How to make money online with NEOBUX



How to make money online with NEOBUX
…all PTC clickers. Our dreams will come true.
INTRODUCTION – What is this…?
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STEP 1 – Before to start
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STEP 2 – Open a NeoBux account
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STEP 3 – Your first few dollars
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STEP 4 – Increase your gains
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STEP 5 – Your first free rented referrals
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STEP 6 – Continue until…
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STEP 7 – GOLDEN Membership
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STEP 8 – ULTIMATE Membership
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STEP 9 – Sky is the limit!
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INTRODUCTION – What is this…?
Hello, my dear friends.
My name is Alessandro, I am an Italian guy who hopes that soon NeoBux will
help him to leave this failed Country. I’m not still earning million, but I am very
close to earn about $ 800/900 pure profit per month, growing month after
month. In this guide I will teach you how to reach my same condition and do
better, without investing money.
I would like to ask you a question: how many NeoBux “Supermegafantastic
Guide” have you downloaded or paid? About ten? More? Less? Ok and how
many of these guides have really helped you to make money? Let me
answer: NONE!
The reason is simple. All of these guides have been written with two aim: first
was to sell them and earn quick money; second was to get Direct Referrals…
but they teach you only how to manage your rented referrals, how to make
direct referrals and how to invest money in the better way possible. C’mon,
everybody know that there’s no rented referrals strategy right for everyone,
and someone could be find hard to open a blog or a site in order to make
direct referrals. And, most important, someone could not have money to
Here’s why my guide is different. You will learn how to become rich wit
NeoBux without:
● recycle rented referrals (you should only rent them without worry about their
● make 0 (ZERO) direct referrals;
● invest money!
You will be guided every step along your journey on what needs to be done,
when and why so that you will learn and understand how NeoBux works and
enable you to build for yourself a stable, profitable and growing account for
your future. Ignorance has been one of the biggest causes for most to give up
on this site or to make mistakes that caused them to give up too early.
You will not be one of these unfortunate ones that had nobody to guide them.
There are no Get-Rich-Quick scheme, but success will come from a
commitment by yourself to put some effort into achieving this. It will require a
small amount of your time each day, so go grab a coffee and let’s get started.
STEP 1 – Before to start
Ok, before to go further let me clear some concepts about this PTC site.
● This is not the usual impromptu PTC born in a day and closed the day after.
NeoBux is a serious European company born in Portugal and therefore
subject to the strict European laws relating to business. I’m an Italian citizen, I
know what means to clash against European laws…
● I don’t want to speak about scams, but also most of PTC sites with the best
intentions and the best business plan of this world, often (always) fail and
close after 2/3 years due bankruptcy. As a user of NeoBux and ads clicker
since many years, I see this bad situation almost every day. What about
NeoBux? Well, it was born in 2008: what year is it now?
● There are millions of PTC site like NeoBux on the web, which are the copy
of the copy of the copy... this is the ONLY legit with employees and physical
location. We can say that NeoBux is the ONLY PTC site. NeoDev, Lda in fact
(the company that owns NeoBux brand) is regularly enrolled in the Portugal
Companies Register of the Aviz Trade Center, you can see its name here
(scroll down at the letter “N”). No Cayman/Panama or other tax heavens
● Aviz Trade Center is located here: Rua Do Engenheiro Ferreira Dias, 924
E10 Porto, Porto, 4100-246 Portugal.
● The site, EVERYDAY, records more than 9.000 new members (humans,
not bot) and sends us payments for about $ 100.000 (yes, one hundred
thousand dollars), everyday. You can verify these numbers in the bottom of
the homepage.
● You can use a powerful Forum in which every day thousands of users write
their problems and other thousands write to solve them. Please, don’t ask
«How can I earn 10 dollars per day??» because nobody will answer you. Tell
your problems, ask for advices... but no abstract questions like that.
● You can write me when you want at [email protected], I will guide you
during your financial freedom journey.
● Reaching the minimum amount needed ($ 2 for the first cash out, $ 10 for
next) this PTC pays regularly and instantaneously it on your
PayPal/Payza/Neteller account.
Since 2008 it has never had a single problem of payment. The server is
monitored 24 hours on 24 and it never “fall”. NeoBux also has the best
security informatics measures to prevent hacker attacks (check HERE to see
the site status).
● IMPORTANT – If you need quick cash, we are terribly sorry but we can’t
help you. You have all our sympathy, but you cannot use a long-term method
to become rich. You CANNOT become financially free in only two days.
Forget it. Becoming financially free with this project is possible and you will
understand how reading this ebook and following my steps, but it is a long
process that needs some years of perseverance, faith and commitment.
● Worth investing your spare time to get SURELY rich? I think yes ☺ .
● NeoBux is the only online company with which you can think to quit your
actual job and live financial free, without investing money.
If you have no problem with these concepts, welcome among us! Otherwise,
if you find something better, call me!
STEP 2 – Open a NeoBux account
1 – Click on this image:
2 – You are in the NeoBux Homepage:
3 – Click on the switch
and you will be in the registration form:
4 – When you have completed the form click on the “Continue” green switch,
check your email and you should find a message from NeoBux, like this:
5 – Copy red highlighted code and past it in the new NeoBux Homepage:
6 – When you have confirmed it, you will be on this page:
7 – Click on the blue switch “Login”, write your login details and you are ready
to earn ☺ .
Go to Step 3!
STEP 3 – Your first few dollar
The most important part of your DAILY task here in Neobux is represented by
This is the most boring action that you need to do here, but it is very, very,
very important. Later I will explain why.
Now go to your Account Page and click on the green switch
above to open your ads page.
You can click on every links you find, but the 4 orange ads are the minimum
you must click daily (in the picture you can see 15 orange ads because I’m
Ultimate Member). They are called Fixed Advertisements:
● 4 fixed ads for Standard Members (as you now);
● 9 fixed ads for Golden Members;
● 15 fixed ads for Ultimate Members.
If you don't click your 4 daily ads for 30 days, NeoBux will delete your account
and bye-bye financial freedom...!
I know, this is a boring action and I understand the gain is zero, but let me
explained what these ads represent:
● they take only 4/5 minutes per day, we all have this free time;
● users who earn more than $ 2.000 per month with NeoBux, click their ads
every day (you can see their stats on the Official Forum);
● these ads are only the basis on which you will build your solid
organization... so, c'mon and go to your Ads Page!
For each ads you see you'll have an opportunity to earn $0.50 each hour.
How much will it cost you? Nothing at all.
What do you have to do? Just your everyday task: view advertisements.
How will it work? If you've seen advertisements in the past hour, you're
eligible for the draw.
We'll be rewarding 120 users each hour with $0.50 each. This amount will be
added to the main balance and users can do what they want with it.
To be eligible for a prize, all you need to do is view advertisements. For each
seen you'll have a "ticket" for a draw. Now you can choose to see all
advertisements in one hour or one each hour.
For each hourly draw, you can only win once but you can win each hour as
long as you see advertisements the hour before (for example, the winners for
all users that saw advertisements from 9:00 to 9:59 will be draw at 10:00).
IMPORTANT - If you are undecided, if you don't believe you can make real
money with Neobux, if you think that you can become rich in less time with
other “Fantastic project”, no need to read further.
Instead, if you really want to make money and you want to become rich
through Neobux, you should take seriously the ads. Click every day on every
ads you find; when you will start to earn many money, click every day will
become easy.
2.2 - You can only have one NeoBux account.
2.3 - Each advertisement can be viewed by the same IP only once per 24
hours. For viewing advertisements an internet connection must be used only
by a single user every 24 hours.
2.8 - Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements.
2.9 - You can only use a maximum of 3 distinct computers in a 10 days period
to view advertisements.
6.4 - Advertisements must not be viewed on mobile phones/tablets. Doing so
may lead to the permanent suspension of your account.
Possible solutions if you're unable to click
● have someone you trust without a NeoBux account to click for you;
● use a laptop combined with mobile broadband;
● find access to a computer (which have never been used and never will, by
another NeoBux member for clicking ads) and an internet connection that is
not part of a shared network environment.
The laptop or computer that you use, make sure that it is not being used by
an existing Neobux Member to click ads on it. Also never use a computer if
you are not sure if someone else in the future will click ads on that same
computer. Don't use more than 3 computers in a 10-day period. Wait 24
hours before clicking at a new location or new internet connection.
NOT ALLOWED to view ads with the following devices or applications: ipad,
iphone, iTouch, mobile devices, etc. No using remote sharing software like
TeamViewer to click.
You can manage your account from mobile devices like renewing, recycling,
renting referrals, posting in forums, etc.
Go to your Ads Page and click on your first 4 Fixed Ads.
When you finish, go to STEP 4!
STEP 4 – Increase your gains
After clicking your daily Fixed Ads, turn back to your Account page, go to the
Offer page (menu above) and check the availability of some Mini-Job and
Coin Offers:
The Mini-Jobs are another ingenious invention of NeoBux owners, readily
copied with poor results by any other existing PTC site.
Crowdfunder, the company providing the Mini-Jobs, pays us to accomplish
various tasks. Most of them consist in the update of some database; our work
will be to gather online the required informations and write/select them in the
appropriate fields. If our level of accuracy will be high, we will be paid.
Some example of what Mini-Jobs are: in one of the last that I completed, I
helped YouTube to catalog some of its videos. I simply had to watch them on
YouTube site and choose the appropriate category (comedy, documentaries,
music, etc.).
Another job was to provide information about telephone numbers, address
and email of some Osaka Hotel, for a Japanese Telephone Book... it was fun
Do not underestimate the power of Mini-Jobs and Coin Offers. They are a
great source of money (at no cost) which will help us to rent Referrals (I will
talk better in Step 4), with which we will gain REAL MONEY.
There are Users (you can find them in the Forum) who earn $ 5/6 per day
with Mini-Jobs and other who earn $ 10 per day! Invest your time instead your
Go to Offers Page and start every Mini-Job / Coin Offers you find!
When you finish, go to STEP 5!
STEP 5 – Your first free rented referrals
With referrals you can make the REAL money. In every PTC you must invest
to rented them; also in NeoBux, but we have a big gun to bypass this
problem, let me show you.
Think yourself as the owner of a big Company; you can start to rent some
offices (referral slots) and hire employees (renting referrals) to work for you.
The costs for each office space (referral slots) varies depending on how many
employees you currently have and/or will hire and how long to keep them.
You can rent each office space (referral slots) at the lease terms (extension)
of 15/30/60/90/150/240 days (we will work only with 240 days because it
costs less than the others).
You will find money to rent referrals from Mini-Jobs and Coin Offers; you must
invest your time and make all Mini-Jobs and Coin Offers you can; I told you
that it would not be simple.
With referrals, you must follow only this kind of strategy:
1 – rent every referral you can;
2 – renew every referral for 240 days (max period available) soon;
3 – never recycle or let expire a single referral!
Rent a referral costs $ 0,20 to have him/her for 30 days; you must renew
his/her rental period to 240 days and it costs $ 1,12. You can see these
prices here: RENEWAL PRICE TABLE (page 17, post #165).
Here is the renting referrals procedure:
1 – from your account page, click on the green switch "Referrals" (you see it
2 – you will see these blue switches:
3 – click on the 3 referrals pack.
You pay ($ 0,20 x 3 referrals) $ 0,60 for the first 30 days; you must renew
them for 240 days, so you must pay ($ 1,12 x 3 referrals) $ 3,36.
This means you should rent your first 3 referrals only when you will have also
$ 3,96 to spend, so… c’mon with Mini-Jobs and try to earn soon these $ 3,96!
Once you have rented your first referrals, you can never miss a single ads.
This because you will receive EVER money from your rented referrals click
only if you have clicked all your ads, the day before. Don't forget it, it's very
NeoBux Gurus say "Recycle him/her!", but you spend money to recycle a
referral. So I say: do nothing! Because the system recycle for free referrals
who don't click since 14 days for Standard Members and 7 days for Ultimate
Members. New referrals will have these stats:
- if you are a Standard member, you will rent referrals that have 11 clicks in
the last 5 days;
- if you are a Golden member, you will rent referrals that have 14 clicks in the
last 6 days;
- if you are a Ultimate member, you will rent referrals that have 17 clicks in
the last 7 days.
It's not a matter of how many ads available to click but more of personal
priorities, goals and situations.
Here are list of why's:
1. Job changes
2. After 6 months and still don't know how to click according server time
3. Computer / Network connection problems
4. Picking up child from daycare
5. Distracted from clicking while playing online games
6. Kids fighting and crying
7. Phone calls from work and co-workers (many times through out the day)
8. Distracted from watching movies on his android
9. Spending time with child and shopping
10. Playing with the kids
11. When to buy dinner, prepare meals, and feeding the kid
12. Spending xxx time with spouse
13. Have other hobby/interest to do
14. New toys / gadgets to learn and play with
15. Distracted from latest electronics stuff
16. Taking kid to bed
17. Exhausted / tired after work
18. Stress out from disciplining the kid
19. Divorce / personal problems
20. Court papers / running errands
21. Driving 5 hours to mothers house for the weekend
22. Child is sick
23. Day car is over charging
24. Boss requested to work OT and stay late
25. Need to work on weekends because new employee quite
26. Chatting with friends on other social sites / game forums
27. Child not wanting to sleep
28. Late for work
29. Friends needing help with moving
30. Recreation / trips
That's it for now...
Short answer: YES.
I report a message from the Admin, you can see in the Forum:
"It's common for the human mind to tell us that reality is what we want it to be even though
it isn't.
The problem that we wanted to get rid of was actually the usage of bots when NeoBux was
created. It was a plague that existed everywhere.
To this day, since 2008, we're still the living proof that the only way that a service like this
can be sustainable is by NOT using bots.
Do others that start an imitation of our services believe us? No! All others fail miserably
because, for as much as they try to copy us, they run out funds after a few months due to
the usage of bots and not relying on the potential of advertising as we do. Then they last a
few more days with a random sentence taken from the "1001 excuses to close a PTC"
book. Account limitations, manual payments, attacks, etc. None has stood to my standards
of perfection... they always take the easy route (for them).
If we had bots:
1) We would have lasted this much (not even near).
2) We wouldn't spend fortunes purchasing users' direct referrals.
3) We wouldn't have users replying to PMs when they existed.
4) We wouldn't have such limited amount of users to rent and for that limit upgrade
5) We wouldn't be NeoBux.
For as much as the mind tricks us, the truth is always based on facts. Kind of an LSD
hangover but, still, that's life.
We've been asked so many times from so many users that we should have bots that I
sometimes have a hard time trying not to lose my faith in humanity.
In the end, and since we cannot give users more than their referrals make, we still have
the capacity of giving thousands away every month to compensate what is out of our
Funny thing is that those that do have control over things, give nothing back.
One thing remains a fact: Ask any user that has 1000 random direct referrals (not friends)
and 1000 rented referrals if there's any different behavior or global average between the
two. You'll find out that there isn't.
If there's something that all need to be sure of is that you'll always (although my hope is
that one day someone will make happy by proving me wrong) see bots on other PTCs. It's
disgusting but that's what most people like. We prefer to have users who love the real
thing as that is what makes us who we are.".
The magical mystery tour is over... let's get back to real life, shall we?
STEP 6 – Continue until…
Step 1, 2 and 3 represent your daily job. The most important is Step 1,
because with no ads Neobux could delete your account in every moment.
You need Step 2 to gain funds necessary to rent referrals; you need them to
increasing your earnings!
When you think these Steps are boring, or you think you are earning a few
despite your hard work (hard...?), try to remember these three very important
1 - you don't become rich with ads or Mini-Jobs, we all know it. But you need
them to getting the basis to reach this condition;
2 - you have invested nothing here. Nothing. You are only earning, then I
cannot see the problem. Do you prefer to invest money in the Forex market
with high chances to lose everything? Or do you prefer to create a blog and
keep it update every day for few cents? C'mon, let's be serious;
3 - best NeoBux users (like reggen666, schen2000, magnet5673, ...) who
earn more than $ 2.000 per month, do their daily job every day and they have
built their financial freedom thanks to it. Do you still believe it is a waste of
When you understand this, you will be ready to reach your two next goals:
1 - rent 300 referrals and extend them to 240 days;
2 - earn $ 90 to rent the Golden membership.
So click on every ads you find, rent every referrals until 300 and make all
Mini-Jobs you can!
STEP 7 – GOLDEN Membership
Well done guys!
If you rented 300 refs and you have $ 90 available in your Main Balance
(without expenses for renewal of your referrals), you are on the right track!
Be very careful, this is a crucial point. Usually many people give up because
believe that rent Golden means become millionaires. No, it not still so: rent
the Golden is an important step towards the road of our economic freedom,
but the days in which we will live traveling the world aren't still very close.
However, Golden Membership is a necessary step to increase our earnings.
The most important Golden membership features are:
1 - guaranteed available advertisements: 9 links paid $ 0,01 instead that 4
links paid $ 0,001;
2 - maximum limit to rent referrals: 2000;
3 - clicks of your rented referrals paid $ 0.01 (instead of only $ 0.005 per
There is an "upgrade" button and just follow the instructions.
1. You can purchase the membership with your main balance (make sure
there is sufficient funds).
2. Using one of the three payment processors AlertPay, Paypal, or Neteller
(where available in your country).
3. Using Points (You'll see the option if you have 30000 or more Points.).
Your next two goals:
1 - rent 2.000 referrals and extend them to 240 days;
2 - earn $ 890 to rent the Ultimate membership.
As always, click on every ads you find, rent every referrals until 2.000 and
make all Mini-Jobs you can!!
And... believe it, believe it and believe it. As every Ultimate Member of today,
believed it before.
STEP 8 – ULTIMATE Membership
The Ultimate Membership is the last milestone you hit in your jurney to
I already know that 80% of those who started reading this guide, did not
arrive at this point. This is because they expect that internet gives free
money, or they can become rich in less than two days. Needless to say,
these people have no money online experience... but this is not my problem.
Instead, for those who have followed my guide step by step, rented 2.000
referrals and accumulated $ 890... congratulations ☺ !
Becoming Ultimate Member represent a big sign of confidence in NeoBux;
don't worry, this confidence will be rewarded.
The most important Ultimate membership features are:
1 - Inactivity Days Free Replacement: 7 days (a rented referral who doesn't
click his/her orange ads for 7 days, will be replace with another for FREE Standard and Golden: 14 days);
2 - rental waiting days: 4 days (you must wait only 4 days from a referral pack
and another; this speeds up your earnings);
3 - days between Cashouts: 1 day (you can request you earning almost every
4 - maximum limit to rent referrals : 4000 (this is the number you can rent with
normal methods; you can have unlimited rented referrals and take your
earning to the sky, I'll show you how in next step);
5 - guaranteed available advertisements: 15 (with you only effort, clicking
every day, you can earn 109 $ per year).
So, go to your Golden Pack Balance:
insert the 890 dollar in this balance choosing "Main Balance" and rent the
Ultimate Membership!
Now you have only one more goal to achieve:
- rent 4.000 referrals... and the sky will become your $ limit!
STEP 9 – Sky is the limit!
Yes my friend, sky is the limit. In NeoBux there's no limit to the money you
can earn.
After the 4.000 referral, you can increase your refs by "Rental Queue":
and click the referral pack you want:
Always remember to spend also the money for renewal ($ 1,34 x 150
referrals, any time).
STEP 10 – Some advices to get the best!
Reassuming, this is the NeoBux earning process:
● click your orange color fix ads each at the same hour
(Step 3);
● click additional ad exposures and earn Points and AdPrize
(Step 3);
● complete Mini jobs and Coin Offers
(Step 4);
● rent referrals when you can afford to
(Step 5);
● purchase upgrades when needed and can afford it
(Step 7 and 8);
● repeat the above cycle.
Direct referrals are the best way to earn with PTC but they are hard to find. In
NeoBux, with 300.000 direct referrals, you can earn about $ 1.000.000 per
But you need a blog, you must keep it update every day, you must have
writing skill, you must know how to create a great marketing campaign, etc.
And is not easy to find a direct referrals who clicks his/her orange ads every
So better you focus your efforts about rental referrals: the journey will be
more long, but you gains will be more sure!