Happy Hour at Pugsley`s Library - Maverick Region



Happy Hour at Pugsley`s Library - Maverick Region
Volume 39, May 2001, Issue 5
Zone 5 Presidents.....................................................................1
List of Officers/Board Chairs..................................................4
Prez Says....................................................................................5
Pam’s Page.................................................................................6
Maverick Minutes....................................................................6
New Wheels............................................................................27
Unclassifieds ...........................................................................28
Advertiser Index.....................................................................28
Calendar of Events....................................................................1
May at Mayo’s ...........................................................................2
Happy Hours.............................................................................3
Board Meeting...........................................................................3
Porsche Lunches........................................................................3
One Lap of DFW ......................................................................7
Hill Country Tour recap ..........................................................8
Ladies Autocross School recap..............................................10
Happy Hour at Pugsleys Library recap................................14
Hope Happenings...................................................................15
Father’s Day Picnic .................................................................15
“Nuevo” Member Party recap...............................................16
Zone 5 Shootout DE and Autocross Application...............18
Motorsport Ranch DE Application......................................22
Are You Ready to Autocross?.................................................23
May - Events
Happy Hour
Mayfast Cimarron Region
Board Meeting
Tour, Rally & “May at Mayo’s”
Porsche Lunch
Happy Hour
Hill Country DE
Porsche Lunch
June - Events
One Lap of the Metroplex
Autocross #3 (Standridge)
Board Meeting
Zone Shoot-Out (College Station)
TSD Rally Workshop
Father’s Day Picnic
Milwaukee Parade
July - Events
Board Meeting
Gimmick Rally
TT #3 & AX #4 (Mineral Ring)
August - Events
Time Trial #4 (Mineral Ring)
Board Meeting
Tech Session & Rally to Dinner
Time Trial #5 & AX #5 (Mineral Ring)
September - Events
Board Meeting
Safari Round-Up
Autocross #6 (Standridge)
October - Events
Time Trial #6 (Mineral Ring)
Maverick Club Race at TMS
Lone Star’s DE at TWS
Run Whatcha Brung Charity AX
Six Points To A Traffic Stop ..................................................13
Corners of the Mind: Teaching Others..............................20
Michael Jones, Mark Gluck, Keith Bird, Kevin Hardison, Wendy Shoffit,
Tinker Edwards, Lanean Hughes,
Tech and News Articles
Porsche Planning GT Version of Boxster Coupe...............19
Just the Details: Why Wash Your Car? ................................24
Cover photo of Porsches parked along a bluebonnet field during the Hill Country Tour.
Photo by Mark Gluck.
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2001 Porsche Club Zone 5 Presidents
Bob Kelley (Shirley)
h- 318-635-2617
[email protected]
Peter Kendig (Cindy)
[email protected]
Steve Olsen (Peggy)
h- 281-360-2311
[email protected]
John Nanny
h- 918-743-6043
[email protected]
James Morrison
h- 512-388-0100
[email protected]
Bob Towsley (Joyce)
h- 210-494-5467
Brad Bradford
h- 504-835-7874
James Shoffit (Wendy)
[email protected]
Bud Thurman (Phyllis)
h- 501-666-7486
[email protected]
Gregg Welsh (Tracy)
h- 501-636-0881
[email protected]
Walt Kendall (Barbara)
h- 405-749-1776
[email protected]
James Broussard (Melinda)
h- 225-216-9556
[email protected]
Jan Mayo
h- 817-595-4651
[email protected]
Join the fun May 12 at
“More Than
May at Mayos!”
The May at Mayos BBQ and the calendar item "Tour, Rally & Dinner” have metamorphosed
into a three-part special event on May 12th. You are invited to participate in any or all
activities, so come on out and join in the fun!
Part I: Tour the Sturgeon Vehicle Collection - 4:00 p.m.
Meet at Sturgeon Cars located at 4950 Eden Rd, off Carson and Hwy 121 (see
map at right) from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. for a chance to see 60+ special interest
cars, including a 1946 VW, a Dino, and VW Fire Truck. Bill Dugan, caretaker for
these cars owned by Ron Sturgeon, will be on hand to answer questions. No
reservation is required and parking is available on site. The tour will end in plenty of time to caravan or rally the 10+ miles to the May at Mayo's event.
Part II: Poker Run Rally to Dinner - 5:30 p.m.
Sturgeon Cars 4950 Eden Rd
(Look for sign: “RDS Investments”)
Joe McGlohen will get us from the Sturgeon Collection to Ed Mayo's shop in time for dinner. This miniature rally will be a super-easy, just-for-fun Poker Run. No lengthy rules to read, no route-following priorities to interpret. Just follow the simple directions, stop at checkpoint signs and draw a card. Best poker
hand gets to keep some slightly used cards. First car departs from Sturgeon's about 5:30 p.m. RSVP not
required, but would be appreciated so we'll know how many decks of cards to buy. Rally reservations will be
tallied, so contact Teri Davis at 940-682-4719 or email [email protected]
Part III: May at Mayo's - 6:30 p.m.
Join us for technical enlightenment, barbecue, and camaraderie at Mayo Performance (see map page 5). As
a special treat, Bill Dugan has arranged to have some very interesting educational/technical toys on display
at Mayo's Performance. These gadgets, part of the Sturgeon Collection, include cutaway models of a transmission and other automotive systems. Watching the moving parts can be both instructive and interesting.
Ed Mayo, Bill Dugan and other technical types will be on hand to answer questions.
Mimi or Carey Spreen at 972-420-9953 or [email protected] by Friday,
May 11 to ensure a meal ticket and a good spot in the serving line. Those who arrive
without an RSVP are welcome to join the line after those who have meal tickets.
Meal Tickets: $15.00 per person. The menu includes barbecue and the traditional
trimmings. Beer and soft drinks are included in the price.
We'll look forward to seeing you there. If you can't make it for every event, come to the ones you can.
If you are going directly to Mayo Performance, plan to arrive about 6:30 p.m.
Much appreciation goes out to the coordinators of this event:
Ron Sturgeon, Ed and Jan Mayo, Carl and Fran Ussery,
Bill Dugan, and Joe McGlohen.
Bonus Month!
May is
The Oasis Restaurant
Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30
located at Lynn Creek Marina on Joe Pool Lake
5700 Lake Ridge Pkwy., Grand Prairie 817-640-7676.
Bring your gear for a moonlight blade/bike/walk at Joe Pool dam after dinner.
Happy Hour!
Champps Americana
Thursday, May 17th at 6:30
Happy Hour!
Located in Addison at the NW corner of Beltline and Quorum 972-991-3335
This is a great sports bar with big screen TV’s and a huge menu.
So come on out and unwind with us after work!
For more information about Happy Hours contact: Benjamin Witry - [email protected],
Dennis Chamberlain - [email protected] or Tinker Edwards - [email protected]
Dinner Board
Wednesday, May 9th
6:30 pm
at the home of
James and Wendy Shoffit
1112 Santa Fe Trail
Irving, TX 75063
(972) 506-7449
At Good Eats
Tuesday, May 15th
11:30 AM
Collin Creek Mall in Plano
- AND -
All Members Are Welcome!
Tuesday, May 29th
Hwy. 635
I-35 E
Mac Arthur
Santa Fe Trail
Pizza &
Belt Line Rd.
Belt Line Rd.
11:30 AM
Midway Road in Addison
2001 Maverick Region - Board, Officers & Chairs
Maverick Region President
James Shoffit
W - (972) 506-7449
H - (972) 506-7449
[email protected]
1112 Santa Fe Trail
Irving, TX 75063
A member since 1997, James has also been
co-editor of Slipstream and the Timing &
Scoring chair of AX. He owns a ‘90 911 C4
Cab and a ‘78 911 SC.
Andy Mears
Bob Knight
W - (972) 501-3400
H - (972) 420-9953
[email protected]
709 Reno Street
Lewisville, TX 75077
W - (972) 969-0390
H - (940) 321-8683
[email protected]
1512 Shadow Crest Dr.
Corinth, TX 76210
W - (214) 461-1426
H - (214) 349-1108
[email protected]
9047 Oakpath
Dallas, TX 75243
Carey has been a member since 1979 and
Mimi since 1989. Carey has been an active
member of four different regions. They
own a ‘70 914-6.
Andy has been heavily involved with the
mailing and distribution of Slipstream for
several years. He now hopes to attend more
driving events since he has completed his
911 Coupe project.
Logistics & Support - Chair
Joe McGlohen
Communication - Chair
Wendy Shoffit
Activities - Chair
Teri Davis
W - (817) 706-7678
H - (817) 251-6865
[email protected]
711 Manchester Court
Southlake, TX 76092
W - (817) 366-1678
H - (817) 861-2792
[email protected]
704 Bowen Court
Arlington, TX 76012
H - (972) 506-7449
[email protected]
1112 Santa Fe Trail
Irving, TX 75063
H - (940) 682-4719
[email protected]
P.O. Box 213
Weatherford, TX 76086
Joe has been involved in virtually every type
of event that the Maverick Region holds.
He currently owns a 912 and a 914 2.0 liter.
A member since 1997, Wendy has recently
completed a two year stint as the editor of
Slipstream and was the year 2000 recipient
of the Selcer Memorial Award. She owns a
‘90 911 C4 Cab and a ‘78 911 SC.
Teri is a past Slipstream Editor and the
current Rally Chair. She has also been a
major force behind Round Up and the
recent Rally Schools.
Graham Lane
Joe McGlohen
Mentor Program
Tinker Edwards
W - (817) 421-0141
H - (817) 421-0086
[email protected]
W - (817) 366-1678
H - (817) 861-2792
[email protected]
W - (972) 447-2723
H - (972) 393-1580
[email protected]
Time Trials
Bill Dugan
Tech Inspection
Ed Mayo
H - (817) 265-0704 (<9 PM)
[email protected]
W - (817) 540-4939
H - (817) 595-4651
Joel Nannis
W - (817) 251-7432
H - (972) 722-2735
[email protected]
Lanean Hughes
H - (972) 484-3040
[email protected]
Drivers Education
Keith Olcha
Wendy Shoffit
Newsletter Editor
Pam Abdalla
Nelson Hodges
W - (817) 706-7678
H - (817) 251-6865
[email protected]
H - (972) 506-7449
[email protected]
H - (972) 208-7725
[email protected]
H - (817) 633-8161
[email protected]
Driving Education - Tech
John Sandusky
Timing & Scoring
James Shoffit
(972) 506-7449 wk
(972) 506-7449 hm
Newsletter Printing
Fran Ussery
Teri Davis
H - (940) 682-4719
[email protected]
W - (817) 777-0421
[email protected]
Goodie Store
Kay Leibel
H - (214) 739-3355
W - (972) 934-7191
[email protected]
[email protected]
W - (972) 438-8344
H - (817) 481-8342
[email protected]
DE Registration
Bill Dawson
AX Chief Driving Instructor
Ed Mayo
Newsletter Mailing
Andy Mears
Raffles & Door Prizes
John Cochran
H - (972) 291-8817 (<9 PM)
[email protected]
H - (817) 595-4651
H - (940) 321-8683
[email protected]
H - (214) 828-4444
W - (214) 324-1771
[email protected]
DE Chief Instructor
Bryan Henderson
TT Chief Driving Instructor
John Sandusky
Andy Mears
W - (817) 858-7526
H - (817) 354-6045
[email protected]
W - (817) 777-0421
[email protected]
W - (972) 969-0390
H - (940) 321-8683
[email protected]
Club Race - Event Chair
Brian Scudder
Lanean Hughes
Web Site
Mike Oakes
Dorothee Thielisch
W - 972-202-8123
H - (972) 247-1720
[email protected]
H - (972) 484-3040
[email protected]
H - (972) 780-2603
[email protected]
H - (972) 392-3195
[email protected]
Driving Rules
Bill Dugan
Swap Meets
Vaughan Garrett
Maverick Email List
Bob Benson
Past President
Charlie Davis
H - (817) 265-0704 (<9 PM)
[email protected]
W - (972) 494-6115
H - (972) 278-6767
[email protected]
W - (817) 264-8357
H - (817) 457-8833
[email protected]
H - (940) 682-4719
[email protected]
Tech Sessions
John Halla
Slipstream Advertising
Graham Lane
Zone 5 Representative
Jan Mayo
W- (972) 234-2977
H - (972) 234-6767
[email protected]
W - (817) 421-0141
H - (817) 421-0086
[email protected]
W - (972) 443-3916
H - (817) 595-4651
[email protected]
Position Open
Please help us to keep growing!
A member since 1986, Bob has previously
held the offices of President and Vice
President, edited Slipstream, and has won
the Selcer Memorial award. He owns a 2000
Boxster S.
Driving Events - Chair
Keith Olcha
Keith has been a regular at all driving events
and has recently been heavily involved in our
Driver’s Education program.
Vice Presidents
Carey and Mimi Spreen
Position Open
Prez Says:
by James Shoffit, Maverick Region President
Boy am I glad May is almost here. Finally somewhat of a "slow" month on the calendar! There are a
few Driver’s Ed events that can be attended, and the
ever-popular May at Mayo’s will include a special treat
for those interested in seeing some special cars! (See
the ad on page 2 for details).
I had an interesting adventure back in March.
Wendy's birthday was coming up the same weekend as
the Club Race down at Texas World Speedway south of College Station. I
of course wanted to spend time with my wife, but since she wanted to have
a "girl's night out" complete with a slumber party, it was decided that I
should take Jasmine down to College Station with me to watch the Club
Race. And if any of you know Jasmine, you know how much she likes to
see the race cars. So on Saturday morning I got us both packed into the C4
Cab and away we went.
The first 200 miles (out of 200 miles) were all steady downpour. It
was raining so hard at one point, I got passed by a guy riding a Jet Ski in
the drainage ditch! (Ok, not really, but I thought it made a good story).
But the story of the trip was rain rain rain. We finally got there just as the
rain was clearing up and we got to see the last bit of racing on Saturday
evening (mainly because the races were running late due to all the rain!).
As we walked around the paddock, I saw quite an array of cars from
an old BMW 2002 all the way to the newest 996 race cars. But the most
amazing two cars (which I am sure some of you have heard about many
times already) were the vintage 906 and 908 that were not just museum
pieces, but actively driving and racing! It was so great to see those cars in
motion and being driven like their creators intended.
A hearty dinner had Jasmine and I longing for sleep, but it was not
to come soon (for me at least Jasmine can sleep through the loudest thunderstorms). We inadvertently booked a room on the same floor as the UT
swim team, which had just won a swim meet Saturday evening. They had
quite a bit of celebrating to do before they could settle down for the night!
But they quieted down before 11, so I still got plenty of sleep and since we
had no responsibilities at the club race (we were just spectators - a rare
occurrence!) we could sleep in as long as we liked.
The next morning I got to see at least the start of the enduro where
so many of my friends were driving. It was really special getting to see the
first races of several newcomers to club racing. Jasmine and I left rather
early as we had both seen quite a bit of racing, talked to hundreds of people, and were not looking forward to the drive home. It was best to go
ahead and get on the road. My traveling companion was a perfect angel
for the entire weekend (quite an accomplishment for a 4-year-old with red
hair) and I think the only way I could have had more fun would have been
if I were driving with my friends. Someday soon, perhaps.
If you have never been to a club race, or any of our driving events,
you should make the effort to at least come out and watch. Seeing all the
beautiful cars is always a spectacle, and the people are more wonderful
than the cars. So come on out, and join the fun!
Email: [email protected] or
FAX at (817) 267-4939
Pam’s Page
by Pam Abdalla, Slipstream Editor
You know summer’s just about here when
the calendar fills with eating activities, and
there sure are plenty to go around in the next
few months!
Finally, let’s not forget the lunches at Good Eats in Addison
and Plano twice each month, as well as the free pizza and beverages and other goodies at the Shoffit’s during the monthly
board meetings!
First, there’s the Happy Hour at The Oasis
Restaurant at Joe Pool Lake on May 3rd, then
a barbeque at Mayo Performance on the 12th,
and then yet another Happy Hour at Champps
Americana in Addison on the 17th.
Even if you’re not into autocrossing,
you can’t tell me you’re not into eating!
So come on out and have a great time
with your fellow Porsche enthusiasts.
Go ahead and stuff your face a little.
We don’t mind.
Coming up in June, there’s a Father’s Day picnic on the
17th, which is sure to have more than enough food to go
around as everyone is to bring a side dish.
Maverick Minutes
by Andy Mears, Maverick Region Secretary
The April Bored, oops, I mean Board
meeting tried to get started at 7:10 and was
finally restarted at 7:13 when everyone finally
agreed to let James have the floor. This
month's meeting was again at the child
friendly and pizza abundant home of James
and Wendy Shoffit.
First issue up for discussion was the
repair of the radios that the club uses for
driving events. A motion was passed to purchase new batteries
for each radio and repair units that are unusable.
Next, discussion continued regarding the purchase of
new flag sets for use at Club Racing events. This topic was
tabled until Joe McGlohen could obtain additional quotes to
be presented to the board for future discussion. It was followed
by a related discussion regarding the club purchasing a set
of vehicle scales for use by club members as well as the possibility of rental to individuals or other clubs to defray the cost.
The topic was tabled as well until more details concerning
cost and features could be presented to the board.
Next, James wanted to make sure that the board members were aware of the fact that Slipstream is subsidized by
the club and that it does not profit or even break-even. It was
agreed that the quality of the newsletter far exceeds the cost
that the club incurs as well as the desire to maintain the
existing layout. There was much discussion regarding raising
advertising rates as well as how to reduce cost. The issue was
On a more exciting note, Kevin Hardison and Wendy
reported on another successful driving school that occurred
the weekend of March 31 and April 1. Despite the limited
port-a-potty capacity, everyone had a great time and it
appears hopeful for more participation by the school
attendees at the other driving events this year.
The Spreen's reported on upcoming events including
May at Mayo's which will be on Saturday May 12, and planning for the location and date of next year's "New Member
Party" is in progress.
Brian Scudder gave an update on the October Club Race.
Plans are for a three-day event with a Friday DE and racing
on Saturday and Sunday. Watch for the half page ad in
Panorama in May.
The One Lap of DFW event is getting finalized and looks
like around 20 - 25 car clubs have expressed interest in participating. Check the web site for all the latest details
Keith Olcha reported on the June Drivers’ Education
(DE) event and is expecting the rates to be around $180-185
per driver for the two day event.
Kay Leibel generously donated to the club two crystal
trophies that may be used for event trophies. Thank you,
Finally, a last minute motion was passed to try and
secure usage of the Naval Air Station for a driving event.
With all business completed the meeting was brought to
close at 9:00.
Maverick Region PCA board
meetings are held once a month.
The board meetings are open to all
PCA members and your suggestions
and opinions are welcome . . .
. . . and there’s FREE Pizza!!!
1st Annual
One Lap of D/FW
Charity Drive
Saturday, June 2, 2001
Saturday, June 2, 2001, the Porsche Club of America/Maverick Region invites you to participate in an All Metroplex
Special Car Club event that will be a day long tour (8-5) around the D/FW area to benefit two lesser known local
charity organizations that do not receive as much attention or help as other local charity groups: Familiar Footsteps
is a home for mentally disabled adults and the Hope Shelter is a center for physically and mentally abused women
and children. They are both performing great services for our community and deserve recognition and help. The
Charity ONE LAP of D/FW hopes to bring these car clubs together to show, parade and visit with other people who
have a passion about their vehicle marque and to generally have fun.
We’re asking that each Car Club organization publish information about this Charity Drive in their newsletter
and help promote the event. Up to date specific information on the starting location and various driving points and
activities at each point can be viewed on the One Lap Link on the Maverick Region’s website: www.pca.org/mav .
Our event chair is Nelson Hodges, [email protected] or (w) 817-602-9280 and our Registrar is Linda
Bambina, [email protected] or (w) 972-662-4116. Please pre-register by Saturday, May 23rd so we can plan for catering and other space considerations. The entry fee is a minimum donation of $25 per car with an award given to the
individual who brings in the most sponsorship pledges. See our website at www.pca.org/mav for details.
Please help us to make a difference for these charities and get to know your North Texas Car Nut neighbors!
Copy or Cut out and mail completed form to: Linda Bambina 3120 Golfing Green Dr. Farmers Branch, 75234. Enclose
check payable to: MR PCA.
Name _________________________________________
E-mail _____________________________
Address _____________________________________________
City/Zip ______________________
Phone (h) ____________________________________ (w) ___________________________________
Car Club Affiliation____________________________________________________________________
I will participate in the morning Shine & Show/Bucket of Bucks (Y) __ (N) __
I will participate in the Catered Lunch at TMS (@$5 per person) (Y) __ (N) __
No. of persons ____ x $5 each = $___________
I am enclosing my Entry-Donation Check for the Charity Drive for the following amount: $___________
*TOTAL Enclosed: $_______________
I understand that I have to bring proof of liability insurance and that I will have to sign
the Porsche Club of America insurance waiver before I can participate in the
Driving portion of this event. (Initial) ______
Hill Country Heaven
by Hill Bullock
Bluebonnet Driveway.
Lining up to start the tour.
Having participated in the Fall Arkansas trip, I already knew to
expect great driving, wonderful accommodations, and excellent company from one of Nelson Hodges’ tours. I was not prepared, however, for the rare and delicate beauty which awaited us in the Hill
Country of Texas.
mass about-face to pull it off. The next stop was the Haven River Inn
in Comfort, Texas; our base of operations for the next 2 days. The Inn
was a quite idyllic old 3-story house, sitting atop a small hill in the
midst of a pecan orchard. It had a big wrap-around porch, rocking
chairs, and a beautiful view down into the orchard and over a small
river. This place practically begged you to sit around and relax, but
the road begged more, so we rarely got a chance to get too settled.
We set off from Benbrook Friday morning, just southwest of Ft.
Worth. It was a treat meeting up again with some of the good friends
we had made on the Arkansas trip, like Mike Richardson and Betty
Feir from Texarkana. The weather was a little overcast, but it made
for very pleasant top-less motoring on the way down to Marble Falls,
where we stopped for lunch at the Bluebonnet Café; a name which
would prove prophetic before the end of the trip. The place wasn’t
much to look at, but oh-my did they have desserts to die for.
Everyone at our table, which included Al and Le Stickley, ended up
with a healthy slice of pie; everything from Peanut Butter to Pecan to
Apple Pie a la Mode. Everyone knows there are no calories on vacation! Yum.
After lunch, we proceeded down to Wimberly for a little shopping and winding down. Despite it being a Friday and Wimberly
seeming like a relatively quiet, small tourist town, the place fairly bustled with activity and the roads around town were crawling with cars.
We managed to get in and out cleanly, though, only requiring one
Stretching our legs a little.
Dinner was fairly soon after arrival at a very neat old general
store-like place called the Welfare Café. We shared a table with Dan
and Bonnie Griffith and swapped stories while enjoying the live
music and good food. Dinner was followed by dessert back at the Inn
provided by our very own Taxi Breithaupt.
So far there had been very few bluebonnets, but plenty of great,
curvy back roads with sparse traffic; lots of smiles per mile.
The next day we were up early, had a nice breakfast at the Inn,
and then headed out for some seriously undulating and twisty roads.
It was sprinkling a little bit, so the driving was dampened to compensate, but the roads were still incredible.
Lunch on the Riverwalk.
We headed into San Antonio for lunch, a quick stroll around on
the River Walk, and then headed back out onto the twisty roads to get
to the Welfare Country Club for a big, buffet dinner. On the way, the
“flower count” started heading skyward, as we encountered a large
field solid with bluebonnets. We just had to stop and ogle with the
rest of the road-side admirers. Plenty of photo ops there. I have never
seen anything like it. We were met at the Welfare Country Club by a
large PCA contingent from Austin, but due to arriving a bit late, we
were only able to mix for a short while. Still, we had a parking lot fairly brimming over with Porsches. After-dinner entertainment was
provided by a half-dozen or so gents who repeatedly tried to pushstart a recalcitrant 911. Unfortunately, a push start was not enough
to cure what ailed it and the poor fellow was forced to abandon his
car overnight. Fortunately, it was in a locked parking lot though,
thank goodness.
Sunday morning offered another tasty breakfast at the Inn and
a later-than-usual start towards Fredricksburg. When we arrived, half
the crowd headed into The National Museum of the Pacific War (previously known as the Admiral Nimitz Museum; very interesting) and
the other half headed off to sample the shopping. My wife Lisa and I
split up, but according to her when we reconvened, the shopping
looked exceptional and we would definitely be coming back when we
had more time to shop and a vehicle with more storage capacity. Next
we headed to Llano for some barbecue at Coopers. But on the way,
we took a little detour suggested by Bonnie Glover through the
Willow City Loop. This is where the scenery and wild flower viewing
went off the chart. We crawled along a little 1.5 lane road with a
goodly amount of traffic both ways. The view off the road into the
Welfare, TX Porsche dealership.
lower surrounding countryside was absolutely gorgeous, with many
areas literally carpeted with wild flowers. You never wanted to go
faster than 5 MPH just so that you could take it all in. People were
parked all along the roadside, completely caught up in the natural
beauty on display. Cows wandered around unrestrained and we had
several “tire washes”, driving through very shallow creeks which
crossed over low points in the road. Everyone was quite in awe of the
landscape and the flowers.
After some exceptional barbecue at Coopers, we realized it was
getting late and started the journey home in earnest. We stopped one
more time for gas and ice cream before getting to I-30 and rejoining
the automotive masses.
Once on the interstate, the group started to splinter as people
headed towards their respective homes. What will always unite the
group, however, are the fond memories of the great Hill Country
roads, wild flowers, cuisine, hospitality, and time shared with good
friends. As with the Arkansas trip, Lisa and I have found another
annual event we plan to attend on a regular basis. If you haven’t tried
it, you don’t know what you are missing.
Many thanks go to Nelson for another wonderful trip, to Ted and
Bonnie Glover for acting as “slack”, to Al and Le Stickley for middlepack management, and to Mike Oakes and Tinker Edwards for being
such a great caboose. And of course, to Taxi Breithaupt for dessert!
BBQ at Coopers.
3151 Skylane, Suite104 • Carrollton (Dallas), Texas • 972.733.4807
Ladies Autocross School
by Dolores McAlister - Z Club Member
The recent Ladies Autocross School hosted by the Maverick
Region Porsche Club of America was not just for Porsche ladies.
Some Z car ladies came out to join us and had a great time, too.
Following is an article from one of those Z car ladies, who seemed to
really enjoy her day with the Porsche club.
Saturday morning was a beautiful day, but just before leaving
my house to meet up with the other Z Ladies attending the Ladies
only Autocross, I decided to grab my coat. I didn’t think I would
need it, as it didn’t feel cold at all at home. Was I ever thankful for
that coat! The north wind was blowing at about 25 - 30 miles an
hour at Standridge Stadium in Carrollton, and that’s cold! Other
than the wind, the Porsche Club Ladies (and male helpers) had
lined up a wonderful day for all of us! We had a great time, and
were very appreciative of the invitation.
Jean’s car. We secretly took Jean aside (out of sight of Warren) and
assured her that Warren gave her bogus instructions! He was also
the cause of her backing up in the autocross to go through a
‘missed gate’. We told her that was also a ‘no-no’.
I had never driven in an autocross before, and my times
reflected that! But there was almost 20 seconds difference
between my first run, and my last run, so I was quite pleased with
my improvement! I learned about skid-pads, gates, directional
cones, the box, a pivot cone, a chicane, what to do when your
instructor starts screaming, etc, etc, etc!!!
For those of you who didn’t join us, you missed a great time!
But you will have another chance! The Porsche Club is having a
regular autocross at this location on June 3! If we leave Warren
home, they said we could come back.
Some of us did much better than others, and that was to be
expected! Jean Marshall, who took private lessons from Warren
Bushey, (alias Z CRAZY) was told the object of the game was to
hit as many cones as possible! And did she ever! We actually had
to stop the slalom runs while an impaled cone was extracted from
Wendt Shoffit and Event Chair Jan Mayo address the crowd.
Although Jane Willis looked a little lost in the pit area . . .
. . . she was definitely not lost on course. She has to instruct next year!
Meg Boure and her instructor, Rose Gohlke, cornering hard into the skidpad.
Dee Mc Alister exiting the course after a good run.
Marina DeFuentes driving Nancy Dugan’s red 914.
Linda Delwood practicing slaloms in her yellow Boxster.
Linda Last on course with her BMW Z3.
Kelly Shanks leaning into the skidpad exercises.
Suzanne Cochrane enjoying the school autocross course.
Kelly Binek practicing the double skid pad exercise.
Christina Bickman entering the decreasing slalom exercise.
Six Points To A Traffic Stop
by Michael Wingfield
The red and blue lights atop the car behind me illuminate,
creating a strobe effect in my rear view mirror. The crisp wail of a
siren blast rings in my ears. There is no doubt about it, the Dallas
Police Officer behind me wants MY attention. What could he
possibly want with me? We are both sitting in a left turn lane at a
traffic light, and have been for two complete cycles of the light.
Traffic is heavy and only a few cars make it through the intersection
at each cycle of the green light. But there he is, waving his arms and
pointing at me. Does he want me to move? How can I? I am stuck
with traffic in front of me, to my right, and a light pole in the
median to my left. There is no where for me to go. Then it
becomes clear that he wants me and my 944 to be the subject of this
traffic stop as I see him talking on his radio and preparing to open
the door on his patrol car.
As I watch in my rear view mirror, he opens his car door and
very slowly approaches my vehicle. He turns sideways, presenting
only his profile rather than his width as he steps ever so slowly
towards my car. His face is backlit by the setting sun; I can not see
his face. His head bobs up and down, left and right, appearing
more like a boxer in the ring than a police officer, as he peers
through the back glass of my car. He is looking in my car, but not
with a casual glance. He is looking very intently and seriously as he
studies the empty rear cargo area of my car. I see his right hand
move to his weapon; he unbuckles the safety strap. He continues
to inch slowly toward the driver side of my car.
Does he think my car is stolen? Has he mistaken my car for
one recently used in a crime? Hundreds of thoughts race through
my mind as I sit completely still in the driver seat; my hands firmly
gripping the steering wheel at 10-&-2, hopefully in plain sight of
the approaching police officer. The insurance card is current and
in the glove box, the registration is new as I put the new sticker on
the windshield last night, the state inspection is current. What
could be wrong? I do not want to give this officer any cause to
become more suspicious or alarmed as he stalks up alongside my
car. How could I have gotten myself into this situation?
It all started the night before. I had just completed the installation of my new Momo seat, harness bar and Deist 6-point
harness in my Sapphire 944. I had grown tired of trying to use the
steering wheel as leverage during track events to keep my rear end
in the stock leather seat, which had become hard, slick, aged, and
torn. Since I had to replace the seat, I decided that I might as well
get something more appropriate for driving events. I completed
the work in time to have the equipment in the car for the
Wednesday night technical inspection before the next Maverick
track event. I looked forward to driving the car from north Dallas
to the mid-cities with the new seating arrangement.
After work, I buckle myself snuggly into my new Momo seat
and head towards Mayo’s for the driving event technical inspection. On my route, I knew I had some school zones, and being the
safe law-abiding citizen that I am, I slowed appropriately for each
zone. At the beginning of the first school zone, I notice a Dallas
Police car parked in the median, facing my direction. No need to
worry; I am traveling below the posted speed limit and slowed
sufficiently for the school zone. However, I notice the police car
pull away from the median and follow me through the zone. While
most folks might start to get a little paranoid at this point, I relax
and continue my journey. At the end of the school zone, I notice
the police car still pacing me to the next traffic light. At the next
traffic light, I signal my right turn intentions, turn right at the
green traffic light and proceed down the next street. The police car
continues to follow. It must be a coincidence I think to myself.
Again, the police car paces me through a second school zone.
At the next major intersection, my journey requires that I
make a left turn. I signal left and pull into the left turn lane,
queuing up behind a long line of other cars also wanting to make
a left turn at the intersection. As I watch my mirrors, I notice that
the police car has not made any moves to turn left at this intersection. Good – the police car passes me and proceeds through the
intersection. As the first police car goes past, I notice a second
police car parked in a strip mall across the street. As soon as the
first police car passes me, the second police car drives rapidly from
the parking lot, crosses three lanes of traffic, and queues up behind
me at the traffic light. This brings me back to where I started: two
cars in a row, waiting patiently for the traffic to clear and for the
traffic light to turn green; then the lights and siren from the police
car and the Dallas Police officer slowly approaching the driver
window of my car.
As the Police officer nears the left rear quarter panel of my car,
he stops. Again his head bobs as he looks through the rear window
and now the left quarter panel window. He stands with his back
toward the car fender; head turned ninety degrees, looking over his
right shoulder. In my driver side mirror, I clearly see his right hand
on his weapon. He studies the empty contents of the car back seat
area and then looks toward the driver side window and me. He
slowly and cautiously takes another step. Suddenly he stops. He
stretches out his left hand he makes a slight waving motion and
says, “Never mind.” He then takes a step back toward his patrol car.
“Wait a minute! Stop! Where are you going?” I shout to the
police officer as I still sit almost statuesque, as my hands continue
to firmly grip the steering wheel. “Did I really say that out loud,” I
think to myself in startled disbelief. In my mirror I see the officer
stop and pivot back toward my car.
“What’s wrong? Is there a problem? Is something wrong with
my car?” I ask.
“Nothing,” the officer replies. Again he starts to make his way
back to his car.
“Wait!” I shout again. “Why did you stop me?”
The officer turns slowly toward my car once again. However,
this time while he continues to move slowly, he appears to move
with less concern for caution and more with regret. He approaches
the driver side window, he stops short of coming up next to the
door. I turn my head to look at him; his face is still hidden from
my view as the setting sun lingers his head. I see him reach out
with his left hand, as if he is going to reach into the open driver side
window. His hand stops just behind the door post, his index
finger points to the B-pillar, and he waves it in a rather nonchalant
“I saw this,” he says as he points to the factory seat belt clasp
hanging from the B-pillar.
He next reaches his hand toward the open window and waves
it in an up and down motion in front of me, from my neck to my
waist. He says in an embarrassed, almost inaudible voice, as he
moves back toward his patrol car, “But I didn’t see all of these,”
indicating my 6-point harness. Thus, while one freely hanging seat
belt buckle can warrant a traffic stop, a snug fitting 6-point harness
will certainly prevent the issuance of a traffic ticket!
Happy Hour at Pugsley’s Library
by Tinker Edwards
For the March
happy hour we did
something different.
It was opening night
of the NCAA basketball tournament
(I’m not sure if we
knew this or not
when we scheduled
the happy hour but
The Happy Hour Crew: Dennis Chamberlain (co-chair),
it worked and we
Tinker Edwards (chair) & Witry (co-chair)
looked like we had
everything under control) so we visited a sport bar call Pugsley’s
Library on March 15th. We had a good turnout with six new
members attending: Jeffrey Allen, Leonard Boyer, Kent Haven,
Rick Illes, Mike Jones and Ken Perry and a couple of new members from the previous happy hour: Jeff Bryant and Ellis Cokes.
Even Maverick Region President, James Shoffit, stopped by to
meet the new members.
All members are invited to come out and unwind after a hard
day’s work, so we’ll see you at the next one... or should I say “two”
because there will be two happy hour’s in May (see page 3).
The gang having dinner.
Martin Custer with new members Rich Illes and Ken Perry.
New members Jeffrey Allen and Leonard Boyer.
New members Ellis Coke and Jeff Bryant.
Jimmy Carter and Wiley Alexander of Royal Purple.
Hope Happenings
by Lanean Hughes
With all the events going on last month, I was able to send
donations in the amount of $330 to the Hope shelter. These
donations came from our Parade Lap at the DE in February, and
picture money from photos taken at the AX school by Kevin
Hardison. All monetary donations are so appreciated.
The shelter has been quite busy with several residents and we
have again been able to provide critical help when needed to the
staff at Hope. My thanks to those of you who have been regularly donating to this great cause.
If you have not visited the shelter, please take time to make
the trip to Mineral Wells and meet the wonderful people whose
continued efforts help to keep individuals from abusive situations.
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Tom & Annette
Snodgrass, Charlie Grubbs, Werner Foltz and all the other volunteers at TMS who gave their time to work the NASCAR race and
make great money for the shelter. We have been volunteering for
the Hospitality Village since TMS opened, and the “Porsche Club”
is always the winner of the Golf Kart Series. If you have not volunteered, then call Lanean at 972-484-3040 let me know and I
will put your name on the list, so when events are taking place at
TMS and they need workers, you will be volunteered!
Mark your calendar now
for Maverick Region’s
Father's Day Picnic
at the Casey house
Sunday, June 17th!
More details to come in the next Slipstream.
Please RSVP: [email protected]
or call 972-420-9953
"Nuevo" Member Party
by Wendy Shoffit
The ‘nuevo’ Nuevo Leon (formerly La Valentina) in North
Dallas was the perfect setting for our annual Nuevo (new) member’s
party. Okay, enough with the nuevos. Sorry, I couldn’t resist!
Anyway, like I was saying the restaurant was absolutely gorgeous and could not have been nicer. Over 50 members who had
joined since January 2000 came out to meet nearly 25 ‘old’ members.
It was a small sampling of our overall membership, but they were
certainly among the best and most active.
While the beer and margaritas flowed, everyone was having
a great time getting to know each other. I heard a rumor that the
appetizers were delicious, but was never quick enough to reach
the table. I was too busy having fun socializing. Not to worry,
though, the owner, Luis, had selected a few tasty menu items to
serve us later if we wanted to stay for dinner. Top that off with
some scrumptious cookies made by our very own pastry chef,
Mimi Spreen. Needless to say, I did not go home hungry!
Lanean Hughes had yet another trick up her sleeve for the
evening. Somehow, she managed to get some really cool raffle
prizes. They included a few Porsche Motorsports bears, lots of
shirts, and a few special St. Patrick’s Day trinkets. As always,
proceeds from our raffles go to benefit the Hope Shelter.
Many thanks to Luis and Nuevo Leon for their wonderful
hospitality. New and old members alike seemed to really enjoy
their evening.
An impressive entrance.
Wendy Shoffit, Kay Liebel, Keith Olcha, and James Shoffit.
Jimmy Carter and ‘Johnnie’ Cochran
Erika Nannis talking with Jan Mayo
Mimi Spreen - aka, “the greeter”.
Carey Spreen grabbing for some grub.
Telling driving stories.
New members Amor and Mala Bhattacharya
Specializing in
repair, Maintenance,
4-wheel alignment,
and complete
German automobile
body repair.
FAX 972-721-1847
A.S.E. certified
Glasurit certified
1118 S. Airport Circle, #120
Euless, Texas 76040
Metro (817) 540-0712
Member Automobile Service Association
Porsche Planning GT
Version of Boxster Coupe
Courtesy of Autoweek
Autoweek (4/13/2001): Reports from those who have seen
Porsche's proposed Boxster Coupe indicate the German sports
car maker is planning a GT version that would also offer Audi
TT-fighting all-wheel drive.
Porsche has been hosting focus groups of owners of similar
two-door models, apparently as part of planning for a coupe to
compete with the Chevrolet Corvette, Audi TT, Mercedes-Benz
CLK and BMW Z3 coupes.
A 230-horsepower 2.7-liter flat six would power Porsche's
coupe, though the company has suggested to focus groups the
possibility of offering an engine with up to 315 horsepower.
Porsche North America officials declined to comment on the
Boxster Coupe.
Boxsters and Boxster S’s.
Corners of the Mind: Learning By Teaching Others
By Paul Young, San Diego Region (from The Windblown Witness)
How long should it be until a driver becomes an
instructor? This is a question I am often asked by an
entrant at an autocross or time trial. Some ask it at their
first event, and some after a year or two. Of course, every
driver is ultimately responsible for his or her own education, so in a sense we are all instructors. Still, the question
remains: How much experience is necessary to become an
officially recognized driving instructor? To answer this
question, we should look at the motivations, benefits,
responsibilities, and qualifications associated with being a
driving instructor.
Some are motivated by the prestige associated with the
title of Driving Instructor: An ego-boosting feather in the
hat; I have arrived; I have been recognized as a competent
driver. A normal feeling, but we should recognize it as such
and not let this be our only reason. An instructor has the
opportunity to ride in (and perhaps drive) a variety of
Porsches; some similar, some different. This affords some
insights into what improvements can be made to one’s own
car, as well as some thrilling experiences and test drives or
rides. Again, a common incentive, but hopefully not the
sole consideration.
A fairly obvious benefit of being an instructor is the
extra track time, which helps improve the instructor’s driving, too. This obviously selfish motive is a genuinely good
reason for wanting to instruct. Instead of just seeking a
thrill, the desire is to better one’s own driving as well as the
student’s. How we approach the benefit of extra track time
has a great deal to do with how we benefit from it. Of
course we should not just use the student as a means to get
track time for ourselves, but we can make the situation one
where both the student and instructor profit.
The first order of business is our instructing attitude.
The title of Driving Instructor does not mean that we know
it all (we never will) and we shouldn’t think that there is
nothing for us to discover. This open-minded approach will
allow us to learn, and the students will see it as a good
model for themselves. I usually share with my students that
I am still a student too. The beauty of driving is that no
matter how good one becomes, there is always something
more for learning and growth. A great deal of the fun
comes from this learning and growth process itself.
Next, I try to find out where the student is at with their
driving skill. I ask about their experience and observe their
driving (a single lap will usually suffice). I run through a
mental checklist, starting with the basics (seating, hand
position, and controls). Even if they have some training and
experience, it is important to ensure a solid foundation.
The list goes on through turn types, finding the line, using
all the course, optimizing braking, and so forth. I try to
assess what the student needs most, and determine some
quick, reasonable, meaningful goals. It might be simply to
complete a lap with decent hand position, or refining leftfoot braking, but it should be tailored to the individual student and their needs. Depending on the situation, some
students can work on several improvements at once. For
example, I may have a student focus on smoother braking
and not fighting the steering wheel while exiting a corner
on the same lap or run session. As they become better during the day, I move them on to other topics, but I am always
sensitive to what they need to concentrate on next, working
at their own pace.
Meanwhile, in the background of my mind, I am also
studying the course, becoming more familiar with it. This
will help me to instruct the student better, but I can also
apply it to my own driving. Perhaps I will drive the track
mentally while riding with the student, assuming I can still
monitor the aspects of their driving that I want to.
Sometimes, all I need to do is visualize that my subconscious mind is a tape recorder, registering the track while I
am focusing on helping the student drive. When it’s over, I
am surprised at how much I can recall about the course as
it pertains to what I want to teach myself. While instructing
requires a good deal of effort and concentration, at times
the freedom from driving myself will allow me to see things
more clearly.
The instructor-student relationship should not be
purely one-sided. Naturally, a beginner may not be able to
suggest the optimum apex for a turn, but I have actually
learned a lot from my students. It may be obvious, such as
a student riding with me and suggesting that I try a different line. Hey, I am always open to suggestions, so I’ll test it
out. Even if I have my doubts, it will be instructive to the
student and reinforce their own willingness to learn.
Sometimes while riding with students, they will try differ-
ent approaches on their own volition. I’ll be the first to
admit that I learned something myself. Sometimes just
another individual’s perspective will offer new insights into
the driving experience.
While working with a student on a particular situation,
I find it worthwhile to see if I can apply it to my own driving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a basic item like hand position,
I’ll review it with myself as well as the student. This technique of brushing up helps ensure I haven’t lapsed into bad
habits. I have also found that I can work on the same thing
as the student when I am driving. For example, I often find
students that fight the steering wheel while accelerating out
of a corner, leaving too much room to the outside and not
using all the course. While I work on this point with them,
I myself will use the lesson to refine my own driving in this
area. When the student is riding with me, I will focus on
optimizing my apex and throttle application to use all of
the track. Not only am I illustrating the point for the students, I am taking the opportunity to instruct myself on the
same subject. An added benefit is that, although I may be
working at a different level on the same problem, it is good
for the student to see my approach to teaching myself and
therefore, the student’s learn to teach themselves, also.
The process of instructing is in itself helpful to the
improvement of our own driving. In order to explain something and teach someone about it, we must put some
thought into it ourselves. This thought process helps us to
better understand the situation, and this improved understanding will lead to better driving. The more we clarify a
technique to a student, the better we will become at that
skill ourselves. Also, there are some things that we seem to
do subconsciously. By going over these issues with the student, we bring them to the conscious level where we can
focus on improving them. Although it is good to have some
skills that are automatic (at the subconscious level), it is
valuable to at least know what these are. We should look at
our habits from time to time to be sure we aren’t developing bad ones.
The more proficient we become as instructors, the better it is for our own driving. Since we are our own best
teacher, it makes sense that we want to improve our driver
training ability. Our talent at clarifying things to our students helps our own driving as we can apply this knowledge
to educate ourselves. Sometimes though, we need a break
from instructing others. It is prudent to recognize this and
perhaps drive alone for an event. This sabbatical can help
us focus our driving and gather some fresh ideas as well.
What are the responsibilities of a driving instructor? Of
foremost importance is safety. Our driving events are fun,
but without safety we can’t have fun (we can’t have events
at all for that matter). It is the instructor's responsibility to
look for safety issues. Impress on the students the importance of always being aware of safety. Along with the prestige of being an instructor comes the visibility of the position: we are examples and ambassadors for PCA. We are
responsible to help these folks get more out of their
Porsche: more fun, confidence, skill, and bonding.
Encouragement and motivation are key issues to enhancing
the students’ experiences. Instructors should share amongst
themselves too. Ride with each other, constantly network,
sharing tips and techniques for both driving and teaching.
So, what is necessary to become a driving instructor?
Obviously, the instructor should be a competent driver, at
least demonstrating the basics: positions, turn types, apex,
smoothness and a bit of vehicle dynamics. Driving ability is
just one qualification. The greatest driver may not necessarily be good at instructing. The instructor needs to have
decent teaching ability. We don’t want to illustrate bad
habits to a newcomer; it is much more important that we
are able to communicate the basic concepts involved. To
demonstrate beautiful driving without imparting any
knowledge is useless. Simply being able to drive well or having attended school does not suffice by itself.
Driving talent and the ability to communicate and
teach are skills that can be learned by anyone. We must also
have a certain attitude to instruct, which can be more difficult to develop. The instructor must be dedicated to driving
excellence, sportsmanship, and helping the student learn
about their Porsche and how it handles, while having fun at
the same time. This, coupled with an open mind about
driving, learning, and instructing, will go a long way to
being an effective instructor and ensuring the success of the
students and the club. Individual instructors have different
styles. This is good. What’s important is that each instructor works closely with the students, adapting to their individual needs.
I had been driving at events for a year before I was ready
to start instructing. For me, teaching is now the most
rewarding part of PCA. The satisfaction of driving well at an
event can’t compare with seeing the gleam in the eyes of a
new member who has bonded with their Porsche. You have
helped them achieve something they could only dream of.
They have discovered the magic of the marque and the club.
Maverick Region PCA
Driver Education At Motorsport Ranch
June 23-24 , 2001
Maverick Region PCA invites you to participate in a PCA Driver Education event at Motorsport Ranch. Motorsport Ranch www.motorsportranch.com is located in Cresson, Texas on highway 377, about 15 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The Ranch is a sports car country club
with a 1.7 mile 40 foot wide racetrack that is extremely smooth, and lots of fun. Instructors will be assigned to all beginning and novice drivers.
All cars must be inspected for track worthiness (tech) prior to the event. Tech locations, dates, and forms, along with further information will
be sent with your acceptance package but also look for new DE information on the Maverick Region web site www.pca.org/mav/DE.
PCA Driver Education events are almost always sold out, so do not wait to send in your registration. Acceptance priority will be: Maverick
Region members and all instructors, other PCA members, other Porsche drivers, and other cars, in that order, all based upon postmark date
within assigned run group. Expect to have a response (In/Out/Waiting List) on or before June 7. Special consideration will be given to
Maverick Region members applying for this DE, whose applications were rejected due to space limitations in the February DE earlier this year.
Event registration will open with MAY 10 postmark dates. Earlier postmarks will process last.
No postage meters. Event registration for Instructors should be submitted to the Registrar. The new cost is $185 each, payable to Maverick
Region PCA. Applications without payment will not be processed. Sorry, due to limited availability we are unable to issue refunds. One
Application and check Per Entrant, please!
Mail application with check to
Bill Dawson, Registrar
1041 Nottingham Drive
Cedar Hill, TX. 75104
972-291-8817 before 9:30 pm
[email protected]
General Information
Instructor Information
Keith Olcha
Bryan Henderson
[email protected] [email protected]
Tech Information
John Sandusky
[email protected]
Entrant: _________________________________________ Sharing Car With:__________________________
Address: _________________________________ City:___________________ St:______ Zip:____________
Phone: Day ( ) _________________ Eve. ( ) ________________ e-mail: _______________________
Do You Prefer Contact By: US MAIL or E-MAIL
Driver’s Lic #: ___________________state:______
PCA Region: ___________________ PCA #:_______________ Helmet type: M90 / SA90 / M95 / SA95
Car Year _______ Make ______________ Model _____________ Color ___________ Cabriolet? YES / NO
Recent DE Experience? YES / NO
If YES, complete:
# of Days/Dates
Organizing Club
Run Group
Car #
If NO, explain any driving experience or rate yourself: (use another sheet of paper if necessary)
I am an Instructor assigned to TEAM # ___________
Car #
First Choice: _______________ Second Choice: _______________ Third choice: ________________
If over-booked, do you want on the waiting list? YES / NO
Signed: ________________________________
Are you ready to...
Mark these dates on your calendar and come out and compete for Series Trophy!
Autocross #3
Time Trial #3
Autocross #4
Time Trial #4
June 3rd Standridge
July 21st Mineral Wells
July 22nd Mineral Wells
Aug. 4th Mineral Wells
Every driver must bring his or her vehicle to the
pre-tech session at Mayo Performance
(1521 Baccarac Ct. in Euless - see map below)
on the Wednesday preceding an event weekend
between 6-8 PM. Call them at (817) 540-4939
if you are unable to attend.
Entry forms and classification forms will be available
at pre-tech.There will also be lots of people
there to help you fill them out.
Come on out and have fun at the track!
Time Trial #5
Autocross #5
Autocross #6
Time Trial #6
Aug. 25th Mineral Wells
Aug. 26th Mineral Wells
Sep. 16th Standridge
Oct. 6th Mineral Wells
New ing
lop ss!
Cla le at
Dr tion availab
Full In very Auto rial!
ime T
Event Pre-Tech at Mayo Performance
Mineral Wells, Texas
Entry Fees per Driver:
Call Wendy Shoffit at
(972) 506-7449 or email her at
[email protected]
to register or for more information.
(Registration form on page 22)
Just The Details: Why Wash Your Car?
by David Bynon, San Diego Region (from The Windblown Witness)
It was European coach builders
that first applied coatings of animal
fats and wax to protect the custom
paint on their horse drawn carriages.
This tradition has endured over 100
years and is still the best way to protect the paint on modern-day coaches.
Today, the multi-layered finish on
your car, from the primer through the top (clear) coat is only
.006 to .008 of an inch thick. Regardless of how fine the finish is
now, it will deteriorate and dull. Radiant and ultraviolet energy,
acid rain, salt, atmospheric pollution, insect fluids, and bird
droppings wage a constant war on your car’s finish. Waxing
provides an easily renewable transparent barrier between the
finish and a hostile environment.
Waxing also makes your car, new or old, look better. Quality
waxes now combine enriching oils that wet the surface with
protective formulas of Brazilian Carnauba or modern polymers
for a high gloss shine. This brings us to the subject of selecting a
wax. Waxes can be made from a natural wax, usually Brazilian
Carnauba, or synthetically made of polymers and acrylic resins.
In choosing a wax, here are some things to consider:
Carnauba Waxes
Carnauba comes from the fronds of the ‘Tree of Life’
(Copernica Cerifera) native to Brazil. It is nature’s hardest,
purest, and most transparent wax. Carnauba car waxes tend to
produce a deeper, darker, richer shine that is often described as
three-dimensional. Many enthusiasts and show-car owners
prefer the shine of Carnauba waxes, especially on black and red
and other dark colors. Carnauba waxes bead water nicely, absorb
the acid content in rain and hide minor swirls in the paint.
Meguiar’s No. 26 Pure Wax, Mothers California Gold, Eagle One
Pure Carnauba Paste Wax, and Pinnacle Paste Glaz are a few of
the many Carnauba waxes available.
On the minus side, Carnauba waxes are not as durable as
synthetic waxes. Depending on your climate, they typically last
up to 90 days Paste Carnauba waxes will outlast liquid Carnauba
waxes due to their higher wax content). Some Carnauba waxes
can be more difficult to apply and remove. Also, Carnauba waxes
can be temperamental, occasionally streaking under certain
Synthetic Waxes
Made from modern polymers and acrylic resins, synthetic
waxes offer excellent durability and ease of application.
Synthetic waxes can last six to nine months or longer and
typically wipe on and off easily. These waxes create a very bright
shine and are resistant to clouding and streaking.
On the down side, many enthusiasts feel synthetic waxes
lack depth and richness. Black cars can look a little sterile or
silvery white in the direct sunlight. And, the mirror-like
polymers can collect minor swirls and highlight flaws.
Show-Car Tricks
Detailers that prepare show cars will often layer a Carnauba
wax on top of a synthetic wax. The synthetic wax acts as a gloss
layer while the Carnauba wax adds depth and luquidity. One
combination that works well is an initial coating of Klasse AllIn-One followed by one or more coats of Pinnacle Paste Glaz or
Souveran wax. The latter two waxes are super-pure Carnauba
waxes that can be layered without any yellowing effects.
German Engineering With Southern Hospitality.
Personal Service.
At Nine-Eleven, we’ve built a reputation for understanding our customers’ needs —
quality service, convenient location, state-of-the-art diagnostics, and personalized service
that is unmatched in the Metroplex. When you trust your car to us, you will have the
peace of mind that it will be serviced correctly the first time. Every time.
We strongly believe in access to those who will actually work on your car. Our
technicians are available in person, by phone, and even by pager if you have questions
or need timely information about your car.
Our clean shop, well-stocked parts department, and comfortable waiting room ensure
that you and your car will get the kind of service you deserve. Maintained tools and
equipment. Clean cars. We are meticulous about details.
Our parts department is also second to none. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in
finding that necessary part or after-market option you require. We are an authorized dealer
for high-performance Recaro seating, Yokohama Tires, Bilstein Shocks, Bosch, and many
others. This ensures that whether you are a casual driver or an enthusiast who needs race
prep assistance, Nine-Eleven has the experience and knowledge to keep your car running
at peak performance.
Joe Field Rd.
Royal Lane
Crown Rd.
Cindy Lane
Nine-Eleven Enterprises, Inc.
Service, Accessories & Parts for BMW,
Mercedes & Porsche
2120 Cindy Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229
We are conveniently located near the intersection of Stemmons and LBJ Freeways
in Dallas. We offer emergency towing service 24 hours a day and have arranged
for special rental car rates with area rental agencies. Come by for a visit between
7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday, or call for a service appointment.
New Wheels
If you have any changes that you would like to make to the
MRPCA membership guide, call Joel Nannis at (972) 722-2735
by Joel Nannis, Membership Chair
John & Sherri Baer
3416 St Johns Drive
Dallas TX 75205
2001 911
David Lindell
9216 Highedge Circle
Dallas TX 75238
1986 951
Peter Svendsen
822 N Main
Cleburne TX 76031
2001 Boxster
Donald & Michele Butler
2319 Stanley Avenue
Ft Worth TX 76110
1983 911
Jerry Mc Carthy
P O Box 366
Bullard TX 75757
1978 911
Mans & Elin Theorin
5202 Live Oak Street #129
Dallas TX 75204
1988 928
Calvin Cahail
3040 Green Hill Drive
Plano TX 75093
1997 Boxster
David Mize
4209 Honset Hill Court
Carrollton TX 75010
2000 Boxster
Michael & Mary Anne Tinsley
4516 Southgate Drive
Plano TX 75024
1999 996
Chris Cowan
4025 Greenbrier
Dallas TX 75225
1991 911
John & Cathy Moore
710 Shady Creek Drive
Kennedale TX 76060
2001 Boxster
Robert & Kimberly Turner
1703 Rosebriar Lane
Keller TX 76248
1976 911
Nathan Dunning
18725 North Dallas Parkway #2314
Dallas TX 75287
Dennis & Janie Moser
3114 Beverly Drive
Dallas TX 75205
2001 Boxster
Brett Warren & Nathan Dunning
2728 Winnpage Road
Flower Mound TX 75022
1996 911
Daniel & Niki Payne
4827 Worth Street
Dallas TX 75246
2001 Boxster
John & Yvonne Welte
7221 Mesa Verde Trail
Fort Worth TX 76137
1968 911
Robert & Roberta Pedersen
5729 Pershing Avenue
Fort Worth TX 76107
2001 Boxster
Ron & Tish Witten
3912 Bryn Mawr
Dallas TX 75225
2001 Boxster
Clay & Betty Perrine
5730 Cancun
N Richland Hills TX 76180
1973 914
Steve & Nanette Pilipchuk
4113 Ryan Lane
Richardson TX 75028
1978 911 Sc
Transferred From Chicago
Chad & Roy Geer
1732 Sun Glow Drive #3327
Arlington TX 76006
1975 914
Philip & Donna Harper
510 Greenwich Lane
Coppell TX 75019
1982 911
Robert & Janet Jones
2700 Cr 2110
Pittsburg TX 75686
1986 911
Andrew Kelly
6210 Oram Street #9
Dallas TX 75214
2001 Boxster
John & Angelina Kenefic
3916 Davis Circle
Plano TX 75023
2000 Boxster
Gerry Krupp
4203 Chrismac Way
Colleyville TX 76034
1987 930
5 Years
William & Karen Kruder, Plano
Anthony Pershouse & Carrie Hall, Arlington
Paul Saunier, Addison
10 Years
David & Cynthia Carter, Rockwall
Ted & Bonnie Glover, Plano
William & Christine Rosenberg
4561 Rugby Lane
Grand Prairie TX 75052
2001 Boxster
James Shovlin & Hillary Roberts
6120 Dilbeck Lane
Dallas TX 75240
1984 911
Mark Smith
224 Brookview
Hurst TX 76054
1985 944
10 Years continued:
Brian Scudder, Farmers Branch
William & Anita Phelps, Dallas
Lee Knuth, Dallas
15 Years
C.L. & Virginia Lakey, Wichita Falls
Floyd Cox, Fort Worth
Robert & Marco Marich, APO
David & Susan Scholes
533 Rosedale Road
Princeton NJ 08540
2000 Boxster
Transfer From Schattenbaum
R Vilkutaitis
1205 Sabine TX 76092
1977 930
Transfer From Chicago
20 Years
Marc Tuno & Laura Peterman, Plano
25 Years
Jeffery & Joyce Hammill, Colleyville
Geffrey Hamilton, De Soto
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Payment to MR-PCA must accompany ad. Ads will run for 3 issues. Call 972-208-7725 or e-mail [email protected] by the 12th
to have your ad run the following month. Be certain to include a contact name and phone number. Check your ad for accuracy the
first time it runs. Contact the editor to have your ad pulled sooner.
For Sale: 1986 911 Cabriolet, Black/Black/Black. One owner.
Meticulously and professionally serviced. All records. Never tracked or
run hard. Car is in excellent condition, has been recently serviced, and
is ready to go. 145k miles. $21,000 or best offer. Call Mike Baggett,
214-745-5400. (1)
For Sale: Pristine 2000 Boxster S. Partial leather seats, 2,850 miles.
Guards red black /black. Six-speed manual; heated front seats; Boxster S
sport package; CD shelf center console; wheel caps with colored crest.
Garaged, covered, no accidents $53k. For details contact Carl Hill at
[email protected] Com or (214) 956-2901(w); (972) 991-6993 (h). (1)
For Sale: Gorgeous 1995 Porsche 968 Cabriolet, 34K miles, 6 speed,
white with gray leather, gray top and 17" wheels. Rare car in perfect
condition, must see to appreciate. This vehicle is equipped with power
locks, power windows, power steering, alarm, cassette, AM/FM stereo,
alloy wheels, ABS, dual airbags, leather seats, cruise control, great A/C and
new floor mats. I guarantee you will not find a cleaner car at this price!
Contact Ralph Trevino work 972-788-1030, cell phone 214-454-4948 or
email [email protected] (1)
For Sale: 1974 911 Engine. Complete 2.7 CIS engine for sale with
89,000 original miles. This is a strong running engine that has been
correctly maintained since new. Records available. $1,500 firm. Contact
Jim Sewell, 109 Pinehurst Ct., New Ulm, TX 78950 (979) 992-3641
[email protected] (1)
For Sale: 1995 993 Carrera Coupe, Grand Prix White with cashmere/black partial leather interior, 3.6 liter 6-speed, Torque Limited
Slip/ABD, dual power seats, power sun roof, power side mirrors and windows, headlight washer, am-fm cassette stereo-6 speakers, 6 CD changer,
17” light alloy wheels with painted rim caps. Vin # WP0AA2996SS322308,
57,000 miles, asking $44,500. Contact George Weems at 972-304-7900 or
[email protected] (2)
For Sale: Original 914-6 racecar chassis # 9140432612 w/ 2.8 liter
twin plug engine with RSR crank rods and cams. Long and short gearboxes both with Quaiffes. Dual master cylinders with cockpit adjustable
balance. 8 Compomotive and 4 BBS wheels. Ed Mayo built and
maintained. Much more info available. $20,000 Contact Les Moncus at
972-458-0396 or [email protected] (3)
For Sale: 1987 911 Carrera Targa, marine blue with blue leather
interior, 95k miles, recent Michelins, Blaupunkt, cruise control, runs great.
$18,500. Call Bob at 214-953-6095 (work) or 214-739-1440 (home). (3)
For Sale: 1988 Carrera Coupe. #WPOAB0919JS121688. Grand prix
white/black leather, sunroof, 16" Fuchs, limited slip, short shift, sport
shocks. 29,500 miles. Completely stock, showroom condition. No
smoke/salt/racing/accidents. All records. Locally serviced at IXXI.
Flawless example of R&T's "Best 911 Ever." Please contact Brian Hurst,
214-978-3075 (days), [email protected] (3)
For Sale: Open Race Car Trailer. Includes trailer brakes/ locking tire
rack (6-8 tires depending on size) very large locking storage box, new tires
plus 2 spares. Fuel jug rack for 3 jugs built in. New decking (treated
lumber) installed recently. Tows very well. First $1200 takes it. Glen Gatlin
214-202-7340 or email at [email protected] (3)
For Sale: 1996 993 Coupe. Guards Red/tan leather. 2nd owner.
Dealer serviced with all books and records, clean CARFAX, comes with
a 4 yr/45k Warranty. Well equipped standard with AC, cruise, power
windows/locks/sunroof plus power leather seats, factory phone, Alpine
CD, 17" wheels, Porsche wheel crests, Tiptronic S package, includes
steering wheel shift buttons and Trip computer. Clean and well cared for!
50K miles. $49.5K. Glen Gatlin 214-202-7340 or email [email protected] (3)
For Sale: All Porsche factory shop manuals volumes 1-7, plus all service
bulletins and technical updates through 1983. $250. Contact Klaus Koch
817-358-8854 (2)
For Sale: 1986 Carrera Cabriolet, white Ext., wine int., leather, all
power accessories, 124k miles. Owned for last 7 years and serviced
religiously by owner, no driving events, new 993 cab forces sale, pictures
available, $19,500. Jim Williamson 817-371-1371, or send an email to
[email protected] (3)
For Sale: 1992 C2 Coupe #XP0AB296XNS420359 Guards Red w/
Black interior. 49,500 miles. Bilstein shocks, Euro Springs. All mechanical
updates. Full Colgan Bra, garaged and covered. Clarion CD &
Premier Speaker system. 3rd owner, all local, all records from birth.
Excellent Condition $34,500. Contact Jim @ 972-529-6960 or e-mail
[email protected] (2)
For Sale: 1988 911 Cabriolet, #WPOEB0915J5JS170274. Diamond
blue w/f. Porsche signature seats (commemorative issue), tonneau, 16”
wheels with crests, AC, Blaupunk amplifier, Autothority chip, B&B dual
exhaust, non-smoker, 35k miles, garaged, mechanically and visibly
perfect. $39,000. Dr. Peter A. Alivizatos, 3600 Gaston Avenue, Dallas
75246 (owner). Contact Wayne Pennington 972-279-0233. (3)
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