May 2007 file



May 2007 file
The Official Newsletter of the
Diablo Valley Radio Controllers
3500 John Henry Johnson Parkway
P.O. Box 9411
Pittsburg, CA. 94565
May 2007
From the Editor:
To round out the month we had the
annual HobbyTown swap meet in the
parking lot next to HobbyTown, Concord.
And I almost did it again. But I waked
away with my hide still intact. My wallet
was still warm from the auction.
Goood morning DVRC…..
Well, a fairly busy month! Will the fun
never end? We can hope not…
Could have been busier but the holiday
weekend slowed us down some. I hope
you all have something planned. BBQ at
home or with friends. Most of all, take a
minute to remember our fallen brothers
in arms.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.
It’s just money. It’s not like it’s anything
Did you know that Memorial day, a day
of remembrance for those that have died
in our nations service, is actually May
30th but we now observe it on the last
Monday of the month. Did you know that
it was originally called “Decoration Day”?
It started with organized women’s
groups decorating the graves of fallen
soldiers before the end of the civil war.
The day was offically proclaimed on may
5th 1868 and celebrated on May 30th
1868. It took congress until 1971 to
proclaim it a national holiday. Only 103
years. Why am I not surprised???
So, lets see, we had Newbie day this
month. Lots to see on that as you turn
the pages.
Then we had a meeting with a huge
auction after. That would have been
more fun if I could keep my hands in my
You will note that we have a new
contributor this month. It’s nice little
article too. I will say it again, in case you
didn’t know, I will gladly print just about
anything you members want. If you have
a thought, idea, experience, or a relevant
rant, let me know and we’ll get it in the
newsletter. So, read on and enjoy your
weekend. See you at the field…
T. J. Houchins, Newsletter Editor
[email protected]
On the cover:
The happy raffle winners from the Newbie
Day/Open House on May 5th. Each of them is a
first time flyer and were entered in the raffle.
It’s like the DVRC farm system…
The President’s Corner…
May 2007
we will open to discussion and vote
upon the following:
Should Alameda Hornet Squadron RC
Club be given Subordinate
Organization status at DVRC, and
under what conditions. For example,
the duration of such status.
Hi All and welcome to the May
newsletter. Most of you are familiar
with AHSRC (Alameda Hornet
Squadron RC) one of our neighboring
RC clubs. I bring this to your
attention because they have just
received news of their lease being
revoked by the Navy. With permanent
loss of their runway due to the Navy
beginning contamination cleanup,
they are left looking for an alternate
flying field with little notice. Finding a
replacement in the Bay Area is likely
to be a time consuming task. This set
us thinking about how we might help
overcome the short notice.
It is my hope that should DVRC ever
be faced with such a serious setback,
our neighbors will rally around us and
assist wherever they can. This is our
opportunity to consider doing just
that for a local club in need. I urge
you to come to the meeting and share
your comments and questions.
-----Fun stuff starts here-------Newbie Day, Oh my what fun we had.
Kids all over the place, both on the
ground and in the air. The sun was
nice enough to come join us, but
brought along a stiff breeze with it.
High winged trainers were the order
of the day, and the kids did a great
job flying them in the adverse
conditions. As per usual "kids" refers
to both young and young at heart and
many adults were seen at the sticks
with the same silly (having fun) grin
as their kids. This was the first event
as CD for Steve Anderson and he did
a marvelous job. Thank you Steve.
Also to be thanked are the many
members and one non-member that
made the day such a success.
HobbyTown helped provide raffle
prizes including three park flyers and
the newbie's ran off with them all.
At the last club meeting it was
proposed that we extend a helping
hand by allowing AHSRC to have
"Subordinate Organization" status at
DVRC for 2007, as provided for in
DVRC's Bylaws. What this would
mean to AHSRC is that their club
would have access to our facilities and
would be governed by all the same
rules and regulations as our regular
In order for this to be considered and
put to the vote, it is required by
DVRC's Bylaws that our membership
be given notice of the intent to
address this issue.
So to make this official, Saturday
June 9th 2007 10:00am in the
The President’s Corner… (Continued)
May 2007
In my mind a perfect outcome. Please
see Steve's comments in this newsletter
for further details, but I would just like
to thank the newbie's themselves for
taking the time and coming out to visit
The auction held after May's club
meeting was guided by our usual
auctioneer, Greg. Thanks to Greg's hard
work, all of the items were snapped up
and the clubhouse no longer looks like
Tom's garage. Thanks go to those that
donated, purchased, Greg and ..... Dave.
June was scheduled to be a quiet month
with regard to events. But, the Memorial
Day holiday caused the DVRC cup event
to be rescheduled to June 2nd. June 9th
is the aforementioned club meeting. The
DVRC Cup is Saturday June 23rd and
Tom's cooked up a new event for us as
usual. So, a quiet month just got busy
I look forward to seeing you all at the
field and at the next meeting.
All the best,
Barry Whiffin
Along the Way…
The park flyer I always wanted, but they didn’t make...
Begin: Search for a park flyer that
would be durable, not like foamies
that need repair after each flight,
fast, able to fly in wind, have a wide
speed range, and aerobatic or 3D
capable, and inexpensive if possible.
Too much to ask, you say?
The standard motor installation is a stick
type mount for the geared 370 as seen in
this photograph.
Enter: Great Planes Mustang EP ARF
“Sport Fighter” with a 33.5 “ span, 16
oz. Weight with a fully symmetrical
airfoil should be okay. However, it’s
supplied with a 370 brushed motor
that makes only 65 to 85 watts. Not
nearly enough power for aerobatics.
An outrunner motor comes to mind.
All sizes and power levels are now
readily available.
To enable the mounting of the outrunner I
made a radial mounting system consisting
of a vertical balsa bar which supports a
light ply firewall. I kept the thrust angle at
0 degrees up or down and 0 degrees right
or left and the thrust line remained
Build: Standard glue-the-partstogether ARF style. The plane has a
neat simple flutter free hinging
system of carbon fiber tubes &
sleeves that is a positive feature.
Wimpy, flexible, stock linkages are a
negative. I choose to reinforce the
wing and fuselage with strapping tape
and used CA and fiberglass to add
rigidity to the control horn mounting
See the photo on the next page for details.
Along the Way… (continued)
This picture shows the new home made
motor mount.
Battery box, speed control, and radio
installation is a straight forward
procedure. I positioned the 25 amp speed
control on the outside of the fuselage for
easy access and plenty of cooling airflow.
The model balanced perfectly with a 1000
to 1320 mAh battery and slightly nose
heavy with the 1500 mAh battery.
Motor: I have tried two different motors
that produce great results;
100 to 150 watts of power I used the
Rimfire 22M–1000 with a 12 amp ESC.
200 + watts of power I used the Rimfire
28-30-1450 with a 25 amp ESC.
For a slight weight penalty, 2 oz. Vs. 1.5
oz., the performance of the larger motor
is outstanding.
Overall the model flies well. Excellent
rolls, loops, split S’s, stall turns, all easily
performed. Negative roll coupling occurs
with maximum rudder travel. Fair 3D
performance in some maneuvers. It will
penetrate well in windy conditions and
will slow down well for spot landings.
Battery: 3-s Lipo 1500 mAh works well,
but causes the airplane to be a bit nose
heavy. For light weight use 900 to 1320
3-s Lipo but be careful of the maximum
discharge rates. Check battery
temperature or use a watt meter.
You have to keep in mind that with this
conversion, this is not your grandpa’s
Oldsmobile anymore. But also keep in
mind that it flies well at part throttle.
Have a look at the next page for a shot
of the plane in action…
Fly it: With 150 watts of power,
performance is excellent. Good climbs,
great aerobatics, great low speed
performance and slow landings. You end
up with a lighter wing loading as this
combination of power system is 2 oz.
Less than the stock 370 motor. With the
200 watt system you get outstanding
vertical performance. VTO’s (vertical take
off’s) are effortless and great high speed
Along the Way… (continued)
And Away…
Parts Used:
GP Rimfire 28-30-1450
GP SS-25 Speed Control
Thunder power 3-s Lipo 1320 mAh (20c) 3 oz
GP 3-s Lipo 1500 mAh (15c) 4.5 oz
Hitec HS-55 (3) servos
Hitec HFS-05MS receiver
Similar ARF’s:
YAK 55 3D ARF # gpma1190
Focke Wulf 190 EP ARF # gpma1193
Mitsubishi Zero EP ARF # gpma1195
Gruman Hellcat EP ARF # gpm1196
We have main engine start…
Thanks for reading the article. See you at the
Dan Lively
May Club Events
The month of DVRC Club events started off this month with our annual “Newbie” day
fun fly. This year the event was as big or bigger than it has ever been in terms of
turnout. I saw the sign up sheet to fly and it had over 20 names. And that was just the
kids and adults that wanted to try their hand at RC. There were a lot more folks that
brought the kids who were spectators. Here are some shots of the event and keep
reading as we have a closing address by this years CD, Steve Anderson…
A large group of kids were in attendance
this year as well as adults. The kids listen
intently to the presidents address…
After a short ground school, our
instructor pilots got the kids in
the air. Here is Ron trying to be
kid sized in order to be a better
Mike McCoy, with the aid of Ron Williams
readies his big plane for the much anticipated
candy drop…
May Club Events (continued…)
When the candy hits the ground the race is on.
The kids line up in anticipation of
the candy drop…
The BBQ was good as always.
Everybody here looks happy. Look
again at the cover shot and you will
see prize winners from this group…
Steve Anderson would like to say a few words to the club about the Newbie Day event:
I would like to thank all of you for the time and effort you spent on Newbie Day. Without
the help from all of you this couldn't have been the success that it was.
Bob, what a great job getting the word out! Did you see how many people showed
up? This had to be one of the biggest Newbie crowds to date!
John, Jim, and Jack what a BBQ, every time I looked up that way, there were lines of
people waiting to get some of that good food. No complaints from that hungry crowd.
TJ , thanks for the flyer and certificate . What a great idea to get Mel's flight trainer. That
really worked good to show the kids how the planes work. Really got their attention!
Barry, Sean, Ron and Greg you guys flew your hearts out on Saturday. I just loved seeing
the smiling faces on those kids and adults as they were flying. Isn't that what this day is all
about, giving them the chance to fly and to see what we have all enjoyed doing for so
May Club Events (continued…)
Tom, and Sean thanks for all your help. Sean thanks again for helping get the great
raffle prizes, as always Hobby Town helps out, we are so lucky to have them . It was
so neat to see how happy all those the kids were that won a prize, and that they were
all Newbie Day flyers. Tom thanks for all your help with the email, and just the support
that you gave to the day.
Mike your plane looks great, I can appreciate the may hours you spent building it for
the candy drop. The first thing my youngest grandson said to me, was grandpa is there
going to be a candy drop? Thank you for doing that special part of Newbie day each
To the unknown guest, I think his name was Jim. What a surprise to get a laptop with
the G3 Simulator for the kids to use. He was so patient with them, you could tell they
were enjoying that as much as the real thing.
Thanks again to all of you for a very successful day.
Steve Anderson
Newbie Day CD
Next up for the month of may we had our regularly scheduled meeting and because of
two very large and generous donations of RC planes, kits, helicopters, and equipment
we needed to hold an extra auction. The club house was brimming with airplanes. Greg
Gallegos CD’ed the auction as he does with the annual year end auction. As usual he
did a fine job of selling and quieting the peanut gallery…. The club took in a terrific
$1106. That will go along way to a paint job for the club house. Thanks Greg.
The auction is under way here. As you
can see, every bit of available table, and
wall space is being used.
May Club Events (continued…)
Then we moved on to Saturday the 19th. This was not a pure club event, but the
annual swap meet in the parking lot of HobbyTown. While it may not have been a club
event, an awful lot of people there were either club members selling or club members
A couple of shots here show both sides
of the parking lot open for business….
And then, there was Going to be… the DVRC Cup event for the month of May. But,
it got postponed as a lot of folks were going out of town for the memorial day
weekend. The name of the event was “The Timed Pattern”. The pilot must complete
all of the following maneuvers in the shortest time possible. The events may be done in
any order and will not be judged for form, just for completion. The pilot must call each
maneuver. Time will start when the plane leaves the ground and end after touch down.
Take off
1 Loop
1 Roll
1 Stall Turn
1 Split "S"
1/2 Reverse Cuban 8
2 (count 'em two) spins!
See this space next month……
Product Review:
Hanger 9 F-22 “Raptor” PTS RTF
So, I have had a chance to get my
hands on this wonderful and unique
looking plane. Upon arrival to my
house, I immediately opened the
packaging to build this plane. This
plane was packed really well. After
all, it took about 20 minutes to
unwrap everything. So far I am
This motor is very easy to start for a
beginner; as it already is pre-broken in.
The high-speed needle also has stops
on the body that prevents you from
overly leaning, or overly richening the
motor. The new PTS comes with a very
high quality JR FM Transmitter/
receiver combo. It is a six-channel
radio that would allow you to use the
knob on the radio for flaps, if you
install the servo yourself.
After all said and done, I had the
whole plane built and flight ready in
a little over and hour. It was nice,
because I picked up the plane a day
or two before the newbie day fly-in,
and wanted to show off this
awesome trainer.
The plane comes with the .46
Evolution motor distributed through
Horizon Hobbies.
So, Newbie day was here, and now was
the time for the maiden flight. The
conditions were not the nicest on that
Saturday. We had differentiating wind
gust that threw some of the smaller,
lighter weight planes off, and made
them really twitchy to fly.
Product Review: (continued…)
Hanger 9 F-22 “Raptor” PTS RTF
For the first half tank, I idled the
plane, and made sure that the
servos worked, did the range check,
and checked the transition from idle
to high throttle. For the first flight,
the plane took quite a bit of runway
to get off the ground. Once it did, it
was a real slow. I had full flaps, and
was using the provided three-bladed
training prop. The plane required a
little trimming in the air, and was
pretty stable. The wind that day
took a real toll on how the plane
landed though, upon landing, I hit
the nose gear on the ground and it
popped back in the air and flopped
over, landing upside down.
Over all, it is a great flying plane. If
you have flown before, I would
highly suggest taking out the pre-set
flaps. I would also recommend
swapping the heavy, three bladed
prop for a two blade. The three
blade weighed about the same as
three standard apc props.
Dan Sutherland
And now, something completely different:
Movie Review...
“Top Gun International.” This is the
2006 edition of Top Gun and this film is
just outstanding from start to finish. It is
as good or better than any documentary
you will find on television. No kidding!
The camera work from start to finish is
just spectacular. There’s no herky jerky
like a home movie. This is the sort of
work you are used to seeing at the
movies. The scenes are blended and
edited for continuity very well.
The flying scenes are intermixed with
interviews with the pilot and builder who
are sometimes the same and sometimes
not. These interviews are not some
hokey man-on-the-street type thing.
They are staged events in a quiet
setting. Some are at sundown at the end
of the runway. Some are set in a park
like atmosphere. Again, the lighting and
editing is top notch.
And the airplanes are just stunning. True
museum pieces, but they still fly them.
There are war birds of every era and
planes of every genre.
There is a terrific musical score to the
film. Instead of competitor and spectator
chatting in the background they have a
carefully crafted musical score for the
flying scenes that matches the flying.
When you have a stunt routine you get
high energy music, when you have an
old timer fly by you get soft mellow
music. It was all very tastefully done
and served to enhance the film
This film gets the 5 star rating only
because a 6 star is not available. Go out
and get this movie and watch it. You too
will enjoy it.
Wildberry productions has a series of
these films and I have recently seen
them in our favorite hobby outlets. I bet
you could find it at HobbyTown.
Let me know when any of you have the
entire set. I’ll come by and watch them
so that I can do a review. I’ll bring the
T. J. Houchins
Minutes to the May Meeting…
Jeff Raaberg
Old and New Business
Jack Schonberger has installed metal
screening on the club house bathroom
windows to prevent vandals breaking into
the club house. Jack also advised the
membership, the City of Pittsburg came
out and painted over the tagged cargo
trailer with paint donated by Jack himself.
Thank you very much, Jack!! TJ Houchins
outlined some of the needed repairs to
the clubhouse and is planning on setting
up a work party soon.
Monthly Club Minutes May 12, 2007
The May 2007 Membership Meeting was
called to order by Barry Whiffin at 10am.
Thirty one members were in attendance.
Minutes of the April 2007 meeting were read
by Jeff Raaberg and approved as read. Jeff
also asked the membership to sign a Thank
You card for George Scrimshaw who had
graciously donated several items to DVRC
for the auction following today’s meeting.
New Members & Soloed Pilots
Michael Pederson and Eric Mocker are
DVRC’s newest members. Welcome aboard!!
We had one new guest attending…Carl
Krigbaum from Bethel Island. Mike McCoy
reported on DVRC’s latest soloed pilots. Ron
Penn was presented his pilots badge by Ron
Williams. Brian Rodriguez, Ed Walker, and
Tom Buckingham have also earned their
pilot badges but were not present today.
Congratulation to all.
Treasurers Report:
John Tester reported on the financials of
April 2007. Balances are as follows; Field
Fund $7,845; General Fund $8,070; and
Weather Station Fund $292 for a total of
$16,208. John reported that Dan Braudrick
Services have been paid $394 for the use of
the dumpster used during last months work
party. During last months meeting, John was
presented a letter opener as a gift of
appreciation for his great work as DVRC’s
treasurer, but mainly to help facilitate
opening of the club mail instead of tearing it
with his fingers. John was proud to show his
appreciation by demonstrating how well the
new opener is working. The club mail now
resembles ‘mail’.
Barry advised the membership that the
Alameda Hornet Squadron RC club has
lost their flying site due to future
dredging of the channel by the Navy.
Barry suggested DVRC could extend the
‘subordinate membership’ clause as
outlined in our Bylaws to AHSRC for the
remainder of 2007 at no cost as a gesture
of goodwill to this club. Discussion
followed but everyone seemed to be in
agreement. DVRC Bylaws require notice
be given to the membership and the issue
could be voted upon at next months
meeting. Dan Lively made a motion to
notify the membership and the proposal
will be voted on during next months
meeting. Motion was approved.
Past and Upcoming Events
Newbie Day as a great success!! Steve
Anderson did a wonderful job organizing
this event. Steve was not able to attend
today’s meeting but an email from Steve
was read by Barry. Steve wanted to
thank everyone who attended and all the
members who helped make this success.
Minutes to the May Meeting… (continued…)
Approximately 30+ kids were able to fly on
buddy boxes thanks to all the instructors
who helped out. John Tester organized the
BBQ with estimates of 90+ people having
lunch that day!! EBRC member ‘Jim’ even
showed up with a flight simulator set up for
the kids so they could have some instruction
before taking to the skies. Thank you again
for all the support.
The Mecca Collecto was also a great success
this year. TJ and Tom will be posting
pictures on the web site. Turn out was very
good with several venders, plane kits, and
engines all available to the public.
Tom Hutson keeps coming up with more
exciting events every month with the Cup
Series. April’s event was Precision Touch &
Go. Eleven pilots participated with Ron
Williams taking 1st place with 6 out of 6
T&G’s, Tom Huston 2nd place, and Sean
Hutson 3rd place. This months Cup Series
event will be Timed Pattern. Everyone will
need to practice up on their precision
pattern work…..loops, rolls, Cuban 8’s,
spins….all in the shortest amount of time.
Current standings for the Series so far have
Jeff Raaberg in 1st place, Barry Whiffin in
2nd, and Tom Hutson and Dan Sutherland
tied for 3rd. Come out and join in on the fun
every month.
Show and Tell
Dan Lively showed off his Hanger 9 PTS P51
Mustang powered by a .91 Saito. Barry
Whiffin showed off his latest Gremlin fitted
with a Weber Speed .40 and tuned pipe
(isn’t that cheating?). Barry also showed his
EPP foamy Weasel soarer weighing in at
11.5 oz. Jeff Raaberg showed off his new
Carl Goldberg Tiger 2 ARF powered with an
OS .55.
Due to the auction immediately following
today’s meeting, Sean Hutson held off on
the raffle this month. Plan on the raffle
returning next month.
Meeting was adjourned by Barry at 11:00
Jeff Raaberg
Picture of the Month…
Remember this picture from last month? This was a caption contest, with
no real winners, just for fun. We got a few submissions. Have a look
“Hey, look, they threw away a perfectly good member"
"Got Crap?" "We got lots"
"Barry al la Carte"
Jeff Raaberg
Tom Hutson
Larry Lehman aka Larry a la carte
"Hey Ron, a rattler this long just went up your pant leg"
Barry Whiffin
[email protected]
2007 Club Events…
10:00 AM
Club Meeting
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event - ROOPS
10:00 AM
Club Meeting
9:30 AM
Mall Show for City of Pittsburg
Greg Gallegos
9:00 AM
Coffee and Doughnuts
Jeff Raaberg
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event - Georgia Air Show
Tom Hutson
10:00 AM
Club Meeting followed by Erv Rodemsky's
14th Annual Stud Fly
Jim Haley
Tom Hutson
Barry Whiffin
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event - Faithful Indian
9:00 AM
Combat Match - Gremlins
8:00 AM
Work Party followed by BBQ and Club
4:00 PM
Campout at the Field - Cook out, Night Fly
and Pancake Breakfast
Tom Hutson
r and Tom
9:00 AM
7-11 Fly-In and April's DVRC Cup Series
Milt DeGroodt
and DVRC
8-12 am
MECA Collecto At Pleasant Hill Elementary
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event - Moved to 5/26
Tom Hutson
9:00 AM
Newbie Fun Fly
Steve Anderson
10:00 AM
Club Meeting & Special Auction
Greg Gallegos
9 am to 1
HobbyTown Swap Meet in the Parking Lot
next to the Store
Mike Mann
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event
Tom Hutson
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Club Meeting
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event
DVRC Cup Series(rescheduled from 5/26)
Tom Hutson
Tom Hutson
2007 Club Events… (continued)
9:00 AM
Club Meeting
5:00 PM
Campout at the field
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series
10:00 AM
Club Meeting
9:00 AM
A Day on the Hill Slope Soaring Festival
TJ Houchins
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event
Tom Hutson
Orin Allen
9:00 AM
Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility FlyIn
10:00 AM
Club Meeting
Tom Hutson
10:00 AM
Introduction to Aero Modeling
Greg Gallegos
and Jeff
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event
Tom Hutson
10:00 AM
Club Meeting and Auction at 11:30 am
Greg Gallegos
5:00 PM
Campout, BBQ and Night Fly and
Pancake Breakfast
Concord Model
Tom Hutson
9:00 AM
Concord Model Engineers - Devil
Mountain Electric Fun Fly
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event -
10 a.m.
Club Meeting
10:00 AM
Veterans Day Commemorative Fly-In
9:00 AM
DVRC Cup Series Event
Tom Hutson
12 noon
DVRC Annual Pot-Luck
10:00 AM
Club Meeting and Toys for Tots Charity
Fly In
DVRC thanks HobbyTown Concord for their continued support!