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June 17 2015 I No. 2354
FlyGoAir plans to launch flights
SAA to launch non-stop flights
Popularity growing with business travellers
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We will offsell
Lufthansa – agents
Dorine Reinstein
RAVEL agents are
outraged by Lufthansa’s
plans to charge a
surcharge for GDS bookings,
but this could just become
the new ‘standard’ as other
airlines have shown their
support for the initiative.
The Lufthansa Group will
charge a surcharge of €16
(R218) for every ticket issued
by the GDS from September 1
this year. The airline group
said in a statement that the
reason for introducing the
‘Distribution Cost Charge’
(DCC) was that the costs for
using the GDS were much
higher than any other booking
method and amounted to
a “three-digit million” euro
amount yearly. The group said
travel agencies would still be
able to book tickets without
the DCC using Lufthansa’s
online agent portal. Corporate
customers will be able to book
their individually negotiated
contract rates, excluding the
DCC, direct online.
Airlines have applauded the
move. During the recent Iata
AGM in Miami, IAG ceo, Willie
Walsh, and Alaska Airline
ceo, Brad Tilden, expressed
their support for Lufthansa’s
decision to improve the
revenue earned on ticket
sales through third parties. Air
France KLM ceo, Alexandre
de Juniac, was quoted in
French newspapers as saying:
“We are also evaluating this
option.” Etihad ceo, James
Hogan, was quoted by Reuters
as saying: “I think it's a
brave step and I commend
Lufthansa for it.”
Henry Harteveldt, American
travel industry analyst
and adviser, says airlines’
frustrations with the GDS
distribution channel is nothing
new. “They’re disappointed
with what they consider to be
slow and inadequate actions
to support ancillary product
merchandising and sales.”
However, by penalising
travel agencies Lufthansa is
punishing two of its better
third-party sales channels:
traditional leisure agencies
and corporate travel
management companies, he
says. “These two channels
tend to produce aboveaverage yields for airlines. In
Lufthansa’s strategy, agencies,
not GDSs, are going to be
Meanwhile, retail agents in
SA say they won’t hesitate
to off-sell Lufthansa if the
airline decides to pursue this
David Pegg, md of Sure
Viva Travels, says he will
increase his service fee for
the Lufthansa Group “that
will put their quotes out of
contention”. “My relationship
with my GDS company is far
more important than that with
Lufthansa. I earn more from
the GDS company; it’s as
simple as that.”
Any airline’s decision to
levy charges for facilitating
bookings will negatively
affect a travel agency’s ability
to promote that particular
airline’s inventory, says Rian
Bornman, md of FlightSite.
He says FlightSite’s revenue
stream relies mainly on airline
commission, overrides and
segment income.
“I think [Lufthansa] will burn
its fingers with this move, as
the travel trade still accounts
for over 80% in sales for travel
vendors,” says Franz Von
Wielligh, gm Flight Specials.
“The trade is still the
heartbeat of travel facilitation,”
agrees Marco Cristofoli,
Harvey World Travel SA
md. He says although it is
understandable that airlines
need to find every avenue
they can to stay profitable,
it is strange that they would
attempt to cut off a significant
distribution channel for their
inventory. “Surely there is an
opportunity to engage to find
more equitable solutions,
rather than disadvantage a
channel that has contributed
to the success of many
Lufthansa is competing in a
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Vote now!
FlySafair has launched a new campaign, asking travellers
to help the airline “spread its wings” by deciding what its
next route should be. “All you have to do is select the route
you want, fill in your email address and, if enough people
vote, you could be flying to your desired destination at the
lowest fares,” the airline says. Voting runs until June 21; the
link can be found on the airline’s website. FlySafair’s vp of
marketing, Kirby Gordon, casts his vote. Photo: Shannon Van Zyl
SAA questions Comair’s
agent incentives
Dorine Reinstein
SAA has hit back at Comair
– following Comair’s High
Court legal challenge, which
was dismissed earlier this
month – lodging a claim with
the Competition Commission
questioning the payment of
incentives by Comair to travel
In 2005, the Competition
Commission fined SAA for
an abuse of dominance
centred on its use of loyalty
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 Breaking news: Home Affairs backtracks on child travel requirements
 Mass confusion over UBCs continues
 Lies and myths around new regs
 TNW pick: ‘Agents, stop relying on overrides’
 Lufthansa adds surcharge to GDS bookings
June 21 has been declared
International Day of
Yoga by the UN General
Assembly. Yoga is a
6 000-year-old physical,
mental and spiritual
practice that aims to
transform body and mind.
India, as the birthplace of
yoga, is the ideal place
for fans to attend a yoga
retreat. The Government
of India Tourism Office in
Johannesburg will give
agents all the information
they need to plan yogaorientated tours for their
clients. Contact details are
on Travelinfo.
Premium carrier to launch
JNB-CPT flights
Stay calm, do yoga!
By Leigh Rubin
Dorine Reinstein
EW domestic carrier,
FlyGoAir, plans to make
a second attempt
at launching domestic
flights, this time between
Johannesburg and Cape Town.
In November 2012, the
airline launched flights
between Lanseria and Kruger
Mpumalanga International
Airport but ceased operations
on the route immediately
after its inaugural flight.
KMIA’s management issued
a statement saying it had
“distanced” itself from any of
FlyGoAir’s operations after the
airline failed to communicate
its reasons for not operating
services as planned. Ceo,
Reg Sivsanker, told TNW a
decision had been taken at
that time to stop operating
smaller turboprop aircraft
and an application to the
South African Department
of Transport was made for
the amendment of FlyGoAir’s
operating licence to allow it
to operate large jets, which
would allow it to “compete
more favourably in the
This time, FlyGoAir plans
to launch flights between OR
Tambo International and Cape
Town on June 29 using leased
aircraft from CemAir. The
airline will assist FlyGoAir with
the start-up of its operations
in the market through the
lease of a 50-seat Bombardier
CRJ, which is licensed by
CemAir and will be operated
by CemAir staff, Laura van
der Molen, cfo of CemAir, told
FlyGoAir recently announced
on Facebook that it had
opened online bookings for
its premium flights from
Johannesburg to Cape Town
from R1 485, all-inclusive.
According to its website,
the carrier will operate on
Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays and will offer premium
services such as lounge
access and complimentary
meals and beverages on
board. 
We will offsell Lufthansa – agents
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2 n Wednesday June 17 2015
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highly sophisticated technical
space where OTAs seem
to be three steps ahead of
any airline site, says Allan
Wolman, md of XL Rosebank
“Lufthansa will have to spend
a lot more than they think
by levying a GDS fee as the
cost of driving traffic to their
site coupled with their other
marketing, promotion costs
and merchant fees, not to
mention the high risk of credit
card fraud that might impact
adversely on their bottom line.
When will airlines realise their
cheapest and best sales force
is the travel trade?
“GDS technology advances
have proved an absolute
essential tool for the industry
and to try to drive a wedge
between agents and the GDS
is a flawed endeavour.”
This additional charge puts
agents in a difficult position
with clients, says Rachael
Penaluna, business manager
Sure Maritime Travel. She says
agents already have to explain
why they charge a handling
“Travel agencies will always
be on the back foot with
airlines. We distribute their
products and get nothing in
return. As a business model,
it just doesn’t make sense.
I imagine that if any other
airlines follow suit, more
travel agents will go out of
Corporate clients are
likely to be the hardest hit,
as they will find their travel
management programmes
severely disrupted, says
Claude Vankeirsbilck, chief
sales and marketing officer
of Tourvest Travel Services.
Lufthansa’s strategy is one
of disintermediation and
will significantly increase
TMC inefficiencies, he says.
“Ultimately the customer will
pay more to use Lufthansa
through a proven, efficient and
highly effective distribution
channel that has invested
significantly in developing
compliant travel management
Lufthansa has introduced
a travel agency portal on its
website where travel agents
can book tickets without
additional charges but these
portals won’t be linked to
agencies’ mid- and back-office
systems, agencies’ customer
profiles or to corporate travel
policies, Henry says.
“These shortcomings will
force agencies to do extra
work for any Lufthansa
bookings.” 
SAA strengthens West
African hub
Debbie Badham
AA will launch a non-stop
service between Accra,
Ghana, and Washington
D.C. from August 2.
The airline operates a daily
service between Johannesburg
and Washington via Dakar,
Senegal, and will reroute four
of these flights via Accra. The
remaining three flights will
continue operating via Dakar.
SAA operates daily flights
between Johannesburg and
Accra and from August four
of the flights will continue
onwards to Washington and
three to Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
“This is a major
development and achievement
for the airline as part of
our Long-Term Turnaround
Strategy, where we have
set growth on the African
continent as one of our key
objectives. With a strong
presence in West Africa,
in the form of non-stop
services between Accra and
Washington D.C. and through
our airline partnerships, our
customers will soon have
access to further destinations
in West Africa,” says Nico
Bezuidenhout, SAA acting ceo.
SAA has also entered into a
bilateral codeshare agreement
with Africa World Airlines,
which is based at Kotoka
International Airport in Accra.
The airline partnership will
offer SAA customers from
Washington and Johannesburg
seamless connectivity via
Accra to other destinations
in Ghana such as Kumasi,
Takoradi and Tamale as well
as to Lagos, Nigeria.
The Accra-Washington route
will be served by A340-600s
on Mondays, Wednesdays,
Fridays, and Sundays,
featuring 42 fully flat beds in
premium business class and
275 seats in economy class.
The new schedule linking
Johannesburg, Accra,
Washington and Abidjan is:
SA209 departs JNB at
17h25 on Mondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays and
Sundays, arriving in Accra
at 21h45. It then departs
Accra at 22h45 to arrive
in Washington the next day
at 06h05. SA210, departs
Washington at 17h40
on Mondays, Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays,
arriving in Accra at 07h40.
It then departs Accra at
08h40 arriving in JNB at
SA052 departs JNB at
16h55 on Saturday and
arrives in Accra at 21h15.
SA053 departs Accra at
22h30 and arrives in JNB at
06h20 on Sunday.
Flight SA056 departs JNB
at 12h50 on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Sundays
arriving in Accra at 17h10.
It departs Accra at 18h10,
arriving in Abidjan at 19h10.
Flight SA057 departs
Abidjan at 20h10 on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Sundays, arriving in Accra
at 21h25. It then departs
at 22h30 to arrive in JNB at
06h20 the next day. 
Explore Koh Samui
Checkout Tours is offering ‘four-star’ specials to Koh
Samui, Thailand. Packages for stays at the Ark Beach
Resort start from R14 817pps and include return
flights (and taxes), seven nights’ accommodation and
breakfast daily. Al’s Resort Chaweng packages start at
R15 019pps and Banana Fan Sea at R20 449pps. The
offers are valid until June 15. See TI for more details.
Spotted meditating is Checkout Tours director, Giles
Clinton. Photo: Shannon Van Zyl
4 n Wednesday June 17 2015
KZN cans tourism levy, for now
Dorine Reinstein
Pictured at the launch event held at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg – The
Rosebank, Voyager’s Suretha Cruse and Tourvest’s Clive Jones celebrate
the start of a new partnership. Photo: Debbie Badham
Shop more, earn more!
Debbie Badham
AA Voyager members can now
earn miles by shopping for
duty-free products, thanks to
a partnership between Voyager and
Tourvest Retail and Inflight Services.
Miles can be earned on both
international and regional flights
by shopping either on board SAA
flights or through the online duty-free
shopping facility, FlySAA Duty Free.
Miles are awarded according to a
member’s tier status.
“This partnership complements
our efforts to actively expand our
range of elite partners for our valued
members and is in alignment with
Voyager’s envisaged expansion for
redemption of miles on selected nonairline partners,” says SAA executive
of Customer Loyalty, Suretha Cruse.
The partnership is expected to
expand later this year, enabling
Voyager members to use miles
when buying duty-free items. “This
partnership with Voyager allows us
to deliver on our strategy to meet
the very specific retail needs of
individuals that fly on SAA,” says
Clive Jones, ceo of Tourvest Inflight
Retail Services. 
THE tourism industry has
welcomed KwaZulu Natal’s
temporary shelving of plans
to introduce a controversial
10% tourism levy. The province
announced last year that it would
collect a hospitality levy to create
a ‘war chest’ for the province to
attract major events (see TNW
October 22).
MEC for Economic Development
and Tourism, Mike Mabuyakhulu,
announced during his Budget
Policy speech last month that
the levy would not be
implemented this financial year
and that the alternative date
would be announced after a
consultation process with
industry stakeholders had been
Said Mike: “A consultative
process with various stakeholders
on the tourism levy took place
between September and
November and we are currently
considering recommendations
received from stakeholders.
These recommendations, made
by a multi-disciplinary consultative
team that constituted industry
players, are still to be refined
Donovan Muirhead, chairman
of the National Accommodation
Association of South Africa,
said: “This is welcome news,
considering the impact we are
already feeling from the increased
cost base and decline in forward
reservation numbers due to the
impending visa regulations.”
Donovan said tourism in
KZN had seen many positive
developments, which was the
reason it was important to create
an environment that encouraged
tourism growth, not stagnate it
with legislation that – although
well intended – would have
disastrous consequences.
“I’m glad sanity has prevailed
with KZN,” said David Frost,
ceo of SATSA. He added that
the focus now needed to shift
to getting SA Tourism and TKZN
to work more coherently with
the trade to drive geographical
spread, which would obviate the
desire for marginal provinces to
resort to desperate measures,
such as the 10% levy. 
Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard. Photos: Kate Nathan
6 n Wednesday June 17 2015
India - The Land of Yoga
Celebrate International Day of Yoga
21 June 2015
Yoga noun
The practice of yoga makes the body strong
and flexible, it also improves the functioning
of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and
hormonal systems. Yoga brings about emotional
stability and clarity of mind.
To know more, log on to
Mail: [email protected]
Qatar expands SA operation Pre-purchase kulula
Hilka Birns
ATAR Airways is
expanding its capacity
to South Africa by
10% with the launch of a
year-round daily service to
Cape Town on October 1,
double-daily services to
Johannesburg and four new
weekly flights to Durban (via
Johannesburg), both starting
December 17.
Speaking at a media
briefing in Cape Town on
June 2, chief commercial
officer, Marwan Koleilat,
said all three routes would
operate with modern B787
Dreamliners, carrying up to
232 passengers in economy
class and 22 in business
The announcement comes
as Qatar Airways celebrates
a decade of service to
South Africa during which
its frequencies grew from
four a week in 2005 to its
current 10 weekly flights
to Johannesburg and three
a week to Cape Town.
Load factors on both the
Johannesburg and Cape
Town routes were achieving
70% averages year-round,
allowing for the expansion,
he said.
Marwan said Qatar
Airways’ flights from South
Africa to Doha’s new Hamad
International Airport were
well timed to connect to the
airline’s key destinations.
The carrier serves 146
destinations on six
continents, with connections
to Asia and Europe being
particularly popular with
South Africans.
The airline last year added
12 new routes and expects
this trend to continue.
New destinations in the
pipeline are a new daily
B787 service to Amsterdam
starting on June 16; five
weekly A320 flights to
Zanzibar (via Kilimanjaro)
from July 1 (making it the
airline’s 20th destination
in Africa); and three new
routes to Pakistan with
A320s in July and August.
Marwan said businessclass passengers on the
B787 flights could expect
a 203cm fully flat bed,
43cm TV screens and a
‘dine-on-demand’ food and
beverage service. Economyclass passengers enjoy a
27cm TV screen, an inflight
entertainment system with
up to 2 000 options; and
free WiFi available in both
He said Qatar Airways was
dramatically expanding its
fleet of 158 aircraft, with
more than 320 aircraft with
a book value of US$70bn
(R877bn) on order. The
first of nine A380s joined
its fleet last year on routes
to London, Paris and
Bangkok and is setting
new benchmarks in aircraft
luxury with eight first-class
suites and 48 businessclass suites.
As the global launch
customer of the A350, Qatar
already flies the new aircraft
to Frankfurt and Singapore,
with Munich to follow in
October, while it has a total
of 77 of the aircraft type on
order. 
exit-row seats
KULULA passengers
can now pre-purchase
seats, which offer more
leg-room and comfort.
They are located overwing and at the front
of the aircraft on kulula
domestic flights.
Over-wing seats cost
R100 and front row
seats R120.
The front-row
emergency-exit seats
also allow passengers
to disembark first.
“The emergency-exitrow seats are in high
demand. We believe this
new product offering
will greatly enhance
the kulula customer
experience,” says
head of marketing,
Shaun Pozyn.
Certain criteria must be
met before a customer
is allowed to occupy
an emergency-exit-row
seat and these can be
confirmed by checking
the requirements
and agreeing to the
terms. Customers
who have purchased
an emergency-exit-row
seat must check in at
the airport counters so
that agents can confirm
compliance, as online
check-in is unavailable
for these seats.
Customers wishing to
pre-purchase seats can
do so at the time of
booking or by adding it
to their booking through
the ‘add extras’ function
on the
website or via the kulula
contact centre.
Travel agents booking
via the GDS cannot
book ancillaries but
travellers can add
their own extras, using
their booking reference
number and surname. 
10 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Indian Ocean
Park Hyatt Zanzibar. Photo: Hyatt
The Naked Agent
Scenario: A young, adventure-seeking couple want to explore one
of the Indian Ocean islands. Their ideal destination is romantic but,
being nature lovers, they are also looking for outdoor activities.
Be enthusiastic!
Flight Centre, Rosebank Mall
There was no shortage of agents
available to help when I walked into
the branch but only one engaged
with me. We chatted for several
minutes before she introduced
herself. Because of technical
problems, it took her longer than
expected to search the online system
once I had given my request. The
agent was friendly, well presented
and helpful and followed up with
email specials as well as a phone
call the next day. Even so, there was
a general lack of atmosphere in the
branch, and my experience left me
feeling uninspired.
As I walked into the Greenstone
branch, I was warmly welcomed by a
sea of smiles. Travel agent Brendon
Takalo welcomed me, introduced
himself and made me feel instantly
at ease. He displayed a vast
knowledge about the area, and was
as excited as I was about travelling
to the Indian Ocean islands. His
colleagues became involved in our
conversation, and told me about
their own experiences visiting the
islands. While we were waiting for
specials to load from the internal
system, Brendon engaged with
me, joking and and asking me
personal questions. I felt as if we
were old friends who were catching
up after years of not seeing each
other. The branch had a distinctly
family feel, and I left feeling
enthused and excited. Not more
than half an hour after I had left
the store, I received an email
recapping everything Brendon and
I had discussed.
Tips for selling Indian Ocean islands
Harvey World Travel,
Thrupps Illovo Centre
I was greeted by empty stares
when I walked into the store.
In the hope of finding someone
to assist me, I walked over to
an agent who remained seated,
without introducing herself or
even offering me a seat after I
had approached her. She asked
how she could help me, and I
answered by telling her that my
boyfriend and I were looking
to escape to the Indian Ocean
islands. She went to fetch a
brochure from another agent’s
Flight Centre, Greenstone Mall
desk, which she handed to me
with the comment that it had
“just come in”. I thanked her and
asked her for a business card.
She responded by saying that I
could email or call her if I wanted
any quotes. I felt that she was
not at all interested in me or my
request. The brochure contained
information about one hotel in
Mauritius, which did match my
1.Make your client feel as if you
have experienced the island. Talk
to them with enthusiasm and get
them excited.
2.Don’t assume that your client
knows the details of particular
islands. Some islands experience
better weather on one side than on
another, for example. You should
explain this beforehand and paint
a clear picture of what a customer
can expect.
3.There are several other Indian
Ocean islands besides Mauritius
and the Seychelles. Remind clients
of this fact, especially if they’re
looking for a romantic getaway and
are seeking outdoor beauty and
adventure without too many other
tourists around.
Take note!
The purpose of the Naked Agent in this series is to access the experience from only a sales
skills perspective and not the effectiveness of the travel agency. TNW believes that sales skills
are increasingly important to travel agents and, in many cases, improvement in selling skills is
the easiest way to increase the prosperity of the agency and its consultants. The Naked Agent
is designed to raise awareness of the opportunity and build awareness of the need.
Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard. Photos: Kate Nathan
12 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Indian Ocean Destinations
Indian Ocean destinations, renowned for their beaches, are becoming popular
with business travellers who are looking to add on a leisure component to their
trip. Michelle Colman investigates.
Selling business travel: location is key
SUALLY thought of as
a leisure destination,
Mauritius is drawing a
growing number of business
travellers. While the capital,
Port Louis, has been the
traditional business centre,
Cyber City, just 10 minutes
away and easily accessible
by highway, is now home to a
number of large corporations
and head offices.
Among Port Louis’ hotel
offerings are Indigo Hotels’
Le Suffren Hotel & Marina,
and Labourdonnais Waterfront
Hotel. In Cyber City, the
same group operates
Hennessy Park Hotel, and
among the options is a Four
Points by Sheraton.
Another option is for clients
to stay at a resort, where they
can enjoy the facilities and
beach after meetings have
taken place, says Celeste
Muir, Thompsons Holidays’
product and contract
executive for Mauritius and
Zanzibar. Gail Gilbert, sales
and marketing manager at
Africa Stay, says a recently
built highway makes it
possible for business
travellers to stay on the coast
and commute to meetings.
For the travellers
who choose resort
accommodation, Stephanie
Barry, sales and marketing
Wouter Nel
manager of the Angsana
Balaclava, says the ideal
location is the northwest
part of the island. The
property she represents is
situated there, in Turtle Bay.
Beachcomber’s Le Victoria,
located midway between
Grand Bay and Port Louis,
would also be suitable,
according to Joanne Visagie,
sales and marketing manager
for Beachcomber.
“A good strong WiFi
connection is important for
business travellers,” suggests
Alexis Bekker, head of sales
and marketing for LUX*
Resorts & Hotels, which has
five Mauritian properties, all
featuring free WiFi throughout.
Business travellers should
be reminded that they are
allowed a last-minute upgrade
to business class at the
airport, starting from
R1 600, on Air Mauritius
(which serves three South
African cities). Wouter Nel,
sales and marketing manager
for the airline, says the airline
offers lie-flat business-class
seats on its A340s, which
fly out of Johannesburg on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and
In the Seychelles, Mahé is
the main business hub and
gateway for international
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Wednesday June 17 2015 n 13
Indian Ocean Destinations
From page 13
flights. Located nearby, and
making for a convenient
base, is Eden Island which,
according to Giles Clinton,
director of Checkout Tours,
is constantly evolving and
expanding. “The facilities and
new hotel, Eden Bleu, are of a
brilliant standard.”
At this island-hopping
destination, Lynette Smith,
product and contracting
executive at Thompsons
Holidays for Seychelles and
Réunion, advises that it is
beneficial to know where
clients are conducting
business, as well as what
meal basis they require.
The same is true of
Réunion, Lynette says.
“As an integral part of
France, Réunion has good
infrastructure,” says Gail.
She also points out that
South Africans do not need
visas for Réunion but says
business travellers fare better
if they have knowledge of
Réunion’s business centre
is the capital, St Denis,
says Hélène Bezuidenhoudt,
manager of French tourist
office, Atout France. It’s close
to the airport and offers a
Hélène Bezuidenhoudt
selection of business hotels.
“Don’t be misled by the size
of the island, as travelling
times are often lengthy,”
warns Alexis. Consultants
must fully understand their
clients’ reasons for travel
to be able to suggest
appropriate locations. LUX*
St Gilles, she says, is well
located for good dining and
entertainment, and offers
business travellers the
chance to dip their feet in
the sea at the end of the
business day.
It’s positioned on the west
coast on Réunion’s largest
beach, L’Hermitage, 59km
from the international airport.
In Zanzibar, most business
travellers opt for Stone Town,
where a variety of hotels
cater for different budgets,
says Celeste. But Giles
believes that with many
facilities best described as
‘basic’, it may be better to
stay at an island resort and
make use of a driver to reach
the business district.
“One would need to stay
at the more upmarket hotels
where the technology is
more up to date,” he says.
Those following this approach
should be warned that
single-lane roads contribute
to significant travel times
to Stone Town, says Mango
spokesperson, Hein Kaiser.
Cathie Bester, national
sales manager for World
Leisure Holidays, says the
tour operator has noticed
requests for shorter Zanzibar
stays, which are interpreted
as business travel.
In such instances, hotels
selected would need to
offer flexibility in terms of
cancellation policies and
penalties, and minimum-stay
Park Hyatt, Zanzibar. Photo: Hyatt
Hyatt expands into Zanzibar
THE first Hyatt hotel
in Zanzibar, Park Hyatt
Zanzibar, opened its
doors in March this
year. Located on the
Stone Town beachfront,
the hotel is located in
two buildings: Mambo
Msiige and the Zamani
Residence. Mambo
Msiige is a Unesco
heritage site dating back
to the 17th century, and
features typical Zanzibari
architecture. This oldworld elegance blends
with the modernity of
the newly built wing, the
Zamani Residence. The
hotel offers 67 guest
rooms, including 11
suites, with a number of
dining options serving
both western and
seafood specialties. It
accommodates meetings
with 160 sqm of purposebuilt facilities.
Richard the Lionheart’s Chateau Gaillard. Photos: Kate Nathan
14 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Indian Ocean Destinations
Book it!
Beachcomber is offering free accommodation for two children
under 18 years for families booking a family duplex at the fourstar Le Cannonier. Seven nights is priced from R19 630 per adult
including return Air Mauritius flights from JNB, taxes, breakfast
and dinner, return transfers, free land and motorised water sports
and mini club daily for children aged 3-12. Clients can upgrade to
all-inclusive for R375 per adult per night. Valid until July 31.
The five-star Shandrani Resort & Spa is also offering free stays for
up to two children under 18 when their parents book seven nights
at R21 670pps in a Deluxe double room. The offer includes return
Air Mauritius flights from Johannesburg, taxes, breakfast and
dinner, return transfers, free land and motorised water sports and
mini club daily for children aged 3-12. Children are also free on
premium all-inclusive when their parents select this package, from
R565 per adult, per night. The offer is valid until end July.
Thompsons Zanzibar offers seven nights at the three-star Ngawala
Beach Village from R10 542pps (ex JNB). The package includes
return flights to Zanzibar (including airline levy), all return
transfers, full board with breakfast, lunch and dinner daily with
mineral water. Clients are given a US$200 (R2 523) in-house
voucher and use of complimentary WiFi as a bonus. Valid until
September 30.
Le Cannonier, one of Beachcomber’s properties on Mauritius. Photo: Beachcomber Hotels
Selling MICE:
Ask the right questions
HOSTING a successful
conference or meeting
depends on making sure
delegates’ needs are met
and consultants should
consider several factors before
recommending the Indian
Ocean islands.
Many South Africans
would attest to Mauritius’s
attractiveness as a MICE
destination. Beachcomber’s
Joanne Visagie lists the
numerous advantages: access
is provided via daily four-hour
flights from OR Tambo and
direct air services from other
centres; there are no visa
requirements for SA passport
holders, weather is favourable
year round, and the island
offers value for money.
Celeste Muir of Thompsons
Holidays adds: “The quality
and variety of accommodation,
the attention to detail in
service delivery, state-of-theart conferencing venues, and
the vast number of additional
activities all guarantee value
for money.” Conferencing
venues cater for up to 5 000
delegates, adds Stephanie
Barry of the Angsana
Balaclava, and the selection of
activities is wide.
Sue Howell, South African
representative for Constance
Hotels & Resorts, says
consultants should ascertain
clients’ budget, expectations,
private function space
requirements and teambuilding
activities to be able to qualify
property choice.
Dining options are important,
says Lux* Hotels and Resorts’
Alexis Bekker. Suggest hotels
that offer a wide variety to
accommodate all tastes.
Seychelles is also a yearround destination, with
accommodation options to
suit all budget groups, says
Lynette Smith of Thompsons
Holidays. She says consultants
must ascertain budget and
the activities that spark the
group’s interest.
Tour operators and hotel
chains are quick to point
out Réunion’s wide variety of
adventure pursuits, suitable
for team building and incentive
groups. Lynette names
paragliding, helicopter flips,
mountain biking and volcano
walks as some of the more
unusual activities available.
If extreme activities are not
to the clients’ liking, they may
investigate gentler options,
says Hélène Bezuidenhout of
Atout France, such as visiting
a market.
Gail Gilbert of AfricaStay,
says resorts on the
Mozambican islands are
smaller than at other
destinations and best suited
to small- and medium-sized
groups who can potentially
have exclusivity of the resort.
She says consultants need to
remember that light aircraft
and helicopter transfers are
required to get to the islands,
which can be logistically
Zanzibar owes its growing
popularity as a MICE
destination to direct Mango
flights twice weekly from
Johannesburg. “Zanzibar not
only offers MICE groups costeffective packages but also a
range of cultural experiences
and a high standard of
conference facilities at
selected hotels,” says Celeste.
One of the most important
considerations for a consultant
planning a MICE trip is group
size, says Porsche Dumagude,
sales and marketing
manager – SA for the Emerald
Collection hotels in Zanzibar.
“It’s important to remember
that Zanzibar does not really
accommodate requests for
twin-room requests.”
However, according to Gail,
the resorts can accommodate
large groups and most offer
all-inclusive meal plans. There
are wonderful sightseeing
excursions in Zanzibar, she
adds, such as Stone Town,
Prison Island, a spice tour and
the Safari Blue sea adventure.
Combining business with pleasure
Reunion Island, an authentic and moving destination
like no other, is only 4 hours away from Johannesburg.
A magical island hosting the very best of what our
planet has to offer, Reunion Island in an enchanting
world that combines in a single place the most unique
and emotional holiday experience.
Contact: [email protected]
TRAVEL consultants
aiming to upsell a leisure
component as part of a
business trip to the Indian
Ocean islands have an
advantage: the biggest cost
element, the airfare, has
already been taken care of.
“Most of the time,
delegates on a business
trip spend their time in
restaurants and meeting
rooms without exploring the
destination. Consultants
should point out that, while
a client is already based at
a destination, it’s a great
opportunity to include a few
extra nights so that they
can truly experience it,”
says Checkout Travel’s Giles
Many Indian Ocean island
resorts offer longer-stay
specials where the client
may, for example, pay for five
nights and stay for seven.
This makes a leisure addon easy to sell, say Lynette
Smith and Celeste Muir of
Thompsons Holidays.
An island business trip
is also an opportunity for
a family holiday, especially
as most island resorts
are specifically geared to
families. Mauritius’s highway
infrastructure makes it
possible for business
travellers to stay on the
coast with their families and
commute to meetings, says
AfricaStay’s Gail Gilbert. The
short, regular flights from
South Africa enable business
travellers to fly families in
for an extended stay, adds
Alexis Bekker of Lux*
Hotels & Resorts.
“Business travellers often
have a slightly bigger budget
in terms of accommodation,
which creates the
opportunity to upsell the
room type,” says Cathie
Bester of World Leisure
16 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Indian Ocean Destinations
Mauritius is top with agents
A SNAP survey on the Indian
Ocean islands revealed that
consultants felt most confident
selling holidays in Mauritius.
However, they acknowledge
that other destinations have
just as much to offer.
The aim of the survey, which
was published on eTNW
and ran for a day, was to
elicit information regarding
consultants’ outlook on selling
the Indian Ocean islands;
which destinations were best
suited for clients seeking a
specific activity, and which
were the most popular among
South African travellers. Some
114 respondents participated,
revealing some interesting
Which Indian Ocean destination are you most confident selling?
Consultants were asked
which destination they felt
most comfortable selling,
with options including
Mauritius, Zanzibar, the
Mozambican islands,
Réunion, the Seychelles
and Zanzibar.
The overwhelming
majority, 92%, answered
in favour of Mauritius,
indicating the island’s
prominence. Zanzibar
and the Seychelles
received 38% and 32%
of the responses. The
survey revealed that only
14% of respondents felt
confident selling holidays to
Réunion, and the figure for
Mozambique was 13%.
% Agent responses
What are the most popular Indian Ocean destinations for
South African travellers?
It’s probably not surprising
that consultants feel
most comfortable dealing
with visitors keen to visit
Mauritius, as a remarkable
98% recorded the island as
the Indian Ocean destination
most in demand. It was
followed by Zanzibar (53%),
the Seychelles (25%) and
Mozambique (19%). Only 4%
of respondents said Réunion
was the most popular
destination amongst the
% Agent responses
Each island offers a different experience
Consultants were asked which
of the destinations were best
for the following experiences:
adventure, romance, family
vacations and MICE.
When it came to adventure,
responses were evenly split
between all destinations;
however, Réunion received
many favourable comments,
with agents describing it as
perfect for clients who love
the outdoors and adventure.
One of the most noteworthy
features of the island,
according to respondents,
is the volcano; but the fact
that it remains a relatively
unknown destination with
stunning scenery and a wide
range of outdoor activities
was also commented on.
Generally, it was felt that the
island could offer something
for everyone, regardless of
their fitness level.
The votes for the most
romantic destination were
split between the Seychelles
and Mauritius. Seychelles
impressed respondents
because of the beautiful
beaches as well as the
exclusive nature of the hotels.
However, Zanzibar also
received several mentions
from respondents who felt
that the destination’s rustic
ambience was a major draw
Mauritius was generally
considered the best choice for
family travel; not only because
of the short travel times from
South Africa but also because
the all-inclusive packages
on offer were great value for
money. Respondents also
commented on the fact that
many hotels were specially
geared for younger travellers,
offering a range of kids’
activities and clubs as well as
child minders.
Mauritius again received the
thumbs-up as the ultimate
MICE destination. Again,
accessibility from SA was
mentioned as an asset as
well as sound infrastructure
and a wide range of hotels,
most of which are equipped
for conference delegates.
Book it!
18 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Thompsons Holidays offers seven nights at the four-star Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa for
R19 022pps. The package includes return flights ex-JNB to Mahé on Air Seychelles, return hotel transfers, daily
breakfast, and bonus free WiFi, a weekly yoga lesson and snorkelling. Valid from September 1-30.
Book it!
Port Louis offers endless shopping opportunities. Photo: wikimedia
Mauritius – much more than just beaches
MAURITIUS’S beaches are its
primary attraction but there
are many other must-sees that
visitors should explore.
Most of the attractions have
been packaged as tours that
can be booked from the hotel.
In many cases, tour operators
station representatives at
hotels to offer advice and
guide travellers through the
booking process. This is
the approach followed by
Beachcomber, says product
manager Kathy Corser. The
company also offers discounts
on tours at certain times of
the year, creating an incentive
for visitors to explore another
side of the island and making
it easy for agents to upsell.
Although Mauritius is not
well known as a wildlife
destination, Kathy suggests
a visit to Casela Nature Park,
where visitors can interact with
lions. Travellers should also
be informed of the Under Sea
Walk in the island’s northern
region, and may be enticed to
try adventure activities such
as zip-lining, abseiling or a
catamaran cruise.
With its many different
cultural influences Mauritius
offers diverse cuisine. One of
the best ways to experience
this, says Cullinan Outbound
Tourism marketing manager,
Angela Wood, is by attending
a culinary tasting workshop
with a local family. Other
excursions include a tour of
the Rhumerie de Chamarel,
where the island’s famous rum
is distilled, as well as tours of
the Bois Cherie tea factory and
museum. Nature enthusiasts
should be encouraged to visit
the Pamplemousse Gardens,
Angela adds, which are
renowned for their many
exotic plant species.
Also on Thompsons Holidays’
itinerary is a city tour of
Port Louis, with shopping
opportunities at Caudan and
Port Louis Waterfront and the
Port Louis Central Market.
Quatre Bornes Flea Market
is well known for linen and
clothing at excellent prices.
Aside from these excursions,
there are many landmarks
worth visiting, says Cathie
Bester of World Leisure
Holidays. Her top picks
range from the 19th century
architecture of Port Louis to
La Citadelle – also known as
Fort Adelaide – which was built
to protect the harbour from
sea-borne attacks. The sevencoloured earths at Chamarel
are a fascinating natural
phenomenon creating an
eye-catching landscape. Birdwatching enthusiasts should
visit the former hunting estate
transformed into a magnificent
park at Domaine du Chasseur,
now home to species such as
the Mauritian kestrel. There
is more bird watching to be
enjoyed at the Black River
Gorges National Park. Cathie
adds that Grand Bassin – a
sacred lake in the crater of an
extinct volcano – stands out
as a place of pilgrimage for
the island’s Hindu population,
while historic landmarks are
to be found at Mahébourg (the
former Mauritian capital and
home to the Naval Museum)
and Eureka House, a Creolestyle house where visitors can
enjoy a lazy tea.
Consultants should also
remind visitors that Mauritius
has a number of golf courses:
Le Touessrok Golf Course,
Gary Player Golf Course and
Tamarina Golf Course.
World Leisure Holidays is
offering seven nights at the
Ambre Hotel from R17 385
(ex-JNB). Accommodation
is in a standard gardenview room and the package
includes return direct flights
on Air Mauritius, return coach
transfers, breakfast, lunch,
dinner and selected drinks.
Valid from August 8-31, and
from September 24-October
12. From December 9-21,
prices increase to
R20 070 (ex-JNB). WLH is
also offering an exclusive
half-price opening special for
Shangri-La Le Touessrok. It is
priced at R23 370 for seven
nights in a deluxe ocean-view
room and includes return
flights on Air Mauritius,
return coach transfers,
breakfast and dinner daily,
all land and non-motorised
sports, unlimited water skiing
and daily entertainment. It
excludes approximate taxes,
passport and visa costs (if
applicable), travel insurance
and items of a personal
nature. Valid from November
1-December 8.
Indian Ocean Destinations
Different destinations for different pastimes
EACH of the Indian Ocean
islands has its own attractions,
creating appeal for different
The Seychelles’ pristine
beaches are often said to
be among the most beautiful
in the world. Key attractions
include dive sites and the
tropical vegetation and bird
life. Since the Seychelles
comprises many different
islands, sea excursions and
island-hopping are part of
any trip. The islands are best
suited to honeymooners, bird
watchers, nature lovers and
families with older children.
They cater predominantly for
the three- to five-star market.
Réunion is best known for
its vast array of adventure
activities and unique ecosystems (42% of the island
is a natural World Heritage
Site). Its active volcano is
considered a major attraction.
This makes it popular with
outdoor and adventure
enthusiasts of all ages and
fitness levels, as well as
clients who seek an island
destination offering more than
a beach holiday. As a French
colony, the destination offers
a taste of France on South
Africa’s doorstep, and boasts
a rich cultural diversity that
has given rise to a complex
cuisine. Safe, and with good
infrastructure, Réunion is
considered a good option
for self-drive holidays. The
Mozambican islands can be
described as a mini Maldives:
tranquil and picturesque, says
Zahedah Bhorat, product
manager Mozambique, Holiday
“The Mozambican
islands can be
described as a mini
Tours. Mozambique truly
is a destination with a bit
of something for everyone,
from family holidays to
indulgences for the privileged
few, comments Michele
Abraham, marketing and
communications manager
at the Minor Hotel Group.
Mozambique offers exceptional
angling and diving, bird
watching, whale and dolphin
watching, kayaking and
cruising. Its long beaches
are renowned, as is its
seafood-based cuisine. It’s
most popular among the
high-end market, especially
honeymooners and couples, or
families and friends travelling
in groups.
“Zanzibar is ideal for
people fascinated by different
cultures, as the hospitality
of the local Swahili people is
truly unique,” says Chantelle
Browne, product manager,
Mauritius and Zanzibar, Holiday
Tours. The destination’s
architecture and cuisine recall
its heritage, with traders from
the Middle East drawn to the
spice islands. Stone Town,
a World Heritage Site, is
particularly noteworthy in this
regard. Couples and families
alike are drawn to Zanzibar’s
reef-protected beaches,
which offer great diving and
snorkelling. With their allinclusive meal plans, resorts
are recognised as being value
for money. Boasting year-round
tropical weather, Zanzibar is a
three-and-a-half-hour flight from
Exclusive Serenity adds
Zanzibar property
Exclusive Serenity welcomed Zanzibar White Sand
Villas & Spa to its fold on June 1. The resort caters
for the high-end market, with 11 villas (each with
private pool), a fine-dining restaurant, rooftop lounge
and bar. A resort pool and children’s pool, spa and
watersports centre complete the facilities at the fivestar establishment. Photo: White Sand Villas & Spa
Book it!
AfricaStay is offering the following Mozambique specials:
 Diamonds Mequfi Beach: four nights all-inclusive from R19 260pps
(fly-in package) including flights and taxes. Valid July 1-31.
 Dugong Beach Lodge: five nights all-inclusive from R16 990pps (fly-in
package for SA residents) including flights, taxes and transfers. Valid until
June 30. Rates include 10% commission on accommodation.
20 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Demand for travel to Mozambique is booming, thanks to business between
SA and the Indian Ocean destination. Daniella Di Gaspero was invited to
visit Maputo, courtesy of SAA and Serena Hotels.
SAA boosts frequencies to Maputo
AA has upped
frequencies to key
African destinations by
24% as demand for travel
into Africa soars. One of the
key routes is Mozambique,
which has seen a significant
increase in travel from South
Africa as trade relations grow.
In December, SAA increased
frequencies between
Johannesburg and Maputo by
24% from 17 to 21 weekly
“The strengthening of these
routes comes in the wake
of positive load factors and
increased traffic between the
countries,” says SAA acting
ceo, Nico Bezuidenhout.
“Maputo is a star in our
African route network and in
keeping with the strategic
objectives of our Long-Term
Turnaround Strategy, we are
focused on maintaining a
commercially sustainable
African route network and on
further expanding those star
performing African routes.
“South Africa and
Mozambique enjoy strong
trade and social ties,” he
adds. “The two countries
have much in common, with
Mozambique South Africa’s
top trading partner in Africa.”
Mozambique’s GDP has
showed robust growth,
according to statistics from
the African Development
Bank. The progressive
increase in coal production
and the implementation of
large infrastructure projects,
coupled with budgetary
expansion, are expected to
continue to drive growth.
The economy is expected
to grow by 7,5% in 2015.
“The sectors that will benefit
from more favourable
investments are those related
to construction, business and
financial services, transport
and communications, and
mining,” the report said.
SAA, the leading carrier
on the African continent,
introduced flights to Maputo
in 1937 when it began
flying to what was then
Lourenco Marques, with an
experimental flight on July
18, 1937, using an Airspeed
Envoy, which was to connect
with the Imperial Airways
Flying boat en-route from
London to Durban, to pick up
airmail. The service used the
Junkers Ju 86 from May 5,
1938. After the war the De
Havilland Doves were used on
the service.
From humble beginnings the
route has shown considerable
growth, Nico says.
Frequencies were increased
late last year and SAA now
serves Maputo with three
flights a day, on A319 aircraft.
SA 142
SA 143
SA 144
SA 145
SA 146
SA 147
Johannesburg 09h45
Maputo 11h35
Johannesburg 13h50
Johannesburg 20h15
Maputo 07h30
Maputo 10h50
Johannesburg 12h45
Maputo 14h55
Johannesburg 16h50
Maputo 21h20
Johannesburg 08h40
Where to stay
The Polana Serena Hotel is a
five-star hotel in a residential
district of Maputo, 15 minutes
from Mavalane International
The five-star hotel, which was
built in 1922, was renovated
in 2010, fusing its old-world
charm with modern amenities.
The hotel features 142
rooms, three restaurants:
the all-day-dining Varanda
Restaurant, the French-style
Delagoa fine-dining experience
accompanied by live music,
and the Aquarius Sushi bar.
There is also the Polana Bar.
The hotel also features the
‘Maisha’ Health Club and Spa,
a swimming pool, extensive
gardens, an exclusive
residents’ lounge, a business
centre, a beauty salon and
three gift shops. The hotel
also offers its own conference
and social events suite, which
features a ballroom.
What to do
It’s not all business when visiting Maputo. Travellers who
want to learn more about the city’s history and culture
can take part in a city tour, which lasts three hours and
includes stops at some of Maputo’s most interesting
heritage sites.
St Anthony's Church
St Anthony’s Church, which is close to the Polana
Serena Hotel, is known for its unique structural design.
Indian pioneers were among the first foreign settlers
in Mozambique, with the Portuguese arriving in 1445.
The architecture of the church reflects both Indian and
Portuguese cultural influences.
Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Natural History features an impressive
array of traditional Mozambican musical instruments
and guests are greeted with a live performance by two
locals. A taxidermy collection of African wildlife, including
a timeline display of elephant foetuses, is also housed at
the museum.
San Sebastian Fortress
The fortress is near a fishing port and was originally
built to protect the bay from invasions from Spanish and
German colonialists. The fortress links Mozambique’s
history with South Africa, as SA helped build the fort and
the railway (Paul Kruger had plans to link Pretoria and
Maputo by train). To arrive at the fortress, the tour group
travels through downtown Maputo, past local shops and
businesses, including the Maputo shopping centre. This
shopping hotspot, in the shape of a ship, is the largest
mall in Maputo.
Railway Station
The station, which is still operational, showcases the first
train that travelled from Maputo to Pretoria. A highlight for
tourists is the train bar in the middle of the station.
Local market
There is a local market near the Polana Hotel, where
travellers can purchase local products, such as jewellery,
wooden sculptures, hand-made bags and clothing, and
local fabrics. There is an option to extend the tour to
include a seafood lunch at the docks, where guests can
select fresh seafood and have it cooked on site. 
22 n Wednesday June 17 2015
Births, deaths, marriages, promotions – we want to know! Please fax or e-mail TNW’s Natasha Schmidt, at [email protected] or (011) 327 4094.
Sabre has appointed Richard Addey
country director for South Africa. Richard
joins Sabre with more than 14 years of
global, blue-chip IT experience gained in
sales and leadership roles where he was
responsible for developing new regions and
markets. He has spent the past eight years
in Africa, most recently as area manager for
Smart Technologies, based in Johannesburg
and Paris. He previously worked at NEC
Computers Europe, Middle East and Africa,
and NEC Corporation in Tokyo. “Richard
brings deep knowledge and expertise of
the African market, as well as an acute
understanding of how to apply technology
to drive growth, profitability and
differentiation,” says Dean Bibb, Sabre’s
vp for Middle East and Africa.
Club Travel consultants braved the cold
and enjoyed an exhilarating experience
skiing in Italian Alps! Before heading
to the 4T Club Med Cervinia Resort,
agents stopped over in the historic city
of Istanbul, where the group enjoyed
shopping and delicious baklava. “Nothing
beats the feeling of skiing down the slopes
with a cold breeze rushing against your
face and the sense of accomplishment that
comes with it!” said Tatum Alexander,
pictured here with (from left): Lucinda
Tyler, Jean-Pierre Brink, Genine de Witt,
and Tracey Visscher.
Ready, steady, ski!
 Atta has
Advocate Louis
Nel as its new
legal adviser.
Based at Bedfordview Office
Essential competencies required:
Principal accountabilities:
 Ayanda Mazibuko
has been appointed new
deputy gm of the Palazzo
Hotel in Montecasino,
Johannesburg. He was
previously gm of Holiday
Inn Elangeni for four years,
followed by the Holiday Inn
Pretoria, before transferring
back to Durban as gm of
Suncoast Hotel and Towers.
• Matric & Tertiary Education
• Key Account Management
 Airports Company South
Africa has appointed a
new group executive of
corporate affairs, Refentse
Shinners. This is a new
position for Acsa following
its leadership realignment
programme. Refentse is
part of Acsa’s executive
committee and reports
directly to company ceo,
Bongani Maseko. In her
new role she will supervise
the movement of the old
communications and brand
management division to
the new division, corporate
affairs. Refentse was
previously corporate affairs
manager for South African
Breweries, north region.
Business Development Sales Executive
for South Africa outlining areas & Southern Africa region
Primary focus is to generate new business and grow existing business
• Minimum of 4 years sales experience • New Business Acquisition
• Proven sales track record
• Excellent communication skills
written, verbal and presentation
• Attaining set Revenue
Targets & Market Share
Provided you meet the above mentioned key requirements, email
[email protected] before close of business 24 June 2015
Air Mauritius reserves the right to
reject CVs that to do no meet the
required criteria.
Top jobs in Gauteng this week:
Senior Cons
Jhb. Galileo fundi with 6 yrs in-house exp sought by leader in the industry!
Sal R23 000 neg.
Outbound Incentives Cons
Sandton. Well-travelled professional indiv with
5 yrs exp sought by est travel co. Sal R23 000 ctc.
Snr Groups/FIT Cons
Sandton. Lover of Southern Africa? Min 4 yrs
inbound exp req to take this team to new heights!
Sal to R18 000 ctc.
Sales Executive
Sandton. Winning team seeks sales hunter!
Go getter attitude, work for major travel co!
Sal R22 000 neg.
Tel: Cornelia / Kim 011 452 0204
[email protected]
Pick of the week
brought to you by
Intermediate Consultant –
Indo Jet Travel
Intermediate travel consultant
to assist with corporate and
leisure bookings. 3yrs + travel
experience essential.
GDS - Amadeus.
Email: [email protected]
Global Client Manager –
Johannesburg North
Professional Career Services
Oversee a portfolio of Client
General Managers. Experience
in similar position within TMC
essential. Business management
Email: [email protected]
Leisure Consultant –
N/Suburbs, CPT
Quantex Recruitment Group
Luxury inbound operator seeks
professional intermediate level
consultant with no less than
3 years’ experience. Leisure
experience essential.
Email: [email protected]
Leisure Consultant –
Lee Botti & Associates
Become part of this dynamic
team and utilise your leisure
expertise and “super star”
sales skills.
Email: [email protected]
Intermediate Consultant –
Cpt – Kenilworth
Professional Career Services
Domestic/regional consultant.
Galileo & Quicktrav. Corporate &
leisure. Must be good and able
to work under pressure.
6 month contract.
Email: [email protected]
TOP Intermediate Consultant
– S/Suburbs, CPT
Quantex Recruitment Group
A go-getter with fantastic
Southern & East Africa
knowledge. Prior game lodge/
safari experience required.
4+ years consulting experience
Email: [email protected]
German Speaking Specialist
– Cape Town
Lee Botti & Associates
City based luxury East Africa
tour operator seeks whizz
to join their team. Product
knowledge essential!
Sal R25 000.
Email: [email protected]
Senior Consulting – Roving –
Western Cape
Equity Connections cc
Suit corporate expert
with sound fares, farebuilds, ticketing, re-issues,
international destinations
knowledge. Minimum three
years senior experience
Email: [email protected]
Remuneration Assistant –
Northern Suburbs
Equity Connections cc
Handle full functions of
Payroll including leave, new
appointments, terminations, third
party payments etc. VIP Payroll
experience a must.
Email: [email protected]
Wholesale Consultant
Flight Centre Travel Group
This position has a strong sales
and customer service focus,
and deals with all aspects of
wholesale travel.
Email: [email protected]
Business Development
Flight Centre Travel Group
Procurement of new business
and lead generation. Minimum
3 years’ solid, proven sales
experience in a travel
environment. Email: lauren.
[email protected]
Operations Manager –
Johannesburg – Sandton
Infusion Consulting
Must have 5+ years’ in a
similar role, experienced
manager/leader of team
leaders. Strong financial
acumen. Leadership skills.
CTC: R45KPM neg.
Email: [email protected]
Senior Corporate Consultant –
Johannesburg – Sandton
Infusion Consulting
Must have experience handling
multi sector/complex/RTW/fares
& ticketing. GDS: Amadeus or
Galileo. CTC R22-27KPM neg.
Email: [email protected]
Corporate Consultant –
Wendy’s Travel Personnel
Your corporate consulting
expertise will be appreciated
by this leading travel concern Galileo essential!!
Email: [email protected]
Sabre appoints country director
These adverts were selected from the vacancy
section of
For more details contact [email protected]
Wednesday June 17 2015 n 23
To the point
SAA and Virgin Atlantic will end their codeshare in September,
which has existed since 2004. A date has been fixed, September
26, on which the airlines will terminate the codeshare on domestic
routes, SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali told TNW. “As we do not
codeshare on any trunk routes, this will effectively terminate
the codeshare.” Virgin is currently rebooking all passengers
on cancelled codeshare flights on to the SA operating flight.
Passengers booked on flights for travel up to and including
September 26 are not affected. “Going forward, we will have
a relationship with SAA on an interline basis as part of our
commitment to the Johannesburg route,” said Darrin Thomas,
marketing and communications executive of Virgin Atlantic.
Relax and recharge
The Birchwood Hotel and OR Tambo
Conference Centre has introduced
the ‘Recharge Package’, which offers
travellers with lengthy stop-overs
the opportunity to catch up on
sleep or work at the quiet, exclusive
Silverbirch wing of the property.
Rates start from R499 for a fivehour stay in a comfortable room
or R999 for the night. The package
includes use of the hotel facilities,
bars and restaurants, free transfers
between Birchwood and OR Tambo
airport, and a R100 Mangwanani Spa
voucher. Birchwood Hotel and OR
Tambo Conference Centre director,
Kevin Clarence, kicks back.
Photo: Shannon van Zyl.
Comair eyes China
Dorine Reinstein
No thanks, Lufthansa!
Will you tolerate Lufthansa’s new booking fee of R218 for every
ticket issued by the GDS or move business to other carriers?
 It’s something agents will have to get used to
 I’ll convince clients to book with another airline
T A time when SAA has
pulled its loss-making
China route and Air China
has delayed direct flights
to Johannesburg, Comair is
exploring “possibilities” with
China’s HNA Group.
The group, which includes
flagship carrier, Hainan
Airlines, recently acquired a
6,2% shareholding in Comair
from the Thelo Consortium,
Comair’s only BEE partner, for
Erik Venter, ceo Comair, told
TNW: “Comair is honoured to
have HNA International, which
owns China’s fourth-largest
carrier, Hainan Airlines, as one
of its investors and we look
forward to exploring whether
there is any potential work we
can do with our new Chinese
At this stage, however, Erik
says HNA’s investment has no
impact on Comair’s operations
and no codeshare agreements
have been put in place.
Although Comair is a well
run and profitable airline, it is
unlikely that HNA invested in it
purely for financial return. The
two carriers could have great
potential to provide additional
feed traffic beyond SA, says
Linden Birns, md of Plane
Talking. “Comair’s
operation now serves Nairobi.
It is probably not coincidental
that last October Hainan
requested approval to open
nine new long-haul routes,
including Nairobi, which would
be its first African gateway.”
HNA was rumoured to be in
talks about a stake in SAA,
which SAA denied. HNA has
already invested in two other
African carriers, Africa World
Airlines in Ghana and Astral
Aviation in Kenya. 
SAA questions Comair’s agent incentives
From page 1
override agreements with
travel agents. According
to SAA, Comair’s current
incentivisation scheme is
similar to SAA’s in 2005.
Erik Venter, ceo of Comair,
argues, however, that SAA
still has approximately 70%
of domestic sales through
BSP, making it impossible
for Comair to be deemed
dominant in this market
segment. “Furthermore, the
conditions imposed by the
Commission on SAA were
specific to SAA.”
This move by SAA comes
as Comair is consulting legal
counsel to decide whether
it will appeal the High Court
ruling that dismissed the
carrier’s legal challenge of the
R5bn government guarantee
granted to SAA.
Judge Hans Fabricius
dismissed Comair’s challenge
saying the ministers acted
legally in their decision to
grant government guarantees
for SAA.
He said the ministers
needed to take into account
the consequences for the
economy if SAA could
no longer function.
The consequences of the
judgment should be of great
concern to taxpayers, Erik
says. “The ruling confirmed
that the Minister of Finance
has no obligation to record
the rationale for his decisions
and that government does not
have to take its own policies
into consideration.” He adds
that, in a nutshell, SAA can
receive unlimited guarantees
without any expectation of
the airline ever repaying the
resulting loans. 
24 n Wednesday June 17 2015

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