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Fall 2015
Letter from the Presidents
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Hello CMAA! We are so proud of everything the Blue Hen chapter of
Letter from the Presidents, 1
CMAA has accomplished this year and can only imagine what is to
come for the next semester. We are so grateful
Make-A-Wish Golf Classic, 2
for the numerous events we have been able to
attend because of PVCMA and hope that the
National Student Conference, 2
managers have also enjoyed getting to know us
Stockings for Soldiers, 2
this semester. We have been working tirelessly
with the rest of the executive board to ensure
Chet Gratkowski Memorial Golf
Tournament, 3
this year is the best possible and believe we are Katelyn Murray, President
Junior, Accounting & HRIM Major
off to a great start.
The students of UDCMAA have attended the
CMI Workshop, 3
Make-A-Wish Golf Classic, Student Conference
PVCMA Annual Meeting, 3
in Boston, volunteered at the Chet Gratkowski
Memorial Golf Tournament, collected donations
Student Spotlight, 4
Appreciation Dinner (Prep), 4
for Stockings for Soldiers, and started planning
for our Annual Manager’s Appreciation Dinner. We hope you enjoy reading more about our
chapter’s engagements in this newsletter.
Save The Date, 5
Follow us on Social Media,5
From all the CMAA Blue Hens we hope you all enjoy the Holiday season which awaits us and we look forward to seeing you next semester!
-Katelyn & Monica
E-board 2015-2016, 6
Monica Weitz, Acting President
Sophomore, HRIM Major:
Jewsish Studies Minor
Make-A-Wish Golf Classic
By Michelle Broitman
On July 6th a few of our members joined PVCMA managers for the
17th annual Make-A-Wish Golf Classic. This was benefitting Make-AWish Foundation of Philadelphia, Northern Delaware, and Susquehanna Valley. It was held at the Stonewall Links Country Club in Elverson,
PA. It is truly rewarding to partake in such a heartwarming event.
Being a part of this great cause, whether it is helping to set up
the event, serving the guests, and raising funds at the silent auction
all are at the heart of University of Delaware's discovey learning initiatives and HRIM program's service learning activities. This was a day
filled with golf, networking and great food, as well as great deeds! We
would like to say thank you to PVCMA.
National Student
By Alex Jenson
Stockings for Soldiers
By Melissa DeLitta
Over the last few weeks our members
UDCMAA sent two students to attend
the 2015 National Student Education
have been donating, and collecting doConference in Boston, Massachunations in support of the organization
setts. Joined by 116 other hospitality
Stockings for Soldiers . This organization
students, we began our weekend with
stuffs stockings with donated items such
a student/manager social at the Haras toothbrushes, books, CDs, and
vard Club where we were able to reconnect with our peers and
snacks to send to the troops for the holimeet local managers. We
days. Upon collecting
travelled to six more clubs
the items ,members
in Boston and the surroundwill also be going to
ing area to attend a total of
help the organization
twelve education sessions.
to stuff the stockings.
A few of the most impactful
sessions for our attending
members were “Leadership
and Life Lessons for a Fulfilling Career” with Damon
DiOrio, “Women in Club Management” with Jill Philmon,
and “Your Personal Strategic
Plan” with Lisa Carroll.
The New England Club
Managers Association did a
Alex & Monica at the Wellesley Country Club
wonderful job hosting this
year’s student conference, and
our members had a fantastic
experience. We excitedly await the
2016 National Student Education Conference as it comes back home to be
hosted by our parent chapter, PVCMA.
Chet Gratkowski
Memorial Scholarship
Golf Tournament
By Monica Weitz
On October 19th six UD students volunteered
their time at the Chet Gratkowski Memorial
Golf Tournament at Sunnybrook Golf
Club.Students helped set up for the event,
assisted the vendors and welcomed the
guests. As guests began to come in we assisted them in picking between the two giveaways, Oakley sunglasses or Adidas golf
shoes. The second shift included stuffing
give away bags- a warm farewell- for the
guests. Blue Hen students were happy to prepare areas for the dinner, network and answer
any guest questions.
CMI Workshop
By Erin Vresics
Monday, November 16, 2015, Patrick Sears and I
(Erin Vresics) attended a 6- hour CMI workshop
kindly hosted by Mr. Jeff McFadden,CCM and his
team at the Union League of Philadelphia. The
topics were relevant, challenging and very useful
to our future that included "Extraordinary Team
Building" and "Increasing Your Brain Performance for Greater Leadership Success." There
was a good deal to take away from each of the
engaging speakers.
As dedicated members of CMAA, passionate
about continuing to grow in the club industry,
and emerging leaders, we are always impressed
by the high representation of the senior chapter
at these events. It reaffirms the importance of
continuing education-which we value greatly- regardless of experience. Moreover, it clearly
demonstrates that managers care about actively
keeping a pulse on the trends and new ideas to
be incorporated to stay relevant. In other words
education is a highlight of being in CMAA.
We are excited to apply what we have learned in
this workshop to both our careers and the continued success of the University of Delaware CMAA
PVCMA Annual Meeting
Elyssa , Patrick , and Monica volunteering at the tournament
By Monica Weitz
This year at the PVCMA Annual Meeting Patrick Sears was
awarded a scholarship from the Philadelphia Club Foundation for $5,000. He
spent this past summer interning at
Merion Golf Club as
the Catering Events
Intern, learning
countless skills.
Patrick continues
his education in the Hotel Resuraunt and Institutional Management Program at the university of Delaware and plans to
graduate in the spring.
PVCMA Annual Meeting at the Philadelphia Cricket Club
Student Spotlight: Patrick Sears
By Katelyn Murray
The members of UDCMAA have been working hard both professionally and academically and
we thought a Student Spotlight would be able to showcase some of these talents. This newsletter’s Student Spotlight is centered on Patrick Sears, past Treasurer and President of UDCMAA (2013-2014, 2014-2015), as well as, recipient of the
MCMA Keith Roth Scholarship Fall 2014, the Joe Perdue
Scholarship, and the PVCMA Student Scholarship this fall. In
addition to being involved in our chapter of CMAA, he is currently the President of the Special Interest Greek Council and
a member of the Business Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi and the
National Hospitality Honors Society, Eta Sigma Delta.
As he prepares to graduate this May, Patrick is focusing on
gaining knowledge on the events and membership aspects of
the club industry.
He finds these two dimensions of the club interesting, enjoyable and vital to club's success.According to Patrick,
"membership is the heart of the club; he loves being able to
keep the members engaged; maintain the club culture; which
he believes the reason members keep coming back.” He
hopes to one day pursue a career geared towards this part of
the field.
Patrick holding his PVCMA Student Scholarship Check at the Annual PVCMA Dinner
This past summer Patrick interned at the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania as a Catering Events Intern. When asked about his favorite part of this internship Patrick selected the
member golf outings. He really enjoyed getting to meet so many different members at one
time in a more relaxed setting. Getting to listen to the members speak about their passion and
respect for the game of golf was really refreshing and it truly showed how privileged these
members feel to be apart of the clubs they belong to.
Patrick is excited to continue his career in the club industry and see what his future holds!
UDCMAA Club Manager’s
Appreciation Dinner Prep
By Melissa DeLitta
In preparation for the annual dinner, Elyssa Sommer and Michelle
Broitman have been announced as our dinner chairs. The dinner will be
held on April 4th at the Wilmington Country Club. As the semester
comes to an end Elyssa, Michelle, and all of the other chairs and committees will be hard at work to begin planning the event.
The Annual UDCMAA Club Manager’s
Appreciation Dinner
will be held
April 4, 2016
Location: Wilmington Country Club
CMAA Appreciation Dinner 2015
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Monica Weitz, Acting President
Katelyn Murray, President
Alex Jenson, Treasurer
Maddie Webster, Secretary
UDCMAA Executive Board
Beth Fisher, Philanthropy
Ashley Lettieri, Fundraising
Melissa DeLitta, Webmaster
Michelle Broitman, Alumni Relations
Matt Sonkin, Events
Abby Morgis, Public Relations
The board would also like to thank our faculty advisor Dr. Poorani for all
of his time and support he continuously gives UDCMAA.