3-star playbook - ISATeamSuccess



3-star playbook - ISATeamSuccess
Our Team Story
Team Success was founded in 2003 by Susan Sly and Chris Arkeveld. The first two people to say ‘yes’ were
Mar Lorenzo and Suzan Hart. Today, Mar and Suzan are both millionaires with Isagenix. Team Success
has produced 12 millionaires and counting and dozens upon dozens of six and multiple six figure income
earners. Susan and Chris rank in the top ten in worldwide income earners and Team Success has expanded
all over the globe.
The focus of our team is ‘together we are strong.’
Our mission is to liberate people and families from the bonds of physical and financial stress. We believe
in linking arms, sharing resources and creating an environment where people can thrive. Susan and Chris
pour numerous amounts of resources into the team including fund websites, conference calls, podcasts,
special events and contests.
We encourage you to plug into all of the resources that Team
Success and Isagenix has to offer.
We want you to succeed!
Go to www.isateamsuccess.com today!!!
In health
and abundance,
Susan & Chris
Team Success 3 Star Play Book
Created by Isagenix Millionaire
Susan Sly
Welcome to the 3 Star Play Book. This information is a roadmap to achieving a six figure income with
Isagenix™. Like all things, the results you get from this are going to be dependent upon your efforts and
commitment. Sadly many people do not fully live into their own potential. They allow others to tell them
their own value or even steal their dreams. We all have greatness within us and regardless of what anyone
says, you truly do deserve to live a life of choice; creating financial stability increases your choices plain and
In Isagenix™ a 3 Star Golden Circle income is equivalent to six figures if sustained week after week. Everyday people from stay-at-home moms to auto mechanics to police officers to accountants to personal trainers
and people just like YOU, have accomplished this in Isagenix™ and much, much more. If they can do it, so
can you. Let’s roll up your sleeves and get to work!
How This Play Book Works
This material is divided into phases. There are also recommended websites and specific trainings that are
referenced. If a phase asks you to review a website/audio/video/document then please do not go ahead
until you have taken time to reference that material. Each phase is based on another phase so skipping over
information will only serve to keep you from getting the most you possibly can from this resource.
All of this material is inspired from years of building an Isagenix™ business, great trainers, authors and
speakers. The intent of this work is to be shared to assist you in building a fabulous business and is merely
a guide to demonstrate what is possible. In no way does this guarantee your results. What you achieve
is much like following a recipe – the closer your follow the recipe, including adding the right ingredients,
the more likely you are to come out with a finished product that resembles what you set out to create. The
timelines that are listed are for people who want to come out of the starting gate quickly. You may choose
to work at your own pace.
hree st
ar playbook
Table of Contents
Our Team Story.............................................................................. 2
Team Success 3 Star Play Book ..................................................... 3
How This Play Book Works............................................................ 3
Action Steps
Phase 1: Creating a Solid Foundation ........................................... 5
Your Map to Crystal Executive
Action Steps
Phase 2: Building Your Team (90 Days).......................................13
Action Steps
Phase 3: Develop Your People ......................................................15
The 8 Steps to Successfully Launching a New Associate..............17
Getting Started
The Fast and Fun Guide to a Fantastic In-Home.........................19
Setting The Date
Make Your List
My List
Getting Your Invitations Out
The Follow Up Email
Preparing your Home for Your In-Home
The Presentation
Set Your Target – Fill Out This Check
On Facebook™
Product and Health Information
Business Websites
Team Resources
Resource Guide............................................................................. 29
Recruiting and Tools
Other Resources to Build Your Business
Initial Reading
(Can download on ITunes also)
Calls and Pod Casts
Acknowledgements....................................................................... 35
hree st
ar playbook
Phase 1: Creating a Solid Foundation
(24-48 Hours)
Affirmation – ‘I am a business owner’
In this phase there are several aspects to focus on and this is where a great majority of the activity occurs. Much like
a parable of the man who builds his house on the rock versus the man who builds his house on the sand, the same
is true of your business – build on a solid foundation and you can create an asset that withstands the test of time. If
you build on a weak foundation, you are not likely to achieve long-term residual income.
Action Steps
1. Become a Product of the Product – treat your initial product experience as though it is worth a million dollars per year for the rest of your life…it very well could be. Go to www.isaproduct.com and watch
the ‘how to’ video on the 30 Day Program. To be truly successful you have enrolled with a 30 Day System,
President’s or Pacesetter Pack and will be creating your own 30 Day Success Story.
2. Enter the Isabody Challenge – go to www.isabodychallenge.com and upload your photos and measurements today! The Isabody Challenge creates retention, excitement and is extremely motivating. Everyone
you enrol to Isagenix™ should enter The Challenge.
3. Identify Your Goals – what difference will it make when you are making a six figure income. If you
already earn six figures, imagine a life where you have choice, freedom and can even create an executive
income from home. Many people on this team have achieved results just like this and can now do what
they want, when they want. Find images and words that exemplify the life you want. Put your goals up
where you can see them – your bathroom mirror works just great because you are able to see the goals first
thing in the morning and last thing at night. Fill out the ‘Infinity Check’ in the Resource Section of this
Play Book.
*Golden Circles are those who have achieved the
rank of Executive.
**Platinum Circles have qualified for a re-entry
position & have unlimited earning potential.
Must be an Executive in good standing to
qualify. Rank advancement occurs every
50 cycles at Platinum.
4. Create a Schedule – if we are serious about something then we must illustrate it to the world. Create a
schedule of at least 2 hours per day/6 days per week when you will build your Isagenix™ business. Send
this to your enrolling sponsor or upline leader. Let your family know that you are doing this and why.
5. Set Up an Office Area – in order to build a six figure business you must have a work space that is
dedicated to your Isagenix™ activity. This could be the corner of your living room, a desk in your bedroom
or any area that you can carve out as yours.
6. Get a Good Long Distance Calling Plan and 3-Way Calling – as a professional we want to be a
visionary. This means that eventually, or immediately, we will have team members in other cities, provinces, states, and countries. Skype can be fine for some calls though the sound quality isn’t always the best
and it doesn’t always allow us to do business on the go. 3-Way Calling is the lifeblood of our business.
Connecting people over the phone is easy, fun and time effective.
7. Get a Notebook or Recipe Card Box with Date Dividers – auto-responders and technology is great
however a lot of valuable time can be wasted by trying to create reminders and upload contacts. For the
purpose of these next ninety days we will keep it simple by using either a notebook or recipe cards.
8. Create a ‘Why’ Statement – great companies such as Apple, Starbucks and others have a specific reason why they are in business. Their ‘why’ is focused on the experience of the consumer and not for the
sole benefit of the corporation. A great ‘why’ statement may be ‘to help liberate ten families from financial
hardship,’ or to ‘help ten people have their mortgage paid for,’ or to ‘help end the obesity crisis.’ Choose a
statement that best reflects who you are and make it something that you can get excited about.
9. Review The Videos on www.isamovie.com – Isagenix™ provides us with free marketing materials. The
videos are professional, short and concise. Review the videos on www.isamovie.com in order to prepare to
share Isagenix™ with people. Mark down your favorites.
10.Go to www.isateamsuccess.com – register for our team newsletter.
This comes out once per week and has important details such as coming calls and events. On Tuesday’s a
recognition newsletter comes out with an embedded audio playback of the Monday Night Call. Additionally there is a ‘Get Started’ webinar and a gallery of team success stories. As you will be inviting people to
join YOUR TEAM, you are also able to use the Team Success stories as you develop your own.
11. Make a List of 100 People – do not pre-judge anyone. Often we tend to think of people as ‘too busy,
too healthy, too wealthy’ for Isagenix™ however this could not be farther from the truth. We never
know what is going on in someone’s life. Isagenix™ can benefit people in so many ways and it is our
responsibility to simply present the information and allow someone to decide.
12.Print 40 Isagenix™ Membership Applications – life cannot exist in a vacuum. Have you ever emptied a junk drawer or purse only to find it full again? The same is true with applications, like Kevin Costner
said in Field of Dreams, if we build it, they will come. Applications are available from www.isasalestools.
com or in your online office under Business Library.
13.Set The Date for Your First Launch Party – people who are serious about building a business understand
the power of gathering a group of like-minded people together. The Launch Party is an excellent tool to build with
and a kit can be purchased from www.isasalestools.com The date of your launch should be 2-3 weeks from now if
you are inexperienced or 1-2 weeks from now if you are experienced. Download the Team Success Guild to a Fantastic In-Home Party from www.isateamsuccess.com (also included in the Resource Section of this Play Book).
14.Start With Two – becoming a Consultant is the most important step we can take. To become a Consultant
we enrol one person on our right leg and one on the left. These must be personally enrolled and order at least
100 PV. By doing this we receive a $50 Consultant bonus and any applicable PIB’s (Product Introductory
Bonuses). As Consultants we can benefit from all of the volume in our organization.
15.Join an MIT (Millionaire In Training) Group – M.I.T. is a six week basic training program put on
by Team Success Leaders. Once you become a Consultant find out when the next MIT program begins in
your upline leader’s group.
a. Compensation Plan Understanding
b. Prospecting Skills
c. Facebook Skills
d. Launching New Associates & Co-Creating Consultants
e. How To Do A Launch Party
f. 90 Day Action Plan
g. Product Training
h. 3 – Way Calling
i. Building For Events
16.Let People Know What You Are Doing - Use Social Media, such as Facebook™, & write something
like, ‘about to take my health to the next level,’ or ‘jumping into a cleanse – who wants to join me?’ Ideally
you do NOT want to mention Isagenix™ specifically in these posts. People will be watching you and some
will decide to join you as you begin to post your results. Always stay positive on Social Media.
17.Mark In The Dates for Major Events – serious business builders attend three major events per year
– Celebration (annual gathering held in the summer), NYKO (annual business meeting held in January)
and an Isagenix University (business training held in multiple cities and countries). Events are critical to
help you build your belief, learn the skills and also ground your foundation. Look up the ‘Events’ section
of your online office and register today. Remember – events are an investment in your business and not
an expense.
18.Print Out The Rank Advancement Goal Sheets –
these are available in your online office and also on www.isateamsuccess.com .
19.Mark In Your Deadlines for Crystal Manager, Crystal Director & Crystal Executive - For Crystal Manager you have 30 days from enrolling, Crystal Director is 90 days from enrolling, Crystal Executive is 6
months from enrolling. Take a look at the bonuses and action steps.
Personally Enrolled
Crystal Manager
30 Days
Crystal Director
60 Days
Crystal Executive
6 Months
*All of these ranks qualify for Annual Holiday Pay – visit www.isafyi.com to find out more.
**The rank of Director and Executive qualify for Monthly Leadership Pools – visit www.isafyi.com to find
out more.
Congratulations on completing Phase One!!!
Celebrate with an IsaDelight and let’s jump straight into Phase Two.
Your Map to Crystal Executive
Crystal Manager Plan
Here’s your map to becoming a Crystal Manager. Fill in your new Associates’ names. To become a Crystal Manager, you
need to personally enroll a total of 2 Associates and help them become Consultants* within your first 30 days of enrollment.
$50 Consultant Advancement Bonus
+ $200 Consultant Development Bonus ($100 each)
+ $250 Crystal Manager Bonus (achieve within 30 days)
$500 in Bonus Money!
(Consultant to Crystal Manager)
12-0202 10.24.12
Crystal Manager
achieved within
30 days of
* It does not matter what side you build your consultants on. You can have both Consultants on one side.
Crystal Director Plan
+ $600
+ $250
+ $750
Consultant Advancement Bonus
Consultant Development Bonus ($100 each)
Crystal Manager Bonus (achieve within 30 days)
Crystal Director Bonus (achieve within 90 days)
$1,650* in Bonus Money!
(Consultant to Crystal Director)
Crystal Manager
achieved within
30 days of
Crystal Director
achieved within
90 days of
12-0202 10.24.12
Here’s your map to becoming a Crystal Director. Fill in your new Associates’ names. To become a Crystal Director, you need
to personally enroll a total of 6 Associates and help them become Consultants* within your first 90 days of enrollment.
* It does not matter what side you build your consultants on. You can have consultants on either side. $1,650 total bonus possible if you achieve Crystal Manager
within 30 days of enrollment and you achieve Crystal Director within 90 days of enrollment. It is possible to achieve Crystal Director even if you do not achieve
Crystal Manager, which would result in a total bonus of $1,400.
Crystal Executive Plan
Here’s your map to becoming a Crystal Executive. Fill in your new team members names. To become a Crystal Executive
you need to personally enroll 5 people on each team leg (right & left) then help those 5 individuals become Consultants
within 6 months of enrollment. If you complete this after 6 months of enrollment you will achieve Executive status.
Consultant Advancement Bonus
+$1,000 Consultant Development Bonus ($100 each)
+$250 Crystal Manager Bonus (achieve within 30 days)
+$750 Crystal Director Bonus (achieve within 90 days)
+$1,000 Crystal Executive Bonus (achieve within 6 months)
$3,050* in Bonus Money!
(Consultant to Crystal Executive 6 months)
Crystal Manager
achieved within
30 days of
Crystal Director
achieved within
90 days of
12-0202 10.24.12
Crystal Executive
achieved within
6 months of
* Associates participating in the Crystal Challenge outside of their 6 month enrollment period do not qualify for the $1,000 Crystal Executive Bonus. $3,050 bonus
can only be achieved if Crystal Manager is achieved within 30 days of enrollment, Crystal Director is achieved within 90 days of enrollment, and Crystal Executive
is achieved within 6 months of enrollment.
Getting to your “Why”
The 10 Steps
to Success
Why are you doing this business? Why now? Who is depending on you to be successful? This simple exercise will
help you expand your “Why.” Often, people focus more on what they do to build their business rather than why
they’re building a business. The people who are most successful in network marketing have a rock solid “why.”
Stuck on your “why?”
If you need more time or further thought about your “why,” register for the Isagenix event Powerful Presentations
and or purchase the 2 CD Set Discovering Your Why by David Wood on IsaSalesTools.com.
Example: “Why” Statement: “I believe all parents deserve to spend more time with their children. I show
people a way to stay home and provide an income to facilitate this dream. I am a residual income specialist.”
Step 1. What do you believe?
I believe
Step 2. How will you accomplish your belief?
I will accomplish/ show people this by
Step 3. What do you do to…
What I do is/I am…
powered by
Phase 2: Building Your Team (90 Days)
Affirmation – ‘I am the CEO of my life.’
In Phase Two we begin to assemble our team. The action we take in this phase can set us up for lasting friendships,
business partnerships and lasting results. In Team Success many of the top leaders came in with their enrolling
sponsor during one of these 90 Day Campaigns. Eric Worre, author of Go Pro, calls these 90 Day Game Plans. They
are also called 90 Day Blitzes and 90 Day Action Plans.
The goal here is to take dedicated, focused action for 90 Days. You cannot continuously maintain the pace you will
set here however you will likely only have to do a few of these all out in order to build a sustainable team of leaders.
“Make the decision and committ. Establish your “Why”. Eliminate distractions. Get your business set. Set business
hours. Use the tools. Develop your team. Set up your calendar. Construct a daily and monthly plan.
The majority of your time is going to be spent booking appointments, following-up, doing three-way calls and presentations. This time you may encounter the most frustration when people turn you down or simply do not show
up during follow-ups or at your launch party. Remember, this is why you are working with such a large list. People
do not reject you, it is simply that they are saying ‘no’ to something that they see as not possible for themselves. Do
not take it personally. The goal in this phase is to become an Executive and capitalize on over $3000 in up front
bonuses. This will also qualify you to participate in the Director and Executive Leadership Pools where people can
earn extra hundreds, or thousands of dollars per month.
Action Steps
1. Start Making Calls For People to Look – call the people who have the qualities you really would like
associated with your business first. The goal here is to simply have people take a look at information. Let
people know why you are calling them; this is the ‘why’ we worked on in Phase One. You may say something
like, ‘Hi Janet, this is Paul. Listen, I am putting together a group of people who want to get tremendously
healthy in the coming months and would love to show you some information. I thought of you because you
are full of integrity, health-minded and a super person.’ You may also say something like, ‘Hi Phil, this is
Anna. I am launching a project to help ten people pay off their mortgages in the next three years. I wanted
to show you what I am doing because you are such an outgoing person. I am looking for referrals. When
do you have about fifteen minutes?’ They can either:
a. Watch a video on www.isamovie.com
b. Come to a live presentation – your launch party.
c. Meet face-to-face
2. Launch Your Facebook™ Campaign – intend to post 5-7 times per day. Update people on your
health status. Post photos of you doing fun things. Add personal photos and updates however never
mention Isagenix™ specifically. As people become interested take the conversation from online to offline.
Programs like Hoot Suite™ are free and allow you to schedule your posts so you do not have to be online
all of the time.
3. Work Your Numbers – with 100 people to connect with you are likely to have 50-60 take a look. From
here you will have in the neighborhood of 20 enrolments.
4. Co-Create Consultants – of the 20 people you enrol, approximately 10 or more can become Consultants simply by asking people to ‘cleanse with 2 friends,’ and show them ‘You Plus Two, Them Plus Two.’
Fill in the additional membership applications in this process (2 for each of your personally enrolled new
Consultants). Keep in mind that although not everyone becomes a Consultant right away it does not mean
that you give up on people. Some people will embrace sharing Isagenix with others, however it will be at
a different pace. Continue to check in with your product users.
5. Start People Using Our Team 8 Steps – go to www.isateamsuccess.com and download the document
– The 8 Steps to Launching a New Associate. These steps work! Make sure you follow all of the steps.
(The 8 Step Document is detailed later on in this Play Book)
6. Show Everyone You Enrol the Power of You Plus Two, Them Plus Two – you are obligated to show
this to people.
a. Step One
b. Step Two
c. Step Three
Become an Associate
You Plus Two (double PIB’s and Consultant Bonus)
Them Plus Two
($100 per personally enrolled Consultant & the Crystal Manager Bonus of $250)
7. Plug Your New Cleansers into the Isabody Accountability Group on Facebook – this group has tens
of thousands of active members and is patrolled by Isagenix™ Corporate and other leaders to prevent
spamming. Uplifting, supportive and informational. Your people will love it.
8. Write Out Your Actions Daily – use your notebook to record every call and every connection you
make. Write out details about the people you are connecting with so that when you follow-up you will have
that information within reach. People who become 3 Star Golden Circles quickly are simply those who are
having many, many conversations. It is not about how many hours you put it, it is about the number of
connections you make.
Congratulations on completing Phase 2!!! At the point of completion you are now an Executive and have a
minimum of 10 personally enrolled, active, Consultants 5 on your left and5 on your right
Phase 3: Develop Your People
Until You Have 3 X 3 Stars on One Leg
and 6 X 3 Stars on the Other
Affirmation – ‘I am a developer of dreams.’
This phase can last indefinitely, or until you decide to do another 90 Day Blitz.
In this phase our goal is to develop leaders. When we develop 3 X 3 Star Golden Circles on one leg and 6 X 3 Star
Golden Circles on the other, we will max out our first center for $700,000 plus per year and qualify for a re-entry
Wisdom shall be known by her children. This comes from the Book of Proverbs. In this phase we want to develop
leaders and focus on teaching them how to do what we did. As an Executive our initial goal is to have 10 people
(5 left and 5 right) cycling a minimum of 4X per week which will get us to 40 cycles/week if not fairly close.
We get our people paid by running them through this Playbook.
We can only ever be closely working with 5-10 people at one time and these people are your top priority.
If someone has put up their hand, is coachable, teachable and committed then make these people your VIP’s
(Very Important People).
In this phase you still want to be recruiting however your emphasis is in developing paychecks.
Action Steps
1. Get Your People Paid – a Consultant cycling 1X per week has a 90% retention rate. When you have 5
people on your right and 5 people on your left all cycling 1X per week you will be cycling approximately
10X per week! When someone cycles once per week they are creating an extra $2800/year and can be
covering the cost of their products.
2. Put Your People In an MIT Group – At the point of becoming an Executive you are ready to run your
own MIT program. Connect with your upline leader on how to run one of these successful group trainings.
MIT is fabulous to create leverage and also to make the best use of your time.
3. Develop Incentives and Contests – You may choose to develop incentives and contests for people who
want to undertake the run to 3 Star. A dinner out, a ticket to Celebration or something more depending
upon your budget is always welcome.
4. Set a Goal for Total Team Members at Celebration – One interesting statistic is that we will earn
approximately $1000 per person we have at Celebration (provided that at least 1/3 of the people are on
one leg and 2/3 are on the other). For example – a person with 100 people at Celebration is likely to make
$100,000/year. In other words, the more people we have at Celebration the more money we are likely to
5. Embrace Your Executive Reports and Business Blue Prints – Once we reach a rank of 2 Star
Golden Circle we have access to Executive Reports which detail the goings on in our business. In the
meantime, we all have access to Business Blue Prints. These highlight who is close to rank advancing,
receiving Double PIB’s and even how much volume you are likely to have in autoships on a given week. Go
to your online office and click on the ‘reports’ tab. Pull up ‘Business Blueprint by Category.’
6. Join the Team Success CEO Private Facebook Group – Once you become a One Star Golden Circle
you have access to a private Facebook Group and mentoring with Susan Sly. Upon achieving this rank
email [email protected] to make sure you are added.
7. Spend Time Daily Focusing on Personal Development – As our teams grow, we must grow. Connecting to Pod Casts, books and other empowering audios is essential to help us become the leaders that
we ourselves would follow. See the recommended reading list in the RESOURCE SECTION of this Play
8. Keep a Gratitude Journal – Gratitude is our latitude. Keeping a daily account of at least ten items of
gratitude daily will help us live into lives that are much more fulfilled. People are naturally attracted to
others who have deep gratitude and appreciation for their lives.
9. Start Your Own Group Welcome Calls – As your team grows your time will be stretched. Consider
doing a weekly or bi-weekly group welcome call on a conference line instead of doing them all individually.
10.Start Your Own Group Recruiting Calls – As above, group recruiting calls and webinars can be very
effective. These are a great use of our time and build duplication within our teams.
Congratulations on creating a beautiful team!
You are truly a leader and making a difference in the world!!
Earnings Disclaimer
**Earning levels for Isagenix® Independent Associates that appear in this publication are examples and should not be construed as typical or
average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Associate’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and
demographic factors. For average earnings, see the Isagenix Independent Associate Earnings Statement found at www.IsagenixEarnings.com.
The 8 Steps to Successfully Launching
a New Associate
Start to finish the 8 steps will take you approximately 60-90 minutes/per person and perhaps slightly longer if
your new associate is a business builder. The result of following the these steps indicates that people are achieving consultant status faster, having better cleanse results and also a much improved feeling toward their Isagenix
experience. To build long term residual income you must do more work on the front end to reap the rewards on the
back end. When you have your leaders following this system your team will grow quickly and you will all achieve
1. Ask the Magic Question – “Do I have permission to set you up for success?”. When you get the results
– people are going to notice and will want to know how they can look and feel as good as you do. At this
point you have three options.
1. You can give those referrals to me and I will be grateful.
2. I can teach you how to get these amazing products paid for.
3. You can actually make extra income. There are people in Isagenix making monthly what most people
make annually.
Where do you see yourself – 1, 2 or 3?’
a. This is a critical question and will help you determine how to proceed with your new person.
b. Ask at the time of enrolment. (New Associate Interview)
c. Let them know about the $100 rebate program if they cleanse with 2 friends i.e. 2 X $25 PIB’s on 2
30-Day Systems and the $50 Consultant Bonus or by enrolling 2 people with Pace Setter Paks - $210
- $80 for each Pace Setter and $50 for the Consultant bonus.
d. Do not assume that your product users do not want to save or make money.
e. Assist your people in becoming Consultants as soon as they enrol.
2. Send a Welcome Email – Upon Enrolment
a. Include your short story i.e. how you were feeling before Isagenix, what happened and why you are
b. Include numbers for the daily call – http://isateamsuccess.com/conference-call/ and also have the
new member go to www.isateamsuccess.com and register for the weekly email.
c. The welcome email is essential in order to connect your new team member with our team calls,
events, etc.
d. Copy 2-3 upline team members.
e. Connect with your upline leader to get a sample welcome email.
3. Set-Up a Welcome Phone Call – Upon Enrolment
a. Schedule a call with someone who is upline to your new associate. The call may be product or business based or both.
b. The welcome call illustrates support and also creates a relationship.
4. Walk Through the Replicated Website – Upon Enrolment
a. Show your team member how to log in.
b. Show them how to place orders and modify their autoship.
c. Show them their placement tree and how to enrol someone. Even product users will generate referrals and this is a critical step.
d. Show your associate how to customize their landing page and set their profile.
e. Walk them through their library section and most importantly the www.isagenixbusiness.com
section and give them 48 hours to get through all of the steps.
5. Register for Isa Body Challenge: www.isabodychallenge.com
a. This will increase retention.
b. Boosts motivation.
6. Have your new enrollee go to www.isaproduct.com and watch the overview of how to do the 30 Day
Make sure your new associate does not take any products without watching the video.
This will save you a great deal of time.
The video prepares them for the cleanse, potential challenges and solutions.
This is a critical step.
7. Take Photos and Measurements – When the Product Arrives
a. Take before photos from the front and side.
b. Take measurements – left and right ankle, calf, thigh and hip, waist, chest, neck and upper arm right
and left.
c. It has been said that for every 3 inches a person releases on Isagenix – it equates to one pound of
body fat so do not miss this step.
d. Ask your cleanser to email you with their measurements and photos.
8. Pull All of The Products Out, Coach and Review – When the Product Arrives
a. Go over the instructions for each product.
b. If possible – have them use a Sharpie and write out exactly what they will be taking on the bottle.
c. This does not take very long and will ensure they use the products properly.
d. Plan to check in with them every few days.
e. Ask them ‘would you like to text, Facebook message, email or call for check-in?
f. Let them know that you are there for them.
g. Remind them of their goals, why they are important and who else wins when they become healthy.
Craig C.
Aaron H.
Barb S.
Carolyn R.
Come learn about a system that is transforming lives:
Name and/or Location
DAY, MONTH 12, 2014
00:00 PM – 00:00 PM
The Fast and Fun Guide to a Fantastic
by Isagenix Millionaires
Susan Sly and Mar Lorenzo
Getting Started
Congratulations you have decided to plan your first in-home event. We are very
excited for you. In-home presentations are a great, fast and effective way to
build and launch your Isagenix business. In fact many Isagenix leaders and millionaires such as Tony and Randi Escobar, Don and Loree Nooner, Kathy and
Tom Smith, Pam and Kevin Barnum, Chantal Stefura, and others use in-home
presentations to generate a significant income very quickly and build massive
momentum in their teams.
Mark Yarnell, the author of your First Year in Network Marketing, suggests that
most high income earning network marketers make their money in their ‘kitchens’ and ‘living rooms’ with very little overhead. In-home presentations are
comfortable, cost effective and also provide business tax advantages to the host.
For your first in-home presentation we suggest getting your supplies together.
You Will Need:
Experience Isagenix (from www.isamovie.com), Jill Birth’s Video from You Tube (if possible)
and Are You Toxic (from www.isamovie.com)
Television and D.V.D. player
S Video Cable if You Are Using a Laptop
Cleanse for Life Drink
Want More Energy (Energix TM)
IsaDelights and/or Fiber Snacks and/or Isalean Bars
Membership Applications
Wholesale Price or Pak List
Getting started with your in-home presentation involves
three simple steps.
1. Set the Date
2. Make Your List of People
3. Get Your Invitations Out
Setting The Date
One of the most common questions we are asked is when the best day of the week is to have an event. The truth is
that it ultimately depends on who you would like to be there. For example if your group are all stay-at-home moms
then a daytime presentation may be best ideally Tuesday through Thursday. If people are working during the day
then the evenings and weekends are best. Plan your event at least seven days away. Set a specific start time and plan
to get your presentation going at the appointed hour.
In our experience, evening presentations are best done at 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. start time which enables people to
come from work or finish dinner. Daytime presentations can be scheduled to include a lunch time format or in the
early afternoon being conscious of those with children who may have to pick them up after 2:30 p.m.
Weekends can be a fun time to do an event and combine it with something social such as a barbeque or get together
especially if the presentation is to include members of your family. We have had events where we encouraged
people to bring their children and hired a babysitter which showcases how Isagenix can be a family business. So go
ahead and set that date.
Make Your List
When making your list it is important not to pre-judge anyone.
You are looking for people who are looking to make a change in their health,
who are open minded, entrepreneurial, people who are looking for another
stream of income, people who always want to look their best, people with a
large network, people who are sports minded, people who may have been
down-sized or are at risk, and ultimately people who you know like to have
fun and who are open. Be prepared that not everyone you invite will attend
your event. Do not be discouraged. Plan to invite three times the number
of people you would like to have in the room. For example
if you want to have ten people attend, invite at least thirty.
Your numbers may be higher however life happens and
people do change their minds, things come up and
ultimately a hand full of
excited people is all it takes.
My List
1._ ________________________
2._ ________________________
3._ ________________________
4._ ________________________
5._ ________________________
6._ ________________________
7._ ________________________
8._ ________________________
9._ ________________________
10._ _______________________
20._ _______________________
22._ _______________________
23._ _______________________
24._ _______________________
25._ _______________________
26._ _______________________
27._ _______________________
28._ _______________________
29._ _______________________
30._ _______________________
Who Do You KNoW? LIST
Identify New Prospects &
Create Your List Easily!
Know anyone who needs better health, more freedom and even a little
more money? This sheet will help you create your initial list of key friends,
business contacts and others to share Isagenix® with so you can kick-start
your Isagenix business. Know that of all the people you contact, about 1020% will become your partners in Isagenix. This means if you list 100 names,
10–20 people will join you!
Keep this list near your desk, refrigerator or other prominent place so you
can remember to share this incredible opportunity with the people you care
about. Once you’ve gone through your list, start another one—it’s easy!
- is health-conscious
- is concerned about
their weight
- needs deeper sleep—
less stress
- wants more energy
- wants to make
more money
- is a champion
- is self-motivated
- is enthusiastic
- is entrepreneurial
- is organized
- has a good telephone
- has desire and DRIVE
- is a people person
- is a team player
- has character and
- is dependable
- is fun and friendly
- has computer and
internet skills
- loves a challenge
Phone #
20. _________________________________________
- network marketer/
- teacher
- engineer
- salesperson
- alternative health
- nutritionist
- chiropractor
- veterinarian
- dentist
- physician
- personal trainer
- bodybuilder
- hair stylist
- esthetician
- massage therapist
- police officer
- real estate agent
- secretary/
office manager
- restauranteur
- butcher
- waitress/waiter
- mechanic
- bridal shop owner—
- health store owner—
- is a fitness or sports
22. _________________________________________
23. _________________________________________
24. _________________________________________
25. _________________________________________
26. _________________________________________
28. _________________________________________
- the fitness club
- the spa
- the golf club
- the tennis club
- the hair salon
- the cleaners
29. _________________________________________
- the bank
- the day care
30. _________________________________________
For more information, go to the “How To Get Your Products
Paid For” sheet on IsagenixBusiness.com
32. _________________________________________
33. _________________________________________
13-0072 • 03.22.13
Getting Your Invitations Out
The most effective way to invite people to your event is a phone call. People need to hear the excitement in your
voice. In the end it is people who bring people and not ads or flyers. We have observed many people who get
discouraged because they print out flyers and expect that to be a draw. Make sure you have your 30 second story
ready. We encourage you to go into your Isagenix Online Office and watch the Isagenix University videos to learn
the best approach.
The following are a few samples scripts. Please feel free to make them your own. They are simply basic guidelines.
The important thing to remember is that people put people in the room. Your goal is to generate excitement, interest and get the commitment. Once people come you can let the products and the tools share the rest of the message
for you.
Sample Script # One – The Phone Call
– Sample Script with Weight Loss Story
This method is ideal when you have a compelling story about releasing pounds and/or inches.
‘Hi Jane – it’s Laura calling. How are you?
‘Great Jane – how are you?’
‘I am fantastic. I just went down an entire size doing a cleanse and I feel energized, focussed and the best I have
felt in years.’
‘Really – wow I would love to know more about that.’
‘Actually that is why I called. I am having a group of friends over next Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. to learn more
about nutritional cleansing. I would love for you to come. It is going to be fun, short and really informative. Are
you available? I have 3 spots open and several of our friends have already committed to being there.’
‘I think I can make it.’
‘That’s great Laura. If nothing more you will have a great time, learn a lot and meet some great people. I will add
you to the list. If there is anyone you know who would also want to release some pounds, feel more energized and
look their best please let know so I can save them a spot. See you Thursday. I will call you on Wednesday to confirm.’
Sample Script #2 - Male to Male
– Submitted by 2 -Star Golden Circle Kevin Steele
‘Hey Dave, it’s Kevin!’
‘Hey! How are you doin’ Kev?’
‘Great! That’s why I’m calling... You know how you and I were talking about getting older and having no energy, and
constantly having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom!! LOL... Well...Diana has turned me on
to a new state of the art technology called Nutritional Cleansing...and without going into detail right now, I can tell
you that my energy has returned...I am sleeping through the night. Oh...and get this...you know how you and I have
needed a little boost in the bedroom...(hee hee) Don’t need it anymore!!! Whoo hoo!’
‘Tell me more!’
‘I couldn’t possibly tell you all about on the phone...you gotta see it! And taste it! So how ‘but this...’ ‘Di and I are
having a few of our great friends over to the house Thursday night July 2nd for about an hour. We would love to have
you and Vernell come by just to see what this amazing technology is all about! Afterwards we can catch up and have
a glass of wine (or2) Trust me...you need to see this!’
‘Sounds like fun, count on us!’
‘Great, I’ll send you an Evite with the specifics and we’ll look forward to seeing you guys Thursday!’
Sample Script # Three – Business
‘Hi Carrie, it’s Jim calling. How are you?’
‘Not bad Jim, how are you?’
‘Carrie, I am actually pretty great. Cheryl & I have launched a new, exciting business & we are helping people gain
energy, focus, get leaner and create some extra income. We are sharing it with a few close friends and also looking
for referrals. I know the markets have been pretty up and down lately & we have decided to build a Plan B.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Well, you know how poor health and obesity are in the news every day?’
‘Yes.’ ‘Well, Cheryl and I are capitalizing on that by partnering with a billion dollar company. They have been
featured in USA Today, on CNBC and more. Essentially we are going to be helping people release body fat, increase
their energy and feel great while also earning an income very part time.’
‘That sounds interesting.’ ‘Carrie, it may not be for you however it would be great if you can come over Thursday,
sample some products and check out the information. We will be less than an hour start to finish. What do you say?’
‘Alright, I will be there.’
‘Great, I will send you an email with all of the details. If for some reason you cannot make it please let me know 24 hours out. We are only sharing this with a few close people in the beginning.’
The Follow Up Email
Once you have made your phone calls it is important to follow up with a confirmation email. Programs such
as www.evite.com can create a professional email invitation and are free. Include your
address, directions, start time, date and a section for R.S.V.P. Using words such as
‘fun,informative, educational,
transformation, and exciting,’ are all excellent to reach a broad spectrum of people.
Remember, an email alone will not guarantee a person to attend.
You must physically pick up the phone or speak to the person face-to-face to get
that confirmation. The photo is a sample from an Isagenix business builder.
She includes this in her email invite for her in-homes.
Be creative with your invitations and confirmations. Some people like to
email and then call.
Preparing your Home for Your In-Home
Make sure your home is clean, fresh and tidy, that the room temperature is comfortable, cool, especially depending
on the number of guests that you are expecting to attend. If you like, get a nice fresh flower
arrangement for the evening.
If you have children or have invited people to bring children, arrange to have them in a different part of the house,
closed off. Have someone watch over them, an older sibling or hire a babysitter, there are a lot of students that
would love to make an extra couple of bucks, hire one for a couple of hours to watch the kids, take them to the park,
Be sensitive to those with allergies, keep pets outside or in another room, maybe even arrange for someone to come
and walk the dog during your event.
Be sure to check that your television, DVD player and DVD are all in working order several hours before the event.
On more than one occasion we have had to compensate for faulty equipment and do the entire presentation ‘free
style’ which isn’t duplicable. If you are using your laptop and an ‘S’ cable be sure to check out your connection to the
internet. Set up your presentation room around the main TV room, arrange chairs, bring out extra seating.
Set up your Isagenix product demo paks, Wholesale Price/Pak Lists, membership forms, notepads and pens, set up
where they are visible and your guests can review before and after the presentation.
We suggest a complete 30 Day System, Cleansing President’s Pak and a Shake and Cleanse Pak. You may also wish
to do a Business Builder’s Pak. Most importantly showcase an Isablender and the Isadelights.
Keep your empty containers as these are the easiest way to create a product display. Most people will want to look at
the containers and compare the various paks. Your display is the best way for them to do this comparison. Another
great suggestion is to create your product pak display’s in different areas so that people will walk around the room
and connect.
If you have a great before and after picture put it in a frame and place it on the table in front of the system display
that you used. If you do not have one then print some off of the internet or ask one of your team members to bring
Have you Isadelights spread out on a nice lined serving platter. Approximately 10 mins. before show time, prepare
your ‘cocktails’, mix ‘Cleanse of Life’ and ‘Want More Energy’ in a couple of nice big glass jugs. Serve them in some
nice glassware, you can find some great deals at dollar stores, IKEA, etc. use whatever you love, martini glasses,
champagne glasses, etc.
*Approximate measurements for one jug of your Isacocktail:
1 ½ cups of Cleanse for Life and 4 heaping Tbsp. of Want More Energy (any flavour)
Add ice and some sliced lemons and limes. As an option you could also garnish with fresh mint.
As your guests arrive give them an Isacocktail and an Isadelight. You will let them know that they are cleansing as
you begin your presentation. This is a great time for people to mill around, check out the product displays and any
Isagenix material you have laid out.
The Presentation
5 Minutes Before
Start gathering people into the presentation area. Let them know that you will be starting on time. For example,
‘just to let you know we are going to be starting in a few minutes, grab a seat and by the way that delicious drink
you are having is actually the Isagenix Cleanse. By drinking this you are experiencing cleansing along with the
Isadelight which is what we encourage on a cleanse day. It is healthy chocolate with less sugar than an 1/8th of an
apple, it is full of anti-oxidants and clinically proven to assist with weight loss.’
Start Time – Start Precisely On Time
‘Welcome everyone. I want to acknowledge all of you for coming out tonight/this afternoon and for taking some
time out for yourself. We all have busy lives with so many obligations including our families and work so thank you
for investing this time in what could be the very thing that takes your life to the next level.’
‘There are three possible reasons that you may be here tonight/this afternoon – you are interested in feeling and
looking your best through nutritional cleansing, someone told you about the opportunity to make some extra money
or your friend dragged you out here. No matter what brought you here I want you to think about the next 30 days
of your life. If I could wave a magic wand over your life right now what would you want?’
(Open it up to feedback from the room)
‘Do you mind if I share my own story about how Isagenix is providing me with the magic wand and how my life is
changing?’ (host to share his/her short story)
Formula for Story
How you were feeling before Isagenix.
How you were introduced.
Which system you used and what happened.
What you are doing/how your life has changed.
*do not use any diseases, medications or make any clinical claims. Practice your story beforehand on at
least three people. (see Resource Guide for compliant terms)
‘From here I introduced Isagenix to some friends and I would love for ____________ to share their story.’
(If you have another great testimonial in the room. If not – do not worry about it.)
‘I would like to share a little bit about Isagenix.’
Play Experience Isagenix
‘Let’s take a look at how these products impact lives.’
Play Jill Birth’s Video from You Tube – could play Athlete’s Video from www.Isamovie.com if you have
athletes in attendance.
‘Isn’t that amazing. Let’s take a look at how Jill transformed with this short video.’
Play Are You Toxic
‘Once you get a great product experience people are going to notice. From here you may decide to share Isagenix
with a few friends in which case you can get your products paid for. You may decide, like so many others, to build a
residual income. Either way the products are for everyone.’
‘I would like to invite ___________ to share their story about how they are getting their products paid for (or)
how they are building a secondary/significant income.’
Business Testimonial
– again keep it short and follow the formula above.
‘Now let’s find out why Isagenix is creating so many millionaires, six figure income earners and attracting so many
high profile people.’
Can play Enterprising Women
‘What if Isagenix can take you to that next level in your life? I believe you are here for a reason. We are taking orders
tonight and getting people started in cleansing their bodies and feeling great. We have pricelists, order forms and
will be personally coaching and mentoring people to success. The products take about 4 days to arrive so by this
time next week you can be leaner, healthier and on your way to success.’
Finishing Up
CLOSING statement while handing out membership applications
submitted by One Star Golden Circle Barbilee Hemmings
“So right now you are one of 3 people
1. Yes, I want to BUT…(fill in your excuse here).
2. Yes, but I need a bit more info to get started.
3. YES, YES, YES, I am ready to get started. Let’s do this!
So now, please either get with the person who brought you here this evening or one of our other team members and
let’s get those questions answered so that you can make an informed decision to get started tonight”.
Do not take open questions. Encourage everyone to mingle. Often people will stay longer to socialize. If there are
leaders in the room, have them work with people to get their questions answered. You can also have your upline on
stand-by to answer questions via the phone or skype.
Place your orders and sign people up right away. The worst thing you can do is ‘sit on’ orders. Isagenix ships
Monday thru Friday and every day you wait is a day that someone does not get started with their program. Have a
sense of urgency.
We like to sign people up on the computer in the moment.
Remind Everyone About the Re-Bate
(You Plus Two – Them Plus Two)
Isagenix generously gives a Consultant Bonus of $50. When a person enrols and does the 30 Day Cleansing System
with 2 friends they will receive their $50 Consultant Bonus and an additional $50 (2 X $25) (Doubled if they both
enrol in the same week) for the Product Introductory Bonus. Ask people ‘who would like to receive a re-bate?’ We
have many people become Consultants their first night.
Follow Up
If someone has to leave early follow up with them by the next day. Get their questions answered. Let them know
that other people are getting started. People want to feel part of something exciting and dynamic.
In Closing
We wish you every success with your in-home events. We would love to hear about your victories.
In Success,
Susan and Mar
Set Your Target – Fill Out This Check
Resource Guide
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Product and Health Information
1. Isagenixhealth.net – clinical studies, science based articles written by PhD’s, MD’s, etc.
2. Isaproduct.com – product coaching and downloadable resources.
3. Isabodychallenge.com – everyone wants to enter the IsaBody Challenge.
Business Websites
1. Isafyi.com – international expansion, business updates and more.
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3. Isamovie.com – recruiting videos.
Team Resources
Have your new team members register for our weekly ezine which includes great articles and updates. Find out
where the events are and build your connections. We have been doing this newsletter since 2003!
Recruiting and Tools
For recruiting we recommend that you share one of the great videos from www.isamovie.com and then schedule a
3-way call with an upline leader. Ask your upline success team who is willing to do 3-way calls with you. These are
simple, informative and effective. We also recommend visiting www.isasalestools.com for the best recruiting tools
from brochures to flyers and more. Additionally, a Launch Party Kit can be purchased here making throwing your
own in-home presentation a snap.
Other Resources to Build Your Business
Get your own conference call line for free!
Great calling for building your team at a distance.
Schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and more
Have your own free webinar service
Initial Reading
(Can download on iTunes also)
The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt.
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo.
The Richest Man in Babylon by George C. Clasen.
Go Pro by Eric Worre.
The Leader Without a Title by Robin Sharma.
Developing The Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell.
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Getting Started Paks
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with one of the Getting
Started Paks this week
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people in Isagenix with one
of the Getting Started Paks
= $200 Bonus
= $250 Crystal Manager Bonus
if achieved within 30 days of enrollment
Qualifying Paks- 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, Energy and Performance System, Kosher Pak, Healthy Aging and Telomere support system
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your enrolling sponsor.
*Equals the cost of your product.
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Sharing Isagenix is FUN and REWARDING
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the President’s/Family Paks
= $200 Bonus
= $250 Crystal Manager Bonus
if achieved within 30 days of enrollment
Qualifying Paks- President’s Weight Loss Pak, President’s Energy & Performance System, Healthy Aging President’s Pak, and PaceSetter Pak. Enrollments
must be in 1 commission week. Monday-Sunday EST. For more information visit isagenixbusiness.com and/or contact your enrolling sponsor.
*Equals the cost of your product.
13-0303 • 09.10.13
Compliance Terms
Testimonial Compliance
My name is Susan. I’ve had fibromyalgia for
5 years. I couldn’t sleep and I was in pain
all the time. After starting on the cleanse,
my fibromyalgia is gone and I have no pain
and am back to running marathons.
My name is Susan. I’ve experienced
severe discomfort in my body, and I’ve
felt old for many years. After starting
on the 30-day program, I rest more
comfortably at night, I feel younger and
my discomfort is gone. I am now able to
run marathons with ease.
Hi. My name is Bill. I have had high blood
pressure, high cholesterol and I have
been a diabetic for years. I started on the
Cleanse and my blood pressure is now
120 over 80, my cholesterol is 190 and I
am off of my diabetic medication.
Hi. My name is Bill. Since starting the
program, I’ve improved my cardiovascular functions, as well as my glucose levels.
I am calmer, more relaxed and my mental
clarity has increased.
I have breast cancer and have had over 3
surgeries over the last 2 years. I started
the program and I am now in remission.
I was experiencing hair loss, brittle nails,
fatigue and weight-loss. I started the
program for the benefit of the nutrients.
Since starting, my hair is growing back, my
nails are stronger, I have more energy and I
am finally able to maintain a healthy weight.
Hello. My name is Joel and I am a 40
year old construction worker with high
cholesterol. Since I started the cleansing
program, I have been able to stop taking
medication to lower my cholesterol.
Hello. My name is Joel and I am a 40 year
old construction worker. Since I began
using Isagenix products, I have been able
to maintain a healthy cholesterol level
and I feel great!
My name is David. I have suffered with
ADHD/ADD for most of my life. I have
also suffered with constipation. I started
on the 9-Day Program and lost 20
pounds of fat. I guarantee you will have
the same results.
My name is David. I have suffered from
a lack of concentration and inability to
focus for most of my life. I have also had
problems with my regularity. I started on
the 9-Day Program and lost 20 pounds my
first month. In a recent study participants
in a similar program lost an average of
seven pounds. I guarantee you will feel a
difference with the use of the products.
11-3789 -091912
How To Do A Launch Party
1 Set up
2 Welcome
Make sure the room is well lit.
Set up a President’s Pak or a minimum of a 30-Day
System display and a Rejuvity System.
Place catalogs, magazines and brochures on a table.
Prepare samples (IsaLean® Bars, FiberSnacks!™, IsaDelight
Plus™, SlimCakes®, and Rejuvity® Sample Paks).
Make sure you have water bottles or water on hand.
Determine who is going to handle the tasting and who is going
to do the “How To Get Your Products Paid For.”
Do a test run of the presentation DVD to make sure it works.
3 Launch party
Share your story about why you joined and your experience
on the system. “Here’s why I’m doing this Launch Party...” ( 2
minutes or less).*
Ask your guests why they’re here…
• Who is here today because they heard about Isagenix
and the weight loss? Maybe you’re looking to lose a
few pounds?
• Who is here to learn about the breakthrough Isagenix
has made in healthy aging and skincare?
• Anyone here because they are looking for more
• Who is here because they’re interested in earning an
extra income?
• Who doesn’t know why they’re here?
Play “Why Isagenix” in its entirety (approx. 12 minutes). Why
Recap... “What I love about that video…” (1 Minute)
4 Sampling
Share or choose someone to share 1 or 2 business stories (2
Explain the President’s Pak or 30-Day System display, and
the Rejuvity System. Make sure when you explain the system
you keep it simple. People want to know how they’re going to
incorporate Isagenix into their current lifestyle. (4 minutes or
After you have played “Why Isagenix,” shared some stories
and presented the system, pass out order forms and say...
“Right now you may be feeling one of two ways...
One... you like what you see regarding the products.
Two... you like what you see regarding the products and you
want to see how to get the products for free.
I’m going to welcome everyone to taste the products and
if you’re interested in getting these products for free, please
stick around for 10 minutes after the sampling and I’ll show
you how.”
5 How To Get Your Product Paid For
Everyone goes to the tasting area.
Provide very small IsaLean Shake samples in a few flavors. You
can also have on hand IsaLean Bars, FiberSnacks!, SlimCakes,
IsaDelight Plus, e+, Want More Energy? or other delicious products.
For those interested in skincare, open a Rejuvity Sample Pak
and let them try the products on their hand.
Have one person help sign up product users and answer
product questions.
Save all business questions for “How To Get Your Product
Paid For” training.
If someone has a question that you do not know… do a 3-way
call to an upline leader. Make sure your upline knows that
you’re having a Launch Party and will be by the phone.
Take those interested in earning free product into a
different area of the home, let the others keep tasting.
Share your business story or a story of someone earning
products for free.
Pass out “How To Get Your Products Paid For” sheets.
Have them fill out their “Who Do You Know List.”
Play You+Two and Them+2 webinar.
Explain how using their “Who Do You Know List” and
You+Two and Them+2 can get their products paid for.
Ensure that they know how to get into action over the next
7 days (this is on the “How to Get Your Products Paid For”
6 How to follow up with those who don’t come
 Call them back and share a highlight from the Launch Party
 Set up a one-on-one and show them the flipchart on “Isagenix To Go.”
* All stories should be compliant. Reference IsagenixBusiness.com/NextSteps
for compliance story examples.
Play music.
Keep conversation casual... “How was your day?”
“Can I get you water?”
Do not get into conversation on the specifics of
the night’s presentation; save the excitement for
the Launch Party.
Give out samples of IsaDelight Plus, IsaLean
Bars and FiberSnacks! Don’t give out samples of
IsaLean Shakes or Rejuvity…save them for later.
13-5016 • 10.17.13
We wish to thank each and every person in Team Success for their
courage and inspiration. A special thank you to Jim and Kathy
Coover and the entire corporate staff at Isagenix.
Thank you to Tisha Nolan for her hard work and dedication
supporting this team. Thank you to Karen “Casey” James for her
beautiful work creating this book.
Lastly, as always we are deeply thankful for our faith, our family and
friends who support the dreams and goals of this team.
With love and appreciation,
Chris & Susan
Copyright 2014 Crimson Phoenix Marketing Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved
Create Your Vision Board!
Make your Dreams a Reality
You are off to an amazing start! One of the greatest investments you can make in your
life and in your business is to make sure that it gets started in the right direction.There
is no telling how far physical and financial transforations can take you!
In life we can either choose to define ourselves or live into someone else’s definition
of our life. The latter will only serve to create heartbreak, resentment and feelings of
guilt. Today go forward with the knowledge that YOU can define your life and live into
the man or woman you always wanted to be. Go for it! You can truly have it all.
You can be, can do, and have anything you dream
~~ Susan Sly

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