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Fjordhesten Danmark’s 75 years
Studbook Jubilee,
with European and Danish Championship
The Jubilee will take place at Vilhelmsborg, Bedervej 101, 8320 Mårslet,
4-7 august 2016.
European Championship (EC) for Fjordhorses in jumping, dressage, driving
and all-round
Danish Championship (DM) for Fjordhorses in jumping, dressage, driving and
All competitions will take place from 4 to 7 august.
Fjordhesten Danmark’s stallion evaluation, ie 2-years, 3-years, 4-years and
older stallions.
Fjordhesten Danmark’s medal evaluation for mares 4-years or older with
previous evaluation of 8 or more in overall impression.
Fjordhesten Danmark’s 2-years ”finale” for fillies.
”Handlers competitions” (the way you show (in hand) the horse for the
judges) for juniors and seniors. All exhibitors can participate – this goes
for EC and DM participants too
Show classes:
Earlier appointed ”Stallion of the year”, Mare of the year” and ”Gelding of
the Year”
Show classes for stallions, mares and geldings, participating in EC and DM.
The horses will be arranged according to the exterior quality.
The number of Show classes, of course, depends on the number of horses
Jubilee party:
Saturday evening, with Horseshow and Dancemusic.
Propositions, timeschedule and registration forms to DM and EC, stallion
evaluation, medal evaluation, 2-years finale, ”horseshowing”, show classes,
Jubilee Party, camping etc will be published in the near future.
The prices are:
Fees: EC, Dressage and Jumping: 800, Driving and all-round: 650.
Boxes: DKK 900,- for all 4 days plus e refundable deposit of DKK 200,- after
cleaning the box upon departure. Straw mattress is included. Alternative
bedding (shavings) can be provided at the extra cost of DKK 100,- per
package of shaving.
Camping: DKK 900,- including electricity.
Admission: DKK 100,- per day or 250,- for all 4 days.
Exhibitors/participants will get a ticket for 4 days.
The Boxes can be shared by, for instance, 2 Exhibitors/Horses, if, for
instance, one need a box the first three days and another the last day. But
only one horse in the box at a time ( plus of course foal, when it comes to
mares )
For further information, or questions, go to our facebook page , (Fjordhesten DK’s 75 års
jubilæum), mail [email protected] or view our website
It is possible to camp at Vilhelmsborg from Tuesday 2 august. Caravan
rentals with delievery to Vilhelmsborg from:
Odder Campingudlejning, Århus Syd, [email protected], Tlf.: +45 22 72 10 81
Hotels: Vilhelmsborg has an agreement with the
following Hotels:
Odder Parkhotel (approx. 11 km)
Helnan Marselis (approx. 11 km)
Zleep Hotels - Aarhus (approx. 10 km)
The agreements means, that guests can rent
rooms with discount, when the rooms are ordered
through Vilhelmsborg. For reservation contact
[email protected] or phone +45
8693 7245.
At Odder Park Hotel and Zleep Hotels Viby you
can order directly and use a bookingcode in order
to get the discount.
Odder Park Hotel - booking code
Zleep Hotels Viby - booking code (companylogin)
Montra Odder Parkhotel ****
Torvald Køhlsvej 25
8300 Odder
Phone. +45 86 54 47 44 - [email protected]
Helnan Marselis Hotel ****
Strandvejen 25
8000 Aarhus C
Phone. +45 4368 2182
Zleep Hotel Aarhus
Viby Torv 5
8260 Viby J
Phone. +45 70 235 635
Århus Hostel
Beringvej 1, 8361 Hasselager
Phone: +45 69 14 67 77
[email protected]
Rooms /B&B:
Bed and Breakfast
Malling, Århus Syd
Mobil: +45 27 57 01 93
Bed and Breakfast Aarhus South
Lene Laursen
Moesgaard Allé 14
8320 Mårslet
Phone.: +45 23 46 93 09
Mail: [email protected]
Kusnitzoff Bed & Breakfast
Bækvej 8, 8340 Malling
Phone: +45 86 93 15 87 og +45 28 40 25 87
[email protected]
Malling Kro
Stationspladsen 2, 8340 Malling
Phone: +45 86 93 10 25
[email protected]
Tisetvej 116
8340 Malling
Phone.: +45 50 99 10 34
Ajstrup Strand Camping – have also
Ajstrup Strandvej 81
8340 Malling
Phone: +45 86 93 35 35

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