How Dodo email service can be useful and interesting to use



How Dodo email service can be useful and interesting to use
How Dodo email service can be useful and interesting
to use?
Dodo is free email service provider that helps create email group in the cloud so that one email
can be used by many people in the group from any pc from anywhere.One of the important
features of Dodo email service is that you can even send text messages or SMSs beside e-mails
to the group members. It is very easy to add new members to the group or delete the ones not
required.You can edit the important of the members. The interface is easy and provides every
information. You can access your email on PC or mobile. Anytime you can send emails from
home, office, cafe or while driving.
Setting up of an account on Dodo is very easy. Call Dodo Technical Support and our agents will
set up an account for you in just two minutes. You can add people of your choice and can even
have your own domain name. You don’t have to worry of accidentally forgetting an email ID to
add in the email created and sent.Our helpdesk will help you sort out all the questions you have
while creating or using an account. Dodo email is so easy to use that there is even no need to
always logging into the website.
Our Dodo Technical Support has a perfect solution for every issue for everyone.
There are various Dodo service packages offered, some are quarterly plans, 6-months plan or
yearly plans. As per your usage you can choose any plan. All plans are given at very reasonable
rates. Once you have opted out the plan and payment is made, you will receive a receipt from us
with all the name, number and address of our company. For future assistance you can anytime
call us on Dodo Helpline Number Australia 1800-817-695.

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