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Smart Fabrics Market
Smart Fabrics Market
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Report Description
Smart fabrics, also known as smart textiles, E-textiles or electronic textiles, are the fabrics
that has electronics and digital components embedded in them. These are the fabrics that
can sense stimuli from environment and adapt and react to those stimuli in a predetermined
manner. Smart fabrics can incorporate actuators/sensors, communication and processing for
applications in automotive sector, consumer products and health monitoring. The basic
elements of smart fabrics are semi conductive and conductive yarns and threads, Nano
electronics applied to yarns, fibres or woven elements. Smart fabrics are even chemically
treated to provide distinct and special features. Smart fabrics are traditional fabrics with
integrated functionalities, which could include storage or power generation, sensing devices,
human interface elements, assistive technology or radio frequency functionality. Smart
fabrics are distinct from wearable fabrics in a way that wearable devices are only carried and
contained by clothing, whereas smart fabrics has wearable devices integrated into the
fabrics. Nowadays, smart fabric technology is developing in the fields of sport, medical,
artistic communities, fashion etc. The global smart fabrics market is expected to expand at a
healthy CAGR in the forecast period.
Global smart fabrics market – Drivers and Restrains
The ever increasing use of electronics devices in day to day life is driving the smart fabrics
market due to major application of smart fabrics as an electronics device. The ease of use of
smart fabrics and the integration of electronic devices in it, makes it an integrated device for
normal use as a simple fabric, which further contributes in the flourishing global smart
fabrics market. The rising awareness and multiple applications of smart fabrics such as energy
harvesting, sensing, and thermo-electricity is anticipated to bolster the global smart fabrics
Report Description
However, the smart fabrics devices require a portable power supply that need to be
removed during washing and needs to be charged frequently. Thus this is a factor that can
slowdown the growth of global smart fabrics market. Also the initial high cost and the
expertise required to manufacture these fabrics can be a hurdle in the path of global smart
fabrics market.
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Global smart fabrics market – Segmentation
On the basis of the product type, the global smart fabrics market can be segmented as
•Ultra-smart fabrics
•Active smart fabrics
•Passive smart fabrics
On the basis of the functionality, the global smart fabrics market can be segmented as
•Energy harvesting
Report Description
On the basis of the end use industry, the global smart fabrics market can be segmented as
•Electrical & Electronics
Global smart fabrics market – Region wise Outlook
The global smart fabrics market can be divided into seven regions, namely North America, Latin
America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East and Africa.
North America is a leading player in the global smart fabrics market due to the ever increasing
electronics market in this region and the booming information technology sector. Asia Pacific is
the next upcoming region in the global smart fabrics market owing to the flourishing
healthcare industry and construction industry. India and China are the leading countries in this
region contributing in the growth of global smart fabrics market. The ever increasing
automobiles market in Europe is a driving factor for the growth of smart fabrics in this region,
Report Description
Africa are at a nascent stage in the global smart fabrics market but are projected to have a
significant CAGR in the future.
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Global smart fabrics market – Key Players
•Some of the key players in the global smart fabrics market are:
•adidas Group
•Textronics, Inc
•Outlast Technologies LLC
•Milliken & Company
•International Fashion Machines
•Eleksen Group Plc
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