The Beverly Hillbillies



The Beverly Hillbillies
Reno Little Theater
in partnership with
Hug High School
Created by Paul Henning
Adapted by D. D. Brooke
Directed by Paul C. Dancer
May 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, and 22 at 8:00 pm
May 9, 16, and 23 at 2:00 pm
Produced by special arrangement with The Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock, Illinois
The Beverly Hillbillies
The action takes place in the Clampetts’ cabin in the Ozarks
and their mansion in Beverly Hills.
The will be two short intermissions.
The Clampett family
Granny -------------------------------------------------- Natalie Healey
Jed Clampett ------------------------------------------------- Ron Roark
Elly May ----------------------------------------------- Shannon Wilson
Employees of Midland Oil
George Turner----------------------------------------------- Colin Coate
Brewster---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan Tune
Relatives of the Clampetts
Cousin Pearl ------------------------------------------ Tamara Kuebler
Jethro--------------------- Race Kennedy or Michael Taylor-Short
A country girl
Emaline Fetty -------------------------------------------- Nicole Bracco
A bank president
Mr. Drysdale ------------------------------------------------- John Coney
His wife
Mrs. Drysdale --------------------------------------- Marva Hellstrom
His secretary
Miss Hathaway -------------------------------------- Tamara Kuebler
From the Pennyweather Academy
Mrs. Pennyweather ---------------------- Katherine Cameron Mills
Her son
Percy ------------------------------------------------------ George Triplett
Students at Pennyweather Academy
Gloria Mundy ------------------------------------------- Amber Myrick
Frederika Collins ----------------------------------------- Sarah Marzi
Groovy Monahan --------------------------------------- Anna Estrada
A southern colonel
Colonel Foxhall ---------------------------------------------- Ryan Tune
Beverly Hills residents
Mr. Oglethorpe -------------------------------------------- Robert Mills
Mrs. Oglethorpe ------------------------------------------ Special Guest
Mrs. Stokely-Smythe ------------------------------------ Special Guest
A police detective
Frank Richards---------------------------------------------- Colin Coate
------------------------------------------------------ Jasper Unger
Behind the Scenes
Director ------------------------------------------------------------- Paul C. Dancer
Assistant Director / Stage Manager -------------------- Michael Scheffer
Stage Crew -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast
Set Design -------------------------------------------------------------- Diana Carter
Set Construction----------------------- Diana Carter, Anne Stewart, Cast
Costumes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast
Props --------------------------------------- Diana Carter, Anne Stewart, Cast
Sound Effects ------------------------------------------------------------- Ron Roark
Lights -------------------------------- Colin Coate, Sam Coleman, Ron Roark
Stand-in and Special Assistant ------------------------------ Caitlyn Triplett
Special Thanks To
Guy Falk, Interim Principal; Jim Studer, Vice Principal; and
Keith Roberts, Theater Director, all with Hug High School,
for their support of this performance.
Squirrel chainsaw sculpture by Frank Holub, courtesy of Tom Tarpey.
Turnout coats provided by the Sparks Fire Department.
Reno Little Theater is supported, in part,
by a grant from Sierra Pacific.
Director’s Notes
When I first saw the script for The Beverly Hillbillies, while on the play
selection committee for Reno Little Theater, I thought how presumptive and
arrogant this playwright must be to think he could capture the classic TV sitcom
in one play. I am not a fan of the movie version.
One of the other committee members read the play, thought it was funny and
suggested I read it. I found myself in a room, all alone, laughing out loud and
wondering how some of the stage business would look. This play is an
adaptation of three The Beverly Hillbillies episodes blended together for a fine
evening at the theater. The Beverly Hillbillies is the classic story of culture
shock as the country mouse goes to the city, but funnier.
So, please sit back and enjoy the malapropisms and misunderstandings as the
Clampetts move to the land of swimming pools and movie stars.
Nicole Bracco (Emaline) played three roles in
Reno Little Theater’s Henry IV this season. Nicole has
also played Helena Glory in Rossum’s Universal
Replicants, Claire in Rumors, and Millie in Hotel Suite at
the Hug Little Theatre. When she is not treading the
boards, Nicole works with handicapped kids at a local
school and takes classes at TMCC.
Colin Coate (George Turner, Frank Richards) has
been involved in the performing arts since age ten, when
he appeared in Jungle Book and The Little House on the
Prairie. Most recently, he has been in Anything Goes,
Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,
and Letters From Sarajevo. He is currently working with
the Nevada Repertory Company.
John Coney (Mr. Drysdale), in his many years of
performing, has been a professional ice skater with Sonja
Henie, actor, singer, dancer, model, and director. He has
appeared in films, television commercials, and on radio,
and has loved every minute of it. He was last seen in
Reno Little Theater’s Deathtrap.
Anna Estrada
(Groovy Monahan) is a
Sophomore at Hug High School, where she appeared in A
Stye of the Eye and Out of the Frying Pan. She was Stage
Manager for Fuddy Meers. This is Anna’s first out-ofhigh-school drama experience. “I couldn’t have picked
better people to work with; they are all so much fun.”
Anna enjoys long walks on the beach...
Natalie Healey (Granny) is a Reno Little
Theater veteran, having appeared in Sing On and in the
Virginia City Cemetery Tour. She has also murdered and
been murdered at dinner murder mysteries with Funtime
Theater. She enjoys bringing a character to life, whether
it is manic, a gold digger, a pregnant virgin queen, or a
palm reader. She would like to thank RLT and Paul for
trusting her in this role.
Marva Hellstrom (Mrs. Drysdale) appeared in
Reno Little Theater’s Crossing Delancy and many more
plays with the Heritage Theater and several other theater
companies. She has sung soprano in the Sierra Nevada
Master Chorale. She plays the cello and enjoys many
other interests, including costuming, hypnotism, writing,
and art.
Race Kennedy (Jethro) is a Junior at Hug High
School, where he appeared in Noises Off and Fuddy Meers,
and did tech work for other plays. This is his first Reno
Little Theater play. He says that playing a large, strong,
dumb country boy isn’t technically acting for him, but he
enjoys it immensely. Although “forcibly encouraged” to
audition for his first high school play, he has come to love
the theater and looks forward to many more plays.
Tamara Kuebler (Cousin Pearl, Miss Hathaway)
performed with her drama class in all four years of high
school. She is excited to be involved in theater again. She
is not sure what her future holds but, hopefully, it will
include more theater fun and less real world work.
Sarah Marzi (Frederika) is an exchange student
from Bonn, Germany attending McQueen High School,
where she participated in Under Milk Wood and Brave
New World. She has performed in Germany since 8th
grade, at school and a local theater. She also plays the
piano and the guitar. Sarah is taking competitive public
speaking at McQueen, making the best of her stay in the
U.S. since that is not available in Germany.
Katherine Cameron Mills (Mrs. Pennyweather) was last seen in Reno Little Theater’s
productions Curse You, Jack Dalton and Twelve Angry
Men. When not acting, Katherine in the owner of
“Katherine’s Kids”, a children’s dance school. She also
enjoys gardening and digital photography in her spare
Robert Mills (Mr. Oglethorpe) is new to Reno
Little Theater, but he had major roles in Noises Off,
Greater Tuna, The Nerd, High Signs, and A Midsummer
Night’s Dream for the Company Players in Las Vegas.
He was also in The Learned Ladies with UNR’s Nevada
Repertory Company.
Amber Myrick (Gloria) has worked with Reno
Little Theater both on stage and off. She played Bertha in
Curse You, Jack Dalton and, this season, played three
roles in Henry IV. She has done technical work in many
plays, most recently as stage manager of Deathtrap. She
loves the challenge of acting and looks forward to future
Reno Little Theater productions.
Ron Roark (Jed) began his performance career
nearly fifty years ago when he appeared in Night of
January Sixteenth. He has performed in professional
musical productions mounted on stages including the
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Wilshire-Ebell Theatre, and
Variety Arts Center. He is an award-winning songwriter
and a Gong Show winner. He has written one musical
fantasy and is currently working on a one-act opera.
Michael Taylor-Short (Jethro) appeared in
high school productions of Fiddler on the Roof, The
Laramie Project, and Under Milk Wood. He played a lead
role in Brave New World. He is enjoying participating in
this, his first non-high school play and says that, if he has
learned anything, it is that theater people, no matter their
age or background, are the most interesting people.
George Triplett (Percy) started acting four years
ago in a TMCC production of Big River. Since then, he
has auditioned and acted non-stop in community theaters
and TMCC. In his largest role, he played Arthur in
Riverfront Theater’s Psychopathia Sexualis. Most
recently, he played the male half of a poor couple in A
Christmas Carol.
Ryan Tune (Brewster , Colonel Foxhall) is a senior
at McQueen High School. He appeared in The Desperate
Hours, Mr. Hobbs’ Vacation, Fiddler on the Roof, The
Laramie Project, Under Milk Wood, and Brave New
World. He jumped from crew to cast in Reno Little
Theater’s Henry IV this year when another actor was ill.
Ryan is a member of the International Thespian Society.
Shannon Wilson (Elly May) appeared in high
school productions of Noises Off, Getting Away With
Murder, Butterflies are Free, The Curious Savage, Love
and Madness, and others. This is her first production with
Reno Little Theater and she is excited to work with such
a talented cast. She is a theater major at TMCC and plans
to teach elementary students or work in theater one day.
If you would like to meet the members of the cast,
please stay in the auditorium for a few minutes after the final curtain.
Paul Dancer (Director) is a graduate of the
California Institute of the Arts, where he acted and directed
plays and student films. He has acted in movies, done standup, and had many different local TV and radio shows around
the country. Last season, Paul played Tom in Golden Age
and Hal in Proof for Reno Little Theater. He has done many
mystery dinners with Fun Time Theater, and is currently a
member of The Tahoe Improv Players.
Reno Little Theater
Board of Directors
Chairman -------------------------------------------------------- Diana Carter
Vice-Chairman ------------------------------------------------- Carol Pevney
Secretary --------------------------------------------------------- Judy Mosher
Treasurer -------------------------------------------------------Julie Douglass
Board Members -------------------------- Jack Beaman, Sam Coleman,
Paul Dancer, Michael Peters, Candace Wheeler
345 Parr Circle
Reno, NV 89512
Reno Little Theater would like to thank
Mr. Frank Bender for his continuing support.
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A Lifetime of Memories
Reno Little Theater Life Members
We thank them for their continuing interest.
Frank Bender
Bruno and Edna Benna
Peter S. Bing
Mrs. Karl Breckenridge
Mrs. Robert Brigham
Diana Carter
Sam and Carol Coleman
Lester Conklin, Jr.
Gregory D. Corn, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. K. Cowan III
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Cusick
Mrs. Jack Douglass
Robert and Kathy Easly
John Flanigan
Robert and Cathy Gabrielli
Kirk Gardner and Julie Douglass
Bert Goldwater
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorrell
Art and Caryn Hawman
Mrs. Helen Heppner
Patrick and Mary Hughes
Mrs. Martin Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kirk
Joan Long
Mrs. Eve Loomis
Mr. George Manilla
Mrs. H.E. Manville
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McCleary
Mrs. Rollan Melton
Mrs. Fran Merrell
Mrs. Lilika Newman
Carol Pevney
David and Kelly Radu
Mr. and Mrs. George Randolph
Mrs. Warren Richardson
Mrs. Sidney Robinson
Mrs. Edwin Semenza
Donald Stanke
Anne Stewart
Mrs. Joyce Sweger
Mrs. Hewitt C. Wells
James and Dani Woods
Reno Little Theater
Two Fantastic Upcoming Events!
10th Annual Blythe Awards
and (Brief!) Annual Meeting
Sunday, June 27 4:30 p.m. — 8:30 p.m.
Sage Creek Grill
5851 S. Virginia St.
Tickets $15 per person
Reservations or Details: 329-0661
Help Celebrate Reno Little Theater's 70th Anniversary at
Shakespeare in the Garden
Saturday, July 10 4:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m.
Elizabethan feast, Renaissance Entertainments
(Dancing, Live Music, Fencing, Shakespearean Scenes)
Silent Auction, Costume Contest, Photo Booth
Tickets $75 per person
Reservations or Details: 329-0661 Co
Reno Little Theater’s 2004 — 2005 Season
We are defining our next season, our 70th!
The schedule will include:
Play it Again, Sam --------------- Woody Allen
Veronica’s Room --------------------- Ira Levin
Henry V ------------------ William Shakespeare
Mouse That Roared ------ Leonard Wibberley
Watch for more information!

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