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The Club
Did You Know
By Maureen Schreiber, Director of Membership
Dear Members,
For those of you heading
elsewhere for the season,
we wish you a good trip
and a wonderful summer.
As a reminder, please call
me or Jean in the
Membership office to
change your address for
the summer season if you wish your mail to go
up north.
Artwork by Priscilla Silverberg
Welcome New Members
Goldstein, Shepard & Carole
Landau, Seymour & Ronnie Russo
Bridgepointe - From New York
Levine, Daniel
Laurel Pointe - From Florida
Shapiro, Elwin & Beverley Baer
Banyans - From Quebec
Our condolences to the families of Julius Kramer,
Nadine Slaven and Sidney Schnipper.
For everyone who will be here, please review
the dining schedules in this newsletter and on
the website so that you will be aware of the
current schedule for the season. We also still
have activities, day trips and theater tickets so
remember to check the flyer racks. For those
of you who play cards, members are welcome
to bring one guest during the day as of May 1st.
Also, there are no restrictions on guest times in
the Fitness Center as of May 1st.
Also, please note that the club course will be
closed and the clubhouse will be closed for
dining on Thursdays from June 1 st through
September 30th. Lunch for all members will be
at the Old Course clubhouse, and Master
members are welcome to play golf on Thursdays
at the Old Course after 10:00 a.m.
As a reminder, members who are here for at
least five years may upgrade their membership
using equity rather than cash and those
qualifying Master members who are over the
age of 80 may change to a Senior membership
by sending in your request to the Membership
office prior to the beginning of the new fiscal
year on October 1 st. Please call us in the
Membership office for details.
Temporary Membership Exchange
All members may temporarily exchange their membership with another member in another membership
category by using Unrealized Equity to pay for the exchange.
Members are allowed up to two one-year exchanges and will be in annual Fiscal Year increments
Unrealized equity for the first year is $2500 and $3500 for the second exchange
Contact the Membership Office for complete details.
Membership Report
as of March 31, 2011
Associate General
Senior Master
Associate Master
Old Course
Cable Channels
GEO Award Recognition and
Congratulations by City of
Boca Raton
Broken Sound Club received a Proclamation
from the City of Boca Raton on April 12, 2011 in
recognition of the club’s GEO Certified award.
The proclamation stated: “By combining
environmental enhancement with corporate
responsibility in greening its operations, Broken
Sound Club has demonstrated its commitment
to sustainability.
92 Tennis, Spa and Fitness
63 Social, Dining General
95 Golf
94 Tee Time
93 CMA
Artwork by Susie Shin
Page. 2
front cover photo by Joe Hubbard
Mayor Susan Whelchel and members of the City
Council presented the proclamation to General
Manager, John Crean, Club President, Ivan
Snyder, Green Energy Chairman Terry
Baltimore, and Board members, Eileen Sands
and Donald Schaevitz.”In my 16 years I have
not come across a country club more involved
than Broken Sound,” said Mayor Susan
Whelchel. “They are the gold standard for being
environmentally friendly.”
The Club
Tennis Ladies Member Guest
Social and Tennis members are welcome to play unlimited golf
at the club course during June, July and August at a cost of $55.00 per tee off
including cart fees. Members are welcome to bring guests during the summer
months and reservations may be made two days prior to date of play.
It’s All About
The Food
Tapas Menu
Lounge and Patio
Thursdays (until June 2) 6:00pm Tapas Menu
Mondays (as of June 6) 6:00pm Tapas Menu
Fore the Golfer: Turf Twister
USGA Green Section Record, April 15, 2011
Repairing Divots - Are You Doing It The
Right Way?
by the Green Section USGA Staff
Q: There seems to be confusion among the
membership about how much divot mix
should be used to fill fairway divots. Is there
a proper amount? (Every Club USA)
A: The proper amount of divot mix (usually
sand or a mixture comprised primarily of sand) is surprisingly small because it should be
only the amount needed to replace the soil that was removed. Filling divot level higher than
the existing playing surface, i.e. turfgrass canopy, is overfilling. Not only is this a waste of
divot mix, but the extra sand will slow turfgrass recovery because seedlings and/or lateral
regenerative growth of surrounding vegetation will be scalped by mowers. This leads to the
second problem when divots are overfilled because sand particles dull and damage mower
Page. 3
The Club
Under The Stars
John Crean, General Manager/C.O.O.
Cathy Grana, Asst. General Manager
Ed Cichielo, Club House Manager
Carol Boettcher, Dir., Human Resources
Nancy Day, Executive Assistant
Dianne Hart, Director of Finance
Club Billing
Fitness & Spa
Michael Tompkins, Director
Reception/Appointment Desk
Food & Beverage
Joe Longo, Executive Chef
Tim Nelson, Food & Beverage Director
Lorant G. Botha, Catering Manager
Carl Ramallo, Lead Dining Reservations
Hostess Podium (Main Dining Room)
Hostess Podium (Centre Court Cafe)
Old Course Bar
Pool Bar
Tee Time Computer
Men’s Locker Room
Ladies’ Locker Room
Club Course
Scott Feller, Director of Golf
Pro Shop
Old Course
John Skaf, Director of Golf
Pro Shop
Golf Course Maintenance
Joseph Hubbard, Director
Maureen Schreiber, Director
Jean Ouellette, Assistant
Elyse Arnel, Website Administrator
Social Activities
Al Salkeld, Director
Sue Salkeld, Assistant
Greg Wheaton, Director
Pro Shop
Automated Reservations
Other Numbers
Access Control (Guest Access)
Banyans Gate
Club Reception
Community Maintenance Association-CMA998-5813
Security (Yamato Road Gate)
Email Addresses:
Department Managers
[email protected]
Board of Governors
[email protected]
Page. 4
Broken Sound Club
Main Dining Room
Monday, May 30
Lenox, Mass
August 28 - September 1 and September 4 - September 8
Early Booking $2150 single - $1620 pp double
- $340 spa allowance
1000 lbs. Food Waste Daily
3 Tons per Week
40 Tons Since Inception
10 Dumpsters not sent to Landfill
@ $1000/Week
60 Tons of Compost Created
A WIN For The Environment
A WIN For Your Wallet
A WIN For The Golf Courses & Flower Beds
Reservations Call Al & Sue 241-6846 or Phyllis Meranus 561-982-9741
in a National Geographic article on
Environmental Golf Courses. The
following is the page on Broken Sound
from the National Geographic website.
The Broken Sound Club, a 36-hole
prestigious members’ club in Boca Raton,
Florida, has hosted the PGA Senior Tour
Allianz Championship since 2007 and
excels at waste reduction and
management, according to GEO.
Photograph by Joe Hubbard courtesy the Golf
Environment Organization
Cabaret Night March 10, 2011
May/June 2011
“They have a fantastic community-based
green waste recycling, composting, and
resource reduction initiative,” says GEO’s
Spanish River HS Claim State
4A Tennis
An aggressive composting program
makes use of grass clippings and food
waste from the property and surrounding
community and the resulting nutrient-rich
compost is used to help fertilize fairways
and roughs, a measure that can help
reduce the use of manufactured fertilizers.
Junior Zack Gross, Laurel Pointe resident,
accounted for half of Spanish River’s points to bring
the Sharks a championship in the FHSAA boys
Class 4A tennis. It’s the Shark’s first state
championship since 1989. Zach won 3 points in the
Singles Division and 2 Points in the Doubles
Division. The team took a total of 10 points to win
the championships.
The clubhouse has stopped using
polystyrene cups, and the pro shops
specialize in products from companies
that monitor their supply chains for
and efficiency.
AL & Sue
Published April 9, 2011
Page. 5
Club Course News
Scott Feller, Director of Golf 241-6806
by Scott Feller, PGA Director of Golf
Club Course Pro Shop
Monday - Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Closed on Thursdays starting June 2
Driving Range
Sun, Tue & Thur 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat 7:00 AM - sunset
Tuesdays and Fridays 10:00 - 11:00 AM
With Donnie and Barbara
$25.00 per player. Back of practice range
Kids Clinics - Saturday 3:30 - 5:00PM
Aerification Schedule Summer 2011
Club Course Closing :
May 5th Verticutting of Fairways
May 24th, 25th, 26th 1st Aerification
June 21st, 22nd, 23rd Aerification
Aug 30th, 31st and Sept. 1st Aerification
Tournaments Schedule
Wed, May 4th
Thur, May 5th
Fri, May 13th
Wed, May 18th
Thur, June 9th
Fri, June 17th
Tue, June 28th
Polo SCL 8:30am SG
Verticutting Course Closed
Boca PAL Event 1:00pm SG
Delaire SCL 8:30am Shotgun
Emerald League 8:30am SG
Allianz Appreciation Day 1:15pm SG
Diamond League 8:30am SG
Golfer Of The Month
By this time most of our
seasonal members have
arrived at their northern
homes and we want to
wish them all a happy
holiday if we missed you
before you left. But, as
soon as our winter golf
season is gone our summer season is taken
over with all of the fun Men’s and Ladies league
play, our Summer Reciprocal Program and the
all new Broken Sound Junior Summer Golf
Program. Come in or call the Golf Shop if you
are interested in any of these programs.
Believe it or not we have already begun
working on next season’s events.
We would like to introduce you to our new
Director of Retail. Billie DeCover joined our
team and brings with her a wealth of
knowledge. Billie has experience working at
upscale clubs as well as being a leading
merchandiser in the golf shop industry. Please
stop by the Golf Shop and introduce yourself
and make her feel welcome.
Closing Day Events
The Broken Sound BSWWGA and the BSMGA
events were held on April 5 th and 6 th
respectively. The women’s event was held in
the morning and they played a color war format
with the red team being victorious. This event
was not just about winning it was about
spending the day with friends and competitors.
Even the Pros got involved by hitting shots for
the ladies on a few of the holes and the
festivities concluded with an awards luncheon.
The men’s event was held in the afternoon and
they played a scramble format with four flights.
The Pros also hit balls for them enhancing their
experience. This event ended with an elaborate
buffet dinner with drinks flowing. Our members
sure know how to celebrate. We look forward
to seeing all of you for next season’s opening
day events.
Summer 5 to 5 Is Back
March Irving Swedko
Beginning in May we will once again have our
5 for 5 summer lesson program
It is open to all members and space is limited
5 for 5 Lesson Package
Congratulations to
On March 7th Lee Gantz eagled on #9 by
holing his third shot from 125 yards out
using a 7 iron. On the same day Jack
Simon eagled #11 from 168 yards out with
a 5 wood. On March 18th Irving Swedko
had his first birdie ever on the #1 by holing
out from 120 yards. Congratulations and
keep the Great Shots coming.
Sal Caragliano Club Champion and
Sandy Sirlin First Flight Winner
5 - 1/2 hour lessons
5 - 9 hole Play with the Pros (You may bring 1 guest at NO CHARGE)
Lesson package must be taken from 1 professional. Unlike the Academy, you
will sign up for the package with 1 professional and schedule all of your
lessons and play with the pros with them directly. The following
professionals are available for the 5 for 5 lesson package:
Matt Newman, Brad Mair, Greg Pickett, Matthew Boyd or Chris Fletcher
Cyd Berush First Flight Winner
Marianne Vishno Club Champion
Page. 6
Broken Sound Club
Old Course News
by John Skaf, Director of Golf - Old Course
With the winter months
behind us and summer
fast approaching, it’s
hard to believe yet
another South Florida
season is winding down.
The month of March was
filled with events for the
men, ladies and couples.
The Club Championship
was held the first two weekends in March.
Congratulations go out to all the flight winners
which included, Ron Murstein (Championship
Flight), Dr. Steven Rindley (1st Flight), Dr. Eliot
Slater (2 nd Flight), Stan Levine (3 rd Flight),
Bonnie Rappaport (Ladies Championship Flight)
and Janet Edelstein (Ladies First Flight).
The Old Course again was a proud host to the
annual A Charity Challenge event, held on March
11th. With a score of 67, the 1st place gross
winners of the first flight were Howard David,
Burt Bines, Ron Alexander & Gary Cohen. The
1st place net winners of the first flight had a score
of 52 and consisted of Michael Mendelsohn,
Peter Stein, Joel Horowitz & Robert Weinblatt.
With a score of 73, the second flight winning
gross team was Chipp & Vicki Adams along with
John & Judy Heller. The second flight winning
net team had a score of 52 and belonged to
Louis & Paula Glazier and Rick & Arlene Selik.
Don Pressman, Jerry Robbins, Ronald Curwin
& Sidney Cohen shot a gross score of 83 and
won the third flight. The net winning score of
52 won the third flight and was shot by Elisa
Grabois, Linda Shapiro, Gwen Kamikow and
Wendy Goldberg.
Both the Men’s and Women’s Member Guests
were held in March. The Men’s was on the 21st
and consisted of a full field. There were nine
flights in total with four place winners in each
flight. The overall total net point winners were
the team of Larry Schwartz & Larry Barenbaum.
All players were treated to a day that featured a
magician, displaying his amazing tricks and a
helicopter golf ball drop onto the 18th green. It’s
a great event that continues to receive well
deserved support from the membership.
Joe Hubbard, CGCS
Summer is here and
many of you are too.
Welcome to the time of
the year when the
Bermuda grass grows
through the night and day
to keep our crews mowing
nonstop. As we mow we
will try our best to stay on
the edging of the bunkers, cart paths, sprinkler
heads and keeping the ornamental beds as
weed free as we can. It is our busiest time of
the year agronomically so you throw in three
aerifications apiece, some 25 tournaments, a
few projects such as composting, rain storms
and the time of the year when the crew has to
schedule their vacations, we are HOPPING!
The Women’s Member Guest was held on the
24th and this year’s motif was that of Scottish
heritage. This “Classy Lassy” theme had the
golf professional staff in kilts, the golf course
with specially made Scottish flags and a
Clubhouse ensemble of Scottish attire. In the
“Murfield Flight”, the event featured 1st place
gross winners of Piero Martineau, Helene
Simard, Elen Gendreau & Chantal Dubois. First
place net winners of the flight were Margie
Muskat, Janice Silverman, Sandy Sher & Sally
Rousell. The “Carnoustie Flight” 1st place gross
winners were the team of Andrea Ratner, Alesia
Kleiner, Lauren Schor & Gale Lehner. The 1st
place net winners were Susan Schaevitz, Cheryl
Nowack, Soni Baltimore & Jeffrie Stern. The
“Royal Troon Flight” 1st place gross winners were
Tsipi Renbaum, Keri Applebaum, Phoebe
Davidson & Jean Colardo. The 1 st place net
winning team was Lindsey Friend, Joann
Celano, Meryl Cohen & Sherri Dorman. The
“Kingsbarns Flight” had a 1st place gross winning
team of Lynn Bines, Ronnie Shrinsky, Vicki
Adams & Carol Trow. The 1st place net winning
team was Susan Rudnick, Ellie Shpiz, Marsha
Small & Cammy Farber.
John Skaf, Director of Golf
Pro Shop 994-8505
Hours: Mon - Sun 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Closed on Mondays starting May 16
Driving Range Hours 7:00 A.M. - dusk.
Tournaments Schedule
Mon, May 2nd
Boca Cup 8:30am SG
Thur, May 5th
Emerald League 8:30am SG
Wed, May 25th
Boca Pointe SCL 8:30am SG
Wed, June 15th
Indian Spring SCL 8:30am SG
Fri, June 17th
Allianz Appreciation Day 1:15pm SG
Aerification Schedule Summer 2011
Old Course Closed:
May 18th, 19th and 20th
June 27th, 28th, 29th
Aug 22nd, 23rd, 24th
OC Club Champions
The annual Governor’s Cup was held on April
2nd & 3rd and featured a women’s division and
two full flights of men. Liz Nolan & Kathy Frank
won the women’s division with a two day total of
127.25. With a two day score of 125.47, Steve
Scheinman & Richard Myer won the men’s first
flight. Dr. Steve Rindley & Norm Kamikow won
the second flight finishing with a total of 127.25.
As we look ahead towards the summer season,
the golf course continues to be in great condition
and we ask you to continue to help keep it that
way by repairing your ball marks, filling divots
and raking bunkers. We look forward to continue
to serve you and invite everyone to come out
and enjoy The Old Course.
Dr. Steven Rindley
For those members leaving to go back north for
the summer, we would like to thank you for your
participation this year and hope you have a
fantastic summer, full of birdies, long drives and
great shots.
Should there be anything we can do to enhance
your Old Course experience, please don’t
hesitate to let us know.
CLUB COURSE: We will undertake taking some
sand off the bunker faces around the green side
traps and more sand, maybe an inch, out of the
fairway bunkers to give a firmer lie for playability.
This does not guarantee that with a soft shot
with spin you will not plug but the percentages
will decrease.
Dr. Eliot Slater
Composting of several key fairways that have
heavy sand and/or rock base will get at least
one full application.
OLD COURSE: We have compiled a list of tee
tops in need of leveling, addition of good mix in
the surface and tees in need of total sod
replacement or expansion. This is all based on
finances and will be discussed very shortly. We
are adding a few trees we have acquired from
the Main Club House and will continue to add a
few here and there as they become available.
Dr. Stan Levine
May/June 2011
Page. 7
The Club
Old Course Member Guest
overall low score
Page. 8
Broken Sound Club
Food & Beverage
Tim Nelson,
Director of Food & Beverage
Food For Thought
It Is All In The Details
Lorant Botha, CHSP
Catering Manager
A nickel’s worth of goulash
beats a five dollar can of
vitamins. Martin H. Fischer
range, and have absolute faith in all our
decisions. When it does happen, it is a rare
opportunity to create true magic, to create without
boundaries. A successful event is one where the
guests recognize the reflection of the host in the
atmosphere. Any planner must recognize that
before embarking on the journey.
Details, Details and even
more Details. That’s what
true Catering is all about. Details are of the
utmost importance in the process of planning
a milestone event. Attention to details is what
puts clients at ease, and the ultimate peace of
mind is knowing that all the details have been
attended to well before the event even begins.
It is so incredibly invigorating and rewarding to
see people’s reactions (usually jaws drop) when
entering a world that you created. It makes all
the hard work worth doing. We always know that
we have done well, when it is not only the faces
of our members that are lit up with surprise and
awe, but also we excite our staff and have them
involved in the process of the event.
More and more are those events, when a client
has such faith in us, that they do give us free
As the quote above suggests, it is never the
amount of things one offers to another, but always
about the intention, quality, style and the spice.
Saturday June 11
Main Clubhouse $65pp
Reservations Required 241-6877
Lorant G. Botha, CHSP
Catering Manager
To Go Meals
To place orders for To Go meals, Shiva Platters
etc. please call Alexandra Stewart at
Keep an eye out for the Catering To Go
brochure around the club!
Main Clubhouse Dining Closed
Mon, May 9 – Thursday, May 12
Main Clubhouse closed for Lunch and Dinner.
Lunch will be served at the Centre Court Café.
The Lite Bite Dinner at the Pool Grille and the
Wednesday Night Dinner Buffet will be cancelled.
Tuesday Prix Fixe Dinner and Thursday Tapas
Dinner will be held at the Old Course, and open
to All Members.
Tue, May 17
Main Clubhouse closed for Lunch. Lunch will be
served at the Centre Court Café
Sun, May 29
Main Clubhouse closed for Dinner. Buffet
Dinner will be served at the Centre Court Café
Mother’s Day
Jazz Brunch
Centre Court Café
Centre Court Café
Old Course Dining Rm
Old Course Dining Rm
Mon - Fri 7:00am -9:30am
Sat & Sun 9:00am -11:30am
Tue - Fri 7:00am - 9:30am
Sat & Sun 9:00am - 11:00am
Complimentary Bagels and Coffee
Ala Carte Menu
Complimentary Bagels and Coffee
Ala Carte Menu
Reservations advised on parties of six or more – please call (561) 241-6877
Main Dining Room
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday (as of June 2)
11:30am - 2:30pm
Buffet - $11.95pp
As of Thursday, June 2nd the Main Dining Room, Patio Grille, Lounge and Pool Grille will be
Closed for Lunch on Thursdays. Lunch will be available at the Old Course for all Members.
Card Rooms and Meeting Rooms will remain open.
Main Dining Room
11:00am - 2:30pm
Brunch Buffet - $17.95pp
Pool Grille
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday (as of May 18)
11:00am - 4:00pm
Ala Carte Menu
Old Course Dining Rm Tuesday - Sunday
11:00am - 3:00pm
Ala Carte Menu Casual Attire
DINNER Reservations required for all dinners and special events – please call (561) 241-6877
Main Dining Room
Tuesday & Friday Seatings beginat 6:00pm
Tuesday Prix Fixe Menu $28.95 pp / Ala Carte Menu
Main Dining Room
Sunday 5:30pm Themed Dinner Buffet Rotating Stations
Lounge & Patio
Thursday (until June 2) 6:00pm Tapas Menu
Lounge & Patio
Monday (as of June 6) 6:00pm Tapas Menu
Pool Grille
Monday (until May 30) 5:00pm - 8:30pm Ala Carte Menu
The Lounge Select Fridays 8:30pm - 12:00am DJ, Dancing Late Night Bar Menu Drink
Specials Night Club Attire Jeans and Dress Tees Allowed Guests and Friends Welcome
Happy Hour Centre Court Café Every Friday 5:30pm - 7:00pm Complimentary Hors
D’Oeuvres $10.00pp for Non-Members
Happy Hour at the Vista Bar Monday – Wednesday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
May/June 2011
Page. 9
Sunday May 8, 2011
$36.95 pp plus tax
11:00am - 2:30pm Reservations Required 241-6877
Upcoming Events
Sun, May 1
Wed, May 4
Sat, May 7
Sun, May 8
Sat, May 14
Real Deal Barbecue Buffet
Prime Rib Buffet
Ala Carte Dinner at CC Café
Night in Little Italy Buffet
Ala Carte Dinner
Old Course ~ All Members
Sun, May 15 Chinese Hibachi Buffet
Thu, May 19 Cooking Demo/ Wine Tasting
Sun, May 22 Ultimate Barbeque Buffet
Sat, May 28 Ala Carte Dinner
Old Course ~ All Members
Mon, May 30 Memorial Day Barbeque ~
Dance to the rhythms of
Street Talk. No Lite Bite
Dinner served at Pool Grille.
Sat, June 4
Dinner Dance
Main Dining Room
Sat, June 11 Seafood Extravaganza
Sun, June 19 Father’s Day Dinner
Greg Wheaton, Director of Tennis 241-6888
Pro Shop 241-6880
Monday - Sunday 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Proper tennis attire at all times for tennis members
and their guests. This means a tennis skirt for the
women and tennis shorts for the men. Although
collared shirts are preferred Broken Sound and
other related tee shirts are acceptable. Please no
running shoes are permitted. Thank you for your
Tennis Pizza Night
May 12th 6:00pm
This is a great social event and an excellent way to
meet new people. Come join other members for a
terrific evening of doubles. There is no charge for
this event, with pizza and wine served following the
tennis. There is a sign up for this event.
By Greg Wheaton, Director of Tennis
The season is coming to an
end, and I want to thank all
of those who participated in
all of our Club activities this
year. A special thanks to all
who acted as captains for
the various leagues we
participated in this year. It
is support like this that
makes our tennis program the best.
I would like to thank 10-S Tennis Supply for their
financial support for our Broken Sound
Invitational. I would personally like to thank all
the pros and the volunteers who helped with
the Pro-Am.
Champion Division Mixed Doubles winners
Jack Rastin and Mary Martin
Player Of The Year
Congratulations to Greg Wheaton our Tennis
Director for his accomplishments on the court. Greg
was named Player of the year for the 2010 season
in the men’s 50 division. This is Greg’s sixth Player
of the year award in the last seven years. He also
finished the 2010 season ranked #1 in the state of
Florida in both singles and doubles. He unfortunately
was injured during the summer but still finished the
2010 season with a #3 national ranking in the men’s
Broken Sound Invitational
Congratulations to Carlos Gomez-Diaz & Bruce
Kurtz who defeated Greg Wheaton & Horacio
Rearte 6-3, 6-4 in the finals of the Broken Sound
Invitational. A special thanks to all the pros who
competed in the event.
Pro-Am Winners
Women’s Blue Group: Ginny Kobren
Men’s Blue Group: Stan Schreiber
Learnin’ With Vernon
Tips & strategies for fun and successful tennis!
Playing Against Two Back
In doubles if you are playing
against two players that stay
at the baseline, most likely
they are back because of your
aggressive nature or because
they are not comfortable at
the net. When playing against
the two back scenario, here are a few strategies to
think about:
1. Hit the ball short - Hitting the ball short forces the player(s)
to come to the net and puts them in an awkward area of the
court. After hitting the ball short to bring them in, hit a lob. This
is a very effective strategy, and will keep them off balance.
2. Play the ball deep down the middle, if hitting the ball short
doesn’t work. Doing so will put your opponents in more of a
defensive posture because the ball is deep and they will have
to decide who will return the ball and will struggle to keep the
ball away from the net player on your side.
3. Take control of the net – Putting your team in a
commanding position at the net will put you in optimum position
to finish the point. The open part of the opponents’ court is
short, so while at the net, hit the ball short or hit angle volleys
when presented with the opportunity to do so.
B Divison Mixed Doubles winners
Mark and Denise Goldman
Congratulations to Lewis Messulam and his
team for a great season in the Grand Slam
League this year. They made it to the finals but
unfortunately lost in close hard fought matches.
Also, I would also like to congratulate Leon Tracy
for competing in the playoffs of both leagues. A
special thanks to Larry Kobren, Warren
Rabinowitz, Lewis Messulam, Fred Drozdoff and
Leon Tracy for their relentless work of being
captains for our other teams. We look forward
to next year for another successful league result
from all the teams.
Champ Divison Finalists
Andrea and Yehuda Fishfeld
Mixed Doubles Champion Division
Jack Rastin & Mary Martin
Mixed Doubles A Division
Chipp Adams & Janet Edelstein
Mixed Doubles B Division
Mark Goldman & Denise Goldman
Ladies Doubles Champion Division
Sarah Weiner & Roz Lerner-Klein
Ladies Doubles B Division
Janet Edelstein & Irene Messulam
Men’s Doubles Champion Division
Glenn Becker & James Rydborn
Men’s Doubles A Division
Ian Nestler & Richard Berusch
Men’s Doubles B Division
Stephen Young & Elliot Kurtz
Page. 10
A Division Mixed Doubles
Janet Edelstein and Chipp Adams
Monday, May 30th 9:00am
Put your best game face on for the
Memorial Day Men’s and Ladies Round
Robin. We will start the day with a
continental breakfast before the tennis.
This event does require a sign up.
Broken Sound Club
Fitness / Spa
Michael Tompkins,
Director of Fitness and Spa
Michael Tompkins,
Director of Fitness & Spa 241-6858
Golf Fitness to Help
Avoid Back Pain
exercises, developed by the Titleist Performance
Institute, to help fix your physical limitations.
One of the most common
ailments suffered by
golfers is low back pain.
Here are a few ideas that may help prevent or
alleviate your low back pain.
There are a number of
potential causes for this
including poor posture,
faulty swing mechanics, illfitting equipment, muscle imbalances in the
body, or just plain over-use. Golf is a physically
demanding sport and the truth is that most
people who golf will likely feel soreness at times
in their lower back. If you are suffering from back
pain and want to continue to play golf, it is highly
recommended that you seek a fitness
professional. They will be able to assist you in
correcting your physical limitations. Here at
Broken Sound Club, our trainers can specifically
cater to our golfers by applying scientifically
proven assessment tools and corrective
Strengthen your core – It is not uncommon for
people to be weak or have muscle imbalances
in this area. Be sure to include exercises that
target all of the abdominal, low back, and gluteus
Warm-up – The golf swing is a very explosive
movement that can put extra stress on joints
and muscles if they are not ready for action. Do
some dynamic stretching and take some easy
swings to help loosen up before you practice or
Stretch – Having enough muscle flexibility and
joint mobility to execute the golf swing properly
is essential. Just 5-10 minutes of static stretching
every day can make a world of difference.
Spa Reception Desk 241-6899
Monday - Thursday
Saturday & Sunday
Pool Hours Daily
or dawn to dusk
Guest Policy
As of May 1st guests may enter the fitness
center at anytime with a valid guest pass.
May Special
Combination Skin Promotion
SKIN CREAM and receive FREE ($76 value!)
Combination cleanser – travel size
Combination lotion – travel size
“C” Complex with w/ Oxyzomes – travel size
Enjoy your next round!
PLUMP LIPS. Receive a free eye or lip
treatment when you receive any facial, save
May & June Special
10% off Fusion Massage
save $9.90
A customized massage that
incorporates various techniques
tailored to your individual needs,
to deliver a highly personalized
massage experience. Your
therapist will synthesize different
modalities in a unique way to
relieve muscle soreness,
increase range of motion and
promote the art of relaxation.
Mothers Day Special
Book with Carthy May 8th or May 9th
$47.50 Save $10 good all of May
Skin Fit for Men
Fathers Day Sunday June 19th
May June Special
La Bella Donna Gift
Receive a free Crystal Lip Sheer or Mineral Lip color when purchase of $75 or more from La Bella Donna minerals
May/June 2011
Page. 11
June Special
$10 off Skin Fit for Men Facial,
regular price $95
A complete fitness
facial for men’s
skin. A deep
cleansing is
performed to
exfoliate and
the skin
for an
of high-tech
to prevent or
relieve razor
burn and sensitivity. Anti-aging just for him.
Social Events
Chair: Marjorie Lassoff and
Vice Chair: Rowena Kovler
Start the day off right and
meet your neighbors, make
new friends and enjoy the
relaxed atmosphere. Centre
Court Breezeway. Bagels
and coffee served 7:00 AM 9:30 AM, Monday thru
Thursday Evenings at 7:00 p.m. $5.00 pp.
Bring a friend. Need a partner?
Call Roberta Birdt (561) 330-7633
What’s your game? We can help you find players
on all levels for both men’s and women’s cards,
including Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jong, Gin Rummy,
Pinochle, Dominoes and board games.
Games Sub-Committee Co-chairs,
Elaine Silverstein at 995-1051 [email protected]
and Nat Steinart at 241-2401
Treasures of Sicily
October 14 - 22, 2011
Every Friday 5:30 PM Center Court Cafe
May 6, 20, DJ / 8:30 – 12:30 AM
Friday, May 13, 2011 / 8:00 PM
$25.00 PP great seats
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 / 8:00 PM
Departing Broken Sound 6:45 PM
Saturday, May 21
RSVP CARL 2416877
With the sounds of Michael Masci
Sunday, May 8, 2011
RSVP CARL 241-6877
Tuesday, July 19TH, 2011 / 8:00 PM
Sunday, May 1, 8, 15, 29
RSVP CARL 241-6877
Friday, May 20
$20 pp includes $20 Free Play and $7 lunch
voucher. Call Al & Sue 241-6846
Rides, Slides & Games
Monday, May 30 / 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday, May 30 / 5:30PM - 9:30 PM
RSVP Carl 241-6877
With the sounds of Michael Masci
Sunday, June 19 / 5:30 PM
RSVP Carl 241-6877
Sicily bursts with color and flavor, and is the pure
essense of the Mediterranean cultrue & cuisine.
Land Rate $3785 (double occupancy)
Deposit Due May 15. Call Dawn 391-8915
For more information, call Al & Sue 241-6846
Friday, May 6, 2011
Special Tapas menu Complimentary Drink,
Fantastic Music. $25.00 PP
June 1st - 4th 2011
$499.00 PP
Single Supplement $120
To book this trip call Al & Sue 241-6846
Lenox Massachusetts
Sunday, Aug 28th - Thursday, Sept 1
Sunday, Sep 4th - Thursday, Sept 8th
Early Booking before May 6
$2150 pp single
1620 pp Double / Triple Occupancy
w/ $340 Spa Allowance
After May 6
$2210 pp Single / $1670 Double /Triple
For details call AL & SUE 241-6846
Welcome to The Lady & Sons.
We send y’all love and best dishes,
from out kitchen to yours!
Page. 12
Broken Sound Club
Kids Corner
Spring Break
7:00 PM Fireside Room
Marilyn Laber 997-7313
May 2 “True Believer“
A film that will grab your
attention and never let go.
Based on a true story of a
brilliant and courageous
defense attorney with a
legacy of the 60’s radicalism
in the values of the 80’s in
San Francisco’s Chinatown.
James Woods at his
spectacular best and Robert
Downey, Jr. will leave you simply breathless!!
A detailed view of the events. Modirated by
Marilyn Laber.
June 6 “The Goodbye Girl”
Neil Simon has written the adaptation of his play
for a film featuring Richard Dreyfuss’ Academy
Award winning performance and Marsha Mason’s
“zingy” comedic delivery. A movie which will have
you laughing, crying and cheering!! Revealing Neil
Simon. Moderated by Marilyn Laber.
June 27 - De-Lovely
No reservation needed.
All movies 7:00pm
Room To Be Announced
Beverly Sisisky 241-8522 Millie Evans 999-9298
Complimentary, members only
7:00pm Fireside Room
Facilitator: Joel Ray - 988-9070
May 4
Tales Of Hoffman
May 15
A conversation with Dr. Robert Watson and Dr.
Ken Hechler, Congressman, Sect. of State, aid to
presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Call Bobbie at
999-8928 or Marilyn at 997-7313
Monday, May 30, 2011
Special event in the planning.
Call Bobbie at 999-8928 or Marilyn at 997-7313
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Summer Camp 2011
All meetings at 3:00pm
Jane Mandell 998-8622, Judy Friedman 9978154
May 10
June 14
by Catherine Allgor
JUNE 6 to JULY 29
Age 6 to 16 - all levels
Weekly Sign-up – Monday thru Friday 9:00AM - 2.30PM
Call Arnaud Delanoe at 241 6876
May/June 2011
Page. 13
Social Events
We have come to the end
of another satisfying and
profitable season.
Susan Slinger, Iris Malen, Ruth Levy-Platt,
chairs Sheila and Paul Garber, Caryle and Ira
Gulker, Arlene Goldman, Judy Needle, Eileen
Breakstone, Paula Gluckman, Elaine Schwab,
Jane Sonenshein, and Phyllis Meranus. The
Progressive Dinner was a culinary delight.
Hosts were Phyllis and Arthur Meranus, Caryle
and Ira Gulker, Elaine and Hersh Aronberg.
Sandy and Suzie have been the overall
fundraising VPs. They have great bounce,
interest, energy and ideas.
Our general meetings
were well received.
Particularly well attended
were the US Holocaust
Memorial speakers on
“Auschwitz through the
Lens of the SS”. Dr
Bernard Wollschlager
wowed us with revelations
We cannot exist without the valuable assistance
about his life growing up
of Phyllis Greenblatt and Debra Steinart, two
in a Nazi home, in his book “A German Life”.
people who, year after year, have sold cards,
Carl Rose gave us pause to think of America’s
certificates, and JNF trees for us. They are
future with “America Be Warned: Jihad and the
prompt and efficient. You would be surprised
Quest for World Domination”. A documentary
how $3.50 or $10 adds up for the year to help
wessay on
of Cantors was
fill our coffers. We are fortunate to have three
g S
Israel’s history was presented. Our Lunch and
detail persons in Joyce Weiner, recording
Learns were educational and entertaining. It is
secretary, Cecily Feldman, bulletin editor, and
especially rewarding to have the opportunity to
Evy Udell, recording administrator, who was
discuss the ideas presented overA aJudged
Show With
this year as Broken Sound’s Woman
lunch. available
Thank youattoclub
and CMA
& Sue
of Valor.
for many years of
Garber “Jews and the Black Death”, Marilyn
Laber “Liberty Heights”, Janet Cimorelli “How
Our leadership team was spearheaded by our
to Eat a Healthy Diet”, Mona Morris “Jewish
very able President, Susette Rabinowitz, who,
Genealogy”. We are certainly lucky to have so
like Truman, said many times “the buck stops
many talented women as members of Broken
here”. We thank Susette for three years of
Sound Hadassah. Again, our program
diligence and dedication to the ideals of
committee headed by Rose Smith did a great
Hadassah and we know that she will continue
to add her expertise and knowledge to help us
Fundraising is the lifeblood of our organization
and without these events and the women and
We look forward to next season and thank the
men who sustain us we could not support the
Board for the confidence you have in us as your
important projects at home and in Israel. Our
new Presidents.
two card parties are always fun and a huge
financial success. Thank you to Sandy Gaynor,
Shalom, Caryle Gulker and Judy Needle
Golf Clinic
Broken Sound
May 16th
There are nine sessions of three days per week
open to all Broken Sound members and family.
The recommended ages are six to sixteen for
all levels including beginners. The cost is $150
per session with discounts offered for multiple
sessions and siblings.
Instruction will be provided by P.G.A.
Professionals and will include rules, etiquette,
and all aspects of learning the game of golf.
Sign up in the Golf Shop now.
Comprehensive Cancer Center
Every year in May, The Pap Corps, Champions
for Cancer Research, presents its annual
donation to Sylvester. The amount given for
cancer research most often exceeds
$3,000,000 yearly. Boca Friends is one of 54
chapters with 21,000 members in The Pap
Corps which is affiliated with the Miller School
of Medicine at the Univ. of Miami. All of the
chapters must call Boca Friends designated
members for a physician referral. Boca Friends
meetings are held at Broken Sound. Thanks to
the continued support of Broken Sound
members and residents, Boca Friends raises
about $100,000 each year through its
fundraising events. We are proud that 90% of
all funds raised goes DIRECTLY to cancer
research at Sylvester. We thank you from the
bottom of our hearts!
Club. The next planned event is the summer
card party in the Club’s new card room. Watch
for fliers and announcements giving the specific
Date! There will be vendors and raffles. For
more information contact Susan Kotkin,
Chairperson, 998-2829.
RENEWALS for 2011-2012 membership year
will be mailed in May since our fiscal year is
June 1 through May 31st. If you have questions
about your annual or life membership or would
like to join Boca Friends, please contact
Caroline Sacks, 988-1768. The Executive Board
(pictured) wishes you all an enjoyable, healthy
and safe summer.
To keep up to date about The Pap Corps please
visit For information about
our Boca Friends chapter, please call President
Eleanor Weisman, 998-8264.
On April 28 at the Boca Friends for Cancer
Research Spring General Meeting, Tom Jica,
radio and TV writer for the Sun Sentinel
entertained our members and guests at the
Page. 14
Broken Sound Club
Member Clubs
Women’s Club
Wow!! What a terrific year we had with
huge attendance at our monthly luncheon
meetings and great turnouts for the tour of
Vizcaya and the tour, lunch and ballet
rehearsal at Harid Conservatory! Our
season was varied and interesting, from the
“Tales for the Tabloids”, to our chefs’ cooking
demonstrations, to our enormously popular
Professor Robert Watson, to the Jacqueline
Kennedy Onassis story, to our musical gala
finale. Surely there was something for
everyone this year!
For details of the upcoming season, please
check the Fall Newsletter. It promises to be
another great year, so won’t you please join
us? If you are not a member yet, call
Rowena Kovler at 241-5486. And don’t
forget that your membership is automatically
renewed unless we hear from you to the
contrary by Sept. 1st.
I wish you all a safe and healthy summer
wherever the roads may take you.
Marjorie Lassoff, President
Photography by Paul Eisen
Thank You Broken Sound Members
for contributing to Our Mission ...
Boca Helping Hands provides compassionate service through
food and assistance programs to individuals, families, and
children to instill dignity and break the cycle of dependence.
Members of Broken Sound contributed over 300 lbs in grocery
To date, MSAWI has collected over 8,900
cell phones, yielding over 550,000 calling
card minutes for Troops to call home.
Contributors come from public and
parochial schools, a University,
synagogues, churches, country clubs,
communities, independent living facilities,
retailers, corporate, friends, family, a
Junior NAVY ROTC program—Boca Raton
Community High School & two Junior
ARMY ROTC programs—Atlantic
Community High School (Delray Beach)
and Pompano Beach High School (Broward
Art Show
Freida Hafif on display
Villages of Broken Sound, Mr. Crean &
Broken Sound Staff,
Marion Ownes and Debbie Singerman admire the
work of Lisa Tannenbaum
Do you know someone serving overseas
who would like to receive a calling card?
Please complete the request form on line
requestCards.html each card provides 4560 minutes of talk time & is
renewable by the
individual or by his/
her family.
The BS reception
desk at the Clubhouse
is available to accept
your cell phones.
Shirley Grallnick stands with her artwork
May/June 2011
Dr Sidney Cohen presents his acrylics
Page. 15
First Class Mail
U.S. Postage
Boca Raton, FL
Permit No. 216
2401 Willow Springs Drive
Boca Raton, Florida 33496
Broken Sound Club