Share Loved my tan! So Worth It! Absolutely Amazing



Share Loved my tan! So Worth It! Absolutely Amazing
"Looking Fabulous Just Got Easier."
Loved my tan!
Loved my tan for our cruise, especially for off-the-shoulder looks!
So Worth It!
This is the best spray tan you will ever receive. I have incredibly pale porcelain white skin and
have tried numerous types of tanning places. Booths and hand sprayed. They always left me
looking orange, uneven, streaked and unhappy. Sinless Sun has the best product around. I
always look natural, which is difficult because every flaw shows up on my skin. I drive 30
minutes to get there and it is worth every second. Thanks!!!
Absolutely Amazing!
Very friendly and comfortable environment. I cant wait to go back!
Thank you!
Thank you so much for helping me out for my chin wouldnt take some of the tan
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and I was freaking out the day before my wedding but it all came together because you helped
re-spray me. You guys are the best and thank you :o)
Better than Botox!
I found something that makes you feel even better than botox! Thank you so much!!
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Flack, Thank
"I felt
and pretty!
out April
My "tan" or should I say glow came out great! - Nice job!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I wanted to first thank you for the beautiful color for my sisters wedding! It was perfect and
looked amazing with my lavender dress. Everyone complimented me on my glowing skin. So
thank you!!
I got the perfect tan! Yeah!
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I'm so excited! I dont see any problem areas. I can finally wear shorts this week! Thanks for not
giving up on me. I guess the soap and exfloiating for 2 weeks really worked! Now I know I can
be tan this summer!
My tan lasted 5 days and I was in the pool 3 of those days
I came here before I left for Vegas for my 30th birthday. This tan was amazing. I have had
Mystic Tans before and those lasted maybe two days. This really did last about 5 days and I
was in the pool 3 of those days. I would highly reccomend coming here for a spray tan. Kristy
made the whole experience very comfortable as well.
Love my Sinless Sun tan
I loved my Sinless Sun tan! I miss it!!! Do you have places around the country? I'm still on tour
with Legally Blonde: The Musical and am in Seattle now.
Miracle on Clayton Street!
I had a formal event to go to and two days before I unfortunately did a Mystic Tan. I looked rusty
and my legs and arms were streaked and stained. Thankfully my sister knew to take me to
Sinless Sun Tan right away and Alix was so helpful and got me looking back to normal in a
quick visit! I also loved the exfoliating product she gave me, it smells amazing and worked great
to get the bad tan off. The craziest part was that I paid the same amount to stand in a booth for
60 seconds as I did to get it done by Alix! I love how my tan looks now and can't wait to go
4 / 14
Sun aCustomer
and Ballroom Dancer.
Sinless Suntan!"
Come out
This is the best spray tan you'll ever get. Alix is a perfectionist and you come out looking
I'll come to Sinless Sun every time I'm in town.
I love my tan! Thank you. It was a great experience, and I will definitely come back to see you
when I'm in town. I'm going to wear the white necklace too tonight, and it's going to look
wonderful with my tan.
Forget the wrinkles and the tan lines!!
5 / 14
I had a big event that I was planning on wearing a little dress to and needed some color
desperately. I wanted a natural looking tan but I don't do beds and had a terrible experience
with the mystic tans. I did my research online and figured there was no way Alix the owner could
write all of the positive reviews herself so I tried it. Alix was incredibly professional and most
important wanted me to be comfortable and have a great tan. The whole thing took 5 minutes.
Alix does not spray feet or hands which is just genius as that is where all of the
striping/streaking would be, but it didn't happen. The color was very very natural and had NO
hint of any orange fakeness too it. I'm a stickler for following directions so the tan lasted a good
7 days (stay moisturized) and faded naturally. I will 100% go back! I may even skip the pool this
coming Summer! It was well worth the $38 as it made me look and feel like a million bucks!
Best Tan!
Alix you did a FANTASTIC job with my spray tan for the wedding I was in; I felt so pretty! The
process was very quick and the tan was easy to care for, it lasted over a week and looked great
for Halloween too. Thank you so much for the great tan and fun experience. I will be back!
WOW! I want this look all the time!
I am typically a very pale white girl who doesn't tan easily! 10 minutes with Alix, and I am a
whole new person. Tanned skin looks soooo much better than white skin. I plan on using Alix
every time I need to feel tropical, with or without a vacation! Thanks, Danielle
Great professional service!
Alix is very professional and nice too. The spray tan service looks fantastic and much better
than any automated machine spray tan I have had and it's better for your skin in the long run. I
highly recommend Sinless Sun Spray Tanning.
6 / 14
A beautiful and safe tan!
I am a major connoisseur of spray tanning and Alix is the best I've found in Denver. The
convenience of her location, flexibility of her schedule, and price are all fantastic, but the color is
also stunning! My husband never cares about my color after a spray tan, and he offered
unsolicited praise of this color. It also lasted 6 full days of swimming and playing on the beach in
Florida, before any obvious fading began. This is truly the BEST tan in Denver and the most
incredible part is that it is safe for your skin. HIGHLY recommended.
Pros: Very comfortable environment, flexible schedule, no UV rays!
Fantastic spray tan!!
7 / 14
I booked a last minute appointment before a tropical getaway and was totally pleased with the
results! I've had two previous bad experiences with a spray tan and was hesitant to look orange
and streaky again, but Alix did a fantastic job! She was very professional, exact and the best
part is that she's opening up a place in Cherry Creek North! My tan was a nice healthy glow and
next time I have an event or vacation I'll be going back to see her. I have already started
recommending her to my friends!! Pros: Quick, exact, professional
Best Spray Tan Ever!
Alix was amazing, she made me feel comfortable and at ease and my spray tan looked
fantastic. I've recommended her to all my friends and am planning on going back to see her
again real soon. Pros: Alix is an expert and knows what she is doing
The only way to tan!!
Sinless Sun rocks! Better than a day at the beach. Thank you Alix for a fantastic experience and
a gorgeous tan!
Pros: The best tan around. Cons: NONE
A sin-free sunless treat!!!
LOVE IT! Alix does an amazing job. Her attention to detail and her talent of making you feel so
at ease is AMAZING! I love to have a little color on my body but really need to stay out of the
sun-this airbrush tan gives you BEAUTIFUL color and no harsh yucky chemicals!
The MAGIC Touch!!
she has a magic touch! alix works quickly and makes sure you look your best. the new
equipment works well and quickly. so everyone gets a good sheen! love it!
Pros: the best tan. period.
Cons: didn't see any. must have been hidden
8 / 14
Sinless Sun is the best!
Sinless sun is the best sunless tan I have ever had. I have had many different kinds due to my
fair skin and family history of skin cancer. Alix is so nice and makes you feel very comfortable
while she is spraying you. She tries to get to know you and gives you exactly what you ask for.
Her price is very reasonable compared to other places and her new technology is second to
none. She is the best sinless sun tanning expert and I would recommend her to anyone looking
for a natural looking tan. Pros: Ambience, customer service, natural looking
Best Choice for Spray Tan In Denver!
I LOVE IT! I feel so great!!! This is by far the best choice for a tan. I actually look more fit toooptical illusions but I will take it- LOL. Doing my feet they way we did was perfect- I didn't need
to wipe off at all. It is quick and most important natural looking. Because Alix controls the level
of product, you get an even tan and desired color. There is no dripping, streaking, or uneven
color. I received a number of compliments from people saying I looked as if I had gone on a
fabulous vacation. I would HIGHLY recommend it to all!
Looking Fabulous Just Got Easier
9 / 14
Sinless Sun is the best spray tanning option in Denver. Scheduling is flexible; it is quick; fast
and flawless. This is one of the easiest ways to make yourself look better without the risk of
outdoor tanning. The color is gradual, golden and consistent. There is no streaking or dripping
that you typically find with Mystic Spray Tans. For a natural color, contouring and that "just
came from the beach" look without the effort. Give Alix a will not be disappointed!!!!
Great, Friendly Service!
This is customer service at its best. Alix is super friendly and willing to work around your
schedule to get you in. The color goes on quickly and lasts (if you follow her instructions). The
greatest part about this spray tan is that it does not smell like all the other ones. It looks natural
and just makes you feel good (especially because you are not damaging your skin). I would
recommend Alix to anyone.
Best Tan Ever!
I love this tan! It's a beautiful golden color. I can actually go out in the sun now without feeling
self-conscious. I don't feel like I need much makeup now, either. The tan is applied in no time at
all. Alix is so friendly and professional. I will get this done again! I highly recommend this to
anyone!! Pros: Looks great, quick results, no damaging sun
10 / 14
Best tan ever!!
I went to Alix after reading the reviews and I can agree with everyone. She is the best! The tan
lasted about about 8-9 days and looked totally natural, not that awful orange tint you see. I have
super sensitive skin and the tanning solution did not cause any adverse reactions. It took about
20 minutes and was so worth it! As a former beach lifeguard, this is the only way to tan
Erase those unwanted tan lines
Alix can correct and cover tan lines in no time....great for brides like me or anyone wanting to
get rid of those lines from tank tops or bathing suits! Sinless Sun is the best spray tanning
11 / 14
option in Denver. Scheduling is flexible; it is quick; fast and flawless. This is one of the easiest
ways to make your self look better without the risk of outdoor tanning. The color is gradual,
golden and consistent. There is no streaking or dripping that you typically find with Mystic Spray
Tans. Pros: easy, quick, flexible schedule
Perfectly natual looking!
I have tried the spray tanning in the tanning salons and I always left smelling terrible and then I
would have splotches all over. Alix has found the perfect product here nad the convenience
factor is a 10! The color is so natural and there are options so if you want a light tan you can get
one, dark tan etc. She is so sweet and really makes you feel comfortable. Try it, you will be
happy you did!
Best Tan Ever!
Alix is a godsend! I am just about the palest person I know and during the winter it isn't too
horrible, but the summer months can be excruciating. Before going to, and being in, a wedding I
decided to give Alix a call and to try her spray-on tan. I had heard she was amazing, but I was
definitely a bit skeptical - I certainly didn't want to turn orange or be too tan (think Ross in
Friends). However, I have now been to her twice and everyone says my skin has never looked
better and nobody can tell that it isn't a real tan! And even though I was nervous the first time,
Alix made me feel comfortable and explained everything before she did it. I look beautiful,
bronzed, and I feel wonderful. She is professional and amazing and I highly highly recommend
her to anyone looking for a healthy and natural looking summer glow.
Best Spray Tan!
I went to Alix about a month ago and had a spray tan. Alix's airbrush tan is the best I have tried.
Forget all the others and definitely forget the booths Sinless Sun is way better and the color is
amazing. She is great, she always makes me feel comfortable and delivers the most
professional beautiful tan. No longer do I need to suffer in paleness. I am so glad I found her! I
am hooked!
12 / 14
Best Spray Tan
I went to Alix at Sinless Sun about a month ago and had a spray tan. Alix's airbrush tan is the
best I have tried. Forget all the others and definitely forget the booths , Sinless Sun is way
better and the color is amazing. She is great, she always makes me feel comfortable and
delivers the most professional beautiful tan. No longer do I need to suffer in paleness. I am so
glad I found her! I am hooked!
I found Sinless Sun!!!!!!
I went to Sinless Sun for airbrush tanning with Alix from Sinless Sun - OMG AMAZING!!!!!!!
She's fast, my tan was beyond perfect and soooo much better than any other spray tanning I've
had in Denver. She even called me the next day to make sure I was happy with my tan! She'll
even come to your house - YAY! Costs just a little more, but how cool that I don't even have to
go anywhere. Short explanation - ALIX and SINLESS SUN - YOU ROCK!!
Best spray tan EVER!
13 / 14
I've been doing mystic tans forever (the kind that you stand in the booth and it sprays you). I
heard about Alix and Sinless Sun, where she sprays you directly, so I thought I'd give it a try.
What a difference! The tan is instant, more even, a better color, and lasts longer. I am sold on
this! Alix is totally professional, so no awkwardness about being in the buff. It is more $than
mystic ($20 versus $38), but the difference is worth it. She even gave me her cell # for
emergency paleness (how funny is that!). I'm getting sprayed before Memorial Day - so
convenient to be instantly golden! I'm sold!
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