How to Write Unique and Useful Reviews Online



How to Write Unique and Useful Reviews Online
How to Write
Unique & Useful
Reviews Online
The internet is like a directory, magazine, newspaper, TV, and
radio combined. With just one click it can provide you with a broad
range of sources both direct and indirect.
According to Local Insights Digital Report, for 2012’s 3rd quarter,
there are 70+ million unique users’ also known as local searchers.
They search from categories such as restaurants, legal services,
real estate, etc. So, before we add some reviews on our chosen
businesses, we must take into consideration these guidelines:
Be General
Posting reviews about medical services should
be based on their services, treatment, cost
and overall experience and not your opinion
on why the air conditioning was too cold or how
the nurse or attendant misspelled your name.
Use the Right Words
● Check your grammar and construction
of words. Use the right punctuation marks
and as much as possible avoid
exclamation points (!)
● You should be honest, forthright and give
the business a fair judgment. A simile or
metaphor will be useful but don’t use too
much sugarcoating.
Post Keen Details as if
You Are Storytelling
If you are posting about a courier company not
delivering your packages on time but did not indicate
the specific day that you booked the delivery (e.g.
You have to wait 3-4 business days, and you sent it a
day before the 4th of July) Do you think that’s fair?
Identity over Quantity
As much as possible post your identity to
make your review trustworthy. It is always a
standard thought for a directory searcher to
question the reviewer’s identity.
Bad Reviews are still Reviews
It doesn’t matter if it’s a positive or
negative review, the important thing is
to relay your experience to searchers.
Your insight can help them decide to try
and take hold of the product or services.
You should Follow a
Standard Template
● You should follow a template to make your
review jam packed with enough
information. Indicate and separate
negative and positive observations.
● Include a conclusion and a rating scale that
could best describe their performance both
qualitative and quantitative. It can either be
the following:
➔ Likert (rating 1-10)
➔ Ordinal (strongly agree, agree, disagree,
strongly disagree)
➔ Interval or ratio level
Writing a review is a big responsibility and
should not be taken lightly. A haphazardly
written review can keep a potential customer
from moving towards a transaction to choosing
a different vendor for a product or service.
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