Carl Negranti, whose son
married William Clark's daughter, began bulldozing 23 miles
of roads on Cambria Ranch in
direct violation of the County
permit process. The operation
was spotted, reported, and redtagged. Later, the road was
covered with tailings from an
abandoned mercury mine. After years nothing has been done
to enforce toxic regulations. (The
son was killed in an accident,
but the relationship between
the families still exists.)
James Watt resigned as Secretary of the Interior, and is
re~lacedby William Clark.
Carol Hallett, former State
Assemblywoman, appointed by
Ronald Reagan to be William
Clark's liaison officer for the
Western states between Interior and the business community. Hallett, at the time, was a
County resident. Hallett then
became Ambassador to the Bahamas.
1984 and 5
William Clark resigns from
Interior and returns to Shandon
and/or California to pursue
family interests. (Real estate
Joan Bmuner Clark, wife of
William Clark, appointed by Ronald Reagan to be an alternate
United States representative to
the United Nations General Assembly. (This merely to indicate close relationship still exists between Clark and Reagan.)
About two-three years ago,
the father of one of Cambria
contractors, Wayne Gracey, was
sitting in his living room in
Malibu. Someone walked in
Page 18
and shot him. His wife was requirements. This was relasitting there also but was ig- tivetoGunterRussbacherwho
nored. Another contractor in is incarcerated at present, by
Carnbria, 0. G. Sansone, has the government-and is the
the same name as a Las Vegas pilot who flew Bush home from
gambler and casino owner. May Paris in the SR-71 in UOCTObe just coincidence??
BER SURPRISE"! This is the
Real estate development and same Paris wherein Mr. Bush
construction is a classic way of said h e was NOT!. The point
laundering drug money.
herein, however, i s to give
Clark was terrified that if y o u c o n n e c t i o n s w i t h
North and Poindexter went to "namesn and relationships.]
trial that the whole KAL 007
thing would come out!
Many of t h e "Project
Paperclip" Germans and Nazis
From 1945 until the 1950's
came to California, the Central negotiationscontinued between
Coast and San Luis Obispo. the U.S. Government and high
Hellene von Damm, who was r a n k i n g German officials.
once a secretary for the German Reinhart Gehlen of Nazi intelliHigh Command, became Gov- gence (Abwehr)and rocket sciernor Ronald Reagan'sappoint- entists Werner von Braun and
men t s s e c r e t a r y .
Heide Walter Dornberger made plans
Kingsbury,whowasoneofthree with J . Edgar Hoover, of the
daughters ofaUPaperclip"Ger- FBI, and Allen Dulles and Wilman General, became a secre- liam Donovan of the OSS and
tary and court transcriber for CIA, to bring hundreds of Nazi
Judge William Clark, aSan Luis scientists, doctors, military ofs u p e r i o r c o u r t judge a n d ficers, and intelligence agents
Reagan's Secretary of the Inte- to the United States. Also
rior. An exclusive resort or re- present a t these negotiations
treat, which was to be built in were U.S. Army Counter-intelliNorth County, was to be called gence Officer William P. Clark of
"Eagles Nest". Look up the San Luis Obispo and a U.S.
name of Adolph Hitler's retreat Army private, a n Austrian,
at Berchtesgarden in the Ba- named Henry Kissinger. Wilvarian Alps.
liam Clark married Werner von
"During this time I
Braun's niece, Joan von Braun
also found out that my
(Brauner)Clark. They reside in
husband was a n Austrian
San Luis 0bispo, California. The
citizen and a member of
location of these meetings was
the Royal family. He was
Austria and southern Germany
born Gunter Karl, Baron
where Clark was stationed.
von Kussbach. After
Researchers Mae Brussell of
Santa Cruz, William Torbitt of
World War I1 the royal
family of Austria was
Texas, District Attorney Jim
forced to give u p the t o n '
Garrison of Louisiana, and 0thand attach 'er' to the end
ers have concluded that FBI
of their names."
Director J. Edgar Hoover, PresiThe above quote from aletter dent Lyndon Johnson, NASA
was acknowledged by an Aus- rocket scientist Werner von
trian professor a t Cal-Poly to be Braun, Bell Aerospace Director
correct. According to this rule Walter Dornberger, and Goverthen, the name of Werner von nor John Connally were prime
Braun should have become movers in the assassination
Werner Brau ner.
of John F. Kennedy.
[H:You who keep up with
A lawsuit has been filed in
t h e information flow will re- Southern California examining
member the person who made new evidence in the murders of
t h e s t a t e m e n t above-in
~ o h e rF.
t Kennedy and John F.
point, regarding the name Kennedy. Several prominent
Californians are named in this
suit. William P. Clark of San
Luis Obispo is mentioned in
this suit.
when William Greer fired the
final, fatal bullet into the head
of President John F. Kennedy in
Dallas, Texas (ref-video named
"Dallas Revisited" plus much
RELATED MISCELLANEOUS supporting evidence). [H:As a
matter of fact, we speak of
The U.S. Army 44th CIC De- this in several of the JOURtachment negotiated the sur- NALS but specifically name
render of the German Army in this man in a t least three-northern Italy a n d Austria the fwst being SPACEGATE,
(called "Operation Sunrise"). In THE VEIL REMOVED.]
Anticipating the outbreak
return for surrender, Army CIC
and the Vatican provided es- of war, all the commanders of
cape and exfiltration for thou- the Strategic Air Command's
sands of NAZI SS and Gestapo nuclear airborne squadrons
officers, mostly to S o u t h rushed to their onboard safes
for the code books to obtain the
America (Also 970th CIC).
William P. Clark was with combinations for arming their
Army CIC in Austria until the atomic bombs. Not one code
book was present in the safes!
mid 1950's.
Lt. Col. W. Clark was or is a No Mafia goon, or Cuban dictamember of the Council on For- tor, or KGB agent, or Lone Gun
eign Relations.
Nut had the power to remove
Theodore Shackley w a s those code books. Only one
present at the "Paperclip" ne- entity had t h a t kind of
power--The Joint chiefs of
WalterDornbergerwas a fre- Staffl (Ref: Kennedy assassiquent visitor to San Luis Obispo nation researchers.) [H:I do,
County, specifically to Pismo however, confirm it.]
Beach and Shandon.
Of all the organizations
H e i d e K i n g s b u r y i s t h e which were part of the coup,
daughter of a "Paperclip" Ger- and which included the FBI, the
man General. It was most prob- CIA, the Trilateral Commission,
ably General Galland, the de- the Council on Foreign Relasigner of the Messerschmidt ME tions, Majestic 12, the Secret
Service, the Rockefeller bankRonald Reagan is a very fre- ing consortium, the Office of
quent visitor a t the Clark ranch Naval Intelligence,--one was to
emerge a t the top of the heapin Shandon.
(Read"SHOOTDOWN" by R. THE GEHLEN ORGANIZAW. Johnson to learn about Wil- TION! (REF:TheuphoenixJourliam Clark's role i n t h e nals", "Project Paperclip" by
"Shootdown" of Korean Air Clarence Lasby , "Reinhart
Lines Flight 007. Also read Gehlen-Master Spy" (author's
EXPLO 007 by R.B. Cutler to name missing), "The Nazi Conlearn how it was accomplished.) nection ToThe John F. Kennedy
[H: Excellent readingbut "off" Assassination" by Mae Brusa bit here and there--how- sel, "Project Paperclip" by Ray
e v e r d e m e l y interesting Renick, 'The Torbitt Document"
by William Torbitt-although its
and well-done.]
information is excellent, the
ADDENDA TO "PROJECT Torbitt Document is a clever bit
of disinformation in that the
reader is suckered into assumTHE GEHLEN
ing that since the 'principals
involved; Lyndon Johnson, J.
On November 22,1963, a Edgar Hoover, Werner von
coup d'etat occurred that was Braun, Reinhart Gehlen,-are
the beginning of the end of the all dead-that justice has been
grkat nation called The United served and everything is going
States of America. It happened to be all right. Don't believe it!)
JULY 7,1992
The Gehlen Organization
got its start in 1945 when the
warwaswindingdown. Gehlen,
Werner von Braun, Walter
Dornberger, and others approached U.S. intelligence officers William "Wild Bill"
Donovan, Allen Dulles, J. Edgar
Hoover and William P. Clark of
the U. S. Counterintelligence
Corps-with offers to provide
vast amounts of information on
the Russians, technical information on rockets, lasers, orbiting gases, mind-control,
etc.-in exchange for asylum
and jobs in the United States.
(Where do you think Malathion, LSD and AIDS came
from?] (Ref: Excerpts from
WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA, Year Books 1962- 1966
about this technology and
DEATH by Alan Cantwell) (H:
Also several of the PHOENIX
JOURNALS but most specifically, AIDS, THELAST GREAT
Moreover, their primary
goal was the achievement of
Germany as the ruling nation of
the world. One has only to look
at the economic decline of the
United States and the economic
rise of Germany to see that they
have just about reached their
In all, about 1600 German/Nazi scientists, doctors,
military intelligence, etc., were
brought to the United States.
They were placed in key positions in NASA, aerospace, military intelligence, military industries, medical science, banking,
psychiatry, etc. They have
American names and are thoroughly Americanized. They play
a large role in drug trafficking
and banking failures.
The American headquarters of the Gehlen Organization
is in San Luis Obispo County.
The main office is called "Eagles
Nest". Many public officials,
judges, supervisors,law enforcement personnel are personal
friends and business associates
(indrug trafficking, no less)with
the Gehlen Organization and
'Eagles Nest". Judge William
Page 19
P. CZark and Mrs. cfarn Chrk were a sick joke on the people of is. These facilities are for the
(nee uon Braun, Braunerj are the world and were fabricated "elite" in case of nuclear war
the executives behind the
Gehlen Organization, "Eagles
Nest" and the Zapata Cattle
Company's drug trafficking interest. Ronald Reagan is a
silent partner in the San Luis
Obispo cattleldrug business.
Remember, Clark was one of
the original architects of "Project
Paperclipn! The Zapata Cattle
Company is affiliated with
George Bush's Zapata Oil Company ofHouston,Texas. (REF:
"TheSLOConnectionn, Barons
article "The Mexican Connectionn-Sept. 19, 1988)
NASA has recently announced in the major news
media and in several scientific
journals that there is apossibility of large meteors or asteroids
striking the Earth with calamitous results. They have even
suggested some possible dates
ofimpact. (REF:ScientificAmerican, Sky and Telescope) [H: I
havewritten greatly about this
subject in all of the TANGLED
WEBS series of JOURNALS and
the JOURNALS under publication presently on the DIVINE PLAN.] NASA said that it
was a good thing that Ronald
Reagan had the perception and
foresight to build up the Strategic Defense InitiativenStar
Warsnbecause now SDI can be
used to destroy these asteroids
before they strike the Earth.
This is partly BS-SDI wasnever
intended to be an anti-missile
defense, but an anti-asteroid
defense (or alien defense system)(ref:BarbaraHoneggerAND
Hubble and the Galileo space
telescopes that "don't worK are
working perfectly. This is our
government's way of not telling
u s what they are doing. [H:As
a matter of fact you will recall
that I told you the Hubble was
not even launched at the time
you were told of same. It
resided at White Sands until
such time as it could be put
into an orbit the astronomers
would not note.]
and the "Soviet Nuclear Attack"
to keep you working hard and or asteroid collision. Since
payinghigh taxes to finance the the threat of nuclear war is
"New World Order". The Rus- magically disappearing, that
sian "War Machinen has been just leaves asteroid collision.
financed and subsidized by the [H: Now, would you not expect
American taxpayer since 1917 that it would be an odds game
through such organizations as here? Even if you have aster"The American International oids striking around the naCorporationn on whose board tions, would you not expect it
of directors sat George Herbert to be hard to pin-point only
Walker, the grandfather of Elitebunkers? WeU,theElite
George Herbert Walker Bush! are giving up for sale, remem(Ref: Author Eustace Mullins ber, the old bunkers as they
on THE AMERICAN INTERNA- are not "deep enough" for
TIONALCORPORATIONand the total protection. So, it is
financing of Communism, and obviousthat they KNOW those
"asteroids" are guided by pre- .
There are a t least 50 cision computer mechaMORE underground facilitiesin nisms!]
the United States. [H:This
The Gehlen Organizareference is directed at me, tion's unit in San Luis Obispo is
Hatonn, for I gave you a list- called "Eagles Nest" (ref: Caliing of major facilities around fornia Specialized Training Inyour nation which are top stitute files). Its chief executive
secret and some taking areas officers are Judge William P.
at depths of 40 "stories" and Clark and Mrs. Clark (von
miles in diameter along with Braun, Brauner). If you are
prime missile launching interested in reservations, you
along your free- might try calling the ;aw firm of
way network. I suggest you Sinsheimer, Schiebelhut, and
get that document which, I Baggett and ask Bill Clark to
suppose,was put in one of the send you a brochure. After all,
recent PHOENIX JOURNALS in case of nuclear war or asterbut also, was placed in a re- oid collisionsyou wouldn't want
LIBERATOR. to get caught with your pants
it is time down, now would you? (Ref:
&re-run that article, I leave THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS
it to you Editors-either that by Saint John.)
Additional significantrefor make available copies of
the paper in point. Thank erences: THE LAST FLIGHT OF
you.] (Seefeature storypage KAL007byRayRenick,"Gunter
2.) They include storage de- Russbacher Breaks His Cover"
pots, military bases, offices and audio tape by Russbacher availon u p to luxurious condo- able from New Discoveries, P.O.
minium complexes. Some of Box 3078, Carmel, CA 9392 1.
the better known are Cheyenne Russbacher is the pilot who flew
Mountain in Colorado,Weather Bush back from Paris in "OctoMountain inVirginia, SAChead- ber Surprise", 'The Earth
quarters in Nebraska [II:Now Chronicles" by Zec h a r i a
being turned into a Soviet Sitchin, T h e Gods of Eden" by
exchangetraining base.], Area William Bramley.
5 1in the Mojave Desert and the
THE GEHLEN ORGANIZA'Rabbit Warren" under Washington D.C. One well known
one in San Luis Obispo Countv
isthe ATbTPadfic Lonr~Lines
From 1945until the 50's,
Facilitv on Los 0s- Vallw
Road. What is not generally Judge William P. Clark was with
known is just how large and U.S. Army Counter-intelligence
self-contained this unity really Corps in Austria and Switzer-
Page 20
land. Clark was working with interruptions but PLEASE get
Nazis Reinhart Gehlen (Foreign t h e volumes of PHOENIX
Armies East),Wernervon Barun JOURNALS which cover mind(German rocket scientist), control both in the Protocols
Walter Dornberger (convictedof and Manifesto in the Soviet
war crimes and atrocities), Union and in t h e United
Arthur Rudolph, et al. They (J. States. I don't know how to
Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, isolate these JOURNALS for
William Donovan, and Clark) you-perhaps you could call
made plans to bring hundreds or write and obtain a "cataof GermansINazi scientists, lofandinformation. Wehave
doctors, agents to America (1600 moved so rapidly over so ineventually). These Germans credibly many subjects that I
possessed much research on must defer t o the staff. You
rockets,orbitingspacestations, ones continue t o plead for
lasers, and satellites with re- confirmation of "who we aren
flecting mirrors, etc. Clark's and that, perhaps is the best
good friend, Rcnald Reagan, of all--almost 60 JOURNALS
!ater saw that these ideas be- in less than 36 months-most
:ame reality in the Strategic of over 200 pages each, along
3efense Initiative (Star Wars). with weekly papers and someBelieve m-that
term is times bi-weekly. I can't itemEXACTLY ON TARGEZ-for
ize for you, and we can't rethere never was a "defense" print constantly because of
anything-it has always been new information which limits
intended as a "warn in space. us.] Dr. Wolf Smuzness later
Mr. Reagan even made a very developed AIDS a t the Army
big blunder which almost cost Germ Warfare Center at Fort
him his neck when he said on Detrick, Maryland. p: Which
TV that YOU in the U.S. needed was then perfected in East
to team with the Soviets (the Germany andmade potent and
evil empire) against what was useable in the "fieldn.] (Ref:
coming from space!! That, also, Dr. Robert Strecker,
dear ones, is what they are AIDS-and THE DOCTORS OF
planning to dump now on you DEATH by Dr. Alan Cantwell.
unsuspecting innocents. Smuzness' friend was a chemThey plan t o tell you that ist who sold cyanide gas to the
aliens are now here and going Nazis at Auschwitz, named K;vol
to "getchan. THEY may have Woityla.) (Better look this up
problem-YOU-THE- yourself-you11 never believe
Around 1955 the Clarks
While there, Clark mar- returned from Europe to the
ried Werner von Braun's niece, ranch in Shandon, where they
J o a n von Braun. Werner's went back to the ranching busibrother (Joan's father) was a n ness (ref: see "the SLO Connecofficial at the underground V-2 tion" about the Zapata Cattle
rocket assembly plant. They Company). The Gehlen Organiused concentration camp slave zation continued the work on
labor. To enforce discipline the T h e New World Order" that
slaves (Jews) were hung from was promoted by a little dictathe ceiling of the factory and tor in Germany from the 1920's
their bodies left as examples. to 1945. America should have
(Ref: Linda Hunt, Author on gotten the message on Novem"Paperclip", plus previous refs. ber 22, 1963. (Dallas, Texas!)
Around 1969 or 70, Clark
Hunt: CNN.)
and his friends, Governor RoBesides the weapons of nald Reagan, Ed Meese and
war, they also brought research Louis 0 . Giuffrida started an
on mind control (which became American concentration camp
M / K ULTRA),Malathion (anerve system a t Camp San Luis. In
gas), LSD, etc. [H: Forgive my 1980 they all went to Washing-
ton DC (ref: OCTOBER SUR- friends and business associates
PRISE by Barbara Honeggerand ofJudge William P. Clark. Judge
book by same name by Gary Conklin violated the first rule of
Sick) where the California Spe- drugtrafficking: "Don'tget high
cialized Training Institute be- on your own supply." Judge
c&e the FEDERAL EMER- Woolpert protects Judge
MANAGEMENT C l a r k a n d theGhelen OtyaniAGENCY (FEMA) (ref: King zation by derryfng defendants
Alfred Plan, Cable Splicer, Gar- their right to legal counsel i n
den Plot, Rex 84--in CSTI files). his ustar chambeF (ref: DR
This is the plan for martial law 17093 Nov. 2 1, 199 1--don't be
that congressman Jack Brooks surprised if the transcript is
questioned Oliver North about "lost"). A close member of the
attheIran-ContraHearings. p: petitioners family is a part of
I'm sorry, but those FEMA the Gehlen Organization-Lt.
papers and volumes of JOUR- Col. Richard P e a s h y (from
NALS which cover sam-e
Paso Robles, Ca.) along with Lt.
mandatory reading if you re- CoL OLIVERNORTHand-qe
ally want to know WHEREYOU William Clark, all working in
the National Security Agency in
In S a n Luis Obispo the White House, planned and
County, The Gehlen Organiza- executed the destruction of Kotion is in complete controlofthe rean Air Lines Flight 007 and
courts, board of supervisors, blamed it on the Russians!
sheriffs department, etc. Judge
Hatonn to clear, please.
Warren Conklin and Judge
Harry Woolpert are longtime
More On Our Changes
In Operations
7/1/92 #1
We would like to briefly
catch you readers up with
changes in the LIBERATOR.
We are able, now, to move into
the next phase of our work
and presentation with a bit
more maturity and security
for some of our hardest hit
Greens are now departed
from this location in all manners save the publication of
the JOURNALS and the representation as a publisher t o
the public. Attacks on personnelfinally became too dangerous t o longer keep them
local. Further, we have given
youabundant informationon
how t o acquire privacy and
safety and they have listened
and acted. You will be kept
apprized of how and where
you can always be in touch
but it was time for great
We are indeed blessed as Dr.
Young has left Digital Equipment Corporation in the San
Francisco Bay area's Silicon
Valley to join our publication
team here. He is instrumental
in the formation, also, of a teaching program through the Phoenix Institute. However, he h a s
accepted the load of Editorship
of the LIBERATOR and Dr.
Overholt and crew do the planning, computer layout and setup. Brent and Theresa, from
Florida, have now also changed
location and are getting our systems into some kind of order
from the chaos. You might enjoy noting t h a t Brent a n d
Theresa are recording musicians, among other talentssuch as computer logistics. Dr.
Overholt was a dentist and Ed
Young has a couple of PhDs in
various OTHER areas of activity-BUT ALL ARE DOING
my .7,1992
Page 21
soon as we have room in the
LBERATOR for other than urgent notice of current happenings I ask that Dr. Young's presentation on "Education" be
run in the paper. The article
has great perception and depth
and, as you might guess, got
him into abundant trouble.
Hatonn), you can call the ofice
a t 805-822-9655 as already
mentioned above.
I d o ask your indulgence
tzs we get situated and everyone stretches even thinner
with new tasks and added
I am asked to petition you
tape receivers to be patient with
our machinery. Whoever can,
helps Dalene -to get out tapes
and it is a mammoth task to
sort and keep track of such a
myriad of recordings and notations. Also, there seems to be
one of the "slave" copiers which
doesn't always copy. An effort
has been made to monitor and
locate the erringequipment but
aswiththegremlinedcar-nothing is wrong when checked.
Tapes are copied some seven at
a time and not by the same
operator each time-so againPLEASE be patient with our efforts for we prefer to allow you
to have all the information you
can get at the least expense and
that means we cannot have professional services. DO, HOWEVER, LET DALENE KNOW (at
the address or phone number
I feel a bit like the neglectful
father at any rate; Dalene and
Jack are having a wedding on
August 1 and I leave no time for
the wonderful fun things of such
celebration for Dharrna is Dalene's mother and I guess all
mothersknowwhatIjustsaidfor it is time of celebration and
sharing of a Bar-B-Qalong with
the typical accompaniments of
posie pots and decorations
which, by the way, is the love of
Dharma's hobby-time and that,
too, has been leftwanting. There
are, however, so many loving
hands that care, I think we will
not inconvenience any of you
readers or listeners. This, after
all, is what "life" is about and
these traditional things are what
make the difference between
Since the Greens are no
longer at this location but will
continue to have the same
"800" number, you will not note
much difference, save in information exchange. You who have
been contacting George for such
exchange can now contact Ed,
Brent, Rick, Karen or our gracious volunteer staff helping
with the phone calls. Through
July, the phone numbers will
remain the same to assure coverage but, after that, ifyou wish
to share with Hatonn you can
write Box 986, Tehachapi, CA
9358 1 or call 805 822-9655.
(ForPHOENXLE3ERATORbusiness, please see the address
listed in the article "Our New
Look" on page 39.
Dalene will continue to
handle all audio tapes of meetings, radio talk shows and special tapes at the address and
phone number listed for THE
WORD and that remains unchanged. The offices, etc., remain unchanged in Tehachapi.
The America West office in
Carson City, NV is at 3656 Research Way #32 (Zip 89706),
telephone 702 782-0700. Our
basic relationship remains unchanged except for division of
work-load and now, capability
of "building" in both locations
as projects unfold in the construction and project areas.
Already there is coverage for
incorporation of ones who wish
to work in our manner of instruction with basic information, through Cort and J e n
Christie who now have full facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Again, if you wish to contact
E.J., Kathy and/or get urgent
messages to Dharma (for
existing and living. This, in
fact, is simply the formal celebration of that which has already been committed elsewhere, in the past-but ones
here were not able to attend
that small service in Nevada.
Chelas: If you cannot take time
to smell those roses-then why
have them? Enjoy each moment and allow for these things
for man truly does not live by
"bread alone". Neither is Man
"an islandn-so know that each
of you is loved and remembered
for even the sparrow is most
attended and loved in our Father's heart. But, I think-perhaps-Mother has to hang bells
and do-dads to be fulfilled in
some male-unrecognized ritual
of passage.
It is, in addition, a time of
appreciation from myself to
these children for they are also
including "Andy* within the
triune of the ceremony with full
acknowledgement that his name
is Andrew Colton A t o w m y requested name for this child-he
bears no other, legally or otherwise. A load for a child? He
doesn't seem to think so. At any
rate, to these young people who
have accepted this task-I give
my love, appreciation and blessings.
Are ones herein abundantly
"good"? Yes. Are they abundantly "religious"? NO! Each
and all effort very diligently to
be "right", live in moderation,
allow and work very hard at
"bosses" do not "lastn in this
place, for we are about our
Father's work and pious insipid
regulations set forth by man are
unacceptable herein as above
God's l a w s b u t , all work solely
within the laws of the land in
every respect. If ones break
even the speed laws-it is NOT
sanctioned by me unless circumstancesarecriticalto speed.
This is WHY you will find no
"cult* here-we are "about"
work and service: information
andpassageofremnant. Noth-
ing more and nothing less, so if
this contact-please, readjust
same. We do not work to "overthrow" anything or anyone as
such. What YOU do with information is forYOU. We are Hosts
come to servenot further "control" nor affront. We will bring
the Truth wherein it lays but we
do not interfere nor even intervene unless asked. God promised you lastly, TRUTH and THE
WORD-so shall it be given as
directed and then, He promised
security for His people and prepared aplacement for same. So
be it.
I thank you for time to sh&e
some personal points and offer
some insight to changing
circumstances. I hope we can
make these adjustments with
no undue hardship and no interruptionsin information flow.
I do have one last notation of
information regarding publications.
Them is no w a y I can wylc
you stmtylly enough to obb i n copies of the nine mURNALS which will be tied up i n
court b a t t l e - h p o w d e d d
banned publication o n the
27th of ciuly. A m e d c a West
has sold (given away) at a
loss, the publication of these
volumes and the supplfes a m
indeed limited for distrfbua
tion. Them Is, ho-r,
point of disMbuttonfor those
mmarining wlumes w
Tehachapi D m t i n g , Inc.
P.O. Box 1911 # 1 2 2 ,
Tehuchapi, CA 93581, Tekphone 805 822-9545. THESE
Page 22
A amiiW TIME.
(These nine JOURNALS are:
#8, #22, #31 thru #37;please
see back page for titles, but
order from Tehachapi Distributing above.)
Ever since Alan
Dershowitz struck out,
Leona Helmsley has been
pining away in Danbury
Federal Prison. Not for
long, if ROBERT BORK
has anything to say abou t
it. Judge Bork, a Supreme Court nominee
who was spurned in 1987
[H: And I think you can
now see WHY.],will argue her tax-fraud case
before the Second Circuit
Court of Appeals in New
York City at the end of the
summer. A s Solicitor
General for Presidents
Nixon and Ford, he spent
four years arguing cases
before t h e Supreme
Court. But why would a
scholar and jurist want
to take an assignment like
the Helmsley case? Explains the Judge: "In the
law, it's where the rubber
meets the road."
Next: We a r e pushing
through publication with all due
haste, IMMACULATE DECEPTION, by L. Grant McEwan
which is a book filled with researched confirmation of politics as we have shared them
with you. It is the compilation
of verifications as was the
'COMMITTEE OF 300" by John
Coleman. This is even more
urgently important because it
is domestic to the U.S. for it
deals with the Administration
connections which we have recently been outlaying, alongwith
other notable and daring authors. Please begin to get on the
list for obtaining when released
for I cannot push it hard enough AND WHAT OF IMELDA?
for your readinp tonfi&ation.
Time is running out for you are
Youll find this next simply
actually in the time of chaos "interesting" as to relevance of
and the hour-glass rests upon "truth", "goodness" and/ or
its side as you move into a new political shenanigans.
era. Will you be fortified for the
Good News for Shoe
passage with KNOWING or will
you be dangled and bashed
What a difference a
about through ignorance? It is
year makes. Imelda
only up to you!
Marcos will be among the
g u e s t s a t the i n a u guration of new PhilipToday's News Watch
pine President Fidel
Ramos t h i s week.
Marcos, who wasn't welcome a t home a year ago,
To you who ask for updates
won a very respectable 2
and input-especially verificamillion votes in the retions wherein they are foundcent presidential election
here are a couple or three you
(to Ramos' 5.3 million).
will find interesting.
Ramos, who is inheriting
a more stable situation
than Cory Aquino did six
years ago, setems eager
The Constitutional Law Cento heal old wounds. H e
ter has been working on the
is expected t o offer
Hclrnsley matter so you will find
amnesty to Communist,
the following news-blurb interMuslim and militar
e s t i n e a s sent to u s from the
rebels. And he is ruCLC:
Here Comes the
mored to be planning to
end the government's
campaign to seite the
billions. Lust
week t h e off3cial
the "hidden wealth*
recommended a cornpromise with Imelda to
split the proceeds, if
mcovemd, of a fortune
in gold bullion said to
be stashed in SwitzerZand.
You have nagged and ragged
at me about "...how can you say
that Perot is somehow connected to Rockefeller and the
'Established Elite' and even
George Bush?" Pleasejust note
the following portion from the
front page of a 1992 Wall Street
Perot's candidacu .for
on Foreign Relations
several years ago was
BUSH!! A Perot aide says
Bush's seconding letter
w a s ulovelyn, but that
there aren't any PUNS
TO RELEASE the text
No, I am quite sure it
wouldn't be desirabl-from
the Bush standpoint--ORTHE
PEROT SIDE. Woolies in the
Indeed, indeed! If you can't
see what they are doing and still
have to ask me-then you are
NOT paying attention and you
are blind to the NEWS A S GIVEN
TO YOU . Everything points to
probable 'blowing" of the San
Andreas Fault on the Fourth of
July-EVERYTHING!-especially the fact that national happenings are KEFT FROM YOU.
You have to realize that what is
going on is not-1
to Western California-but it is to distract you. Floods in Louisiana,
tornados of deadly power and
multiplicity in Texas, earthquakes
AROUND YOUR NATION, volcano eruption in AlaskaAmerica-you are on the altar!
Even the Queen of England just
got a nice new "Royalw title
yesterday-which should tell
you everything you need to
No, I am NOT going out of my
way to tell the ones along the
Western Coast--or anywhere
e l s e t o do anything or go anywhere-ifyou have not HEARD,
then :-ar 10 longer help you for
disaste* at your dooryard. I
will, however, give you some
reports which you MUST attend
if nothing else:
Ones in Yucca Valley report
a series of 'regularly spaced"
blasts and light bursts hours
prior to the actual earthshaking.
This was also reported at the
second site. It was, further,
reported in San Francisco area
where there were also shakers--as well as in Salt Lake,
Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas--even Cedar City, Utah.
The original blasts were
timed exactly to the orbit of the
Shuttle and the mechanisms
launched by the subsequent
rocket launch. More Hatonn
hogwash? So be it.
One who works for the 'government" reported in with total
panic-". ..we have had to order
coffins, 8,000 from one resource
and as many as other sources
could supply" in anticipation of
#possibility of need" over the
Fourth of July holiday periodin Southern California alone.
Other places are reportedly doing likewise where 'natural disasters" are 'probable".
Note that all TV stations are
now reporting 'probability of
the Big One" within days or
hours is sifting out--especially
from THE news conduit by manipulation, CNN-stating that
the most prominent geologic
experts a r e predicting the
JULY 7,1992
"Mother" of all quakes.
Am "I" going to evacuate BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO
anything or anyone? NO, NO SEE THE FACTS. I AND MINE
I have a list of questions reCAN "THEY" DO THIS? garding statements I have made
Y E S , Y E S A N D Y E S - regarding tanks, etc. I am apINDEEDY!
palled that they come from the
I realize that this is only source which has written for he
Wednesday but there is no way should know better than I what
to get a paper released for one is what, but nonetheless, I shall
last warning-but I suggest all share that which I feel is suitwho get this writing, at least able in light of security of ones
warn your loved ones on the who discuss these things. YOU
coast. You don't even have to NEVER ASK FOR IDENTIFICAmention space cadets or God- TION OF ONES IN SUCH TEjust tell them to listen to the DIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE AND
reportscoming through onUtim- ALL OF YOU SHOULD KNOW
ing" of the BIG ONE.
The hope will be not to pull
However, I shall take these
down Japan yet and preferably up at the next meeting and
restrict the slippage and shock briefly cover them herein:
to Southern California, but this
Who h a s verified
may not be possible. Ones are unmarked tanks unloaded in
reporting, all over the map, land Las Vegas from railroad cars
feeling "fluid" like a "water and stored in a park?
bedn. This, chelas, comes ONLY
RESP: How many do you
fromprana (scalar)beams which want? It happened while a meet"liquefy" through frequency vi- ing was taking place in Las Vebrations.
gas wherein Col. Bo Gritz, Don
It appears that the intent is McAlvany, Lyndsey Williams,
to simply break away the por- George Green and hundreds of
tion around San Diego and shift attendees were present-along
it a bit "off shoren,figuratively with some 90,000 groupies to
speaking, and other places will the "GRATEFUL DEAD" were
stand or fall according to the gathered.
"massnproximity. Further, the
The tanks were then inhope for "this" one is to limit spected by ones "returning" a
destruction for maximum im- week or so later. The attending
pact. Governor Wilson has AL- "soldiers" in guard allowed
READY put "emergencyregula- some looking within where intions" into effect!! I can only struction labels were changed
suggest that each of you attend (but not yet all of them) from
supplies and cash for sustain- Chinese into English.
ing for a while in ensuing emer2. How did the Chinese tanks
gency time.
get into this country? Which
I am not going to tell you model tanks are there?
"outcome" of this for I don't
RESP: Mostly the Chinese
want you to depend on me for t a n k s came in through
such. LOOK TO WHAT YOUR unmarked ports of entry and
PEOPLE ARE TELLING YOU down from the Canadian side of
AND STOP BLAMING GOD FOR the continent. Most of the tanks
YOUR INABILITY TO COPE WITH are of the same model which the
CIRCUMSTANCES Iraqis used as decoys in the
Page 23
Gulf War-as well as which were
used by your own forces and
did, in fact, cause such confusion as to identification as to
create total inability to know up
from down. I am not going to
look up model numbers-that
3. What other cities have
them that can be verified? RESP:
Dozens, but I have no intention
of spending time at naming them
4. Who confirmed Russian
armor driving into San Antonio
last ~ e c e m b i 57
RESP: I would NEVER give
you such information but suffice it to say it was written up in
most of you "who keep up"
through journals such as "North
Point", etc., access. I had a
couple of people make the assessment in order to verify, at
that time, and then came all the
distance to meet in California to
verify and warn, again, because
of the validity. I shall not in any
mannerjeopardize their persons
by giving identity. You are on
your own-I need remind youif all you want is verification in
efforting to test Hatonn-you
are missing the point in any of
this. I will share where feasible
but I shall not have cause to
"verify" anything. So be it.
And just when you might be
needing your own troops to help
cover your domestic assetswhere &e they? Going with the
United Nations bandwagon in
blue hats, to the area of Yugoslavia-to "insure humanitarian aid arrival". Don't think
it could be to get rid of them
so there aren't any e m r s in
taking m r America?? If you
answer "...that is total absurditf-I hope you're right!
You think it can't happen to
YOU? You think it can't happen
in "MY STATE" or in "MY
TOWN"? Let me give you something out of "small-town Utah,
U.S.A.", for your pondering:
County adopted law to
limit release of "embarrassing" information.
Independent, Moab, Utah 61 18/
The Grand County Commission voted Monday to pass
an ordinance on access to public records that allows oMcialrc
documents and notes that
could embarrass ELECTED
OFFICIALS and others.
The ordinance, part of
the state of Utah's efforts to
codifjr just what records are
open to the public and under
what conditions the county
must comply with public access, states, uCountyrecords
regarding named or readily
identifiable individuals which
deal with matters of a delicate nature which could engender shame, humiliation or
embarrassment in the subject
of that record, in accordance
with accepted standards of
social propriety, or if release
may constitute clearly anwarranted invasion of privacy
shall generally not be classified as public records....."
The chief records officer
of the county will be the clerk,
who will leave decisions of what
material is humiliating or: embarrassing up to department
According to County Attorney Lyle Anderson, the language of that particular section
of the ordinance comes from a
draft of the Salt Lake County
ordinance, distributed by the
Utah Association of Counties.
He said concern that the provision will allow elected officials
to censor information regarding
their own embarrassing actions
was overblown, and that the
aim is not to hide government
action [H: Of course not!!l but
rather to protect the privacy of
county residents in general.
"My intention is that it
would not apply to public offi-
Page 24
cials, it would apply to other
people, the subjects of government records," he said Monday
But spokespeople for the
Utah Press Association and the
Society of Professional Journalists expressed dismay a t the
Grand County action, saying
the ordinance passed is too
broad and open to abuse.
A similar provision became a controversial issue in
Kane County, when that commission attempted to pass the
same section of a records law.
But Kane commissioners withdrew the proposal after objections fromjournalists and other
media representatives.
And according to Carl
Hendricks of the Salt Lake
County Attorney's office, commissioners up there have also
decided to drop the controversial "embarrassment" clause,
following objections to it.
Hendricks added that in his
opinion the clause is not a violation of other Utah law, but is
not necessary in arecords management ordinance.
Commission Chairman
David Knutson defended the
law, sayingthereisinformation
contained in public files that
the public should not have access to.
"Information that is not
public necessity to know, that
is embarrassing to a person,
whether elected-or not,-can be
withheld from the public", said
Officials of the Society of
Professional Journalists say
they will look into the Grand
County ordinance before determining if they will take any action against the county.
In other business, the
commission voted to authorize
the chairman to enter into a
contract with Knight Brothers
Construction of Salt Lake City
as construction manager for the
jail and courthouse expansion
According to Commissioner Manuel Torres, the plan
is to hire the firm if they can
keep costs for the actual con-
struction to under $2.8 million ..........."
And so on it goes-while you
forget to watch and listen!
Dharrna, can we please have
a lunch break so we can resume
our subjects in point otherwise.
May God have mercy on the
little ones of the LIE, because
the rumblings of chaos and
tribulation are come upon you
and the "action" is going to
begin very, very soon. Salu.
71 1/ 92 #3 HATONN
(Today's News Watch
In the mail this afternoon
asking if we will support his
campaign in order to "...determine the economic and political
direction of our country for the
balance of the decade." Do you
think perhaps there is more to
the blindness of the right hand
vs. the left than meets the eye?
I will note that there was no
recognition other than "corporation" by which to "sortn-so
I guess all is working pretty
While on the subject of
"mail", I would respond to three
packets received also within the
week. This seems to stem from
a mailing from Albuquerque,
I have and continue to ask
you ones to discern for selves
that which is presented to you.
A s a matter of fact, -each one
who sent the advertising material had already done so and
only wanted to share.
The material presents ones
Dr. Norma Milanovich and Jean
Meltesen. In point was a lecture
given by Dr. Milanovich to the
'Unifj.ing Hunch Conference"
in Marion, Massachusetts,
which dealt with metaphysical/
spiritual knowledge and phenomena, such as near-death or
other dimensional experience,
expanded inteibretations of
ancient knowledge, astro-phys- God--after having been the ones
ics and cosmology-and the crop to make the invitation for a special visit to that group. I suggest
circle enigma.
The resultant offering, as you find out for yourselves if
expected, on videotape for your curiosity regardingTRUTH
$35.00 each, is self-explana- is lacking fulfillment. I will say,
tory for it deals with 'Transition however, that as stated, "Asof humans to the Fifth Dimen- cended MasterKuthumihastold
sion" [H: uHUMANSnas meant u s that this structure (a"great
herein DO NOT TRANSITION structure, in the form of a pyraTO THE FIFTH DIMENSION.], mid, that must be built to assist
"Transition of planet Earth to planet Earth in moving into the
the Fifth Dimension" p:Planet Fifth Dimension.. ..") will be the
Earth will not transition to rebuilt Solornon'sTemple. We
the Fifth Dimension EITHER.], believe it is called the Templar
"Introduction to the Ascended after the Knights Templar,
Masters and Celestial Realms", who, in the days of the Cru"Guidance from The Arcturi- sades, guided and protected
ans" [H: If you really want a pilgrims in the Holy Land. [H:
song and dance version of No they did not-they were
on the responsible for the myriad
Arcturianbandwagonandyou deaths under the guise of
will get the ride of your l i f e goodnessmorethan any other
I promise it, but it won't be to one group.] In this age, the
where you THINK YOU ARE Templar will serve as a guide to
GOING.], "Explanation of the all of humanity on the journey
unified field of intelligence" [H: to the Fifth Dimension."
Good luck-the
There is NO unified field of
"INTELLIGENCEn, there is Templar is an order of the Freeonly -cationwithinKNOWmasons and the Masonic Order
ING!], "Information on the crop will not appreciate this usurpacircles" and "Energy,vibration, tion of their corner on the term.
and frequencies-their mean- I repeat: no HUMAN or PLANET
ing in relationship to human moves into the Fifth Dimension
spiritualevolution." [H: Well,I as presented. Arcturas is a
can't say about this one-are stopping off place for travelers,
they banning, impounding mostly from Orion and other
and prohibiting publication of Luciferian places, and then travthe information? If not, I elers simply call themselves
Arcturians following an experisuggest you be wary!).
Now, as to THE TEMPLAR IN ence thereon. I would, however,
THE SEVENTH GOLDEN AGE, note that THERE IS such a thing
by Dr. Milanovich, I would share as the United Nations Parapsythe comments of the one who chology Society and that, in itsent me the information: "This self, should scare the living daylooks like covert Satanic stuff. lights out of you.
The ones in point had origi"AFS=AnonymousFor Safety." nally asked George Green to
For $60.00you can get THE publish their works and when
TEMPLAR IN THE SEVENTH they found out of our relationGOLDEN AGE a n d Master ship, would not allow George to
Kuthurni's message to the United even review the materialNations Pampsychology Society coincidence??
from the soukein ~ l b u q u e r ~ u e ,
Write or call
for a free catalog of
Chelas, I don't wish to combooks and tapes
ment on these things. Dr.
America West
Milanovich and crew had some
a Nevada corporation
working interchange with
P.0. Box 2208
America West but refused to
Carson City, NV 89702
even listen to Greens on the
1-800-729-4 131
subject of Hosts, Hatbnn or I
Page 25
The New World OrderFriend Or Foe?
71 1192 #3 HATONN
1would like to honor a group
of patriots who not only work
endlessly for Constitutional recovery but as dedicated "patriots". They publish a journal by
the label of h e Enterprise
Society, 300 W eShaw #205,
Clevis, Ca. 93612.
An article has been sent to
me from that paper and I would
herein share it with you for it is
filled with excellent observations.
A s many knowledgeable
Americans have known, the
banking system in the United
States is going into the toilet.
The evidence of this fact is that
the House Banking Financial
Institutions Subcommittee had
voted to support the FDIC with
$25 million in new taxpayerprotected borrowing. It was reported that the FDIC would be
out of funds before the end of
1991 because of the failure of
over 1000 banks in recentyears.
The Bush administration proposed an overhaul of the system that would remove many
of the regulations and would
probably aid in the formation
of mega-banks that would assame the position that they
are "too important to fail".
These actions mean that taxpayers will guarantee the operation of the mega-banks and
assure that the Federal Resemrs w i l l take an even tighter
strangle-holdonthe economic
future of every American.
When will we r e d b that whoever control. our money rystem---controls our country?
In a move that graphically depicts the state of political corruption in the State of California, Governor Wilson has
"rammed" his new State bud-
get through the approval process. In the opinion of this
writer t h e governor used
"threats, intimidation and politicalblackmail" toaccomplish
his goal of raising new taxes to
"balance the State budget". In
response to any of the legislators that dared to oppose him
the governor replied, "It is the
easiest thing in the world simply to hunker down and chant
'no new taxes'." He went on to
say that he has no respect for
lawmakers that would not participate in his plan. The new
increases will affect the income
tax, state vehicle fees and "other
taxes". Apparently the legislators failed to be impressed by
the additional need for state
funding as shortly after allowing the governor his budget
settlement they voted themselves alavish $23,200 pay raise
(unlawfully). The "salons" reported that this raise will help
close the gap between what the
senators received per year
($101,900) and the salary that
the members of the House of
Representatives voted themselves a couple of years ago
($125,100). [H: How many of
you think you might be able
to scrape by on these meagre
incomes?] The legislation came
as somewhat of a surprise to
many and was attached to an
appropriations bill and approved very late at night so as to
avoid the publicity on the late
news programs, it was reported.
So, while the rest of u s tighten
our belts and prepare to fund
the "budget gap" by paying
more of our hard-earned dollars in taxes, our elected officials will not participate in this
effort. (Government hogs feeding at the government trough.)
Awash in red ink, betrayed by
self-serving bureaucrats and
under attack by the Federal
Government in Washington
D.C., State Governments are
now faced with extinction and a
massive federal power structure
will replace them. The Cplan"
is in keeping with the objec/ims of Ure "New World Or&P. Consolidationofpower
will make i t much easier b
effect the m e w r into the Onc
World W r n m e n t Unknowing and seemingly uncaring
Americans are paying the
fmight and a d s t i n g in the
impending colrCrpse by allowing the fedeml government
(undertheguidanceof WwZd
Bankers") all the pourer, by
way of income taxes, to acc o m p l i s h t h i s t a k e ~David
Brinkley stated in a speech,
more than a quarter of a century ago, "The decline and fall
of the 50 state governments will
be completed in our lifetime.
The movement of political
power from state capitals to
Washington D.C. is inevitable
and unstoppable whether we
like it or not." Yes, the New
World Order is approaching and
the a d y hope that is left for
us that care to retain our fkeedom is to alert, conscript and
enjoin the majority of Americans to repair the treasonous
acts committed by the bureaucrats. W e must remove
them from office and restore
oar Republic! W e are not helpless and the cause is not hopeless but we as a people had
better awaken and get busy!
"This afternoon, as I was
sitting at this table engaged in
preparingadispatch, something
seemed to disturb me. Looking
up, I beheld standing opposite
me a singularly beautiful female. So astonished was I, for I
had given strict orders not to be
disturbed, that it was some
moments before I found language to inquire the cause of
her presence. A second, a third
and even a fourth time did I
repeatmyquestion, butreceived
no answer from my mysterious
visitor except a slight raising of
her eyes.
"By this time I felt
strange sensations spreading
through me. I would have
risen but the riveted gaze of
the being before merendered
volition impossible. I assayed
once more to address her, but
my tongue had become useless, as though it had become
"A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took
possession of me. All I could do
was to gaze steadily, vacantly at
my unknown visitor. Gradually
the surrounding atmosphere
seemed filled with sensations,
and luminous. Everything
about me seemed to rarify, the
mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet more
distinct to my sight than before.
I now began to feel as one dying,
or rather to experience the sensations wh~chI have sometimes
imagined accompany dissoluVISION OF GEORGE
tion. I did not think, I did not
reason, I did not move; all were
alike impossible. I was only
conscious of gazing fiiedly, vaI am going to share another cantly at my companion.
"Presently I heard a
much offered story of exceptional extraterrestrial vision to voice saying, 'Son of the Rewhich I can veriQ validity-FOR
public, look and learn,' while
at the same time my visitor
QUOTE from the same jour- extended her arm easwardly.
I now beheld r heavy white
nal in point above.
distance &ing
The story of George vapor at
Washington's vision has been fold upon fold. This gradually
related by many 0th- down dissl, d e d , and I looked upon a
through history and has been strange scene. Before me ~y
recorded in the Library of spread out in one vast plain A1
Congress. W e brhg it to you the countries of the world-Eunow for your edincation and rope, Asia, Africa and America.
I saw rolling and tossing bediscernment, L his words:
Page 26
tween Europe and America the light, on which was traced the up their broken ranks and ful is the third, but in this
greatest conflict the whole
billows of the Atlantic, and be- word 'Union', bearing the renewed the battle.
"Again, amid the fearful world united shall not prevail
tween ~ s i and
a America lay the American flag which he placed
between the divided nation, noise of the conflict, I heard the against her. Let every child of
"'Son of the Republic,' and said, 'Remember ye are mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic learn to live for
said the same mysterious voice brethren." Instantly, the in- the Republic, look and learn.' his God, his land and the
as before, look and learn.' At habitants, casting from them A s the voice ceased, the shad- Union. With these words the
that moment I beheld a dark, their weapons, became friends owy angel for the last time dipped vision vanished, and I started
shadowy being, like an angel, once more, and united around water -from the ocean -and from my seat and felt that I
sprinkled it upon America. In- had seen a vision wherein had
standing, or rather floating in the National Standard.
"And again I heard the stantly the dark cloud rolled been shown to me the birth,
mid-air, between Europe and
America. Dipping water out of mysterious voice saying, 'Son of back, together with the armies progress, and destiny of the
the ocean in the hollow of each the Republic, look and learn." it had brought, leaving the in- United States."
Thus ended - General
hand,.he sprinkled some upon At this the dark, shadowy angel habitants of the land victoriGeorge Washington's vision
America with his right hand, placed a trumpet to his mouth, ous.!
"Then once more I beheld and prophecy for the United
while with his left hand he cast and blew three distinct blasts;
some on Europe. Immediately a and taking water from the ocean, the villages, towns and cities States of Amdca.
George Washington was
cloud raised from these coun- he sprinkled it upon Europe, springing up where I had seen
tries, and joined in mid-ocean. Asia and Africa. Then my eyes them before, while the bright a man of great faith, courage
For a while it remained station- beheld a fearful scene: from each angel, planting the azure stan- and dedication. Many times
ary, and then moved slowly of these continents arose thick, dard he had brought in the midst before important battles, it was
westward, until it enveloped black clouds that were soon of them, cried with a loud voice: reported by his troops, that they
America in its murky folds. joined into one. Throughout While the stars remain, and would find him kneeling in
S h a r p flashes of lightning this mass there gleamed a dark the heavens send down dew prayer before the Almighty.
Perhaps it is time for you
gleamed through it at intervals, red light by which I saw hordes upon the earth, so long shall
and I heard the smothered ofarmed men, who, movingwith the Union last.' And taking t o prepare for "the final
groans and cries of the Ameri- the cloud, marched by land and from his brow the crown on battle" also?
can people.
sailed by sea to America. Our which blazoned the word
Go Dharma, for it is pre"A second time the angel country was enveloped in this Union', he placed it upon the dicted a major earthquake in
dipped water from the ocean, volume of cloud, and I saw these Standard while the people, the area of San Bernardino
about 6:00thiseveningand it is
and sprinkled it out as before. vast arrniesdevastate the whole kneeling down, said, 'Amen'.
The dark cloud was then drawn country and burn the villages,
"The scene instantly be- now 5:59. These predictions
back to the ocean, in whose towns and cities that I beheld gan to fade and dissolve, and I are coming now from your "sciheaving billows it sank from springing up. A s my ears lis- at last saw nothing but the ris- entific community" who placed
view. A third time I heard the tened to the thundering of the ing, curling vapor I at first be- the local hospital in Yucaipa
mysterious voice saying, 'Son of cannon, clashing of swords, and held. This also disappearing, I and in San Bernardino on RED
the Republic, look and learn.' I the shouts and cries of millions found myself once more gazing ALERT FOR THIS EVENING.
cast my eyes upon America and in mortal combat, I heard again upon the mysterious visitor, Chelas, I don't think they are
beheld villages and towns and the mysterious voice saying 'Son who, in the same voice I had going to change their plans THIS
cities springing up one after of the Republic, look and learn.' heard before, said, 'Son of the TIME. God walks with you.
another until the whole land When the voice had ceased, the Republic, what you have seen Take this from the machine in
from the Atlantic to the Pacific dark shadowy angel placed his i s thus interpreted: Three case the power fails and the
trumpet once more to his mouth, great perils w i l l come upon writing is lost.
was dotted with them.
Salu, Hatonn to clear.
and blew along and fearful blast. the Republic. The most fearEND OF A CENTURY
Instantly a light as of a
-thoa=nd 8-8 . h m down
from above me, and pierced
uAgainI heard the mys- and broke into fhgmcmts the
terious voice say, 'Son of the dark cloud which enveloped
Republic, the end of the cen- America. At the same mo•
look and learn*' merit the
To download the PHOENIX LIBERA TOR from your computer or to
At this the dark s h a d o m g e l head still
the word
leave a public message, simply dial (by modem) (805) 822-1309 for the
bore Our naturned his face
thward, and Union, and
free Patriot InformatiodPHOENIX LIBERA TOR Bulletin Board. Set
in One hand lnd a
Irom Africa I saw an
your computer for 2400 or 9600 baud N-8-1.The board uses Procorn+
specter Wproach Our land- It
¤ and most of the files are in zipped (or compressed) format using the
flitted slowly over evri) town from the heavensattendmiby
program PKZIp. Information contained on this BBS concerns in&- ;
latter. The in- ledoru of white
vidual rights, legal briefs of all kinds, constitutional and related matters,
habitants presently set them- imm*td~joiPedtheiph*rare treatises on freedom, some of the PHOENIX JOURNALS, and
of Amaim,
I perseives in
array wainst
much more. If you try to enter the BBS through Windows, it won't work.
each other- As continued look- ceived
[email protected]
If you have any questions or problems, call the Systems Operator Rick
ing I saw a bright angel, on come, but who i m m d t d ~ rn Martin at (8051822-9545. Spread the word.
whose brow rested a cx-own of tafig courage again, closed
:............ ........................ .......
JULY 7,1992
Page 27
More News And Non-News
7/2/92 # 1
What happened to the earthquakes in California?--didn't
even make honorable mention
on CNN this early morning!
Could it be connected to the
move-in on Yugoslavia? Could
it be to lull you to sleep for the
Fourth of J u l y ?
Hohummmmm. It turns out the
warning for San Bernardino was
intended for the full week-end
and not just yesterday afternoon. But, for some reason the
predictors are coming OFF a
"sure" thing into a maybe or
possibly. Ask the people in the
"hit" areas how steady the
ground is right now-it
never stopped shaking. No, it
is not OFF.
Further, they are pulling
your attention back to the midEast U.S. for expected tornados, floods and "incredible"
storms. No one even mentions
the OTHER quakes from one
side of the U.S. to the other.
Why would that be?
I neglected to answer
the biggest question of all
regarding the controlled
earthquake activity so
please add this portion to
the prior writing.
The reason for utilizing the faults which were
'struck" was to make
WOULD -NOT BE TRIGGERED. Both of the major quakes were no<only
on long inactive faults but
were not even interceptiv6
of the San Andreas. Had
they moved on to the
Garlock it would* likely
have triggered the "Big
One" without striking the
- entire coastal area.
the big lie and thrust that Iran
when i t smacksthem in
is printing billions of $100 Fedtheface headon Ithink
j(0ufustmoryha~YOUR eral Reserve notes (yours) to
Chelas, this is NOT OFF,
balance their budgets and pay
enemies mixed up a
just waiting proceeding
the debts-this aided and abetbit--and it ain't space
events. The earth is still
ted by Syria. [Or so they ray!]
aliens EITHER! Better
shaking like mush in the
Funny thing about all this,
take a Zong hard look
stricken areas but you will
atyourguuell~~~entandthey also say the "money" is
note a tremendous lessEli- wZth that (CP&n printed on U.S. Government
ening of pulse and tonal
printing presses. How do YOU
2000"-I note the Rusassault today so local
suppose Iran got U.S. GovernsZdns with thoseCosmonerves will be much more
ment printing presses?? Could
spheres want nopart of
"at rest" until they start
this be the opportunity to
your New World Order
bombardment again. You
change currency on youse-theOR your One WorZd Gow
will not be out of these
sleeple? Surely you don't want
emment UNLESS, OF
"woods" until some time
Iran and Syria-and especially
- COURSE, IT'S THEIRS! Israel-using YOUR money do
next week-after'they tell
you t h e s h u t t l e h a s
you? Nobody said anything
landed for it was the "dewhen Japan and the U.S. did it
coy" for first strike capaand still do it. But golly, geebility and your enemy told
What ofacoup1eofU.S. cargo not Iran! Oh well, Iran denies
the whole world as much!
planes into Yugoslavia and U.N. the whole thing anyway and no
Space-cadets won't be
troops to insure receiving of one would lie to you-would
able to bear the burden
"humanitarian aid"? Seems to they? Your government surely
either because the Rusme you are still murdering Iraqi wouldn't do that, would they?
sians were a lot more
babies by the thousands for lack
clever than you THIS
of humanitarian aid. Also, in
Africa, the planes can't get
Now, for longevity of
What a relief, Mr. Clark and
through to the starving and no
peace and quiet? There
one gives a tinker's damn. What Mr. Altman were NOT indicted
won't be any for the game
along with the "foreign" banabout them?
is in full blossom so enjoy
dits of BCCI. Further, they can't
the respite even if it be for
COMMUNIST BLACKMAIL? even be tried on their own little
only a brief few hours.
banking schemes-because
- -Yugoslavia wants you%d _those nasty Abu Dhabi politiYou will note that local
epicenter "victims" note
so badly that the Serbs say if_ cians have the local banksters
no lessening of the "fluid*
you come-on-in, US., you will under "House Arrest" and the
motion underfoot. You
be srfnk into another war that U.S. can't kidnap them like they
have been toyed with just
will be worse than Vietnam! did the doctor in Mexico. Would
as the proverbial cat and
Humanitarian aid? Oh, I don't this appear handy or what?
think so. 'Puppets on a String"
Who is YOUR enemy?
under blaclgnail by Soviet CornThink again!! Your govOCTOBER SURPRISEw
munists is the REAL name of
ernment- and political
the game undernay.
nation has enemies in
Back to Bushes and poison
action-does that mean
CALIFORNIA-NO BUDGET, aphids on the branches: Mr.
that these ones are
Bush's people have declared
-YOURenemCu? They
that Mr. Bush is "clear" of all
- The state of California is charges in the October Surprise
do not seem to be JUZNE!
The (CEagWam still
bankrupt; you must know- incident-"He did not go to
in flight-they most
along with just about all the Parisn as accused! Oh? What
certainly have NOT
other states and the nation. The of the very pilots who flew him
you are of
state is issuing only "I Owe there and back? What of the
You's" to employees and makes ones who met WITH HIM
be readjusting your
a big dealof whether or not they THERE? Is Mr. Bush a simple
tho&ghtpathns in- a
will be honored by the banks- illusion-here today and gone
m o r r e s u i t a b Z e d ~ c t b n well, I ask you: What are Fed- tomorrow? And what of CIA'S
&st who IS-you+ en- - eral Reserve notes? They are Mr. Casey and that nice Mr.
emy? I see!,A little lie
NOT government currency- Grey? What of Kissinger and
here and a ljttle tie
€hey are pieces of paper which Shultz? Flitterbirds all, I guess.
them-and spon, noFunny thing about political
are not wonh the paper
bocEy re-ttes
kuUr- on either. In fact, chelas, note years cf election--even MR.
Page 28
PEROT has decided not to testify regarding any POW/MIAs
for "...fear of making a political
circus of the matter".
that "Bon is not one of the
"inngroup. This says about
as much "goodnabout a man
as anything I have yet heard.
thought," they say today. California says it is so bad that
there is no way to make up the
there are so many unemployed
with "...no jobs to mtum to?
quicker than the eyes as they
deceive you.
Well, Dharrna, we shall simply have to continue to unfold
the stories as best we can and
hope some will be seeing confirWORLD
mation of the truth of it and
raise their eyes above the
"As Queen of Canada I...."
flatland table-top and at least
saidLizzieyesterdayasshesurI taZd 3(lou to bgwallle of check their "divine plan" for
veyed her Canadian Kingdom I...enemies bearing &f.tsmfuture reference. You are going
and said "Ameri-, ER-R, curddIdnY Zts&nl FPhtLrr to find that the LIES involved
Canada will never be divided!" the EZife 43orbachsv made with your "divinity", "source"
Hummmn, speaking of Oops of the year? Or....??
deuls in Wuet, Yewas and 'future" are FAR AND BEPOW/MM and lies. What ever
blaurkmailing the U.S. I tow YOND WORSE THAN THAT OF
happened to good old Colonel
you a lot of your own %ap POLITICS! So be it.
peningsm would revolwe
James "Bo" Gritz? I s he dead,
alive, apt to win an electionYES ON INTEREST RATES! anound whatyou woull do to
ever heard the name? I thought
m a r e a s s e t s w i t h R u s s i a . You
not. I think this next notation
Mr. Bush asked the Fed to m a d e a s w i n g a t ~ s b F i k e "
from a friend in Arizona sums it again tinker with the interest and the RussiruLs expected
UPrates in his behalf by lowering it-theyaZsoexpecttheNEXT
HATONN: "You ones must be
A COMMENT: #"Theonly time rates. The Feds agreed in- ATTEMPT. AMERZCANSprepared
to recognize the names,
I've head BO GMlZ' name ever stantly-HOWEVER, just YES- WELCOllduC TO COMMUNIST
mekioned on National Network TERDAP he said "....intemest USSR! How do you like it so labels and places from whence
News was on an ABC 'Ekpose" ratem 'and lending will HOLD fw? Well,goll mbed inprice comes your so-called 'health' care.
on the MU-POW issue which STEADYWITHOUTCHANGES, by $4.00 this morning--but I refer to the practice of medicine
as the 'CUT,
&ZustedBo, condemning him the economy is in good recov- who has the -crold?
against a living
as a ' Z k , deceiver,fntud' on erp. Hatonn confusing?
Chelas, you have only "just
life-form. I call this JOURNAL,
his d61A-POW statements,
begun"! I find my own self
& d i n g him as a 'haaxter'
wishing we (me)had been lying HIGH PRIESTS AND RABBIS
Lying to theA d a n p e o p Z e .
to you as accused for I see a IN THE TEMPLE because that is
'Mrcsu nslost euen once menThe announcement h a s bleak future in perception for what health care' has come to repf b n d he was a Pnrstd-2
come forth that the unemploy- the next*years-if you have resent. The hospital (and research
Thts sum i H - ment figures have been wrongly years. Fearmonger Hatonn? Oh lab) is the 'temple', the practitioI almorrt had apo- projected through computer er- God, I wish it had turned out ners arethepriests andrabbis. Trust
me with your life but ask me for no
rors-"There are more unem- that way and not this way.
explanations,' is the byline..'for I
1 wodd eerbbdy sardse ployed in the U.S. t h a n
am God of your being'."
By James "Bow Gritz
$24.95 Book
In his book, Gritz lifts the veil of
National Security to reveal how
U.S. Forces havebeen used astools
by international elitists who are
guilty of drug trafficking, preventing American POW'S from coming
home, and more.
To Order Call: America West
a Nevada corporation
1-800-729-413 1
PAL0 ALTO, CA. 7/91
$20.00...2 Hour...VSdeo Tape
Bo tells the story behind the covert CIA operationsofViet Nam.
He names those key individuals
involved in the Golden Triangle
heroin trade. His is a message of
courage and he delivers a "final
call to serve" to all who will
awaken to the evil behind the
"New World Order".
This capitulation to serve
R u u i a may h v e just bought
yom a little Utimenon the
photon ringofdisaster. It
depmd on how the next few
days 'QPrnld. We need more
t h e , dear ones, UP let us rejoice ftwe CaIipCIjp wen a tiny
bit for our own use. Do not
put aside preparations-stay
right on top of ALL prepara- tions foryou are at the door of
dfrirstetr and it is still wideopen-pfeue, do not be foolish. This is stiU the most
unstable t b e in the history
of the w d and worsening
minute by minute. There are
so many-distraictions as to
addleyour minds-don't close
your elper for the hands ARE
a Nevada corporation
JULY 7; 1992
Page 29
Limo Driver Delivers Final
Fatal JFK Shot
7/2/92 #2
I realize that this is about as
old and tired a subject as I can
choose this day but nonetheless-we are going to present it
again. I apologize for the lack of
ability to present colored photos to you but it is not worth the
confusion and expense just to
prove a "handn in the firing
position. (Editor's note: If you
could see the hand in wlor--us
in the original wlor w p y photos
we have-you would note the
~ n ~ s t c i k u b l e f l ewlorationof
a hand.)
I have told you that the driver
of Kennedy's limo also shot the
President. This has been discounted, actually by one I fully
respect, Col. Gritz. However, he
is incorrect; the driver, William
Greer, was one of the shooters
and actually blasted him with
the final fatal shot-he had already been hit fatally by E.
Howard Hunt from the "grassy
knolln. At any rate let us look at
the scenario as presented to u s
in the San Luis Obispo material
from R.R.
At 12:30 PM, on Nov. 22,
1963,Abraham Zapruder stood
on the concrete platform in
Dedey Plaza in Dallas, Texas
with his Bell & Howell Super 8
movie camera hoping to get a
In WrSs ilietakratim, made by a u a t i ackuclL
&tatqp,iphs of tram% 322 clad 315 f r o m a television b r d c - a s t
of tire %r&r&ec
fib we above ttke o t k r ruld sligtrWy clffset -to trc~u>untf a r movement GS the csr (usirg
tiro little situt%onperycar windu~qfor all%&-nt), one tars ciwr'ly set;. tite thntrit of #re -45 cril. pi:~taf
closer to the PreeisLmt
q w a ~ t ~U
rsie~eA of tfu? .brrel i n 512 (even wi lh Crectrls face) Lo fmma 3x3
when it 5s nt.11 parsst ttte edg:e'of lais fwe, wrn w : c ~ t i r r t i t l ~far emera jfg&c crkuvej by ~ p r u d c r s "
r~wr:timLO tiw x m ~of
i the ,w. Uote ~ Z s othe! fiesh t o n e of the h a d t~oldir* tile goal! !!!
Page 30
good film clip of the presidential
motorcade as it drove through
the plaza. What he filmed
should have been the most important photography in the history of theworld. What he filmed
was not only the assassination
of the President of the United
States, but one of the assassins
as well.
Zapruder and his secretary hurried to the CBS-TV affiliatewith the camera and film,
where a price was agreed upon
and the film was turned over to
the TV station. The film was
given to the photography lab
technician, who proceeded to
develop the film. The film clip
was aired, probably only once,
about 10 to 15 hours after it
was exposed.
Anyone who saw THAT
clip (and there were many)could
see that the president was shot
from the front and not fmmthe
rear as the Warren Commission
stated. I concluded that the
shot came from the front seat of
the limousine and the secret
service agent! Over the next 25
years, I met and talked with
several persons who SAW the
silver .45 caliber Colt automatic
pistol in the hand of secret
sewice agent William Greer!
The FBI and the Secret
Service immediately descended
upon the TV station. The lab
technician showed the film for
them and it was confiscated and
ordered not to be aired. The
government insisted that the
Zapruder film was never shown
publicly until 1972. The gov-
This is a Colt .45 p i s t o l of t h e kype used b ; ~W: i l E i a n m Greer. You can
see t n a t t h e bulk of t h e p i s t o l i s w e l l forward f n the hand of t h e
shooter. M s is what appears in William G r e e r ' s ;hand i n frame 312
of t h e Z a p r u d e r f i l m except i t is i n his l e f t hand, n o t his right
as p i c t u r e d here. Tne p i s t o l i s i n a "read3 t o f i r e ' mode.
Although t h e p i s t o l p i c t u r e d above i s n o t t h e same model a s t h e Colt,
i t s o p e r a t i o n i s i d e n t i c a l . I t s o p e r a t i o n i s of a "delayed blowbacktt
o p e r a t i o n which means t h a t t h e top p a r t of the p i s t o l , c a l l e d t h e
s l i d e , t r a v e l s r a p i d l y t o t h e r e a r t o e j e c t the spent c a r t r i d g e and
f e e d a f r e s h one i n t o t h e f i r i n g chamber. T h i s i s what you are l o o k i w
a t i n frame 313. A t approximately t h e same i n s t a n t t h a t t h e b u l l e t
s t r u c k P r e s i d e n t Kennedy, t h e p i s t o l s l i d e reached i t s rearward t r a v e l *
You can s e e t h e p i s t o l s l i d e extending back over the s h o o t e r s hand. Due
t o t h e extremely r a p i d motion of t h e s l i d e , t h e s l i d e i s more b l u r r e d
t h a n in frame 312.
ernment lied. (Yeah, it does
that sometimes.)
Between 12:30 PM and
that fxst showingthere wasonly
time to develop the film. There
wasn't time to alter the film.
The FBI, CIA, and the Secret
Service didn't even know the TV
station had it until they saw it
on the air. The personnel at the
TV station didn't even know that
Greer was on that film clip!
Except for one! A reporter for the station was 'on
the Scene" at the assassination
site. H e knew exactly what
happened and s o did several
innocent bystanders. The innocent bystanders had incredibly short lives after that day.
The reporter used his knowledge to bribe his way into an
executive position and anchorman spot with CBS at a national level. His name was IlAN
25 years later on CNKTV, Larry King was doing a 25th
Anniversary special call-in program on the President Kennedy
assassination. The subject was
"What is your most vivid recollection of November 22,
lL963?" The caller identified
himself as the lab technician
who developed the Zapruder film
that day. He said that the FBI
and the Secret Service came to
the station that night and asked
to see the film clip. On CNN, he
said, "I will never forget the
look of ghastly horror on their
faces when they saw the
president's head explode."
Bullrrhit! They were there and
saw it in person! The look of
"ghastly horror" was because
they saw that their own William
Greer was caught in the act of
murdering t h e president.
Greer's action is not really obvious and requires that the viewer
concentrate on Greer and not
on Kennedy. Even the lab technician missed it!
Also 25 years later-November 1988- Life magazine
did an anniversary special on
the Kennedy assassination. In
the magazine were many clear,
large photos from that day 25
years earlier. They obviously
JULY 7,1992
came from a perfect unboogered
Zapruder film.. Time-Lifeowns
the rights to the Zapruder film.
One of the photos shows
the presidential limousine coming down Elm Street in Dealey
Plaza. The limo has just come
from behind the Stemmons
Freeway sign.
Kennedy has been wounded in
the throat by a bullet fired from
the grassy knoll. The bullet
allegedly passed through the
sign. The sign was removed the
next day!
There is something terribly wrong in that photo. In that
clear, good-quality photo, the
windshield of the limo is all
blacked out! Whoever did that
sure did a sloppy job because
the blackened area does not
even follow the edge of the glass
verywell. What does that blackened windshield hide?
If you refer to t h e
Zapruder tape "Dallas Revisited" on "The Walter Cronkite
NovaSpecial", you will seedown
against the driver's door, in his
left hand, the silver .45 pistol of
William Greer!
Jacqueline Kennedy's reaction to the shooting was the
exact, normal, logical reaction
of a person who was looking
down the barrel of a .45 pistol.
A pistol that had just gone off
and splattered her husband's
blood and brains all over her.
She moved out in the opposite
direction--out across the trunk
of the car. Ask any combat
veteran. If she was trying to
avoid rifle bullets from the surrounding buildings, she would
have dived to the floor. She was
not trying to retrieve a part of
her husband's brain as some
idiot has suggested. [H: No, she
was not "trying" to grab a
part of the brain but when she
got out on the trunk of the
vehicle,there lay a part of the
slrall with brain still attached
and she sure as heck grabbed
it and retained it with her for
the next s
eh o a r m h i c h
Page 31
about did everyone in the Clint Hill, who was on the runDr. Robert McClellan's
"plan" into a state of pure ning board of the Cadillac was report stated, "The bullet enpanic while trying to get it thrown off and fell on his butt tered the left temple and blew
away from her through any behind the limo. He later testi- out a three inch chunk ci the
hook or crook method they fied at the Warren Commission, lower right occipital bone." If
could-fmdy they physically "Sounded like a .45 went off you draw a line through
extracted it from her.]
inside the limo." A s he Kennedy's head from the lower
A famous ex-race-car scrambled up on the trunk of right occipital through the left
driver operates a driving school the limo, he met Jackie trying to temple (in frame 313 of the
for aspiring race-car drivers in exit the car-escaping from Zapruder film) the line goes diSou them California. A s a side- Greer. He pushed her back into rectly to the -45in Gmer's left
line, he also teaches defensive the seat as Greer accelerated hand.
The "official" autopsy
driving for chauffeurs whose the car and rode spread-eagle,
that the backof Kennedy's
employerslives might be in danger. The basic rule to follow handholds to Parkland Hospi- head was intact and no bones
were missing. McClellan said,
when someone is shooting at tal.
It wasnever intended that 'How can that be? I had the
your car, is the same as the
normal logical reaction-step on President Kennedy's body go to piece of occipital bone right in
the gas and get the hell out of Parkland Hospital. His dead my hand." A young boy had
body was supposed to go di- found the piece of Kennedy's
In Dealey Plaza, on No- rectly to the presidential air- head in Dealey Plaza a n d
vember 22, 1963, the Number plane and directly to Washing- brought it in to the hospital. [H:
One, Top Gun Chauffeur of the ton. Governor Connally, sitting Hum-m-n-n,the Rnt DNA repUnited States of America did directly in front of Kennedy was lica was shown on Salt Lake
just the opposite. He braked wounded by two of the rifle bul- TV when? In the 50's? Could
the car to an almost complete lets. He yelled out "Oh! My itbethattheKennedy always
stop! This alone is proof of God! THEY are going to kill u s Usubsequently"featured as a
complicity in the muder. all!" Since Connally was only part of the assassination was
Since the rimmen s u m n d - wounded it was decided to drop already waiting-with an
ing the caralZsc~ewedup, he him off a t Parkland. At the emptg skull from which the
wanted them to haue a sec- Warren Commission,he started "brainnwas missing and forond chance. ttrhen they still to testify, "I sawpethen
wer lost-nwer found!!?? 1s
didn't get thejob done, Gmer, changed his statement to 'I felt" it more ridid0118than all the
as barck-up man,did his own the blast from the bullets. Of other lies of zig-zag bullets
thing with the .45 p W 2 .
course he "saw" and "felt". He and one shooter? Please,
Several researchers be- was lying across the middle chelayour headsfor you
lieve that another bullet from jump seat in the limo and his should be better sleuths by
the grassy knoll struck Kennedy face was only inches below the this time in your studies!
Actually, duplicates had been
at exactly the same instant as .45 in Greer's hand.
the -45 bullet. This is a reasonaround for a long time by the
able, logical possibility.
CONNALLY/HUNT SCHEME time Kennedy was executed
Within a few days, the
limousine was dismantled and
After seeing the Zapruder
There is speculation that
scrapped. What evidence was Connally was also an intended film, which was shown on TV
destroyed by that act? What victim of the assassination plot. shortly after the assassination,
story would an autopsy on the He allegedly was involved in a I told a friend that Kennedy was
bullet holes in the cardisclose? financial plan with the Hunt shot from the front, not from
p:Would thisbe classified as brothers that would have de- the rear. The next day (Sunobstmction or destruction of stroyed T h e New World Or- day), she talked on the phone
justice and evidence if YOU dei". (Butthat'sanother storywith her brother in Washingdid such a thing?]
T h e Story of Jonathan May".) ton, D.C. He worked at the
William Greer braked the
Since Parkland Hospital Office of NAVALINTELLIGENCE.
Lincoln limousine so abruptly was not a scheduled stop in the She told him what I had told
that the Cadillac carrying the plan, the doctors and medical her-about the shot coming
Secret Service men almost ran personnel in the emergency fromthefront. Afterapause, he
into the Lincoln. So many room were taken completely by said this, "Sh,I can't tell you
frames were removed from the surprise. Their preliminary what really happened, but if
public version of the Zapruder examination of the president's the American people knew
f h that there is an illusion of wounds were quitedifferent than what wa8 going on, they'd be
continuous motion. However, the "official" version. Several panicking inthestreets." This
the Nix film clearly shows the doctors had very short lives af- confirmed my first conclusion
limo almost completely stopped. ter that day.
about the front shot.
Page 32
Some time during that who is always out to con a fast own minds about anything- old. Second,absolutelynomenfirst day or two, a local law buck. Lately he may have be- even UFOs.]
tion is made of the real power
officer and a reporter named come a CIA stooge. He stole the
Lars Hansson then be- behind the assassination-the
Buddy Walters watched an FBI tape "Dallas Revisited" from a gins aseries ofvacillationsabout Gehlen Organization; Werner
agent pick up a spent .45 cali- local Kennedy researcher who Greer. Like the old song goes, Von Braun, Walter Dornberger,
ber bullet from the grass in had spent 17 years researching "First you say you do and then Reinhart Gehlen, and the CaliDealey Plaza. A photograph that "final fatal shot". Hansson you don't-Then you say you forniaNazis;Reagan, Nixon, and
was taken of this act. A .45 claims he made the tape for will and then you won't-You're
William Clark. [H: Well, it
bullet isdistinctlydifferent than "Bo" Gritz and John Lear and undecided now-etc.,
etc." wasn't all THAT bad, friendthe alleged 6.5 mm Carcano was distributing it around the Hansson and David Lifton then they just missed a few points
bullet. (Oswald's alleged weapon country.
begin a series of vaudeville acts and yet it was the best that
was supposed to be a 6.5 mm
to try to convince the world that has been allowed projection.
Italian Mannlicher Carcano rifle.
Greer didn't shoot Kennedy. I will note, however, that it
This is such a poor excuse for a
This is described in Bill Cooper's becomes obvious that Bush
weapon that the Italian soldiers
Bob Grodin is another book "Behold a Pale Horse", despises Reagan and did in
called it "The gun that never phony. He was hired by Con- Pages 2 15-221
No, no com- fact have connections with
hurt anybody.") A .45 bullet is gress as the photo-interpreter ment!]. The whole charade the hit-man, Hinckley, who
short and fat while a 6.5 bullet expert on the Zapruder film. culminates with Hansson ap- shot Reagan. Bush's son had
is long and thin. There is no Grodin is NOT a "photography pearing on "Inside Edition" an appointment for &inner
chance of mistaking one for the expert". His real job is to write again reversing himself saying with this person at the very
other. One more proof of a .45 phony books on conspiracy that Greer DID shoot Kennedy. time of the incident. Look it
as the murder weapon.
theoriesandleadyouawayfrom The reason is obvious as up--and I suggest you start
Severalyears later on the William Greer. A close investi- Hansson is setting himself up, with THE JOURNALS.] Third,
Mort Sahl TV talk show, Mort gation of Greer would "blow the so Grodin then follows him, ridi- Bob Grodin spent two weeks in
showed the Zapruder film. lid off' of the whole "New World culing him and trying to de- Dealey Plaza doing a remake of
When the picture stopped on Order". A Greer investigation bunk him. It didn't work. Any- the Zapruder film! The lies are
frame 3 13 and zeroed in on would even suck George Bush one with an I.Q. of at least room getting so thin they would indriver William Greer, Mort's into the Kennedy assassination. temperature could see through sult the intelligence of a rabbit!
gdest said, "I can't believe what
jH: Even one of those "killer
Grodin and Hansson ap- these CIA phonies.
I'm seeing." The TV show was pear in a handout paper called
[H:I do have to agree that rabbitsn of Jimmy Carter
cancelled a n d Mort never 'Conflict-the
Dorff Report" the so-called "intelligencen fame!"] For the real star of
worked in TV again.
(Feb. 1990). They get into a agentsarejust aboutthemost "JFK" see the movie "The
In "The Torbitt Docu - donnybrook about the "Dallas silly and ridiculous nit-wits Catholic Bible Salesman". Nice
ment" the author states that Revisited" tape. Grodin states, around. Some of the Ustuffn try, Stone. Nice trv, Grodin!
one of the assassins-code "What appears to be a chrome sent to us to try to shut us
named "Zedn-used a .45 cali- plated .45 automatic pistol is downisabout asphony asany
Dharma, let us change the
ber pistol.
actually the chrome on the three dollar bill and still they subject but remain in the mateAround Christmastime driver's side door, next to Nellie persist. I suppose they are so rial of R.R. as listed as number
1988, a friend was visiting rela- Connally". What Grodin fails to trained to not allow a point to "7"in sequence. It is so timelytives in our area. We gave him explain is how the "chrome on be missed that they "over- now that FEMA is in control of
a copy of our Zapruder tape the door" gets into Greer's left killn to the point of nausea California and other states this
"DallasRevisited". Hewasquite hand, comes up across his and become the birdbrains very day, that I think our readexcited about it and couldn't chest, points toward Kennedy's themselves. Then, there is erswill enjoy it more than Bush's
wait to get back to Houston, head as Kennedy's head ex- absolutely nothing more in- "Nixon" impeachment inTexas to show the tape to his plodes, then goes back down credibly amusing than a pro- volvement, Watergate and back
neighbor. His neighbor was a across Greer's chest and disap- grammed intelligence agent.] to being present in Dallas on
very close friend of ex-Governor pears into the front seat as the
The movie "JFK" is a that fateful day when JFK was
John Connallv.
limo speeds toward the under- monument to the stupidity of murdered. Of course, rememWhen he returned home pass. John Lear says that the the human race. First of all, to ber-Nixon was there als-but
to Houston, he put the tape in same piece of chrome must also anyone who can read, the Gar- "...can't remember where I was
his VCR and called his neighbor be stuck on the side of Greer's rison story is at least 20 years on that day"!!!
over. The neighbor viewed it head in frame 3 13. Grodin is a
stoically and said, "So now you liar! [H: Could it be that this is
know. I don't want to discuss the cause of Gritz' considerit." He turned and walked out ation that Greer wasn't the
"shootern? Seems a bit of
of the house.
We told a local retired CIA disinformationflapping going
employee about the "Dallas on in the "in" group of revelaRevisited" tape. He confirmed tors. This, by the way, is
certainly nothing new within
that "Greer did it."
Lars Hansson is an arna- that particular group who
teur "fly-by-night" journalist can't seem to make up their
JULY 7, 1992
Page 33
Martial Law Plans For USA
7/2/92 #2
(Editor's note: Please see Gritz's
booksfor all the revolting details
of our govenment's drug busiCALIFORNIA SPECIALIZED ness in Southeast Asia.) Col.
Gritz brought back accounts of
and FEDERAL EMERGENCY the many POWs that were still
being held in prison in Laos and
Cambodia. Very peculiar; every
time he was about to make conQUOTE:
About six years ago, I tact with POWs, they were mys(R.R.) had a friend and drinking teriously moved. He thought it
buddy who was "career army". was all just rotten luck until he
He was assigned duties with the was sent into the "Golden TriCalifornia Specialized Training angle" in Burma to check on
Institute (CSTI)which was based reports that General Khun Sa
at Camp San Luis. He was had POWs.
Well, Khun Sa had no
discouraged and disgusted to
learn that certain portions of POWs but he told "Bo" he
his army were training to fight a thought our government was
new war against avery unusual stupid for buying so much
enemy, the citizens of the heroin from him. Bo was
United States of America! A shocked!! Now his failure to
plan called "Rex84 " from the contact POWs started to make
Federal Emergency Manage- sense. The very people who
ment Agency (FEMA) wouLd were appointed by our governs u s p e n d t h e C o n s t i ~ n a n dment to bring back our POWs
install mattial law! The au- were the middlemen who were
thors of this plan included San drug trafficking with Khun Sa!
Luis Obispo residents Luis 0. On video tape, Khun Sa named
Giuffrida,William P. Clark, and Assistant Secretary of Defence
Edwin Meese. Disillusioned, Richard Armitage as his best
my friend left the army. He was customer. He also named
not a t all happy with the politics Theodore Shackley andThomas
of the new military.
Clines as part of the U.S.
InMay 1986, theChristic Government's drug trafficking
Institute of Washington D.C. team. The same Shackley and
brought a lawsuit against the Clines named in the Christic
federal government under the lawsuitand theurnelhackley
WCO statutes, which indicted and Clines whohelped Ronald
many members of the U.S. Reagan establish CSTIl
Government with assassination,
Shackley, who was then
illegal arms dealing, and drug Deputy Director of the CIA untrafficking in Central America. I der George Bush, his assistants
told my friend of this lawsuit Thomas Clines and Frank
and mentioned some of the Terpel, have for manyyears been
names involved; Oliver North, in charge of drug trafficking,
Richard Secord, Albert Hakim assassination programs, and
(an alumnus of Cal Poly), establishment of anti-terrorist
Theodore Shackley, Thomas training facilities (or terrorist
Clines, and FrankTerpel. These training facilities)such as CSTI.
last three names really shocked Terpel, of theTerpel-Wilsonteam
him. These men were involved who sold C-4 explosives to
in originating CSTI and had been Libya's Muhamar Quad*, also
instructors there!
helped set up a training school
In 1987 I learned about for terrorists or anti-terrorists?)
Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz's in Libya. President Reagan ormany trips to Southeast Asia to dered an air strike against Libya
look for POW s and MIAs. to retaliate against the terrorist
training camp. This training
school was established, not by
the KGB, but by the CIA. The
stoic silence of my CSTI friend
told me I was "right on".
Through the Special
Forces Association, a local retired "Green Beret" obtained
the address of Colonel "Bo"
Gritz in Sandy Valley, Nevada.
With a member of the Christic
Institute, we went to see Bo and
brought him the video tapes
about murder and drug trafficking in Central America. Bo
was amazed. He said "Why,
they're saying the same thing
I'm saying." Sure enough, the
"leftwing"ChristicInstitute and
the "right wing" Bo Gritz were
giving the same account of drug
trafficking, assassination, and
gun running. We concludedIT'S TIME THAT THE "RIGHT"
US! There is a huge amount of
information available from the
'Center for Action" in Sandy
Valley, the Christic Institute,
the Mae Brussel Research Center, Barbara Honegger (author
of "October Surprise") and
many other persons and organizations.
When we returned from
Nevada, I set about to learn all I
could about CSTI and FEMA.
The best information is contained in an audio tape of a
radio interview by Dave Emory
of "Radio Free America #32".
This tape is about 3 hours long
and tells how CSTI was initially
formed. To briefly summarize,
you will remember the protests
anddemonstrationsagainst the
Vietnam War. These demonstrations greatly upset Governor Ronald Reagan. He, being a
veteran of World War 11, World
War I, the Civil War, the Indian
wars, thought that these pro-
tests were very unpatriotic, so
these 'dissidents". CSTI could
also control protests against
nuclear power at Diablo Canyon, environmental protesters
such as "Earth First", abortion
rights protesters, minority race
protesters such as Uhuru and
SLA. He anticipated protests
against the next "Vietnam"-the invasion of Nicaragua. This
invasion was already staged and
called "Operation Night Train".
In 1968, "The King Alfred
Plan" appeared in a mvel T h e
Man Who Cried 'IAm". The
author, John Williams, claims
it is a true document and had to
write a novel around it to get it
was a Ppublished.
e l i m f n m 20 dlzion Blucks
in the United States. In 1970,
it appeared as Luis Giuffrida's
m ~ n dup.
thesis at the U.S. Army War
College. Governor Reagan liked
it so much he made Giuffrida
the ~ommanderof
CSTI at Camp
San Luis where it was the pattern f o "Operation
Splice?. In 1981, FVesident
Reagan made Giuffridahead of
FEMA (replaced by Stickney),
where 'King Alfredn became
"Rex84". "Rex" meansUReadiness Exercise" and is also Latin
for "Kingw. This plan, by
Giuffrida, assisted by National
SecurityAdvisorW U h m C l a r k ,
Attorney General Edwin Meese,
Colonel Oliver North and 0thers, called for srumension of
the Constitution, dochation
of martial law, and incarceration of all who protested
DuringtheIran-Contrahearings, CongressmanJackBrooks
attempted to question Oliver
North about this plan to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law. He was
immediately interrupted and
squelcheL UY the chairman,
Senator Daniel Inouye.
Today this plan is still in
effect. Quoting from Bo Gritz's
The U.S. Congress
is now considering a bill
(HR 4079 and S. 2245,
Page 34
National Crime EmerULTRA and its use on assassins later exchanged for cocaine. died.
gency Act) which could
In 1989 General Khun Sa
such as Mark David Chapman, Do you think that a couple of
declare a NATIONAL
John Hinckley, Patrick Purdy Syrian terrorists could have exported 3000 tons of heroin.
EMERGENCY for five
and many others. The 900 ele- advance information about the The U.S. Government is still his
years if it is signed into
ments of the U.S. and British secret itinerary ofthe president's best customer. At a half millaw. Under existing exgovernments. The 'October helicopter schedule a whole lion dollars per pound, d o you
ecu tive directives, the
Surprise" about how Bush and month in advance without some think the government is goConstitution oftheUnited
Casey flew to Paris to make a collusion with the "Secret Gov- ing to lose the profits from
States of America can be
deal to hold the embassy hos- ernment"? Today George Bush thousands of tons of cocaine
suspended and martial
tages until after the 1980 elec- is on very, very friendly terms and heroin by imprisoning
law declared under conditions. [H: Don't miss today's with the Syrians-[or hadn't drug usems3 Wake up America!
tions of a national emer80% of the drugs your children
earlier writing. Bush's own you noticed?]
gency. The Federal Emeri n v e s t i g a t o r s have n o w
Abbu Nidal and Monzer use come in through U.S. Govgency
cleared Bush completely a n d Al-Kassar were involved in the ernment channels. CSTIAND
Agency (FEMA)is already
announced hewas not in P a r t December 1988bombing of Pan- FEMA WILL IbWRISON PROat "October Surprisen--are Am 103 which killed 259 men, TESTERS, DEMONSTRAin place to enforce such a
you usruprised"?] The sav- women and children. The pur- TORS,HOMELESS, GUN-OWNIn the early 1goo's, the ings and loan scandal which pose ofthe bombingwasto elirni- ERS, DRAFT EVADERS, TAX
Panama Canal was originally involves the president's sons- nate a CIA team who was de- EVADERS, TOO!
planned to go through Nicara- and others.
fecting from the CIA and planned
In the 50's a n d 60's
gua. This is the most practical
For many years covert to "blow the whistle" on the Marseille, Francewas the heroin
location for a canal. Today the actions have been undertaken CIA and the "secret govern- capital of the world. From there
the heroin came to America, the
Panama Canal is obsolete. No which would mandate the mentn!
To provide credence to French Connection. Some of
supertanker, aircraft carrier, or FEMA/REX 84 plan. In a recent
battleship will fit through it. A book an Israeli Mossad agent this article, the author would the channels were the Mafia,
new canal is planned for Nica- states that his agency knew for like to state that he has per- Cuba, the military, and the offragua. The only economicalway months a terrorist attack was sonal involvement with many of shore oil drilling platforms in
it can be constructed is with planned on the Americans in the persons and incidents here the Gulf of Mexico. The oil
ADM's-atomic demolitions. A Beirut. The guards a t the Ma- included. Persons in the Intel- drilling platforms were piosynchronized detonation, in an rine barracks were ordered to ligence Support Activity (NSA), neered and owned by a Hoasearthquake active area, of 250 stand duty w i t h UNLOADED Office of Naval Intelligence, ton, T e x a s based company
million tons TNT equivalent of WEAPONS! U.S. intelligence White House Staff, Christic In- named Zapata Offshore Oil.
nuclear explosions30 miles long KNEW AN ATTACK WAS 1116- stitute, etc. [H: He, howwer, The heroin was unloaded miles
will instantaneously blast a ca- MINENT AND DID NOTHING did not have nor has he had out at sea from fishing boats to
nal large enough to allow super- TO STOP IT. [H:
Yes indeedynow, any contact until this the platforms. From the oil
tankers and aircraft carriers to moreconfirmation that I don't material arrived, with Hatonn drilling platforms the heroin
pass each other. Do you think fool around with your intelli- or m y scribe. H e is still totally went ashore via the normal crew
this may cause protests and gence in the JOURNALS. I unknown to my scribe.] One and equipment boats, thereby
Here is simply don't know what more incident happened over 36 years avoiding customs and inspecsome conRrmation for all you you n e e d for confirmation.] ago. During the Korean War, I tions. The president of Zapata
little deniers of what w e have
Another plan to imple- was in the U.S. Marine Corps Oil was George Herbert Walker
given you. Absurd? No, ment FEMA was another at- with the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Bush. A s Director of Central
planned and ready! We gave tempt to assassinate Reagan in Mediterranean. In a conversa- Intelligence, Bush was the comyou a fidl description of ex- June 1986, in Venice, Italy, by tion with a French lady in Mar- mander of the world's largest
actly h o w it would be palled shooting down his helicopter seille, France, she told me her drug trafficking operation; AS
"Marine One". This plan was husband was killed at Dien Bien president he is commander-inTo understand the neces- aborted because in May the Phu, French Indochina (Viet- chief of the military which insity for CSTI and FEMA one ChristicInstitute filed theirlaw- narn). [H: How many of you cludes CSTI and FEMA. [H:
must consider the staggering suit against the U.S. Govern- readers h e w that Vietnam And the "head" of FEW4 i.a
amount of information about ment, naming many of the per- WAS FRENCH INDOCHINA?] -KIsSINGERAND ASSOCIATES
covert operations that is avail- sons who were to participate in She was very bitter. She said, STOOGE.]
Today (December, 1990)
able to those who care to look the June assassination. Abbu "We're only there for the
for it: Drug trafficking on a Nidal and Monzer Al-Kassar heroin." Then s h e really 300,000servicemenandwomen
global scale. Assassinations were the "Syrian terroristsnwho shocked me. She said, 'Your are facingaconfrontation in the
which go back to the Kennedys were to carry out the assassina- government finances our war in Saudi desert, which could very
and Martin Luther King. The tion. They were partners w i t h Indochina." Why were we sup- well become World War 111. Not
development and distribution OLIVER NORTH, RICHARD porting the French war? For a a shot has yet been fired, but
of AIDS. The assimilation of SECORD, AND ALBERT " p i e c e of the actionn- opposition, demonstrations,
hundreds of Nazi scientists, HAKIM IN PROVIDING THE HEROIN! This war evolved and protests are growing across
doctors, and intelligence agents POLISH AK-47s AND PORTU- into the Vietnam War in which the country. Need there be more
under "Project Paperclip". Mind GUESE AMMO FOR THE CON- over 5 8 , 0 0 0 Americans and justification for the existence of
control programs such as MK/ TRAS. These weapons were millions o f southeast Asians CSTI and FEMA?
Page 35
JULY 7,.1992
This may be the end of quoting on this above matter but it
sure is not the end of the story,
is it? Now, did this person
this just possibly TRUTH, readers? THERE ARE A WHOLE
I have now had seven
soutrces, including this one,
CAN YOU BE. Druthea is hu(all with conbtct "insidenthe ing was difficult?!
She makes errors in persystem) tell me thatthem are
mn/or "things" pknned for sponsibility, chelas, is learning ception on occasion, although
the 2 3 d or 25th of Julg!! to depend upon YOUR INNER she has learned and grown to
OOPS!??! I suggest you get GUIDANCE from Creator and Trust us. And her INNER
d y because the Uactions" His Hosts of Lighted Source. strength is unbreakable, alam going to get more and ALL that you encounter OUT- though she may not yet see it in
morremzstyarsyountor#abng. SIDE of self will be measured self.
I tell you this that you know
Enough for this writing. within and discerned within as
relating to self and Truth. I am when she first became aware of
Thank you.
Hatonn to bid you a good- referring most especially toyour u s outside of self, she denied for
spiritual directions of daily ac- a long, long time and went
&ity and interchange. Are your through terrible testing with
interchanges balanced? Do you doubts, confusion, poor selfgive more than you receive or value and self-centered ego. She
receive more than YO^ give? DO was frightened. 1n less than
you know that you can, with three years she has grown beGod's presence requested and yond her fear and doubt and
abided by, achieve balanced now acknowledges she rememinterchange in all of your trans- bers her commitment to God.
problems are. In this way you actions and interactions? IF Does that mean she never
can then face them (problems) THAT BE YOUR INTENT IT WILL doubts or does not sometimes
become afraid? NO. The difand begin the healing. If you do BE ACCOMPLISHED!
Yes, WE know that you find ference is she now FEELS and
not KNOW ofyour illness oryou
DENY it deliberately, it only it easier to get answers outside KNOWSourpresence, ourguidspreads in devastation of un- of self for self in opinion or ex- ance and our protection. She
balance within you. Yes, it is pert judgement by others. It has secured her lifeline with
quite shocking, alarming and also means that you deny God God and has felt that INNER
to strength and knows she can
frightening to begin to look a t within
"how bad it really is" in unbal- strengthen your bond of inner confront any problem or situaanced condition upon your KNOWLEDGE when ever you tion given and receive guidance.
place. Often it even seems hope- seek outside FIRST. Let it FIRST ALL OFYOU CAN AND WILL DO
less and overwhelming. KNOW be inside that you find Truth THE SAME!
that it is NOT hopeless unless and then allow the verification
When you ones realize and
YOU make it so by not accept- and validation of that which accept that your ONLY security
ingyour responsibility and part you KNOW to unfold, for ex- lies with Trusting God WITHIN,
in cleaning u p self, &d there- ample within these transmis- you have reached a most wonfore bringing balance back to sions. Most of these lessons are derful pinnacle in understandthe whole.
NOT NEW to any of you reading ing and growth. You will accept
You each will stand naked herein! We are simply remind- your instructions and you will
WITH GOD in responsibility to ing you each of that which is act upon them. Sometimes you
Our One Creator for that which already known WITHIN. If some will stumble and bumble and
YOU DO and HOW YOUTHINK ideaorconceptofteachingfeels get really frustrated with self.
AND BEHAVE. You each are unfamiliar, it does not mean it This will pass and God will carry
fully accountable for selves and is untruth! It simply means you you when it seems you cannot
ignorance is avalid excuse for a do not KNOW or REMEMBER take another step.
time. ONCE YOU ARE GIVEN yet. Sit with GOD whenever you
Druthea, precious dove, has
OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW AND sit to read these JOURNALS now reached a point in her exSTILL REFUSE OVER A N D and LIBERATOR A N D ALL perienceofjobandcommitment
OVER AGAIN, you must face WHICH COMES TO YOUR AT- whereby she now finds JOY in
the consequences of your own TENTION. You cannot ever learn her work and fulfillment of givmaking and refusal to know. to trust God within if you do not ing. THAT was a tough, tough
God does not force, EVER. You allow His attendance in your pinnacle to reach, where she
ones are in your final sorting, daily experiences.
feels it is no longer a burden
wheat from chaff, within selves.
Does this scribe write these which she cannot handle. She
YOU willdecide yourplacement instructions from Sananda for feels blessed and honored and
and whether or not you will self as well as YOU? Yes, she we, too, are blessed and honremain bound for perhaps an- does. It does seem, in human ored by her participation. For
other millennia in lower physi- perception, that our scribes are your work and responsibility is
cal compression (material ex- somehow more in tune and with- NEVER EASY, precious ones,
istence) is entirely up to you. out ego opinions. THEY ARE but it may certainly seem so to
And you thought College test- MORE IN TUNE AND YET SO others and to self WHEN you
L e arni ng TO Tru st
God Within
61 16192
Greetings, precious little
dove, Druthea. I AM Sananda.
I am known by many labels,
Esu Immanuel, Jesus Christ,
Pale Prophet, etc. I am not feet
upon your place, although I
bring instructions as Governor
of your place in service to the
Lighted One Source.
I walked upon your place as
Son of Man AND Son of God in
my spiritual awareness. I came
then some 2000 years past in
your counting to instruct and
prepare God's people (thosewho
abide within His Laws and bring
lighted Truth) for THIS time of a
Great Cycle transition of your
species. I come with THE HOSTS
OF GOD to bring His children,
lost and now found in Godly
intent, to His places prepared
for you ones. You are my
younger brethren and God has
entrusted in me responsibility
for your spiritual evolvement
into the higher places He has
prepared for you. There are
many who travel with me, includingour beloved Commander
Hatonn, who has chosen perhaps the most difficult task of
Historian and "telling you like
it is, thorns and all, upon your
Like a diagnostician, he
(Hatonn)recognizes and reveals
to you ones the disease within
selves and upon your place that
you may understand WHAT the
Page 36
bring JOY into WI-IATEVERwork
you do in -behalf of God. Learning to fly is as much a JOY to DO
as YOU allow in perception of
same. So you fall? Fall Forward
into God's wings and then jump
again until your wings become
strongwith God's love given you
to regive toyour brethren. What
a gift your lives are, if only YOU
could see what I, Sananda, see!
I am most humbly grateful
and in deep appreciation for
you, Druthea. You are growing
so beautifully and I am honored
to be a part of your growth as
you are a part of mine and so it
is with each ONE of you of my
blessed brethren. Let u s close
that you each may ponder these
words within selves with God
present for clarity and understanding. I AM Sananda, One
with God in His Service of Love
and Truth. Walk gently together
and then you will be ready to fly.
So be it. Salu.
cant fmm
This includes "undercover"
contacts with the old buddies in
Cuba to check on final status
and get instructions and give
Let u s look to that Yugoslavia "crisisnagain for a moment
without getting emotionally involved. What does the press
and Bush say about it and the
troops as questioned regarding
the 150,000 U.S. troops stationed in Europe under NATOif they aren't used against the
kind of bloodletting seen in
Sarajevo. What does Bush say?
"...that doesn't mean that it's
going to be injected into every
single crisis area."
Anyone taking note of South
Africa and DeKlerkrattlings and
"force" tactics against the
"blacks"? It is happening, little
ones, the take over of South
Africa and ALL RESOURCES by
the British Elite. And what of
Algeria and Nigeria? Note
please, that Nigeria has "light
crude oiln against which the
price of oil for the world is
12th in ranking
importance in the Bilderberg
society and a major participant
Perot is the best candidate
at the Evian, France 1992 meetAh yes, Japan said day-be- ing May 2 1-24. Yes, I do have a money has bought! Precious
fore-yesterday that they would major listing and you would rec- ones, when I told you yesterday
not play the "Russian Game" ognize a lot of the players. Yes, that Bush had 'seconded"
and lower lending rates, etc. I and another U.S. representa- Perot'snomination to the Counnote that after Aso (Ah-so)sud- tive was Sen. John Chafee; and cil on Foreign Relations (CFR),a
denly "blew" in massive erup- Sen. Charles Mathias from political power arm of the Elite
tion without prior warning ac- Maryland was also a major in- 300, it could only mean that
companied by myriads of earth- vited "guest". Then, of course, Rockefeller and Kissinger had
shakers and rollers on the same was also Paul Volcker, former set him forth for membershipday in point-they decided to chairman, Board of Governors that, in turn, can only mean
lower the rates yesterday.
of the Federal Reserve System that Perot is a member of the
Who gets the benefit of lowered (yours) and David Rockefeller, established Establishment!
prime rates and discounting? Chairman, Chase Manhattan
BANKS AND INTERNATIONAL Bank International, and on and
MONETARY FUNDS WHO LEND on. So what do you think you
MONEY TO PLACES SORT OF might have NOW in Yugoslavia?
I have been buried in copies
LIKE RUSSIA-ALONG WITH Ah indeed-a stand-offbetween
THE ELITE WOULD-BE KINGS. "bankers/ Elite" and "Rus- of the pictures of uspace-aliens"
with Bush and Perot at Camp
sians" perhaps??
Isn't current history interest- David. I find Mr. Bush extremely
ing when you are actually in- entertaining (seriously) as he
formed of the places and play- perused the pictures and inBalance EVERYTHING YOU ers?
formation. The article and pictures are the most ridiculous
outlay of total nonsense as can
be conjured. Of course we have
What is happening in YugoslaWhat else might be of inter- met with your leaders-and
via, for instance: Watch and
listen to who is doing what. est? Well, you are told, with worse, for the press and Elite,
Lord Carrington (Great Britain) great flair and purpose, that we were photographed. The picis in the nation as representa- your astronauts on the shuttle tures in point however, are not
tive for, of and authorized by are GROWING HIV VIRUS "be- worthy of even the British Intellithe U.N.? No, Lord Carrington cause crystals grow better and gence Service. By the end of the
is there because HE IS HEAD, with less flaws-in space." Oh, day of the paper's release, you
T H E and what of "space-like" labo- will note that every minor newsBILDERBERGER w c r a t mi-ratories on the planet? OOPS!! caster and weather-man had
e Q of Elite World Contmlkn What could this little infonna- his face and head superimposed
under the Committee of 300. tion mean? It means that you on the picture. I'm afraid I have
He is "Chairmann, this Lord now have your proof and confir- to disappoint you, chelas, we
Carrington-chairman of the mation that what 1 have told are not nearly that 'far-out"
board. By the way, he was a you is absolutely and uncondi- appearing and the show-andformer secretary-general of tionally correct: HIV virus is a tell presented ones not nearly
NATO. How convenient to have crystalline man-made virus and "talln enough. Know however,
the head honcho involved in the can be recreated (or destroyed) that it simply lays more ability
"solutions" to little uprisings. a t will-actually, in any envi- to spring aliens on you when
Further, a s the C- 130 giant ronment. And what else do they the time is right-and the time
cargo planes bring "tomato soup say? "....this research can save is going to be "right" very soon.
and tuna fish" (according to millions of sheep annually who
news announcement) into "the die ofvisnavirus of sheep!" HIV
besieged Bosnian capitaln,they is nothing but results of Bovine
make return runs bearing gold Leukemiavirusand sheepvisna
and drugs. Of course, only a virus which then mutates every ARE GOING ABOUT SAYING
portion chosen for public be- time it is introduced into DNA THAT "HATONN SAID - - - on
trayal is published for your hosts. (Seethe JOURNAL; AIDS, the 25th of July or thereabouts
there would be, etc., etc.", you
eyes-only the "your-eyes- THE LAST GREAT PLAGUE.)
are putting your foot into itonly in-group"gets the REAL
VERY DEEPLY. We have predop-r,
Remember a kite rises against
By the way, chelas, Sen. Lloyd the wind -Hamilton Mabb sented EXACTLY WHAT YOUR
Bentsen, U.S. senator from
JULY 7,1992
Page 37
ALREADY PRESENTED AND erhood and get some very dirty tor: Insisted on knowing source vate bet with whoever is responDATED!!!
and malicious games played on (outside mainstream literature) sible for this (I told him it was a
Confirmation of the disclo- you-the-people.
and evaluating should be made space commander1 [H: Gee,
sure had come in from AustraDr. Young presented the fol- based on where this is coming thanks Pierre, could this be
lia (wherefrom came the article lowing thoughts to a caller yes- from. "Sounds like astrology, how disinformation get&
published first (in the LBERA- terday: "Would you be upset if not astronomy. "Hokum" (U.S. spread around perhaps?] "in
TOR-after hounding from the you bought car insurance and slang: claptrap; bunk). Seemed capacity as a private citizen".
public to discuss the subject), the accident didn't happen? or, concerned how I got his num- He would enjoy t o confront
New Zealand, Great Britain, would you blame ones who saw ber and was defensive about Hatonn about it. So youll be
receiving some pressing phone
Russia, MassachusettsInstitute probability of a massive acci- any information.
of Technology scientists, dent in which you would PROB4. Hertzberg Institute of calls from scientists as soon as
Palomar Observatory personnel ABLY be involved and warned Astrophysics, National Re- they receive the info.
you so that you purchased in- search Council, Dr. Donald
My amateur astronomer
YOU WILL ENTER INTO A surance-and it didn't involve Mortan, Director: This is the friend,whodoesnotthinkmuch
PHOTON BELT OFSOME2000 you after all? Do you not need most prestigious. Spoke with about the PB,says I should be
YEARS IN DURATION AND the insurance either way? You one called John McLeod who cautious about my identificaYOU WILL EXPERIENCEIT AS can't buy insurance after the says he will look into it and tion because theyll probably
evaluate. The fact that it is s u m m o n
Allow me to share a message associated with spacecraft and paddywagon"
fetch OR 25TH, 1992 IS AN OPEN from a friend who has done a lot "ETsn enables him to pretty me ....Perhaps you could capOUESTION-MARK! You are of research on the matter as to much "calibrate in my mind the ture this telephone slug-out on
already being bombarded with publicity, etc.:
validity of this source". Also tape for the larger audience??
thinks nothing of the claim of [H: Perhaps YOU would like t o
photon waves and thus the prob- QUOTE:
visible strobe lights in the night take the phone call, P.C.?? I
lem with s u n - s c r e e n s a n d
"ozone holes". The pinning of a To: Commdr. Hatonn
skies seen by astronomers.
would be most happy to meet
atwith these people and discuss
date to July 25th, 1992 was to From: A.E.
Scientific Reaction to tempts by JPL to "track" space- anything they d e s i r e b u t
cover a n attempt to ignite the RE:
craft but so f a r no revealed until MAN can get his own
radioactive 'field around your Photon Belt in Canada
"intelligent signs" if indeed facts correct--why should I
planet (and thus the reason for
need of dark eye protection). It [This is the "samen Canada there are any other civilizations handle your problems? Neither am I nor have I ever been,
also would coincide with a time who wasjust told by the Queen "out there".
of "null" energy experience in of England that it would never
I also spoke with Pau 1 particularly interested in this
which you would be brought be allowed t o divide and who Feldman, same place, who says Photon Belt or any other exin to total control of military has had the entire fishing in- it sounds "suspiciously like cept for the major movement
power a n d t h a t i s STILL dustry totally and inten- crazy-talk" and wonders how into LIGHT. How are youones
PLANNED-IF YOU MAKE IT tionally destroyed by the Elite. many other subscribers have ever going to bring credibility
PAST THIS VERY WEEKEND IN Further, this is the Canada been unduly alarmed and of- to the world "audiencen who
POINT OF PRE-PLANNED which bans material of in- fers to allay their fears. fH: already disbelieves through
formational value, burns Now, chelas, these are the hype and sensationalism? I
I also have several reports of books which are considered same types of "scientistsn come as a Host for all mighty
massive military movement and "racistn and incarcerates per- who allayed "your fearsnabout Creator Source and to b h g
exercises (serious in intent but sons for "speaking openly on t h e seriousness of AIDS, information regarding t h e
under guise of "exercises") for some subjectswhich deal with nuclear war, recession/ de- DMNETRUTH-how dare you
the 23rd of July. Now, do you Khazariansn and is basically pression, unemployment- ones "cast blame* on our
prefer I NOT TELL YOU OF ran by the ADL @ranch of and the Kennedy "shgle bul- "crewn for your inabilitp t o
BritishIntelligence). Sokeep- let theorynl] Although it is READ?]
I personally more nearly ing this in mind, please read true that Earth goes t h a
Will keep you updated on
agree with ones who expect the on.]
25,000 year c y c l e t e r m e d scientific community's response
1. Norman Brotten, Secre- the "precession of the equi- as we go along here. So far
later than 1993. But you ARE tary, Canadian Astronomical noxn, the source of this out- Canadian scientists are having
being bombarded with photons Society: Said he is unfamiliar lay is erroneous. [H: The a ball with this "fine entertainNOW AND IT WILL STEADILY with PB but will bring it up at a SOURCE OF THIS OUTLAY IS ment".
WORSEN AS WILL THE LIES national meeting with col- ERRONEOUS?? HOWWOULD P.--June 23rd.
ABOUT IT. The entire scenario leagues in Halifax in a week! THIS ENLIGHTENED SCIEN1 am sure they are! So would
is totally under control and or- Very nice, patient and most TIST KNOW?] Information has
been misconstrued and the up- I be! I remind you ALL to go look
chestration of ones on earth polite.
and/or in your "near" atmo2. Sky News / National coming "south delta aquarid" at the introduction to my writspheric space. It is total at- Museum of Science (k Tech- meteoritic shower that peaks at ing on the Photon Belt. I said
tempt to gain or hold s u - nology: Not a clue. Graciously 9:00 AM Tuesday 28 July for that I did not even want to menthe "photon belt". [H: Getting tion it because the communit_y
Earth people. referred me to the following:
This is simply a masterful at3. David Bunn Lapp Ob- uncomfortable, anyone?] & ofNewA.wrs,ChcvureZersd
tempt to "blame" space broth- servatory, Dr. Sequest, Direc- seriously wants to wager a pri- Fortune-teZZers had almadw
..-. .
Page 38
informed _vouall about such YOU go look at the red, blue,
u p u n d e r a conFor you w h o "have a ball"
phenomenon. I h a v e been gold and white (alongwith green)
tract with the
a n d great "laughs" a t some
blasted for t h a t "attitude" also lights o n "some of those stars"
Navy to explore
funny improbable space-crews,
a n d m y "assumption" t h a t you and you decide who might b e
new ways to deI suggest you consider t h e folo n e s w o u l d a l r e a d y KNOW! telling you "josh-junk".
tect submarines.
lowing: Perhaps you should
READERS: YOU CANNOT Moreover, if it i s s o far-fetched
StanforvL Universpeak with t h e man a n d family
HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!! I s it a b o u t danger from space desity =searchers
in YuccaValley THIS WEEKwho
better to "expect" something, bris, y o u r s o r ours, why would
presented their
watched their a u t o straddle a
make preparations and b e se- your government p u t a whole
findings a t the
massive c h a s m which opened
cure or simply perish i n t h e defense system in n e a r space to
meeting of the
before t h e m with t h e first major
storm w h e n it hits?
American Geoshoot down those "asteroids"
quake (after regular blasts of
In S o u t h e r n California t h i s a n d sort-of "forget to tell you
physical Unfon,
both s o u n d and light). The car
day-are you n o t told t h a t mo- a b o u t it until NOW?"
and many of the
w a s teetering o n t h e edge of the
mentarily you can have a mas- I shall most certainly capture
crack so h e called for help to
seismological exsive "Big One" quake which t h i s "telephone slug-out o n
perts at the big
"pull it out" as t h e front wheels
could kill h u n d r e d s of thou- tape" IF they, indeed, contact
meeting were imwere into the crack. But, before
sands-and t h u s , prepare with me. I r a t h e r d o u b t there will be
pressed. E TC.,
the help could get "attached"
emergency supplies??? I s it lost a n y confrontation AT ALL!! T h a t
a n d pull-the
second major
if you are PREPARED a n d need kind of information would NOT
q u a k e hit and w h e n t h e d u s t
t h e supplies not? Will they not BE WANTED TO BE BROUGHT
settled enough t o continuebe worthy t o have WHEN IT TO YOU-THE-PEOPLE AND
t h e car w a s gone! The crack
w a s "moved" a n d t h e a u t o s a n k
When I write warnings I FASTER THAN ARE ANYONES
Before I leave t h i s document in t h e "liquefied earth" like a
ALSO SAY: DO WHAT YOU WHO MIGHT "TALK". These to go t o t h e Editors for printing rock in a puddle. Chelas, ONE
WILL WITH THE INFORMA- o n e s are having a "ball" a t "your I have a last comment.
thing causes that sort of liqTION, TRASH IT, LAUGH AT expense", Pierre, NOT MINE.
uefaction: ELF pulses of scaIT, LISTEN, SEE, HEAR AND
FURTHER, I tell you over a n d
I have just received a clipover again that m y information ping and reminder to "share,
In addition to audio tapes of theses and mentioning if the meetwill always be taken from al- pleasenw i t h you readers. T h e
with Commander ing has a special focus:
ready available information for "light blastsn and "exploTHE
is now of- 2/22/92(4); 3/14/92(4);
we write JOURNALS and a pa- sions"onregularly intendled
fering written transcriptions of
312 1/92(2); 3/28/92(1); 4/4/92(3);
per. I am n o t interested i n sequences prior to all o f these
some taped topics.
Donations to cover the costs 4112192(2)
. . a talk at local Commusensational n e w s blurbs from e a r t h q u a k e s and volcanic
nity Church;
u n k n o w n sources or fortune- eruptions this week are NOT
$6.00 for two tapes and $2.50 4/13/92(1) # "What is a Semite?";
teller Tarot cards-YOU
WILL new. THE SAME THING HAPper tape for three or more. The
transcriptions are $3.00 each. 4/17/92(1j # "Who Were the First
(Mexico or Canada add $0.25 Christians?";
and other foreign countries add 4/25/92(2) * # "The Photon Belt";
$0.50 per tape or transcriptions.) 4/26192(3);
If, -her,
you w e r e told PAST.
Postage is included in tape and
the truth by your scientists,
QUOTE from right o u t of
5/1/92(1) "L.A. Riots and The Bigtranscription prices.
astronomers and politiciansger
the San Francisco paper:
Since we are not set up to
you wouldn't have a problem
Scientists said
take credit card orders, please 5/2/92(3);
send check or money order to: 5/8/92(2) radio talk show;
Thursday that they
would you? So be it. I would,
WORD, P.O. Box 6194, 5/9/92(4);
howwem, suggest that a "predetected strange,
Tehachapi, CA 93582. Call 805- 511 1/92(3) * "Silent Weapons For
cession of the equinox-uth
822-4176 if you have questions.
delta aquaridn m e t e o r i t i c
radio waves before
If you desire to automati- Quiet Wars";
the Oct. 17 Northshower that is upcoming on
cally receive tapes from future 5116/92(3); 5/23/92(2);
meetings, please send at least a 5/30/92(3)* "The Divine Plan and
July 28th--6oands pretty sin$50 donation from which tape Places In Between" tapes 1-3;
ister to me! What does he
earthquake, a poscosts
will be deducted. We will 6/1/92(3); 6/4/92(2);
possibly mean? Shooting
sible breakthrough
try to notify you as your balance
6/6/92(4); 6113/92(3); 612 1/92(3).
stars perhaps? How cornin thefield of earthreaches zero.
shooting stars? (catch one
q u a k e prediction.
Special Order tapes arenoted . 6/27/92(2);
by * and are not automati- 6/28/92(2) radio program, KTKK,
and "put it in your pocket and
since this material is Salt Lake City, UT;
save it for a rainy day" I bewere recorded by
in print or will be 6/30/92(3)* "The Divine Plan and
. equipment unreliwe your tune goes). Why are
soon. Available written transcrip- Places In Between" tapes 4-6;
there shooting stars? What
lated to earthquake
tions are noted by #.
kind of "information" do you
work, at least u p
The following is a complete 7/4/92(2) radio program, KTKK,
list of meeting dates with the Salt Lake City, UT.
u n t i l now. The
number of t a ~ ein
s bold in Darenequipment w a s set
No strobe lights i n space?
Tapes & Transcriptions
JULY 7,1992
Page 39
lax (prana)energy! I suggest
that the last laugh may not be
funny in the.least!!
With the continued uncersalu and have agood, peacetainty
in this world, there is one
ful and "daring" day laughing
a t God and the Elite adversary. question that keeps coming up
You are in REAL TROUBLE, regarding Nevada Corporations:
World! Remember-I don't "Can they be set up today for
have any care as to whether or future use?" The answer is yes!
not - you believe there are There has been talk for years that
space-aliens and/ or bogie- Nevadawould change someof the
men. you are simply in REAL Corporate law that makes NeTROUBLE and it would be- vada so desirable. We have seen
hoove you to begin to take it the State Legislature stand up
with some level of serious- against any changes that would
reduce the number of corporaness.
I would ahoask that you tions that are etablished in their
state. Any changes that go against
who "represent Hatonnn
your stories stra&ht for the the incorporatormean lessfunds
e m on face is not of my doing! for the state.
The State of Nevada is wholly
funded by the State Gaming Tax,
Sales Tax , F'ederal Funding, and fees charged to Nevada
7/5/92 #1 HATONN
Corporations. With no income
tax in Nevada, the Legislators
I now ask you readers to send a card must be careful with the changes
of appreciation to s& Russell at
KTKK RADIO, 3595 South 1300 had a most informative evening of
West in Salt Lake City,UT 84119. He sharing. Perhaps if we see to it that
hosts a talk program called "Open these daring speakers and receivers
Mind on K-TALK and again, on are kept on the airwaves, there may
very short notice, we conversed and yet be opportunity to share greatly.
Nevada Corporations
Support Radio
don't know what it measured, ~h~
Richter scale is down there.,,
that they add to Nevada Corporate Law. There are, however,
Federal influencesthatwould like
to see the laws in Nevadachanged
so that they could no longer be
used as a hiding place. The IRS
has tried in the past to get the
state Legislators to allow the IRS
direct access to information about
the individuals behind each Nevada Corporation. Fortunately,
they have stood firm SO far, but
the strong hand of the Federal
Government (or those agencies
pretending to work for the Federal Government) will probably
not give up their efforts to close up
one of our last valid shelters. The
Federal Government owns three
quarters of Nevada and ,e state
could not maintain their current
budgets without the funds received from the Federal Government. This type of an arrangement can make blackmail very
easy when the F*s want something. % the long and short of
this is, there is always uncertainty as to the direction of Nevada Corporate Law.
can be
A Nevada
created today for a future unconfirmed use. This type of Corporation is called a Shelf Corporation.
The Corporation is created but
nothing is actually dohe with the
Corporation until such time as
the Corporationis needed. Maybe
a future business deal, some future land purchase or evenjust to
J-use if that is the only way to
remain private in the future. A s
long as a Corporation pays its
annual $85.00 fees, the state considers it to be in "Good Standing"
and still alive no matter if the
Corporation is being used or not.
So in these uncertain times, you
can get prepared for the future
without necessarily knowingwhat
the future will hold for you.
645, CARSON CITY, NV 89706.
Our New Look
Regular readers of THE
probably noticed various
changes in appearance and
presentation of the paper
over the past several weeks.
These changes will continue
for awhile and are one visible result of Commander
Hatonn's restructuring of
THE LBERATOR'S management and operations.
Another change is our official business name, now
INC., and our new mailing
address for subscriptions,
comments or general communications is:
2810 W. Charleston Blvd.
Suite 66723
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Phone orders may continue to be placed a t 1-800729-413 1 for the present
This restructuring has
been gradually implemented
to relieve America West Publishers (already overworked
with book a n d JOURNAL
publishing activities, plus
speaking engagements)h r n
a growing burden they graciously carried from the time
of THE LIBERATOR'S inception and evolvement from the
smaller newsletter called the
turn, evolved from THE
mode for more rapid delivery
of communications than the
JOURNALS could provide.
Again, please note our
new mailing address and
know that your warm notes
of s u p p o r t a n d o t h e r
sharings are appreciated and
treasured beyond our ability
to adequately express, or often, even acknowledge under the work load of our production schedule. We thank
you for being there a t just
the right times and a t just
the right places, else we
would certainly have
stumbled and fallen along
the way. And, as Commander Hatonn put it, above
all, the sharing and the caring are really what this is all
--The Editors
Page 40
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- John F. Kennea